* Updated * Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Lane asks Hayden how to spell “liars” then spells it using the jenga blocks…

12:50pm Big Brother calls an end to the HOH lock down. They all head downstairs. Enzo says what the BLANK was up with the music up there… they wouldn’t let us sleep. Lane says that today probably isn’t even a live show. Enzo says that they will find out soon when they do the wrap. Enzo says that they usually tell us whats going on then. Enzo heads to the bathroom and says what the BLANK was up with the music there …they’re trying to BLANK with us yo!! Hayden asks Lane if he is going back to bed and he says yeah. Lane is in the kitchen and asks Hayden how do you spell liars? Hayden says L-I-A-R-S. Lane then spells liars with the blocks.

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1pm Lane heads into the bedroom. Hayden follows him in there and Lane asks him if he is going back to sleep too. Hayden says that he is going back to sleep. Lane says he’s going to go take a smash first. Hayden gets into bed and then yells to ask Enzo what he is up to? Enzo says that he’s making soup. Enzo comes into the bedroom and tries to hide from the cameras. Hayden asks him what kind of soup he’s making. Enzo says spaghetti soup. Enzo starts running from the cameras again …and says I’m running from cameras YO! I’m running from cameras… I hear BLANK coming after me… All four cameras are on Hayden laying in the jumanji room. You can hear Lane yelling in the kitchen and he says to Enzo that he has a two inch gash on his nut sack! Lane comes to the bedroom and asks Hayden what do you think? Hayden asks about today?! Lane says yeah! Hayden says that its finale day! Lane checks the storage room and finds the vacuum. Enzo comes into the bedroom to grab a sweater and Hayden asks him what the BLANK are you doing?! Enzo says that he is making soup and then he is coming right back to bed.

1:15pm – 1:20pmLane comes into the jumanji bedroom and tries to get into the have not room but finds it locked …and then goes into the Taj bedroom. Hayden yells at him where are you going?! Lane comes out of the Taj bedroom and Hayden immediately asks him what he was doing in there?!! Lane says nothing!! Hayden says don’t tell me nothing …I know you were doing something in there!! Lane leaves the bedroom and Hayden asks now what are you doing!? Lane says walking around! Hayden yells to the guys in the kitchen… “It’s the finale ….they’re building a competition out back! You can faintly hear Lane and Enzo talking in the kitchen. Hayden yells What?!

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1:20pm Hayden gets up and heads to the living room but gets all dizzy from standing up too quick. He runs to the kitchen and asks Enzo if that’s ever happened to him. Enzo says yeah all season … every time he would get up outside. Hayden goes back and picks up the candle he knocked over when he knocked into the couch. Hayden asks where Lane is? Enzo says that he is in the diary room. Hayden asks if he got called in there? Enzo says no …he just went in there. Hayden asks why he went in there? Enzo says probably to ask about getting his clothes from outside. Lane then comes out of the diary room and says that they aren’t doing BLANK today. Enzo says not even a competition!? Enzo says that if we do a competition it means that it’s the finale!! They all sit around the kitchen table. Enzo says that he thought he heard them setting up bleachers in there. Hayden says that they could have done that when we were locked in the HOH room. Enzo says lets take a nap ….we got BLANK to do today. Enzo says that he might take a nap … he might cut his hair again. They laugh. Lane asks if the pickles are kosher!? Enzo laughs. Lane says that he thinks they slept walked last night and ate BLANK! Enzo says that its the finale night! Enzo says lets not wash anything so that our families can see what its really like in here. Lane says its like death in here. Enzo asks why there has only been one girl in there (Diary room). Big Brother cuts the feeds. When they come Enzo jumps and says see thats a sign… Enzo says that he is going to sleep. Lane asks why?! Enzo says because we ain’t got nothing to do today!

