Big Brother Spoilers Adam “It’s the Last night on showtime I’m probably not winning America’s Juror” **updated

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Live Feed Screen Capture Gallery

9:09pm Adam playing cards by himself. Adam starts singing to the camera
“Last night on showtime
“last night on showtime we got zinged by the zingbot”
“Last night on showtime we fed a sweet tooth shark on OTEV”
“Last night on show time you’re probably watching the girls in the bathroom”
“Last night on show time I’m probably not winning America’s Juror”

Adam says tot he camera that the girls are scared he has too many vote in the jury that is why they won’t take him to final 2. Adam has a plan though “I got a couple tricks up my sleeve and I’ll let them be known tomorrow”

9:18pm Adam walks into the Bathrooms sings “It’s the last night on showtime put on your crest white strips”.

9:25pm Final 3 in the bathroom Adam and Porsche are wearing teeth whitening strips and Rachel Reilly is applying the thousands of skin products she has.

9:31pm Adam is filing his nails with the other 2 girls. he says all his masculinity has now left him, he asks if it true.
Production says YES!
Adam: “do all the girls think i’m cool ”
Production says YES!

Did you see what she was wearing tonight OH MY GOD
Rachel “that’s what i’m saying.. who would do that and after labour day”
Adam “I mean where would you even get clothes like that at the second hand shop”
Rachel: “when did Adam become a mean girl”
Adam: “I’ve always had a inner mean girl inside me”

(Adam you’re gaining fans.. you have less than 14 hours )

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9:53pm Bathroom Rachel and Prosche

Rachel and Porsche are talking about how less stressful it is now that they don’t need to worry about competing against Adam in the questions final HOH.

Porsche says if Jordan was still left in the house then Adam would of taken Jordan not Porsche so if Porsche wins HOH she’s not going to feel bad about it. Rachel agrees says if it was JAR in the final 3 Rachel would of won endurance, Adam would of won the second comp and Adam would of won the questions an taken Jordan.

Porsche doesn’t think Anyone would of had a chance if Jordan was still in the house. Rachel counts the votes for Jrodan to win Big Brother 13; Jeff, adam, Shelly, Kalia. Porsche mentions that Dani will vote for Jordan over Rachel. Rachel says she would only have Brendon and Porsche. Rachel says that Jeff made a huge mistake throwing the POV and not saving Brendon. She thinks if Jeff had saved Brendon then Jeff would be in the final 3 right now, rachel is also certain that Brendon would of gone home furing the double eviction. Porsche doesn’t think they can speculate on what could of happened on big brother, the game changes so much day to day.
Rachel: “would Kalia of nominated Brendon and Jeff?”
Porsche: “yes ”
Rachel asks her who would have voted for Brendon to stay. Porsche in a ascent: “Good point m’lady”

10:40pm Final 3 kitchen Adam saying how close he is with Farrah, she knows who he is and she knows he loves her very much. Rachel mentions that Farrah is probably flying into LA for tomorrow.

There all hammering the food into them. Porsche and Rachel going to town. They decide to play cards, Adam wants to do it outside so they can take advantage of not being in Lock down. First he wants to do the dishes.

11:00pm Backyard Porsche and Adam Adam says it’s hard to believe this is their last night, the next time he’s out int he backyard it’ll be full of people all wanting a piece of them asking how does it feel to win 500K. Porsche sighs, she wonders if Shelly will vote for Rachel. Adam doesn’t know for sure, Adam brings up that he can help Porsche win the money. Porsche: “ya ya ya” Adam pushes says he really can convince the Jury. Porsche says Adam offered the same deal with Rachel. Adam swears he didn’t says she can bring rachel out right now and ask her in front of him. Adam asks if Rachel told her or if Rachel was answering a question. Posche thinks it was from Porsche asking questions. Adam tells her he’s just pleading his case to rachel.

11:30pm cards yo

12am Adam, Porsche and Rachel are doing their laundry in the backyard. Adam comments on how they just ended the last Showtime (Big Brother After Dark). They all decide that they will pack their suit cases. As they head inside Rachel says goodbye Big Brother backyard! They talk about ending a chapter and beginning a new chapter in their lives. Rachel and Porsche go to the bathroom to get ready for bed. Adam goes to the bedroom and starts packing. Rachel joins Adam in the bedroom and he shows her the dress he go for Fara during the shopping spree. Adam jokes that he is going to wear it tomorrow. Porsche joins Rachel in the candy room. They are all packing. Rachel and Adam talk about their first impressions of Porsche. Rachel says that she thought Porsche was sweet and innocent and that Big Brother was going to eat her alive. They talk about the finale and Adam says that he thinks there will be 10 to 20 million people watching. Rachel disagrees and thinks that’s a little high. Porsche says she is going to wear her purple dress and her wedges for the finale. Adam says he is wearing the same thing out of the house that he wore into the house….to show he is the same person just with more memories. Adam tries to wrap up the inflatable duck by putting a white trash bag over the duck’s head to protect the lipstick mark made by Tori Spelling. Porsche shows him how to deflate the duck. Rachel says that it’s been one hell of a season. Porsche agrees. Adam says that there may not have been as many fights in the house this season but there was still a lot of drama. Porsche talks about how Keith came up to her and told her he wanted to work with her before the duo twist was even revealed. The final three recount the events of the season. Adam says that the competitions are a lot harder than it looks on tv. Porsche says she had nightmares after she brought the wrong pie up during the OTEV competition. Rachel heads to the bathroom. Adam and Rachel are in the living room talking about the final HOH questions. Porsche then joins Rachel in the bathroom.

