Vanessa “I haven’t made up my mind. I will probably ask them to flip for it. Or let you decide.”

Finale Schedule
Wed, 9/16- 8p = Eviction Episode
Thu, 9/17 – pre-empted by NFL = First of the Finale HOH played
Sun, 9/20- 8p = Second part of HOH Played
Wed, 9/23– 9:30-11p Finale = Winner of Big Brother

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-16 13-37-14-644

12:45pm The live feeds return. Johnny Mac packs his suit case in the comic bedroom. Vanessa joins him. Johnny leaves to sit in silence in the cabana room. Steve joins Vanessa. They talk about the endurance competition coming up. Vanessa tells him it will be okay. Just ride the wave. You can’t control it. You need a Xanax or something for god sake. Steve says he’s always had his teaches telling him to put less time and effort into his classes. Steve says I came up with a lot of good names this summer. I came up with SOS, Scamper Squad and Rockstars. Vanessa asks did you have something with Austin. Steve says No I didn’t have anything with Austin. He just told me he wasn’t coming after me that week. Vanessa says gotcha! Steve says there were a ton of alliances made that week and none of them had a name. Vanessa asks why that week. Steve says it was the week everyone hated you. Vanessa says it was a terrible move by Becky. I knew she couldn’t have had the number. Steve says I f**Ked up a lot in this game. Vanessa says everyone has. Steve says I knew I would make a lot of mistakes in this game. Steve asks do you know what you’re doing? Vanessa says no, I haven’t made up my mind. I will probably ask them to flip for it. Steve says no you’re not. Vanessa says I probably will. Or actually I’ll stand up and let you decide. Steve says no you wouldn’t. You know what you’re doing. Vanessa says Would you kill me if I let you decide. Steve says you’re toying with me right now. Vanessa says you don’t think I would do it. I love games. Steve says I don’t buy it. Vanessa says it doesn’t matter. I’m pretty sure I’m going to decide 5 minutes before. I might actually just listen to their speeches. Steve says don’t you’re killing me. Vanessa says why back myself into a choice right now when there is more information to be had. Steve says it just made me sick that you haven’t made a choice right now. Vanessa says it doesn’t affect you. You still need to go out and win this comp. Do you have an opinion? Steve says I don’t know either. Vanessa says then how can you blame me. There are pluses and minuses to both.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-16 13-25-11-555

1:20pm – 1:45pm Vanessa tells Steve he would die if he knew how much she’s bet with. Steve thinks gambling is entertainment and the more you bet .. the more you’re paying for the same entertainment. Vanessa disagrees and says more risk, more reward. Vanessa asks don’t you love the mystery of not knowing who will stay or go. Steve says I don’t know why I trust you so much. Vanessa says actions. Steve comments on how she got rid of Austin. Vanessa says I didn’t own him any more loyalty. He was getting to close to Johnny mac. Steve says Liz could win this game. Vanessa says so could Johnny Mac. Austin wants Liz to win and is in jury convincing people to vote for her. Steve says so we have each others word that we’re taking each other to final 2? Vanessa says yes. I promise you. Vanessa asks who do you think I should take? Who can beat me in this comp? Steve says Liz can beat you in part 3 but Johnny can beat you in part 1 and 2. I would rather play Johnny in part 3 and Liz in part 1. Vanessa says Johnny secure votes are those that voted against me. Where as you’re going to get those votes that normally wouldn’t have voted for you. I think you’re more likely to be in final 3 than he is. If you believe it you can achieve it. Relax F**K! Child! Do you trust me, then f**king relax. Austin never asked me for my word. Johnny had convinced him he was staying so he never asked for my word. I told you to trust me many times in this game and I have had your best interests at heart this whole game. Now that I know it bothers you I probably won’t even tell you when I do decide who to keep. I’ll just listen to their speeches. Steve says no! Don’t do that! Vanessa asks why .. that’s what they’re there for. The speeches are a good barometer for how their speeches will be to the jury. Vanessa asks who do you think you can beat in the second round better? Steve says Liz.. duh! Vanessa says okay. We’re in final 3 be happy, isn’t that sick!! Steve says I just won 50K. I’ll take 50! Steve asks has Liz studied more than Johnny? Vanessa says equal. Steve says he thinks the quiz this year will be harder. Steve asks can I tell you something.. F**K IT! I’m not going to stress about it! F**K it!

