Big Brother 17 part 1 Final Head of Household Competition

Finale Schedule
Sun, 9/20- 8p
Wed, 9/23– 9:30-11p Finale = Winner of Big Brother

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-16 18-11-50-788

6:06pm final 3
They wonder what the deal with Johnnymac is he gets such crazy applause. Steve is convinced Jmac is a twist.
Liz says Steve was staring at Jmac why was he doing that
Steve says he wasn’t
Liz disagrees with him says he was staring at him for awhile but Jmac wasn’t looking at him.
Vanessa – he missed his rockstar buddy

Vanessa – I think he was working with Austin (ZOMG)
Liz – I do to (ZOMG)
Vanessa now saying that Jmac offered Austin everything 2 weeks ago then betrayed him (ZOMGM ZOMG ) [I broke the ZOMGM ]
Liz – he swore up and down he was voting with Austin
Steve brings up that Jmac lied to him about a lot of things.
Steve – he went back on me quite a bit

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-16 18-17-39-974

6:18pm final 3 agreeing Johnymac was a twist
bringing up the crowd always cheering so loud for him and his Diary rooms were so loud they could hear it from the living room.
Feeds cut.. when we come back Liz is saying that jmac had a very strong character in the Diary rooms. They are wondering what the arbiter spech was about.
liz – he has a certain type of humour
Steve – America’s favorite will probably not be one of us.
Steve thinks Jmac is in the running.
Vanessa – I’m taking myself out of the running.. I’m analytical.
(Jmac was a fun guy but his activity on the feeds was very muted)

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-16 18-24-42-544

Vanessa loading up on the red bull. She says she was expecting a better speech from Johnnymac
Steve- He knew he was going.. he knew.. it made sense.

6:36pm Vanessa trying to tell Steve he’s the favorite to win this game if it’s the two of them in final 2. She says the words never came out of her mouth that she would take liz to the finals.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-16 19-28-32-170

7:27pm Steve saying Vanessa better win that first HOH comp. Vanessa says she needs to get some rest before the HOH competition starts tonight.

7:43pm Everyone sleeping

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-16 20-02-17-249

9:01pm Vanessa and Liz

Vanessa says she was so luck to find Liz and her sister. She’s always trusted the twins even more than she trusted Austin, “trusted Austin 80%” Vanessa says she’s so glad she’s teamed up with a girl that can play this game. She says that it’s hard to find girls to play this game, blames it on the guys always teaming up and says the girls never get recognized for what they did.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-16 20-05-16-460
Storage room leak.. HOH competition starting.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-16 20-43-40-254

8:45pm HOH competition starts.. they get dipped in cold water than slammed into a wall.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-09-16 21-24-51-718

9:24pm Steve slips down to the “Apple”
During the dip portion they get to stand up for a moment at this point he can get back on the paddle.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-16 21-58-13-037

9:58pm Still going. A lot less talking going on

10:37pm They’re still in it
11:04pm – 11:25pm Still in it..

Vanessa jokingly says I wanted to take my mic pack off and throw it in the river! What are the rules on that?

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-16 23-21-26-867

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Chill this Town

who knew Austin would be the best thing to happen to Vanessa on jury? he is going to turn anyone who was 50/50 to her side. It was already happening in the short jury segment. Its hilarious that he actually thinks he will achieve his goal of turning the jury against her.


I bet Austin will be the cliff hanger vote… Then he surprisingly votes Van. In return he gets a guest spot on the bold and the beautiful.


I think he was just upset about how it went down, it was his way of expressing his anger. Vanessa def as a friend level should have told him he was leaving prior to it going down, but that is not how she plays. I think if Vanessa is in the final 2 with anyone besides Liz he will vote for her to win, he just needs sometime to digest everything that happened. However, for the sake of Liz’s game – he should have congratulated Vanessa and told her she has his vote, because she is hands down the best player (then whispered something different in Liz’s ear). I just wish Jmac would have won veto so I could have seen him send Vanessa to jury.

hard core rigged

Has anyone noticed that the lesbian’s ball doesn’t move very much as if there’s more weight to it for better balance, Steve’s balls dangling like a mofo, second is Liz in dangling. Also the rope from butt to ball is closer to Vanessa’s, and furthest from Steve’s and then Liz. This so obviously set up for Poker player promotion written all over it by CBS. I’ve never felt so wrongly hurt over the show I love, I knew some competitions were catered to certain players, but the whole season is ridiculous. The CBS leaker was true. Heads up on house guests history and along with HG strategy to Vanessa is just the horrific for the almighty dollar. I feel so bad and terrible for the people that are trying to win this game, the people that applied, not the ones that necessarily made it in the house, but to all fans that apply and that will never have a chance.

