Big Brother 13 Live Feed Screen Captures – September 14th, 2011 Updated LIVE!

Big Brother 13 live feed Gallery for September 14th. Each minute we take a series of screen captures from each Live Feed cam in the house and upload them to our Gallery every 10 minutes. This system runs 24/7 expect thousands and thousands of Screen Captures every day. Alerts are sent out via our Twitter account @BigBspoilers and Facebook page.

Each photo produced has a file name of when it was taken and by which cam. For example one may have the title “BB13-C37-8-201112_06_08.jpg”
C3 = Camera 3 on the feeds
7-8-2011 = July 8th, 2011
12_06_08 = Taken at 12:06:08

If you want to go back to these times and watch them on the feeds you can using a rewind option called Flashback. Try the Feeds out Free 3 day Trial

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Crooked Shooter

Finale FINALLY tonight yo!!!




I might be wrong and there is no doubt that I probably am, but for some reason, I think Rachel is going to take Adam to the finals with her. Rachel is no fool and I’m sure she knows that the only person who would probably vote for Adam is maybe Shelly. I think Rachel is playing Porsche like a fiddle. I think if Rachel and Porsche are the final two, Porsche will probably win with Adam, Shelly, Danielle, and Kalia voting for Porsche. I hope Rachel has done the math and realizes that she needs to put her fake friendship aside and do what is best for her and that’s getting rid of Porsche. I think the evicted hgs will not give Adam the money over Rachel.

I feel sorry for Adam and then again I don’t. Adam took part in what they called “burn booking”. Adam is the last person who should be willing to criticize anyone or the game play of anyone (including Shelly, she had game play, but she just went nuts). Adam started acting a little cocky, too, like he had really don’t something worth talking about. I, also, believe that Adam might have thrown the last veto challenge that Jordan lost. Adam had nothing to gain by winning that veto contest and I believe he didn’t have the balls to use the veto if he won it (vying for jury votes).

I wish them all well and hope they are able to maintain a normal life outside of the house. It is my hope that they do not let people on the internet (including me) change the way they feel about themselves. Basically, they were all playing a game that REQUIRED that you lie, cheat, and steal, in order to survive. I know you should never sell your soul to the devil, but hey, since it’s just a game why not just go for the win.


I could not agree more! Rachel is a fool to take Porshe that would be her giving away 1/2 a mill. dollars!! I am kinda hoping she takes Adam.I think Rachel is pretty smart and sneeky but the one time she screws herself will prob. be this time.Either way she takes a chance at losing Porshe’s vote but you know Kalia& them will vote for Porshe! Nice way of putting things! I wish them all well too kept us enjoying our evenings watching all the drama!!! Atleast they all get some money for stopping their lives! Wish I had the guts to do something like this:) Ha ha I wouldn’t make it thru 1st eviction lol


I go back and forth between R and P for the win. One thing for sure, hope I never have to hear about or see RBJJ ever again after this show.


Porche does not deserve to win!! She sat on her bubbly ass all summer sleeping and eating in those disgusting track suits!!!


X2 forever


Today on Special edition season finale of Big Brother HOH record Watch (The quest of tying Janelle’s all time HOH wins): Tonight is a night……Dreams came true. In last than 12 Hours, Rachel will attempt to tied Janelle’s all time HOH wins in the Big Brother History. Rachel is more like Barry Bonds of Big Brother. She never quits, never gives up, and never back down without a fight. Rachel overcome the odds from last season with the catiness and now thanks to JJ, She is a better person and she will be Co-HOH Record Holder, Co-Queen of Big Brother, and the title winner of BB13. Can she do it? Can she fought the hardest? She is more like John Cena of Big Brother. She will go on the Record Books that Rachel will get the shot of tying Janelle’s HOH’s wins. Let’s take a look one more time: Janelle (BB6 &BB7) 6 HOH’s & 7 POV’s (Current BB for both HOH’s & POV’s Record Holder), Rachel 5 HOH’s & 2 POV’s (Current in 2nd place). As right now, we look back in from Week 1 thru Week 10. Also, we are highlights of Rachel wins HOH no. 3 in week 1 w/Brendon safe, which she ties w/Ryan(BB9),Hardy (BB2),Nakomis (BB5 & BB7), Jordan (BB11 & BB13-Which she won in Week 2),Dan (BB10), Eval Dick (BB8) & Jessie (BB10 & BB11) with 3 each; In week 3, Rachel wins HOH again for second time in which tied with Mike “Boogie” (BB2 & BB7),Her former fellow castmate Hayden (BB12) & Danielle (BB8 & BB13-Which she also won twice from BB8 & BB13) . Week 5 thru Week 8, She almost overtook Danielle’s, Hayden, & Mike “Boogie” to win more HOH’s competition. However in week 9 Day 63, she won 3rd HOH win and she now sole position in 2nd place. Now can she tie with Janelle’s all time HOH wins. Stay tuned for Special edition season finale of Big Brother Record Watch (The Quest of tying Janelle’s all time HOH wins).


