Big Brother 13 -Team Bacon steps up “my ultimate goal is to not have a veteran win this game”

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10:30pm Kitchen Dani, Adam, Lawon and Kalia They are talking about what production told them about the POV. They heard that it was going to be early and that there wasn’t going to be much waiting around.

10:30pm HOH Adam and Kalia
Kalia says she really needs him to try for the POV.. Kalia: “You’re not just a fan.. you can be a player you can leave a allstar” she’s not trying to build him up but she wants him to know that the vets aren’t invincible she’s not in shape like Jeff, Jordan and rachel but she beat them in the endurance comp. Adam says he felt good about the spelling comp but messed up. He’s tried for everyone except the bubble gum one because he didn’t want to be on slop.

Adam asks if she has a target, Kalia tells him she does. Adam wants to know if he wins the Veto will should he use it.

Kalia I’m not going to lie to you people are getting pretty pissed at the floaters. She thinks right now he has no target and if he uses the POV a person may come back and have a grudge against them. Both Adam and Kali agree that the twist isn’t as simple as a person evicted come right back in the house. Adam: “that’s not big brother.. it would mean your HOH is a wash” Kalia: “Well that was what JJ were trying to tell me all day”. Kalia says untimely she doesn’t think he should use the veto but if she had won it she may use it and weigh her options.

Adam: “I’m telling you this.. my ultimate goal is to not have a veteran win this game”. Adam says he’s really glad that Dani joined “their side” but he warns Kalia that his goal is to have a newb win. He thinks they have to be careful with dani she is a good ally now but she’ll be dangerous later.
(Wow Adam if adam is shooting straight this is pretty cool Team bacon)
adam Praises Kalia for making a big move in the game. “What you did today is hit the nail on the head.. you did what you had to do to your game” . Kalia: “When they came up here it really to talk to me and they started yelling at me it shool me.. .. and seeing Jrodan act that way towards me it was hard”

Adam says it’s been tough lately because of how rachel has been acting. Adam says he’s had pep talks with Rachel as a person not as a game player because as a person you feel sorry for her. Sometimes you see the good in but the bad overweighs that, “and then she comes to me and asks me why people treat me like that.. and i’m like ahhhhhh”.

Adam leaves

11:08 HOH Kalia, Porsche and Lawon

Kalia says that during the NOM ceremony she was visible nervous and stumbling and Jeff was laughing at her.. She asks them how is it that these people are so popular and considered adults.

Kalia is saying who are they to walk around the house and say that because we’re not playing there game we don’t deserve to be in here. Kalia is sick of this floater talk, she thinks they are just laying low and it’s a vaild strategy. You can be a 70 year old man come into this house and there is no way you’ll beat 20 years olds that work out all day so you have to lay low. Lawon they always say that there’s a way to play this game that somewhere there is a rule book that says this is a way you play it and if you don’t you have to leave.

Lawon thanks kalia for standing up today and letting everyone see there true colours. Kalia appreciates it says she was so scared in the DR getting ready to walk out with her nominations she was crying.. they made her leave because she was using up too much time.

11:40pm POrsche up in the HOH with Kalia Porsche tells her Kalia made a big move that will benefit them all. and she’s happy for it. She’s also glad Kalia picked her to host it.

11:47pm havenots JJR sleeping wondering why the big brother house is so unfair

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Wait wait wait…

Where does shelly live that she doesn’t know what soy sauce and yams taste like nor does she know that jalapeños are hot??