And Using the Not Fair Card

She is also complaining about her mic pack and saying it’s not fair it’s hitting her. If she goes down I’m sure she will use that and cry to production.

Bribes Win Van HOH

Can Van win anything without paying someone to drop out? Call BS on whole season. Before eviction she reviews last of bribes pay offs with Liz & Steve, Vanessa pays the Twit off again, telling this recruit that has no b idea how the game is played. Kassting wins again, douche recruits play dead for your fake gamer who cant actuality play just pay. Scripted BS, bye-bye Steve she’s taking Liz to Final 2 duh. And splitting her winnings. Fabulous. Good job Liz! Now you are cheating triplets. CBS = Calling Bull Sh*t

Smart Guy

Telling someone they can drop and go inside and take a shower and lay in bed is paying someone off? #doyouevenbrain?

Scripted: Vanessa Bribes Liz to Throw HOH

Steve the mouth slips off after he loses his shoe. Apparently couldn’t grip. Vanessa who’s been non-stop complaining about Production cheating, begs Liz to drop off her apple promising the sun, moon and stars, lying about Part 2 whatever it takes. Liz throws it. Vanessa wins Part 1 ridiculous. Wow didn’t see that coming. Told ya. Zzzzzzz


You do realize that happens in EVERY endurance comp? But it’s only wrong if Vanessa talks people into dropping, for every other big brother player it’s fine. Lol.

Coco the Bear

Steve for the win!

Rotten Tomato Rankings for BB17 HG's

Vanessa how could you??? You will never win by evicting JMAC!!!!! Is what I would say in alternate universe. HOH part 1 guys! #teamthewall they keep getting banged on. Makes me happy = )

Keep Blocking Feeds-I Wonder Whyyyy

Steve taking too much, nervous after dogging JMAC he makes himself look bad, he was always a liar, he’s a twist, Steve shut up. Love seeing everyone bashed bruised chattering teeth. Liz isn’t going to make it. Steve uses his legs as shock absorbers when he hits the wall, Liz uses her head and back. Detest them all. Too bad writers can’t make them likable. Van won Dizzyland so they made another HOH comp just like it. Zzzzzzzz


If you think bb17 is rig vote up for yes down for no


Austin got what we deserved for playing Vanessa’s game by voting out his own alliance members – James and Meg… and for not backdooring Vanessa when he had the chance

JMac got what we deserved for playing Vanessa’s game by voting out Austin. He should have done the opposite of whatever she was telling him to do

Smart Guy

His alliance and insurance alliance from the beginning of July was Sixth Sense and Freaks and Geeks. Meg and James were never a part of those alliances. Duh.

Big Sister

Was not able to vote for AFP tonight even though it has been 24 hours since I voted on Wednesday. Not fair. Waiting to hear response back from I am not the only person this is happening to. This didn’t happen last year.


It happened to me too


I can’t vote either, it’s been over 24 hrs…..what’s the deal CBS???

I Told You CBS Rigs That Vote Too

I couldn’t vote either, probably because I’m voting for rebel yell JMac. Just anot her example of Cheating Bastards Station. aka CBS.


I also cannot vote. It has been 36 hours since I last voted. I am getting really annoyed!!!!

lets go Liz!

Liz needs to win and take Vanessa!!


I think she should take Steve.

Pick the best player left!!

Austin sounded like a little child tonight. You kicked me out so I will not let you win. She played a better game then you so suck it up!! Hopefully you will shower in the jury house!


