Big Brother 13 Live Feeds

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds – Special Features Part 1

Big Brother 13 Live Feeds

CORRECTION to this post BBlite has nothing to do with Real player it’s a stand alone entity

Available for download during the week of the premiere. (Real has not been cooperating with us as much as they originally indicated)

Real player is releasing a ton of Awesome Live Feed Features this year, it’ll completely change the way we watch the feeds. Very Exciting and Very Cool. For now we are sworn to secrecy but what we can tell you is this. Firstly they are offering a ‘Lite’ version to the BB13 Live Feeds which sits outside your web browser. Basically this is was I’ve wanted on the Live Feeds from the get go, reading through the features is a pretty much my wishlist, Thanks REAL! Everything looks streamlined, a big improvement over what they were offering last year.

I’m more excited for Big Brother this year then ever before thanks to the amazing new features coming out for the Live Feeds it’s going to be a great season. Lets just hope the BB13 casting team has some solid prospects.

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Demo YouTube link

The new player For Big Brother 2011 will be available for download in June.

  1. Watch more than one feed at a time You can easily watch more than one feed at a time by opening up multiple windows. Place the windows wherever you want on your screen and independently control and resize each.
  2. No distracting buttons while watchingWhen watching the live feeds the buttons for the player will fade out, leaving you with a simple and clean non-obstructed view of the feeds. Mouseover the player and the controls reappear. It’s like watching the feeds on your TV!
  3. Integrated with Flashback Did you miss last night’s live feeds? Toggle on the flashback mode and replay the feeds that you missed. The current time in the house will be displayed while watching the flashback feed.
  4. Pin the player on top If you’re multitasking while watching the feeds, pin the player on top and it’ll never leave your view. You can easily browse the web, send emails and watch YouTube while never missing a thing.
  5. Hotkeys for control Press the # keys to control the live feeds, spacebar for capturing a feed, P for playing and pausing and F for entering full screen.
  6. Take screen captures of the live feeds Click the capture button and a screencapture will instantly be taken of your live feed.
  7. Control the audio for each window If you have more than one feed window open at a time, you can easily choose to mute specific windows leaving you only wih the audio you want to hear.
  8. Watch the feeds in fullscreen Click the fullscreen button, grab your popcorn, sit back and relax as you enjoy the live feeds on the biggest screen in your house.
  9. Integrated with SuperPass chat Woah! Did you see that on the feeds? Talk about the latest events with other feed watchers in the SuperPass integrated chat. You will never have to leave your desktop.
  10. Make the player transparent You can now adjust the transparency of the player and leave the player on top of your important documents while still being able to read them!
  11. Available on all operating systems Big Brother Lite is available and compatible with all operating systems. That’s right Mac and Linux users, this one’s for you!

Check out more about the new player here

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