Shelly Moore 40, is a Industry Executive from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. So agreed what is her lying ass point to pretend like she doesn’t know soy sauce, etc… I suppose she would look at an egg and wonder what that was too. 🙂


watched the movie “cowboys and aliens” and cassi looks just like Olivia Wilde. H O T


I gave her the benefit of the doubt for yams. I know they aren’t always available in every region. But I was surprised about the soy sauce and jalapeno. I just made an assumption that she was “well-traveled” and knowledgeable about a lot things. But Shelly is a walking contradiction. It’s like looking at an illusion puzzle. So I really don’t know who she is and what’s she’s about. Because she puffs on cigarettes and doesn’t look like the picture of health. All people in their early 40s do not look like that.She looks at least 50. But yet she said soy sauce is the stuff with MSG in it. I’ll take a little soy sauce over a pack of cigarettes anyway. She’s says she’s a straight shooter but has the most faces. Her theme song should be Meatloaf’s I’d Do Anything …. (But I Won’t Do That).


maybe this is the real her.


Uh Skeletor Crypt Keeper Shelly goes on and on about being in China. The last time I was in China soy sauce was in abundance. More lies by that snake!


EXACTLY! “I’ve never seen a yam.” She can tell you what they eat in China though. She’s so full of bullshit I can’t wait for her to leave. It’s nothing but blowing smoke up everyone’s asses which is a horse shit way to play.


Kalia: “Kalia says untimely she doesn’t think he should use the veto but if she had won it she may use it and weigh her options.”

In other words – Adam, you’ll have to put a target on your back by not using it on someone, but I’m not sure I want to do that.

And Adam says he has to be honest – his ultimate goal is to have a newbie win. Of course, dumb ass – he’s talking about himself.

At first I wasn’t on the Adam train, then he grew on me, and now I just find him annoying. Every time he starts to talk there are 30 seconds of gravely “ugh, ahhh…ugh…..” before he even gets a word out. It’s driving me crazy so I guess the honeymoon is over.


Go team dani yo!


Vote Dom back in yo!


Rachel will win lol jeff will go out face Dom or Cassie and come right back but if it’s Brendan I think Brendan will win who agrees


I really hope Brendan doesnt come back in, I dont think America as a whole would put him back in the competition just to see Brenchel crying 24/7. I think Dom has the best chance at winning americas vote, hopefully, and he will likely beat out rachel, who im guessing will be evicted this week. Jeff versus Dom would be tough to call imo.


Rachel will get voted out and have to face Brenden to come back in. Will he throw it to her again?


coco are you nuts?


Ummm. Now that’s an interesting sceniero.


Ummmm who should I vote for Dom or Cassi? hmmmmmmn. I think Dom has a better chance of winning the competition against the person who gets evicted.


come on team bacon’ really? the only game Adam has is his psp. He’s the ultimate floater and yes man. butt (and that’s a big butt:) he might win! The last Adam won and he was exactly the same. (just saying)
Keeping it clean 4 u Simon my man)


I also find it hilarious that words that one person is known for saying travel in the house and are now “big brother language” and EVERYBODY uses it.
“floater” BR
“catty” Cassie
“obviously” Dani
“shooting straight” Shelly
And the list can go on….


And don’t forget the proverial “blah, blah, blah” It was started by Dani and has spread to almost everyone’s vernacular. Ughhhhh!!!!!



Monika Wu

Just saying i got the feeds…but this site fills in the blanks…I don’t have time for flashback everyday..unless there is a good fight or something…I love you guys for making this site. i get caught up when I sleep, go to dinner etc… Simon and Dawg rock!!! That being said..I want a vet to win not a floater…LOL I love the term…and all these worthless newbies are floaters!!!

Casey Anthony

Floaters do not deserve to Live!!!!!!


Neither Jeff or Rachel are going anywhere and all this crap about Kalia’s big game move is total bullshit as her HOH will not matter at all. One of JJR will win the veto and the other will beat Americas vote and the game continues. Kalia’s HOH is just taking up time…


I do see it as a big game move. You are right, her HOH is diluted…but she really shook up the house and shook up some alliances. She could have played it safe and selected Porche and/or Adam. If she had done that, votes both in terms of who as to face the returning player and jury votes probably wouldn’t have been impacted much. Now it’s anybody’s game.

