**updated**Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Ragan tells Lane & Matt that they are both incredible guys. Lane says that he doesn’t know we just made a girl cry.

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5:40pm Matt and Lane are in the have not room talking about random things. They talk about Britney. Lane ask do you think they’re going to have like a count of how many times him and her fight? Lane says that she is a little feisty Chihuahua. Ragan comes in and tells them both that they both need to give Hayden and Enzo sound reasons why they should keep them. Ragan tells them that Enzo and Hayden are both going to be talking this over tonight for awhile so they are taking this really seriously. Ragan says that this decision is a zillion time harder to make than the Kristen/Hayden vote. Lane and Matt tell Ragan about how they made Britney cry talking about her boyfriend Nick. Ragan says that she was fine when she came into the cabana room so I don’t think she was very upset. Ragan says that it’s a really hard decision for Enzo and Hayden to make but that everyone knows how Britney and him are going to vote. Ragan tells Lane and Matt that they are both incredible guys. Lane says that he doesn’t know we just made a girl cry. Lane asks Matt if he’s going to have a long speech and out speech him tomorrow. Ragan tells Matt and Lane again that they are both really incredible guys. Lane says except for me… Ragan says yeah except for Lane … hes a lady. Lane says yeah especially after we make 100lbs girl cry.



6:10pm Lane starts talking about how he made Britney cry.  Lane says that he was trying to talk to Britney and she wouldn’t let him finish… Lane says that he looked at the camera and asked how do you do it Nick how do you get a word in edge wise when all she wants to do is argue…. do you run away??  Lane says that Britney then asked why everyone brings up Nick.  Lane says that on top of all of that Matt did back him up …he just layed there…  Ragan says yeah did he retreat into his bat cave.  Lane says that the reason why people talk about Nick so much is because you talk about Nick more than people talk about them selves.
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6:30pm Ragan tells Lane and Matt so here’s something to put things in perspective. Ragan says that there’s 11 episodes left. Lane says that eleven sounds a lot, is there anyway we can cut that down a bit? They laugh and Lane says not to count this week. Lane starts saying his calendar is the Lan-ender and goes from Matt to F. And you only work M and T cause on W you go out. Lane says that maybe he only sets himself up for disappointment. Matt says that he wants Ragan to take him and Stacy and her friends to a Chicago gay bar when they come to visit. Enzo comes into the have not room and they ask him what he was talking to Brendon about for so long. Enzo says that Brendon was just up there bitching about everyone… Enzo then says that he trapped Hayden with Brendon and that now he is in the kitchen pealing garlic for Brendon …They all laugh. In the kitchen Hayden is trapped pealing garlic for Brendon.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:56pm Pool outside, ragan telling brit he’s already getting tears in his eyes thinking about matt leaving.

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153 thoughts on “**updated**Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Ragan tells Lane & Matt that they are both incredible guys. Lane says that he doesn’t know we just made a girl cry.

  1. OMFG rachel actuality said the game is not about how you treat others proof that she INDEED got what she deserved because she got most of what she dished out her 2 HOHs and more…. at 1st i was just going by what i saw calling her a hypocrite but it looks like i was 100% right about her, she really thinks she did nothing wrong and when the rest of the house got back at her she totoally forgot what she did and made it like they were victims….

    1. Have you been watching the same show as I have, do you really think that anyone deserves to be treated in that disgusting matter. B/R never did personal attacks, they did more than sit around and say nasty stuff about people !! really I hope Britney goes home tomorrow and maybe we can see some game playing instaed of 12 year olds seeing how nasty they can be.

      1. Are you serious? Rachel came out and asked Ragan if he was so bitchy because he was gay but that’s not a personal attack? She also said that no one in his family talks to him anymore (see the live feeds, that wasn’t shown on the show tonight) which hurt him because his father is dead!

        1. Thank you for putting a few facts out there.. Some people refuse to see the truth.. “B/R were never personal” is so absurd that it almost comical..

        1. beerad..you brought up the topic of medication..has anyone else noticed on the feeds how much medicine kathy and matt take?? they each have big bags filled with prescription bottles! i know kathy acts and looks like she is on some sort of sedatives or pain killers. i wonder what they both are on and how much they get in the house… just curious about something i am witnessing…..

