Big Brother 17 Johnnymac Vs Liz Show Results


Finale Schedule
Sun, 9/20- 8p = Second part of HOH Played
Wed, 9/23– 9:30-11p Finale = Winner of Big Brother

The final week of Big Brother 17, Steve wins the HOH and Vanessa wins the veto. This means she hold the single vote to evict either Liz or Johnnymac.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-16 17-05-25-435

They show bits of footage during the feed blockage. Vanessa bawls uncontrollably
in the Diary room, Liz – Vanessa completely betrayed Austin
Steve says he meant to put 6001 in the HOH competition. If he had he would have lost and Jmac would have won it.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-09-16 17-10-33-411

Vanessa – Liz this is better for your game.. I need you in this game I never lied abotu that
Liz in the Diary room “I’m not dumb.. as much as it sickens me I have to work with Vanessa

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-16 17-11-13-408

Vanessa makes Final 2 deals with everything in the house.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-16 17-13-25-077

Steve nominates Jmac and Vanessa.
In the Diary room Steve says the one person he doesn’t want to win the Veto is Vanessa, Adds that he cannot beat her in the final 2.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-16 17-19-25-827

In the Jury Julia explains the Veto incident and how Vanessa scumbagged her. The Jury agree everyone left in the house is playing the game.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-16 17-20-26-830
Austin comes in says Vanessa scummbagged him. “Judas got Judas”. Austin explains what happens while they watch the highlights.
The Jury get in a argument over whether or not Vanessa played a good game.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-09-16 17-22-04-834

Austin says Vanessa blindsided him and he will do whatever it takes to make sure she doesn’t win teh game.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-16 17-23-15-826

Rachel and Brendon are on the episode. Rachel brings up floaters.. They are having a Brenchel baby and support Austin and Liz.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-16 17-29-07-287

Caleb is the host to the Veto Competition.
Liz is the first one out of the Veto.
In the Diary room Jmac says if Vanessa wins he’ll be evicted.
Steve is the second one out of the Veto.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-16 17-41-39-988
Vanessa wins the POV.
Liz is Happy but worried she’ll get scumbagged again from Vanessa
Steve doesn’t care he’s HOH
Jmac is worried that Vanessa won’t honour their deal and blindside him.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-09-16 17-50-43-533

Johnnymac’s Speech “If They Came to Hear Me Beg” – the arbiter (Halo reference according to google)
Vanessa votes to Evict Johnnymac. Says it’s a game move.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-16 17-52-33-529

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Austin has critters

John should have told vanessa that if he goes to jury he is not voting for her, and he will encourage everyone to do the same!


Well now I don’t have to stay up and watch feeds or the show anymore. John ,James and Jackie are gone. have never ever said this even with Derrick but I am done with BB. I did not want to believe what people said over a month ago about it being rigged for Vanessa. I think this was a mistake on CBS part. Thank you so much for this site Dawg and Simon 🙂

Scripted Staged From Beginning to End

Jury House footage couldn’t be more fake with over made up chick’s, to Shelli’s plastic weave and spray tan face to clicking fake remotes for fake replays to constant talking heads with teleprompter loops “She Deserves It” …gag…They have no reason to fight for Vanessa except a Voice of BB Contract and extra stipend cash from Production. Completely unrealistic writers not to have a single dissent, when past years would debate. Even Brendan had to read out JMac better win everything to prove He Deserves It…I got voted out all the time but I’m an expert–We get it CBS, after all her bribes, cheating and drugs Van Deserves It…She’s Not Evil…She Has A Good Heart…and She’s Gay…sounds as desparate as Vanessa trying to convince us what they don’t believe themselves. Doth protesteth too much! Showing your hand Production, better take lessons from your resident Poker Face.

Steve is the worst actor and he’s cheating about being sick in the head, babyfied Mommy virgin teddy bear fucking Aspergers is a complete sham more disgusting than Van’s bribes. He goes on and on about this character he created to get cast and plays, while they cut feeds. Fake tears, panic attacks, give me hugs, I’m gonna count like Rainman, Mommy I’m sorry, I need my Coco routine is contrived to play stupid weak dependent smart adorable man-boy OOOPS i the it, a made a bad word I’m going to Disney World…gag…
Vanessa offers him drugs doctors and tells him to shut up when SHE’S tired of HIS crying. Shut up both of you. And take off your fake glasses, hipsters are over and fake.

Mean Girl Liz is the perfect foil for F2, meaner, nastier, stupider, weaker, faker, elitist, egotistical, loser, so Van will take her for fake integrity, and throwing AusTwits $50k as second place so they have gambling money Vanessa will stake, split to get Austins Julia’s vote. Van will then annihilate Liz fake thrown accidental Austin and Van created win record in Final Arguments staged for the fake lawyer. Austin Julia can pretend to be mad as they board private planes to Vegas to collect.

