Big Brother 12 Spoilers: This mornings wakeup songs were Say Goodbye to Hollywood & Bye Bye Bye..

10:25am- 10:50am Big Brother cuts the live feeds to the “we will be right back” screen. When they come back Enzo and Hayden yell damn!!! The feeds cut out again. Then Enzo, Lane and Hayden tell Big Brother to play Eminem – Cleaning out my Closet …. And then they will start cleaning up.

Enzo asks do we go out there now …or what? Hayden says she said at like 10:30am. Enzo asks what time is it now? Hayden says its 10:25am. Hayden says that he can hear them doing stuff outside! Hayden and Enzo head up to the HOH room. Enzo puts on a bandana. Enzo and Hayden go out to the HOH balcony and start listing off all the things that are almost done …just like the show. Enzo and Hayden say look at the cereal … done yo! … brigade shirts …done! … dirty dishes ..done yo! Lane says that they have gotten their hopes up … and now they will have to stay in here another week. Lane says we’re not done …she got our hopes up … this is crazy! The feeds cut out. When they come back Lane, Hayden and Enzo are all up in the HOH room. Lane asks we have to stay up here for 2 hours without any pillow or blankets?! Enzo says that if today is a live show ….then who is getting evicted!? What is going on?! Who is getting evicted?! Lane says you can’t think like that!! Hayden and Enzo get into the bed. Enzo asks if they have to stay up there for two hours? Hayden says that she said it’s going to be like a normal Thursday. Lane explains that someone can’t be evicted because they need all three in the end when they choose who they want to take to the final 2. They start reminiscing about the beginning of the season and the spelling competition. Hayden wonders how many people threw HOH competitions this year. He brings up being the HOH Winner the first week and how at first he was excited about it but after he started to realize that he was now the primary target. Enzo mentions he is glad to have at least won one competition this season, he would be embarrassed if he hadn’t won any. Lane adds that Enzo never won a head of household (HOH). Enzo laughs says he was the POV Winner when his “life was on the line” and that is all that matters. They start talking about what the morning wake up song was … it was say goodbye to Hollywood.  Enzo asks what does that mean yo?! They start singing the song and the feeds cut out again.

When they come back Enzo is asking Lane what it means … are we going home today.  Lane says that we’re not going home today.  Enzo asks Lane why his is being such a debbie downer.  Enzo says if we have a live show today …what are we doing?!

10:55am – 11:10am They start talking about the Justin Timberlake wake up song. Enzo wonders why they cut the feeds in the morning. Lane: “They cut the feeds in the morning?” Hayden adds that Britney was telling them that they cut the feeds whenever they play music. Enzo laughs says they do it to hide all the Morning Wood.

Talk Shifts to what family of theirs will be at the finale. Lane asks for them (producers) to just tell them what is going on!? Enzo says that they’re probably not even doing anything out there … they’re probably just banging pots and pans together out there when we come by. Lane says that he is going to just start wrecking and breaking things. Enzo talks about how he’s feeling sick and want some sudafed, soup and a hot shower. Ezno says that he would split the money $175,000 each and get the BLANK outta here… Enzo and Hayden try to go back to sleep in the HOH bed, while Lane lies down on the HOH floor…

11:25am – 11:50am Big Brother blasts the big brother theme music in the HOH room but leaves the live feeds on. Lane says this is different! They wonder if it is a sign…. (Usually they can hear the music through the walls on the Thursday morning HOH lock down.)

12:15pm – 12:25am The house guests are still on an HOH lock down. Enzo and Hayden are still trying to sleep while the theme music plays. Lane gets up and goes to the washroom and then comes back and lies down on the HOH room floor again…

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116 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers: This mornings wakeup songs were Say Goodbye to Hollywood & Bye Bye Bye..

    1. Not to you, but he did make it near the end, so they should give him something……… least a “kiss my ass” or something.

  1. Actually Enzo has a good idea. Split the money 3 ways, providing that the three of them agree to it. I don’t think they’ll turn it down.