It was weird they showed the jury that POV where Vanessa convinced Julia to battle against Austin. I’m no fan of Vanessa but it doesn’t feel right they show someone whipering with subtitles, even though it was during a competition.


I don’t get it. Why let a millionare poker player win a game or bring into when the other contesten need the money more than her. Why give AP to john when he is a doctor with a nice salary. I like john but I wouldn’t give him the money. That’s just my way of thinking!!!


Prejudice much? And since when is needing money a prerequisite to being allowed to win. I am assuming you are lower SES?

I agree with you but....

John did need the money. He has to pay off some high ass school loans. So he really does need the money just not as much as some of the other people. He will be ok though because his money will add up over time. I liked him but he just wasn’t entertaining to me at all. He wasn’t as funny as he thought he was. And I hate the fact that it was so easy for people to go up to him and say “I’m putting you up as a pawn. I also need you to throw the BOB so you can stay on the block. Is that ok?” Jmac would say “Yeh man whatever. Yeh.” It took getting evicted for him to come back and start playing the game. It’s just too bad he wasn’t playing his own game. He went back into the game to be Vanessa’s puppet which resulted in her evicting him when she no longer needed to use him. There is NO WAY he deserves AFP. I know people like to cheer for the underdog but this is ridiculous. I was over him after he put his fate in Vanessa’s hands and continued throwing comps like an idiot. Sad thing is, he or Steve actually could have won if they had better communication and Jmac wasn’t asleep so much.


When did big brother become a charity?


And even if you want to vote for someone because they need the money, it means future houseguests will give us more and more sob-stories, basically feeling entitied to take America’s Favorite.


It’s not a charity but it’s still not fair to put an asshole millionaire in the game (to win) against people who actually need the money. Everybody doesn’t need to be piss poor or struggling but they could at least put people in the house who could actually use $500K. When everyone else finds out how wealthy Vanessa is, they will feel the same way. Vanessa said she has everything she needs and most things she wants and she’s bragged many times about not needing or wanting the money. That’s like a slap in the face to the other house guests who really needed it.


I’d rather see interesting people on the show regardless of their financial status. There are millions of people who could use 500k and some of those are horrible people who I’d hate to see on the show. I could use 500k but no one would want watch me. I’m a less pretty and less interesting Victoria.


Are you saying every single person who could actually use 500K are horrible people and not interesting? Your comment makes no sense. I think they do casting for a reason…….to find interesting people.


I have a sneaking suspicion that Vanessa may need the money, too. Her poker career has been non-existent for years, her winnings are posted online. All her sponsors are gone. She’s listed as winning 4.5 million dollars in poker but then you have to figure she probably had to give a chunk to whatever sugar daddy staked her, minus taxes. She seems to take a cocktail of drugs daily, which would also indicate frequent doctor/therapist visits = big dough as I believe there’s not much of a medical plan hosting parties in your own house.

Vanessa looks flush on the wiki pages but I suspect her actual net worth is quite a bit lower than one would suspect.


Who ever said you “needed” the money to win BB? If i was on the show i wouldn’t even think of the money, I would think of the chance of proving to everyone I’m better than them.

Smart Guy

Did you also cry when Mike Boogie was on the show multiple times? He could give half of his net worth away and still be worth 8 figures.


8 figures? Mike boogie is not worth 8 or even 7 figures……the guy got some serious debt problems


Entitlement days are over! Whomever plays the best game regardless of their success outside the house deserves to win. I am not fan of Vanessa and wished she left early on, but everyone knew she was danger and she was able to work her way through everything and stay. Is it Vanessa’s fault or everyone else for being such a pee brain and not taking her out when they had the chance? I wish it was someone better as the winner, but I kind of agree with Shellie, like her or not, she played everyone, including Austin which was my favorite episode ever, and she earned her seat in the finals.


Haha Meg “I know I shouldn’t be talking.” Someone became self aware! Or got told. Either way, I laughed.

I also love the immediate trashing of whoever is evicted. These assholes have their mean girl game on point.

Chill this Town

I said “oh, Shut up MEG” before she even finished.

so clueless, and had such a huge part in the game unknowingly holding back all her friends.