Only idiots need to watch the Finale, that’s why they put Survivor on first. Zzzzzzzzz Endemol Production take notes from Mark Burnett and United Artists Media Group who create and produce Survivor. Hell anyone could write a better script. Millionaire Poker Player with bribe money wins over idiots…duh.

Pinocchio Obama

I loved that they showed us some jury footage on tonights show. Please keep it coming CBS.


But Austin is acting like a sore loser! Hope he gets over it fast!

Guy From Canada

Okay, the thumbs down I get, but if Vanessa was playing a good social game Austin would get why he was evicted and respect her play. Because her social game is blatant deals with everyone and break what you need in the movement without good set up in advance, I agree with Austin.

Vanessa is playing a poor imitation of Dan from BB14 with her moves, coupled with crazy of Audrey. Dan faced a bitter jury and lost in bb14, but he played a tremendous game and should have won. But he scumbagged everyone and lost. Vanessa I could see the same way, but it all depends on this weekend and what Johnny does in jury to swing votes.


At this point I would rather watch the people in jury hang out then watch the 3 left in the doing competitions. I just hope we get a better cast for BB18. James for America’s Favorite Player!


Shellie sure has done a complete turnaround from her exit interview.
She seems like she is Vanessa’s biggest supporter now.

Backseat Driver

That’s what her printed script told her to say……..

Clay was the Smart One

Clay was the real player and the smartest of them all. He self evicted before he had to get stuck in Jury for an extra month performing like a monkey kissing Vanessa’s ass for a pittance they call a cash prize to read cute cards for BB commercials and clap for the scripted winner. He’s got better things to do in his real life (and it’s not hooking up with Shelli’s hairpiece) than be a paid audience extra. BB Jury is a joke. Anyone thinks they are not paid to vote for CBS is really the perfect applicant. Sign up today for BB18, you’d probably think you’d have a chance of winning too. Vote Clay for America’s Favorite Player! No, don’t bother CBS picks that winner too.

A in Paris

Vanessa knows these answers like the back of her hand that is what she said. Right give her the one about when she went to the concert. DR love her. But not me


How can anyone argue this wasn’t rigged? This is the most fraudulent season ever. CBS is pushing for the “secret poker player” to win. Absurd publicity. Pure sensationalism. Shame.

Missing Ranceypants

LOL, where were you people when Derrick, Rachel, and Jordan won their seasons?


Derrick was a way better player than vanessa. He would have had her out weeks ago. Vanessa is a bully and that’s how she intimidates and manipulates everyone else. The problem is the others know this and still choose to be scared and leave her in. It does seem like CBS has had a hand in swaying things a certain way. It seems like they’ve gotten to Shelly, when she was evicted she was all about getting vanessa out and now all of the sudden she is her biggest fan.


…..and Derrick didn’t cry a million fricking tears!!!!


Yes Derrick’s season was boring and predictable. I liked his strategy, however.

Missing Ranceypants

Bwahahaha, while I appreciate that you actually attempted a counterargument instead of burying your head in the sand, I disagree. The only reason Derrick had any game (that production didn’t influence) is because he lied about being a cop. Never again would Derrick be able to play his game again, because no one would buy his nonsense. In all-stars, he’d be out the door week 1, because the garbage he spews would be so transparent now.

Vanessa talks about game theory, gambling, etc., all the time, and people have still allowed her to get this far. She’s an excellent player. AS simon notes below, yeah, she’s a little crazy, but seeing as none of us have ever been in that house, and subjected to that stress, I’m willing to give people a pass on “crazy” as long as they win the comps, as long as they manipulate circles around their competition, and as long as they are entertaining. Derrick never won jack, his manipulations were straight out of his police training, and as again Simon notes, the guy was a total snooze. In a season that gave us Hayden, Zach, and yes even Frankie, it also gave us Derrick, who was easily out of his league in terms of entertainment value.


Faulty logic. You say Derricks manipulation skills came from his police training. Well then, why not say that Vanessa’s came from her poker training?. Yada Yada yeah I know, people don’t train to be poker players. Well, in a way they do through experience. Much of police work and promotion to undercover detective is through experience, too. In both cases they had the inherent inclination to master and develop those skills. Besides, who cares where the skill came from. That doesn’t make the game play any more or less impressive. Also, you have no reasoning behind your assertion that Derricks strategies would not work a second time around. Saying he spewed garbage is not an argument, just a dismissive distractor. There’s so much more I could pick apart in your mediocre debate skills, which you seem to think so highly of for some reason. But I have a life. Maybe later.