        1. Rachel started the fight with Regan. He just finally put her in her place. She had it comin’ for a while. I like Regan a lot more now. They were some of the best burns I have ever witnessed in my life.

          1. Absolutely agreed!!! And she didn’t just start the fight once but 3 freaking times (maybe more on the live feeds.) “OOOH Reh-gan, I’m making delicious cookies, want one?” Ragan seemed to keep a pretty clear head and a quick wit about himself whereas Rachel’s only comeback was “Oh really Reh-gan?” and “Are you kidding me right now?” Don’t pick fights where you continue to lose.

        2. I think you need to go back and re-watch what happened between Rachel and Ragan…..because Ragan was anything BUT an ass. If anyone deserves to have a label thrown at them it is Rachel. I so wanted her to come back and say to him…..”well you’re not good at being a human being!”

          1. Exactly…every time he had a conversation with her up until that point he was calm & just told her the facts as to the way he saw it. He’s entitled to respond to her questions the way he sees it, but enough is enough and she got what she deserved!!

      2. Donna, u obviously are not watching the same bb12 that the rest of us are!! To say b/r never made personal attacks towards anyone is insane. They absolutely did and rachael got what she deserved. Someone needed to put her in her place and frankly ragan went easy on her. I like ragan so much more now. Rachal and brendon both went on power trips when they got hoh and when they were losing, the whined like little brats. Donna, think u should go back and review those shows and the posts and then come back here and post how wrong u were.

      3. I agree. Rachel did not bash half as much as Ragan and Brit. She never sat around bashing them all day behind their backs she said it to their faces. When she walked into the house she made a general comment to everyone she didn’t single out anyone. Ragan had a look of disgust on his face from the beginning. What Rachel said when she entered the house wasn’t anything none of them haven’t heard people say and they say it in a fun way. Ragan and Brit are such h ypocrits, they said last week to Rachel IT’S ONLY A GAME, but then when the tables are turned they take it serious. Yes Brit needs to grow up. She acts just like a 12 year old gossiping all the time about people but when someone says something about her or nick she tears up, well KARMA is a you know what, so if she can’t take it she should not give it.

        1. If you watch it again you’ll see that it was a general statement to everyone when she entered the house, but then she had to be bleeped when she said something to Ragan. That’s when it started & he was just answering back which he was entitled to do!

        2. bbfan..watch wednesday night’s show again..rachel came in and right away started in on regan..she called him out and started to tease him and egg him on..like he said, if she would have just come in the house with a little iota of respect it would have been different

    2. The only person, in the game, that made it interesting to watch, this year, was Rachel.
      Without her to stir up stuff, it is getting pretty darn boring.
      Who will the bad girls whine about when Brendon is gone?

    3. I think I’m one of the few people who are actually for Brendon and Rachel, so therefore I am seeing things from their side instead of everyone elses. I will also qualify some of this by saying that I am not watching the live feeds this season, so mostly my info. comes from the CBS edit and this blog. OK, so Rachel went on a bit of a power trip and was a little nasty during her HOHs, are you saying that Hayden and Matt weren’t? I think I would have made a similar nasty comment after winning the second time. It was clear everyone was gunning for her and Brendon. They got Brendon, but Rachel beat them all, after having to “defend” four times. No doubt it’s extra nervewracking when the comp is live and closes out the show, so I would have been happy to have won and yes a little angry at being so blatantly targeted. As for being back in the house and stirring up stuff like she did, can you honestly say that anyone else wouldn’t have done the same. Suppose it had been Britney voted out and able to come back. I highly doubt she would have been sweet and kind and loving. And Ragan as far as what I saw, did turn on her over a comment that wasn’t even that significant. It was not really nice to tease him about the cookies, but he totally went off on her. He wants to talk about her being mean and a bully and being insecure? Look in the mirror pal. Furthermore, the whole game of BB is to lie, cheat and backstab your way to half and million, so why is Rachel the only one getting slammed for doing this? EVERYONE ELSE IS TOO! IT’S PART OF THE GAME. Truth is, we commenters on this blog are probably the worst of all. We are writing such nasty things about these people based solely on how we see them behave in a reality show designed to bring out the worst in them and they don’t even get to defend themselves from our vicious attacks. All in all I don’t think Rachel is a bad person, and say what you will but you don’t get a degree in chemistry by being dumb. Like everyone else in that house right now, the game just brings out the worst in her.

