POV Holder: McCrae Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Sep 2nd
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Sept 5th
Original Nominations: Amanda and McCrae
Current Nominations: Amanda/Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn
Have Nots


2:30pm – 3:45pm Elissa is the only house guest awake and laying out in the backyard hammock. All the other house guests are napping. Big Brother wakes up Judd to call him to the diary room. Andy also gets up from his nap and makes a snack. Judd joins him to make a hot dog. Andy asks Judd if he should yell out to Elissa in the hammock and tell her that Ginamarie got Pandora’s Box. Judd tells him to. Andy does it and immediately shuts the door. Andy tells Judd that Elissa 90% doesn’t believe him but 10% does and will come in to check. Elissa lays there in the hammock for a while and then starts to get up. Andy tells Judd to go hide. Andy hides in the photo booth and Judd hides behind the lounge room door. Elissa comes in and looks around the house for them. She looks in the back and then up in the HOH room. She then finds them in the lounge and they laugh about hiding. They talk about how they don’t think Pandora’s Box will happen this season. Andy tells Elissa that he is going to put away the dishes because he is tired of looking at them. Gina comes down from the HOH room. Elissa jokes we know you got Pandora’s Box. Gina says oh did you know because there were dirty dishes in the sink? Gina and Elissa start cleaning the bathroom. Spencer starts helping Andy do the dishes.


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3:50pm – 4pm Spencer says I wonder if Marilyn’s mom has watched any of the show and now likes me. Andy asks why does Marilyn’s mom… Big Brother cuts the feeds. When they come back – Ginamarie sits at the kitchen counter and tells Andy and Spencer that apparently I want Amanda out because I want McCrae. Gina laughs. Andy and Spencer head outside. Andy tells Spencer that if he gets HOH even if it’s a double Eviction he will put up McCrae and Elissa. Evict McCrae. Then in the next HOH of the double eviction they would put up Judd and Elissa. Evict Elissa. They say that then it would the Exterminators as the final four. Andy worries that even though he and Spencer are in Elissa’s good graces but not as good as Judd and Gina are so they don’t want Elissa to win HOH. Spencer asks if there is ever a situation were Judd and Gina are on the block who would you vote out? Andy says Judd. Spencer says okay good. Gina joins them. Andy tells her he wants her to get a Pandora’s Box. Gina says she doesn’t think it will happen. Amanda joins them and apologizes to Gina for her scream-fest earlier. She says that she has been so emotional lately because the diary room keeps wanting emotional sessions. Gina says it’s okay and apologizes too.


4:10pm Amanda wonders how many days left and they figure 21 days. Amanda comments that’s a long time to be separated from your boyfriend or girlfriend without talking to them. Spencer says you will be an emotional wreak when you get out of here. Amanda says I am already an emotional wreak. She says it’s weird to have been with someone every day for 2 and a half months and then nothing for 3 months and to have falling in love with someone else. Amanda heads inside.

4:30pm – 4:45pm Gina says what am I supposed to feel sorry for her that I am splitting her and McCrae up? Andy says it won’t be for long McCrae might be leaving an hour later if it’s a double eviction. Gina says we should have a funeral for her just like she wanted me to do with Nick’s stuff. They talk about how McCrae and Amanda won’t last outside the house because their lifestyles are so different. Andy, Spencer and Gina talk about the past events leading up to this point. Gina says that McCrae got on the pu$$y wagon and that’s what hurt him. Spencer says I really want to be the last member of the moving company still here. Gina asks what did Amanda really do but control a 22 year old girl (Aaryn) and a 23 year old boy (McCrae). Spencer says yeah but if she made it to the final 2, she would win. Spencer says we just need to keep McCrae’s focus on Elissa and .. Andy says and Elissa’s focus on McCrae. Gina says I don’t think Judd would protect Elissa over us. Andy says that is why I would put them up together so that there wasn’t even the option. Gina says I took the two loudest b***hes out.


Judd joins Andy, Gina and Spencer in the backyard. They explain how after getting Amanda out if it’s a double eviction and someone other than Judd won HOH, they would use him (Judd) as a pawn. Judd says we should rotate pawns, I am scared of going up as a pawn especially during a double eviction. They others comment on how they understand as he went out last time during a double eviction. The conversation turns to talking about Amanda and McCrae and how they won’t last outside the house. They talk about revealing their Exterminator’s alliance in their goodbye messages to Amanda. Judd talks about wanting a cigarette so bad but says he only has 8 left.


