Big Brother 13 Live Feed Screen Captures – September 10th, 2011 Updated LIVE!

Big Brother 13 live feed Gallery for September 9.5th. Each minute we take a series of screen captures from each Live Feed cam in the house and upload them to our Gallery every 10 minutes. This system runs 24/7 expect thousands and thousands of Screen Captures every day. Alerts are sent out via our Twitter account @BigBspoilers and Facebook page.

Each photo produced has a file name of when it was taken and by which cam. For example one may have the title “BB13-C37-8-201112_06_08.jpg”
C3 = Camera 3 on the feeds
7-8-2011 = July 8th, 2011
12_06_08 = Taken at 12:06:08

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51 thoughts on “Big Brother 13 Live Feed Screen Captures – September 10th, 2011 Updated LIVE!

  1. Big Brother HOH Record Watch (The quest of tying Janelle’s All time HOH wins): Welcome Big Brother fans to Big Brother House. We are live and see three finalist and wait here the three finalist in the backyard including Rachel. Crowd Cheer! RACHEL,RACHEL,RACHEL,RACHEL,RACHEL,RACHEL,RACHEL,RACHEL,RACHEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fans are cheering for Rachel to tied with Janelle with 6 HOH wins. Let’s take a look of the practice of Rachel, Porsche & Adam. (Live feed cuts). In the backyard, 3 finalists practice w/mashing faces & Jury Quiz. I’m interview with Porsche. Interviewer says,”Hello Porsche!” Porsche says,”Hi!” Interviewer says,”How does it feel of the History of Big Brother House that Rachel will tie with your friend Janelle?” Porsche says,”I think I’ve been honor of Rachel will tied with Janelle with 6 HOH’s wins.” Interviewer says,”Do you think she will do it?” Porsche says,”Honestly, I think that I will make sure she will make it to the Final RD.” Interviewer,”Okay, Thank you! But Here is the follow up question? Do you think honestly that Rachel will indeed win Big Brother 13? Porsche says,”Honestly, Yes because Rachel is great competitor and so am I because I already get rid of Jordan but I’m a totally regreted that if I get rid of Rachel I will totally have a chance.” Interviewer says,”Last question, Are you scare of Rachel or Jordan will win over you?” Porsche says,”Yes I’m really scare of Rachel & Jordan because they are the best competitor and which I single handed but I’m pretty sure I will get evicted on Finale.” Interviewer says,”One last thing, what you going to say to the people?” Porsche says,”I love you Kalia, I love you Dani, I love you Cassi.” Hopefully, we 4 of us will sleep together at the Hotel. Production cuts the feeds. Back to the Quest of Tying Janelle’s All time HOH wins. Right now, Rachel needs to concentrate on defeating either Adam or Porsche which she is still focus of defeated either one of them to secure her historical moment. So folks stay tune and we will be right back.

    1. Update of Big Brother HOH Watch (The quest of Janelle’s all time HOH wins):Welcome back BB fans, let’s take a look from the past w/Janelle’s HOH wins & Present Rachel’s HOH wins Highlights-
      Welcome to Big Brother 6
      Janelle 2 HOH wins
      JC:Congrats Janelle your the new HOH-1 HOH win Week 7 (Day 47)
      JP:Thank you!
      JC:Congrats Janelle your the new HOH-2 HOH wins Week 10
      JP:Thank you
      Welcome to Big Brother 7 Allstars
      Janelle 4 HOH wins 6 HOH’s overall with 7 POVs (New Big Brother Record)
      JC:Congrats Janelle & Jase your the CO-HOH-1 HOH win (3 HOH wins) Week 1
      JP/JW:Thank you!!!!
      JC:Congrats Janelle your the new HOH-2 HOH wins (4 HOH wins) Week 4
      JP:Thank you!!!!!!
      JC:Congrats Janelle your the new HOH-3 HOH wins (5 HOH wins) Week 6 (Day 46)
      JP:Thank you!!!!!!
      JC:Congrats Janelle your the new HOH-4 HOH wins (6 HOH wins,new Big Brother Record) Week 8
      Welcome to Big Brother 12
      JC:Congrats Rachel your the new HOH-1 HOH win Week 2
      RR:Thank You!!!
      JC:Congrats Rachel your the new HOH-2 HOH wins Week 4
      RR:Thank You!!!
      Welcome to Big Brother 13!! The dynamic duos is back
      Rachel Reilly 5 HOHs 2 POVs
      JC:Congrats Rachel your the HOH-1 (3 HOH wins) Week 1
      RR:Thank you!!!!!
      JC:Congrats Rachel your the new HOH-2 (4 HOH wins) Week 3
      RR:Thank you!!!!!
      JC:Congrats Rachel your the new HOH-3 (5 HOH wins) Week 9 (Day 63)
      RR:Thank you!!!! This one for Brendon & Jeff from me & Jordan.
      Well let you have it. The highlights from Janelle (BB6 & BB7) & Rachel (BB12 & BB13). Let’s take a look at the Tales of the tape.
      Janelle (BB6 & BB7)
      -6 HOH’s wins 7 POV’s wins
      -3rd place twice
      -Queen of competition
      Rachel (BB12 & BB13)
      -5 HOH’s wins 2 POV’s wins
      -Jury 9th place
      -First final 3
      Fast your seatbelt. Because this will put up a show and clinic of Rachel’s HOH record Chase. Stay tuned!!!!!