2:25am – 4am After they finish up in the bathroom the head out to the backyard. Rachel tells them tomorrow is going to be a big day and they should get to bed. Adam says that the finale is only 90 minutes this year. Rachel talks about how the backyard interviews after is an over whelming experience. Rachel says that she thinks if the newbies had won the first HOH then she would have been their target. Adam says Brendon was a bigger target. Adam mentions that Dominic thought Jeff and Jordan were the biggest targets. They talk about the beginning of the season. Porsche comments on how she tried to stay out of all the drama. Rachel agrees. Porsche says that she is going to miss the house talking to her. They all go to bed. Adam then gets up and goes out to the backyard for another smoke. Adam finishes his smoke and then heads to bed. All the houseguests are now asleep in their beds.
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5:25am All the houseguests are still sleeping..

9:30am Houseguests are still sleeping .. Big Brother then switches the live feeds to the following screen …

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I feel bad for Adam. OK, just a little.


Me to. A little.


I don”t feel bad for him… I feel embarrassed for him… MAN UP & grow a pair. $500K and that was the best he could do against 2 girls. He should have been able to digg deep and win one of those final HOH comps…. His girfriend must be sooooo upset & turned off… $500k is life changing money and he couldn”t muster up a little extra effort…


Actually he is making me sick, I thought he was a nice guy, but he is evil. Take it like a man and dont threaten them with his stupid vote, I hope rachel and porsche go to the final two and rachel wins it all. Porsche didnt do that much to earn it. Rachel fought with her life.


I’m positive Fara loves Adam for who he is as a person, not if he has money or not……just saying!

Midwest Fan

: (
Third Place is the Pits!!!
Plus add the LONG delay getting to the Finale………… ugh!
I wouldn’t mind BBP changing things up and giving the
3rd Place HG some extra cash. BBP has screwed up BB13
so much that they may as well try to make the sweetest possible
ending to their Vets vs Newbies Mess.


WTF is wrong with everyone now!!! Adam had 70 days to further his game with strategy…He is not a coattail rider, but a true floater. He is finished and deservingly so. His game was awful and its a tragedy he got this far and even got a chance at the final HOH… a disgrace to the game and shittiest player of all time. But you can all bet you asses he is coming back for AS 2.


Agree!!! biggest floater ever!

This is the same guy who said he was a competitor after he won like what 2 or 3? competitions? wow..

He has not done anything this whole game!


nobody said he needed to win, nobody said he wasn’t a floater.
Just said we feel sorry for the guy a little DAYUM calm down


I don’t. Not at all. Ahahahahahaha




Spot on! Adam deserves shit. The guy has been paralyzed with fear for most of the game, out of some hypnotic trance his love of the vets had him in, and only now is he playing the game, and even then, doing a pathetic job of it campaigning. He’s done and it’s about time.




Adam FTW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fer sure

Adam will never be on all stars. Adam was disliked b/c he never did anything. He is incredibly boring on television. His flip flop after Jeff was evicted and then back to the vets after Rachel won veto was legendary…but predictable. Sometimes bad players get far in the game. This year it was this clown. That idiot would have taken Jordan to the finals. How does he think that he has jury votes?


I am from Jersey and disappointed by him. he is just a lazy old man that thinks he deserves to win by being a floater. He did nothing in this game, He deserves to come back to jersey broke, like he was before.


Adam is not my favorite and I’m not pulling for him to win, but no one deserves to be broke.




NO WAY!! Adam already gets money just by being there…and he barely earned that.

I don’t think Porshe did nothing all summer…she had the golden key so she couldn’t do anything.
When the key was done, she worked hard to play and save herself.

Rachel is the true cat person with the nine lives. It is her own fault everyone was out to get her…it isn’t like she was an innocent person getting ganged up on.




I don’t feel badly for Adam at all. His so-called game play led him right up to this inevitable outcome. He had plenty of chances to play the game to win, but he was such a JJ butt kisser that he couldn’t be bothered to think about himself. He made his bedโ€ฆ.


Oh, no worries, Adam has a plan.


LOL can’t wait to see what it is


He has a plan just like Lawon did ๐Ÿ˜‰


I hope it’s to go find a doctor to have some gonads attached.