5:10pm – 5:25pm In the bedroom – Amanda tries to convince Judd to vote for her so that they could work together. She says and Ginamarie can’t play for HOH. Amanda says people are going to put you up next to Elissa if they win. Judd says I will consider it. I just wish is wasn’t against Spencer. Amanda asks why. Judd says because he has the record of being on the block. Amanda asks him to tell her before so she knows if she has a chance or not. Judd says I just don’t want to commit to anything yet. Amanda asks Judd you’re smart, am I not making sense? Judd says yeah, I just need to talk Spencer. Amanda says you can work with me or you can work against me. Judd says so it will be 3 on 3. Amanda says we could go back to the goof troop. I made a mistake before, I won’t do it again. You have a better chance of making it though the double eviction with me. They will try to get you out during a double eviction. Judd says I am a veteran now. I am the only veteran player competing against these newbies. Amanda says let me know soon so I can know too. Amanda says you know I can’t win anything, keep me here. From here on out you know it’s all about the competitions. Amanda says people associate you with Elissa. Judd says I don’t think people thing that. Judd says he will let her know soon and then he leaves. McCrae tells her that she can campaign all she wants but that he isn’t going to help her. Amanda says great thanks I have helped you and you won’t even help me. McCrae says I can’t campaign for you stay because if you leave it will ruin things with Spencer. Amanda says it doesn’t matter anyways I am going home.. waiting till Thursday is like waiting to put your dog to sleep. Amanda asks McCrae if he wants to go to Vegas for a week after to spend time together. McCrae says we’ll see. Amanda asks do you say that? McCrae says because its a lot of days. Amanda says I just want to go now, I am so uncomfortable here.


5:30pm – 5:40pm Out on the backyard couch – Gina tells Andy and Spencer that Amanda said she is going to try and walk out with Nick’s hat. There is no way she will get out with it, I will murder her! She wouldn’t have any chance at taking it anyways because it will be on my wrist with the key. Spencer tells Gina well if she does take it just don’t do anything that could get you evicted. Spencer says that’s your hat and production will get it back for you. Spencer says season 15 is for the Exterminators. People are tired of seeing the slum bags in bed back there dictating everything.


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225 thoughts on “Andy YELLS to Elissa in the hammock “COME QUICK! GINAMARIE JUST GOT PANDORA’S BOX!!”

  1. I have just uncovered a conspiracy that is being covered up and here is the proof

    Staff: The live feeds are off everyone
    Amanda: I need makeup someone
    Staff: Amanda we are going to have a Pandora’s box either tonight or tomorrow and you will be called into the DR beforehand so we can tell you where to find the diamond POV.
    Amanda: People are going to be shocked
    Parrot on staffs shoulder: Amanda wins 500K, Amanda wins 500K
    Amanda: I used to hate Alison’s parrot when she first got it but I must say it’s growing on me
    Staff: Judd, when we go back live tell one of your dream stories. People love them
    Staff: Oh sh*t we have been live!!! Cut the damm feeds now!!

    Judd: I had this crazy dream last night that the CIA sent me to investigate 3 different crops circles. The first two were fake but when I entered the third one I saw a bolt of ball lightning then the next thing I knew I was being pulled into another dimension where aliens were planning an attack on earth. It was real scary
    Spencer: Things like that scare the crap out of me

    So here we have one of the greatest conspiracies ever to be uncovered on TV. Everyone needs to contact your representatives in Congress and demand that an investigation be opened looking into the fact that aliens are about to attack us from another dimension.

    1. Well, if that happens BB might as well call this the finale because how many of you people are going to buy the live feeds next year much less watch.There will be an investigation for fraud because this is advertised as a reality show not a prescripted show.(It will be the end of the show and the networks ratings would plummet.People with live feed could together for a class action suit because they didn’t get what they paid for. I’m sure there is 100’s of lawyers would take a case like that. They could retire on the money from that

      I don’t think anyone likes amda that much, Not Even Her Mommy

    2. What a load of crap! Where did you come up with this crazy thought? If the live feeds were down, how was this supposed conspiracy uncovered? People need to get over the show being rigged and the house guests having close relationships with production. The season is nothing but a bunch of idiots that don’t know how to play the game. Plain and simple.

        1. I was just going to remind everyone to read the last line and ask yourself why would you contact Congress over BB`15~~~too funny!!

          1. When I read lurkers post I didnt think he wanted to contact congress about BB15. I think he wanted us to contact congress regarding the Alien invasion which I’ve been warning about for years. If you don’t believe me do a google search for Planet X. Also you can get all your reps contact info by doing another google search on Congress contacts. May God bless us all before its too late

    3. I wonder how long it took to train the parrot to say that. I took a baby crow from its nest and have had it for 3 years now living in a cage in my kitchen. Crows are supposed to be the smartest birds but my won’t say anything. I hope I didn’t get a bird with broken vocal cords. Does anyone know how I can get my crow to at least say hello or thank you. The least it can do is be respectful for the food I give it

      1. Apparently it’s been estimated that crows can live in excess of 100 years. They’re also so intelligent that they’ll watch a squirrel bury his nuts and then go down and dig them up.