1:50pm – 2:40pm Johnny Mac and Vanessa take a nap in the comic bedroom. Liz and Steve are in the kitchen cooking food. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

2:45pm The feeds switch to the live feed highlights. They will be down until after tonight’s episode airs.

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I will be totally shocked if Vanessa doesn’t evict Johnny Mac


Well I’m hoping she evicts him. He’s a fan favorite but not to me I don’t care if he goes.


I like John but I hope people vote for James for AFP.

Lameo Jameo

Johnny Mac gets my AFHG votes.



Lameo Jameo

Because he has been the most entertaining and he is not a Meg stalker.


.The Hoh was designed for Steve to win ;he is suppose to be a math whiz Jmac did not throw it he was only about 12 min in seconds of he could remember how long the game took he guessed around an hour it was 48 min that’s not bad. Steve was going to say 6000 he got lucky. The Pov was designed for Van now v can take one of her lackeys and no one will say anything if she wins against them. She also could say she saved John if she took him along thanks CBS production for deciding for us who would win! boo

Double D

Hate to say I agree. Jmac is a threat in the endurance comp. Vanessa can beat Liz and Steve. The memory comps, all 4 have proven they can win.

Fake crying Steve...

Vanessa best move is evicting Jmac. She doesn’t know Steve wants to scumbag her. With Liz there Steve might actually take Van to final 2.

Vanessa's Broomstick

Who would of ever thought that Liz and JMac would turn out to be the sane ones?


Keep Liz and…. one less vote against on the jury F2. If your not looking at her F2 the beat ability F3 all 3 parts. Part 1 Van endurance. Part 2 50/50 versus Steve and 7 questions I’d like Van over Liz. So with Liz staying looks like Van is in control. I do think Liz would pick Vanessa F2 if she won 7 questions.
Keep J Mac…. insane idea right? It’s house perspective, until the Austin blow up I thought JM needed to sit beside Steve only to win. The jury just saw his game as weak. Van likely has a bitter jury now no matter. Why JM has to go is he is dangerous and likely would take Steve over Van F2. Nessa knows exactly what she is going to do.

This has BB Can 3 feel all over it. Van versus Liz F2 and Liz gets 50K I feel like throwing up. Steve and his I’m guaranteed 50K. Liz isn’t taking him despite Austin getting backstabbed.

Van Schedules Steve's Doctor Appt

How fabulous, listening to Van tabulate all her bribes on feeds, there’s something seriously wrong with you. Don’t indulge him, don’t hug him, trek him to shut it down!) Steve, you need to go to my Psychiatrist, take my pills, I’ll teach you gambling, we’ll party in Vegas, you’ll live in my house, I’ll teach you DJ, Liz will get money for her own business, Austin will get gambling money, Julie her new car…. You wouldn’t believe how much money I spend to gamble. …but first start putting your head on your mom’s busom western you see her. It will be better than your reunion with Mel for sure. I’m such a weirdo, all my teachers told me, I’ve made so many mistakes, I’ll take $50k, you’re such a weirdo. I’m glad they agree on that.

So now that BB Production has all her bribes on tape she using to influence Jury votes and prescribing drugs without a license can she get disqualified? Then just cut the check and start Survivor early. She loves to watch Steve squirm and he keeps telling her how his psycho nerd act got him cast (thanks no thanks Robyn) before feeds are cut. What is the point of live shows when it’s all scripted? The only thing that’s real? Vanessa is evil and her Psychiatrist needs his license revoked. And she’s throwing a party in Vegas for $500k. You overpaid CBS. And if Steve is faking this Rainman character, sobbing to mommy for sympathy, shame on you and CBS. Two sickos the face of Big Brother. The doctor you need is Kavorkian.


The DR may have encouraged her to appear ambivalent for dramas sake. In this situation it mAkes sense for her to go along with it. Or, she may just be feeling out Steves responses to figure out who he intends to take to final 2.