This will be interesting. In all scenarios does Steve or Liz win?


If they are smart they realize neither has a shot against Vanessa and take each other. Then it’s a toss up although Liz has 2 solid votes. Steve will need a good, articulate speech to convince the jury he played a better game. Liz will play the angle that even though she was a huge threat, she was able to keep the target off her through her social game.


Just don’t care. Don’t like anyone left in the game. Feel sorry for Steve, he’ll be a total basketcase by the time Vanzilla finishes with him. I hope he doesn’t get double-teamed by those two. Liz will follow Van down the yellow brick road. Hope BB18 is better.


Steve has Aspergers and Vanessa knows it and uses it to her advantage. That’s what makes her a horrible person in my book. CBS should also be ashamed by making his disorder seem like he is a joke when he is not. Vanessa knows exactly what she is doing and she pushes his buttons which sends him over the edge each time. Plus talking smack about everyone that did exactly what she had been doing during the game shows she self serving. She doesn’t give a rats ass about anyone but her own narcissistic tendencies. She broke every promise in the house to everyone. It doesn’t make her a good player. It makes her pathetic and greedy. She should never have been on this show. I’d rather see Liz or Steve win.


My 14 year old also has Aspergers, though in recent years that terminology has been done away with and it’s now called Austism Spectrum Disorder. I rarely talk personally on the boards but I’m defending Vanessa on this one – Spectrum kids are TOUGH. They don’t give in easily to emotion and are stronger in that way than most adults because their minds work logically; emotion rarely plays into their thoughts. They are not easily manipulated by people, they are actually quite good at manipulating. Their issues have more to do with chaotic environments (becoming overly stimulated) and connecting on a social level. Vanessa has been manipulating Steve, but Steve has also been manipulating Vanessa and everyone else in this game. It has nothing to do with Steve being Spectrum. Steve’s overly emotional responses in the game have more to do with his relationship with his mom, specifically, him missing her input on a daily basis – I would guess she shelters him because of the disorder.


On the CBS bio for Steve it stated, ‘this master of disguise and manipulation’s strategy is to play the childlike, less intelligent virgin who sleeps with a teddy bear” . Doesn’t sound like aspergers or anything else on the ‘spectrum’. nuff said

Agreed, but...

I agree with all you say about ASD (Asperger’s). However, I have heard/read in BB leaks that Steve is actually ACTING! Supposedly in “real life”, he is much less geeky/awkward, more social – and some say – outwardly/openly gay. In my opinion, Steve’s self-talk, pleading with Mom through the cameras, puking, whining, pacing and wringing hands nervously is all part of Steve’s fake BB persona. It seems to have worked to get him this far!

Smart Guy

There’s no such thing as asperger’s syndrome. Too many people diagnosed themselves with aspergers so they could use it as an excuse to treat other people like dogs, so they got rid of it. Being an awkward nerd doesn’t mean you have a syndrome.


Does Steve really have aspergers, or is he playing the Ian Terry card. His monologues to the cameras seem fake to me, the teddy bear thing, the socially awkward thing – doesn’t ring true. People with apergers don’t like physical contact – like hugs. They wouldn’t put on elaborate dramatic performances in front of cameras. I’m not buying it.


Not sure if Steve is genuinely Spectrum or not…he’s definitely got the usual ‘quirks’ that Spectrum people have. Just an FYI – people who are Spectrum do like to be hugged and do not have an aversion to physical contact. Full Autistics have the aversion to physical contact (they are on the top of the Spectrum scale) and a full Autistic would never be able to complete in this game. Spectrum people fall somewhere on the Autistic scale and don’t have all of the issues that full Autistics have; the severity their ‘quirks’ depend upon how high/low they fall on the spectrum.
PSA over…now back to Big Brother… 😉


Wrecking Ball !?


This is awkward but here’s for Liz to win now!!!


I do like the fact that all 3 contestants left are competitors.

A case can be made for all of them


Hope vanessa finishes 3rd and wins no money.


