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Each photo produced has a file name of when it was taken and by which cam. For example one may have the title “BB13-C37-8-201112_06_08.jpg”
C3 = Camera 3 on the feeds
7-8-2011 = July 8th, 2011
12_06_08 = Taken at 12:06:08

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So someone from production knows someone in the cereal industry. The rigging never ends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ha ha ha. Best season evah continues with each crying whining complaining and whatnot that gets posted by some crybabies on here. Haters gotta hate. Suck on that.


Simon, what is going on? Is Jordan going home or what?


Yes Jordan is going home.


ommg. whaat are you saaying? yoou want Adam or Porsia to win. are you kidding mme? they DONOT deserve the half million dollars.. If Jordan gooes hoome. i hope Racheaal wins the half million dollars, she deserves it ALLL.

Midwest Fan

The “Diamond Veto” in the cereal box was made out of marshmallow.
Jordan ate it.
She is going to the Jury House.


🙁 I wish this would happen, Big Brother has been so predictable this season! We need a little spice!


LOL! Good one Simon. I really wanted to see Rachel and Jordan in the final two, so I am sad that one of these two is going to be evicted tonight. I don’t know how these girls didn’t beat Porsche in the POV…there is really no excuse. Rachel must have gotten flustered which I have seen her do a lot instead of staying focused under pressure. Regardless, I think both Rachel and Jordan played a better game (both in different aspects) than Porsche so this really blows.

My hope now for final two is Rachel vs I think Adam? I’m not quite sure which one would be easier for her to beat. I think if Porsche wants to win, she should evict Rachel but I am hoping/thinking she isn’t so bright and will instead evict Jordan.

Tonight is going to be an interesting episode. If Rachel makes it to final 3 she better pull through and win some comps because it would be very embarrassing for her to lose against Porsche and Adam.


ommg.if jordaan goes home, i hooppe reacheal wins the money, other than thhaat the other two DO NOT deserve ittt.


Porsche is so cocky, yet so dumb. She has been constantly saying how Jordan has won before, and that’s why she wants her out, but she never once stopped to think who can she win in competions against. I hope Rachel mops the floor with her dumb ***


If Rachel goes home tonight, this season will have been a complete waste. A finale with Jordan, Adam, and Porsche…has there ever been a more undeserving final 3?


I guess only because Jordan seems so naive and dense and sweet people like her, but REALLY Porsche and Adam don’t even deserve final 2, and all THANKS TO DANI. she started this whole thing, had she not flipped a more deserving person or people would be sitting in the final three. Of the newbies Kalia and if Dom had stayed longer I think would have actually competed, but Porsche and Adam, I think BB has a thing for suckers that float to the end winning. They might as well just give away money instead of having people come on the game and compete for a stipend. They just give the people that compete and win competitions the money and give the final two or three that float their way to the end the stipend because that is all they deserve for playing the way the did. Brendan, and Jeff deserve to still be there. I would say Dani, but she caused this so i hope she’s happy with Adam in the final 2, and i hope when she asks him why he derserves the money for doing nothing or not making big moves he tells her that IT’S THANKS TO YOU DANI FOR EVICTING AND GOING AGAINST YOUR ALLIANCE THAT I AM HERE SO THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME THE MONEY.


I love jordan, but jordan has already won and made it final 4 the second time, I really hope porsche keeps rachel, rachel deserves to win
I also wouldn’t care if adam won, maybe he didn’t win alot of comps but he played a good social game
the only won I don’t want to see win is porsche


BB12 and 13 would be a pretty tight race for worst F3. Lane and Enzo didn’t really deserve it, but Hayden definitely did. At least Porsche and Adam have some wins now, but Jordan wouldn’t be worthy.

jeff's soul patch

Actually theres a tie between this season and season 11’s natalie, kevin, and jordan of the most undeserving winners in my opinion


I see Shelly is still lying. She is even lying in the jury house. I wonder if the woman is capable of telling the truth. She speaks all this stuff about teaching her daughter not to lie so she doesn’t do it to set a good example for her daughter, but I mean seriously, you’re in the jury house now you can compe clean you have nothing else to prove nothing else to win so why keep lying. She is such a douche bag. She makes evil dick look good. At least we knew where he was coming from and what he meant but her she lies for absolutely no reason, and to people much younger than her what does she have to prove to any of them just STOP LYING ALREADY.