        I can well believe it because the old crow took my nuts when she found them buried in the pub’s barmaid

      2. You are no better than the people that think they can raise Lions or Guerrillas in NY apartments. If I knew who you were I’d have you arrested and put in a jail

    4. Back home finally. I will miss my Jewish Queen, but my Rainbow Warrior Andy is so funny and smart. Go Andy! Hey Captain we are going to have to meet in Aruba. You are the best and a good friend. Josh doesn’t understand why I like you because of your anger. I had to remind him of all the anger issues he use to have because of his abusive family. When, I got done with him, he started to enjoy life, he got rid of the anger. He appologize to me and is now rooting for you and also wants to be a friend. Have a great evening. Will be offline for a couple of days wrapping up some business deals.

    1. Not long ago, there were 7 women & 4 men in the house. After thursday, there will be 2 women & 4 men. Is this inability of women to work together for their common good unusual ? Is this group typical, or especially stupid? I don’t get it.

      1. Hi Julie, a very astute observation. It has been actually noted on other reality shows how the females ate in able to put aside petty grudges and bond together to wipe the male counterparts even when it would have been thr best for there game. Imagine how strong Aaryn, Ellyssa, GM and Helen could have been if they had taken over and thron the rest of the guys out along with Amanda. Girls can’t get over petty jealousy and often need a guy to lead them of reassure them. I seen in Survivor, Real World challenges. Over and over. Sad huh? ( by the way I am a girl)

  2. Feel bad for Candice, Helen and Jessie. Soon they will have to put up with the sociopathic, delusional, narcissistic and bully called Amanda.

    1. Don’t fee bad for them. The jury house isn’t the BB house. Judd said they can hang with production as long as they don’t talk game and Candice has lots of friends. And in the jury house production can step in when she goes nuts. Of course if McStinky follows her they’ll be in bed 20 hours a day so they won’t even see them.

    1. I saw someone else post that Julie said on The Talk (or whatever show she’s on) that there won’t be a PB this year. Hope it’s true, at least for this week.

      1. I’d love the reset button pushed if ratboy and gross Spencer win HOH and put Elissa
        And Judd on the block. And then one of them wins HoH and put Andy and Spencer up. That would
        Be priceless.. ( remember Julie’s tweet pic where she had the reset button).

    2. There’s only one box that everyone in the house wants and it’s not Pandora’s. It’s Amandas.

      Amanda is one fine looking lady. She’s not all fake looking like Elissa, Amanda is just a natural beauty.

      Maybe Kaitlin could compete with Amanda in the looks department, but that’s only because she’s much younger. There’s a reason every guy in the house wants to have sex with Amanda. She’s just a stunning woman.

      1. Yeah, and my brother and cousin are right purty too. We can all be one happy family. Our motto is “if you make like a pig and squeal, Amanda will come running.”

      2. Amanda definitely ain’t no lady! She has a mouth on her that makes a fishwife seem like Saint Teresa…she fucks indiscriminately without a condom and is proud of it; and makes vicious personal attacks on the families of houseguests, and her sense of universe does not extend beyond her person. She does have the dubious honor of being the most vile, vicious, vulgar and detested BB houseguest ever!

  3. It slays me to listen to Spencer and the Rat talking about what they’d do if one of them wins HOH. I hear the theme song to Pinky and the Brain

    1. The Brain: Quiet Pinky, I’m getting ready for tomorrow night.
      Pinky: Why? What are we going to do tomorrow night?
      The Brain: [Irritated] Guess!
      Pinky: Oh, try to take over the world, right.

  4. So no mention about Gina’s anti Semitic comments about Amanda shouldn’t be reading the bible because she should read whatever the f@ck Jews read? Elissa smiling broadly at that comment? Oh no? Of course not, it would ruin Elissa fans demented hatred for Amanda and love for Elissa. Hmm, let’s see what Les Moonves thinks of that.

    1. Demented hatred? Amanda has completely earned the hatred everyone has for her. And for some reason, GM’s “racist” comment about Amanda was pretty funny.

    2. So, I’m confused. Does smiling at someone making a stupid comment equate to the horrible things Amanda and others have said in the house? Just wondering.

    3. Elissa is always smiling. You can’t say she was being mean by smiling. Was it really against jews by saying that? I don’t know much about religion, but do Jews read the bible or do they have their own like Muslims? I’m not racist or against religions, but maybe it was just a comment based off of not knowing (just like I don’t know).

        1. Really, Bro? Someone was just asking a question. I’m very well educated, yet I could not give 2 sh!ts about the bible or religion, so I wouldn’t even know the answer to that question. I decided not to take bible studies or religion as a major. “God Forbid” someone ask a question about that without being shitted on. You’re just an ass!

      1. they have the cabala I think. They don’t do the bible. Jesus is a profit, not the Messiha. They believe he has not came yet. this is one persons thoughts. correct me if I am wrong.

        1. You’re wrong. The Jews have the Tanakh and the Torah, both a subset of the Old Testament which is the first 2/3 s of the bible. I have no idea WTF your talking about.