Q: Who gives a flying shit about tying Janelle’s record? A: Nobody!!!!! Go away and take your psycho babble with you and please don’t come back next season, you are very annoying and I will miss everyone but you.


I agree with you bro: Q: Who gives a flying shit about Squabble is really funny? A: Nobody!!!!! Go away and take your psycho loser DKP with you and please don’t come back next season, you are very annoying and I will miss everyone but Squabble. Yes, I know. I will be back next year but Squabble!! I hate him too!! Squabble, you listening right now. NANAHEF told me that He hate you!! OH yeah!!! I will be back whatever I want! So, I agree with you Squabble. NANAHEF told me don’t come back. He doesn’t like you. Period. Yes, NANAHEF I will make sure Squabble will never return again. If he does, we will be ready for him. Make sure that Squabble’s lame jokes will make us really pissed off! Okay bro!!! I got your back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SQUABBLE!! NANAHEF SAID “GO AWAY AND DON’T COME BACK NEXT SEASON!!!” Captainwedgiearchnemesis will be back next season!!!!!


Why are you being so mean nanahef? Everyone has a right to their own opinion.


Besides the repetition, I think part of this young man’s autism is a trivia memorization skill, specifically in regards to people setting records. As this is a site for everyone, people should simple pass over if annoyed. If Simon and Dawg had an iPad app I could buy enabling you to block the posts of certain very offensive people, I would buy it.


I am looking forward to the posts of squabble and Captainwedgiearchnemesis on BB14 (if there is one and the show does not get cancelled).

I still think that simon = squabble so I hope he/they is/are back next summer.

I have a class on Wednesday night so I won’t be able to see the premier of Survivor and the Finale of BB13. I will read the fans posts, though.


I can’t believe I am saying this but I hope Rachel does win. She is the most deserving in the house although Porche did step up her game. Of course, by the time she stepped up her game there wasn’t much talent left in the house to compete against. Adam is rather slimy and I can’t help but remember the smug look he gave Jordan when she came to speak to him in the HOH room. While neither deserve to win this game, I think Jordan deserved a little more of Adam’s respect than he gave her. He was still in the game because of the vets. For this reason alone I lost all of my respect for Adam and hope he doesn’t get a cent out of this game. GO RACHEL!!!


I totally agree with Lurker. I never want to hear or see BRJJ on my screen-Ever again. DO YOU HEAR BB??Allison G>???Enough is enough! Give Rachel the half mil so she freaking go away for ever!!!!!She will give it all away to the Plastic surgeon. She may not top Jeanelle, but she will top the actress who had 10 plastic surgeries in one day. Brendon will try to control the money–and that will be the end of this horrendous relationship. The only reason Rachel is with Brendon is because he is using his school loans and aid to support her and her unpaid traffic tickets. She said she has three accidents and several unpaid traffic tickets. The most spoiled, self-entitled, clinging, poor looser I ever saw. And, yes–her argument that she fought to get here. Yes–she fought way too hard and disregard anyone who dared to step between her and the 500. She did not allow anyone to have a chance. She ruthlessly got them evicted and laughed about it.
I am not even go there and say what I think of JJ -another pair of leeches whose arrogance and self-entitlement turn my stomach.

I really love the concept of BB. And, I would like to see a game with real people, and fair competitions. Another producer and director with a little class and a better understanding of what viewers want would improve their ratings by attracting other people to watch what I think is one of the best reality shows . I also watch and love Dancing with the Stars and American Idol. BB is my favorite, but I am getting very frustrated and disappointed with the casting and constant manipulation by Allison G. FIRE HER!!!!

dani's fan

I think Porsche’s address to the Jury will go something like this. “I think you should vote for me because Rachel is getting married to Brendon and he is going to find a cure for cancer. They will have more than enough money for a wedding and a messy expensive divorce. If it wasn’t for Jordan I would have been the dumbest person in the house. I will probably end up being a single mother on welfare, so I will really need the money. Oh, and I’m really looking forward to meeting Michael Jackson at the wrap party.”

If I was in the Jury I would vote for Porsche. She may be a bit scatter brained but she won the comps she needed to in order to be in the final 2. Rachel was the recipient of 3 huge breaks. Brenedon took her off the block with his veto. The first twist saved her butt when she should have been on her way to the Jury House, and to second twist turned the game in her favor. In any other year she would never have reached the final 3

Archie Bunker often said “The Lord takes care of drunks and dingbats” It seems that “The Lord” (Production) only took care of the drunk, and not the dingbat.


Bring back jj rb next year just to piss off all the whiners and losers on this site !!!!


thats a great idea, bring all four back again,
I bet everyone who is complaining would still watch


Not a complainer, whiner or loser. Just hoping they go away, want new characters.


Hey guys!! Next year BB14: either allstars or simple. Who will break the HOH’s & POV’s record of Janelle’s (6 HOH’s & 7 POV’s) and/or Rachel’s? Any suggestions?


Thank You so much!!! Great season. I will see you next year.


Great site! I made a donation today. Thanks for all the info due to your dedication.


Thank you, we appreciate it! We do it all for you the fans!


It is down to Rachel and Porcha , Rachel just sent Adam home.