      1. Do you really think it was about the cookies? LOL! The degree of your analysis explains the rhetoric you post on behalf of Br/Ra. I think you might like to argue or have a case of the underdog’s syndrome.

      2. If you had showtime after dark or the live feeds, you would see just how irritating B/R were. They totally power tripped (especially after Rachel won the second HOH), and it was hard to watch. Rachel also walked around like a drunk tramp most of the time on after dark. Brendon should of teamed up with Andrew, and kept Rachel as something on the side. B/R were gross to watch, Jeff and Jordan kept it pretty clean in comparison last season. When it came down to Regan and Rachel, she did get what she deserved. After Dark is worth it if you want to know what really goes on without the editing that CBS does. You are entitled to your opinion, just as the rest of us who have the extra things to go by do.

        1. hi there kelly..you are so spot on..this is the first year i have bb after dark..i have watched all big brothers but if you do not watch after dark, you are missing so much..what a difference!! rachel and brenda were awful to watch on that show..they fought all the time and she was drunk and out of control (screaming when she spoke, saying everything twice, saying the same thing over and over about vegas). they talked so much trash about everyone..their bi-polar butts were so cocky when they won and such pouty little girls when they lost..if you are a tranny/brenda fan…you probably want the excitement and drama, i get that. but you cannot, in anyway, defend their demeaning words and actions….

      3. What you missed without live feeds is that Rachel was on a power trip on her return to the house, calling each individually into HOH like a queen — even though she was evicted, can’t win BB, and would be there only 24 hrs …and everyone was kissing up to her (even Britney) because of her ability to influence Brendon’s POV nom and of course, their final jury vote. Kathy was brown-nosing her and Rachel planned out her cookie statement with Ragan — even before she got on the stairs (in HOH) she said she would have fun and torture him… Kathy egged her on — yeah we have plenty of cookies, ya da ya da (Kathy was mad at Have Nots because she’d overheard them making fun of her the other day). So Rachel went out there, expecting to tease Ragan and expecting him to just take it in pain…because everyone else was just pandering to her. Ragan got up and didn’t take it…he gave back and delivered a few home truths. By the way, the entire argument is on youtube, I believe, and it’s worth seeing in entirety (although you’ll still miss the background).

      4. I agree with you 100%. At least this is a game folks . I sure do hope you people are not that nasty in real life. Brendon is trying to find a cure for cancer, Rachel does a lot of charity workfor cancer. So both are not that bad. You talk about someone being mis treated that is Brendon. I hope he goes all out and win . He won get 1/2 million but i sure do hope he at least gets the 50k.

        1. i read it and i completely agree. although b/r may not have been the nicest people in the world they are far above the vile and snarky comments that seem to spew out of bitchney and ragans mouths. its called playing a game and thats what they did. they were targeted unfairly from day one and since then they have been the easy scape goat to keep gunning for because everyone in that house is too lazy or scared to really play the game. are you related to ragan by chance? theres no need to hate or name call on the people here or on the show.

      5. Yep, you’re not a feed watcher alright. You wouldn’t even think of writing the essay you wrote if were. I’m not going to say Brendon and Rachael are bad people, they’re just extremely dense and delusional.

  2. umm wtf have you been watching if she has a crush on anyone i guess its lane but brendon? where did you get that from?…

  3. ragen went off on rachel. all she could come back with was, “can you bash me some more.” Then she kept going back for more!! She looked like a fool. ragan 500 points, rachel 0.

    1. I very respectfully disagree. Ragan looked very mean and spiteful and out of control. Boy he will learn his judgment is for crap when the two most wonderful people in the world are show to be backstabbing liars (Brit, who is so completely two faced it is scary and Matt, who is a cheap Johhny Fairplay re-tred). Rachel may have been mean, but she was genuine about it and pretty fun too!

      p.s. I think Brit’s upper deck has been enhanced. Sorry to burst any implant bubbles out there!