Only thing I would have preferred to see her do is target Shelly rather than Rachel. Rachel is pretty much a toothless tiger right now. Even if she starts winning comps again (which she is very capable of doing) she doesn’t have the jury votes. But Shelly is still playing a cool game and while the others have had moments of enlightenment, I still don’t think they have the full scope on her.


Well, let’s see if the newbs stick together and vote the vets out. This will really turn BB upside down. Team Newbs and Dani FTW!!!


I hate how Rachel,Jeff and Jordan are acting so haughty and arrogant. The three of them have this elitist mentality with which the other houseguests are regarded with triviality and insignificance. From the beginning, there existed an unrequited feeling of respect and admiration for the vets by the newbies. Evidently (and quite fortunately) these feelings have dissipated and all that remains, on my end, is a hollow void that once held great esteem for Jeff and Jordan (I must exclude Rachel from this due to the fact that her behaviour disgusted me from the beginning). I agree with Adam – a newbie must win!


Then I hope you make sure to vote Dom in X 10.


Shelly floating is going to bite her in the ass eventually. I was hoping it was today (she almost got caught in her flip-flopping). She needs to be put up if anyone uses POV this week just to make her realize they’re on to her.

Rachel's nipple

Shelly is the WORST. I usually like going for the older one. u know


am watching AD and can’t stand shell’s nasal mans voice..smoke another cig beech. I think she has a thing for dani ( eat like doggy) woof


I like Kalia but I really do wish she wore more flattering clothes.


I can’t believe so many people are voting for Brendon. Does he really have that many fans that want him back in the house or is it just for the so-called “good TV” angle? Brenchal aren’t cut out for this game. For their sake, and Mine, they’re BB days need to be a distant memory.


its the best option….DOM would be absolutly boring!! dani despite making a terrible game move early, has still the best position in the house. with DOM it would be the easy road for her to win. boring.


And most of the BR fans who post here seem to be emotionally unstable. And us ‘normies’ are choosing between 2 people – Dom and Cassi and our votes are getting split. Shit. I like Cassi and she is fine as hell, but I have to go with Dom on this one.


I want to see Rachel get evicted and have to
compete against Brendan…. Come on guys how wonderful / entertaining would that be?? Lol…


Except Brendon will never compete against Rachel and vice versa, they’ll Just roll over and give it up for the other which is LAME & BORING.
I honestly wouldn’t die if Brendon comes back AS LONG AS Rachel is gone. I think without Rachel, he’s bearable.


what kind of fight would that be? It’s a win/win situation for them because either way they would still be in the game. I’d like to see Cassi come back & Rachel get evicted & see the 2 of them have it out since Rachel hates Cassi so much. I hope Cassi beats her a**!


LOL. I guess Rachel’s Big Brother game ideology about floaters has rubbed off on them. I really do hope one of the newbies is coming back. And one Vets excluding Dani gets evicted and stays out. The term floater sounds more stupid the more they say it.

Rachel's nipple

too much drinkin Lahey


It’s the liquer doin the talkin now Randy . Hahaha. Great freakin site Simon & Dawg !!!


People need to vote to bring back cassi not dom becuz than all of you are getting drawn in to dani s power cassi left to early cuz of brenden and reachel if he comes back then dani will win this game for sure with kalia lawon and dom everyone is going to be doomed! please vote for cassi!


Team Dani yo!


from what it seems on the cbs big brother facebook site cassi,brendon, & dominic are the main choices from people commenting on there they are just about even with those 3 brendon has a strong support out there people are really mad


THANK YOU!!!! I’ve been saying this from day 1!


I think Simon is being sarcastic. :/

Not a PHD student

Don’t really think who anyone vote’s for, I believe CBS has already determined who is going to come back in. They cn rig the vote’s anyway they want.


I agree. CBS already has lined up who they want back in the house. I’m stil going to vote though


when is the POV competition???????????

US Polling LLC

Who in their right mind is voting Brendon to return?

After seeing this many people vote for him I am getting really scared that Obama might actually in a second term.

It is scary to know that, they walk among us.