Its not the worst season but its another bad one. 3 in a row. Would be 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 in a row if not for Dans gameplay and brittney in the DR


I am just so disappointed, the show definitely had good game play. I’m just kind of wondering how they all pretty much watched last season and seen how they all were under Derrick’s spell. So they all decide to allow Van to be this season’s Derrick? Almost every HG thought she was someone they just couldn’t get rid of?? Becky and JMAC are the only two to voice it to others and no one thought it would help their game out during that point. Well they all thought wrong look who’s final 3. I just hope next season it’s not the same thing. They all vote one way, they all hand someone the finals. Get with it HG it’s not summer camp! And I know many conspired at some point to get Van out but they all would somehow convince themselves someone is a bigger target. Van did a good job I guess to manipulate these HG and win some comps. I just also feel they casted a group of followers and Van made that her squad and use them each as her votes to do what she wanted. I just hope next year not so many followers! And No twins! And No Hairy two ponytail beard wearing wanna be soap stars.


I have been questioning myself about Vanessa. What makes me detest her so much? I do believe it is her holier than thou attitude. She has lied to them all, tried to bribe them, talked down to the others, and believes herself to be smarter and more sophisticated than the other players. She cries when doesn’t get her way or takes down another player to cover her ass.The way she treated James when he told her she was playing too hard and the way talks down to Steve are some of the examples of what an awful person that she can be. She will never compliment others unless it is for her good. She can dish it out, but don’t you dare question her! Who do you think you are? She is the person you tolerate but will never be true friends with. We all know people just like her.




I thought the excuse she gave Johnny Mac for evicting him was pathetic. Especially after she had promised him repeatedly she was taking him to the end. And letting Austin go without any warning was nasty. She is such a coward.



James 2 win

When I think of Vanessa’s tears, I think of the old adage that you can’t tell the difference between tears of sorrow and tears of anger.

Beast Mode Cowpie

Maybe they are neither. I think they are “crocodile tears”. Just sayin’. By the way, how did everyone like my judy chops last night? 😉


Steve is talking nonstop to convince the others he can go all night. LOL


Let’s just hope we get a deserving AFP! Guess all of us need to wait a little longer to vote! CBS always messing with the fans!


JAMES FOR *****A F P*****
it appears CBS….wants Jmac though..evidently with the technical difficulties!


Guess what I don’t miss Johnny Mac


The dunk and slam seems very slow, almost too slow. Game could go on forever

bird dog

i hate vanessa


I read a lot of complaints in the last thread where people stated that they felt this was all scripted. Can anyone confirm this or have any proof to these allegations? Are people upset because they don’t like the final three?

Are You Sh*tting?

The cast says so on feeds just read transcripts, they complain over and over DR takes so long because they can’t get their lines right. The network broadcast is all teleprompter, you can’t tell their reading? DR “fairies” lead all cast with questions, recruitment is staged, Steve went off on his “character” molded by Robyn Kass on Sheldon riff to get selected. Twins described how they were told to act. Just coincidence they all have silicone boobs? Body types, age, token minorities are scripted, just read Steve’s transcripts. Examples are too many starting with recruitment of archetype characters, showing them prior season tapes in sequester, and repeating same comps on same days each year. Eliminating comps increasing social and reducing random events means they’re is no game. If you cared you’d Google the creator says it’s not a game show so they don’t have to comply with FCC fairness regs, producers call in a soap opera Variety, industry rags. Don’t waste our time. 24/7 coverage edited down to what producers want to script, you see nothing of what really happens. It’s the farthest from reality. Only one celebrity contestant per season? Only one professional gamer, one undercover detective? Drugs don’t control behavior either? Producers pull all the levers, this is a puppetshow. Get a grip.


yes u r right…the diary rooms…are also with teleprompters…its obvious that some were reading facing us throughout the season..alot of times it was so evident with james. ..he still deserves AFP tho!


