*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Enzo says that he thinks Big Brother is over budget and that they will end earlier than scheduled…

12am Enzo hasn’t been able to sleep, he gets up from bed goes to the washroom, then returns to bed. At 1am Enzo is up again and heads into the bathroom flosses his teeth, then goes to the kitchen to get a drink and then goes back to bed. At 2am both Enzo and Hayden are up and in the living room eating. Lane gets up soon after and joins them. They are now all eating in the kitchen.  chips and dip and then has some milk and cookies.

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2:20am – 3:15amEnzo, Hayden and Lane are all sitting around the kitchen table talking about the final competitions to come. Hayden tells them to think of all the players from last year that we beat out. Enzo starts talking about Ragan and says that he was a smart player but he never won head of household. Lane asks what competitions haven’t been used yet this season. Hayden says that the faces competition hasn’t been done yet. They all think that the faces competition might be happening tomorrow.  Enzo says that he would love for the finale to be tomorrow.

Enzo talks about how he thinks Big Brother is over budget and he says that maybe they will end earlier than scheduled. Enzo says that he thinks there is a good shot the finale will take place tomorrow. Lane says that it’s not tomorrow. Enzo says I am telling you…. Lane gets up and goes into the jumanji to go to sleep. Enzo and Hayden continue to talk and eat in the kitchen. Enzo says that tomorrow has to be finale because we want to get the BLANK out of here… Hayden and Enzo head into the bedroom. Enzo says that we got another week, Yo! Enzo tries to figure out what the schedule could be for the coming week. Enzo says that he doesn’t know what they could possibly show on the Sunday time slot. Lane says that maybe there isn’t a show on Sunday. Hayden says that he wonders if it could be the episode where they reminisce and look back over the entire season. Hayden says that from what he has gathered in hisdiary room sessions, he thinks the finale will be tomorrow. Enzo says that he ate too many cookies and complains that he has gas. Enzo says that’s finale ass… Enzo says that he wanted to see some things in the walls this season, like some aliens or BLANK like last season. Enzo asks them what blew your mind the most this season in the house? Hayden says Hulk Hogan. Lane asks what did you say? Hulk Hogan? What the hell did he do? The wrestler? In this house? Hayden and Enzo laugh. Enzo asks Lane …you didn’t see him??? Enzo says that it would be cool if the door bell rang right now. Lane asks why? Enzo says just for something different to happen. Lane asks at 3am in the morning?! Enzo says that he is going to be a have not when he gets back home. Enzo says that he is stressed about eating so much earlier. Enzo says that he is excited about getting to see his wifey… Hayden, Lane and Enzo are all now back asleep. …

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5:50am All the house guests are still asleep..

9:53pm Still sleeping yo

10:45pm Lane playing cards aka studying and hayden sleeping.. enzo sleeping

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221 thoughts on “*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Enzo says that he thinks Big Brother is over budget and that they will end earlier than scheduled…

      1. Lane won 2nd part ..now he and Hayden go head to head for final HOH and whoever gets it gets to choose who they want with them for final 2…

    1. So men shouldn’t think about our health? I guess we should just chow down all we can, when we can, and just buy new pants when the old don’t fit any more. Who cares about high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, and your momma.

      1. That is not what I am saying. What I am saying is he sounds like a girl with the way he is talking about needing to exercise and lose weight when he eats. He was exercising after eating one day saying how fat he was getting and now he is talking about being a have not at home because I assume he thinks he is fat. He isn’t Fat. He sounds like he has an eating disorder honestly. I think everyone should care about their diets/bodies, but something is off with Enzo. It’s beyond normal and yes men hhave eating disorders too, over exercising and seeign yourself as fat when you aren’t are all a form of an eating disorder.

          1. I’m 40 and always have been active and exercised most of my life. I get how when you are older you have to work harder to maintain. I am listening to his language. It’s okay to care about your health, then there is a line and he sounds like he has crossed the line where he thinks he is fat. He isn’t fat, that is the point.