1:35pm They all head into the bedroom. Enzo farts and both Lane and Hayden start laughing and say oh BLANK! Enzo says that he needs to go take a shower now …that BLANK was all sweaty… he says that sleeping in the HOH bed made him all sweaty. Enzo starts reading Hayden’s letter and says that he deciphered this BLANK a long time ago YO! Enzo asks why wouldn’t they end the season on 9/9… Lane says its almost 2pm and we haven’t done anything… we haven’t packed … I haven’t picked out my clothes … nothing. Lane says lets go over what today could be and what it couldn’t be. Lane asks why would the evict Britney on a tuesday and not today!? Hayden says today could be a luxurious… Enzo says at 4:58pm they are telling us its the finale! Lane says what if we all quit today? Hayden says that then Britney wins by default. Enzo farts again and says Ahhahh…another wet one! lane says what if …you know how there was only one person back there.. and what if they brought our families in to watch us …to see how this works. Hayden laughs that Enzo’s wife is watching and Enzo is farting. They start talking about the wake up music again. Enzo asks if there is a show that talks about what they are doing in the house. Both Hayden and Lane tell him that Jordan from last season host a show that talks about what they are doing in the house. Lane laughs and says yeah they are talking about how you’ve already farted 5 times today and its wet.

1:45pm – 2pm Enzo asks Hayden if he will host BLANK if he is asked? Hayden says yeah definitely. Enzo says that he will host the late late show and a POV comp. Lane asks him how would you host the late late show … its on show time. Enzo says that he would guest host it. They talk about the brigade coming back to host stuff and think that it would just be the three of them and not Matt. They talk about how Matt really messed up when he used the Diamond POV on Kathy when he should have used it to get rid of Britney. They start talking about how crazy Kathy was about the fish. Enzo says that if Kathy comes in and starts feeding the fish he is going to lock her in the diary room. They ask each other if they want to see each of their cell phones. Enzo says that he might just call his own cell phone and leave a message saying you’re the best … meow meow. Enzo says that he’s thinking of crying today. Lane asks him why?! Enzo says cuz he’s so happy they’re leaving today. Lane asks what if we’re not? Enzo says that he will still cry. Enzo says that he already cried today. Lane asks him when? Enzo says when he was eating his soup …he cried inside. Enzo says whatever yo… I will see you in like 3 hours … I got a sweaty asshole. Enzo says that he doesn’t feel like wifey is in LA. Lane says yeah I know we got punked. Enzo says what if the competition is today and wednesday is the votes. Hayden says that could happen. Lane says so today we have the two competitions and they you pick who you want to go to the end with and then wednesday we do the jury votes. Lane says yup today we pick the final two and that gives the jury time to reminisce. Enzo says yeah thats what it is… Lane says what the BLANK we’re a bunch of do-dos… Lane says that makes sense why they would evict Britney on the tuesday… cuz they wouldn’t have enough time to do all the comps. Lane asks why would this be a live show though… Enzo says that he doesn’t know… Hayden says that its the finale ..someone is going home .. Enzo says that if we find out who the finale two is …why are there 5 more days. They talk about Julie announcing that today is the finale ..they talk about how they will act excited. Enzo says that he is going to be crippled and crushed if it isn’t. They all roll over to take a nap…..

2:25pm – 3pm Enzo gets up and leaves the bedroom …Hayden asks him something and Enzo says that he is going to go do it right now… shortly after Big Brother cuts the feeds to the “we will be right back” screen … The feeds are still blocked out at 3pm…

3:30pm The live feeds are still blocked…

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142 thoughts on “* Updated * Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Lane asks Hayden how to spell “liars” then spells it using the jenga blocks…

    1. Yes, unfortunately, she was our only hope of having a finale wherein stupid young men (like the three still in the house) could have had their asses kicked by a woman! She was stupid in not trusting Regan and not forming an alliance with him. She sealed her fate when she did not and she let the rest of the woman population down in doing so!

      So sad really… I think I’ll go slit my throat now and let the blood soak my TV set and blow a fuse so that I can’t watch the sad, pathetic finale next week!

      1. Even if I would’ve formed an alliance with Ragan, I was not guaranteed to last after the final 4. You act like I was guaranteed not to go but Hayden wouldve still put me up there regardless if I was with Ragan or not.

        1. It was regan and hayden on the block… lane as hoh and brit and enzo to vote.. briit need that enzo was gonna vote for hayden to stay and if britt talked to lane about telling regan to stay in the house hayden would have been gonna and it would have been enzo brit lane and ragen and hayden wouldn’t have been about to get the new hoh to vote you out..

      2. Oh, please… it’s not about alliances nearly as much as about who wins HOH and POV. The direction of the game is ALWAYS determined by these events.