      2. Jews read and believe the first 4 books of the Old Testament: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers. At least you have the respect to inquire, rather than make a joke. I’m not Jewish, but I appreciate your curiosity. Really getting sick of all the foul language this year. So ready to see all the trash taken out, although GM can be pretty funny at times.

      3. Only true ignorance wouldn’t know that Christianity started out as a Jewish sect. As in Judaism has been around centuries before Christianity. You are a Christian, aren’t you? I mean, you do know the basics of a major religion, right?

      4. Also, Jews wrote the whole forking bible. Every word and every page. Jews. They wrote it. Jesus was a Jew. The 12 apostles were Jews. Moses was a Jew.

        I’ll send GM that memo.

        1. It’s true they were Jews, including Jesus Christ. But since many didn’t want to follow Him, He started his own church, the Catholic Church, putting Peter as the head of the church. Through the years some people didn’t want to follow the teachings and new ones came up, so that’s how we have gotten different Christian religions through the years (Episcopalian, Methodist, Lutheran, Baptist, etc.).

          But Demanda is still crazy.

        2. Re: Mcnasty reading the Bible and GM’s comment

          We all know tht GM is meathead so no surprise that she would say that.

          I am still glad that GM did what she said she would do and McNasty is going home this week.

        3. Actually Jesus was a Nazarine of the lineage of the house of David, former King of the Jews, lineage from the twelve original tribes of Israel.
          He (Jesus) was born in Bethlehem due to Mary and Joseph having to be there at the time of the census for all people under Roman rule at that time.Just fyi..
          We should be glad that Amanda is trying to read the bible…at least she might get to the ten commandments and learn something about how to straighten out her miserable life just a bit. I truly do feel sorry for her. She didn’t even know who Moses was…shame on her parents for that one!!!
          (and for not getting her the spiritual and medical attention that she so obviously and desperately needs.

      5. hey big brother, how about BB16 being all senior citizens. Or how about all female or all male. or all 40 to 60. same with survivor. Everyone knows the young always pick of the older. we need a shake up. or how about an all family one. lets see how family members turn on each other. I am talking all blood relatives. No girl friends, ect . I mean real relations. Come on lets mix it up!

        1. Integred, I’d like to see a BB of people from 40-50. Maybe not up to 60 because of the competitions, the older would be at a disadvantage and it wouldn’t be fair. Unless before they choose the candidates for BB, they do some type of physical competitions to see if they are all more or less on the same level playing field.

      6. The Jews WROTE the bible! What, are you an idiot? (or are you referring to the NEW Testament? Did you know there were 2 testaments? No wonder, you Americans are so boorish. No wonder there is so much anti-semitism in the world and other hatreds. Soon you will say that the Blacks have their own bible.

      7. You are NOT an idiot. Jews believe in the Old Testament and not the New Testament. The Bible OLD Testament are the writings of the Jews/Hebrew prophets years ago and New Testament is after Jesus was born. Jews are still waiting on their Messiah and do not believe it is Jesus. Amanda is a secular Jew, meaning she may only practice her religion on holidays and not celebrate Christmas. You asked a valid question and you asked it politely!!!! Jews call the New Testament the Torah and scribes. I hope this helps a little!!!

      8. Do you all not realize that the old testament is used by both Christians and Jews? Do you not realize that Passover comes directly from the bible? Do you all not realize that Jesus was a Jew? I’m not Jewish but I know the roots of Christianity come from Judaism. It’s disturbing that GM seems unaware of this. However, if we judge her on her game moves, she is now making great ones putting up Amanda and McCrea. In addition, Elissa made the first brave game move by nominating McCrae with Arian, oh sorry, I mean Aaryn and then replacing McCrae with Andy so the 3AM alliance was no longer. I don’t understand why people aren’t more focused on the game moves.

    4. thank you. and GM also said that no one will miss helen cause all chinese people look alike and no one said a word about that either.

      1. GM’s comments seem to arise from a real lack of common knowledge and it is concerning. Is GM an exception to this knowledge or are we amongst generations of people who have an incomprehensible lack of common knowledge even though the internet is at their fingertips? Although Big Brother is a game, it is also a sociological case study, and possibly a more accurate microcosm of our society than we would like to acknowledge ourselves.

        1. This generation, that the politcally correct, never discipline your children, generation has spawned really is scary isn’t it?
          My teenaged grandchild behaves better than these “adults”.

    5. How typical – Amanda makes viscious, racist and homophobic taunts and if someone dares to criticize here, the person is labeled anti-semitic. Amanda is truly a role model to show us all what we should not be.

      (btw He probably shares a few jokes – and they are Jewish!)

    1. Lol… If your the real one.. That’s funny.. If not.. Ewww your creeping the creeper.. Which is icky in sooooo many ways lol

      1. Didn’t ya know? Spencer’s in a manage au trios with Marilyn the onion and Amanda. Explains Amanda’s smell (and probably the yeast infection too).