        1. Brit was also doing this when eating her pancakes the day after she found out about the brigade. She was talking about how she would diet the rest of the day after eating her 6,000 calorie breakfast. Eating pancakes one day isn’t going to make her fat.

    1. I hope he does get it….he did more than the others, except for Hayden who has been the sole winner since the Final 4. As for the others, I don’t think they deserve the 25k. Where were the rest who chose to be dunked in chum every hour for 24 hours? To have their head shaved? All babies except for Brendan….my votes for Brendan.

      1. oh yeah, and who chose to be on slop for the rest of the season….Brendan was willing to do what he had to do to win while having the biggest target on his back. The others didn’t have to worry as long as he was in the house and it showed in their lack of zeal to win a comp…..he deserves the 25k.

        1. Brendon would’ve done well throughout the game had he not hooked up with Rachel.
          While I don’t necessarily dislike Rachel, I think she’s a liability to a men period. Too demanding, too much of a burden. Rachel needs too much love and attention. I would just buy her a Britney and let her go at it. That way, it’ll keep her busy and out of my way for a while.

        2. It’s too bad Brendan hooked up with Rachel – it was his downfall. He should get AFC, after she left he really tried to stay in the game for all the wrong reasons.

        3. Karen…..can you re-read your statement and really make heads or tails of the comment “except for Hayden who has been the sole winner since the Final 4″…does this make sense to you?? Hayden winning everything since the final 4 in some athletic/quiz comps against a weakling blond girl and 2 morons who couldn’t think their way out of a paper bag…vs Brendon who has fought against the entire house sans Rachel since day one. There is really no comparison and my head hurts trying to make sense of that statement above.

          1. He only stayed because he was duped into thinking that he was being evicted. Hey, I was a brendan fan in the beginning. He seemed very genuinely good guy, but then Rachel grabbed his balls & he was never the same since.

      2. Really, you’re going to give a guy who cried and whined about every competition he lost as being unfair because of his big feet, a guy who was willing to give up $500,000 for a showmance with a red headed hot mess that won’t last as long as the STD’s she gave him! The guy is a wussy man! You give him $25,000 it’s all going to Rachel so she can get liquored up on Patron Tequila Yo!! Don’t do it, Yo!

        1. Anyone who votes for Brendon is a follower!! Get your own opinions please and vote for who played the best game, not who wanted to throw a half mill to some skank.

          1. I am not a follower, I can think for myself, I am voting for brendan because I want to, and because I hate the other housguests

            1. not a follower either, and i am voting for brendan as well. he did fight to stay in the house as long as he could and barely lost that hoh against hayden. also, i am voting for him because i liked him more than any other hg.

              1. I’m voting for Brit just so Enzo or Brenchel doesn’t get it…really,there is no one deserving this year..enzo especially…..jmho

            1. brenden will need the money to get help for when Rachel dumps his ass… and being casted with such vile women. Yes i do know he said things too but it was not done to cameras while in the bath alone or in the cabana alone and specically speaking to America. When talking to the cameras and not other HG shows who and what you actually are. Game is game but when you are trying to schmooze America that was not the way to do it imo.

        2. You may not want to give it to Brendon but I don’t think they should give it to the blonde haired wanky eyed girl who bashed on B & R with almost every waking moment. I would vote for Brendon because I LIKED him better than the other guests.. what he does with the money after he wins is not my concern. I just don’t like the other hg who assume that they are loved by all and I would love to see the reaction on their face when they realise they weren’t! (Ragan, Brigade, Britney)

  1. LOL I think Enzo is completely losing his mind! Wanting to see aliens and all…I guess that competion wore them out. That is the first time I have seen any for the HG go to bed that early…even if they did get back up.

      1. I know he was joking…that is all he does. and I am really tired of hearing him talk about they are the best alliance in the history BB. say it once…maybe twice and go on. But say it over and over and over…who is he trying to convince? The people watching? Lane and Hayden? Or Himself? Yo!

