Big Brother 13 Live Feed Screen Captures – September 4th, 2011 Updated LIVE!

Big Brother 13 live feed Gallery for September 4th. Each minute we take a series of screen captures from each Live Feed cam in the house and upload them to our Gallery every 10 minutes. This system runs 24/7 expect thousands and thousands of Screen Captures every day. Alerts are sent out via our Twitter account @BigBspoilers and Facebook page.

Each photo produced has a file name of when it was taken and by which cam. For example one may have the title “BB13-C37-8-201112_06_08.jpg”
C3 = Camera 3 on the feeds
7-8-2011 = July 8th, 2011
12_06_08 = Taken at 12:06:08

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Big Brother 13

Last week since Shelly and Adam were on the block and Adam won the POV Adam should not use it because he should OW Jordan and Rachel because them 2 saved him and thats not fair that they saved him and that he’s going to use the POV on Porsha its just not right… Know what I might be mad sometimes but I WOULD NEVER SAY THAT IM GOING TO KILL SHELLYS FAMILY NEVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR….


What the hell are you trying to say???


Just read on one of the other pages that at one of the competitions that Porsche put something in the Muscle Milk that made Jordan really sick. I mean I understand the lying, backstabbing and everything but why does production let someone put stuff in food that makes people sick. Sorry, but if she did do that she should of been thrown out of the game. I am really getting to where I cannot stand Porsche or Kalia and agree they need to be sent packing. I mean they are not only mean, hateful, cruel but some things they do border on criminal. It has gotten to where it is actually dangerous being in the BB house. In the real world, people that do stuff like that are prosecuted if caught. Team J/R/A all the way because these other two are just SICK in the HEADS!


Wouldn’t be allowed, many years ago one house guest used another house guest to scrub the toilet and had to come clean about it, They even kicked someone out in one of the first few BB for violent tendency’s


used another house guest tooth brush


She put fiber in it, so really anyone who was on slop would be ingesting it. Definitely shady, I don’t think it’s appropriate to mess with anyones food and production should’ve said something.


did I miss something what comp was that and where is the post?


Adam is not going to use the Veto….he is too loyal to JJ and R…….I had rather see him win it then Kalia or Posche… least he is honest and has stayed true with his alliance!!!!!!!!!! For some reason people think that the winner shoud be the biggest lair in the house…if that was the case Kalia and Shelly would win hands down…….On BBAD last night Kalia did nothig but cry to Jordan to please keep her and then turn right around and beg Adam to put Jordan up…….I know this is a game but sometimes the good guy needs to win!!!!!!!!!!

Only "rigged" for viewership

I completely agree with you. I read somewhere that some people watch this show because they want to watch people cry and back-stab each other. How lame is that? It’s a sad commentary about society –that people want to see people suffer. People saying that it’s game, it’s how the game is played etc… That may be true, but people are still people and people have feelings. Adam is being attacked for “not playing the game” The objective of the game is to win the $500,000. The game is not about who makes the biggest move, etc… its about getting to the end. Adam is playing his game in a way that he thinks will make it to the end. People should stop attacking him just because he’s not doing what people think as the best move.


Porsche put a fiber laxative in the muscle milk if I remember correctly.And yes I think she should be put out for it. But Kalia and Dani both knew she did so they are guilty too for not warning people.


That would explain why Jordan is full of s**t


I agree with you this one:That would explain why Kaila is full of s**t. Wow, BB should consider another rule. Drug testing or they will not eligbile to compete. I heard you.


Hey Si! It’s “get along Sunday”… invented by two friends of mine… basically regardless of your problems in your world on Sunday you just “get along”… hope the concept goes viral… we could all use a day of peace to just “Get Along”! It reminds me of the “pay it forward” thing… but without all the work… all you have to do is “Get Along”!!! My freinds are a couple that constantly “disagree”… except on “get along Sunday”


To clear up any confusion… “Get along Sunday” occurs once a week… EVERY Sunday!