        1. actually.. you’re right. had britney won HOH or POV.. things would be different. and you can go back to each week and see the same concept. regardless.. these three are not showing much brain power. maybe being in the house this long has turned their minds into applesauce. but i get the feeling that none of them were at the top of their class. Britney got duped, no doubt, but that just takes lies, not much intelligence.

      3. It sounds to me like everyone is jelous of the Brigade! HOH and POV winners have a majority of the power each week. As an alliance they have 6 or 7 wins all season. Therefore, you can’t say they are dumb. They are the master manipulaters this season. Enzo may call himself the meow meow but he is really the brains. He ‘shunned’ Matt. Made everyone think he’s a nice great guy. With telling Brit about the brigade he made himself look like the mastermind and ruined Lanes vote from Brit. At very least, he stopped Brit from trying to get him to save her or Hayden to use the POV. She would win in the final 2 for sure. Britneys was the best player this season. Her biggest mistake with the Brigade was when Kristen told her about them. That week it could’ve been Hayden gone. That week and the next were the only chances to destroy the Brigade altogether. By the time Regen told her it was too late. Lane wasn’t going to waste a jury vote with Enzo to keep Regen. The real problem with this cast is morales. Everyone this season seems to vote on friendship instead of intelligant gameplay. Regen and Brit should’ve joined Brenden and Rachels dumb, annoying asses during week 6. But, they were too much friends with Matt and Lane. Another great brigade move that wasn’t even on purpose. Keeping Kathy over Andrew was another huge mistake by non brigade members. Matt was the Brigade worst member and they cut him out. The Diamond POV should’ve sent Britney home. His lie about his wife was soooo transparent. The name of the disease changed too many times and it was already done by Johnny Fairplay. Anyone intelligant would’ve gotten rid of him ASAP. Lane is a GIANT usually they are gone first. His decent looks, friendliness and playing dumb are what have kept him there. Winning competions may take book smarts but he definatly has street people smarts. Haydens game seems to be just luck and picking the right alliance. He has made zero big moves in this game. Basically, this season has boiled down to friendship and a great alliance from days 1 and 2. You can hate the brigade or you can hate the other dumb castmates that didn’t catch on or play intelligantly. But, the Brigade made a pact and stuck to it. That makes them loyal and intelligant. Things that normally get you evicted, they used to keep each other in the house. They made targets out of BrenChel, Andrew and Regen and got everyone to unnanimously agree. If anything they are the geniouses and everyone else is retarded for not seeing through the bullshit or strategizing to keep people that could’ve benefitted them in the long run. While I hate how little backstabbing there was this season, for playing a clearly strong game, I say GO BRIGADE! BR-BR-BR-BRIGADE!

    2. Hello Simon & Dawg….can’t believe this crappy season is just about to end….so happy, thou. Not happy that your job is done….( with doing bb12 ) Just gotta say thanks to u both…you 2 are awesome! You 2 do an amazing job! All the best to you both…..take care & thanks again!


          1. Brendon??? the same homo who was gonna quit so Boy George could go on instead of him? I think not!!! I’d rather vote for Rachel’s dirty ass labia.

          2. *Would have played* is not the same as *Did play* the game. I cannot vote on what might have been. I will vote for the player that played the game from start to finish, and it certainly was not Brendon.

            1. Dude shaved his head and bathed in chum! In one week that’s far more “game” than many of these losers played their entire season. He has my vote.

    3. It’s time for me to abandon this ship. Freaks are coming out left to right, right to left.
      At least this morning, we had some intelligent dialogues. I left out to run errands, and when I log back in, it appears as if the freaks have taken over on this thread.
      Just read some of the comments below.

    4. I missed the first of tonight’s show (which showed who won HOH, Part 1). How long did Enzo and Lane last? I know none of them stayed on over three hours because it was all over by the time BBAD came on. They must not have endured too much – such wimps. For $500,000 I would have STILL been up there.

    1. Sounds like Hayden is coming down with something. He’s dizzy when getting up quickly and walking around? Could be dehydration. The hair better drink something quick before it falls out.
      This is the level of intelligent in the house, counting how many times someone passes gas, and needing help to spell “liars”. God, I miss Ragan and Matt.

