BB13 Housepics

Big Brother 13 House Pics **Updated**

BB13 Cast Revealed Thursday – 6am PST

Today a batch of pictures from the Big Brother 13 House were released. On Wednesday we find out about he BB13 Cast and
Big Brother 13 Starts July 7th. In my opinion the house looks pretty cool, A Venice Beach theme complete with mechanical fortune teller which has to be part of a twist this year. As per usual all the changes to the House are cosmetic the floor plan is the same. We don’t know what the outside of the house looks like yet nor do we have any information about the house guests.

Big Brother 13 Press Day pics

Image below is of the press not cast

Big Brother 13 Press Day

BB13 house 5

BB13 house

BB13 house

BB13 house

BB13 house

BB13 Housepics 3

BB13 Housepics 4

BB13 Housepics

BB13 Housepics 2


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Some of those bedrooms are pretty hard on the eyes, especially that bright one. What’s up with the peeling wall paper? Noticing 14 places on the memory wall. But overall, the house looks pretty cool. Nice bathroom and the tarot room is cool too.


I agree! I think a great twist would be to darken the house a little. Like darker colors and what not. They always say expect the unexpected so I think it would be a great idea. That house looks no different from ” The Real World” house. Haha. Just saying. I also hope the cast is a lot different from the past 2 seasons. I want the old Big Brother back! The majority of the houseguests were young and easy on the eyes but they were all pretty boring with the exception of Rachel.


I think the kitchen and bedrooms are an eye sore, but the hoh room looks really nice as does the loungey/cabana room and the bathroom.

Nick Stens

Thanks for running the site this year Simon and Dawg, you guys rock this is the first BB site I go to every morning


Is that the cast? There’s only 11 of them, but 14 spots on the memory wall. So probably 2 or 3 more to be added… I hope they are chicks because there’s only 3 in that pic. A BB sausage party would not be great, especially if the guys got it in their head that they needed to get rid of the girls early.

The blond in the red shirt looks an awful lot like Sara Underwood, though I doubt it is.


Thanks for the info simon, that makes much more sense. In that case I’m guessing the blond in red actually is Sara Underwood covering the event for G4.


Wait, in the post title it says that the cast is going to be revealed Thursday, but under the post and everywhere else on the web it says the cast is going to be revealed tomorrow. Now I know CBS has not officially said when they are revealing the cast, but please clear up the confusion!


I think the house is ok. The bathroom and kitchen seem to have a sleeker, more modern look to them. HOH is bringing back the circular bed. Not sure what is up with the wall behind the beds in the 1st bedroom, but I kind of like the candy room (old splish-splash room I assume). It also encourages showmances with those 3 double beds.

Enzo's Scalp

I’m not sure if I like the peeling wall and the bright room, but what I know I won’t like is watching a bunch of people go over who got the first HOH, the first POV, what day was it on, who ate mustard and snails, what day did they eat it, who spelled this word, who finished this challenge first, what day was it on, how many surf boards are there on the wall, etc. That gets old, fast.

What someone should do during dinner is say there’s 17 surfboards on the wall and x number are pointing up and the x number are pointing down. That way no one will have to hear it 125,000 times.


If you look in the interview and the pics, there are 2 diffrent HOH rooms.. Why?


I for a change like the house, thanks simon 🙂