Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Kalia Da Hut: “I’m having a major Chima moment.. “

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7:45pm Dani and Kalia Purple Room

Dani tells Kalia to stop talking like their defeated.. They’re right back where they were 2 weeks ago and are down a number but not all is lost they have Porsche. Dani says they need to win HOH and put up power players (Like you did).. She’s thinking they should maybe try to cut a deal with someone. Dani thinks they options for deals right now are slim.
Dani: “don’t talk about it like that… wait until after tonight if we win HOH then great if we don’t then.. I dunno”
Dani is worried about the HOH she says it’s all of them against Porsche and her. Kalia reminds her that it was the same 2 weeks ago. Dani: “It’s not going to be endurance”
Kalia: “How the hell did America pick Brendon over Dom.. I can’t live here with these people” Dani is pretty surprised that it was Brendon to. Dani brings up some more good news about what just happened says that JJBR now control the Jury .. they control who wins the Big Brother 13. .Kalia Da Hut :”Ohh”

Dani: “our only chance to stay in this game is to win comps.. it’s horrible but that is the game we have to play from here on in.” She tells Kalia to stop talkng about pulling a chima because if Kalia goes home Dani is screwed and if Dani goes home Kalia is screwed.
Kalia looks at the camera “Seriously casting you found the worst people on earth” (yeah and you’re one of them.. remember Kalia this was all your fault)
Kalia says it’s amazing how quick Shelly and Adam are up JJBR’s asses, “and she turns back into that devil BLANK that she is.” (rachel)

Dani tells her they need to stop having this pity party they need to turn this around it doesn’t look good (dani does some pity party herself to but mostly just tells Kalia to suck it up).. Kalia meniotns that she has no problems if she goes home next week she hates this place,

8:01pm Storage room Shelly and Adam

Adam says that the only problem is now they have to get rid of Brendon again.. Shelly isn’t worried it’s going to be tough for them but once they get Dani out they can move on.
Shelly: “You’ll see this when you get home but I played them llike fiddles last week” (Nicely done straight shooter.. but everyone is onto you now)

Adam says that Dani has made so many bad game decisions and he told her he’s chosen the other side she has to deal with it. Adam: “She wanted to start siomethign with me but I wouldnd’t engage her”
Shelly: “Ohh trust me there will be a fight tonight”

8:05pm Rachel gives Brendon a debriefing about the deal that DK gave her.. She says Jeff was being mean to her for Talking to DK. Rachel adds that it was almost like DK were threatening her. she was really confused by the whole thing. She never told JJ about the deal though so Brendon isn’t suppose to say anything. Rachel adds that Shelly is playing both sides She spends each night upstairs in the HOH.
Rachel: “POrsche told me this morning that Shelly is making fun of me with Dani and Kalia ”
Brendon: “wheres Porsche at”
Rachel: “Porsche is ridiculously stupid.. she’s best friends with Dani now”
Jeff walks in Brendon asks him who he thinks is playing both sides.. Jeff thinks it’s Adam.
Brendon: “everything from now on if you tell Shelly or Adam it goes to them”
Rachel: “We can only trust Jeff and Jordan”
They agreee.

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8:33pm Havenots JJ

Jeff is saying that adam and Shelly were both not really Happy about what just happened they are acting happy though. Jeff mentions that Adam told him last night that Brendon being gone was a bit of blessing because Rachel is such a mess.
Jeff: “What a cop out from Dani for voting out Lawon.. OHHH MY GOD”
Jeff adds that word was getting around about BLANK they say around Adam and Shelly.. she’s starting to feel like they should rethink their “deals” with them.
Jeff: “I think Adam is going to fly the other BLANK way no problem though we’ll put him up as soon as he does”. Jordan explains that Rachel came up to her and asked her if JJS had a final 3.. Jordan: “Where would she of gotten that from…. I told her that Shelly thinks we do but we really don’t”

Jeff is sure DK are going up and Dani will probabaly win POV but once Kalia is gone he’s going to try and break Dani down. Jordan: “I can’t believe this happened they lost a number and we gained a number and a strong one”
Jeff: “ there last 2 weeks was a complete waste”
Jordan wants to rub it in her face but decides she better stay quiet.
Jeff: “It feel good to be winning but we can’t be cocky.. “
Jeff tells her that they need to lay low and let BR fight everyone else in the house. Jeff is positive that Shelly and Adam are talking to the other side so they need to just let everyone destroy themselves.
Jeff instructs Jordan about how to deal with Shelly and Adam now. she’s not to not talk BLANK about anyone, especially DKP.. don’t bring up anything new just repeat what they say.. and never talk game with them ever again.
Jeff: “Now you just watch Adam is going to try to cut something with DKP .. after the HOH because he knows he’s on the bottom of the totem poll”