  1. Sounds like they’d better hide the silverware again… at least the knives! Whichever one of these three Bozos ends up with the 1/2 mil, I predict they won’t have it for long… (A fool and his money….)

    1. Think your wrong, Haydon said that he wants to start his own bussiness with his winnings, something to do with selling skies, but at least he’s thinking of useing his money for his future, can’t say that for the other dummies ( Lane & Enzo ) Enzo’s giving his money to wifefy, for whatever, and Lanes going to party. Hope Hayden wins, at least something, if not the $500.000. then at least the $50,000. go Hayden

      1. they have ALL talked about partying and taking trips together ..and Lane said he will give 450 to his mom ..I think that is great ..imo…and as far as the spelling goes ,it’s not just the word liars,it’s BRIGADE tooo…not BRAGADE ..and they all got that wrong …lol…the 3 stooges…

    1. Testicles, I think you’re the one who’s been fooled! This message board was written long ago. We are all paid commenters. As a matter of fact, a few people saw us at Steamboat! Sucker!

    2. well i see where you have your brains stored…. must be pretty small too… dont need much space to carry your brains…lmao…

  2. Testicles, I think you’re the one who’s been fooled! This message board was written long ago. We are all paid commenters. As a matter of fact, a few people saw us at Steamboat! Sucker!

  3. I think Lane or Hayden should win Enzo talked a lot of crap but really hasnt done anthing in game but talks like he is this great mastermind of the brigade

  4. Enzo is an idiot!! Good, let him be crippled and crushed, it will give dumb ass Lane (who I adore, but he’s still a dumb ass) the advantage. Wet smelly asshole, this guy is a disgusting joke. “Matt should have used the DPOV on Britney” Why? So that he can have more blood on his hands to suit your game? I feel Enzo is the most worthless, vile, human being ever to play Big Brother and that is saying A LOT from all the people I have to pick from. Good thing they give them counseling when they leave because he seriously needs it.

    1. If Enzo is in the final two, he could win from votes due to the fact he came up with BG and aligned himself with people that would keep him safe, Isn’t that what Gnat and Jordo did last year???

      Sure we might rather see someone that played game like Dan did, or In-your-face type like Evel Dick, but of everyone left, they don’t fall into either one of these.

      Hayden does seem to be the stronger physical player, and puzzle player, so maybe he has a shot. The other two rode the winnings of Matt and Hayden. ALL LANE did was fall for Britney!!!! He is beast in name only–what did his muscles do???

      Anyway disgusting Adam won his season and he was the worst farter, nose picker, scratcher etc., so it is possible to win being that way. At least Enzo says crazy things in an otherwise boring atmosphere.

  5. Brenda, you must be from the hills yourself. I can’t imagine any woman in her right mind would think Lane is a good looking guy, unless you consider having a face that looks like a truck just ran into it is a beautiful thing.

  6. I hope Layne at least tries to put some descent clothes on.. Im so tired of seeing him wear the same black clothes.Even bryt dressed up for show. Layne was in his T shirt and shorts goodness! Hopefully he is asking for his clothes in the D.R,

  7. Ok, tonight we are going to see part 2 of the HOH comp only right? Then Sunday we will see part 3 taped? And then Wed we will have live show with jury house picking the winner. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  8. Is anyone else hooked on saying “I beat you!”.. Kathy-style, like i am?
    It’s addicting.
    I still love Enzo’s attempts at it. It cracks me up. He’s pretty good at it.
    Britney’s was dead-on. Her’s was good too.

  9. I would like to see all of you’s do much better than anyone in the BB house…I don’t think any of you’s could handle it and you must not mind it to much since your still watching the show and checking this website.

  10. i have to say that the show was good when Rachel,Brendon,Brintey nd i can say matt also,now we are stuck with the brigades,the team who turns on matt (what team is that) thinking only for themselves well i guess it’s a game but i miss B/R i think they made this season of big brother

  11. If it’s not worth the “time and effort” than why do you bother coming to this BIG BROTHER 12 spoilers website? You must hate being forced to go to a website talking about the three guys you seemingly are disgusted with. What’s that? You aren’t forced to go to this website? Then why put up with the “effort” of doing so?