OBSESSED with the fact Adam thinks he could beat Rachel….AHAHAHA. Forget Live Feeds, I want camera’s there when adam realizes everyones been calling him the worst BB player ever. Cocky bastard.


LOL. Me too.


he’ll probably cry– is that what you want??

team rachel all the way

come on rachel win this final HOH, for the love of god win it so u can get that money honey…omg i hope to god u win, i want u to win soooooo bad, pls do it for the

I am on the fence

I have mixed emotions. Part of me wants Rachel to win b/c she’s been a real fighter this season. But another part of me wants to see Porsche win as she’s a huge underdog that has really given it her all these last few weeks. Part of why I love this show/game so much!

Whoever wins, I’m just a little sad to see it all end.

P.S. If the winner takes Adumb to F2, and he wins, shame on them. And shame on the Jury.


Rachel FTW! And I am so ready for Survivor!!!!!! But I will miss bb and checking this site for the daily (sometimes hourly) updates.


when does survivor start? i’ve never wanted to watch it, but i’m so bored this year i may give it a shot ๐Ÿ™‚


Tomorrow, either before or after Big Brother finale. It’s a good show.


on my tv guide it says survivor is on right before big brother on the same channel ๐Ÿ™‚

Midwest Fan

Amazing Race is one of my favorite shows and it will be coming on soon, too.


GO RACHEL!!!! She should bring Adam with her to the final two and WIN!!! woot woot


When will they do the next HOH?

Midwest Fan

Simon, catch up on your sleep tonight because you’re
going to be very busy tomorrow night after the Finale.
: )
“Thank you,” Simon, Dawg and all Onlinebigbrother fans.
You’ve made BB13 a blast.
Super photos, information and spot on updates.
Great comments – lots of humor and therapeutic venting.
Hope to “see” everyone back here next year for BB 14.
All the Best!!!!


i agree, Simon! I’ve never read bb updates until this year, and since I don’t get the feeds, this site has been the best! I also love your insights & comments. They have been right on with my thoughts- dani was such a fighter, I really wish she could have stayed. Disliked Rachel until recently when I started rooting for her just bc of her sheer will that has kept her there. Also like porche because I think she was an ok competitor. on the other hand, I started to dislike Jeff & Jordan because it seemed that they talked so bad about other hg with immunity while everyone else was called out! Shelly went against newbie alliance by lying since the beginning (even to her own partner!!) but no one cared until she made another game move to further herself (she thought) by voting out Jeff. Then it seemed everyone was on the “I hate shelly” bandwagon. I’ve concluded that people only hated shelly if she back stabbed the person they were rooting for & not for the whole of her game (which I admit was just about everyone, lol) Anyway, those are just my thoughts, and opinions & I may be wrong. That’s just how I see it! Thanks again! Y’all have been great!! :)))) really appreciate time & effort that went into this…


I hope Rachel wins tomorrow! Cuz Porche won’t take her!


Really you don’t think so?


I don’t think she will either because she knows Rachael will win.
She can win against Adam but not Rachel!
Rachel better win final HOH!


Since this site will probably be swamped tomorrow i just want to say a big thank you!!

This site is awesome!!! I’ll definitely be back next season!


Hey Simon

Also want to say thanx for your amazing site and the time you put into it!!!

Will you be doing something for Survivor or is it strictly BB?


I’ll second that thank you.


adam’s plan is to start sucking off dick and jeff after the show, he has no game, all week he has been pulling shelly moves, and we all know how far that got her.

thank you guys for all the updates, i think this is the best BB site out there…….


Best wishes for Adam hope you can pull it off. You are a good Guy at heart.


simon im kinda feeling a little partial to the little putz too. part of me wants porsche to win tomorrow and ditch rachel for adam… but then i’d be scared that he’d win it all and i definitely DON’T want to see that. but i think i woudln’t be sad if he won a little somethin something.
plus, the look on rachel’s face when she realizes she’s 3rd place… priceless.


I would LOOOOOOOOVE to see BB12 Brit’s commentary on this final 3 lmao


So is a retarted kitten… and that qualifies them for 500 k?


What does retarted mean? – surely you can’t POSSIBLY be saying what I think you are???????


Come On Porsche!.. Win final HOH!!.. then Win!!!.. Do Not take slimy Adam to final 2!!


Porshe needs to win!!!! Go porshe! If Porshe doesnt win I will skip all my classes on Thursday! lol


Will they do the final HOH live on the show or will they tape the final HOH then show on the finale???

Crooked Shooter

the final stage of last HOH is always a quick trivia game that is done live near the beginning of the finale show.


Adam will look at the blogs and regret he didnt do shit, i don’t care if he says he doesn’t care, we all knows that his feelings are gonna be hurt from all the fans comments to all the houseguests comments about him


Big Keith at 96 votes! Can he make it too 100?????


Rachel FTW She needs to win the last comp to be safe. Doesn’t Rachel have great eyebrows??