I think it’s because of things like Audrey got a penalty vote for eating while a have not but nothing happens to players who offer money and prizes. Vanessa was the biggest and most blatant one. Everyone seems to realize Vanessa is calling the shots but every time she was in danger, the vote flips, she wins HoH, or something seems to come out of left field that helps her.
There’s also the rumor that she’s lined up a show after this similar to how Frankie now has a show. Even players like Jeff and Jordan have a made a career of being a BB showmance twice, Amazing Race, and Marriage Boot Camp. (wiki)
Production has stepped in before and helped particular players. Last season, Frankie’s win in the BotB which was the only BotB where it was easier to play alone and Caleb was not allowed to actively throw the comp even though he was able to in previous comps. In every other BotB, it was at least beneficial to have a partner who was trying to help and some comps were impossible to win without both players trying to win. Also the obviously rehearsed and directed diary room sessions shows that production tries to cultivate each person to play a character. For people who watch the feeds and see the dichotomy between how they act when not prodded and the DR makes it noticeable that production is pushing a particular story path.

skeptical onlooker

CBS is a fraud. SO RIGGED!! I’m done with their shows.
Net flix…and Bravo. Ciao.

BB Faan

I cant stand Vanessa. She’s literally the most annoying person ever. What’s with her ugly ass, outdated clothes? Her idea of dressing up is wearing suspenders hanging down, a blazer with the sleeves rolled up and a nasty old beenie. I think I even seen her wearing mc hammer pants at one point, you know the pants that have the baggie crotch down to the knees. For someone who’s won alot of money at poker you’d think she’d buy herself a better wardrobe. Please win this Steve or Liz and send that freak Vanessa home!!!!!

Karen S

I really don’t want to say this…Vanessa is not the most annoying. She is a bitter pill of manipulation, but not the most annoying. Please, let’s not forget Amanda and her evil antics, or Helen with her non stop game talk, or Andy, who called every girl in the house, whore and cunts… and truthfully for me, the last good big brother show was season 9. You might not remember it, it was during the winter with writers strike. I loved it. I loved crazy james, chelsea showmance…hated natalie, baller and the stupid ass who ended up in prison because of baller. Loved joshua..the token gay…he was so funny.
I used to love this show! Everyone played their hearts out…voted the way they wanted to. Let the chips fall where they may. I hate, vote with the house…don’t cause any waves..and with the agenda of cbs added in…we will see a huge decline in this show. SHAME ON THEM!
Okay, that’s my spin. I don’t even care who wins now.

Unanimous Vote in Jury House Too

Watch Shelli bully everyone into Voting Vanessa like they aren’t already paid to do what Producers want anyway or they’re not working in that town again. My money’s on unanimous Vote in Jury so CBS can convince us to like their new commodity. You got jacked CBS.

PS why can’t Rachel put down that trashy lace look jeeez, you can take the bottle girl out of the dive, but you can’t take the dive out of the bottle girl. Like she always looked so trampy, but money and baby means she gotta up her game. I guess it’s true what they say. Money cant buy class, look at Vanessa. Both Vegas showgirls huh?


Preach! Season 9 was one of the most entertaining seasons.

Willie Wonka

We need something to liven things up. Cue the Oompaloompas!

I oncelovedstoopidpeoplebutnowitsover

My last post here Simon n Dawg. Thank you for putting up with this lamest of all seasons. I can’t help but think that whenever it was when someone “leaked” about the game being”rigged” for Vanasty, that came to be true. Didn’t wanna believe it, but…… blah blah blah. She made for a bad show and if she does get a new show I’m pretty sure it will flop. She is not good tv or good for tv… That being said, I don’t care a bit who wins. No one deserves it, IMHO. Goodnight and see ya next season

Don't let the door hit you on the way out!

whine whine whine …. lol …see ya next season? Too funny.
All you whiners should get an apartment building and room together. None of you would last 5 minutes in the BB house. Vanessa would chew you all up and spit you out.

I Can't Wait to Bump Into Her in the Street

Vanasty is gonna get her teeth knocked out long before she makes it back to All-Farts. Hopefully, it will delay production of her new CBS scam. She needs to use that mouth in the real world without a Producer or DR to cry to, she’ll get shanked. We’ll fix her emotional problems alot cheaper than her shrink. She better stay up north with Mel it would be safer. You’re kidding right? She’s got more haters than…fill in the blank…just about anybody.


Physically threatening a game player on TV? Ummm ok, you need to get some mental help ASAP. Scary to have a weirdo like you running around loose in society.


