Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Enzo says that Andrew is a freak and probably fingered her. Matt says yeah with two fingers!

12:55am Matt talks about his fake sick wife knew everything he wanted for an HOH basket. Andrew leaves the HOH room and says that he has to get some sleep and thanks him when he congrats him. Britney, Brendon and Rachel get up and people start leaving. Hayden, Kristin, Kathy, Ragan and Lane stay behind to hang out with Matt. Enzo says when he was listening to Matts letter he that he almost started to cry. Matt says how good it feels to get the letter he feels a hundred million times better than he ever thought it would fill. Enzo talks about his perfectionist wife. Ragan asks if the letters are ready to go by the time they are in the house but Matt says his letter says was done recently. Big Brother calls an end to the outdoor lock down. Lane helps move Matt’s stuff to HOH. Matt thanks him. Britney comes back up to the HOH. Britney then reads Matt’s letter from his fake sick wife. Hayden comes back upstairs with beer.

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Lane and Britney are outside in the hot tub. Britney says that she is so tired but doesn’t want to be the first to go to bed. Lane tells her to get a drink and she tells him that she has to wait one month for her birthday. Britney asks why he wants her to drink so bad. Lane continues to pushes Britney to drink wine saying that he need a woman’s touch. Britney says she had a bad day. Lane tries to lift her spirits from Monet’s eviction. Hayden and Kristin join them in the hot tub. They talk about how good it is to be outside and how fast they cleaned up. Enzo comes out bitching about having to be cooped up in the have not room, and says that he might even go for a jog tonight. Lane wishes he didn’t gorge on so much pizza. Kathy is smoking her first cigarette in the last 24 hours. Hayden talks about working out tomorrow. Enzo says he is going to as well, saying he is going to do cardio in the morning. Lane says weights at night. Enzo talks about how fast Big Brother took everything down. Matt joins Hayden, Lane Kristen and Enzo in the hot tub. They start talking about how popular the cast of Jersey Shore are, and Lane says that if he saw “The Situation” (one of the guys off the show), he would fight him. Britney asks if he would punch Snooki (a female cast member on the show who got punched in the face by a guy) in the face. Enzo says that they’re trashy people.
1:25am Brendon and Rachel are in the bedroom talking. They are wondering if Matt will be true to his word. They are disappointed in how everyone goes and kisses the HOH’s butt. They say that no matter what Matt’s going to do what’s good for him. They also think Matt and Ragan are in an alliance. They talk about how the others are all just playing for themselves. Rachel says that of the four of that are in the Have-Not room are the guys she wants to see to make it to the end. Rachel says she knows she isn’t going to make it to the end and is disgusted at how shady other people are. Rachel says that she calls herself a hustler but that she really isn’t. Brendon says the people here are not acting. They are actually dirty, underhanded, liars. Ragan is who he is. Brendon says that he doesn’t act fake. Brendon says that he is worried and snaps at Rachel, saying the one card we have and you didn’t play and wishes he was in on their conversation. Rachel goes on to talk about Matt and how her feelings were hurt and felt betrayed, she says she won’t be fake. Brendon makes sure Rachel didn’t threaten him with putting him up id Matt puts this up. Rachel says that they shouldn’t talk about this stupid game. Brendon wishes she didn’t talk to him when she was so pissed. Brendon is pretty agitated with her. Rachel tries to reassure him, then says even though she doesn’t know what he’s going to do. Rachel believes he won’t put them up because Matt told her he genuinely likes them. Brendon says he’ll talk to her later about it because he is too agitated with the situation they are in. Rachel says that she would never turn on a friend but says apparently some people would and just don’t care… Brendon goes off about the spineless floaters, saying that these people are not intelligent players. Brendon is mad at the Hayden and Kristen for taking dives during the HOH competition. Brendon says people like Kristen need to go! Rachel says that Kristen is a strong competitor. And Brendon snaps at her saying fuck that!! They think now that they should have kept Monet. Brendon tells her that they need to lay down and not think about it. They lay down and Rachel says that she is worried that she is being portrayed as the annoying girl, always saying Brendon! Brendon says, no we’re being portrayed as cute.