The Truth The Whole Truth & Nothing But The Truth

Rachel is the most ugly person both inside and out ever to be on television. I hope Porcha takes Adam just to piss off Rachel. She would certainly show her true colours and freak out. The only reason she’s been behaving better lately is because she feels safe from eviction. She’s still a disgusting person.


You don’t even know this person, you need to do some soul searching


Mean spirited will not get you any where. Rachel is certainly not ugly, but you are allowed your opinion
and so am I! GO Rachel!


yea, when she puts her mascura on, Racheal reminds me of a witch, riding her broom, and boy can she ride it, she has outsmarted the whole house.


Adam this is what happens when you watch the game the entire summer and not playing….you shouldn’t even be allowed in the jury



lol are you quoting Mean Girls, i love that movie!


This was the first year that I used a spoiler site while watching BB. Im glad that the first site that showed up when I searched ‘BB spoilers’.
you can be sure that I will be back next summer to keep up with the spoilers, and hopefully the cast is better.

Thanks Simon and Dawg


Go Big RED……Rachel will bring Adam if she win final HOH…. She”s just telling Porche she”ll bring her for insurance and although porche. may be thinking the same things, I believe she will stay solid and bring rachel to the Finals.. Porche was really solid when she voted to keep brendan the first time when he only had Rachel”s vote… Rachel really screwed things up then by not thanking Porche and being an emotional maniax we all love & hate…. Porche was then forced to the DARK side with Dani and now we have come full circle & Rachel & Porche are friends again….But it is tarnished & not as strong as it could have been…. Rachel makes it to the Finals 100%… (hint…..I Am Production)


Good Evening BB Fans!!! Welcome to the Special edition Season Finale of Big Brother HOH Record Watch (The quest of Tying Janelle’s all time HOH wins): We are moments away till finale night. As right now, we confirm that Rachel who set the record pace from Season 12 thru Season 13 in which Rachel needs 1 more HOH win and she will tied with Janelle’s with most HOH’s in Big Brother History. Not only that she has to pass Porsche in the Final HOH competition. Fans all around the world, celebrities, Former BB alumni, BB winners club as well to attended to witness Rachel’s Historical moment to tie Janelle’s all time HOH wins. Let’s review the screen once again:Janelle (BB6 & BB7)-6 HOH’s & 7 POV’s, Rachel (BB12 & BB13)-5 HOH’s & 2 POV’s. Brendon is looking on and wearing No.6 HOH’s win. Moments away that Rachel will indeed tied Janelle’s all time HOH wins in the Big Brother History. Right now, we will have a highlights from the Finale night and then we will have a recap of BB HOH competition. Stay Tuned for the coverage of Rachel’s HOH Record Chase!!!!!!!! Breaking news:As we confirm that Janelle will be on attendance. Stay Tuned!!!! for the Special edition Season Finale of Big Brother HOH Record Watch (The Quest of tying Janelle’s all time HOH wins)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Q: Who gives a flying shit if she ties Janelles record? A: Nobody!!!! and it will be awesome to not have to put up with anymore of your babbling shit on this site. I will miss everyone but you. Have a nice year, and please don’t come back for season 14


Do you have anything nice to say now after you got that off your chest? Everyone has an opinion and everyone is welcome to chat….okay?


Big difference is that nobody ever threw a competition to Janelle. Both times she played people were trying to win. Rachel won competitions last season because the Brigade threw them until the end, so she didn’t really have a lot of competition. This year the first comp was thrown to her, the third one she beat Brendon and thanks to the stupid twist she was saved so she could play in more competitions. Rachel won against people that threw competitions while Janelle won against people that competed hard (season 6) and All Stars (season 7). Production didn’t help Janelle out. She won it all herself. Rachel is a great competitor when nobody else shows up, when the competitions are tailored to her and when production steps in and saves her. A real competitor wants to do themselves. Rachel doesn’t care how she wins, she just wants to win. Win or lose tonight (and I hope she ends up in third place), I want her and her arrogant sociopath of a boyfriend and Jeff, Jordan, Jessie and everyone else who has played before and been regurgitated to just go away and never come back.


I agree with both of you:Q: Who gives a flying shit Of Dani & Kalia are voting for Porsche? A: Nobody!!!! and it will be awesome to not have to put up with anymore of your Rigged Brother crapped on this site. I will miss everyone but Squabble. Have a nice year, and please donโ€™t come back for season 14. So, Squabble EVERYONE INCLUDING ME!!!! GO AWAY, DON’T COME BACK!!!!! CAPTAINWEDGIEARCHNEMESIS WILL BE BACK NEXT YEAR!!!!!!! OKAY SQUABBLE!!!! EVERYBODY HATES YOU!!! ESPECIALLY ME!!!!!!! I’VE BEEN AGREE WITH YOU. YOU STILL COME UP WITH STUPID JOKES!!!! YOU BEEN BASHING EVERYONE!!!! WE ALL SICK ENTIRED OF YOU!!!!!! WE ALL DON’T LIKE YOU!!!!! SO, I BEHALFED OF EVERYONE!!! ESPECIALLY ME, I WILL BE BACK NEXT YEAR!!! SQUABBLE IF YOU DARE COME BACK AGAIN!!!! EVERYONE WILL IGNORE YOU!!!!! IS THIS CLEAR!!!!!!!!!