My friend told me about this monologue thing that Adam did on 9/1 at around 12:50 I believe. Anyways, he basically lays out how he’s been thinking/ the way he’s been playing. It’s kind of what I suspected he was doing but he also goes into why he trusted Jeff and not Dani, how he thinks Rachel is a good person and so on.


I agree…I think that if mess with food by putting a laxative in it it gives the ones who do not take it an advantage……just not fair…if you have to cheat by making people sick you do not belong in the game…….KP and Dani have done nothing but steal other people’s items and give themseves an unfair advantage…..I hope that our young leaders of tomorow are not watching this show…..they have enough to deal with…..


benifiber is not a laxitive, it’s just fibre. It’s akin to saying she ‘made people sick’ by giving them a bran muffin


Adam should make a big move and use the Veto, and get Jordon out this week, because there is no way he will win if he makes it to the final two with her.

Only "rigged" for viewership

If that’s your logic, then think about this: he probably will not make it to the final two with Porshe and Kalia in addition –if he uses the veto, Rachel and Jordan will be upset with him and that puts a target in his back if he’s part of the final 2. I actually see Adam not using the veto and deciding to team up with Porshe.

It is pretty obvious that Jordan and Rachel will take each other to the end (by the way, same goes for Porshe and Kalia taking each other to the end). I’m guessing that Adam will not use the veto, and Kalia goes home.


Kalia is a disgusting human being. Does she really think she is good player? Poor Adam…just shut that fatso down!


AMERICA……All house guest deserve to win….Even Shelly


I am sick of the double standards in this game also. Everything Jordon and Rachel says about someone else could go for them. Like How Jordan doesn’t think Porshe should win because she already won some money, then that would have been the same case for Jeff if he was still there. That should also be the case for her. She doesn’t deserve to win another season. You can see when she gives up in competitions. I can’t believe she is from Charlotte, NC I have never seen anyone like her that doesn’t know anything. I guess all you Jordan lovers think it’s cute when she looks at someone and lies to their face, or manipulates things, because she is weak and can’t win competitions. Adam needs to go home! I would love for Rachel,Porshe & Kalia to be final 3. Jordan needs to wake up and see how her bully play boyfriend Jeff will just use her for her money again. Adam has won what he wanted, some fame, to meet Tori spelling. He did it all while riding Jeff’s Nutsack. It’s sad that people are calling Kalia * Porsche fat. I am very sick of how BB manipulates the game so that certain people have a chance. I guess the vagina and boob shots Rachel Gave them worked. I used to love Jeff & Jordan, ever since their season, I just hate how he acted this time. What they said about Dani running the house and noobs following her, well it was happening on Jeff’s alliance also. Both Rachel & Jordan seem much better without their guys around. I hate that Kalia talks so much and is crying and begging but I wish she could get someone to throw her a save. I just wish that Evel Dick, Dani and Jeff could have stayed in longer, Dani wouldn’t have turned so fast. I just thought this would hae been an awesome season. ED and Dani would have done so great. But oh well it ended up like this. No one can call Kalia & Porsche a floater without including Adam, or Jordan! It all just sucks, I would love to see Rachel & Kalia final 2 or Rachel & Porsche!




You’re a idiot I never said I was tired of the show and watching it. I can give my opinion. When I need a dick rider I will call you or Adam. You’re just an idiot that doesn’t read clearly. Have a nice Day 😛 I can be tired of anything I want, I gave a great reply on the whole season and what I thought. So go away all caps anonymous 😛

clueless fools

All you people keep saying Adam doesn’t have a chance to win Against Jordan and Rachel for final 2 but the Hoh is a three part game if he wins 2out of 3 he chooses who to take with him If he wins Hoh twice he deserves to be there . If he takes Jordan to final Brendon only for sure vote is Jeff for Jordan, others want the best competitor to win Brendon , Dani , Shelly and Kalia might just vote for Adam if he proves himself in the end Just like Jordan 2 years ago she laid low until the end doesn’t sound like its a bad idea.