No Favorites

Derrick may have been boring, but he manipulated everyone and deserved to win as much as Vanessa. She is playing with equally clueless people. I would say that everyone that was in this house after Davonne was evicted were just as clueless as last year. In what logical universe do you allow someone to have a ready made ally enter the game. Julia/Liz should have been taken out when they knew about the twins.


Yes, you have a life. The ten lines of text you already typed clearly illustrated just how above you are of engaging in any sort of debate with the rest of us.


Damn it, I hate that I have to defend Vanessa . Derrick wasn’t a better player and this cast was just more spineless but not stupid like the clueless bunch of the BB16. And Derrick can talk all the smack he wants about how he thought he would be able to do the same thing he did in this house.He probably wouldn’t have been working with Vanessa. And those girls in the house this season would have dragged him in the comps this this year. Vanessa won comps at very important points in the season. She may have won some because of people’s personal lord and Savior JohnyMac threw most of the comps and didn’t strategize or play into late.The same with Steve hiding in the grass. But still she and Shelli both set the tone of this whole house. Not a fan of Vanessa’s crazy but I don’t see where Derrick is a better player just lucky to have the house stacked with immature naive people and he’s lucky they had the BOB and a drugged up Devin who went out early.


Vanessa works by intimidation, something that would never have happened with Derrick. He’s unflappable, he would have spotted her machinations out of the gate and she would have been gone before Jury. The first time he heard her say his name she would get steppin’.

Pretty frightening that Brenchel are allowed to reproduce. Ugh.

Missing Ranceypants

That’s right, downvote me without a competent retort among any of you. lol. The ditz, the basketcase, and the all-american cop blow through this game and no one 2nd guesses it, because it makes them feel all warm and fuzzy inside to see them win, but a smart woman with an edge in her gameplay and an expert in game theory advances to final 3, and you all cry foul. Babies.


Shaddup. None of those 3 ever made me feel warm and fuzzy, especially Rachel. That feeling comes solely from my 2 fuzzbuckets (cats) and on occasion from my other half. So zip it, Skippy.

Missing Ranceypants

Oh please, maybe not you personally, skippy, but you even you and your cats have to admit that no one watching season 11 wanted to see Natalie win over Jordan, and so of course production made it so. They saw the potential for future seasons in glorifying Jeff and Jordan. Same with Rachel in season 13. Can you imagine the disgust and disinterest from the viewers, if after bringing back six former contestants, someone like no-game Porsche or bump-on-a-log Adam had taken home the cash? Again, that duo twist in the final six was one of the most blatant examples of production interference ever.

There’s no need for interference this season. Despite the passioned views on this message board, people forget that the viewers at home, the vast majority of fans, don’t visit sites like this, and only know what they see in the episodes. Liz winning would make a lot of people happy. Steve or JMac winning would have pleased a lot of people too. There is simply no reason to rig this season. It will be a satisfactory ending regardless of who wins. People need to quit obsessing over a tv show and shut up with their conspiracy theories. Allison Grodner is no genius, when it’s rigged, it’s obvious. This is not one of those times.

Editing=Staged Scripted Bribes, Cheating, Drugs=Rigged Vanessa is NOT the Winner

If they can’t show feeds on prime time because the audience would see bribes, cheating, amphetamine drugging, bad referee calls, jury disqualifications, or psycho abusive threats and bullying THAT MEANS IT’S RIGGED.

If the only words you hear the players speak on prime time are talking head teleprompter DR loops the cast can’t read without bitching about how fake it is THAT’S SCRIPTED SOAP OPERA WITH NO RESEMBLANCE TO A GAME OR SPORT.

When you cast actors, wrestlers, models, social media personalities to bungle simple comps against a Professional Sport Gamer Lawyer IT’S FICTION IT’S NOT A GAME SHOW ITS NOT REALITY TV ITS NOT RANDOM THE WINNER IS STAGED.

When you call the Professional Celebrity Poker Player on performance enhancing drugs to increase concentration and keep her up all night to contract secret bribes to evict cast, and who was groomed by Production for 5 years as the central character for multiple CBS shows who screened DO NOT CALL HER A WINNER. SHE’S A LEAD ACTRESS in a BAD SCRIPTED DRAMATIC SERIES.

When 500 people watch feeds, read feed updates they compare to the whitewashed edited pablum spoonfed to the shrinking audience demographics of the network show, and scream foul for cheating drugging bribes and abuse on Twitter THAT’S CALLED FREE ADVERTISING IN SOCIAL MEDIA, DVR MEDIA SHARE, STREAMING, MAGNIFIED RATINGS AND CONTENT REVENUE. We’ve been had, not just by edited, scripted, rigged drama advertised as game sport, but because every time we click, vote or complain WE REWARD CBS WITH MORE CASH. CBS is the only winner, not Vanessa. And if you’re still pissed you should be, but hey, Vanasty with hook you up with a Psychiatrist and some Xanax for that. Isn’t she nice?