Captain…….Now I will tell you……play nice and everyone is welcome like it or not. If no one had an opinion then these conversations would not be happening. If you want to play, then play and let other’s do the same and you know when people hate – nothing good comes out of it….


Im glad you said this because no matter how much people say Rachel is a competitor – yes she can win HOH + POV comps BUT she is no Janelle!!!

Janelle is the true competitor because she always comes out for battle and even if she loses brushes herself off to fight another day. Rachel on the otherhand is certainly tenacious but she is not a true sportsperson. She whines and moans about things not going her way and she is not consistent.

Janelle is a true warrior and all-rounder. There is NO comparison between her and rachel really. Even if rachel does tie for HOH wins it does not carry the same weight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Does BB has a HOF? Because if they do!! Someone needs to inducted Janelle into the Big Brother Hall of Fame!!!

Brown Fat

I gotta believe that the jurors are told by bb to vote with their heads & not their heart, be fair & unbiased & except for jeff & jordon the rest will do exactly that. so will adam or whomever be sent to the fake jury house so he has time to show them the latest dvd of the show?

chief c

no yhey can vote however their little minds tell them right kalua she is small minded
dani must get past herself to vote rachel andi dont think she is that big hope wrong
jeff will
brenden of course will
jordon will
I hope shelly will too
then it doesnt matter who stays
but hope adam gets 2nd place not porshe


Thank you for this site!
Its what keeps me busy during class!
Ill take youu on A date ๐Ÿ™‚


Email me!


Every year I find it amazing that people always pick someone out and proclaim what a shitty player or person they are and that they don’t deserve to be in the finals and blah blah blah… Truth is, anyone of these three deserve to absolutely be where they are… The mere fact that they are where they are speaks volumes for hat argument… I think too many people get wrapped up in the idea that you have to win the most comps or be in power every other week to win… Having a good social game, winning a single comp when it was critical, or “floating” to whichever side/player has the power that week are all game strategies and are just as much considered game play as winning all the comps… For someone like Adam to go where the power is every week and claim to be loyal and whoever is in HOH buys into it and doesn’t try to take him out that week, then that’s they’re fault… It’s season 13 and every year someone wins playingthe game a different way than the people who have played the years prior…

That being said… I want to sincerely thank Simon and everybody else that works their asses off for OBB (other peoples names have escaped my mind at the moment, perhaps Simon could mention their names so they too can get the recognition they deserve)…. You guys do an incredible job each year and I look forward to BB14 and more OBB….


I don’t know how I forgot Dawg… Been a long day… But big thanks to Dawg as well. You guys rock!…. Hey just curious… Do you guys get invited out for finale night and the cast parties and whatnot? I think you guys and your website are a huge part of the success of the show and CBS should acknowledge that in some form or another…

Midwest Fan

Unbelievable….. another F Grade for Big Brother Production Management and Staff.
Onlinebigbrother is the BEST BB site on the net.


Because you are TOO GOOD at what you do.


You both are great and it is wrong that CBS has never contacted you guys to share in the celebrations with the cast etc.
I hope they read this and consider adding you to their festivities with recognition, hopefully with monetary compensation too!
Way to go and keep up the great work!

Gooooo Adam! FTW!

let’s go big guy…you can tip that fat cow, Witchel, down!


adam is an embarrassment to all men since he can”t beat a couple girls when he needed it most… Zero backbone , Nice enough guy but no Balls (Grow A Pair for All Stars (LMAO)….may be he”s a hermaphrodite or closet transgendered heavy metal teddy bear… Nice guy but a major disappointment


the couple of girls comment is offensive to women… Girls kick ASS! Girl’s rule and boys drool. HAND CLAP for an all girl final 2 while the boys sit around crying about it.


