Meg “Whats crazy is how absolutely Shelli and Clay are a pair now”

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 5th
HOH Winner Team 1: Becky HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jason Nominations 2: Day, JohnnyMac
Battle of the Block Winner Steve & Jason Next HOH/ Next BOB July 9th / ?
Original Nominations: Day, JohnnyMac
Current Nominations: ?, ?
Have Nots Steve, Jason, James and Meg

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-03 16-37-03-398

4:32pm Shelli and Clay HOH
Shelli going on about Day and Audrey are the ones that need to go first and everyone in the house knows that. She blames all the drama this last week on those two. Clay starts talking about alliances and how they need a small core group and not have a large 8 person alliance. They need a real alliance instead of making new ones every week.

Shelli says Austin and Jeff will vote for DAy if she puts Day up. Clay isn’t worried they have the votes.
Clay asks her who would she want in her alliance.
Shelli – Vanessa, Jeff, Jackie, Meg, Becky and Clay
Clay – And John is our number 8
Shelli’s core 4 people would be Jeff, Becky, Jackie and Clay
Jackie joins them and Clay leaves.
Shelli tells Jackie Day is going home this week and Audrey is going out next. She wants Jackie to be safe JAckie isn’t going up.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-03 16-40-29-393

4:39pm PLaying with the inflatable giraffe
Jeff calls it gazelle the giraffe
Jeff and James have some jokes about it being a girl. Jeff jokes that he caught James “Behind it”

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-03 16-46-16-004

4:47pm Bedroom Vanessa and JohnnyMac
Johnny mac says it’s way too sketchy if he doesn’t use the veto.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-03 17-04-02-659

4:51pm Storage room Jeff and Meg
Jeff says Clay and Shelli haven’t talked to her
Meg says Liz is going up
Jeff – that’s stupid of them that’s a dumb move why wouldn’t they put up Audrey
Meg – they don’t want her out
Jeff – I’m just going with the flow.. that’s a bad move
Meg – it’s their HOH it’s fine.. how sad is that, THEIRS.. it’s hers
Jeff thinks it’s a move that goes against he house
Meg thinks she’s the only one that knows the plan so tells Jeff to keep it a secret.
Jeff – we gotta get our final 4 deal sealed

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-03 16-59-14-909

4:54pm HOH Liz, Austin and Shelli
Shelli tells her she’s going up as the replacement nominee.. Makes it sounds like it’s going to help Liz’ game by doing this. She points out everyone is behind JohnnyMac for going up as a pawn and last week Jackie went up as the pawn and stayed.
Shelli – everyone’s on board with Audrey next week
liz says she’s fine she trusts Shelli
Shelli – Don’t tell anybody you know .. If you start telling people everyone will be talking.. and DAy will start campaigning.. If she finds out it’s you she’ll gun for you.
Shelli says Clay is the only other person that knows about the twist.
Shelli – You’re a pawn
Austin asks how close are James and Meg to Day
Liz – Meg is closer to me
Austin is worried about the “Last Laugh” twist. Shelli thinks it might be something silly like she has to wear a unitard or it could be they get to choose a person on the block.
Liz – Alright we’ll take one for the team
Liz is worried about Day’s campaigning they agree to keep this secret as long as possible.
Shelli again says nobody other than clay knows. (I think Meg, Jeff, Jackie and Vanessa know)

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-03 17-04-50-922
5:05pm Hammock room Vanessa and Steve
Steve calls the spot between the wall and photo booth his “Getaway spot”
Steve doesn’t think the POV ceremony will be today.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-03 17-20-24-382

5:13pm Bedroom Liz and Becky
Liz says she thinks she’s going up. She’s worried about it because DA has friends and numbers she was in the 8 person alliance.
Austin joins them tells them that Day isn’t a teacher she’s a poker dealer in LA. Austin explains she never told him straight out. He figured it out by the way she knows cards. Austin says he’s a “Degenerate” when it comes to gambling’s plus he has friends who are really into it. He knows the slang.
Austin thinks Audrey was america’s player it would explain a lot of her actions lately.
Liz leaves. Becky says if Liz plays her cards right she’ll be fine. Austin says it can get weird in the house with the numbers.
Becky – Nobody is safe on the block