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1:40am Britney and Kathy are talking about Monet. Kathy says that she did what she wanted to do in terms of voting. Kathy says that she voted for Monet to stay because she wanted to keeping her word. Britney tells her that she should be proud of herself for keeping her word. Britney tells Kathy that her first impression of Monet was that she was going to be a snob. Britney says that she was completely wrong and Monet was really sweet and she’s glad she got to know her. Kathy says that she has control over what she says in the diary room and certain things. She says that her vote is one of the things she can control, so she says she did what she wanted to do. Britney jokes and says Lane is the worst, and says that when you’re a have not he tells you to eat stuff all the time! Britney says it sucks so bad to be a have not, and that she didn’t realize how bad it would be. Kathy says it was hard to take the cold showers because she was so sick. Britney leaves to go to bed.
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Matt and Enzo are talking about Andrew. Matt says that he is surprised and impressed that Andrew said he joined the mile high club with a Jewish girl. They all think that Andrew is a lot freakier than they think. Enzo says that Andrew is a freak and probably fingered her. Matt says yeah with two fingers!

2am Rachel and Britney are in front of the memory wall talking about Monet. Rachel says that she will admit she sucks. Monet was probably actually genuine. Rachel says that she I feels like everyone is your best friend for a week and then they hate you! Britney says that the worst is when you get nominated and then nobody likes you. Rachel laughs and says I know, and says that she is going to be there twice. Big Brother has told Rachel not to get drunk tonight. Rachel says because they want her to be articulate. Rachel is getting drunk off the wine and asks Britney if she has a black flag on her forehead? Rachel asks at least be my frien-enemy! Britney says that it’s like Rachel is black-listed, no one will even look at you. Britney says that they’re all afraid the head of household will see you saying hi to them and think you’re together. Rachel says when you’re the HOH you make all the dumb ass mistakes, and then you get busted. Rachel says that she thinks there is an I hate Rachel club. Matt comes in to the kitchen and asks Rachel if they let her drink to night, she says no. The feeds cut out. When they come back Rachel and Britney go up to HOH room with Matt. Rachel is pretty drunk. Rachel talks to Matt about the letter he received from his wife. Rachel is talking really loud and saying FUCK a lot. Matt says it would be amazing if his wife Stacey was in Pandora’s Box, even just for ten minutes. Rachel says that if they put Brendon in Pandora’s Box with a diamond ring and bottle of tequila. She would be like FUCK YEAH! The feeds cut out again. When they come back and Rachel says that she is drunk. Rachel asks Matt if he is drunk and he says no. Rachel says okay I’m not either. Rachel tells them that she and Brendon don’t fight. Matt says that he thought they had. Rachel says that she and Brendon never had a fight, she loves him. Rachel tells Britney and Matt that they have to understand how she feels about Brendon because they are engaged and married. Rachel says that she is the biggest loser bitch ever. Rachel asks what it means to know when you know. Matt tells her to ride this thing out and don’t make any decisions until after you get out of the Big Brother house. Rachel asks if it’s possible to fall in love with someone in 20 days. Matt tells her to wait 20 days after they get out of the house before deciding that. Britney leaves the HOH.