US Polling LLC

*** WIN ***


I am really sick and tired of the entitled attitude that Jeff and Jordan are displaying of late. Rachel does it too but I kind of expect it from her. Doesnt Jeff realize that what he should really do is be nice to everyone so they dont vote him out?!?!


cbs will have to balance the show the only way to do that is brendon returning that way kailia and dani would come down of there high horse

rachel wins pov

i dont care who she puts up brendon’s returning

rachel will win pov not jeff he’s good at flexing his muscles

more drama has to come the only for that to happen if brendon comes back ratings nothing more people

simple people think this virgin dom has more fans then brendon stop sleeping folks


It’s just a game. Who ever people vote for it should be someone that wants to compete hard. Its boring when they don’t try and just make deals with people in the middle of the games and just give up. I would like to see more competing for prizes ( food, letters from home, etc….). Or the person that wins the competitions gets points and have a chance to be in the final 4. I think BB has become some what boring especially when they start voting all the same, we all know who is going home once they pick the nominees.

Not a PHD student

The puppet master (Jeff) doesn’t like the fact other people are using their own brain to play this game and not his. I hear over and over again, They (JJ) wanted to come back so they could spend the summer together, why has no-one asked them if they really wanted to spend the summer together, should they have just done so instead of coming back to this game? JJ true colours are starting to show, they are both not as innocent as they try and convince people that they are. For JJ to call anyone in the house a floater, please remember the only reason Jordan won was because CBS gave ultimte floater #2 aka puppetmaster Jeff the Diamond power of veto. Without that they would have floated out of ours lives rather quickly


I have to admit I was pulling for the vets @ first but the way they have been acting (excluding dani) these past few days have really gotten under my skin who the hell are they to think they are entitled to win every single comp they were on their high horses for 3 wks but when the power shifted they are walking around having BITCHY FITS Jeff is a complete ***** this season he hasn’t won shit except what was given to his ass($25,000 his season America’s favorite which i doubt he will get this time around, $10,000 for the HOH comp he said he will be back if he’s evicted dumb ass doesn’t know if he is he will have to battle it out with Dom or ( Brendon please america don’t torture us with this jerk) now as for Jordan she’s become a lil whiney bitch how dare she call someone else a floater when she floated her ass right to the $500,000 on her season if you want to spend the summer with Jeff move your asses to the same state & you can spend all seasons with his arrogant ass, I know this game get’s to people but these adults need to grow the hell up & Rachael she’s just a lost cause, The Newbs btr step their game up or they will be out the door as fast as they came in, GO TEAM DANI!!!!


If Brendon comes back, that’ll give him THREE chances for Big Brother. And JJR are complaining about things begin unfair. How unfair is it for the newbies that got evicted because 6 people got a second chance!


I hate to say it, but on one thing where I voted for Dom to come back in the game, it said more people are voting for Cassi. Now, don’t get me wrong, I liked Cassi, and felt it was too early for her to go, but depending on who is evicted this week, they might have a much better shot coming back in the house if they’re up against Cassi.Which would be very bad for Dani and the newbs. I liked the vets twist being in this season, but I really would rather someone new win this season, rather than people who act like bullies because “they’ve played this game before” and who think “they know the true way to play the game”. I’d love for Dani to help some of these newbs get thowards the end, then if it’s her time to go, it’s her time to go. If she did end up winning the season I’d say she deserved it, but in reality I want someone new in this game to win.


Never thought I would be cheering for BR but they are the only hope to keep JJ in and get dani out. I want brendan to come back and get dani the hell out of the house. The newbies are so stupid with their queen dani, they will carry her to the finals! even though I don’t think she will win against a newbie bc JJR won’t vote for her and a newbie prob wants another newbie to win. JJR need to remind dani she won’t win against a newbie!