      1. And Rachel’s “upper deck” hasn’t been OVER enhanced? Her chest is too large and she looks like trailer trash with her fake boobs and ugly extentions!

  4. I can just see it now. Matt pulls the DPOV out of his crotch and Enzo says “Ohhhhhh Shiiiit yo!”.
    Bling Bling style!

    1. But Kathy DID tell both Enzo and Hayden. So 3 of them had the chance to go tell Matt but they all 3 chose NOT to.

      1. And you didn’t see unless you have live feeds, but Hayden and Enzo had spent much of their time subtly leaning Brendon towards evicting Matt (they decided between two of them that better for them if Matt was gone — Rachel planted a false see in their heads that Hayden and Kristen on the block was Matt’s!! idea — and the fools bought it and turned on Matt.)

  5. LOL at James for saying Bling Bling style. But he was just about to vote him out. Too bad they hyped this DPoV for 2 weeks and the end result will only last, what 2-5 minutes worth on TV. Just like sex I guess, all this build up and the end result is a little fizzle.

    Now if Enzo gets name in his place that would be a good climax then. Then the show will get intresting.

    1. Assuming Matt is prob going to dpov Kathy, then for an interesting show afterwards, wish that Brit wins HOH. Interesting aspects:

      1) We’ll see what kind of power trip she goes on.

      2) She’ll nominate Brendon and Enzo — most likely.

      3) Even more interesting, if Brendon wins POV, Hayden and Enzo.

      4) Enzo running around like a chicken trying to get votes to stay. Hayden and Enzo asking Matt and Lane whether they’ll split their votes (conversations reverse of this week)…. Enzo going out with a bang and blowing up brigade at a speech, grenades, yo.

  6. 10:05pm est, very quiet. In the have not room, people under the cover trying to nap, guess they made fun of other people so nothing to talk about now. And Brendon in the kitchen. He is in the Kitchen alot today, either eating or cleaning up.

  7. Question for Live Feeders: When Enzo does his lip smacking move to make fun of someone — what is he actually trying to portray?

  8. Ragen is an embarassment to the gay community. Matt needs to put Brittany up and Enzo and Hayden better keep their mouths shut before he uses his veto. If they tell him they are voting him out then he’ll leave the brigade and Hayden and Enzo won’t survive on their own.

      1. I think this is my fav comment on this post…lol. Phony Ginger…classic….I wonder if she dyes her carpet to match the drapes…or maybe she has mini extensions for there too…

    1. Ok………….Regan is an embarassment to mankind. How’s that????? He is a pathetic, whiny, phony, hypocrite who makes me sick. And there is a gay community whether you want to believe it or not. And they will be the first to say so.

  9. Would Ragan ever visit Matt in Chicago, and stay friends with him, after he learns the truth about Stacy? And will Stacy still even be with Matt after the game, especially if he doesn’t win?

    1. I DO think that will tick Ragan off to no end when he finds out the MAJOR lie Matt told about his wife having that pretend dz. I hope they say something about that on finale night so we can see/hear their reactions.

      Karma will be a bitch.

  10. I have no idea what Enzo does. I try not to watch him :p
    I am curious, who would love to see Ragen on slop again for another week? He can’t wait to eat something real. I would love to see him on slop again.
    Regan and Enzo swearing about the sabateur now. Sort of funny, how Enzo dosn’t like him, and he is right beside him.

  11. can anyone answer these questions?
    1) can the diamond poser of veto be used on brendon?
    2)can the replacement for diamond power of veto be regan?
    3)how do diamond power of veto nominations work? will we find out today or only during live show?
    4)who do you think the replacement is?

    1. Nobody knows for shure, because BB Production can change what ever they want, but the consensus right now is the HoH and the PoV winner cannot be put up.