        1. He’s proud of himself, can’t you tell?
          When you’ve accomplished something that you and everybody you know in your circle have never done before, you have the right to hold your chest out, head up high and brag until you’re tired of hearing yourself bragging.
          Many fishermen still talk about the big one that they caught years ago. Or a deer hunter reminiscine about his trophy deer…….Football players bragging about a Superbowl win years ago………on and on and on and on…You got the picture? It’s your accomplishment, brag away I say.

      1. You hit the nail on the head. One thing about this season’s HGs, they complain very well. LOL I don’t think any of them realized what they were getting themselves into.

    1. If Hayden wins, it would be God’s will. I talked to God’s son last night. You know, Jesus.
      I spoke to him in tongue.
      I said: ” Dear Jesus, blah, blah, blah, blah. And also if you can, blah, blah, blah, blah.”
      Jesus replied: “Son, that’s not speaking in tongue, finish chewing your food and swallow before you speak.”
      In conclusion, Jesus told me that Enzo is a funny guy, so Enzo is his favorite, and he told me something that I will never forget.
      Jesus said: “Humor is the great thing, the saving thing. The minute it crops up, all our irritation and resentments slip away, and a sunny spirit takes their place.”
      ……………….Or was that Mark Twain? hmmmm!

      1. So,ah,after your chat with Jesus,you came to the conclusion that He is ok with vile,vulgar and selfish people? He’s ok with giving 25k to whining,lazy,let anyone do the work for you,dirty,foul-mouthed,hands down your pants constantly,etc. etc. men? If that’s what you heard,alrighty then!!!

      1. I thought Hayden won last night too from some of the things said, but Lane was studying for the 3rd comp last night. All the comments were about Enzo not prepping for the 3rd comp…I wonder if the second has already been played. If you listen to the feeds from 9 and on last night as if the 2nd comp has been played, it sounds as if Enzo and Lane would be playing…Hayden is freakin about being ‘taken’…Enzo was happy and kept saying hope the finale is tomorrow…all of their concerns was that the finale is tomorrow….why wouldn’t they be talking about the prep for the second contest? just observation…for any future BB players, make it easy on everyone, look in the camera and tell us who won.

        1. Added side note, Hayden is acting like he always does when he is freaking out and stressed. Lane and Enzo seemed, other than Lane studying, pretty normal other than anticipation at going home.

        2. You might not have heard Hayden tell Lane right before they went to bed “You have to win tomorrow,keep studying”…just after Lane got out of the shower…That’s when I figured they had only finished the 1st comp

    1. ho ho hum…if you look at the top of the page you will see the pictures and it is usually marked by simon or dawg who the hoh is…but since there is 3 competitions this time…1/3

      1. There are 3 HOHs right? So, how does it work with who chooses who they take the the finale? Julie said something about one of the HOHs decided who goes with them to the final two.

        1. the final HOH is in 3 parts Hayden won 1st one,Lane won 2nd part tonight ..now Hayden and Lane play 3rd part and whoever wins that is the HOH and chooses who they want to take to the final2 …

    1. Julie Chen said last night during the show that the 2nd HOH would happen live on tonight’s show. She did not mention when the 3rd part would be but my guess would be Friday for a show on Sunday…otherwise they have nothing for the show on Sunday

          1. Scheduled Sunday,yes,but Juli didn’t mention it…Is it possible she made a mistake? Nah..she’s never done that before now has she?

            1. Sunday night show will be recaps of the season. Final next wed for 2 hours. Enzo the foul mouth creep is whinning now that he did not win last night. He is showing his true colors now he is running scared. This guy makes me hate NJ people.

  2. Anyone else seeing the Sarah Palin ads? haha I mentioned her yesterday and it took 12 hours for google to crawl the site. neato

      1. I am with you this person has no respect for any lady.These people who makes comments like that must not respect their own Mother. She is a great Lady and Mother most of these people that are against her are just jeaolus. Also she is a beautiful lady .