    2. Dude….Stop already. It is a waiste of bandwidth. Your not funny. Please just stop for everyones sake. I stopped reading your drivel along time ago.

    3. Captain: Are you typing this in another language then using a translation service to post? That may account for the horrendous grammar that makes your stories uncomprehendable.

  2. I bet one of the questions in the final HOH will be: “Jeff’s biggest mistake was: A: ‘Trusting Shelly’ or B: ‘Not sticking with my Alliance'”.

      1. oh wait !!! That was suppose to be funny!!! ahhhhhhhh pfffffffft you know I dont know the and really don’t care who wins.. if I ain’t getting 500 k really don’t care lol However your need to attack people on a personal level is just sad! That “douche” will probably make more money than you. What have you done besides posting semi-funny posts?

  3. Someone should count how many times these cretins said “I was like” or “and he was like” .
    Really they all talk like 12 year olds.
    If I had any doubt about rooting for Adam to win, last night’s Big Brother After Dark with Rachel and Portia’s TOUR of the house, finished me off. Each trying to out howl the other. There’s not an iota of talent in either of them.
    My best friend is the fast forward button – I can watch these 3 hours in about 15 minutes.

  4. Shouldn’t read you while drinking, laughing made my coffee drip out my nose. And it was hot, yuk!

    But maybe you know as I’m new to BB. HG’s conversations outside of game (and bashing other HGs) seem to be shallow. Is that because the HGs are, or does BB not permit them to discuss things – like politics, religion, etc.?

    1. Shelly mentioned her Fox news devotion, and Adam his Judaism, but that’s about it. I can’t help but believe that production cautions them about what topics might be incendiary to the viewer, and other HGs. I prefer that they don’t address substantive matters as I am still shaking my head over Jordan’s ignorance of the Holocaust.

  5. Why do you even bother to watch it or read about it if all you are going to do is b!tch about it?
    I Love Big Brother and if the show got cancelled it would be tragic! I cannot wait every summer for Big Brother.

  6. Do you notice the girls arennot using the world LIKE as much since Jordan has left, Jordan every other word was LIKE and the rest of the girls started to say this. Than you have a so call writer Kalis saying this and she is a writer yeh right I don’t think so. So DANI on a show that interview her abd the poor thing is just a little girl I feel bad for her she has knon amition in life accept to be on reality shows, she iss a lose like the rest accept Jordan and JEFF WHO ONE WILL WIN THe America favorite

  7. Shelley is a loser she was still lying in the jury house, she wants to be lifes friends with Jeff and Jordan thats never going to happen and Kalia thinks she is going to hang out with Dani and thats not going to happen she does not fit in with her gang of people and Porsche wants to be a tv host thats never going to appen there are thousands of better looking girls than her who have pull to help them in the bussiness. Lets see who else….lets go back to

  8. Dani was in the jury house and jeff put her in her place and gave it to Shelley and sshee lied again and this shows how low she is, she said its a game yes it is but when you make a move like she did sshe is a loser and she will go down as the idiot who made bad move along with DANI MOVE WHICH HER DAADDY WILL TELL NER AT FIINALE TEAM DANI YOUR A LOSER IN THE GAME AS WELL AS IN LFE

    1. Here we go again. Cat people are awaking from their naps STILL hissing at Dani. She’s gone buddy, let it go already. Sheathe your claws, clean your litter box and move forward.