  12. haden is an @#% no offense 2 n e one but seariouly i thnk hes gonna win this shit yo i mean seriously yo he goin’ to b final 2 man u know lol do i sound like enzo??

    1. Hayden is very cocky right now. It’s annoying as hell, true. But he has every right to be cocky. He’s been kicking ass in the competitions. He’ll win it, hands down, if he gets to the Final 2. The best thing for Enzo and Lane to do, is try to win the next 2 comps, and choose each other to go to the Final 2 instead of Hayden.

  13. I am certain that you can correctly spell “misandrist”, unlike your incorrect spelling of the contraction “they’re”.

      1. Eleven HGs are cooped up with David Hasselhoff for the summer. They consume massive amounts of alcohol on a nightly basis and are often found shoving burgers in their mouths while sprawled on the kitchen floor mumbling incoherently to the video cameras. Verrrrrrrrrrrrrry painful to watch.

      2. well basically here in europe our version of bb are based on fun and entertainment rather than a strategic game. Which makes some season of really good and others really dull. ultimately the housemates vote collectively on who will be nominated for eviction and the public decides who to evict. Most european version are bad but bbuk has had some great season but unfortunately its said to be cancelled after this year due to a change in network direction. Also every year there is a celebrity big brother uk which is a shorter version of the show with washed up celebs. bb6uk,bb7uk,bb9uk were all good season and i think they’ve been uploaded on youtube if your interested in watching it you can just search for the episodes there. I really like both the american and european version because i like the strategic aspect of the us version and the entertainment of the european version. The 7th and 8th season of the asutralian version were quite good as well since they were a mix of both strategy and fun.

    1. Hey girl! How did you hear that?? I soo wish while they were keeping us on ice the last couple they would have played Jury house clips……..who the hell doesn’t think they would have been a good idea???

      1. I wish it was all jury house. That place is awesome but it always has to be about Rachel so maybe that is a good thing we only get to see so much..

        1. Sooo true! I just love it when Regan gives it to her and he just stands there all dumb and speechless! That part of seeing Rachel is good…..when no sounds are coming out…….oh….and with a bag on her head…..

          1. That was supposed to say “She” stands there all stupid……
            Im thinking Regan is the only guy rachel knows who can shut her up without sticking his %#*& in her mouth!

            1. Ragan is a wannabe bully. An angry little man with unresolved issues. I bet he wouldn’t be able to talk his shit to anyone in real life, because he would get his skinny gay ass beaten so bad, he couldn’t take a dick in there for a month. From what I saw tonight, Rachel sounded like she wanted to smooth things over, but Ragan again faulted her for everything in the house and made her feel like she was all alone in there. He likes to exclude her from the entire group, just like he was when younger and bullied by others. All I actually need to know how liked he is in real life is when he says he doesn’t have many friends and that his 3 brothers disassociated himself from him. He is going to be very surprised how much people dislike him when the season is over.

  14. “Like all men, they are living in a Peter Pan World where they will never grow up and can only think of themselves! ”

    Sexist much?

  15. I’ve slagged them all season, and I still hate Enzo, but Hayden and Lane have had me laughing the last 10 mins. They’ve won me over. I know, I’m weak.


    1. I will tell you why…because most of us have “Evolved”…hahah get it……hahah……Im just kidding…….just trying to have a little fun wit ya!

    2. No way I’m voting for Brendon! He wanted to leave it all for Rachel. He cried like a baby and only did what she wanted him to do, even after she was gone! No way he deserves squat!!!!

    3. Because Britt fans keep voting over and over again more than anyone elses because it realy dont mean anything so others are not bothering.

      1. Hey, Rockstar, you are ahead of LJ and I over here on the West Coast, so, we are counting on you to let us know of any excitement we are missing.

        1. Ragan is mad at Matt. Kathy won’t talk to Matt. Rachel is the biggest bitch ever and Brendon is back to being a huge douche..

          1. Rockstar! You said that about Rachel? See, you are on Team Balloon Boy! It has gone to your head just like Hayden’s hair is on his. Love ya!

  17. enzo’s wife gave him wayyyyyyyyyyy tooooooooooooo much credit for the brigade getting as far as they did. Matt was the one who did all the physical work then when he left hayden took over. I want hayden to win at this point.
    enzo’s wife is pretty though and his baby is cute.