you forgot to mention you are a superwuss yourself


poor Jeff…. He really threw away 500k by throwing that clown shoe out of the box. (how did he not notice?) That comp was tailormade for him to win… I wanted Jeff to win and its obvious production did also. He should go on survivor next… So many things went wrong for production this year and they had to scramble to find ways to TILT (not rigg or cheat) things back in their favor for ratings and I’m happy they did because it kept things interesting… It would have been a brutal final 4 of Adam,shelly,Khalia & Porche… Shelly is a horrible person & compulsive liar, Khalia talks a good game but doesn”t back it up, Porche sounds like she”s reading her DR sessions word for word and is sooo boring to listen to (very monotone in DR) Adam is the biggest ASS kisser I’ve seen on BB…Major disappointment as a man and I think he will be banned from New Jersey until he gets the Sex change he always deserved But I agree that he is a very nice guy and honest + pretty loyal…. I will be disgusted if Rachel doesn”t win…. I love her at times & there are times I couldn”t stand her but she has GROWN alot this season and is TOTALLY different with Brendan out of the picture…. GOOOOO Rachel…. Bring that $$$$$$$ back to Daddy and have that wedding you always dreamed about…. Their wedding should be aired on T.V. in BB house with competitions for wedding gifts ect & … They should also give birth to their child in the BB house……. Go Rachel………Thank u Simon & Dogg for a great job running this awesome site


I don’t mind if they put their wedding on tv. But I would rather watch their divorce, custody battle, restraing orders, etc. When the marriage ends poorly, no doubt due to brendon’s domestic violence. Rachel should run while she can and get some self esteem.


I am a big JJ fan but do not think Jeff would do very well on Survivor. He is too much of a pretty boy. He like to primp too much to be stuck on an island somewhere for over a month with no mirror to look at.


Jeff should go on survivor….He”s done all the other big reality games…… atleast he can compete every challenge and not have to hope jordan can scrape some effort from under her lil cornhole…I think he would do well…. He did pretty good travelling the world without $$$$ ( Around the World for Free…. which was an internet T.V. show F.Y.I.


I would love to see Jordon on Survivor. That would be the funniest thing ever!

Rachel ftw. I can’t stand Porsche and I’m really glad I don’t have to hear her terrible accents again.


Go Rache!!!!”””” Win the final hoh you deserve to win!!!!!”

Which A-hole Will Win?

So, when I read “hammering food into them” I though wow, that’s kinda harsh, but then I just saw that part and I literally blew water out of my mouth. It was a spot on interpretation


OMG you had ME spitting my ice tea across
My desk because I was laughing so hard at
Your comment. Come on, don’t want the boss to
Know I am reading this when the market is

Go Big red!!!! Rachel for the win!
You are mad dog!!!!!

Aqua Bernie

Does anyone else think it’s alittle wierd that Rachel doesn’t have a pot to piss in, and she said she has a bridle shower sunday in Las Vegas? Was this all a set up to pay for Rachel’s wedding?

Aqua Bernie

Sorry for the misspelled. (weird, bridal) OOPS!!


no, bridle was correct, she is a horseface, and I hope she comes in third as much as i hate Adam I hate her more.


take some antacids– hate is bad for you

Midwest Fan

“Hello! It is 2011.”
Most young brides do not come to their marriages with dowries and
Bridal Showers are hosted by family members and friends.
Rachel has family and friends living in Las Vegas.


That’s what I was wondering as well…this seems like it was set up for Rachel to win….the twists and a few other “production” helping hands really gave that impression…I’m not watching the wedding if R wins since it will be very obvious what went down.


Rachel will be crushed I’m sure

Rachel's Shrink

can i make a reccomendation that you start a new america’s player poll? i have noticed a rather large shift lately, and with recent activities i think a new poll might show very different results.

Aqua Bernie

Does anyone else think it’s weird that Rachel doesn’t have a pot to piss in, but she has a bridal shower this Sunday in Las Vegas? Was this a whole set up to pay for Rachel’s wedding?


Amazing as it may seem, BB Productions has created a modern day interpretation of Lewis ย Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland” and here are the characters with direct literary quotes on each (the similarities are uncanny):

ALiCE: Jordan (“Asleep, she’s entered a dream world …She is often seen daydreaming. Alice’s dreams of finding “a world of her own.” Alice is well mannered, polite, and courteous, although once she falls into Wonderland she finds it harder and harder to maintain her composure … and is often overpowered by her temper.”)ย 

THE DODO: Jeff (“Bears a down of brilliant blue and is one of Alice’s advisers, who also took first note of her identity as the true Alice. Mysteriously, the dodo vanishes during a final battle near the end.”)ย 

THE CATERPILLAR: Adam (“The Caterpillar is also known as the Hookah-Smoking Caterpillar.”) Nuff said!

MOUSE: Porcha (“Alice first talks to the mouse when she (Alice) is floating in a pool of her own tears, having shrunk in size:ย `O Mouse, do you know the way out of this pool? I am very tired of swimming about here, O Mouse!’ Alice thought this must be the right way of speaking to a mouse: she had never done such a thing before.”) Hmmmm!

THE MOCK TURTLE: Brendan (“The Mock Turtle is a very melancholy character, it is thought because he used to be a real turtle (until he hooked up with R). He tells Alice his history of going to school in the sea, but cannot understand the school system that Alice describes to him- least of all the poetry she recites. Ironically, she cannot understand it either.”)ย 

THE DUCHESS: Rachel (“Tenniel’s drawings illustrate an ugly and grotesque woman with an extremely large head. Her character is strongly voluble; at times she even seems to have a double personality.”) Need I go on!!