      1. I think it’s interesting that many of the HGs think that America loves Enzo and will vote for him to get the $25,000 Americas choice award. What is see is an overwhelming dislike for the guy, me included. I think it may go to Lane or Brit.

  2. hayden deserves to win

    hes played by far the most impressive social game…seriously, even during the kristen hatred w/ rachel,brenden…he stayed in this neutral role…hes never made an enemy…he just earns their respect…Enzo cant win we all know this. So its Lane or Hayden…Lane only wins if he takes Enzo

    we need Hayden to make it…he can salvage the season by winning…I know many of us arent happy or excited about it….but hes by FAR played the best game, on top of social hes won the comps late in the game. hes been on the block and STILL they voted out a weaker threat in kristen.

    hayden=winner of bb12…but..we will see if that can happen with lane/enzo trying to take each other F2

    1. Lane is not taking enzo to the end..he just tells him what he wants to hear and what bb wants to hear..he told hayden he would do that…anyways only obvious hayden is going to be the one deciding…and besides hayden and lane even made plans with the money together..hayden knows he can win hands down with lane…also hayden has said he watched season 10 and doing this he learned from dan and natalie/jordan he kinda been playing inbetween those 3 mixed….if u see there interviews after the could totally tell how hayden is playing:)

  3. I would split the cash 3 ways for sure.

    you could split the big prize money, and the 2nd place,3rd money….that would end up as quite a bit of cash.

    1. I totally agree. If you truly a competitor you don’t want to split anything. You want to go for it. Enzo’s best and ONLY move in this game was hooking up with Matt, Lane and Hayden. He has ridden the coat tails of everyone, then turns around and tries to say he was the mastermind… It takes brains to be a mastermind, Enzo!
      Correct me if I’m wrong, but on the very first episode where BB came to their homes and told them to pack their bags; was Enzo living with his mother? Am I remembering this right? He’s 32, married with child and living with his mother????

  4. Bwhahaha! I came across this quote a few minutes ago and it spoke volumes about these houseguests.

    “Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.”
    — Eleanor Roosevelt

      1. Yes Kathie, I was actually thinking about what Britney would say if someone quoted that to her. Wondering if she would ever think it might apply to her. I’m thinking that she would not. And then I was feeling a little guilty thinking here I sit talking about them! Yikes!

    1. I guess you dont watch TMZ then……or Inside Edition, Access Hollywood, The View, David Letterman……oh….and dont forget this site where all we ALL do is discuss these people!

    2. There is a level of chance in this game and not so much a great mind. You can have the best idea but it will only work to the point that other people allow it to.Matt choose not to heed warning signs. Ragan was on to them and he talked about people. Nice quote but it can only have so much substance in the BB House. Those three are lucky they had the type of people in the house they did. These people were easily manipulated. Sometimes manipulation is done best by and asshole and not a great mind.

  5. Why is anyone voting for Brit for fan favorite, it shouldn’t be a pity vote. She lied out her butt and would make up anything to win. Karma has caught up with her.I sbill can’t get over her and her mother making fun of people in church, I hope they all make fun of her if she dare show up again. Brendon worked his butt off,(when Rachel left) and had a target on his back since day one.I dont like the final 3 but splitting the money 3 ways, is a good idea. 2 ways is even better.

    1. Brit gets my vote and not out of pity. She didn’t lie, trash talk or backstab any more than Brendon, who made the same deal with both Matt and Brit, and then reneged. I don’t fault him, that’s the game. She worked her butt off too. She got to final 4 all by herself. If Brendon had a target since day one it was because he chose to enter into a showmance from the very beginning and flaunt it in front of everyone. He put the target on his own back, so I have no sympathy for him. I don’t think he is more deserving than Brittany. They both played hard and they both made fatal mistakes. But they at least played harder than anyone in the final 3.

