Big Brother 13 Headlines

Big Brother 13 Headlines – Weekly News Recap from the Internets (2011-05-09)

BB 13 casting calls are now officially over. If you haven’t sent in your Big Brother Application or went to a Open casting call yoru shit out of luck to be on Big Brother this season. If you did apply finalists will be chosen within a month.
Big Brother Germany

This year Dawg and myself are part of a Beta program for the new live feeds, We’ll be pounding out the fastest and most complete Big Brother Spoilers this season. We get to test out the new system and help the devolpment team at Real player tweak their software to best serve the hungry masses of BB13 fans. It’s very exciting what they have in store for us and i’m sure it’ll be a huge success. We are not permitted to disclose anything substantial yet but what we can say is it’ll change the functionality of the feeds drastically. Pretty much it’s Live feeds on roids, theres a new player called Big Brother Lite (available for download June 2011), theres new android phone app, and LIVE FEED FLASHBACK functionality looks to have been greatly improved (thank god). Theres buckets of other things which will be known in do time, its a great time to be a Big Brother 13 Spoilers Fan 😉

While waiting for the casting rumors to start up i’ve been statifying the big brother obsessions by watching Big Brother Germany, Sprechen sie deutsche? NEIN .. but take a look and you’ll figure out why OBB has become huge fans… lol

  1. Twitter | Robyn Kass tweets BB 13 Casting is now over finalists will be chosen within a month!
  2. Bitchy BB Blog | New Live Feed App on Android | Love this Blog
  3. Baub Show | Jeff and Jordan on the Baub Show May 16th | Looks like their still together!
  4. Twitpic | BB12 Ragan’s birthday today | Who would of thought these 3 would be friends after the show
  5. | BB12 Matt on sirus radio
  6. | BB12 Michelle Noonan helping people live better | I wonder if she recommends a healthy serving of A$$ in the morning
  7. Chicago Now | BB12 Matt Talks about reality Rally | raised a good chunk of cash for charity good work guys!
  8. German Big Brother | Http:// Michelle Brüse aka Jordan Kane | Go BB Germany!
  9. Marvin show | The Marvin Show ep 67 Cajun Eggrolls/Fried Banana
  10. Post and Courier | Some big personalties show up for casting
  11. Twitpic | Meow meow still tossing grenades
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Hey Simon and Dawg,

Getting the BB itch. Watched the whole last season of BB UK, it was a dud, but got me through withdrawals. Wanted to ask if the new improved feeds will be available in Canada. Looking forward to another great BB summer with the gang!