Big Brother 13 Live Feed Screen Captures – September 6th, 2011 Updated LIVE!

Big Brother 13 live feed Gallery for September 6th. Each minute we take a series of screen captures from each Live Feed cam in the house and upload them to our Gallery every 10 minutes. This system runs 24/7 expect thousands and thousands of Screen Captures every day. Alerts are sent out via our Twitter account @BigBspoilers and Facebook page.

Each photo produced has a file name of when it was taken and by which cam. For example one may have the title “BB13-C37-8-201112_06_08.jpg”
C3 = Camera 3 on the feeds
7-8-2011 = July 8th, 2011
12_06_08 = Taken at 12:06:08

If you want to go back to these times and watch them on the feeds you can using a rewind option called Flashback. Try the Feeds out Free 3 day Trial

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This will be great another newbie gone and two more to go. Too Bad Kaila will going to the Jury House and tell Dani that I totally screw up and Porsche will be evicted on Thursday. JAR final 3.

brittany scott

but u don’t know porsche could win HoH and then rachel or jordan is gone


Wouldn’t it be funny if Adam went to the final two even though he did absolutely nothing. He would not win the big prize but he would come in second (by default). I like Jordon but I don’t think she should win, she actually has not done much either. I don’t like Rachel but I would like to see her win, cause she plays the game hard.


I don’t like Rachel at all, butt she is the only one left that deserves to win.


Thanks Trips, me too.

nice counts

Jordan convincing Kalia that they were evicting Adam was one of the biggest game moves this season and whether she won or not that was a brilliant move and it was all Jordan. You have to give the girl credit and she has a great social game. The skunks Porsche and Kalia should go home. Porsche tried to poison Jordan and that in itself should of sent her packing. It does not matter if she got sick, in legal terms it is if the intent is to harm she is guillty. Still shocked CBS if not BB did not fire her. GO JORDAN AND RACHEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Agree…would love to see Rachel and Jordan in the final two because Rachel fought a hard fight when it mattered most and Jordan stood by Rachel’s side when no one else would! That deserves the prize in itself!


Thanks that you are giving Rachel the credit. I would like to see Rachel, Adam and Jordan final three.

Dr. Bombay

When kalia and Dani hook up at the
Jury House will they whisper?


whoever makes it to final 2 made it there by playing their game. They deserve to be there. They obviously did something the other people couldn’t do. So if they “floated” or powered their way in they still did it. Everyone has a different style and if it gets them there, they deserve to be there.


Floating and fighting your way to the prize is like the difference between Kung Fu and Aikido. Floating is like Aikido where you beat your opponent by using their strengths against them (like Jordan, maybe Adam) whereas Kung Fu is Rachel or Dani-style hard tactics.

I think Rachel is awesome tactically (comps, some point-of-contact social) but shit strategically. Taking Jordan to Final 2??? She has no chance against her with Jury. She needs to take Porsche with her. Someone who is equally despised so she can have a fighting go of getting at least the vet votes (and Adam’s cuz he kisses Jeff’s ass). She might not even win against Adam, although none of the vets will respect him for bending like a reed all the way through.

Both Jordan and Rachel want Adam for final three and if Porsche wins HoH again, he’ll definitely be in that final big comp. I gotta say, I admire his strat and luck. Very Zen, the way he made it through without lifting a finger. If he is up there against Porsche for Final 2, I see him winning the big prize.


It is my understanding that the whole jury house does not want Adam to win. Even if “floating” was his method of getting to the end, it stinks and no one has respect for that method. Hands down the only one left in the house that deserves to win is Rachel. I don’t think anyone in there even deserves 2nd place. Just give all the money to Rachel.


Ok I’m kind of upset how Julie spent such a long time talking to Jordan on Big Brother’s episode on Thursday night. If I can recall when Kalia was voted off…the whole interview was rushed. Also I noticed that there were taped messages from the remaining house members for Jordan. What’s the deal Big Brother? Kalia was a great player…sure she was very emotional but I think that she played hard. Porsha just woke up last week for the game and Adam I think will wake up on Saturday or something. I guess Kalia was a non factor or something. I’m trying not to go there but it’s almost like because she was the only African American left it’s almost like she had nothing important to say. Julie I’m disappointed in you.


@ China. Know that you opened the door. I have noticed that African Americans are always the first/second to leave the house. Why is that?