      1. the brigade brought brit to the final 4 because her head was in lane ass and they had no choice
        she won challenges when she didn’t need to and when she needed to she couldn’t

        1. Yeah, but she also could have gotten Lane or Hayden sent home when Rachel put Kristen and Hayden up. Britney’s main flaw was trusting the Hayden, Lane, and Enzo and not listening to Ragan. She was ignorant of the Brigade but so was every one else besides Ragan with his inclination. She played a pretty good game overall. These people aren’t superhuman with eyes and ears where they can hear everything so mistakes are definitely made. Besides, Lane was supposedly her friends not her boyfriend. I don’t care how much flirting went on. It was nothing like Brendon and Rachel.Who were both emotionally immature together especially Brendon.

          1. Britney’s main flaw was her constant criticism of everybody else. She has my vote for villain this year. Lying is part of the game but constantly belittling the other guests is just nasty. And to say that she even goes to church and behaves like this is just totally unacceptable. I don’t feel sorry for her because she cried. Mean girls deserve mean retaliation. Kharma is a bitch.

      2. Not to mention that his showmance partner pretty much treated everyone like a POS when she was HOH. If you choose to hang out with garbage, eventually you start to smell too.

        1. She didn’t really do it any more than anyone else. Brendon did his fair share of smack talking about others. Maybe you didn’t see it on the episodes, but on the feeds everyone got in on the action. It’s the edit that makes it look like Brit and Ragan were the only ones doing it, but they all did it on the feeds. They all lied. They all said nasty things and they all broke promises. That’s the game.

      3. Chloe, Well Said! I am torn tho between my vote for Matt or Brit tho….who cares if matt lied about his wife… have many other people in these shows……and who cares if Brit ran her mouth….good lord…at my last place of employment, all the management douch bags ran their mouths just like her…….everybody does it, some people just do it more and with less class. I think my final decision will have to be based on who made it further, and that was Brit! And speaking of outh running, why is it not ok for Brit to do it, but Enzo can!!! Urg…….I hate…wups…..dislike Enzo……I can smell the Feta coming off him thru the TV screen!

    2. So tired of seeing people say brendon worked his butt off and had a target sense day one..his target would have gone down if they shut up and laid low after there initial but they put the target on themselves seemed all set up for him in a few anyways…..He was a whinny poor baby me anyways…Id rather see annie win she at least made the Viewers and houseguest believe there was a life long friendship in the house which made everyone speculate all darn summer long lol…She sab everyone lol..just kidding though i am not voting for her:) but brit got 20gs and ragan has 30gs…

    3. he worked it butt off when rachel left? oh you mean that comp that was catered to his athleticism? nobody could’ve beat him in that, just like every other come that was rigged for whoever won… your voting for brendon why because he threw away 500k for skank ho? because thats all he did he played the game form day 1 for rachel and she used him for a 2nd person playing for the oney she never gave a damn about him she said it herself she got rich men buying her whatever she wants what do she need a gym teacher for?? her DR after the bowling comp told us how she really felt about him. if anybody deserves that money it;s matt he made all the moves to ensure the brigade made it as far as they did, but him making too many side alliances got him axed.

      i know without the skank brendon would’ve dominated in this game, but he’s insecure and he wanted a romance just like jeff did last year.

      after he won that HOH he had a chance to make it further but he made a fatal mistake he continued to play for the skank and the house knew it, so in other words he didn’t work his ass off he continued to give up the game for her, too bad she gone drop his ass in favor of her luxurious life in “VEGAS”

  6. here’s who i feel should win in order:
    1) Hayden – he has won nearly every challenge lately. Ofcourse his competition is against the likes of 2 dodos: Lane and Enzo. But Hayden did beat Britney in that movie poster game the other night. Britney had a legit chance to win that one, but Hayden was just superior.
    2) Enzo – he was the genius who formed the Bra-gade alliance early on, and has stayed loyal to it. He is considered the Leader of the Bra-gade. He’s also played a great manipulation game. He not only did the dirty work in manipullating Brendon, but he also manipulated the members of the Bra-gade himself. He also tried very hard in the competitions, and did very well in a few of them. That win over Ragan in the POV comp was huge, and very impressive. That was a difficult game of trivia combined with physical skill.
    3) Lane – what has he really done other than flirt with Britney this whole season? lol. I’m still baffled as to how the hell he got to the Final 3. He was horrible in all the competitions.
    That HOH comp that he won had absolutely no trivia(brain skill) involved whatsoever. All it was was place a ball in a box. Enzo’s POV win was much more impressive than this HOH win. Lane is the ultimate floater in my opinion.