    2. Can’t say 100% without seeing the rule book, but here’s what I believe is the correct answers.
      1. No, HOH cannot be put up.
      2. No, POV winner cannot be put up either.
      3. Probably before live eviction begins, Julie Chen will say something about “Does anyone have a secret power they want to use now?” Matt will put out the DPOV and Julie will walk everyone through what now happens. Matt gets to choose his replacement, then the usual eviction process begins.
      4. Blog consensus is it should be Britney or Kathy. I think it depends on what Hayden and Enzo say to him in the next day. If he knows they’re turning on him, he’ll turn on them I think put up Enzo (b/c he’s got a bigger mouth and more likely to dig himself in deep than Hayden) and then maybe things will finally get interesting.

      1. It would be more interesting if they all voted first announced the vote tally and then Julie asked if anyone had a special power. People would be implicated just like Matt was with the pretzel thing.

    3. Just to answer a few questions from earlier:

      the diamond power of veto cannot be used on Brendan but it certainly can be used on Ragan; it can only be used this week and if Matt is so smart he will use it….thanks for the great site simon & Dawg

  12. “Best season ever. You know why? Because the meow meow is here. Everyone else just sucks.” Enzo
    He looked so pathetic when he said that, laying down in a bed with pink comforter over him talking to himself.

  13. i think that matt and regan are falling in love and if it wasnt for no privacy they would be having sex but when they get out of the bb house i bet they become a couple. matt wont be the first guy to dump the chick and go for the dick

    1. Maybe Ragan thinks he might have a chance after poor Matt’s poor wife isn’t here anymore. Ragan will be there to comfort Matt and maybe talk him into going down another lane. (Not Lane, tho)

      1. BBGrandma, I’ve just lost the mega amounts of respect I had for you. Wow, what an immature statement from someone of your years….. do you really think that a gay man and a straight man can’t be friends without the straight man becoming gay? Seriously?

        1. lighten up & layoff Gma. Ragan is the token example for a typical gay man with smarty wit but nothing to genuinily contribute except ugly witty comebacks that hurt others. Sorry – know a few.

          1. Thank you, gab.kat . I guess you are only allowed to make a funny remark about these people on the show if you are not young. I think maybe my time on here has come to an end. I love to read everyones comments whether I agree or not. I have made comments on Enzo, Britney, and Kathy in fun. I have also come to the defense of some that are getting picked on. Oh, well, I guess I need to just stick to reading Simon’s updates because I don’t have the live feed and leave the comments to all you young ones. But, thank you for coming to my defense. I appreciate it.

              1. Simon, you have always been good to me. Right now my skin is so thin that I am having a hard time with these attacks. I might lose my very best buddy and I will be so lonesome. I guess I have been clingy lately. I was confined to my bedroom for 2 years and Muc was with me the whole time. All I had was him and finding this site last year to keep me company. Rattlesnake Jake leaves for work at 2:30am and comes home at 3:00pm and goes to bed at 5:00pm. I stay up with you so I can see him when he leaves in the morning. The rest of the time it is Muc and me and Simon and Dawg and some friends on here. I never would hurt anyone by being mean intentionly. I even took up for Jay when everyone was getting him kicked off. He promised to be good because I asked him. I love you for taking your time out of a busy night to let me know you are there for me. Love you and Dawg. (Muc thought it was great that you had a dog. I had to explain it was Dawg not dog. But, he likes him anyway.)

                  1. He works for Waste Management. 27yrs. Four ten hour days and three off. We have been fortunate because they have wonderful medical benefits. My medical bills have come close to a quarter of a million. I feel so sorry for those that don’t have coverage. If we didn’t have those, I would have to ask Canadian Fan if I could live with him in Canada.

                    1. Lol, you could Grandma, but the wait for health care here is long. Anyone up here with lots of money goes to the U.S. so they can get quick care. Its not a perfect system by any means but it is still better then none. Im going to catch some shut eye now and I expect to see your comments tomorrow night after the show, if the site doesn’t crash and burn, night.

            1. BBGrandma, please don’t stop your comments. I am a Grandma myself and I really enjoy your wit and humor and I truly look forward to your comments.