I thought the same thing and Jeff kept her in her place..well almost – because that place is at the curb!

Midwest Fan

“…….Jeff kept her in her place …………”

LOL – What are you taking about?
Shelley HAD Jeff in the Jury House.
She “GOT” him twice.
Loved watching the entire JH segment.


he had shelly on the ropes, especially when danni chimed in and he told her to pipe down and let shelly speak for herself, opps i mean lie, the game is over and she continues to lie

Midwest Fan

Dani spoke up, saying only one sentence, at the beginning of the “reunion” and when Jeff told her to let
Shelley speak for herself, she did.

The rest of the back and forth was between Shelley and Jeff and, IMO, Shelly
GOT Jeff, 100%. Loved every second.


dani is trying really hard to act like she isn’t pissed off, but the way she speaks to everyone, you can tell she is

Midwest Fan

Nonsense. She looked like she was having good time joking around.
The only one Dani is ticked off at is herself and she has acknowledged her game mistakes.
She is over it and moving forward.
She, also, respects Jeff and Brendon as true BB Gamers.

Jeff is a self-pitying jerk.
He’s had a taste of easy living through his phony BB $howmance and believed
he deserved more $$$$$$. Jordan got hers and he wanted his $500,000.
I truly believe that if he had won BB, he would have left Jordan and ended the phony $howmance.


No matter how much truth you speak you’ll never convince the cat people. I’d like to add that Brendan was also taking the whole really well too. Jeff’s the only one with a case of Big Babyitis


So what exactly did she lie about last night. Can you give an example? I didn’t see her lying. I saw her owning up to her betrayal and trying to explain her reasons to Jeff. I don’t know why he is so pissed. Shelly did to Jeff exactly what Jeff did to Russell on his season and he defends his decision to betray Russ, so why is it so unforgivable that Shelly does the same thing to him? Shelly did protect JJ. She even helped save Rachel and get Lawan on the block and sent home instead. She played hard but her lies caught up with her. I thought her interview and her arrival at JH showed her as being a good sport. I don’t know why lying in the game is so awful. Jeff and Jordan told their fair share of lies, and I don’t understand why the same people that crap on Shelly for lying overlook the lies JJ told. But if you can give me an example of a lie she told on last nights clip, I will concede that I am wrong.


jeff never truly trusted russell, and if you watch russell’s diary room he said if jeff was smart he would get him and michelle out
russell could not be trusted
this season jeff did trust shelly thats why he is so upset, I’m sure he is fine now


Russell remained true to his word whenever he gave it. He voted to keep Jessie because he promised Jessie he would never vote against him. He kept his word when he promised Jeff he was safe when they were hanging on the diploma challenge. He said in his interviews when it didn’t matter anymore that he was down with the final 4 deal. The truth is that Jeff was afraid to go head to head with Russell and took the opportunity to backdoor him and make his survival easier. It’s all part of the game, and Jeff followed Russ to the JH. I don’t fault Jeff for making a big move, and I don’t fault Shelly for lying and backstabbing in the game to further herself. It’s a game and they all want to win, not set up the win for JJ.


if jeff could trust russell, why did russell say in the diary room, jeff would be smart to get rid of him and michellle


They say lots of things in the diary room, production asks leading questions, puts words in their mouths and tries to get them to say what they want them to say. Then CBS edits it and shows us what they want. Lots of previous HG have said that their DR comments were twisted out of context. Russell said it was a good move because Michelle and Russell would have kicked Jeff’s ass at final 4, but Russell had no intention of going back on the final 4 deal because it was the best game move to keep Jeff and Jordan until everyone else was out of the way. It isn’t that Jeff couldn’t trust him. He was too much of a pussy to go head to head with Russell, so he did the cowardly thing and backdoored him. Jeff is really good at mouthing off and bullying girls, but not so brave when it comes to going one on one with another alpha male.


Well said Chloe.


and now Brendon knows exactly where he and Rachel stood in that alliance. They were shields, targets for Dani and co, all final four deals/arguments never included Rachel. Am begining to think Posche should evict Rachel or at least Porsche should get there with anyone of the two. Jordan or Adam.


