Big Brother 13 news

Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Weekly News Recap from the Internets (2011-05-23)

Big Brother 13 news

Only 45 days remaining until Big Brother 2011. There has been no word on how the casting process has gone yet, probably the most exciting news has been Kristen Bitting in May issue of Kasanova magazine.

Remember Adam Jasinki the winner of BB9? He was the guy while on the feeds called autistic children retards. Later in 2010 he got caught smuggling oxycodone in a sock and running a drug ring that serviced the east coast’s pharmaceutical needs. His partner in crime Matty Mick has been xentenced for his roll in the drug ring and is to be in court next month on assault charges and witness intimidation. This is from beating his pregnant girlfriend!! There is now a total of Three past Big Brother Houseguests behind bars, Amber for driving while on drugs with her kid, Adam for the drug smuggling and Matt for beating pregnant girls/drug smuggling.

FYI this months Tthe Price is Right Season 39, Episode 158 has BB8 Jen Johnson and BB11 Michelle Noonan. CBS doesn’t stream to Canada so I haven’t seen it yet.

  1. TNA iMPACT! | Jessie Godderz is defeated by Robbie E. | Jessie’s probably coming back for BB13 😉
  2. yfrog | BB8 Nick Starcevic bringing back the mustache
  3. ragan.wordpress | Ragan and Matt best friends after BB12
  4. The Baub show BB12 Showmance Jeff and Jordon on the Baub show. yes there still together!
  5. Facebook Phillip Allen photos of BB12 Kristen Bitting | Hotness!
  6. Global | BIG BROTHER 13 will show in Canada on Global same as the US Times
  7. OBB | BB9 Adam still behind bars and Matt is close behind.
  8. | BB5 Marvin makes tacos

Shout out to Chris Warden BB13 Hopeful good luck getting on the show!

Other Fans applying for BIG BROTHER 13 good luck guys.

Audition master Big Brother Allstar Howie

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