  3. A mental contest between Enzo and Lane. Wow, that should be real fun to watch and may take longer than the endurance comp. As for anyone who wants some real excitement this weekend from a live show….if you live anywhere around St. Louis, MO, the Navy Blue Angels are performing this weekend at Scott AFB. The Golden Knights from Canada will also be there as well as various other military aircraft flying demos. There’s a rumor they might even fly a Stealth this year, we’ll see about that. But this air show will definitely be more exciting than this BB season has been all year.

    1. Thanks for the information. I’m 10 minutes from the STL, MO riverfront.
      I go to Scott AFB air show every year. They keep changing the date, so sometimes I would have to search for it. Last year’s show was amazing. Unbelievable stuff. I will be out there again this year.

      1. That is funny Hello!! I really did LOL when I read that..on the other hand,I did see a Stealth Bomber one time on a job..we never heard it until it was right above us at about 2-300 feet..it was really loud by that time,scared the crap out of us…pretty darn cool..it was landing at a nearby AFB…which is,or maybe was, classified..lol

  4. I think that its just another ploy by CBS that Hayden won, let’s all boycott Big Brother and teach them a lesson because I pay for the feeds and I want my money back for the day they cut. I’ve got CBS’s phone number, who else is unbalanced and wants to cause trouble for the network. Come over to my nut ward and lets count the big pimples between my fat thighs while we eat pizza to discuss this with my BFF AG. :)

    1. lol love you apples! You sound more like Mimi than yourself though…you two crack me up, but she seems to be a little bit of a cry baby.

  5. Has anyone heard anything else about the police being called to the jury house Tuesday? Sooo curious to find out if there’s any truth to that.

    1. What? The police were called….lol wonder if Birttany and Rachel got into a fight…or it could be Regan still ticked about Matt lying to him……too funny

        1. Yeah I think I read somewhere that it was during the day, so I think it was before Britney got there. Im betting Rachel and Ragan too.

    2. I think it was between Ragan/Rachel/Matt with Ragan defending Matt from Rachel? If it happened at all, you all know how rumors get started.

    1. hayden, enzo and lane play 1st round. the winner of that round sits out and the other two play. winner of round 1 plays winner of round three and who ever wins is hoh and evicts a player. then you have the final two. i think enzo won last night. he seems confident, relaxed and lane and hayden look uptight. does anyone know?

        1. You have to give Enzo credit in that confidence attitude. It’s always there. He even tries to spread it around …like when Hayden was cutting Enzo’s hair, he kept saying “be confident”.. But of course we got to hear the typical F words tossed in like a salad in everything Enzo said last night. And didn’t we see Lane having his bit of “fun” in the shower on AD too?

    2. Oh yeah. He’s a power house once the people that could win competitions were out. He was lucky to beat Brendon during double eviction. Other than that he has only been victorious playing against the douchegade and a girl. Even Kathy could beat Lane and Enzo in most competitions. But of the three that are left, Hayden is the only one that remotely deserves to win. As long as Enzo goes home with nothing but a TV. He is going to be really shaken up when he finds out that the fans don’t like him and the AC prize goes to Brendon or Brit.

    3. I think Hayden played smart. He laid low until it was time to start winning. When it counted, he was victorious. I think he’ll win.

  6. The second comp is usually a physical comp. Then the third will take place inside between two of them usually a quiz. Hayden was helping Lane study last night with the cards. They have no clue. BTW glad to see Britany gone. Brendon for AP.

  7. Next wednesday, September 15th will be a night of Reality TV. BB having a 2 hour episode and Survivor begins…..

    Vote BRIT for America’s Choice, not Brendan…he was willing to be eliminated for his gouche bag.

    1. once again if brendan did not want to be there he could have walked out, but he didn’t he stayed and fought harder than any of them

      1. are you kidding? he Knew he was going home for his love that day!! The BG’s fooled him,all the way up til live eviction..dumb dumb dumb that guy…deserving?……No

    2. And Brit was willing to be eliminated easily to maintain her friendship with the sex creep and kitten killer.

      Brendan never gave up.