I really think Shelly lies a lot outside of the game. In Jury she said Rachel complemented her great game-play “in front of everybody” which is a bunch of bull. Rachel said that privately to Shelly and privately to the other house guests. She never “stood up” and announced that to the HGs. It is just an exaggeration but a lie nonetheless.

And I don’t think her game play was all that good. She could have at least made it to final four had she stuck with her alliance and her and Adam could have even made it further so it was complete nonsense for her to say that her only shot at winning was to evict Jeff. These people keep thinking they have to make “big moves” but they only end up making dumb moves.


It’s up to you now Rachel. Please beat Porsche and get into the F2 w/Adam!!!! Porsche needs a lesson of respect than being so cocky and aggrogance!


AGREE AGREE AGREE I mean really, all she’s done was floated all season, trashed talked Rachel, and lied about it. She does not desrve to be final three more or less final 2. I hope it’s RA in the final 2. He doesn’t deserve final 2 either, but he’s a big fan and loyal so i’d rather him having final 2 than P. I wonder what is reason was for nominating Jordan after telling her he would never do that, and it was strategic, because he always said Rachel will fight and win when she has to so i get why he didn’t nominate her, but I wonder if he told Jordan that or if she has figured it out?


Simon I hope that was a joke…


Don’t worry Jordan! Rachel will beat Porsche for yah! Porsche will go at the Jury House!

clueless fools

Porsche will never be in jury house because finale they get evicted before the voting


What would be cool is if the Diamond Power of Veto could trump the Golden Power of Veto and that would Keep P on the block and be sent home.


That would be but I think BB wants a newbie vs a vet in the final 2, and leaving Jordan in the game will make it a bit more risky of two vets going to final 2 than a newbie and a vet. This way I think Rachel is going to fight tooth and nail and win hoh the choice is who is she going to take with her to final 2 P or A. will she keep her alliance to P or will she think she has a better chance with A?


Okay, I dont get it?? Is that the Diamond Power of Veto? and How will it be used since theirs only 3 possible nominations… So Jordan and Porche on the block, Porche wins POV n takes herself off and replaced with Rachel while Jordan wins the Diamond POV and takes herself off again and replaced by Porche?? Hmmm


It’s a fake picture


You’ve got to be kidding!!! CBS once again found a way to keep Jordan in the game….They will do anytihing to keep her in the house.. UNbelievale…Why don’t they just give her the check already and stop all the nonsense…


I got dupped totally thought that BB would do something like that so late in the game.


Jeff is stupid. Shelly knows it’s just a game. Jeff and Jordan made a final 4 deal with Brendon and Rachel. Then when Brendon was leaving they promised him that they would take Rachel to final 3. So Shelly comes in and Jeff goes off on her. Dani reminds him it’s just a game and he tells her to shut up. Shelly tries to explain that their final 4 deal with JJSA was good, but she knew she couldn’t beat him at final 4 so she had to make a move for her game. Jeff obviously is such a hot head that he didn’t think before speaking. He admitted to the final 4 deal with Shelly in front of Brendon. So if I am Brendon, I must be thinking WTF? I thought he had a deal with us, and now he admits he would have gone with SA? At this point, everyone except Brendon knows that Jeff threw the cornhole comp, and that’s why Brendon is in the jury. So that’s all good if Jeff’s game is over, but he was too stupid and ego driven to realize that Jordan still has a chance, and by admitting that he lied to Brendon and betrayed him, he might have burned Brenchel’s votes for Jordan. If he had been thinking and caring about Jordan he would have made it sound like Shelly was FOS, because in the end Shelly is just one vote while Brenchel has two votes. But no. His ego is the most important thing. I thought Shelly behaved well when he started yelling at her. She didn’t lie. The lies stayed in the house. Her game is over and she doesn’t have any reason to lie now. She admits to her betrayal and tries to explain why she did it. Unfortunately, Jeff only cares about himself and still doesn’t understand it’s a game and he lost. He might have lost it for Jordan too, because last year Brenchel surprised everyone by voting for Lane, not because of his gameplay, but because they found out Hayden made fun of them behind their backs. Maybe Jordan will be joining him tonight and it won’t matter, but Jeff showed that he has no class and just how selfish a bully he really is. It’s a game, Jeff. You played your game and Shelly played hers. You lost and so did she. At least Shelly lost with some grace. Jeff has no class, no manners and no common sense.