How rich is it that Vanessa is telling Steve he needs to calm down, relax and take a Xanax?! Ughhh… Shut the fuck up Vanessa, you are the worst kind of hypocrite!


Can you imagine the insanity of Vanessa in the Final 2, the nonstop twisting of words, blaming everyone else, lying and crying…PLEASE END THE SEASON WITH HER NOT IN THE FINALS.


Is there a way to vote for AFP besides on CBS’ official website? Just want to cast a vote, note give so much info.


Just FYI CBS send you all kinds of crap and gives your email address to all kinds of people when you sign up for their site. at least they do tell you that up front. If you sign up make sure you read their disclaimer first.


Go to and register. Then you will be allowed 20 votes a day for your favorite player


She’s got a cruel streak a mile wide, that one. I hoping for the bitterest jury possible.


Vanessa’s not a hypocrite for telling Steve to calm down. It was all an act on Vanessa’s part. She would get all worked up and yell or act paranoid depending on who she was talking to or who she was targeting. I’m not saying she’s not crazy, just not as nuts as she portrayed at times.

I survived last seasons BB

Vanessa asks why .. that’s what they’re there for. The speeches are a good barometer for how their speeches will be to the jury.

Umm…wouldn’t that be the case to keep JMac then ?


Let’s hope he makes his super goofy then.




Yikes! What’s with the all caps posts? Comes across as shouting,


Didn’t realize caps on . Doing two things at once.


This would be crazy if at the eviction, Vanessa stands up and says Steve who do you want out? Whoever you say I will evict. He then says Liz, and the Vanessa evicts John. Creates doubt in Liz. If Steve says John, Vanessa evicts him. That would be too funny

Fake crying Steve...

Great strategic move. I like it. She should do that.


I hadn’t thought of that… but sounds like something she might do. It would be awesome, as long as Steve doesn’t have a stroke right there.


No, not funny. She WOULD do this.


I dont think she can ask, I think she can only give up her decision… I am not even sure she could do that? However, she will know the rules better than anyone. It would be a first, that’s for sure!


That would be great!! It would be a 1st!




She knows…what she’s doing…Lol..


what is she doing!?

Pinocchio Obama

CBS could you please give us some extended Jury House footage before the final?

CBS Request

CBS can you please get a pro in to shave Austin’s beard down, get rid of the ponytail beard and cut and straighten his hair. Maybe even get him clothes. Geesh, he’s been half naked all season! Make him look like he did back in 2009 or 2011? I think Liz would like the change.


If Vanessa wins this game, then Production wins and this has been a tampered result. Why…CBS’s new Poker Face star takes the game and money…would seem so rigged.


I dont wear a tinfoil hat often, but I am wearing one now. I dont think it is really plausible that Van made it through this game. I feel they are all wannabe actor/actress, and it must be somewhat scripted. Van told everyone how she studied game theory, she was a lawyer, and she is a poker player. I understand how she skated through in the beginning, but then her game blew up, and she let everyone know her professional/educational resume, and superior IQ. Not to mention, she kills comps. I get that her alliance has been in power since becky, but they still should have gotten rid of her over James and JUJU. I don’t believe these people are that stupid not to gun for her, even her own alliance. I dont know, maybe she is really that brilliant, cause I cant even count how many times other houseguests/jury members have “applauded” her game play. They applaud it as soon as they talk to Julie, so they aren’t even in the jury house to find out all the info. Fuck, even some applaud her in the diary room. Even Liz seems really cool about her picking off Austin. She just cut her chances in half, but hey, its just a game?! Really?
“This is not real life, this is only a game”… Those phrases are an anomaly to me. I tell my daughter its just a game in snakes and ladders… BUT this is not just a game, this is their fucking life! Its supposed to be real people, real money, no special effects… 500 grand is up for grabs… Oh, you work hard for a living, and whatever, its just a game??!! OR do they mean its not real life, we are just acting?
I still enjoy watching though. It just lost its illusion for me.
However, I do believe if they rigged it, Vanessa wont win at this point… Just so she gets tonnes of TV time, it would create more buzz, and will keep the heat off CBS.