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-03 17-32-15-830

5:32pm Bathroom Day and Jackie
Day says this was all planned from the beginning.. some people will not look her in the face she doesn’t feel safe.
Day thought it was Austin that voted Jackie. Jackie tells her it was Audrey.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-03 17-37-45-909

5:37pm Have nots James and Meg
Meg “Whats crazy is how absolutely Shelli and Clay are a pair now”
James agrees says it’s like they are both HOH’s
James just wants to get to jury says being stuck in the jury house with Meg won’t be that bad.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-03 17-43-50-114

5:43pm Clay and JohnnyMac Storage room
Clay giving him tips on playing the gam, ask more questions. John tells him he heard something slip downstairs
JohnnyMac says he doesn’t think Vanessa meant to do it they were just talking.. Austin was in the room and Vanessa said something about them trying to get John to not use the veto.
Clay tells him not to worry they pulled in Austin and liz and talked to them.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-03 17-48-37-537

5:48pm Have Nots Jason, Meg, James
Talking about Audrey always wearing her sunglasses
Meg asks why does she always wear them
jason – I don’t know because she’s scary
Meg laughs
James – that’s what makes it scary
Meg – makes it terrifying
Makes it terrifying
Jason – she’s f**** terrifying
Jason says during the competition he could see her eyes through the sunglasses it was the first time she saw her eyes in 6 day.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-03 17-49-45-532

5:49pm Austin, Clay and Liz
Austin says Liz is scared. Clay says there’s nothing to worry about they have the votes.
Clay – no one is voting you out Jeff likes you
Clay counts they can bank on 9 votes where they only need 6

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-03 17-54-16-734

5:51pm Clay and Day
Clay says she’s not up because of who she is it
“I have love in you as a person and a friend”

Day – when did I become the bigger target than Audrey
Clay – She’s going home.. if not this week.. I really don’t know what is going on in the veto.. Sheli doesn’t want to talk about it.
Clay – if she goes up she’s going home.. if she doesn’t go up she’s going next week

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-03 18-24-35-988

6:33pm Most the house is sleeping

7:13pm Vanessa, Steve and Jason have woken up mostly chit chat

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-03 19-26-10-953

7:26pm ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Idk but I hate it when the houseguest leave their mics on when their using the bathroom


Clay flaps his gums way too much…someone should tell him loose lips sinks ships. I see his ship sinking before too long!!!


Now Jace is out, I’m totally team Austin.

Guy From Canada

Me and my roomie have a last houseguest standing bet and pick two each…Austin was my #1 and she picked Audrey……guess she owes me a big bottle of beer 😉


If Liz goes up, they’ll probably give the secret power to someone on Shelli’s side of the house because I’m assuming they want the twins to last long enough so that they both come in. This most likely then means Day will be sent packing this week. Good move by Shelli in my opinion.


yeah, i strongly believe whomever shelli puts up next to da will go (with some production meddling via phone call shenanigans or another method) unless that person is liz or audrey as by virtue of the twin twist and the token transgender/black status of da and audrey, production likely wants all three to stay (though liz and audrey more than da). hopefully production will get in the house’s ear and try to make the replacement nominee someone i wouldn’t mind losing …like maybe jeff (especially considering that the amazing race angle isn’t amounting to anything)?


Meg just like Taylor swift on live feeds.


I don’t think taylor swift was ever compared to a Buick Regal but to each his own


No, Probably Just a mule


Day has been so polite, and low-key today. She’s put her game face on, and is smiling and telling people what they want to hear. I hope she can keep it up. Clay’s damage control in case Day is not evicted made me laugh. Just keep smiling and being polite Day.

I just figured out who Vanessa is starting to remind me of gameplay wise. And it’s Shelly Moore. Shelly was super close to the power showmance (JJ), but also dabbled around the rest of the house to cover her bases before turning on JJ. I don’t know why she’s so adamant playing an emotional player. You signed up to be on a show to win 50,000 grand. I would know she came to play regardless of the tears.