Midwest Fan

Well said.


Dani only reminded him it was a game because she didn’t want to be called out either that is why Jeff asked Shelly who was she playing for or who put her up to it, because he suspected it was Dani. Look at it again and watch the expression on Dani’s face during the conversation, she kept butting in while Brendan just watched. Brendan never said a word about how Jeff broke his word to Him and Rachel, because he already knew that that’s why he tried to get Dani to not put him on the block the 2nd time. Shelly is stupid and a liar, and Jeff had every right to call her out on it. Jeff threw BR under the bus just like BR threw JJ under the bus that was fair game, but what Shelly did was inexcusible, and Jeff should have called her out. Dani once again was only trying to cover her butt.

Midwest Fan



?? Of all of them, Dani knows it’s just a game. She is the first to admit to her fatal mistakes, she is not ashamed or embarrassed to own up to her betrayals and lies. She is proud of them because that’s how the game is played. She isn’t blaming anyone for her demise, she knows it was her own fault. The way I saw it, Dani is in the JH and knows her game is over and also knows that whatever happened in the house doesn’t matter anymore. She wanted to calm things down and prevent a heated argument because she knows the game is over for the jury. I disliked Dani in her season, but given the bland personalities and the annoying vets this season, she was the most likeable of the lot once Dick left. I never thought I would root for her. I don’t pick a favorite based on who I like or how cute they are. I base it on game play. If Dani’s betrayal hadn’t backfired, she would have probably won, but she played it too early and she knows it. She isn’t blaming Jeff for taking her out. It’s a game and she messed up. She isn’t looking for anyone to blame.

dani's fan

What does it matter who’s idea it was? Everbody in the game was trying to win the $500,000.00. Evil Dick pointed out that murders have been committed for a lot less. If Jeff thinks he was screwed, maybe he can sit down with Russell and they can discuss how disgraceful it is when people don’t keep their word.


OMG …grow up and get over it. Jeff is just showing what a bully he is. Its over for him and if Jordon doesn’t win he will really be pissed. Its all about the money for him, (that has been shown time after time with him)as it is for them all but he lost it so why not give it a rest. I think Brendon is still pissed also but can see that there is no point to still living in that hell now. I would love to see some of you who are so sure what is right and wrong play this game. I am sure that my life would never stand up to it so I won’t be pointing finger at the way they play. I may not like it but what can I do really? Oh and by the way….if I could vote for a winner I would vote for ….Chicken George. Bring back the oldies.

clueless fools

Bottom line big moves don’t work until late in the game, Shelly kept saying Jeff stood between her and the money, her husband and Josie was her only alliance so now explain it to America where that got you, your family doesn’t vote and you have no money at least Jeff, Kalia, Porsche got money and a vacation, you got egg on your face, America for the rest of your life you will be known as a liar so good luck at your job, your family and friends might just turn their backs on you

Big Dave

Yeah, you totally nailed it. I don’t get all the fan love for Jeff. I always thought he came off like a total dick.


You are so right on! I LOVE Jeff but thought he acted very self-righteous this year… Did he forget that Shelly wasn’t originally a part of his “Veteran Alliance”…the game changes and so does the strategy…Why was it ok for him to change his plan, but not Shelly. I lost all respect for Jeff. Also, what is up with Jordan (who I also love) saying that no one else was playing the game…HELLO! She one one competition that was HANDED to her! I didn’t like her attitude this summer either. I still love them both but feel like a disappointed parent!


shelly is an idiot, her plan to save dani was stupid, she went from possible final 3 with jeff and jordan to final 3 with dani and porsche how does that help her, dani and porsche would’ve taken each other to final 2


And how is final three with JJ better than being 4th to jury? She still would have got no money, because Jeff would have won final HOH and taken Jordan. Shelly made a play to try and get herself in the money. It backfired, but at least she tried. Shelly played hard from the start. Almost every week she impacted the game, and it wasn’t until just before the end of her game that people started realizing it.