P.S. Did anyone else think she really sucked at explaining the HOH comp? Very monotone. I couldn’t imagine her being a host of a show with that.


Again with the rigged theories? That’s just stupid! She was on the block, with one foot out the door remember? Or do you think production told Shelli to steal Clay’s sweatshirt? THAT was Shelli’s $500k mistake and Vanessa’s gain! Get it together!


It is not stupid, in fact, I think its very naive to not to think it. I don’t think its completely staged, and some things are genuine. I mean they cant have a 100 day script they follow… BUT there definitely is some encouraging words in the DR, twists at the opportune times, and games geared towards one individual.
Also, the BB takeover twist that was supposed to happen every week went away; why? The game was too exciting, right? OR was Van already controlling and dominating. A twist would have probably messed that up.
Before becky, van game was under the radar, and I dont blame them for not getting her out in the early game. However, after her game was exposed and still everyone kept her safe was really fishy to me. She has really intimidating credentials compared to JUJU and James.
If what that cameraman said was true, then she will probably be out 3rd, just to get the maximum exposure, then she can go on to her TV show and claim she never made money from BB…


Vanessa recommending an “emotional wellness” course to Steve = Gold winner in Irony Olympics.


She isn’t wrong though. I mean they could both really benefit from one.


Nope, she sure ain’t wrong! She told Steve she’d already taken one. Wha…?


Jackson’s feet were the worst this season


If Vanessa had any integrity she would take Jmac. That simple. By doing the right thing once this game I wouldn’t be too pffft if she even won this game. If she takes Liz – well CBS won’t have my support anymore. Hey producers if you have fixed this game make it happen with Jmac.


She just might…not because of integrity, but because she might think he’d be the easiest to beat/out talk. He’s already told her, “I’m not good with words. I think he might be good with words, but I think he’ll have trouble promoting his game. He doesn’t strike me as the self-promotion type. Vanessa self-promotes in her sleep.




So, are you wanting to go? I’m not! I have a job. I still can’t believe Derrick got a leave of absence for this garbage show. These folks are different from you and I. A small part is about the money, because the money is not great. It’s about the attention.


Exactly! TV show first; game second.


I think it’s wonderful that a person with Asperger’s can deal with the pressure of Big Brother and make it to final 3, or even better. Steve’s ability to survive this far in such a socially complex game is amazing.


I agree. Can’t take when they call him Boy, so disrespectful..even in Austin’s bye speech. And Vanessa, last night, took all the credit for anything that Steve has done, all the while patronizing him with idle compliments. Hope it’s JMAC and Steve in Final 2.


Of course, I, like everyone else loved Austins reaction when he got blind sided. However, I think it was a bad move as far as trying to win the game. I see no situation where ANYONE takes her to Final 2. She has to win the final HOH to win the game. Who would ever take her to the final 2 at this point? NO ONE!

Virginia Abel

Austin wants Liz to WIN ????

Hello Jeff! Let's do some shots!

Doubt Liz spends much cling time with Austin at the wrap party should she be deemed the winner. She’s a party girl and will wanna have fun. Austin will be paranoid of every dude within a foot of her. This will turn her off (in the real world).


Liz will probably be back with Jace on finale night. Just like she was the first week in the house. Bye Austink, you can kiss the money and Liz goodbye. I really hope JMAC makes it through tonight to win. James for America’s Favorite Player!


That’s Johnny Mac’s problem!.. He’s always sleeping!!.. Get up!.. Go plead your case to Vanessa…fight to stay!!


Plead? No. Put forward, sure, with zero BS. I watched last night’s episode again and loved JMac’s attitude right after Vanessa evicted Austin. Vanessa was blubbering away to Liz, crying, “blahblah” and hanging onto Liz’s arms. JMac interrupted her pseudo-sobs mid-stream to hug Liz saying, “I’m a bad guy, I know it” with respectful seriousness, then turned away. Vanessa turned the sobs off like a tap when interrupted, and turned them back on as soon as JMac left. If I were Vanessa, I’d be worried about JMac influencing the jury more than Austin. I would love to see JMac and Vanessa in F2 and (a long shot I know), beat her!