How is Day not going to find out about the renom Shelli? The POV ceremony is public. And Day doesn’t need to know who she’s up against she just needs to convince people why it’s better for them to keep her.

Would production let Lizia get evicted? Maybe somebody else will go up instead.

Poor Giselle. 🙁


Becky listed twice in Shelli’s alliance???… Didn’t know there are two Becky’s… Lol….


Clay – The guy who was recruited 3 months before the season started and had never seen BB- is giving Johnny MAC BB tips. Clay provides nothing to house other than an over inflated ego at this point.

I wish Day and Aubrey could (maybe still can) make it for a couple more weeks. Hate them or love them they are strong personalities who provide gameplay and a ton of drama.

It would be a shame to see them go out before the dead weight of Jeff, Clay, Shelli, and James.

And really production you want Day out this bad? No way Austin figures out she is a poker dealer just like Audrey should have no clue about Twins in the house. Fuck Production

Team #IncognitoDentist Johnny MAC


i know he was recruited, but he still seems to understand and know a lot about the game and past seasons HGs and so on. I don’t think he picked it all up by just watching half of season 15 or something, to get a basic info on the game.

i like that shelli is losing the confidence of other HGs for both being in such a tight showmance already and not putting up Audrey, and telling the entire house Audrey isn’t going up. especially since she implied it to Becky, who was super clear about it all, and half the house wants audrey gone, and very few care whether Day is gone. that is entirely personal and entirely Shlay focused. day knew right away when shelli was HOH she’d be going up, and yet that is her own fault for taking that whole jeff/clay/shelli thing to such an extreme.

Plus she was all sketchy about it all, she should have just said she was looking for whoever might have been likely to have been in that room if she didn’t want to say she was going counting things. what good is flipping out like that if it gets you nominated and evicted, now what good is having counted anything if you aren’t in the house anymore?

with the twists also, shelli should be doing two things: satisfy the other HGs who want audrey out, and just do that, plus do not put anyone up on the block that you do not want to go out the door. You don’t know what effect a twist can have on what you have up there, including maybe america votes, and they vote against you, but let’s face it if you have two good eviction candidates up there, either one you would like to see gone, you cannot go wrong.

Ms. Steal Your Man

Hey, do y’all think we’ll know who picked up the 7th call on Sunday?


I bet they do a “random draw”


If they want to say Day they will wait till she passes the phone or one of
her cohorts
If they want to save Liz if she goes up they will wait till she passes
or one of her cohorts.

Ms. Steal Your Man

Why did I get two thumbs down for asking a question? At least you could do is answer…


Also – I hope JohnnyMac is keeping track of his own record. He’s taken HIMSELF off the block two weeks in a row now. He’s obviously a pawn strategically thus far in the game (which is sad since he’s likable, but not too surprising), but he’s definitely not a pawn competitively. Hopefully as the game progresses he can bring that up to the right people.


I have a feeling if Liz is evicted before the five weeks, then they will reveal the twist early and say like you thought you evicted Liz, but jokes on you…you didn’t and then Liz or Julia whichever one is still present shows up…


Haha – that would be so Big Brother.

La Putita, adios

Once Audrey is gone… The cougar and clay will be the next to go because they are a duo and shady AF to all the other house guests
Can’t wait to see them go!!

B-bad owl

Austin and Liz/Julia with Vanessa. Yeah, that’s an alliance I could root for. If they can catch a couple of breaks so they get some power, they could make the game interesting. Wishful thinking at this point though.


I’m so annoyed right now.Audrey should be nominated and sent home.Shelli is an idiot,like for real.
#TeamDay all day,every day.


Simon/Dash – one of you got married last summer (sorry I don’t remember which one exactly…) I hope you’ve had a happy first year! ?


Damn you Auto-correct! I meant Dawg!


Wow Shelly is the great player this week. She made the big move. She earned my respect. Either Day or Liz is leaving, it will be the big move and It benefits her game for sure. She handled her HOH well without any other manipulation. Her strike first is very accurate. Bravo. Speechless move. Great job. She might becomes my favorite.