If that’s really what you think, THEN QUIT WATCHING.

Seriously, what is wrong with people like you. Get a life.

April in Paris

Plus the cheating. She was caught. Was anything ever done to Van? Audrey got her penalty. Waz up!?!


I have said this already but cbs does not care how much you complain because they are laughing. Complaining does nothing. You need to back up your complaints with action by boycotting their shows. If you can’t live without Thursday night football than watch that one thing and boycott everything else. It’s the only way you are taken seriously. If not I hope you enjoy seeing more grande slime and more production interference.


I said the exact same thing. Either way her oriz would have been set up. RIGGED. GO STEVE!


They also asked them about the day when JMac was evicted the 1st time. So I guess it’s not rigged for JMac, but it is for Vanessa??

Missing Ranceypants



Vanessa's Broomstick

Could Vanessa spill a few more fake tears???


I hate Vanessa I hope she doesn’t win she’s a cry baby


Austin would have scumbagged Vanessa for Liz so wha! wha! wha! I doubt “Judas” will really have much influence over the jury. He just oozes pouty baby. He forgets that he scumbagged them or benefitted from them getting blinsided or scumbagged. He had a better chance with Austwits and Vanessa helping him stay in the game than they did so I doubt this sore loser will influence anyone. Beastmode looked good. Great Veto comp presenter! Very entertaining. Congrats to Brenchel!

I hate Austin

Not as much as I hate Frankie, who still managed to make the show, but what a bad loser.

A in Paris

America votes for…….dr John McGuire Who woulda think America loves dentists. He can give me laughing gas anytime, uhhuhhuh

Austin has critters

I agree! Makes me want to get my teeth cleaned! Lol

First in line

As the season has gone on, I’ve found him to be increasingly attractive. At first he seemed sort of cute but also not that much bc of his pointy chin and nose. But he’s just caught on fire lately. He’s just hot at this point!


He definitely used his time wisely and bulked up a bit. I think he’s got a lovely face, and he looked great tonight. Now, go get that girl in Jury, JMac!

Austin has critters

I guess if john is ok with leaving, we should be ok with it too. He will win the $25,000! ….nothing left but boring houseguest now.

Don't think so

No way was John okay with leaving, but he sure wasn’t gonna beg and grovel to those 3, especially not to Vanessa!! If he had to leave, his exit was great, loved it! JMac for AFHG! He did the best he could with who he had to work with….


John was fun at the start – enjoyed him and wanted him do well. Actually, of the final four I hoped he would win. But he’s not getting my vote for AFP because he tried way too hard to be… whatever it was he was trying to be – it just got tired and old. There aren’t “rules” for voting for AFP. Vote for whomever you like, or you think needs the money, or made you smile. I’m voting for James – because he made a frustrating season a little enjoyable.


I’m watching BB on my big screen and Vanessa just won veto. I already knew it (thanks Dawg and Simon), but when I saw her start whimpering I had an uncontrollable urge to just smash her in the face. Cant believe I feel soooo pissed. My bad, thing is, I haven’t disliked someone so much since Andy ( maybe Amanda). Vanessa will probably win this. As they say, good guys finish last.


The snake evicts JMAC. Hope Karma bites her in the ass. What a dirty player.


Johnny giving the finger in his speech. LOL.

Misty Beethoven

Johnny Mac out – boo. But on another note, could Liz have picked a less flattering dress? God, that’s AWFUL!!

Ms Anthrope

Indeed. It looks like sofa upholstery. Hideous.


Her dress? Who cares?

Vanessa's Broomstick

I’m going to miss JMAC. He was funny and had a great attitude. I’m throwing all my AFHG votes to Johnny.


I am so proud if Jmac that he saw right through vanessa and her antics, I just wish he would’ve called her out to those two clowns she has wrapped her ugly bony witch-like fingers. The one thing the austwits and steve have in common is they would cave in to her demands, grovel at her feet like lost pups ad do everything she said, unlike Jmac who would neither do any of those things. Hence the quote he used in his eviction speech: “If they came to hear me beg, they will be disappointed- the arbiter.” In turn that burning vanessa ears and ego and so evicting him as a result. Jmac has and will have MORE integrity than vanessa has ever accumulated since learning of the word and beyond.
I respect the game Jmac, James and Becky played, any day before I will acknowledge the dirty game vanessa played this year. She is single-handedly playing a hand this year in dragging the “integrity” of what the Big Brother game used to be before she came on the show, joining Andy, Amanda and the racists on the Big Brother’s worst players of all time alumni.

Hot Twins

Can we dial up a miracle and have Liz win this final HOH and evict Vanessa?