            2. Don’t stop commenting Grandma, Don’t let one person bother you, I knew you were joking, I mean jesus, look at some of the comments people write. I have been sitting back this season and not commenting much, it seems like if you comment with your opinion, someone rips you a new one, and if you make a joke, someone rips you a new one. Keeper going Grandma, I suspect the majority doesn’t want you to stop and the rest can piss off.

        2. Mimimew, I am sorry you no longer respect me. I will not make a comment of that matter to you even tho I could go back among your comments and point to some that I was not fond of. But, I have a great respect for the gay community. My very best friend from High School was gay and she was very unhappy during those years because in those days you could not let it be known. Many years later she came out to me and I never stopped loving her as my friend. My brother-in-law is openly gay. My other very good friend’s brother is gay and was acturally married in a private ceremony in which I wrote the vows for them and a poem. Perhaps because I have been their friends for so long, I know that they would laugh at that statement and take it in the fun it was given. They are the people that matter to me and I know they still respect me and count me among their friends. I do feel Ragan has feelings for Matt and I do feel they are strong. As far as men being friends with gay men and not being one themselves, I know that just like I know that I love my friend and I have no desires to be in a gay relationship with her. But, I will always be there for her. Now, if you feel better for trying to put me down, good for you. However, you have not hurt me with your statement that you no longer respect me because you are of a very small mind if you can not open it to everything not being an attack on everyone just because someone makes a comment among so many. To others on here, you know I was having fun and not being mean.

          1. I’ve been gone on purpose because i said some things….but what has happened to the original posters that made this site so awesome?

                  1. No, I know what PM stands for, but it doesn’t exist on this site. Were you asking for them to implement it into the site? Did you want to email me sexy nude pics? Is that what this is all about?


        4. WOW! Out of all the things people say on here you are going to take it out on BB-MA!! Unbelievable! I thought you were cool too, but apparently after posting a few of your own spoilers you think you are runnin’ shit now! And after reading forward to see if you responded to her apology before butting In, I see that you have something against people with mental disabilities and hair loss…..how dare you! So it is Ok for you to offend the bald and the crazy (myself) but not BB-Ma for saying Ragen will be there for Matt when his wife passes….HUH!?!?! INteresting…….hypocrit much??

          1. Whoa whoa whoa, hey now. Let’s remove the hatred spotlight off mimimew and place it back on myself. The glare from the spotlight is the only thing keeping Allison Grodner’s jaws from locating my jugular.

              1. Just got home from my nana’s…been doing yard work all day and then took her to dinner and the mall……I think Im a little sun stricken and always emotional after my time with her then to come here and see that someone made you feel like that made me feel even more shitty! I hate to jump in unless Im already in it, but when I saw your apology I was really hoping to see a response and it worked out……I know tho….not really any of my business…..or is it??? Anyways…..enough of that shit….what else did I miss….and only the good shit……..

                1. Just the CBS show and they showed the Rachel/Ragan fight. There of course are two views of it depending on which side you are on. Tomorrow night should be a wild one with Matt and the DPOV. Hope you can be here early to watch. Of course, we will learn it here before we see it on the west coast.

                  1. Simon & Dawg – batten down the hatches and prepare for a long night. All posters…..no, I don’t know them, but I respect their site so give them some love OK?

                  2. I will be watching tonights CBS and tomorrows CBS back to back cause I have to wait for the hubby……we have it on DVR and he skipped it tonight for me since i was gone….Im really looking forward to it and will be home….no nana’s tomorrow……OMG…….hopefully if the face pictures above are in sequence….color vs black and white……kathy will be going home next! Fingers crossed!!

    2. You are a prejudiced ass. It’s 2010, grow up and realize that men can be friends with a gay man without being “contaminated and becoming gay.” I admire Matt because he really doesn’t seem to have those fears, that many ignorant fools have, that being friends would in any way lessen his manhood … and he shouldn’t.

      Brendon on the other hand has equated being gay with being less masculine — maybe you should join up with him?