  5. Best thing for BB to do after the winner is selected would be for them to get help for Amanda preferably in a psych ward.
    I have a feeling she would take her own life after she finds out how vile she has been the last few months.
    The loon is sick!

  6. Another website claims Amanda found a Diamond POV chip in a balloon.
    Anyone else see that site?
    Or, see any indication of anything like it on the feeds?
    Amanda being calm for a millisecond can’t (in my mind) be indicative of her getting a power.
    Personally I think it’d make the mega bitch she’s been look mild in comparison to the gloating rubbing in their faces colossal cunt she’d be if she had been given a power.

    1. I don’t believe it. She would have say something to Mcnasty already. Plus BB didn’t
      Say anything about it. I refuse to believe… My happiness is only a few days away. I already put
      A bottle of wine to celebrate Thursday evening. ;)

    2. I read it last yesterday. Been trying to tell people her that MANda found it during the balloon bursts. The Diamond Power of Veto!

  7. This is what I have learned by watching this season of BB. Behavior issues combined with meds(or lack of) will be detrimental to your long term game. If your doctor tells you to keep the stress low, BB is NOT the game to play.

  8. It sure is nice to see a nice body in bathing suit bottoms. (thanks Elissa) rather than that flabby a$$ running around in her drawers. That’s why Amanda hates Elissa. Amanda has had a good life, she acts like life was hard( what a load of shit) She probably had a bettet life tha?n Elissa growing up. I just think everyone should start tell McRae that Amanda is putting a target on his back with all her crap.If they vote him out that is what they should tell him because it is why everyone wants him out next.

    1. Does Elissa have a nice body; its good but it would still get nightmares of her turning around and seeing that bloated Medusa Joker face.
      You say Amanda PROBABLY had a nice life and then claim a load of shit. If you don’t know personal details, don’t act like you do.

      1. No offense Pete, but how rude can you be? “Bloated Medusa Joker face”? Wow. How old are you? And how ironic you get on cajun for their comments and you make such ignorant ones yourself.
        Go away.

        1. Welcome to the internet. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. I’m just expressing mine. Half the shit here is to get people riled up. The only thing I “got on” cajuns comments related to him acting like he know personal details. That doesn’t relate to me expressing my personal opinion regardless of how “rude” it is. Figure shit out dumbass.

          1. So rude things are fine if they come out of Elissa’s mouth, but rude things directed at Elissa are despicable? Got it.

        1. No, I’m not her Dad or her brother. I’m a girl you weirdos. I happen to be a fan of this page and what Simon and Dawg do and I’m sick of people coming on here and commenting not on bb thugs, but what other people are saying. Stop critiquing what people say! You didn’t like it when I called you out – maybe you shouldn’t do it to other people.

  9. Amanda will bully on big brother for attention. That attention *****. I wouldn’t be surprised if she tries to bully whoever fired her for her job back.

  10. Think each hg heading for jury should be forced to go thru decontamination. Who knows what germs and diseases, especially AmanDUH will carry out of the house. Julie should greet evicted guests dressed in full hazmat.

      1. Not seeing how this game was rigged for anyone!! Sure she got MVP the first few weeks but America voted. She put up the right people to keep her safe. If they wanted her out, they could have gotten her out each time she was on the block. If CBS kept letting America choose the MVP, that would have been seen as favouring cause she probably would have gotten it each time so instead they let America pick the nomination. Just cause your favorite Amanda is leaving your trying to make yourself feel better by saying CBS rigged the show. Get over it, sorry for your loss haha. It’s a game! Maybe try cheering for someone worthy of winning instead of some bitch who can’t keep her legs or mouth shut!

        1. Favoring and rigged are two different things. Elissa is the only one that a built in Big Brother fan base going into the game. I think production makes stuff up for whoever they think will be most interesting and that happens to be mostly Elissa this season. Not saying only Elissa, but its easier to to favor her.

          Elissa got voted MVP the first three times which gave the MVP the power to nominate. Then she also got MVP the first week it switched to meaning that person was on the block. People just voted for Elissa to vote for Elissa.

  11. Amanda says the Diary Room wants emotional sessions. Those people in the DR are crazy. Amanda is not doing too well and they egg her on. That is irresponsible CBS.
    I hope Jugissa are the final three.

  12. Best Pandoras Box for Gina Marie

    See’s a picture of Nick on the big HOH tv and goes inside a room with a button.

    Pandoras Box tells her if she pushes the button, Nick will be back in the Big Brother house for a temporary time.

    Gm pushes the button and is locked in the room, Meanwhile Nick is back in the house and the rest of the houseguests greet him.

    GM sees on the tv nick is in the house and balls her eyes out because she is locked in a room and wont be able to see him in person. Nick leaves the house and BAM, Gm is an emotional wreck again.