I am done, Big Brother is over for me.


Totally agree. Just told my husband the same thing. Can’t stand the ones that are left. Vanessa is mentally ill, so is Steve and Liz is slutty floater. Not one of them deserves to make it to the final three. Season is over.


I’m not a Liz fan by any stretch of the imagination, but a floater? Im not sure you understand the term…

CBS got Bribe from Ven

Worst BB ever. I still don’t understand what Liz is doing there !!!


Thank you Simon. BB16 sucked dead donkey dick.


Nope, BB15 was the worst. I liked BB16 all right, but didn’t watch much after Zach was evicted.


She won a POV and dragged James through it to win it. She won 3 HOHs. She evicted James and Becky. Two really good players. She was in a very successful alliance and she had a great social game…not one person dislikes her. That’s how. Not great at strategy, but great competitions and social.


Fear does not = great social game. They didn’t like her, just afraid of her and what antics she would pull on them.


Huh??? Better Final 3 than the last 2 seasons. Remember the Victoria (BB16) and Spenser (BB15)? Much better this year at least Liz actually did win stuff.


I am sorry but I disagree completely. This has been one of the BEST seasons by far. Watching everyone play the game instead of floating is great…right down to the end. They are all cut throat players however Vanessa is just beating them to the punch. The thoughts of CBS rigging it are false….btw…Vanessa’s tears are 100% fake. This is all a part of her game play. She by far has propelled herself as one if not the top BB player in history. She has found ways to win when it counted….plus….anyone that can convince another player to put up her own teammate in a competition is a genius and deserves to win.


Couldn’t let your last statement go without reminding you who she convinced to put up her own teammate. A girl who thought Sigmund Freud was a lion tamer act in Vegas! Julia, not the brightest person in the house. Doesn’t make Vanessa the greatest player of all time.


I’m glad Shelly is sticking up for Van. Luv or HATE her she played the best. If she gets F2 she worked the hardest for it.


I loved how Shelli cut off his whining. I never thought he’d be such a bad sport. For such a big brother “super fan”, I’m kinda surprised he didn’t see that one coming.


Agreed. She played a great game and deserves to win, Austin is just bitter he would have done the same thing to her and he was in an obvious showmance Vanessa did what she had to do. Bitter Jury Syndrome. Then of course there’s bitter viewer syndrome with some people that don’t like Vanessa not wanting her to win because they don’t like her, which is fine but truth is she played well to the very end, despite a few mistakes here and there, and based on game yes she should win and I want her to win over Steve and Liz.


I can agree with all your saying, except for her bribing and trying to get other contestants to promise her money if they won. She should of been disqualified the minute she started that @#$%


That would fall under the ‘few mistakes here and there’. That wasn’t grounds for disqualification, a simple warning was enough.

Vanessa is the Ultimate Player

From my perspective, Vanessa has not done anything wrong. Since when is it disqualifying actions when all you do is suggest making them money. She may be misleading them, but when is it against BB rules to lie to players or take whatever it takes to sway them. She may say she will. Doesn’t mean she will go through with any of her ‘suggestions’ I would call that manipulation and that my friend is part of the BB way.

Van Listed Bribes Again Today

It’s not minor to CONSTANTLY offer cash gifts, cars, houses, jobs, trips as compensation for votes, HOH, POV, Jury Votes. Are you crazy? Van reviewed another last of them for Liz Austin Julia while they were discussing who would vote for who befor eviction today. Liz giggles, yes Austin, Julia we can’t wait for you to split stake your winnings in Vegas… And Steve your seeing one of my doctors about your serious anxiety issues. You’ve got serious problems dude. She told Liz she’d invest in her new start up business, she’s got lots of cash to spread around. THIS IS ALL ON TAPED FEEDS, TRANSCRIPTS AND NO WARNING FROM PRODUCTION. This is ridiculous and your worship of Vanessa and this show is blind. CBS should be ashamed, and it’s clear there are very few feed followers or there’d be more backlash. Guess social media is just a bone they throw to attract young demographic they keep losing, year after year, invest in hip set decoration instead of

Killer queen

Did she play a good game?
When van and Shelly was up for eviction everyone wanted Shelly out than bam … No one spoke a word about it and they ousted Shelly . Becky and jmac voiced their opinions about her and bam .. Gonzoo.. than there were little tid bits where she knew what was going on in the house . so your telling me that she played a good game??? Or where the tables tilted in her favor ?
Alot of evidence points to Vanessa having help from production right thru this game.
Argue as you will, she wasn’t evicted or targeted for a reason. She lied and bribed her way thru. And no repercussions on the brides. And anyone else who did was evicted .
She played a good game with alot of help.
She played the best game?
That comment is left to be debated


Everybody had help, no one did it alone that is a well known BB fact. But yes she played a great game, and as for production helping her, well that is subject to debate. Lying is a part of the game this is not church this is Big Brother where the objective is to get rid of everyone to win so there.