  8. I am NOT an Enzo fan for so many reasons, but I think this man is going to need a great amount of counseling when he returns home. He is like a warrior coming home after serving. Missing his comrades more than he “ever” missed his family. That the biggest thing that has ever happened to him is no longer. The adrenalin rush that comes with the game.The feeling of being apart of something big no longer existing. The feeling of being an important part of the machine. BB has become like a drug for this man. All of this is going away & this man is going to hit bottom fast, hope I am wrong

  9. I would rather Lane and Enzo both spontaneously combust then have either one win anything. I don’t get this love for Lane as if people would actually be “okay with” him OR Hayden winning. Lane is just as worthless and stupid as Enzo.

  10. Hope lane can beat out enzo. enzo is annoying and disgusting. I think lane deserves atleast the 50K I know who ever he goes with will win. Enzo has no blood on his hands and everyone loves hayden. I could tell Lane was conflicted when the y told Brit about the BG I hope they can conect outside of the house they are so good together.

    1. i can’t vote for a guy who has done what he has done….just can’t. I honestly can’t believe that BB cast him in the first place. There had to be thousands of other contestants who don’t have the record he has. He is a loser in my eyes.

      1. Lane will come to seriously regret what he thought was humor when he tossed out that stupid “kitten” comment, and the Rodeo game comes from a joke that’s been around for years with many different scenarios. After Brit said she and her friend killed an injured turtle, he made the kitten comment and had that stupid look on his face. He thought it a funny joke. NOT…. He likes to say stupid stuff and these two were not only stupid, but ranked him as a kitten killer and a sex creep. On the other hand, there ARE those many shower scenes that are so obvious as to what he is doing.

        1. He made the “joke” about the kittens more than once. He also talked about the sex game more than once. The first time I heard it, he told about the 8 second rule with his buddies watching, then added: and you can’t talk to the girl the next day. It may have started somewhere as a joke, but that doesn’t mean him and his friends don’t play that game. He doesn’t seem to have very high standards for behavior, and he gets kicks out of having fun at other peoples expense. I used to LOVE him and his dumb ox ways. He’s a gorgeous guy, but as the saying goes … beauty’s only skin deep; ugly goes through to the bone. Go HAYDEN!

        2. so did you not see Enzo with his hand down right in his pants and playing with himself right in front of the cameras(all the time,constantly) …So what ,at least Lane took it to the shower ..it’s about the only privacy they have and it’s a long time …3 months …lol

    1. People feels bad for her by lastnight show thats what I think and I agree with you if it wasnt for lane she wouldnt have made it as far as she did

    2. Nah, she is smart, witty, and entertaining and she DID NOT cry all the time. Ragan cried all the time. She played better than everyone is final three but Hayden, and that was only recently. She added mega wattage to the CBS show with her DR sessions. She is a natural comedian and she played the game. I maintain she only trashtalked out of extreme BOREDOM!!!

      1. D wolf..I totally agree…she didn’t cry a lot ..I thought Brit was a strong person through all this and she beat even the toughest of the girls …just saying ..the 2 that cried all the time were Ragan and Rachael…pathetic..

    3. They all trash talked. All of them. Even Kathy. It’s big brother, that’s what people do. I guess if you just watch the show it looks like some of them like Brit are worse, but on the feeds, they all trash talk each other. Brit did play the game. She was alone the whole game and the only reason she got to final 4 was because she won when she needed to win. Her mistake was not listening to Kristen and Ragan about the boys. The only ones that I would vote for are Brit and Brendon. Nobody else played like they did.

  11. And…..Brit will win the America’s Choice because they let her have her last tv viewing be one of
    how she loves everyone and she GAVE UP HER WHOLE SUMMER to win and now she isn’t going to win. How sad is that….doesn’t she realize that EVERYONE gave up their summers also?
    The millioons of TV viewers will have their hearts torn out of them and will definitely vote for Brit.
    BUT…….I still want Brenden to win because of all he did to suffer to stay in the house (shaved head, hourly dip in whatever they called that c????. He TRIED at least, the others never did.

  12. Britney already won 10k . Don’t let the producers editing of Britney last night make you have pity on her. Vote Brendon.