    1. Hate to say it,but I agree with all of the above,and have to add that, I think Enzo did try hard at MOST comps….He just plainly SUCKS at most everything

    2. well…that is why its up to the remaining house guest to give them the money and not the viewers:) and give lane a little credit:) They would not of been able to get matt out without lane…He is the one who convinced britney to take matt out.. and winning the hoh easy or not..saved them from ragan winning which would of tooken hayden most likely out…pov only saved enzo azz…so unless his azz is on the line he don’t do nada..

  7. enzo hasn’t done anything in this game besides talk im surprised hes still around, from the final 3 left standing hayden deserves to win since hes won the most.

  8. if it wasnt for enzo neither hayden or lane would be there bc there wouldnt be a brigade he was the mastermind and deserves to go to the final 2 he might not win but he deserves it more than lane. one thing is for sure … neither lane or enzo are beating hayden he was amazing the whole summer he played the game like it is supposed to be played

      1. u no is true he came up with the brigade and the Brigade controlled the house im not sying he deserves to win but he atleast deserves second place

  9. Never, never, never would I consider Enzo a genius. You’ve got to be kidding. Wifey probably gave him the idea to make friends early and call it something. If he even thought of the word Brigade, I’d be surprised. I don’t think his vocabulary would include a seven letter word. Yo!

    1. the brigade is a stupid name for an alliance only these idiots would think of it, lane loved the name but didn’t even no what it is

      1. I’m sure no one in that house can spell brigade…Lane couldn’t spell Liars? Enzo can’t spell Lane? But I’d bet Hayden could smell Enzo…

  10. I wish Enzo would just shut up and quit complaining. Lane is complaining but nothing like Enzo and Hayden seems to be in his own little world and probably is to block out the other two idiots. Nothing is going to change and the finale will be on the 15th as planned so the two idiots need to concentrate on something else and quit trying to change things because is will NOT happen.

    1. Really i seen lane always say the logic to enzo…hayden is wearing thin with enzo..He said he freaks him out cuz enzo won’t settle down…gosh i would lose it being with that guy consistantly all summer to..he does nothing but complain..or bring the same topic up over and over..he won’t leave haydens side all summer..glued to his hip

  11. I would like to see Hayden win. When you look at the whole season you can see how the BRA-gade did their thing. I think forming side relationships did allow them to carry the votes. That is why the voting was always together except for Kathy and I care not to comment about her. Lane lasted long because he was a member and he laid low. Enzo is just totally loyal and was able to keep the Bri-gade together. Hayden, well he waited to start winning comps at the end and that was strategy. You see what happens when somebody wins early, they become a target. The bra-gade was able to take out all of the so called good players, whether they did it directly or influenced it. So no matter what you think, this has been a good psychological season. There doesn’t always have to be drama to make it good. I personally really enjoyed it. If you can get into a person’s head then you can basically make them do what you want them to do. That’s what the bra-gade did while keeping themselves safe. Take another look people!

    1. I do agree with you 2 a point…but…its hard to say enzo or they were loyal..they brought matt in he was a member and they turned on him..once they did that was hard for me to like the group so much it felt like a lie…They won’t own up to anything is what sucks..I mean just say the real reason why cuz he was a threat period point blank…Hayden hung out with kristen enzo freaked lane hung out with brit enzo freaked and matt hung out with ragan enzo freaked..At one point in time this game enzo turned on each brigade member!! so loyal??