Week One: Shelly knew she was at the bottom of the newbie totem pole so she flipped her vote and sent Keith home instead of Porsche.
Week Two: She managed to stay safe by sucking up to JJ.
Week Three: Shelly clued Jordan in about Dani’s attempts to backdoor Jeff. Jordan took Shelly upstairs and thanks to Shelly, Brenchel realized that Dani was trying to get them to bloody their hands and help her game by splitting up the vets foursome. Until that moment, Adam was going home. Dom stupidly threw the competition and he paid the price for Dani’s big move.
Week Four: She laid low and went along with getting Brendon out of the house.
Week Five: She actually convinced Kahlia that it was a bad move to take out Rachel, because Rachel would be coming back and Kahlia would be her biggest target, so Kahlia put up Lawan, and we all know how that worked out.
Week Six: Brendon comes back and Shelly knows she is toast if Brenchel and JJ are allowed to stay together in the game, so she starts getting close to Dani and her team.
Week 7, She sucks up to Jeff and Jordan because her lies are coming out. Luckily it happened after POV and she was safe, but she knew at that point that Jeff was coming after her. Rachel and Jordan were coming after her once Dani was gone.
DE: Shelly flips and sends Jeff home. Porsche wins HOH and Shelly is on board to take out Rachel, but the twist messed up her game and she got got.

Anyone who thinks Shelly is a floater needs to go back and watch it all over again. Did she lie? Hell yeah. Did she betray and backstab? Of course she did. It’s BB and that’s how the game is played. She played hard and lost. Maybe you hate her game play, but I don’t understand why people can’t separate the game from who these people are outside the game. She has my vote for America’s favorite, but I know she doesn’t have a chance with all of the JJ fans.

clueless fools

You got to remember its a game, also We (America) watch how you play and we vote too We got to see it all, so good luck in life when you walk down streets and people realize who you are, what kind of person you are. Shelly said she tried out as a joke, We all saw what kind of house and family you have, you didn’t needed the money or attention but know you will get plenty of attention. Good or Bad your 5 minutes of Fame will go down as a person not to trust


Needing the money or not isn’t relevant to who gets to play the game and who should win. It’s a game. Everyone is there to win. Some people play for the money. Some people play for the challenge of winning. A contestant can be a multi millionaire and if they win by playing the best game, why shouldn’t they take the prize. At the same time, why would someone who didn’t play smart and hard be awarded the prize because they need the money. This isn’t the welfare line. It’s a game.


cluesless fool your name fits you perfect


you missed my point, with dani and porsche she was only guaranteed final 3, so how did flipping help her, she was not going beat dani either


But she wasn’t guaranteed final 3 with JJ. They were blowing smoke up someone’s butt. They had final 4 with JA. They had final 3 with Shelly and also with Adam. At the same time, they had a final 4 deal with Brenchel, and a final 3 deal with Rachel. Shelly starts noticing that Jeff is starting to question her loyalty, and she knows going against Jeff’s directives will make her his target, so she went looking for safety. How could she honestly think JJ would take her to final 3, much less final 2, when word was getting out that they were firmly allied with Rachel. People bitch about Shelly’s lies, but not about JJ’s dishonesty. How can they have final 4 deals with 4 different players and not be lying, betraying and backstabbing people who think they can trust them? Not criticising them for it, its game and its valid. I just don’t get why its so bad when Shelly and Dani do it, but not at all an issue when JJ and Brenchel do it. I am a fan of the show (more in the past than lately) and I appreciate good game play, no matter where it comes from. I honestly don’t like anyone from this season, but I respected how hard Shelly played, how hard Dani fought and how Porsche became a force to be reckoned with, when nobody thought she had it in her. Those three didn’t have twists to help them. They didn’t have trusted partners to take bullets for them and keep them safe. They didn’t have partners that doubled their chances of staying off the block, like Brenchel and JJ. They played alone and for themselves.

very big brother fan

i still love ya, jeff


I agree completely. I will never understand why people like jeff so much. He is 100% a bully, but yet he is most likely going to win americas favorite, yet again. Jeff you got got. He just needs to get over himself cause hes going home with almost $50,000. Stripend(sp?) + americas vote + $15,000 in prize money. He basically got second place.