This comp is lasting a long time wow….I guess it makes sense no one left trusts each other! The mind of Vanessa is scary and Steve and Liz know she could evict either one of she wins and Vanessa is probably thinking they will evict her!

Right on!

Yes folks this is getting hard to watch. I kept fast forwarding every time Vanessa talked on the cbs show. Johnny gets my vote for America’s player. Cbs, please get rid of battle of the block and then 2 heads of house for next season. Let’s get back to then barebones original bb.


OMG…I kept fast forwarding during Vanessa also. Loved how she was crying when it is Liz’s girly man who was just blindsided. Only thing I wish was different was if Austin was kicked out early so we could see Liz and Julia play differently.


So is it the moment when steve fell that got the loudest groan?
Or the moment when Vanessa won part one of the hoh?

Operation bye bye

Go Vanessa Go she wins round 1!!! VANESSA FOR THE WIN!!!


Nice to see production kept all that blood Vanessa’s been saying she’s bathing in since week three. Good of them to reuse it in a challenge given the drought.


Yes!! Now get your rest, Vanessa, and keep kicking ass!

skeptical onlooker

I decided to watch the first part of the last HOH.
Game play aside..I am SHOCKED at how OLD Vanessa looks. She’s 32?????????
More like a bad 45 year old.
That’s OK. However…you get the face you deserve…and Vanessa is one fugly * woman*.
It is possible she’s different outside the house..that’s what I believed about all the players.
BUT..she said she’s the same outside the in.
I have to give her the season. Good, bad or indifferent..whatever it takes to win
I have a feeling, though. Even if Vanessa wins…she will be her own worst enemy.
Insecure…self destructive..and will blow through any money she wins.
She is a live wrecking ball. I don’t think she knows what happiness is.
Steve, Jmac, Meg, and many of the house guests…had a sense of humour.
I actually feel sorry for her. No amount of money will give her joy.
She’s one unhappy woman.
I really don’t like her. Even so..she has been the best player of a game that demands lying and back stabbing. Her forte.
The HG’S who will have a hard time are:
Austin 🙂
Vanessa….yes…nothing will fill her up. She;s empty.
The highlight for me was Austin’s demise. A tall, tattooed Frankie. eating machine..but with a piggy demeanour. just disgusting on so many levels.
He doesn’t have a famous sibling to hang onto.
He is just a laughing stock. * Not * Bold or Beautiful*.
Loved James, Jason, Jackie.Beckie. Meg..John.
One more season ends with a winner I hate. Oh well 🙁


I’ve seen Audrey pop up on social media a few times. Evel Dick and a couple others had her on after-shows etc. She SEEMS to be doing exceptionally well. Not in the sense of riches and fame but in the sense that she seems to have found wide spread acceptance, a sense of peace, and a sense of humour. Once she got out of the BB pressure cooker, she seems to have calmed down and owned her shit and is getting good things as a result.

I think there should be a show that follows house guests after the main show is over… that’s always the most interesting part.


Why is everyone saying what a horrible person Van is for doing Austin like that? He would of done the same to her if her could. What choice did she really have? He would have done his best to blow her game up if he knew in advance. Austin was being a sore loser and a disgrace to true bb fans the way he was acting like a sore loser. Can’t stand him even more now. At least Johnny Mac owned he would have done the same to Van if roles were reversed. I had wanted to see Johnny Mac and Steve in f2 but only if they did the big move of sending Van packing. They tried but she pulled off the veto win. She manipulates when she needs to (not a fan of her tactics and I HATE how she talks to Steve sometime. I wish I was in the house and let her talk to me what way ..) AND she wins when she needs to. She is the only who deserves to win now and I’ll feel this whole season was a waste if she doesn’t. I would LOVE to see her on an all stars cast. They wouldn’t put up with her crap and I think that would be entertaining. I think she comes off so much smarter and diabolical then she really is because the rest of the cast aren’t exactly the sharpest tools in the shed.