BILL THE LIZARD: Shelly (“Someone who does (or so they think) all of the hard work for the denizens of the community. In chapter twelve, he becomes disheveled when the “mile-high” Alice disturbs the jury by messing up the jury box. When Alice puts Bill the Lizard back in his place, he stares blankly up in the sky.”)

THE DORMOUSE: Kahlia (“The Dormouse is always falling asleep during the scene, waking up every so often, for example to say:`You might just as well say,’ added the Dormouse, who seemed to be talking in his sleep, `that “I breathe when I sleep” is the same thing as “I sleep when I breathe”!)

THE QUEEN OF HEARTS: Dani (“Modern portrayals in popular culture usually let her play the role of a villain because of the menace the character exemplifies, BUT, in the book she does not fill that purpose. She is just one of the many obstacles that Alice has to encounter on the journey, but unlike other obstacles, she makes a higher potential threat. Her most famous line, one which she repeats often, is “Off with their heads!”)ย 

THE KING OF HEARTS: Dominic (“He seems to, when compared to the Queen of Hearts, be the moderate part of the Wonderland government…..he is revealed to be quite juvenile.”)

THE MAD HATTER: Lawon (The name says it all!)

THE CHESHIRE CAT: Cassi (“The cat sometimes raises philosophical points that annoy or baffle Alice. At one point, the cat disappears gradually until nothing is left but its grin.”)

THE WHITE RABBIT: Keith (“He appears at the very beginning of the book, in chapter one (that’s all), wearing a waistcoat, and muttering “Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!”)ย 

THE GRYPHON: Dick (“The Gryphon appears to be somewhat overbearing and dismissive of the obsessions and dismays of other characters. He speaks with a slightly ungrammatical accent and makes demands, which are obeyed. In addition, he is prone to making cough-like sounds written as “Hjckrrh!”, which seem to have little meaning and may be involuntary.”)

Coincidence?? I’m just say’n……..!!!


LoL!!! I agree with all but Rachel. She’s much worse than the description indicated. I hope Porcha wins it all.


Amazing! thank you!

Jersey Girl

JJ are definitely a match. I think the whole lot of them are a bunch of losers this year. I don’t know what BB productions was thinking this year. Worse season ever.


LOL Well done!


Thank you for a great read, and all so eeriely true,

Tim (too)

Brilliantly done, DR!


Been under the weather so just now reading updates, i have to say 3RD must suck so you have to have some sympathy for the’on to be sooo close to it…has to be torture! Still i dont get how he has something up his sleeve that would work…its kinda pathetic and i hope the girls are smarter than that, Now who to still torn…So im gonna watch 2night and just enjoy…Simon/Dawg i have truley enjoyed the fruits of your labor…you guys rock..and i found this site much more entertaining than the house at times…Amazing job! See you all 2night


Not sure why everyone is saying adam is out in 3rd. He’s getting 50 Gs for second place. Rachel and Porche will not take each other. Theybare playing nicey nicey to get the others jury vote. It will be 3-3 vote each with Adam voting for who knows who as fourth vote if they take each other. R=BJJ P=DSK Adam?. They wont risk that vote. If RA final, R= BJJ KP, possibly D as well, A=S. If PA final, P gets 7 votes. Vets don’t respect floaters nor Adam’s style of play.


Simon do you know if P can get into trouble by offering A money for his vote ?


Noticed in your fan favorite poll that JJ have a combined talley of about 56%. Does this mean that 56% of the people coming to OBB are/were JJ fans?


Adam deserves to win as much as Porche does.


WOW! Rachel finally flashed all of her boobies to showtime last night. We were watching while Porche and her were talking in the bathroom with Rachel taking a shower and raised both boobs up above the no-see line and flashed the cameras… nipples and all. I don’t think she even knew she did it since she was washing, but we were all OMGing. She almost went an ENTIRE season with no nips slips. Brendon is going to be SOOOOO MAD!!!! First her ass on the pool table then nipples in the shower next night. I almost think she did it on purpose because why would you shower on SHOWTIME?!?! Rachel Rachel Rachel… get it together girl. You are so much better than that!


Why would he be mad???Apparently he flashed his dick on skype some time ago to some chick….Google it it was online pics and all then he you tubed some public appology to Rachel crying like a weenie


UMMM shes shown them before..while washing…i think shes just comfortable with her body…i mean she admitted she likes showing showtime her ASS the other day…granted in a joking tone..still i think alot of girls her age think its ok to “peep show it”. Just a type of camera flirting…What Brendon did was alittle more disturbing..I think he might have a problem…and i hope before they do get married they hash that out with a therapist…as a long married woman whos alittle older and having REAL life experience …i think they have NO clue what a marriage takes…I do wish them well!


New campaign – Jordan for 2012 dancing with the stars!!


OMGoodness..the girl would be bald!