Ms. Retta

I’m sorry but I just don’t see all the hype with John. I don’t dislike him but I think James should be AFP.

Lameo Jameo

Votes for James as AFHG are wasted. He will be in prison for stalking Meg in a month.



If I were Vanessa I would evict Liz. I think Liz would be a vote for her in jury. Hated Austin’s departure. Really, Austin? It’s part of the game your alliance voted out many people this season that’s the name of the game. I really hope they cast JM on the Bold and Beautiful and not Austin. The only one that I don’t want to see in the finals is Liz … I don’t respect her, she was nasty of the 2 twins, a yucky showmance ….. and couldn’t even stay for the whole ceremony when she was nominated. I do think Vanessa wants to take her to the final 2. The 2 women thing is what they discussed. Vanessa for the win, she played the whole summer to win, unlike other who through comps, just wanted to make it to jury. Just wish she would have owned her game, I’d respect that.


JMAC has been my favourite all season, but he is done. Vanessa knows Steve would take JMAC and visa versa. If he goes, Steve and Liz would both probably take Vanessa. Incentives.

Incentives=Bribes, Pay Offs

Vanessa’s Psychiatrist wins for overcharging and never curing Vanessa’s psychosis. bc Incentives!


Ok Id like to know how all the Johnny Mac fans believe he deserves to go to f3? He hasnt really done anything but came back from jury won 3 or 4 povs cause he had to and threw numerous comps and was even gonna throw the last pov where austin went home. Screams all the time and sleeps all the time… Sorry thats not much of a resume for game winner! I dont like liz but she sure as hell played better than jmac and has won 3 or 4 hohs and 2 pov’s. Granit i dont want to see her in finale 2 but she definitely deserves f3 over jmac anyday. Steve n Vanessa f2 and james afp. Sorry jmac maybe next time show up and play not sleep all day and throw soo many comps you havnt even won 1 hoh and you know u easily could of. Lame game play


JMAC has used reverse psychology, especially on Vanessa. If you remember he said in his DR session, he wants her mind to explode..she can’t read him and no one else can. He also is a observer, a listener, which is an art. While all the HG’s talked game, spewed venom, flip flopped, he LISTENED and survived. He won when he felt he had to. People underestimate him. Told Steve, You have to convince Vanessa for me to keep you…in other words, make her think it’s her idea to keep you and convince me to do so. Brilliant. Just hope he survives tonight.


Oh please…..james only made one move. He played a horrible game and he aligned with people just as dumb as he is. They could’ve gotten vanessa out but nope the goblins wanted shelli out. If they would’ve evicted vanessa then they wouldn’t be sitting in the jury house right now. John has saved himself everytime he felt he was in danger and even got back into the game. Sure he threw comps, but what are you going to say when the hoh asks for you to throw it? He cant


Oh please…..james only made one move. He played a horrible game and he aligned with people just as dumb as he is. They could’ve gotten vanessa out but nope the goblins wanted shelli out. If they would’ve evicted vanessa then they wouldn’t be sitting in the jury house right now. John has saved himself everytime he felt he was in danger and even got back into the game. Sure he threw comps, but what are you going to say when the hoh asks for you to throw it? He can’t say no otherwise the hoh may have made him the target. He could’ve won most comps if he didn’t throw them. Just because you have a daughter doesn’t mean you should win afp!


Do these remaining houseguests know there is another eviction tonight? Seemslike they are all just lounging around or sleeping, not getting ready for another comp. Just wondering how this works tonight.


JMac’s apparently preparing for the end of his rumspinga…nice beard, doctor.

bird dog

i hate vanessa


Steve put on a great acting performance last night. Maybe he should cast on The Bold and The Beautiful. Austin would just die.

I survived last seasons BB

Bottom line is Vanessa, as much as I do not like Her, is ten steps ahead of the remainder of Houseguests

Taking Liz with Her means one less Austwin vote going against Her, but I don’t think Austin can control Julia’s vote anyway

Taking Steve is easiest..She will max Her time limit on every question detailing how She controlled Him every step of the way..