  13. McCrae and Amanda won’t be together on the outside. They are two different people.

    Amanda bleaches her anus for Puerto Ricans to drill her through the back door.

    McCrae doesn’t even shower!

  14. I am anxiously awaiting Julie’s interview with Amanda. It better be as harsh if not tougher than her interview with Aaryn. If it’s not, I’m calling foul on that deal!!!!!

  15. Here’s GinaMarie’s Pandora Box:

    She has to decide if she can spend 2 hours with Nick in the HOH BR.

    But if she does, her nominations are voided and Amanda get to pick the 2 people to go up on the block.

    I need everyone’s input: Would GM take the 2 hrs with Nick?

    1. She would take those 2 hours with Nick, and live to regret it because not only will Stinkmeaner be able to stay in the house, but Nick will tell her that he just wants to be friends. GM will surly self evict after that.

  16. I am sorry if I am about to offend anyone but do some of you just read the titles and not the blog? Why are you asking if she opened a pandora’s box? It was a joke that the boys played on Elissa. And as for the diamond pov…..since the competition aired last night wouldn’t we have heard about that already? Does anyone seriously think Amanda wouldn’t be bragging about that? Not to say it won’t still happen I’ll be walking on eggshells until Thursday but it hasnt happened yet. Simon and dawg seem to spend an eternity posting these updates some of you should really read them thru so you don’t post questions about things that didn’t really happen.

  17. If Elissa is really going to make donations to wounded warrior project from her winnings, then I will be pulling for her 100 percent,

  18. Amanda’s bullying days are over. She only bullied because she was in a position of power. Now she has nothing, therefore she cannot say sh*t. All her personal jabs at HGs and especially Elissa were personal. Every jab was a projection of her own insecurities onto someone else. Her physique, looks and personal life just do not compare, she is a bitter, jealous, raging loser and has to belittle someone else to make herself feel good. However, now she has no leverage or people to “hide behind”. When she gets to the jury house, she will have no legs to stand on. Noone will put up with any of her jabs, she’s deflated. The house was her dream, she got to belittle everyone without recourse. Too bad real life awaits her. Kharma’s a bitch. Her style of play will never be duplicated, and thanks for that.

    1. Robcara, I feel sorry for the people in the jury house. They’re probably having a nice time including Aaryn. Now Demanda is going to the jury house and will start talking crap about the jury members and about Elissa, and I think Aaryn won’t stop her because she is afraid of Demanda, but the others will.

      1. Me; I think you are wrong about Aaryn, she will speak her mind and not hold back with Amanda. She has nothing to fear, she’s and arrogant, egotystical person who spoke her mind in the beginning and only held her tongue when she wasn’t in power. Those jury members will eat Amanda alive… Candice and Jessie will have PLENTY to give to her. That house will be better to watch than the BB one!

  19. McCranda Drones got all excited after readying that title, now they’re pissed that it was a farce…. Good Laugh, Simon.

    1. Amanda or MCCrae, obviously becasue of the smell, as well as her demanding I drive her where she wants, and in that case I make her get out and walk, and of course she will play the victim and act like I did something wrong..

      GM’s and Elissa’s annoying voice would drive me so insane that I might loose control of the wheel.

      Those 4 would be at the top of HGs I wouldn’t want to be stuck driving with.

    2. I think McCrea for his bad hygiene and his ya ya ya answers. I think Gina Marie would be the easiest, as we could compare the experiance of growing up Italian-American in New York and Los Angeles.

      1. I guess I’ll answer my own question: GM, Andy and Elissa would be chatty… but poor Andy, he wouldn’t be able to run off and repeat the conversation. No one should be in a car alone with Spencer. You could talk to Judd, but wouldn’t understand a word he said in return. McCrae – blech. You’d better not need a bathroom break if traveling with Amanda – she only stops when she wants. Can you imagine if Amanda were pulled over by law enforcement? “What do you mean I have to wear pants when I drive a car? I haven’t had my meds officer, Elissa pushed my buttons, you don’t @&#^% pull me over until I tell you to @*&#% pull me over.”

      1. …because he is a ventriloquist. His lips don’t move when he talks but the sound still comes out. So in a 14hr drive, he can just throw his voice out the window and i don’t have to listen to nobody

    3. Just flashed back to National Lampoons Vacation where they talked about the smell coming from the backseat…No way would I road trip with McStinky.

  20. “Gina says we should have a funeral for her just like she wanted me to do with Nick’s stuff.”

    Yes, please do that… McCranda’s showmance is just as much a joke as GM’s delusional affections with Nick.

    1. I wish they would do a follow up she in about a month or so to show where they are now sort of thing. That would be awesome. A reunion show of what happened to them after being in the house.

  21. Andy just said to GM that he would put up Elissa and Judd if he won HoH.


    Judd and GM are both idiots.