As for the bribery I do not agree with it but we all know she didn’t use that with every single eviction in the house. So tell me, who played a good game then? The people in jury? JohnyMac who was evicted twice?

I will say though that Steve and Liz have good arguments as to why they should win also, but Vanessa for the win.

Killer queen

Everyone had help?
Some more than others

Have you ever thought that Austin was pissed cause production forced him to keep Vanessa and vote out Shelly and his assumption was that she was taking him with her to finals.?

Food for thought

But that conspiracy doesn’t fit with your theory .she was a supposed to be a gonner..
. she played a good game with a tonne of help .


LMAO at food for thought over a conspiracy theory…….. ”everyone had help but some more than others” anything to discredit her and any good moves she made in the game. So answer me this, who played a good game then?


I take it you don’t have the feeds, or don’t follow them closely. There are reasons each one of those things happened. I could go on and list why every single thing happened that you point out, but it would be a moot point. You’ll still just be a hater, regardless of the facts.

Killer queen

Lmao@hater. .did you have live feeds in the Dr ? Guess anyone that doesn’t agree with you is a hater.
Good argument .


Tonight was the last episode I’m watching this season. Nobody to root for anymore. Goodbye JMac, vote for James for America’s Favorite Player!


Liz for the win James AFP!


JMac you may be gone but you will never be forgotten. Especially your dr session humor. One of my favorite lines of his when he told Julia in her goodbye message, “Julia if you are seeing this than I’m sad……that you didn’t take your sister with you”. JMac your the man and damn funny.

I hate Linessa

I wish Steve wins. Ven is a cry baby & Liz thinks she is the Queen of the World.

Pissed Off

I wish none of them would win & they donate the prize money to a mental health charity…….


Vanessa is going to win hands down sorry but she is going to win final hoh. Steve that three strikes for steve for being a pussy throwing the veto, not flipping the votes, and wasteless double eviction hoh. He is no ian and not of his league. Everyone seems to respect vanessa gameplay except for austin. He bb don’t forget to put meg and james in the bold and beautiful please.
Winning scenarios
Vanessa will win no matter who she seats.
Steve can beat liz
Liz she is going for second place too bad.

Jmac you are going to be missed.

Frostbite Falls

Vanessa might not win. Steve could win part three and take Liz.

Aril in Paris

Love me some beast mode cowboy mm-mm!


A lot of women who are attracted to sociopathic stalkers wind up in ditches along the interstate.


Big brother should have rigged and made that veto comp a physical one like that shovel comp or something.


But it already was rigged for Vanessa Lol


Games over, kids.

Austin has critters

All the crying she does is fake to make people think that she has feelings. She has no feelings….and I am sure she will do well in the endurance competition, all the adderall helps her do that!


John will have regrets about not evicting Steve but he really did made the right move. He saved the person he trusted most in the house, it’s just things didn’t go well for him in the comps.


Knowing it’s coming doesn’t make it any easier to stomach. Woof.
Enjoy that 500k Vanessa, use some of it to rehire that life coach that helped you so much.

Yes I’m a bitter child, whatever.

disappointed BB fan


Min O'Pause

I don’t know who I’m cheering for. Guess it doesn’t matter. Yippee.

Chill this Town

well it was fun, a lot of MAC this summer, which was great. for him to go out on his 9th freaking time up and give a speech involving a halo achievement…well…that just sums up how awesome MAC is. I don’t need to play Halo to sit back and appreciate his approach as opposed to how Austin has handled the last 24 hours(and will continue when BB17’s biggest blindside takes place…when Austin learns what people think of him..)

I will miss MAC ATTACK. I just wish Steve had freaking won that POV, it would have really raised my interest in the rest of the game, Liz brings nothing to the table and at this point it looks like we won’t get Steve/Vanessa in the F2, which…I just hate Liz winning 50k when she effectively sat there behind a huge trio, and watched as they were taken out…providing zero resistence or even maneuvering in the process. she is a total waste of space

oh, and WTF CBS. Beast Mode Cowboy? are you freaking joking with that? so you felt it was fitting to take the least liked HG’s from the worst season in the history of the show? Was Christine too busy to give her opinion on Steve? because it seems that is next. SMH


Loved him before the halo quoting and miss him already.


There is no one left to root for… At this point I rather see Liz winning…


wasnt home to watch live. I knew it would be JMac leaving. Now I’m hoping for a Liz & Steve final 2.