Taking JMac would be riskiest because He literally has no enemies in jury

The ONLY hope for a good season would be somehow She evicts Liz,,JMac wins the three part HOH, evicts Vanessa and has something besides POV wins in His resume,,,Just think that happening is a real long shot however

Look at the bright side, gulp,, at least its not a Vanessa-Austin finale

I watch tv shows

Alright OBB guys. Vanessa played a strong early game, mid-late game she has shown a lot of leaks in her game. I doubt the jury will be bitter, and Vanessa is a near lock in any F2 situation, though her personality has gotten more and more annoying throughout the weeks, I doubt she will be denied the win if she goes to F2.

Taking John out is clearly the smartest decision, as Vanessa will have a softer Final 3, luckily for John if he just sacks up and puts in a lot of effort and convincing, he is still live to stay.

In no world should anyone be looking to take Vanessa to F2, so she is in a spot where she HAS to win the Final 3 HOH. Taking Liz to final 3 increases her equity, also because Liz just might be dumb enough to be convinced to take Vanessa to F2.

Also as much as id like to see John win, I can never fathom why him and Steve kept Julia over Meg. – Side Note


I had to have one last laugh at Austins interview when asked what he would bring to the nolans for christmas dinner or thanksgiving dinner his answer ” A turtle neck and gloves to hide my tattoos.” Nice one douchebag! I also replayed his facial reaction over and over like 4 or 5 times =PRICELESS because just before she says his name hes smiling waiting for her to say steve.


Hey simon and dawg, I just donated to your tip jar. This site is by far the best of all the other ones. Thanks for the great job y’all do, although this season is just bout over I’ll for sure be back on your site again next year…..

Lameo Jameo

Good thing Steve won HOH. If he is this nervous while not in danger of eviction I hate to think what he will be like when he is in danger of getting voted out.
He is losing it and his nerves are shot. He is starting to look like one of Ronda Rousey’s opponents. He knows trouble is coming.


If Vanessa takes Liz to F3, my bet is on Liz winning. Vanessa knows this…… She is aware of how the jury will vote, Liz overcame more obstacles than any HG in BB history! A twin that was only in the house 50% of the time for the first 45 days, a SHOWMANCE that should’ve been split up weeks ago, (before her partner AND twin are JURYmvotes)’she’s won more comps percentage wise considering her length of stay in the house, AND she has a 33% chance of winning the final HOH. If Vanessa is this mastermind poker genius she will look at those odds and her decision would be easy. She also knows that Liz and Julia,will vote for her in the end, Liz is taking her on that trip she won in the luxury comp and why wouldn’t she vote for the person who will have money to blow?
What’s JohnnyMacs incentive????? Uh, I won vetos and came back after being evicted?
Vanessa ALSO knows that the girls in Jury would like nothing more than to see a girl win this year, so why the hell would you take a girl?
We will SEEEEEEEEE just what a mastermind Vanessa really is!

You know me

Wait a cotton picking minute!! Did we all forget that Liz loudly promised to self evict if Julia got voted out??
It’s been 2 weeks, and I’m still waiting!! Guess she was all talk and no action………..


$25,000 would sure help with JMac’s tuition for Orthodontist school. What kid wouldn’t love to get their braces from the Rockstar Dentist!!! JMac for AFHG!!!!


Vanessa will evict Johnny Mac 100 percent. Even though game wise it’s pretty even between him and Liz being best for Vanessa’s game. Evicting Liz would force the other 2 votes and Liz’s to be for someone other than Liz. Austwit and twins would then have to vote for Steve or her. or Johnny Mac or her. Either way shes risking it because if she keeps Liz those 2 votes are going to Liz. However, she runs the risk of Johnny Mac evicting her before finals if she keeps him. Liz will keep her if she wins last HOH and Steve might also, Johnny Mac never will. It a gamble either way, I think that’s what she means when she told Steve she doesn’t know. Numbers wise it’s pretty even.


Going to be interesting. I still don’t see Vanessa taking Liz to final 2. That’s like starting with a -2 vote and not knowing who else might be bitter.
I do think production has let things leak to houseguests all season but I do not think winner is predetermined. At this stage it will come down to who wants it most and is willing to fight for it. Competitively, I think that is Vanessa. But I will still pull for Steve.