why don’t you go on the show and see how you feel when you get sent to the jury house, jeff thought he could trust shelly and thought he would make it to the final 4, so he’s a little upset, who cares
dani is just as upset she just is trying to hide it, I bet is killing her that adam is still in the house


as much as I love jordan, rachel deserves to win this season


totally agree

BBFan in Nebraska

The rules of the Diamond Power of Veto became more clear then when it was first introduced in season 4 and then again in season 12. It grants the bearer the power to remove a player off of nomination block and then select the nomination themself, rather then deferring to the HOH for the replacement nominee. The holder of this veto may not select either the HOH or the regular Veto holder as a replacement. Looks like Rachel will be seeing Brendon tonight.


Did Jordan really find a power of veto in the ceral box or is this a joke

Midwest Fan

Simon, thanks for the morning laugh.
: )


Okay maybe it is me, but I don’t think Porsche is that attractive. She looks so much different than she did when she came in the house. She holds her arm close to her body like she has had a stroke or something. She doesn’t talk much and when she does it rarely in a tone that you can understand. I have rendered her clueless and have moved on.

Jordan – Kinda disappointed that she might be on her way out the door. However, if she doesn’t want to campaign, then that’s on here. I would definitely tell Porsche that she will never win again Rachel and that Rachel is a monster in endurance comps. Jordan should tell Porsche to just look at her track record and that she hasn’t won anything and really doesn’t think she is capable of winning.

Last – TO ALL JORDAN’S FAN – Please get over the fact that she might be going home. Jordan deserves to be sent packing. Jordan is by far my favorite, however, Jordan has done nothing. Okay, trying is good, but winning is better. Porsche and Adam are losers, but they have at least won something. Jordan has done absolutely nothing and now she wants to pout and be alone. I not too crazy about delusional people…….and her vision is definitely clouded.

Shelly – all I have to say is REALLY……do you really believe what you are saying………do you really believe that you did nothing but help Jeff and Jordan…….REALLY. I guess smoking and coffee must kill brain cells. It’s like she’s been smoking crack…..well, she does look like a crack head.


LMAO it is a fake picture for two reasons:

1…you can tell she really isnt holding it and if she was she would be smiling
2…when has Jordan ever gotten up before 8:00am?????


The photo may have been edited but she was up before 8am. That photo is from this morning. Scroll up above and see it’s from 7:51am.


don’t you guys see that it’s a photoshopped picture


CBS is no longer doing America’s favorite juror, but instead they are voting for America’s Favorite Player. I wonder if this will be rigged as well? We will soon find out. I also wonder if they did this to keep the vets from winning it.


I personally think Rachel is most deserving to win. As much as I loathe her personality she currently deserves it the most. She had to fight almost every week to stay in the house as she was always a target and she won the most comps.

That being said if Porsche was SMART she would keep Jordan. They both have only one two comps all season and Rachel has the best chance of winning Porsche in the final HOH.

Also, Porsche has the best chance of winning against both Adam and Jordan in the final two. The only vote Jordan will get will beJeff’s.

At this point the persons who can beat you in the final HOH, is most deserving to win and has the most votes against you in the Jury house, HAS to go!

Porsche/Rachel – Final Two
Shelly will vote Porsche
Kalia will vote Porcshe
Brendon will voite Rachel
Jeff will vote Rachel
Adam will vote Rachel
Jordan will vote Rachel
Dani will probably vote Porsche if she uses emotions. If she thinks logically she will vote Rachel.

Porsche MUST evict Rachel to win!


If Porsche is too STUPID to realize this than all the newbie fans can start crying now and bc Rachel will win! When Rachel wins HOH she will evict Porsche because although she will beat both Adam and Porsche her margin of votes is bigger than Adam and she will NOT be as stupid as Porsche (if Porsche keeps her). If it’s Rachel/Adam Dani will definitely vote for Rachel at that point and possibly Kalia will also. This makes the margin of victory bigger for Rachel. I think Shelly will vote agains Rachel not matter who is sitting there!


I think Porsche loses with an F2 of Porsche and Adam too.