    2. Enzo had to be loyal.. He had not physical skills and no brains and no plan B . His only
      plan was to go in there charm people and get them to do all the work for him. If you recall
      his conversations he was always telling the others what they HAD to do , when in reality
      he wasn’t the one with the power. It’s the other way around the ones with the physical
      skills and knew the mental games stayed loyal to him when they should have kicked
      him out for not pulling his weight.

    3. Absolutely. The Bra-gade changed the game.
      From now on, I think the future seasons will try to copy what the Bra-gade has done.
      It worked successfully.

  12. Of course Enzo comes up with splitting the money.. He doesn’t want to walk away without
    a penny. If he won the $25k for america’s player would he split that with the other two
    along with the first and second prize money? Enzo wouldn’t have come up with this
    suggestion if he truly felt like he could win. He just wants to cover all his bases.

    1. It had nothing to do with that…enzo is going crazy in the house and wanting to go home to his family…sometime you all take these guys wrong cuz u don’t like them…He was just making a joke saying lets split the money now so we can leave…sheesh

      1. Sure he was kidding LOL.. He was planting a seed hoping they would bite. Are you saying
        if they offered it to him he would turn them down cause he was only kidding.. I think not.
        Enzo is the type of guy who is on the streets running the con games on people, people
        who think they can beat the odds. He always has an angle or a con where he benefits
        with the least about of effort and work.

        1. i smell hate, u a hater. go win bb next year it sounds like your a pro bb player, just pass enzo. all you enzo haters get on bb start an alliance and pass enzo.i’m sure you guys can do it.

  13. I just voted for britney a couple dozen times. I enjoyed her mean-spiritedness and cattiness and other’s expense. Those are the best kind. I wonder what she would’ve said if Jordan was in this season? How fat she is getting by the minute? I’m sure something about her intelligence. Maybe comparing their breasts? Hair? I just hate to turn my back on her.

    1. Jordan, Britney, and Janelle are my 3 favorite BB girls. (Danielle and Keesha were hot too)
      out of those 3, Janelle by far is the best player. She’s an icon in BB history. She’s right up there with Dr.Will and Mike Boogie, imo.
      Jordan is somewhat of an icon as well. She was such a sweet girl, and we all loved her showmance with Jeff.
      Britney was very entertaining. She was both evil and sweet at the same time. Nonetheless, she was a very funny girl. Arguably the funniest girl in BB history.
      Coincidentally, the funniest guy in BB history has gotta be Enzo. I loved seeing Brit and Enzo just vibing off each other because they were so funny together.

  14. For the record, the Bra-gade are game-changers. You guys don’t seem to understand.
    What they have done is something very unique in Big Brother history. It worked successfully.
    Future seasons are gonna copy this strategy. We’re gonna see covert 4-man alliances. But can they do it better than the Bra-gade did? that remains to be seen.
    The Bra-gade changed the game yo.

    1. the brigade is not the best alliance ever!
      danielle and jason
      even jun and allison
      maggie and ivette kaysar janelle howie james
      four horsemen
      even though I don’t like danielle-dick and danielle
      did I mention chilltown
      jeff and jordan

    2. That may be true,BUT, will BB ever cast a crew as dimwitted as this crew again? They may be able to find them,but they surely have to change the average IQ….either higher or lower(if that’s possible)..makes no difference..It just seemed to me all season that these guys were all about the same level of dumbness….very hard to watch..but like the proverbial “train wreck”,I had to watch…which,in the end,puts me at their level..Dammit,I just talked my way right into oblivious stupidity!! must be my name

      1. whos in the final 3? bra-gade get over it people and just admit there the best alliance ever,these idiots just schooled the whole house with guys know whos in the final 3 if you dont like it stop watching dumb asses. its the season of the bra-gade, hahahahah this will never happen again appreciate history and stop hating .theres nothing you can say except bra-gade.

        1. IMO, the Brigade would have only gone down in history if they were final 4…….and they were not! It’s like saying my moms $5000.00 antique crystal bowl is still worth $5000.00 even tho it has a big crack in it now!