      1. i am saying that i do feel they are falling for each other and if so they should pursue their wants. i am not putting anyone down…if you look at how each looks at each other especially last nite in bbad you would see what i mean when they were in the hammack together…

        1. bbbareback, I watched all night as some readers of this blog know so that I could catch when Enzo found the note. I saw Lane, Britney, and Ragan all in the hammock for a long time with Matt sitting on the table next to them. Today, I saw Enzo sit on Ragan’s cot while Ragan was in it — do you think that Ragan is after Enzo now?

  14. Feisty little chihuahua’s make good litigators….and hot lovers. Lane’s not getting that girl out of his mind easily.
    Eaglebirdie, I doubt very much Ragan is an embarassment, he speaks his mind and feels words deeply. Since there is a sliding scale of hormonal distinctions that could be welcomed or despised in any “community,” gay or otherwise, manly-man or overly girlie-girl.
    Anonymous, I think Ragan & Matt will be friends after this, no matter what happens in the game, they see fine qualities in one another, he’ll get over it.

    1. Maybe, but unless they’re the secret lifelong firiends, Stacy’s supposed illness being Matt’s reason for being in the game seems to be the foundaton of his trust and friendship with Matt. So, we’ll see. But it’ll be real interesting to see their reactions, no matter what!

  15. i was watching CBS BB earlier and I liked how the Robot zinged Enzo, he said “MeowMeow, you always talk about dropping grenades, meanwhile, you always bomb in the competitions,Zing”.ROTFLMFAO!!!

  16. Who is the cook in the house? For people to hate Brendon, they shure eats what he cooks up. Or did I just miss people cooking for themselves? All I see is Brendon in the kitchen, cooking, cleaning and eating lol.

  17. Can’t wait until tomorrow!!
    Best case scenario:
    Matt uses diamond power of veto on himself
    Matt puts up Brit.
    Brit goes to the jury house with Rachel.

    Next best case scenario:
    Matt uses dpov on himself
    Matt puts up Enzo
    Enzo goes home

    Matt uses dpov on himself
    Matt puts up Kathy
    Kathy goes home.
    I can’t wait to see what will happen though. Brendon will get to compete in the HOH because last year when Jeff used the coup detat Chima got to compete

    1. Matt has the DPOV, it’s not the same as what Jeff had. Matt can only use the DPOV on one person and choose the replacement. Matt cannot take two people off the block. Therefore, he is not taking the HOH’s place. He can use the DPOV on eviction night.

  18. Gaahhh! I HATE commercials! If I could get decent Internet, I would go for the live feeds
    I hate having to wait to see stuff I hear about for DAYS! And to see Rachel for the full 24 hours would be nice, especially the way Ragan has ripped her…. Although I could do without his crying!

  19. I think that alot of the people this season were just acting like disgusting pigs!!!!! Everyone on here bashes Rachel, Who I am not defending, But they think that the way that Ragen and Brittany are respectable!!!!! Really?!?! Where was I when our mothers taught us that it was ok to CONSTANTLY talk negative about people on a personal level that we dont really know?? And using the comment about floaters getting a life vest was NOT a personal attack!! And yes in here 24 hours back Rachel made comments that were equally offensive! But were they not provoked by Ragen?

    1. Im not defending anyone’s behavior, They’re all shit-talkers…. I’m just glad to see something from this BORING cast CBS has stuck us with!

    2. I agree that some of the comments made by Ragan and Britney on the live feeds have been really terrible. I laughed at first b/c I am not going to lie, they are both quite witty, but after a while, I got tired of reading the constant put-downs. Rachel started the fight with Ragan this time coming at him the minute she walked in the door, but it was hard for me to watch him say all those things to her. The zits comment sounded like a burn you would get from a sixth grader.

    3. Ragan was a strong ally of Rachel’s in the beginning. Then he felt uncomfortable with how she treated Kristen, because Rachel personally attacked her before the hoh. Then she began to treat him terribly after seeing him talking to her in the Cabana room. She demanded that people not talk to Kristen and if they did she and Bredon hassled them. They (B/R) acted like bullies and this did not resonate well with Ragan. It was the source of one of his epiphanies that woke him up to the “Birds of a feather” talk our mothers gave us.