Gameplay flaws from the last three evictions
Julia not much should have picked jmac in the veto to compete. And should have used the veto on james and sent steve out the door on double evicition. When you know a two person alliance name you try to evict them. Bad gameplay.
Austin only thing was that he should have made sure that vanessa was voting to keep him and was too stubborn to make deals with her.
Jmac play a great game just came up short on the veto, should vote to evict steve because vanessa wins the veto forcing her to evict the showmance. And he would probably be in final 3.
Honestly its going to be vanessa and steve final 2 with vanessa winning from the start.
Everyone knew her gameplay yet nobody had the balls to evict her. If I was in the jury I will vote her she probably have 5 hohs and 3 vetos and had a hand every evictions, while steve was just chilling in the hammock room cry for his mom.

They Said What...

Does anyone else wonder how some of these people are going to react when they get out of the house and find out what people really think of them? They assume they are beloved by the public and wonder why JMac gets so much applause. Are they going to blame production for how they were portrayed or will there be some deep introspection? I wish they would do an after show about that.

Modesty Blaise

I’ve often wondered what certain former HGs are doing, but the ones who would be willing to do an update probably aren’t the ones we’d be curious about. I have a feeling the more notorious HGs, like Christine and Amanda, wouldn’t want to open up that can of worms again. But it would be interesting.


No surprise that Austin is butthurt and holding a grudge. Boo freaking hoo…he’s such a wimp.

Team Vanessa all day. Sorry not sorry. I don’t get all the hate about her personally. All of the stuff mentioned here about her is exactly what you need to do to win this game. She was in no way a bully, come on. Everybody lies, the point is to find out who is the better liar and get them out. Lol I actually think LIz deserves second. She’s played an amazing game herself. When it comes down to final 3, I don’t care who they are as people, you did something right to get there.


She’s played hard indeed, but w/o poise and class. Let’s compare her game-play with Derrick’s or even Ian’s. It’s huge difference. Her game-play comes just next to Dan’s in 2009


Yes, you are right – it is BB and you can do what you need to maneuver to the finals. I think what you may be sensing about the lack of love or respect for Vanessa’s game has more to do with how she treats people. It is particularly disturbing how she bullied Steve. If you saw the feeds then you know how badly she spoke to Steve on a personal level.

I give her props for strategic gameplay but not impressed with the lengths she employed to control HG mind. She is constantly reminding us that her word is good and she is a loyal good person while this was at odds with her actions at every turn.

At this point I don’t care who wins. Actually, I will root for Liz for the win. I guess we will never know how J-Mac’s speech would have gone in F2. I love to imaging him not using the goofy laugh and persona and deliver a polished professional speech that would knock everyone off their chair! You have to think that he was acting a role in the house…great job!


It looks like the jury members ( especially Shelli) except for Julia and Austin are already over Vanessa ruining their game. If this is the case, if Liz and Steve want to have a shot @ 500k this year, they should better win the last HOH competition. I liked how Steve and JMac said they would have evicted Vanessa had they won the POV. If Vanessa wins the last HOH, she will win the game as well since the jury members’ bitterness seems to have vanished.


Steve did not throw that Veto. I don’t care who wins. Was hoping Johnny would have been in final 3. I am voting for him for AFP. James grew on me, but evicting Jace and Clay don’t blow me away. John got pretty far considering he was evicted once already. He also presented himself very well, and James was a little gross and offensive at times


Yes Steve did throw veto. He admitted last night while crying his eyes out and holding his Tedding Bear.


Steve didn’t throw it in the conventional sense. He got slack knowing he was safe and did not “Jedi Mind Drill” his days before the comp so he drew a blank and got knocked out. He said he knew his days but because he got too comfortable he fumbled. Had he been in jeopardy he would have spent his night studying and resting instead of crying all over CoCo the bear.


John got far because of Vanessa and not because of any of his skills. The only move that he did right for himself was win veto and gave himself a pass for final 4. And that was for the entire whole season of him staying in the house. If you want a sheep, a puppet, a mascot for AFP then JMac should be the rightful winner.
As for me I will vote for James who actually caused a ripple and an impact in the house. If not for him, Vanessa will have a hand in the entirety of all the evictions.


I’m amazed how many people are blinded by hero worship or need to feel aligned with so-called predicted winners. STEVE ACTUALLY STOPPED PLAYING FOR THE VETO he stood there pretending to think who Meg was, hey stupid pawn for first three weeks, HE STOOD THERE without event any guess, then talking head says in DR script I guess I didn’t count that I was to comfortable as HOH absolutely ridiculous, you lunch numbers in run back forth. Playing stupid and sitting down in most important comp of any season is throwing it. Geeez, it’s crazy what you will allow yourself to believe as gullible as all the others with the script & bribes– what’s your excuse?