2:40am Rachel is still up in the HOH room drunk and talking to Matt. Rachel tells Matt that she is so happy for him, and that even if we hate each other… Matt laughs and says I don’t hate you. Rachel says and even if you fucking evict me this week. Matt says I will never hate you, I assure you. Rachel says no as friends, we will never hate each other, ever, but even in like game players, I’m just talking and being honest. Matt tells her fair is fair. Rachel says fair is fair, and if you fucking put me on the block and evict me, whatever, but like Matt, like Stacy, you are so lucky, like, what you two have. Matt says I am lucky.
3am Lane and Enzo go up to the HOH room to talk to Matt. Enzo walks in and says Brigade! They are all happy one of them one HOH. Matt tells them that he doesn’t think it is a good idea to put up Rachel and Brendon. Hayden tells them that Kristen worked really hard on Matt’s behalf, to keep him in the house. Enzo says that they need to back-door Brendon. Matt confirms he is putting up Kathy and they start to talk about who they should put up against her, they wonder if they should put up Andrew or Rachel. Hayden says that he is worried that if only Rachel goes up, Brendon could win POV and pull her off and then both Brendon and Rachel are safe. Matt wants to really backdoor Brendon, but that they won’t put him up right away, they need one of them to get the POV and then put Brendon up. Enzo says we could tell Kathy she is just a pawn this week. Matt says that he thinks it would be best to put up Kathy and Andrew and then back-door Brendon. Enzo says that one of them (Rachel or Brendon) just needs to go home. Lane says that they have Britney’s vote. Enzo says that he doesn’t want them to miss their opportunity, in voting out Rachel or Brendon out of the house. Enzo says that in this game you have got to get dirty first. Hayden leaves to go to bed.

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Matt wonders if he should let Kathy and Andrew know they aren’t his actual targets. Matt thinks about telling Andrew at least that he isn’t the target, and says he’ll tell him he is going after Kathy and not mention anything about back dooring Brendon. Ragan comes up to join them in the HOH. Matt, Enzo, and Ragan are all talking about Kathy. They all talk about how they want to hear her PoV speech. Enzo says that Kathy will still be talking even after she gets evicted. Ragan says that the people in the diary room probably can’t take Kathy talking and that someone said she hadn’t been there in 5 days because Big Brother just doesn’t want to hear her talk anymore. Enzo tells them all about what he says about Kathy in the diary room. Enzo says that he busts her balls all the time and has said some hilarious stuff about her. Enzo says he is so glad she’s in the game. Matt says they have to put her up for the entertainment factor. Enzo says he can’t imagine being in the Jury House with Kathy, that she turned into a deputy on Britney the other night. They talk about how the nominations are tomorrow and the POV will probably be on Saturday. Enzo says that he really wants HoH. Ragan says he does too.

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4am Kristen and Hayden are talking downstairs. Hayden says that two more weeks and they are in the jury house, which was his goal. Kristen tells Hayden that Kathy is worried about going up tomorrow and Kathy came to her about it. Kristen says that she talked to her to make her feel better. Kristen says that she told Kathy that if she won the POV, she would pull her off the block. Hayden said he’d pull Andrew off the block if he won PoV. Kristen says that she thinks Brendon will go on the block somehow. Hayden says that he doesn’t want to talk about game because anything can happen. Kristen tells him that she is worried about her boyfriend and what he thinks. Hayden says his situation is similar to her’s. Hayden says that he feels what he and Kristen have is pretty special. Kristen says yeah it is. Hayden says that he made it clear he’s not in a relationship. Kristen says that she wishes she would have done the same thing. Hayden says that he wants to know what he and her are going to do. Kristen says she will always feel guilty inside for what is going on. Hayden says that he does too, that he feels like a home wrecker and that he thinks America will hate him for it. Kristen says that the biggest problem is that she can’t talk to her boyfriend and Hayden tells her to talk to one of the cameras to tell him.

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Up in the HOH Ragan is talking to Matt about the nominations tomorrow. Ragan says that Andrew and Kathy could go up. Andrew would then be removed, and Rachel would be put up. Matt says that Rachel wouldn’t have the votes to say. Ragan says suspicion would be put on Matt if he didn’t put them up. Matt says his goal is to get the house to think he wants both Rachel and Brendon out. Matt says that he wants to give them an option to make a deal. Matt says that after what they did last week with the house meeting, he has every reason to go after them. Matt says he has to make the deal with Rachel and Brendon to be safe, and if they take it he won’t initially nominate them. Matt says if they don’t take it then he says he’s putting them on the block, but he wants them to take the deal. Ragan thinks that if Matt offers the deal and they take it they will turn around and stab him in the back.
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REALLY Rachel thinks her and Brendon are going to get married? She is clueless!! I think that Matt should put up Kathy and Andrew and backdoor Rachel. Then since Rachel didn’t make it too Jury then vote Brendon out around Jury time. Rachel would go nuts without her BRENDON! Oh and Brenchel arn’t being portrayed as cute, its more like everyone is vomiting and throwing objects at their tv screens. I agree with Matt 20 DAYS?? Get real.