Porsche/Adam – Final Two

Shelly will vote Adam (she doesn’t like P)
Kalia will vote Porsche
Brendon will vote Adam
Jeff will vote Adam
Rachel will vote ??? (I can see her going either way but it won’t matter)
Jordan will vote Adam
Dani will vote Porsche

A lot of people think Adam is stupid but he knew exactly what he was doing. He wanted this outcome of Jordan going home because he’s in a better position of winning against Porsche and Rachel. It’s his to lose at this point.


Is Simon the person who posted that Jordan won the VETO (did state that it was unconfirmed). Well, does anybody know where I can find this Simon person. I got a few choice words for him/her. I stayed up until midnight so that I could catch BBAD. I wanted to see Jordan wearing her VETO around her neck. I wanted to see the big smile on her face. It took me 5 minutes to realize that the person playing cards with Rachel and Adam was Porsche and not Jordan. Hell, it was late. When I found out that Jordan was packing, I had a hard time believing it was so. I wanted to hunt this Simon person down at 1:00 a.m. in the morning and let him/her know how I truly felt. Well, Simon, if I ever catch you in a dark alley at about 1:00 a.m. in the morning, your butt is mine.


hahahaha this is funny bye JORDAN


Yeah, Simon got jokes!


Here are Kalia’s goodbye messages. She conveniently doesn’t understand Rachel’s message, then goes on to say that it’s too bad Rachel has to always be Rachel (i.e. mean) and adds that she could never stand her. So I guess that means Kalia is also being Rachel. Or something.


There is not way that is a real Golden POV, if it was, CBS would only be verifying that this game is rigged, Jordan is the only one who eats Lucky Charms. This has to be a joke.


I meant no way that is a real golden POV.


I’m confused. Why is Porsche keeping Rachel!?! And why is Adam encouraging this?? Are these two simply just playing for 2nd place? NO ONE left in that house is going to beat Rachel in an HOH competition which will solidify her position in F2 and once she’s there she’s going to get the votes! She’ll get BJJS, if Adam is in F2, I think Kalia and Dani and Porsche will also vote for Rachel because they are disgusted with how Adam played the game, ESP Kalia.
However taking Jordan to F3 almost guarantees she will be sent home because she SUCKS at every single competition! AND Jordan is clearly already defeated and just wants to go home so her motivation isn’t there. Rachel, on the other hand, is completely pumped and determined to win AND she’s won the most competitions this season.
Maybe I’m missing something but if P or A actually want to win 500K I’m not understanding why they’re keeping Rachel.


I believe Porsche might realize keeping Jordan is probably best. However, spoiled brat, woe is me Jordan doesn’t want to talk and has given up. Porsche asked her if she wanted to talk and she said no. I say let her go home. I like Jordanr, but that attitude isn’t going to get you far.


Whether Jordan speaks or not Porsche has to evict Rachel to win!


Exactly! No one is keeping Jordan in order to benefit HER so it doesn’t matter whether she pleas her case or not, keeping her is simply the only way P or A can expect to win 500K. Rachel will absolutely mop the floor with the both of them and I’m sure CBS will make sure of that so it’s in their best interest to not even give her that opportunity. God Adam is such a worthless piece of shit and Porsche has NO BRAIN!!! whyyyyy are they in F3!!! Say what you will about Kalia being annoying and sleeping all day but at least she started trying to play the game. I do not think she deserved to go home before P, A, OR J (who is the ultimate coattail rider btw).


Believe me I want to see Porsche be “that stupid” because right now Rachel is the only one that deserves to win with Porsche in second place. If she knocks out Rachel, great game move and Porsche wins hands down! Please Porsche for your newbie fans that blamed the Vets the whole season because your newbie players were too stupid to stay banned together as you HAD the numbers, please evict Jordan!! Then they can cry and blame Brendon, Jeff and Jordan for your STUPIDITY!!!


I think Adam and Porsha think they can beat Rachel, because no one seems to like her and they think Jordan will win again simply because everyone seems to like her, but they are making a bad decision here, but I am glad because I think Rachel does deserve to win over any of them.


And Yes I also think Rachel is the most deserving as much as I can’t stand her but to watch everyone roll over in the end to just hand her the money isnt even good TV.




This picture is RIGGED!!! and I am drinking to that.