  20. reagan and brittney make me sick reagan deserves everything he is going to get before this is over true bb fans love those who play the game he keeps refering to his game but ive got to ask WHAT GAME all he does is cry and talk about other house guests with brittney i think we all know he would not be in her friends circle outside this house the real players are brendon , rachael ,matt ,and hayden

  21. Everyone who saw Boy George flaunt her fakeness back into the house, was in shock. No one ran to hug her or even shouted with joy of her return. So she happen to pick on Ragan, because of her beef with him. I LOVED that Ragan stood up for himself. He was not having any of it and all she could do was stand there, at times, with her mouth open wide. Typical Rachel-fashion, I’m sure…
    But, to be fair, she’s not as evil as they edit her to be or as she tries to play it up for the cameras. I watched BB After Dark when she was there and she’s pretty normal. This cast is all VERY boring to watch when CBS does’nt edit them…lol. I agree, she did bring the drama and to have a “person we love to hate” leave…takes out all the fun of watching. I would love to see Lane or Enzo win or DO something in the game. Kathy is a mind boggler…how does casting think she’d be “good tv”? She’s not.

    1. You’re right, Kathy is not good tv. But they had to have the token old person, so I guess she’s it! Although, she’s not as old as the ones from other seasons past.

  22. I was just rewatching BB of todays episode with my wife since she didn’t see it when it aired. I just noticed when Brendon was reading his Pandora’s letter, was that necklace a PoV necklace? All I saw was the part that would go around the neck, could there be a PoV symbol attached to it? This would make great ratings next week.

    I am guessing no, but wouldn’t it be great if it was?

  23. Matt should use the DPOV. He should put up Enzo ’cause he’s a joke. The Brigade hasn’t done anything without Matt. To turn on him is a slap in the face. Final 3 if it all works out…Matt, Brit, and Ragan. With Matty for the win!

    1. While I do not want to see the Brigade to succede, I would love to see Matts face when the rest of the Bridgade booted him out before the final 4. Matt wouldn’t be so smart now. I hope he sees this already and will put up Enzo in his place.

  24. Does anyone remember brit’s comments to matt….if they gave her a chisel. she could could sculpt Kristen’s vagina because she wore her pants so tight??? Britney is a useless tool


  26. ragans all about throwing out names and saying how vile rachel is but stooping to her level and saying some of the most hurtful and personal attacks you can throw at someone is just as bad. for someone who thinks hes all high and mighty he needs to look in the mirror at his skinny bitch ass. ragan i used to love you use you powers for good and not evil. rise above. how can u sit there and tell britney about how beautful a person she is. just because shes nice to your face like a twofaced ho…at least rachel calls it like shes sees it whether shes right or wrong.

  27. Has anyone noticed how devious Matt is? He “planted” an idea of a “power” lurking out there among the houseguests that would save someone and doom another. He is even deceiving his Brigade and his darling Ragan by not disclosing the DPOV. For all of Regan’s efforts to keep Matt alive and in the house, Matt stabs him the back with a deceitful smile and pat on the back, as thanks. I do not like Matt and his game play is evil and worthy of being exposed. Ragan puts his trust in the biggest liar in the house. Unfortunately, only the viewers know that Matt is all about himself. I don’t respect his gameplay. Does anyone? Matt is a snake in the grass. He would do well on Survivor.

    1. Matt is not a snake in the grass. He is a human. Snakes don’t have feet. Snakes have several hundred vertebrae bones. It’s quite fascinating. I know it can be hard to get them mixed up since he wears a hood and you might think he’s a cobra, but if you squint you’ll realize that it’s just a human. If you ever see a snake you will realize that Matt is not one. Also, he doesn’t have scales. Good luck with your future ophiology endeavors! We all wish you luck!

    2. No, I love Matt as a player because he has a great strategy, wins when he needs it and doesn’t get too personal or too upset. I love that lie about the wife too because it gives all the “moral superiors” out there a reason to tell everyone how great a person they are compared to him and how awful a tactic that is! Oh, he just went toooooo farrrrrr!

    3. meintexas is correct.

      If Matt discloses the DPOV, it becomes null and void and he will go home.

      It is going to be epic tonight.

      I will stay tuned to this site because I have no cable any more.

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