Funniest thing last night on the feeds is seeing Brendon getting mad and trying to act tuff….Boy is such a tard…When I first saw him i was OMG that guy is hot…those speedos….Im in sunny so. Florida so in the Winter, we get a lot of speedos but the nooks not such hot bodies….but boy did the attraction fade when he opened his mouth….poor guy a nerd trapped in a hotties body.


me too pigpen. I was quite excited to see him on BB because he was cute and was even happier when he and Rachel got together but the both of them together do not meld at all. I was hoping for some nudie moments but now it just seems dirty to think of him in a sexual way. it’s like having a crush on corky. so wrong.


Haha yes that’s what they need one of them goes into jury the other doesn’t but if rachels the one who sticks around next week I can already hear the crying and complaining she’s gonna be doing once Brendan leaves.


all you’ll hear is that Matt broke up her and ‘her man’ and there will be more yelling in the diary room

Uncle Cool

I think Kristen will be the Brigade’s Yoko Ono.


hahah that is an extremely funny comparison but i think she will be their main woman too haha


haha@ Uncle Cool


I know!!!
Enzo, Lane, Matt and Hayden are like The Beatles and Kristen is like Yoko Ono


I can see Zane getting rid of Hayden just so he can get some attention from Kristen…biy is horny..trying ot get Brit drunk…..get it boyee


haha! I think so too.


I know Brit-Brit is engaged, but she and Lane have a connection. You can see that Lane always hangs out with her. When Hayden offered that Kristin could be trusted, Lane was quick to say Brit could be trusted too.

Uncle Cool

Matt, buddy. Do the sure thing and put Brendan and Rachel on the block. That is the only way to ensure one of them goes home.


hopefully Uncle Cool he does but he is making me super nervous


I just saw that Matt is making a deal with R and B telling them that he won’t put them up, but if someone wins POV and Matt needs to nominate a 3rd person, he can’t guarantee that he won’t put one of them up. OMG! I understand he is trying to further himself in the game, but REALLY???? What happened to his speech about the 2 of them playing as one and they will always be 1 and 2 and whoever is left will always be 3? UGH!




hell to the NO, Brendon is GAY, and we all know that he’s covering it up. I really hope they backdoor brendon. Rachel will get drunk after he leaves and show her azzz. just like she did in the HOH room with Matt. she spilled everything. in love…… he’s not in love with her at all. Come on Matt stir up the house one more time…. we need the drama. the bb12 is getting kind of boring :0


I am sure it wouldn’t be Brendons first “backdoor” experience!




Good one! lol


Yes, Brendon is GAY! At first I thought, nice looking guy, what is he doing with her! Playin’ her…yeah! Then as I watched them suck face and rub each others head for far too long I realized, a true man would not be that touchy feely for that long, he has to be gay or bi! And what is with that nasty pimple on her chin for days now that he keeps suckin’ on! I almost barffed!


Take it from a guy that is gay…
1) My “gaydar” blew a fuse the first time he opened his mouth.
2) Only a gay guy into ugly drag queens could find her remotely attractive.
3) Only a gay guy could pull off an award winning performance like he is.
4) Only a gay guy would suck on the mini-penis growing on her face in hopes of a “happy ending”


(Pardon me for being gross.) I really don’t think Brendon is gay. He stuck his hand up Rachel’s lady parts on her first HOH night. They talked about not “getting frisky” in front of the cameras because she didn’t want to upset her mom. Then his hand disappeared under the covers. She said, “Brendooooooon.” He said, “What? You don’t want me to do that?” She said, “I do buuuuuut . . . ” Then they stopped and went downstairs where everyone laughed at her for being drunk and stupid. It struck me as VERY disrespectful. Like he was showing America, her family, etc. how he could control her and do whatever he wanted no matter what she said. Anyway, I don’t know any gay men who’d touch lady parts on purpose.