DAMN!!!!! Jordan is going home!! This really makes me mad, Adam sucks as a player and now he goes against Jordan and Rachel. Both Adam and especially Porsche don’t deserve to win!!! They just rode coat tails the whole summer!


Adam never went against Jordan and Rachel, He put Porcha up on the block, Porcha won the veto and took herself off. Adam couldnt put himself on the block so he had no choice but to have Jordan and Rachel up there.




it was nice to see jeff put Dani in her place when he was taliking to Shelley, and DANI face was blush when he told her to shut up and tell her she had her chance, and then Shelley lying again to Jeff by saying Rach and Jordan wanted her on thier siide, boy she does not stop. I bet her daughter is real proud, or I just might add also the kids in school are probally giving this poor kid a lot of shit. DANI still does not see what she has done the loser all she needed to do was stay with the five, but oh no she had to make a big move because the fans love big moves and she will be the Americas favorite, fat chance dani Jeff will get this you loser


I think they should of had the $500,000 cash in a window box in the BB house since the beginning of the game. This way the newbies would be reminded why they were there. The vets knew the whole time 🙂

VA Vet

Has anyone thought about what the jury votes would look like had BB not brought Brendon back into the game?

Can you say (drink) RIGGED!


So Porche is planning on evicting Jordon over Rachel….why not? after all this season is full of dumb moves but I support this idiotic move 101%.


Jeff keeps showing his true colors. He and Jordan have had a great summer. THey get a 25,000.00 bonus for signing. Twice the salary the newbees. Jeff won 15,000.00 and one of them will get fan favorite. Jeff is 31 . He needs to go and get a real job. He is a telemarketer sitting in a cubicle wearing his muscle shirt to work. He calls people like you and me at dinner time. He needs to go and get a real job and stop getting so mad when people do not let him win.
Dani was just trying to calm him down to keep him from making a fool of himself. It is not everyones fault that he did not win. He made the choices and people did not agree. Grow up


I disagree. Dani was speaking when she was not being spoken to. Jeff had already asked Dani all the questions that he wanted to. Jeff said it was his time to get answers from Shelly. No, Dani and her big ass mouth wanted to take control of the conversation and taunt Jeff in the process. Hell, she got what she deserved. Next time just shut the hell up like Brendon did. If it’s not your fight, why do you have your dukes up?

Midwest Fan



LOL – good one.


Rachel worked so hard to get this far. Every week she was a target. Players hid her personal property, & treated her so mean in her face & behind her back. She just ate it all up. & moved on. She kept her word when she told a player she will vote keep them & she did. She deserved the $ more then any player!


Rachel deserved everything that she got early on. Rachel was a capital B when Brendon was in the house. What happened to Rachel very early on was all Rachel’s fault. Now, Rachel is tolerable and I like her, but do I really like her.


All you people hating on Jeff, Shelly and Dani, please get over it! They are out of the house and Jeff had EVERY Right to confront Shelly and be pissed as they all did going down the line. Each were evicted by the one that followed.

@Aika808 I agree but playing devil’s advocate and for LOVE OF THE GAME! If Porsche wants to make a great game move and be the player she proclaims herself to be she MUST evict Rachel to have any shot at the big money. If not she is paying for second.


But Rachel did win last year. She got Brennnden! And that’s priceless.

Weird. I despised Rachel and Brenden earlier in the game. Now Rachel winning is OK by me. (or Porsche) And Brenden ain’t so bad in the JH. Figure he’ll have some hefty college expenses and can use the cash.

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Jeff knows Shelley is correct. She made her own choice and was right to
do so even if he hated it.

I think Jeff is really ticked off at the Double Eviction. He didn’t expect that to
happen for another week.

Jeff “got got” by his own Clown Shoe and by BB Production moving up the Double Eviction
a week early. What a hoot!!!


A vote for Rachel is a vote for Russell Hantz.

Go Adammmmmmmmmmmmmmmm !!!!!

He has the smartest gameplay. Any BB or Survivor fan knows floaters win.


If Porsche is dumb enuff to keep Rachel and evict Jordan tonight, if Porsche were to win the final HOH competition, do you think she would be dumb enough to take Rachel with her to F2?