Going forward I will refer to newbies as dummies because that is what they are. Are they forgetting that Dani is a vet? Are they forgetting just two weeks ago she would have been side by side with the other vets picking off the dummies one by one? Are they forgetting that Dani is the reason Dom is gone and played a hand in Keith and Cassie leaving too? Does Queen Dummy (Kalia) not realize that Dani may have talked with her some but really did not have much to do with her until Dom was gone and the other vets and Dani had a falling out? Dani is smart, she knew that Kalia was upset that no one was hanging out with her so she stepped in to be her BFF and now Queen Dummy is doing what Dani wants except Dani is smart. She doesnt tell Kalia directly what to do, she just suggests what she would do and when Queen Dummy has a thought for herself Dani just mentions why she wouldnt do that and Queen Dummy realizes that Dani is just sooo smart.

The dummies are going to be in trouble. Chances are Rachel gets voted out and goes up against Cassie or Dom and comes right back in and unless there is a twist, she is eligible to play for HOH along with Jeff and Jordan. Once again Dani does not have the blood on her hands, this time it is Queen Dummy. They will be gunning for Queen Dummy.

I hope a vet wins it because I have yet to see a dummy who deserves it. The TWO dummies who have done anything worth while in this game, one was voted out for being Dani’s love puppet and the other is about to be voted out for being Dani’s puppet too.

Any vet for the win unless a dummy steps up. Kind of hoping the Straight Shooting dummy or the Pork chop dummy or Baconator dummy do something to show they are worthy of winning the game. Come on, someone step it up!


I’m so disappointed in JJ. I just don’t get why they feel Rachel is who they need to side with now that Brenda is gone … big big mistake.


There is no way America is voting for Brenda to come back. He is the second most hated BB player {Raunchel is first) If heslides in as winner hat confirms it’s FIXED


Bring back Matt from last season. That would shake things up!


Matt was boring even though I’m a fan – all he did was walk around drinking Vitamin Water thinking he had the game in a lock.



If you vote dominic he will just work with dani. And he has a girlfriend of six months btw. and hes stated that he will never be more than friends with anyone on the show. So there will be NO SHOWMANCE, and dani told kalia that shes not interested in dom like that and shes sort of seeing someone back home, so the people hoping for that, you’re wasting your votes. and he threw his veto, so IMO he doesnt deserve to come back. same goes for Keith.

Cassi got wronged i admit, i was rooting for her as a newbie, but she just doesnt have that competitive edge. BUT voting brendon back is good. even if you’re not a fan of him, he is such a GOOD competitor, and its not fair that he leaves when all of the floaters stay. He is the only one who will succeed in getting dani out! And i know brenchel doesn’t have a lot of fans, but JEFF AND JORDAN DO! its in their best interest for Brendon to come back and take dani out.

And also, Brendon took himself off the block to save the woman he loved. And his speech <3 He should be back in this game fighting.

And for the Jeff and Jordan fans – He stuck with Jeff & Jordan when he could of back doored them, and he kept them in the game together. Is this how he should get re-payed? And Jeff and jordan need brendon or rachel on their side.

So Jeff and Jordan fans vote for Brendon! Daniele haters vote for Brendon!(That would TOTALLY tick her off! i would pay to see her reaction, AND kalia's b/c shes annoying as sh!t) And people who just like to watch interesting seasons vote for Brendon!!

btw, Dani and kalia are acting just as arrogant as Brenchel and JJ. They need to be knocked off that high horse.

And all this talk about wanting a newbie to win, the only vet who won was jordan. so yeah theyre vets, but they still deserve it as much as anyone. and i have no sympathy for the newbies. they had the numbers since day 1. but they decided to split. SO VETS ALL THE WAY! aside from Dani.


Finally someone has logic!! I HATE brendon. But I LOVE JJ. So therefore I’m all for brendon coming back. And dani and kalia have to leave. Like right now.


If Adam’s goal is not to let a vet win, why is he stacking the deck against himself with Jeff, Jordan and Rachel. Why not vote for Dani who can help keep him safe — she’s a strong competitor. It’s time to take out Jeff.