BB nutcase

I sure hope production gave Auidiot shoes before he went to the Jury house!!!!


Vanessa should of been evicted as soon as she offered her first bribe, not to mention the 2nd and 3rd. This year is as bad as last year protecting pervert Frankie , so he could promote his sister and promising him all kinds of appearances on T.V. If she gets any kind of show like the U.K. or Australia”s “Poker Face” she will be the most hated T.V host and people will realize this is just a show to promote their own agendas. Jullie Chan should be ashamed of herself and her husband for promoting perverts and what ever you wan’t to call Vanessa for their own $$$


I just had an awesome vision… Austin’s hairy, bare bigfoot stepping out of the limo at the J House!!!


America’s Favorite Player is you’re favourite player, it’s not called America’s Best Dad

Lameo Jameo

Americas Dead Beat Dad?


Doesn’t make sense to me to take Liz. To f3. She’s won more HOHS than jmac. She has two guaranteed votes in jury. People keep saying jmac is a threat in endurance, yet he still hasn’t won an endurance comp. I don’t get why he is classified as a comp threat. Even he didn’t know why they thought he was a threat. And Vanessa can’t be stupid enough to honestly think people would vote him over her to win. I just don’t see the jury being bitter to her if she’s in f2. I’m a jmac fan I want him to stay. But I know he’s done! Seems stupid to me to take Liz over him!


Johnny has 4POVs,He got evicted and came back.
To me, that is a strong enough argument to win if he gets to F2.


Steve doesn’t have Aspberger’s. He has a personality type (INTJ) that fits on an extreme end of the scale. His preferred method of expression given his personality traits is not the equivalent of a neurological development issue. It’s a case of neurological vs. preferential.
I’m surprised nobody has posted anything about Johnnymac seeming down, with everyone wondering if everything is alright at home again. It’s got to be a first time there hasn’t been at least one comment like that. Like potentially losing 500k isn’t enough reason to be a little down.
Vanessa’s emotional barrages have been happening since week one when she spent about 24 hours straight crying about her girlfriend in order to be seen as weak and unworthy of evicting. Any time she’s having an exaggerated emotional response, it’s for show. She’s the villain that doesn’t own her game. Every move, every emotional breakdown, everything is absolutely calculated. It’s all game to her.
Liz walked into her pre game interviews saying she’d ride a man’s coat tails as far as she could in the game and play on all of the men as much as she could. Liz and Austin in the future: not happening. He was a means to an end that has ended.

April in Paris

I’m an ENFP. I use Myers Briggs at work. That’s very cool you could analyze him on this.


while i was aware of the scale and had a belief that he was indeed an INTJ personality as opposed to having a neurological issue such as a form of autism, the clincher came when Steve himself told Vanessa that he falls under that category. This was a few weeks ago during the same conversations when Vanessa was talking about being able to assess which of the 16 personality types a person falls under by watching how they play poker. 🙂

Season 17

How come this season didn’t have any twist nothing

Meg's Hot

It had the Twin Twist and a Returning House Guest Twist.

Season 17

Like I said nothin


In 8 minutes we will know!

Chill this Town

I think its funny that Austin is involved in the 2 biggest blindsides of BB17

1. Barefoot Blindside
2. the blindside he has yet to receive—–what people think of him outside the house. he still thinks he is at the top of the popularity vote.

A in Paris

Baby brenchel !!!

A in Paris

Rachel looked good! I liked her the first time on when it wasn’t popular. And was so happy when she won on her 2nd time. Didn’t care for Brendon so much-


I’m thinking if it’s Vanessa’s decision she will take Liz to final 2. That keeps the guaranteed votes against her at 2 instead of 3. I don’t see her taking Steve. I’m actually now hoping Liz and Steve final 2 with Liz winning it. I know Vanessa definitely deserves it. Just my personal feelings I don’t want her or Steve to win it. Also wondering if Liz and Vanessa’s convo about catty women not wanting to vote for women and if a man is in final 2 the women might vote for the man simply out of catty jealousy, has stayed with Vanessa. The look on her face when they talked about it was like she thought it might be true.