I know, right? All this Day love is very suspicious, especially since she was the front runner by far on internet “favorite” polls before the show even started. I don’t dislike her and enjoyed the fact she helped out Audrey – but all this “she’s the smartest player in the game by far and knows everything” is a bit ridiculous.

By putting up Day she cuts off a big head off the strongest alliance in the house (Day/Jason/James + pawns) and leaves Audrey in the house to remain the biggest target for next week. Plus it’s not like Day/Jason/James weren’t ready to turn on Shelli/Clay next week anyways. When Becky and Shelli won I thought it might be a snoozer week, but Shelli definitely surprised me – her and Clay are still kinda annoying, but they’re definitely not any Jeff/Jordan (waiting for secret powers)….they’re here to play.

Donald Trump, YOU'RE FIRED!

Is today opposite day? Cause that sounds like what you’re doing.


Put laugh at everything Meg on the block. What’s funny now u fake perky gimp walking stalker of Jeff? Sorry she needs to go. U know a chicks messd up if she has a crush on loser ag life Jeff. Zero people here or in the house will be affected if Meg goes home.

Brad H

I really hope Austin, Liz, & Julia go final 3, but that’s definitely not happening.


Austin is my favorite this season, but a lot of that is based on his potential and not necessarily what he’s done in the game so far. If Liz/Julia can hang on for the 5 weeks (see: get through this week), I’d love for the 3 of them to work together. I just wish they could find a solid group of people to work with until then. Had hope when I heard Becky and JM talking about them but nothing’s come of that yet…


Not the smartest group to inhabit the BB house.


Though they aren’t the dumbest.
The house guests of last year can take the cake for that


Shelli’s got a bad case of HOHitis. As does Clay. Who does she think she is saying “we’ll” make sure Audrey goes home NEXT week. Does bitch not know her power as the HOH ends when the Veto ceremony is over? And last night on BBAD I saw Clay holding court as if HE were the HOH. Telling one HG to do this, telling another HG not to do that. It was disgusting.

I liked Shelli and Clay…..until now. I can’t believe how incredibly dull he is. His DR’s make me want to stick a 2 pronged fork in my eye.

I’m glad some of the other HG’s are starting to keep their eye on these two idiots. Duo’s need to be taken down ASAP. It pisses me off to see Clay’s recruited abs walking around that house like he owns it. Four months ago he’d probably never heard of Big Brother. Pffffft!


Take a flirtmance, add in 2 nice folks and then add in HOH. You often get a train wreck and 2 folks headed to the bottom of the OBB pole. Usually get a bump as HOH Shelli is 6% not good.

Team crazy

I know that they cause a lot of drama but I don’t want Aubrey or Da to leave, the season would be boring without those two crazy womens 🙁

GeekSquad McGee

Shelli probably knows there are better pawns available, and that there’s a chance Liz can go home. She probably just wants to get rid of all the hot chicks until she’s the last one left.

She’s too smart to seriously think that Liz is the best option as a pawn.

Jay A

It sad that my girl Day has a high chance of going up it would be awesome if clay really did volunteer to go up it will be just like bb15 when nick went home instead lol I really want that to happen now maybe sheli will go Ginamarie in the house haha


What is amazing to me is that CBS can’t seem to exterminate the reoccurring cast of ANTs that seem to show up every season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Either the house guests are pigs and do not clean up after themselves good enough OR
CBS just doesn’t care to hire a competent exterminator!!!!


I really like Johnny Mac (and I apologize in advance since I don’t have the live feeds… in Canada and haven’t got my Am Ex gift card/VPN yet) but I’m confused….

Shelli tells him she can’t put up Jackie again but it’s okay for him to go up 2 weeks in a row. Then ShhhhhhClay tell him not to worry they’ll take him off the block 100% if they win POV or make sure he stays, but the minute he wins they try to convince him to stay on the block!

I mean isn’t that a REALLY BIG TELL? lol Shouldn’t he be thinking hey … you said this and then tried to back track & manipulate me into doing a BB no-no like an idiot.

I’m confused b/c I thought he was smarter than that.