9:03pm Feeds cut HOH underway yo

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Dani i was on ur team until u voted out ur own alliance u suck to me u lost ur all star status and so much more u will NEVER EVER be like ur father and kalia u leave me speechless lol


Ok maybe i overexaggerated…….


you are so right how stupid i hope the c..t and her blk clone get chooped next week if we could be so lucky


Looks like Ragan had a face lift. He looked so much younger. Maybe CBS is going to let Brenchel win this year. I am so done. I just hope Dani wins HOH, if she doesn’t she will be surely backdoored. Thanx a lot Kalia the Dunce. Your HoH was a total waste and now you are the laughing stock of the BB House


Kalia is such an annoying moron. Good job dumbass! Team JJ


If Dani nominates Jeff and Brendon again, I hope Jordon wins POV (very unlikely, only if cbs rigs it) and takes Jeff off. Then she is safe. Please get rid of Brendon again.


All I can say is Porsche and Kalia better be on slop this week. Porsche needs to see how it is and she could stand to lose some inches in those legs. She is getting a little to cocky.


I am in deep fear for Dani and Kalia tonight! I hope Dani or Porsche wins! PLEASE Big Brother Gods, send us a miracle!!! Lol


Dani won the HOH


I hate that Brendon is back, but it figures. CBS cannot get enough of Brenchel. Doesn’t seem interesting at all. Kalia is so stupid. If they would of stuck to their game plan and voted Rachel out (not put Lawon up) she would of had to compete against Brendon. Only one of them would be in the house, and I can take Brendon over Rachel any day.


Please please please Brendon or Jeff win.


Someone explain to me how there was 2 million votes, Brendon got 1 million but it was “close” between him and Dom. So let’s say Dom got 700,000 at least. That means that Cassi, who was leading this sites poll almost all week only got 250,000 maybe? I know that no where near 2 million people voted on here but shouldn’t there be some similarity between the polls? Either CBS rigged it or….yeah that’s the only conclusion I can get out of that. There is no way Brendon got half of  votes.


i dont think it was rigged i think its a mix of every newbie in the house being an idiot and america wanting to see brendon back in the house…. dom was an idiot anyway… his alliance fell apart week one and ten he put his trust in dani who decided to make her power play while he was on the block… plus the polls on this site are unofficial u gotta remember that most voters do not use this site and probably dont use the live feeds


LOVING This =)
can some one please post a link to Lawons interview eviction?




Can’t believe dani won….I’m pissed……


First again!


Rewind two weeks ago.


Hell yeah!!! Im sooooo happy Dani won HOH!!!!!


It looks like dani or porshe won HOH.


So…. I’m done w/ BB for the season!! Looks like its gonna be the Brendon and Rachel show all over again!! I just can’t seem to understand how Kalia let EVERYBODY but Dani influence her decision this week just so she could prove that she can play this game and think for herself. Danielle told her to not put Jeff up, Danielle told her to STOP trusting Shelly and what does she fo


go team dani put up br or jj

Karen S

loving it! : )

Tekilla sunrise

I hope Kalia Dani and Porsche have figure out Shelly for good this time !!!! As ” smart ” as they are, they will buy any story she comes up with…she will probably say that she danced and celebrated with JJBR so they wouldn’t get suscpiscious and DKP will buy it…if they do believe it… I can smell Adam flipping from a mile away too…ugh…Jeez please take the wheel…


AG must love this


wait. what. is the word Dani won HOH??? say its so plz that was my last hope 4 BB13


7starr, its true, this was my last hope also. I just cannot believe that Brendon is back in the house, who would want to vote for that skyping asshole. But yeah, this was literally my last hope for Dani, since I figured if anyone else, even Porsche won HOH, they would try to backdoor Dani no matter what. And now Dani can get out basically anyone she wants:Jeff, Jordan, Shelly, Adam, Rachel, or Brendon. Im kind of hoping she nominates Shelly and Brendon, which im fairly certain she will do, and if for some reason one of them wins Veto, she can put up any of the other 4. This weeks is looking good now, but next week, not so much

BB fanclub

I was jumping up and down when Brendon came back (there are alot of us who are fans) then I saw Dani the Demon won HoH……..What ups and downs for both sides! JJ are my all time favorites t hough. Rachael does whine alot , but they do tend to try to show her in bad moments all the time. Kalia is the biggest crybaby .What started out a onesided game has gotten to be quiet interesting as time goes on.


I personally don’t like Dani I’m team JJ but even though it disadvantages JJDani should get rid of Brendon or Rachel and if not Adam or Shelly.


‘Chima Moment’ was when Chima got screwed in BB11 by Jeff’s Coupe de tat power. Essentially her HOH was pointless as Jeff was able to usurp her power. Chima lost it and eventually left the game.

And of course I agree, we know Brendon coming back was rigged. I predict CBS will continue to play this couples theme as long as they can before they have to change the name to ‘Love Connection’.