  22. Spencer trusts Andy more than anyone else, so I think he’s going to stick with him to the end. But if he is smart, he knows people will vote for Andy over him in the jury house. But hey, what can I say? Everyone left will vote as the winner whoever is next to Spencer. The only thing going in Spencer’s favor is that he has been on the block 7 times and hasn’t been voted out, so that means people don’t think he’s a threat at all. He can’t win any HOH or POV. At this point, those left in the house have at least won something.
    The two strongest competitors in the house right now are Elissa and GM.

  23. First of all this season absolutely blows and is full of floaters with no understanding of how to play the game. The one person trying is probably the most despicable person ever to be on big brother. Since I have given up on this season, I was thinking about what they should do for next season. I think it is definitely time for all stars 2. Everyone from season 8 to now is eligible but they cannot have been in 2 separate seasons or been expelled. We will finally get to see some fan favorites with a knowledge of the game and some actual game play instead of mcranda having sex in every bed. This would be my list for a 14 person all star cast. What would yours be?
    Eric season 8- great manipulator, funny, americas player, clever, showmance with jessica
    Jessica season 8- good player,showmance with Eric, smart, good social
    Keesha season 10- dynamic,pretty, volitile, competitor
    Memphis season 10- almost won the game without an hoh, great social game, mixologist
    Brian season 10- very strategic, backstabber, liar, entertaining, superfan
    Matt season 12- same as Brian, great endurance competitor, founded brigade, genius
    Kristen season 12- who else?
    Cassi season 13- left too early, she’s a model
    Frank season 14- southern dude, great at competitions, competitive, entertaining, underdog
    Kara season 14- left too early, model
    Kaitlin season 15- solid competitor, went out too early, in showmance with jeremy
    Jeremy season 15- competition beast, entertaining, went out too early, we will see if he really is changed, showmance with Kaitlin
    Nick or Howard season 15- nick could bring back the mist, Howard’s speeches were the funniest moments of bb15
    Jessie season 15- only person to really stand up to Amanda so that gives her a spot

    And powerhouse eagle eye Joe cuz he is a goob

    1. I see you’ve chosen two, Cassi and Kara, whose sole qualification is that they are models.

      Jeremy? No thanks. We’ve had enough bullies.

  24. I hope Elissa and Judd win the rest of the HOHs left and when Elissa can’t compete for HOH she can win the POV. I don’t want Spencer, Andy or McCrae winning this game. (And Amanda but she is almost gone).
    Hopefully Elissa gets to final two and in an exciting turn of events, Aaryn votes for her to win.

  25. I’m beginning to think they are all delusional. Spencer thinks that Marilyn’s mother will like him after watching the live feeds. Does he not remember all the crude things he has said?

  26. All the people on this site who are going on and on about Elissa’s face and lips…

    … They all need to spend some time looking at the photo of her at the top of this post. Cuz they’ve clearly been focusing on the wrong side of her.

    1. ABSOLUTELY, We started a new drinking game during the CBS shows. Every time they show a clip of McPussy or Amanda in a reclined position we have to slam one. When they cut back & forth to the same shot of them lying in bed over & over again OMG. Guaranteed way to get hammered in an hour. Plus it makes listening to Amanda’s endless drivel more bearable.

  27. Thanks for staying strong this week GinaMarie and putting Amanda and McCrae up for eviction. Between you and Elissa you two have turned this house for the better in the last two HOH’s.

  28. Amanda Zuckerman was born a man.

    But when the Rabbi went to circumcise him, he cut off too much.

    Now the stump get passed off as a clit*rus.

    That’s the reason for the rage, it’s testosterone flowing through Amanda’s body.

  29. I worked with someone for years that was a bully just like was one of the most stressful times of my life ( it being 2007 thru 2010) getting another job was not an option. I reacted much the same way as Elissa. After a time when the merits of my work put me in a position to send the bully packing..I didn’t do it.
    Not for her, but because I realized that her insecurities was her punishment and the fact that she knew that if I wanted her gone, she would be.

    1. Good for you name. It is always better to take the high road. I have a saying, “You can not control what others say or do, you can only control how you react to them.”

  30. GM reason for evicting Amanda cause she’s with McCray is lame. Lamest excuse ever. If she were smart but she’s not, she would have gotten out Elissa. GM is Elissa’s tool getting out McCranda and she doesn’t even know it. And then they sit there talking about how Amanda and McCray ran everything, when right this very second they’re all being played by Elissa. What a joke! GM is a tool. If she were playing her game, she would be getting out Elissa not Amanda.

    1. That’s like the first rule of BB: take down the showmance!

      Previous players of the BB game think this group were fools for not doing it a long time ago

  31. Because she on meds she sleep a lot. Plus she depressed the only peron that kept her awake was the rat Andy. Now that he not showing her where the rat poison is she dont know where to looks Gina just served her some Rat bate on a sticky strip. So. She stuck to the Bed.