    2. Based on DSM’s writing sample below, anyone else think DSM is Captainwedgie?

      “So DANI on a show that interview her abd the poor thing is just a little girl I feel bad for her she has knon amition in life accept to be on reality shows, she iss a lose like the rest accept Jordan and JEFF WHO ONE WILL WIN THe America favoritea”

    1. What are you talking about Annie? Squabble wrote the Porsche & Kalia failure Big Brother. I didn’t immitate his jokes. He did this to himself. I just wrote about the History of HOH Record chase. So, he did this to himself. I just agree with him.

  9. Anyone else notice the pics on this page,top right of the HGs? The one of Brendon looks like his internet Skype photo,and the rest are regular pics of everyone else. I may be wrong? Just wondering?

  10. Porsche for the win! She got to the end on her own, which is more than Rachel can say. She won competitions when she needed to and she didn’t throw them like Adam. She is annoying as hell, but nobody held her hand and kept her safe. She picked a side and was loyal, even voted against the house to keep Brendon until Rachel unceremoniously turned on her for reasons that even Rachel can’t explain. Then she went to the other side.She took out Jeff and Jordan and in my opinion, that’s huge. I liked that when she was on the block with Kahlia she didn’t campaign too hard to stay. She let Kahlia run her mouth and campaign against herself. I remember the conversation where the two of them were with Adam trying to convince him to use the veto and seal the newbies final 3 deal. Kahlia just talked and talked, she got pissed at Adam and Porsche just let her talk and dig her own grave. If it hadn’t been for the PB debacle, which as far as I see was a blatant manipulation by BB to keep the vets safe and set the precedent for game changing twists at final 6 (never before has a twist impacted the game later than final 8) Porsche would have removed Jordan earlier and it would have been Rachel leaving when Jordan did. Without the twist, Porsche would have the distinction of removing 3 vets. I think the only way she can win is if she ends up with Adam. I don’t think anyone can beat Rachel. Rachel has JJB, Porsche has DK. If Rachel is the one to evict A, I think he would vote Porsche, if P evicts him, he will probably vote R. Shelly would be the deciding vote. She dislikes both of them, so they will both need compelling arguments to sway her. I am hoping Adam makes final 2 for this reason only. Rachel has a horrible social game and makes herself a target as soon as she enters the house. Without Brendon to reel her in when she’s going crazy and to win POVs and take bullets for her, she would never have lasted as long as she did in either season. Playing with her BF she always had double the chance of staying safe.It’s one thing to get to the end with the help of your boyfriend, twists and tailor made competitions (that one hanging off of Brendon couldn’t have been more perfect for her. Adam, Shelly, Kahlia and Jordan didn’t have a chance). It’s another thing to be underdog all summer long, be sidelined from competitions for half that time, start out working with a partner that wants you gone because you won’t hook up with him, make an alliance and get left stranded for no reason other than irrationality and hormones and still make it to the end, taking out two contenders from the vets side. As for Adam, he is the biggest floater of all time. He had several chances to make big moves but chose the easy way out. At the end when they ask him what his biggest move was, he can only say that not making the big move was his biggest move. Nothing would give me more pleasure than to see Rachel leave with nothing. She is overrated as a player and I hope CBS never makes us suffer through another season of Brenchel.

      1. Never would have happened if P didn’t win the veto and not use it. Rachel might have won if P didn’t, then things would have been very different.

    1. Just want to thank you for your interesting posts his season. I have watched Porshe closely throughout the season and (have her in the office pool), and really thought she would get picked off as soon as the golden keys were over. She didn’t have a nervous breakdown when things didn’t go her way, and wasn’t overboard about about ass kissing which Adam was. The only thing that could really hurt her in the F2 is her JH speech,she’s not very articulate.

      1. Thanks. Not too many people here appreciate my comments. You are right, Porsche isn’t the most eloquent speaker, so that’s going to hurt her with the jury. I also like that she never whined and bawled and hid in the bushes when things didn’t go her way. The only other person that can say that is Adam.

        1. The only time I Porshe get emotional was when she realized that Keith was an idiot, and she was screwed as his partner. How do you think it’ll play out? Is Rachel a slam dunk like everyone is making out?

          1. I do think Rachel wins if she is final 2, but it might come down to who evicts the final HG. Unless P is in the final, I think DK will vote based on game play. If P makes it, DK will give it to her, but if its R/A, I can’t see Dani or K giving it to Adam, tho D might be tempted to stick it to Rachel, I think she respects the game too much to give Adam the win.