What if……He is proving to others that he is NOT gay by showing them how aggressive he is with the chicks, but in reality he is in the closet and just needs the cameras to broadcast that he is in this showmance so he people back home will stop thinking he is GAY too……or…….What if Rachel is really Ronald and is in drag all along……just sayin…..


he should be his..sorry


Hahahahahaha. That could totally be what’s going on! And really, since Rachel looks so much like Boy George, she’d be the easiest to fake it with. But he can’t fake that personality, so I still think he’s an evil (and predatory) toad.


Brendon hooks up with BOY GEORGE!!! Nuff said.


Kristen has a boyfriend? Wow. Guess Rachel isn’t the ho after all. LoL. I hope BB is taking notes about what all the viewers are saying/blogging/tweeting b/c we cannot have another cast like this next year. Ppl are getting picked on for the smallest things b/c there is not enough action. I blame them for picking Annie as saboteur. Horrible choice & it ruined the season.


If Matt doesn’t put Rachel on the block, it will look suspicious, after what she did to him, putting him on the spot with the “house meeting”. Backdoor is a gamble, works only if things go according to plan. Matt doesn’t want his hands dirty directly, so have someone else win POV and make them get their hands dirty? We’ll see how this works. I LOVE THIS GAME!

Big Brother 6 Fan

Rachel is sooooo paranoid…and I’m glad she is! Both Rachel and Brendon went on a power trip this past week. I’m sick of them!

J.P. Brigade

If Matt doesn’t put up both, he’s a fool. That couple is the ONLY threat to the Brigade. No one else there is even close to being able to contend for the half-mil. If he puts up Kathy and Andrew and then Brendon or Rachel wins POV, I got a feeling the following week will see one of those two winning HOH and evicting one of the Brigade (or their extensions–Regan or Kristen) out fo the game.

Get one of those two out this week and I really, truly, honestly think the Brigade is money until about 5 or 6 remain in the house. Then Hayden flips to keep him and Kristen safe and it’s each person for themself.

Yae Dum Dum







Matt strikes a deal with Boy George and Brendover. He puts up Kathy and Captain Kosher, then backdoors Brenchel, depending on who wins POV
If no one changes nominations, whoever goes home, Matt’s sitting pretty with 2 jury votes in Brenchel. If not, he’s got an enemy but breaks up Brenchel. Brigade stays safe, he’s got a strong side alliance with Ragan.

J.P. Brigade

If Matt pulls off this thing this week and DOES backdoor Brendan, it is going to be a masterpiece. He”ll be the hero of the Brigade.


if matt stuck to his deal they wouldnt go after him as ragen says….hes really screwing them over…

so what if b and r think they may get married…good for them, who are you to judge?


Simon . . . Let’s say Matt DID put Rachel up on the block, Brendon wins POV, and uses it to take her off the block. Why can’t they replace Rachel with Brendon? If you win POV does that mean you can save someone AND yourself?


I have been watching BB since it started, I am aware you have to use lies to get ahead,however what Matt has said about his wife being sick and needing a operation and that people are probably sending donations already goes beyond the pale….in this life it is nothing to lie about okay I AM 60 and probably old time but matt is smart enough without using that hoping what goes around hits him in the face


Agree, Sue. There are other lies you can use in this game. Maybe it comes with age but you just don’t tempt faith when it involves someones health. Trust me, it can be gone in an instants. And, you sure do miss it when it is gone. But, then you have friends like all those on this site that can take your mind off of it.


this bigbrother is boring…I want Britteny to go far