          1. it would of been 4 deep but matty wasnt to smart about playing both sides, so the bra-gade snaked the snake, matt will even admit that he should of stayed with the bragade, if he did he would of won this season.

            1. I guess I missed something then cause I still dont get why they screwed him. For me, it seemed like it was Enzo’s insecurities that screwed Matt., not Matt doing anything wrong…….But what do I know….I dont have the live feeds and haven’t been keeping up much on here this last month. I just kinda wish that after Matt left they would have re-named their aliance and then maybe I would be behind it more like I was when there were 4! Now Im just rootin and tootin for Lane and Hayden!
              Peace Out!

            2. But he DID stay with the Brigade. He was Brigade loyal, all the way. They all had side alliances. He never chose Regan over the BG. That’s the reason for the apparent throwing of his friend under the bus, which we know didn’t really happen because he was playing for his alliance who DIDN’T have his back.

              They got rid of Matt not because they thought he wasn’t loyal, but because they were scared of him. If Brigade had gone final four, Matt would have won the whole thing.

              1. they got rid of matt because he thought he was ronnie.he thought he had both sides of the house in his hands,if he would of got rid of britney like the brigade wanted he would of won this thing not easy though because haydens an animal.

        2. wow. the brigade got this far cuz of my uncle matt! he won the comps up until that fat wore britany put him on the block. im glad she’s gone! matt would still be in the game if she would have kept with her stupid nomination. she should have kept her thought on haydan the human mop. that freakish retard don’t need the money. neither do the other two. uncle matt promised me he’d win. its not that he got voted off for anything its that britany didn’t keep her word.

          1. matt is your uncle? thats cool, he was a great player, the brains. but he should of evicted britney with the dpov.that was hes big mistake if he used it on britney matt would of been battling with hayden to win this season that would of been great tv.but even matt said anybody would be stupid not to take enzo to the end.

              1. yep, and thats the main reason he got evicted by his cohorts not brittney… had he gotten rachel out his 1st HOH and then whoever won the following HOH would’ve gotten out brendon then brigade all 4 intact would made it to the final 4 but matt was stupid trying to play all sides

  15. So Hayden thinks it’s the finale? Weren’t the listening to Brit when she said it was on Wed the 15th? Perhaps they don’t believe her. Anyway, it is the last day for one of them, and whomever it is, he is going to the jury house. Can you say… Enzo? (I hope!)

    1. how is he going to the jury house? today him and lane play, then the winner plays hayden wensday then chooses who to take to the final, i dont think none of these guys are goin to the jury house.

      1. Sorry, I was mistaken. Tonite is only part two of the last HOH comp. I guess I was hoping not to hear any more out of Yo’s mouth. Hayden must be really anxious to get out of that mad house.

        1. I know..Hayden looks like he’s out of it mentally right now..That happens when you realize you maybe shoulda kept someone else around..or made a MOVE in the house that no one expected..small minded people make small minded moves in this game,every year…but when every brain in the house is the size of a walnut,this is what you get

          1. i think he made all the right moves ,he just has to win the 3rd comp to secure it, sitting either next to enzo are lane he ones voting for enzo maybe just brendon and rachel but matt said theres no way he’ll vote for if he dont reagan hayden wins against enzo with ease and lane.he just doesnt want enzo to win back to back and the way enzos freakin out right now it doesnt look good.

  16. I saw on another blog that the diary room were trying to talk Hayden and Lane to take Enzo to the final two. Why are they in love with this guy? Do they think people watching him
    make a fool of himself is good for their ratings or something? They must I guess that
    is why they let him get away with cheating .

    1. Last year all three were in the house until finale night. Kevin was evicted during the first part of the finale show. He went straight to the front of the house to join the jury. I think the three of them will still be there until the finale.

    2. yea i think your right they did that season 10 but on season 11 for some reason they allowed the final 3 to make to finale night

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