A Big THANK YOU! It’s been great reading your updates and commentary – you guys did a wonderful job!


Hello everyone! This is my first time to post on this website. First of all I would like to say thank-you to Simon and Dawg for your work that went into keeping us all so well informed! Like many others, I don’t have the live feeds and really appreciated the fact that I could read what was going on all the time as well as read EVERYONE’S posts!! I never, EVER thought I would be saying this, but I really hope that Rachel wins…which is a little mind boggling to me because when I watched the FIRST episode of BB13 and saw that SHE was going to be on the show…I actually told my husband that I don’t know if I will be watching the show this year…but in my opinion..she had really turned herself around and I feel like she has earned the win..and should she come in 2nd, I will be disappointed but still glad that she gets some money. I don’t really like or dislike Porsche…but for the love of Pete, ADAM IS A TOTAL J-O-K-E!!!….everything about his total lack of play just gets on my last nerve…and the stuff that comes out of his mouth is soooo ridiculous that it’s almost funny if it wasn’t so PATHETIC!! ..For the life of me I just CAN’T get over how highly he thinks of himself as such a great BB player….and BB would he CRAZY to invite him to Allstars…like someone commented earlier he is just SOO dadgum BORING to watch and listen to!! Anyway…I’m also kind of thinking that since Shelly (blech), Jeff and Brendon and now Jordan have spent time in the jury house together…well that MAYBE she would vote for Rachel as JJ will and that they will be telling her this a way (sorta/kinda) she can get back on better terms with them…and JJ might even be able to persuade Kalia if Jordan can work her “sweetness” on her….I don’t know..again…these are just my humble thoughts and opinions….I too would LOVE to see a camera on aDUM’s face when he sees and hears how America REALLY thought about his time in BB13!! LOL!I will really miss reading this site 20 times a day….See ya’ll next season!


I’ve seen comments saying that Adam is evil. I wouldn’t exactly call him evil, but delusional and pathetic? Yes. He’s a nice enough guy, but doesn’t deserve being in the final 2. And he’d be crazy to think they’d believe that he’d tell the jury NOT to vote for him. Is he serious? Ofcourse he’d plead his case to try to get their votes to win.


Adam is starting to annoy me!! Is he realizing now that the grand prize $500k? He should have played the game from the get go. Biggest fan who watched all the shows and saw how the game was played now freaking out to go to the final two? Really???? Manipulating and threatening votes to the two women left standing. He spent the whole summer kissing asses and now just woke up and realized there is a huge sum of money attached to this game. Geeeeesh!!!! I hope Rachel wins I did not like her last season but she has changed and she has been the most competitive person in that house and she played the game…she deserves the grand prize!!!!!Porshe does not deserve the grand prize or to even be in the final 3 or final 2. she sat around all summer sleeping and eating. If I have to look at her bubble ass in those track suits any longer……

Rachel needs to win HOH tonight!!!!


I hope Adam weasels his way to final 2!! I don’t care how he played the game, he made it to final 3 regardless how he did it….Team Adam!!


I think Brendon is working on that Jury house on behalf of Rachel. If he is smart (Mad Scientist) he claims to be that is what he should do. Work Dani and Shelly, tell them how much he wants a Bada Bing wedding and how they can’t afford it, hell even invite them. Regardless he needs to work that jury and say/do what ever he has to.


On BBAD last night I couldn’t get over how Adam joined the ladies with the teeth strips and doing his nails, laying there with his feet propped up. I wouldn’t call that a “MAN”, it is more like a “WO-MAN”. Wonder if Brendon and Jeff would do that…”NOT”. Adam could have been outside playing pool or packing, anything then acting like a “WIMP”, “NO BALLS”. He was so scared to leave the two women alone for fear that they would be talking game, or about him. Now he has came up with a plan that he is going to execute today….where were his plans all season??? Realizing he will try or say anything to be taken to the final 2, should either one of the gals fall for his plan, they deserve to loose. I am sure Adam is a very nice person and has a lot of friends, but I bet he gets razzed by them when he gets home. When first looking at him at the beginning of the season, one would think rough & tough, and he would be one to be reckoned with…NOT!!! So disappointed in him, nothing but a pussy. He does not deserve to be in the final two.


I absoluted HATED Rachel both last season & this season! However, I must say that she DOES deserve to win this. Who cares if it’s paying for her wedding, a new car or whatever. It (the show) and she, has kept us all entertained for the whole summer. She has fought harder than anyone in that house. Never ever did I think I’d say these words “Go Rachel!” LOL

miss platinum

the worst bb season ever. what a flop. way to go cbs!


WIN OR LOSE, who’s the star of this season, as he has hung on through it? ADAM.
Who are most people going to remember from BB13, for better or worse? ADAM
This is ADAM”s season. You know it”s true!


I’m so proud of Rachel! Best of luck to her and Brendon! Hope Brendon can help find the cure for cancer!