I’m also flummoxed people like Becky aren’t ticked about Shelli’s refusal to put up Audrey… and further that James/Meg haven’t told Day (or Jason) this was the plan all along. Isn’t this a perfect opportunity for that side to go to Austin/Liz and convince them to get someone else put up. Shouldn’t they be using this as ammunition to say Clay/Shelli are a couple and still in tight with Audrey?

I guess it’s one of those things where everyone is just covering their own ass. But you would think based on how loyal Day has been to her core that James/Meg would be more willing to try to save her AND take advantage of pointing out the obvious threesome (Clay, Shelli, Audrey) in the house. If she is so unwilling to take out Audrey now, then they will never take her out.

If I were Austin/Liz I’d try to convince Shelli/Clay by not putting up Audrey it makes them look really shady and try to force her hand. I’d say if you are so keen to work with us as an alliance why is Liz the one going up? But someone you say you don’t want to work with (Audrey) isn’t?

If they could get anyone else put up besides Liz I’d then go to Jason/Day spill the beans and make a 4-some b/c Jason/Day are loyal. They weren’t the ones running around trying to make 500 alliances and that ACTION speaks volumes. Then the house would have 3 weeks of targets: Audrey, Clay, Shelli (actually 4 weeks with Steve since he seems to be on his own).

I’m actually hoping the phone call does go to Day’s benefit (i.e. either she or Jason get it) as that will be a huge asset. Honestly, it wouldn’t even surprise me if Audrey voted to keep Day b/c I think that Jason/Day are who she really does want to work with now that she watched how the house went the past few days from her office… er bed.

Day is straight up and she is very good at spotting B.S., she knows what the deal is already and is just waiting to see who goes beside her. I bet we’ll hear her DR’s saying she caught Jeff, James and others in the lie that they knew all along.

The interesting thing will be if Shelli’s plan does work why would Jason ever want to work with that side again (once he learns the truth)?

I’m not a Vanessa fan (whoever said she’s like Shelly was dead on the money), but she is a smart player. Austin I’m 50-50 on because he also talks too much BUT….. if Day leaves I hope Jason re-aligns with Liz/Austin to take out Shelli/Clay.

Wish I could see the live feeds b/c the picture above of Becky doesn’t look like shes really ok with this plan!
Regardless of what happens the two HOH egomaniacs will have fall back from their arrogance and they are too caught up in their power trip to even see it. Austin/Liz aren’t going to trust them for putting her up, James/Meg are playing along but suspicious and Jason will want revenge and be driven to win next week!

For Claymation to be so cut throat with someone they were aligned with just b/c she saw through their bullshit while Audrey could lie to AND ABOUT THEM without reprecussion for me pinpoints the real issue. Day sees through their fakeness and they know it!

Ok, rant over, lol


Oh and for the record I CAN’T WAIT until Clay and Shelli are in jeopardy and/or on the block. I doubt either will be as calm as Day!


Day can totally stay this week.

If her or Jason get the phone power, and its allowed to be discussed with your alliance, then day has 3 votes 100% (jason, james, meg) They would need only 2 more votes and day would stay. Meg could convince Jeff and Jackie would vote for Day to stay over Liz. Becky is also a possibility as she wanted to work with day and jason like she said the other night.

Jeff is now trying to get clay to get shelli to put up austin or vanessa instead of liz, lol. If he is succesful and either of those 2 go up, then I feel he will spearhead their evictions.

I see people like him everyday

I find it really strange that people like John so much, like why do people like him so much? Is it because he look like one of your friends or your cousins? It’s just strange to me because he haven’t done anything.


Simple, he’s an underdog.