    1. Really? I knew the JH would be more fun than these bozos! I guess we can make wild speculations until we find out more. Who wants to go first?

      1. Ok,first,Rachel attempted to stab Reagan,and Brendan jumped in the way… Deputy Kathy noticed blood on the floor the next morning and immediately took DNA samples from everyone……….

        1. I envision Rachel drunk, slurring her words, picking on Ragan. He stands up to her, makes her cry and Brendon thumps Ragan. Matt tries to talk Brendon down, but Brendon won’t listen. He is defending the honor of his little damsel. He tells him to shut up or he will turn him into a garden gnome. Meanwhile Kathy is making SOS smoke signals by the pool, which are picked up by a police helicopter.

          1. Ok, that’s more like what Really happened,yo..I was going for the WILD speculations..lol…and you know of course they all start with a drunk Rachel slurring her words,followed by a defending Brendan,and after that? well,we can only guess that all hell broke lose……..and that Kathy watched with a ciggy

  13. During last night show (veto) did Lane ever put up one card? Did he gradute from college?
    Not much of a mental giant. Guess he thought he was safe no matter who won. Of course that has always been Lane’s game & it has worked. I do want to thank him for a good laugh during the show.

  14. I agree, Brit should not win but, probably will according to statistics…she was playing people also, she was using Lane and Ragan. She should not win the 25g she does not deserve it….she won 10 but, hayden won 5 g. plus a trip and etc…..i think the producers have in mind whom they want to win and so, they play that person up that is why brit was played up last night…i will not be watching it anymore because like everything else, i think parts of it are fixed.

    1. Um that’s the way the game is played. Playing people and using them. You say she did that and conclude that she doesn’t deserve the money because she played and used people? The only person that didn’t play anyone or use anyone was Kathy. Maybe she should get the prize because she was nice and never did anything to offend anyone. This is BB, not Let’s Be BFFs.

      1. Kathy should get the money because she was the only one that wasn’t a SLOB and kept the place clean…hahahaha….that in itself was a chore and a half …..since she left it’s a PIG STY….lmao

    1. Well they can’t gear it towards Lane’s skills because they are 8 seconds, spot lighting and beating people up so they end up in the hospital. So, I guess they will have to gear it towards Enzo’s skills. which are….. ?

  15. Lane & Hayden had a discussion in the bathroom & both said that the Diary Room are trying to get them to take Enzo to Final 2 (instead of Lane/Hayden taking each other to F2), but both agreed to take each other. (**Production is probably telling them to take Enzo to F2 because they both have a better shot at winning the $$ up against Enzo, than each other.)

    Always said production is in love with Enzo, they think him making a daily ass of himself
    is good for their ratings. There had to be a reason they let him get away with all his
    cheating and no penalty.

  16. You are so right on. The bashers, the foul mouthed posters are the bored kiddies in life who had a rough day and they can only get their “right back atcha” by posting rude slam posts in this board. There is not reason whatsoever to slam someone’s post that gives their opinion of the show, but they are out there….. I doubt they donate, their monthly allowance is probably too petty.

  17. What’s the “or equally retarded comments”??? I call that “bashing”. People who live in glass houses….You made your point, well, pointless. LMAO
    It’s always fun to watch people open mouth and insert foot.
    Carry on….

    1. Oh, man, how this could go on and on;) And I wouldn’t mind if it did… as long as you click on paypal for these guys who run this place.

  18. I second that. I have been coming here for a couple of years, and something is different this year, and no blame goes to Simon and Dawg, who are doing a great job as they always do. In previous seasons there were opposing opinions, but the comments were pretty much game related. Friendships happened. Heck, me and Rockstar could never agree but we never got personal. It was fun! This year there is a lot of personal attacks going on. Several of us have had our names hijacked to post insults to other people. I have a thick skin and tend to scroll past it, but it does become tedious. Simon and Dawg have enough to take care of without having to settle petty squabbles and monitor childish personal jabs that are probably posted by people that don’t donate or click on the ads or sign up for feeds through this site. Great job, Simon and Dawg! This season was harder to watch than last years feeds, but you guys rock! I won’t be getting the feeds myself next year so I will be back to get my updates from this site. Thanks for being willing to take a bullet for the rest of us and wade through the feeds to keep us updated!

