Big Brother 13 Spoilers: News Recap from the Internets (2011-06-21)

We’re on the final stretch until Big Brother 13 , Other than Penis pics galore and Rachel being on Bride’s of Beverly Hills this coming Thursday there isn’t much coming out of BB alumni camp. However there is a deluge of BB13 news coming at us now and it only promises to get bigger and better every day from here on in. You know Onlinebigbrother will stick around the entire season pounding out spoilers, screen caps and basically all the juicy stuff from the feeds so why not support us, get your feeds through this link BB13 Live Feeds . FYI Rumor control with Ragan Fox and Daniele Donato starts at 3pm today so sign up to check the rumors.

Here’s a recap of everything that is going on

  1. Big Brother 2011 Season Premiers July 7th
  2. Early Bird Specials for all you feed watchers goes on until Midnight JULY 6th (SAVE 33% Just Click this link and use BB13QTEARLY as your promotional code, ONLY $29.99 for the ENTIRE SEASON)
  3. New Web Shows for Big Brother Live Feeds promises to extend the value of the live feeds making it a must for any BB Fan
    • Rumor Control with Daniele Donato (BB8) and Ragan Fox (BB12) START TODAY
    • Tuesday, June 21 at 3pm PT
    • Tuesday, June 28 at 3pm PT
    • Tuesday, July 5 at 3pm PT
    • Happy Hour with Chelsia & Missy:
    • Starts Thursday, June 23 at 3pm PT and goes all season long (Janelle is our guest on July 7th)
    • Getting Schooled with Ragan:
    • Starts Wednesday, July 13 at 3pm PT and runs all season long
  4. Big Brother Press day was July 20th Details should be known by the 28th
  5. Rumors are out that the Cast has been selected and will be sequestered soon
  6. 3 Commercials have aired.. they show jack shit about the new season though
  7. A bunch new features are available for the feeds this year if your a mobile user you’re in luck iOs and Android support included

There you have it by next week we’ll know the BIG BROTHER 13 Cast, house, and most of the twists. Stay connected to Onlinebigbrother Find out when the the competition, Ceremony, Noimations, Evictions, and special events are. It’s all available in a convenient Google calendar. Big Brother 13 House Calendar

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