My initial thoughts were right. Even if you don’t agree.
I catch every houseguests and for the record my ONLY big surprise now is how Day burn her bridges so fast. I like her and I thought she was more careful.
Declaration of interest: Jason is my favorite so far. I like the guy but I recognize the weakness
1. Audrey: I glad she doesn’t fool me. Lol she is THE Character!! Very dangerous. She like WAR like no one. Like a dangerous psychopath she have no regrets. People are condescending because she is transgender (and what? God for her!) or want believe she is not that bad (ohhhh “she maybe be American player” ). She close herself for now so is difficult read, when she doesn´t talk anymore. But one time a bomb forever a bomb.
2. Austin: Mr hypocrite. Only want big brother for fame. Go partys and have his podcast in internet and be on internet for years talk about his experience on big brother. Gay (yes I can see in a mile). I don’t have a problem with that but its so obvious!! Why he hide this? Its not a problem DUDE. And he is very malicious…I think he is a little bit funny when he doesn’t put the face the all world is in debt with him because he is cool have tattoos tall MME MME blab la
3. Becky. Just a irrelevant floater. What she is doing here? Why they cast her? She is not entertaining, or more intelligent, or pretty, NOTHING she is a cup of water.
4. Clay- tipical soooo tipical. A desesperad woman carries you… and if you want all the girls carry you. Just because you are hot. Nothing more and nothing less. The life is god for you. And you have some guys who love you like Austin. The irony is the one (oficcial) gay in the house doesn’t give a shit about you. You only walk the front door when one GUY target you. Jeff, Jason and James. If they leave over you we have the winner.
5. DAY- you need cal down. You are my 2 favorite people. But your extreme attitude doesn’t help! If you have power doesn’t show! The only good thing it’s you are transparent and strong character. Which is good in real life but not to win the game? If you, somehow, can survive this week, you need to re-think your strategy
6. Jason- the best.
7. James- like I sad he only don’t walk for the front door because he was hoh. And for his lucky the targets become larger in other players. You might make jury…and you are not a sneaky floater like Austin or meg or mac or liz etc etc
8. Jeff – oh you are lucy the hoh´s (shelli and clay) thinks Day is more danger than you LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. Go jeff! And congratulations for being the most solid unspoken alliance I ve seen with Jackie.
9. Jackie – you are just control your emotions to much. But you are not like that. You going explode I KNOW for a fact. And its going to be funny!! Go girl. Good job.
10. John Mac – going bite someone and its going to hurt this unexpected bite. Chill and have a good summer… I don’t understand why people like you…you only breathe smile and sleep and (for now) doing what clay ask for.
11. Liz- doing a good work if we look her circumstances.
12. Shelli – the h****. But smart. But you going down because your power trip.
13. Vanessa- the game theory I see is a big LOOOOOL. Go back for the university do some value work. You don’t have charisma for tv. When she talk I only want sleep. And she was my pick pre-season!

Ps: my English is bad because I from France.

Linda in Texas

Greetings Gamewise
You did a great job. I understood everything, great points and thoughts.

Eric CA

Dis Clay just say to Liz and Austin that Jeff runs the house?
Clay – no one is voting you out Jeff likes you

What a bone head because mark my word since Clay holds Jeff in such high regard as the person that controls votes,that means he is saying that Jeff is the one who is saving Audrey so they can send out Da’Vonne instead. and Shelli is protecting Audrey… a smart player may let some other person not so smart person know that Jeff, Shelli, Clay and Audrey are all working together that is why they are all protecting Audrey this week by putting up Liz.

I do not know what type of person this may be told to or what conduit might be used… but perhaps James and Jason should be made aware of this so that it might possibly be placed to Jeff who might then want to have a discussion with Clay and Shelli…. ahhh the Fourth of July in the Big Brother House… what fun.

Eric CA

Dis Clay just say to Liz and Austin that Jeff runs the house?
Don’t worry Jeff likes you… you’re not being voted out.

What a bone head because mark my word since Clay holds Jeff in such high regard as the person that controls votes,that means he is saying that Jeff is the one who is saving Audrey so they can send out Da’Vonne instead. and Shelli is protecting Audrey… a smart player may let some other person not so smart person know that Jeff, Shelli, Clay and Audrey are all working together that is why they are all protecting Audrey this week by putting up Liz.

I do not know what type of person this may be told to or what conduit might be used… but perhaps James and Jason should be made aware of this so that it might possibly be placed to Jeff who might then want to have a discussion with Clay and Shelli…. ahhh the Fourth of July in the Big Brother House… what fun.


Sigh….we’re going to lose someone good this week


I really hope Liz doesn’t go home. I’m rooting for her and Julia…with Vanessa and Austin!