  19. You know, I have to agree with you on that POV comp..Producers could TOTALLY turn on whose light they wanted to there…c’mon people,BB does it “THEIR WAY” for what they hope to boost ratings and that comp was a perfect example…look at the ratings

  20. STFU, you are hot ;) J/k. I totally get what you are saying. I don’t understand why some (very few) want to be so aggressive and attack. Opinions are just that, opinions and we should be able to express them, agree and/or disagree with them.

    1. You’d be okay with a “Vote For Enzo” post though wouldn’t you. I have to give it to you, you have remained loyal to the Brigade! I couldn’t pick one I was rooting for this season. I still can’t figure out who to vote for in AC.

      1. Well Enzo is definitely more worthy than Brendon. Enzo played the best social game. He played the best manipulation game. He played the best strategic game by forming a 4-man alliance early on. Enzo brought a lot of humor to the show. Annoying or not, he was very entertaining.
        Voting for Brendon on the other hand… is a joke.
        He didn’t even get anyone out, during his reighn as HOH. lol!

        1. Even though my screen name says so,i don’t “hate” anyone,and,I happen to agree with Excitement about Brendon..I’d definitely give the money to Lazy Arse Enzoid over Brenchel,he has some growing up to do before he’s allowed to have that much money in his hands at one time…but as lousy as this cast was,I don’t think any of them desercve AFC

  21. i think enzos cool with just making final 3,he said we’ll bang it out and if i dont win then i deserve to loose,i think hes just happy because he started the bragade and they made it to final 3.he knew hayden are lane wouldnt take him.i think hes just glad that his team won.i think he thinks he gets a bb bregade championship ring.its all good though because enzo will be in movies.no matter how much these haters dont want him to,he was born to play in a mafia gangsta movie.meow meow.

    1. WHAT???? He will never make it in the movies ..And even if he did,I would never go see it and I don’t believe too many people would ..I got sick of watching him this season so I don’t think I would go to any movie with his ugly face in it….jmo

  22. I’ve always wondered what the notice of you comment is awaiting moderation meant.
    Obviously, fould language and personal attacks aren’t being moderated , so what
    exactly is ?
    It’s really too bad people can’t express their opinions without downgrading, insulting
    and dropping the “F” bomb every second sentence.

      1. No he didn’t. Even after his eviction he was loyal. If he turned his back on them he would have outed them on his way out. He didn’t. When he got to the jury house, he said that Brit got him out. He didn’t have a clue that Enzo, Lane and Hayden threw the POV to Brendon so that Brit would be forced to put up Matt. They wanted to backdoor him since the week he won his second HOH. Matt was loyal, he just made some fatal mistakes. Still, he played hard and would probably still be there if he hadn’t thrown the last HOH competition.

  23. what I would love to know is how Rachael and Brenden can be sooooo stupid when they said they are scientists ..WHAT????? scientists my ass …Brendan is unemployed for Pete’s sake and from what I hear Rachael is either a dancer or a hooter’s girl..don’t know if this is true but it’s what I heard ..They are both so dumb that there’s no way they have an education ..they talk so idiotically …jmho…..he does not deserve to be AP…he kissed Rachael’s butt all through this game ,even when she left,he still played for her …ya,well we’ll see down the road what happens ..

  24. Enzo WAS NOT loyal to the brigade because he was in on getting Matt out and if it wasn’t for Matt,they wouldn’t have made it as far as they did ..as soon as they were done and got what they wanted they disposed of him …So,so much for loyalty …and Matt was loyal right to the end with the brigade because on his eviction,he still said nothing ..I don’t like Matt either but I would vote for him to get AP before Enzo…jmo

  25. Has anyone noticed that the people on here that want enzo to win use the same cuss words enzo uses on the live feeds. I thought you were not suppose to use the word on here.

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