  18. I right I remember I HATE MATT!! I’m so fricken happy HE isn’t gonna win. Any of the final three could win for my money now that Matt’s out! I didn’t realize until JUST now when he was telling Regan about his wife. Big asshole!!

  19. ragan says rachel was in every fight in the house but leaves out the part that he caused all of their fights ( even in the jury house) glad to never see his ugly troll face ever again or hear his squeaky, feminine, lispy voice ever again.

    1. someone needs to ragan that it takes two people to fight, rachel wasn’t fighting herself
      and she was right no one was fighting in the jury house until ragan showed up

    2. An interesting conversation for sure. Ragan said that Rachel was at the heart of all the conflict in the house,When she was evicted, all was calm. She said that the juryhouse was calm until Ragan arrived. He held her 100% responsible and when she argued that it wasn’t all her, his response was ok, it wasn’t you, it was everyone else. If they both stepped back a second, surely they would realize that it was not one or the other at fault, but the combination of the two together. And being his usual pompous self, Ragan would never admit that he also added to the conflict. Again I repeat that I am not a fan of either player – just making an observation.

  20. Why did Rachel ask Regan about herself only get mad at what he says. Wtf. As much as I may not like that two floaters masked by alliance made it to the end. I would never have wanted ANY of the current jury members (with the exception of Brit) to win. Not Rachel, not Brenden, not Kathy, not Regan and CERTAINLY not Matt.

  21. I think Regan comes off as a patronising asshole in his conversatons with Rachel. As George Washington famously said : ” I hate that man over there, think I’ll walk across and get to know him better ”
    Regan is a bigger douche than Enzo.

  22. This stupid contrived witch-hunt against Matt for his lie about his wife is sooooooo orchaestrated ; prolly something to do with Julie Chen, who I remember being appalled by the whole thing.

    1. I do think that Ragan was upset when Matt owned up to his lie. But I think Ragan was less angry about the actual lie than he was about the fact that he had misjudged Matt. Ragan has such a superior opinion about himself that having to admit that he had been taken in by Matt was a pretty huge pill for him to swallow. Go away Ragan, have a good cry – then find a way to make it Rachel’s fault. That would be easier than looking inside of himself.

      1. Kathie, I agree that Ragan has a high opinion of himself and the self proclaimed abilitiy to judge people. I think that upset him more than anything that Matt had pulled the wool over his eyes.

  23. Never thought I’d say this but that jury house is crying out for 5 days of Enzo and Brittney – it’s like a morgue in there. I’m still horrified Kathy gets to legally carry a firearm. Yikes !!

  24. This has to be the most f@cked-up HAIR final 3 ever : Hayden’s moms cuts his with a bowl, Enzo has plugs, and Lane has a baseball hat glued to his head to hide his barren landscape.

      1. oh ya i meant lions, fukin enzo, he studied them faces hard to. its just that lane ripped off all them things covering the pictures fast .lane did really good.

  25. I think for all stars they should take four from this season( if that much lol).
    Kristen or Andrew ….. Rachel or Brendan….. Matt ….. one member from the current brigade, my vote is for Enzo.

    1. You’re crazy if you think Kristen and Andrew are the most likely people. Even Allison Grodner has better logic than that. It will be Matt, Britney, and Brendon or Rachel. Possibly Enzo as well. They would try to cast Britney or Rachel as Janelle 2.0, and Enzo has Howie 2.0, and Matt as Dr. Will 2.0.

        1. I’m guessing you’re saying that you HOPE no one from this season will be in All Stars? Because if you actually think that none of them will be in All Stars, then you’re an idiot.

  26. Did any one hear Britney tell everyone that was left in the house that she was told that this season was the best ever!!! That is what she said??? Best Ever??? Not in my book. Who did she get that information from, and am I missing something? I would rather see Hayden win out of Lane and Enzo. I don’t like Hayden, but he did play more then the other two. I hope next year is much better, I watched hoping things would happen, but when Brendon left, it lost my interest. He was a dork, but he did play hard when he was there. And as for Regan!! He did cause a lot of fights. His motto is…. “treat others as you would want to be treated” Wow! What an example to set for his students. I hope he is very embarrassed about his actions!

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