Min O'Pause

Liz better watch out after complimenting Beastmode Cowplop. He’ll go into Stalker Mode Cowplop.


John AFP. Game aside, most entertainment hands down.

Missing Ranceypants

I still think Vanessa deserves to win, but evicting JMac was a bad move, and the reasoning she gave during the live eviction was transparent and weak. She also hasn’t honored her loyalties to people, and everyone in that house knows it. No one would blame JMac for going to jury and laying out what a hypocrite shes being to the jury. Not that Austin isn’t already doing that, but JMac actually has character and could be taken seriously.

Not to mention, Liz might have still voted for Vanessa over Steve and JMac (she totally would have), and she would have had time had she been evicted tonight to convince Julia and Austin to do the same. As it stands, if Liz gets to final 2, she’s got at least 3 votes in the bag, Austin, Julia, and Becky (99% sure Becky won’t vote for Vanessa). Liz only needs two more, and the money is as good as hers. Vanessa made a grave error tonight, and even though she’s still the strongest player in the house, she may have just cost herself a half million dollars.


If she had left JMac in the game, Steve would have chosen him to go to F2 and the other way around. She’s known that no one would take her to F2 so she’s working out her best path to win final HOH and get to F2. She’s also hoping – with JMac gone – that if Steve wins final HOH, he will use your logic to evict Liz, because what you are saying about going against Liz in F2 is absolutely right. Evicting JMac to get to F3 was her best move.


Fuck this show. I really hate Vanessa. Fuck.


I hope sunday they will show a montage of james and meg as well his pranks. I wonder who is doing the round table could it be dan because he has not appear this season. Vote for james afp that way maybe meg will kiss him.


I wish there will be Derrick

BB nutcase

I loved Johnny, sad to see him go!!!!! I do not like anyone left in the game but as far as I am concerned the only one left who deserve to win 1st is (ugh) Vanessa. As aggravating as she is, she played everyone!!!!


… unless ( i want so badly) she gets cut in F3


Production told me-
You people have been saying mean things about me.
I’m very smart, & I’m here to defend myself.
Here’s something you didn’t know.
I’m an excellent driver.
Oh, I’m confused, that was Rainman.
Ok, I don’t drive,
but my mom still loves me, I think.
If not, I’ll always have CooCoo, I mean Coco.
Hope I’ve cleared things up for you.
gotta go now, Ten minutes to Wapner.
If you should ever meet me,
be sure to pat me on the back.
My arms are always sore from doing it myself.
Watch for me to guest star on Scorpion,
I’ll be a social misfit that braggs about being smarter than Einstein.
I’ve never acted, but DR says just be myself.
Wish me luck.


Haha Simon, I love that you googled Johns speech quote 🙂 And I love that he quoted a video game achievement in his speech. I miss him in that house already.


What was JMac’s speech? My dogs decided their going out was more important than me seeing the speeches. I’ve seen numerous references to it. I’m not a gamer. What does the halo part mean?


It would appear that the only person in the jury that understands that Big Brother is a game is Shelli.

Austin is sad I hope that he doesn’t conduct himself like that in life.

Congrats Brenchel. I hope to see you compete again in an all stars (Rachel)


OMG! If those two come back, I will puke.


Steve is such a dork. His rant about throwing the POV last night was a joke. He didn`t throw shit. Being terrible at a comp. doesn’t mean you threw it. What a clown.


Agree. He was lamenting (acting) so last night I thought he had actually let Vanessa win. I was under the impression that the final 2 people left in the Veto Comp was Steve and Vanessa ,but when I saw the comp tonight he was eliminated way before Vanessa and JMac. Maybe in his mind he let her win


For all of you crying that it is rigged either get over your ego or STOP watching.

If this show was rigged (and who knows) it would’ve made more sense to have Clelli get further than Liztin. They were a far less attractive couple. Not to mention I am sure a minority would’ve won by now.


I think you are probably right about Vanessa but no one has cast a vote yet. We will find out next week. Dan not winning season 14 was a travesty.


Every time I watch Austin, whether in his interaction with Liz especially during fights and making up, or his eviction, it feels like he’s acting to me. For some reason mainly him, I feel I’m watching a soap opera.


Who knows Austin may change his mind he was fresh out without shoes from getting evicted. And if he doesn’t than he just doesn’t. But he has a week outside the house to get it together. People like Shelli have been out of the game for awhile and probably have a different perspective. And it wasn’t like Shelli wasn’t a bit bitter because she wouldn’t even look at Vanessa and cheered for John to win during that 2nd chance episode.I don’t think the women in the jury will hold that much of a grudge if she makes it to the end because most weren’t that close to her and that feeling of betrayal isn’t there.And she is responsible for most, if not all of them being there directly or indirectly so maybe they will respect it as game play if she’s in the final two.