What the actual F*** is happening to me? Am I actually pulling for Liz? I think it’s happening.

bird dog

what a nitemare that this millionaire celebrity vanessa made it to final 3 and now won first part of final hoh, this game should only be for the general population,and even more of a nitemare that this crying wining physco bully will most likely win the game,


Bullies are people such as yourself who bully people on social media while hiding behind their screen. Grow up.

Anyone for the win but Vanessa

Has anyone googled Vanessa’s family? Very interesting family background…father is a felon with his scheming…guess the daughter learned fom a master


Sounds like a difficult family to grow up in.

Amazed at all the Haters

I can;t believe there are so many people hating on Vanessa…This is not a summer camp to make friends. It’s a chance to win $500K. She has done what she needed to do to get where she is and deserves it. As far as her being a gambler and have all this money tucked away…Really…if anyone has ever known a gambler, you don’t see someone’s losses because no one wins all the time. You have to bet money to get money. Knew a gambler who played poker and won the World Series of Poker. His wife never knew if she would have furniture when she came home so unless you can see her checkbook you don’t actually know what she has and, more likely, probably doesn’t. As far as her telling people she has all she wants and needs, what is she supposed to tell people who want to evict her. “Oh please keep me…I need to pay my bills with the money”…that would have made her look weak and that was not the game she played. She presented herself as someone to confide in which many people did especially Steve who she even offered to talk to after the cameras were gone to help him, someone to strategize with which a good number of them did (Austin, Liz, Julia, JMac, Steve, etc…) and she played a decent social game when needed. She didn’t sleep all day, wasn’t a slob but interacted with the people in the house. She’s older than the others so didn’t giggle all day like Meg and play pranks like James or prance around in a bikini and work on her tan for the summer. Did she tell people what they wanted or needed to hear and make deals when she was in trouble…yes. Did she have to let people go when it would have not been beneficial to her getting to the end like Austin…yes. What was she supposed to do? Keep Austin and Liz together who would always take each other? Why would anyone do that? It did not make sense and Austin knows it, Liz knows it, everyone knows it..She did what she needed to do to get to the finals so good for her. She’s overcome more obstacles than anyone in the house as far as alliances (you really think CBS scripts who likes each other and hangs out with each and cuddles with each other in the house…doubt it) and played a much better game mentally, strategically and, when needed, physically than anyone else. So good for Vanessa and I hope she wins.


Seriously Liz?!?!?! Why are you letting Vanessa manipulate you (and your peeps) for the bazillionth time?!?!?!


I know I’m late to the party, but the stupidity of this cast astounds me.

Trying to vote and cant

Is anyone else having problems voting for america’s favorite. I was able to vote first day and haven’t been able to since.

Susie Q

I’m having the same exact problem. I guess CBS didn’t like who we were voting for that first night, so they’ve locked us out.

Ex Liz Lover

I’m so mad at Liz. I thought she was sort of game smart, so dumb. Manipulated by Vanessa even after she KNOWS she does that because she did it to her sister, dumb. Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb.


I think BB should make a couple of changes moving forward in order to reinvent the game: 1) Anonymous HOHs, and 2) Public votes for eviction. Up to this point it’s been the reverse which encourages players to throw competitions so that they’re not in the line of fire, and, allows players to float between sides in the house knowing full well no one will be able to prove where they stand. The current makeup rewards cowards and I, for one, am tired of cowards being rewarded in this game. If you keep the HOHs anonymous, it’ll turn the entire game on its head. No one would be afraid to win and make big decisions because they wouldn’t be penalized for doing so in the way they are now; it’s hard to be painted as a target when no one can tell you have power. Also, making the votes public will force those players who want to hide for the entire game out into the open on some level, not only making it harder to conceal alliances, but, encouraging everyone to make them.

No more backdoors, no more “going along with what the house/HOH wants”… Just actual strategy and actual competition throughout the game. Unlike right now.


I’m so over this show. Maybe Vanessa deserves to win in a world where winning is everything.
What about winning with integrity, without hurting other people, with self respect.
Where does CBS come up with these people? Bars? Gyms?
Where are the Jordans and the Jeffs?
I’ve watched since season 1 show 1 but I think I’m done with this trash wallow. It’s not a game anymore, it’s a ugly social spectacle.