            Brendon: Rachel
            Dani: Porsche
            Jeff: Rachel
            Shelly: Hates them both. Said she’d never vote for P and said she would vote Rachel, but Shelly said a lot of things. I think she will vote who she thinks played the best game. I think she would give it to P, but Shelly is the wild card.
            Kahlia: Porsche
            Jordan: Rachel
            Adam: Depends on who evicts him. Hopefully Porsche gets his vote.

            The only vote Adam might get is Shelly’s

            Brendon: Depends on who evicts Rachel. He will probably vote for the one that didn’t evict Rachel
            Rachel: Same as above
            Dani: Porsche.
            Jeff: Adam
            Jordan: Adam
            Kahlia: Porsche

            Porsche’s best chance is if Adam wins the last HOH and evicts Rachel, but I don’t think he has the stones to evict R.

        2. I think Porsche is somewhat shy and therefore quiet when uncomfortable. Getting tongue-tied will hurt her in front of the jury. She was very intimidated by Jeff when he had her in the kitchen and she admitted being afraid of him, probably due to a combination of his celebrity status and aggressiveness.

  11. From what I’ve heard, Rachel & Adam would choose Porsche to take to F2. What is Rachel thinking? Porsche’s BFF’s are in the jury house (Dani & Kahlia) and Adam would be Porche’s 3rd vote. And who knows what Shelley will do unless JJ swing her to vote Rachel. Rachel would stand a lot better chance by taking Adam. Not that I like all the bragging Adam’s been doing lately, but I’d rather see him get $50,000 than Porsche getting half million.

    1. BTW, I really feel so sorry for Adam. He’s being so delusional about his gameplay & you know first thing he’s going to do when this is over is read everything he can that BB fans have been saying. When this game started, he was just a sweet guy…he’s going to be devastated when he realizes what it’s done to him.

      1. I tried watching bbad last night but it is soooooooooooo boring watching the three of them playing cards while Adam and Porsche go on on about what amazing players they have been!!

        Soooooooooooo, I turned off the tv, opened a can of paint and put some on the wall. I am watching the paint dry, can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s dried! :)

        1. Hey, I was watching the polyurethane dry on the floor I sanded…looks great! Watched the paint dry a few weeks back. So entertaining. Hope you like your color.

      2. Havent liked Adam from the get go, just thought he was bogus. He got on the show with his phony persona which even included his love for ED, because he was a JJ ass kisser from the beginning. His stint as “Cruddy” wasn’t cute or entertaining. That he even has the chutzpah to think he is a strategic player, in an all star league, is revolting for me. I don’t want to see this guy win a dime. The stipend he received is reward enough for his lame efforts.

  12. Hey Simon, in Season Finale of Big Brother Can Rachel tied with Janelle’s all time HOH wins? Do you have a HOH keys on photoshop? Because CBS production should witness the History of Rachel tied with Janelle’s with 6 HOH’s wins.

  13. Big Brother HOH watch (The Quest of tied Janelle’s all time HOH wins): Welcome back BB fans, As right now we still waiting for Part 2 of HOH competition between two floater newbies Adam (The baconator) vs Porsche (The Ms. Barbie Doll,Porkchop,Mrs.Booker). We don’t know what the competition is. Let’s here it from two contestants of Round 2. Porsche talking to Adam. Porsche says, “I hope if its morphing because I memorize the faces. If it HOH winners like Jordan’s season, I totally screwed and no shot of winning.” Adam says,”Hmmmmmmmmmm, say it again because I was thinking of Bacon, Tori Spelling & Fara.” Porsche says, WTF are you listen you dumb moron.” Adam says,”First of all, Shut the (Bleep) up and second don’t tell me what to do?” Porsche was crying still that her girlfriend Kalia is at the Jury House.” She says,”Kalia my love, what shall I do? I need you and thinking about you. It’s my fault of evicting Rachel instead of Jordan.” “I totally (bleep) messed it up. Yes, Jeff’s Right I’m a totally a loser,failure, and a idiot.” “I wish I should evicted Rachel, I’m a total loser.” “I should get out this messed.” Meanwhile in the Jury House, Dani & Kalia still kissing then Jeff, Jordan & Brendon eating their Breakfast. JJB says,”GUYS, STOP MAKING OUT! WE ARE EATING YOU DUMB(BLEEP)!!!!!” Dani & Kalia went to their bedroom and still kissing. Stay tuned for coverage of Rachel’s attempt to tied Janelle’s all time HOH wins. Stick around.

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