  32. I just read the other post, GM isn’t giving McCranda the HOH bed tomorrow night, and of course, Amanda is going to say it’s unfair doesn’t make any sense.

  33. Any one else notice the huge cold sore on Judd boys lips ,ewww a week after he went down on Aaryn … Ewwwwew Ewwwwe Ewwwwe and everyone makes fun of McCrea

  34. Sorry it took me so long to donate. This is the best site….and I know it must be a lot of work. I decided to donate here instead of getting the live feeds. Thanks very much for what you do. feels almost too good to be true. Amanda finally getting her walking papers. I really would have wanted Ginamarie to win..but in view of her disgraceful comments..I just can’t. Judd hasn’t done much. Andy is the ultimate rat/snitch. Spencer creeps me out. McCrae makes my skin crawl. Elissa….uffa. She seems to be disaccociated. If that’s a word. Her linguistic skills are sadly lacking. I feel tense everytime she says something. It’s a struggle because she just seems to only be able to day..* she’s disgusting, etc etc etc.’s a question of choosing between useless and undeserving. I’m going for Judd for the win..Elissa the runner up. America’s vote to : Judd.

    Judd is the lesser of the evils, imo. The Exterminators are in for a shake up. Elissa will win HOH..and McCrae will be following Amanda out the door.

    It’s hard to root for anyone this Season.

    1. I was rooting for Judd, GM and Elissa but two of them are utter morons and really don’t deserve to win. The other is too busy with her Ahab fixation with Amanda and is just not strategically looking forward to the rest of the game.

      I hate the others with a passion. Final three will be McCrae, Andy and Spencer.

      Winner: Spencer. Way back I said I’d eat my PC if Spencer won. He essentially played a failed high strategy game early on and then had no option but to become an Adam clone. Lucky for him the rest of the house was full of bitching arguing women and idiotic fools.

      McCrae will probably get to the final but there are far too many bitter women in jury who are not going to give the win and the money to McCrae who they think will share it with Amanda.

  35. Campaigning to Judd is futile,.does Amanda not know that he knows she was part of the reason he got voted out??

    Judd is going to revel in the fact that he’ll be able to pay the bitch back. ROLMFAO

  36. [.. Spencer starts helping Spencer do the dishes ..]

    He washes using both hands and dries using his left foot. Yah, that’s right, the one with the huge wart in between the big toe and the one to the left.

  37. [.. Spencer says I wonder if Marilyn’s mom has watched any of the show and now likes me ..]

    Well if anything she now knows he likes beating off to ………. If she didn’t like him previously, she’s probably getting a restraining order for her daughter.

  38. Where is Buffalo Bill? Did he go kill himself as soon as he realized that Amanda is leaving on Thursday. WHERE ARE YOU BUFFALO BILL? Come out of hiding. Please tell me that Amanda did not get the diamond power of veto.

  39. [.. Amanda wonders how many days left and they figure 21 days. Amanda comments that’s a long time to be separated from your boyfriend or girlfriend without talking to them ..]

    Well, when he’s not looking she should grab a pair of his unwashed underwear and take them with her when she rightfully ejected. She could then enjoy his ” essence ” in the jury house.

    Oh wait, he only has one pair and they’re encrusted themselves onto his azz cheeks…..

  40. Now that Spencer is on tv, Marilyn’s mom likes him.

    She likes the ides of the pervert, coward being locked up in the BB house while she helps her daughter move to the other coast!

  41. i want andy to go on the double evctions so bad after amanda then i want gianmaire then i want spencer then i want macre judd elssia final 2 elssia wins

    thats how i want it

  42. Spencer why in the hell would your girlfriends mom like you after watching the live feeds. If anything it should prove to her she was right not to like you. GM you are delusional you and Nick are not a couple and you won’t be. He has entered witness protection to get away from you. He left his family behind because he knows you will be a stalker.

  43. Simon y’all’s dedication is MUCH appreciated! Donation made – wish it was more but its the best I can do right now!!! Y’all ROCK!

  44. Amanda lovers: elissa is a horrible person she says horrible horrible things like….uh….jessie is a ten. OMG that is HORRIBLE what a nasty horrible bitch.
    amanda only does nice things like try to strike people with doors and follow them around yelling and taunting them and calling them joker face bitch. that cannot even compare to laughing or calling jessie a ten. why cant you elissa drones see this?????

  45. So Amanda has a stamp stamp of the actors shied, like the happy/sad face. Do you think she is just acting this mean as the producers have prompted her to show more emotion? Maybe she is trying to act like Amerosa to get more acting jobs. I still think she is disgusting.

  46. Jessie has been making Pandora’s Box a curse since season 12. At least Natalie (Season 11) had the time of her life when she got to have a dinner date proposal with her boyfriend (Now married).

  47. Falling behind on this site – Elissa has made a deal with Amanda last night to keep her – right after coming out of DR – can we say manipulation? Fortunately Andy won’t go along with it, but at least he may be exposed.

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