Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Matt offers up another deal to Brendon & Rachel.. Tells them this time they have to stick to it.

10:10am Rachel goes and lies down in the bedroom where Kristen and Hayden are still trying to sleep. Rachel apologizes at how drunk she was last night. Hayden and Kristen tell her not to worry about it. They talk about how drunk she was. Rachel asks what she was saying and doing, besides talking about how much she loves Brendon. Hayden tells her that she talked about Brendon’s penis size, and how many kids they are going to have, what the kids names are going to be, and in what order.. Rachel awkwardly laughs and denies it and says that Hayden is making it up. Hayden laughs and says that he is making parts of it up. Rachel says that she wishes she could remember last night or that she could rewind the tape to watch what she was doing.

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10:30am Brendon is in the kitchen and Andrew asks if they (Rachel & Brendon) are okay. Brendon says yeah, why? Andrew says because he thought he heard Rachel crying last night and again this morning. Brendon says what, really?! Andrew says I don’t know … maybe I didn’t hear her cry. Brendon then goes into the bedroom where Rachel is laying in her bad and asks her if shes okay. She says she’s fine. Rachel explains that she got up early to and tried to think of any exercise she could to “un-hang over her self” Rachel tells him that she just feels worse now. Brendon tells her that she should get something to eat. Brendon leaves and goes back to the kitchen to eat.

10:50am Rachel asks Brendon if they can talk over on the other side of the yard. Rachel says that she is sorry she got drunk, and that she kept him up. Brendon says no stop saying your sorry. Brendon says that he thought they were going to spend some time together and all she wanted to do was get drunk. Brendon then quizzes Rachel on what information she told Matt last night when she was drunk. Rachel says I’m not stupid I wouldn’t say anything


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11am Rachel and Brendon ask to talk to Matt up in the HOH.  The go into the HOH room and Matt says I have good news and bad news for you guys. Matt says that he talked to a lot of people last night and that he will look so suspect if he doesn’t put them up on the block. Matt says that because they put him in a bad position with the house meeting, he wants to offer a deal. Matt says that he can either put both of them up or neither of them up. Matt says if neither of you are put up then he wants a real deal this time and that he wants to be safe next week. Matt says that if they don’t go up then the people he is thinking of putting up he thinks will definitely not have a chance of winning the POV. Matt says if someone wins the POV he says that he will have to put one of them up but that he will not push for anyone to use the POV. Matt tells them that they can petition for who ever wins the POV to not use the POV but that if someone comes up and asks him if they should use it or not he will tell them to go talk to other people in the house. Rachel denies that her and Brendon have an alliance with Kathy. Matt says that no one would believe that considering Kathy’s actions last week, and how Kathy was running your HOH last week.

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Rachel says that Matt was never their target until the house meeting. Matt says exactly that why I have to do this. Matt says that this time he wants to make a real deal where both sides follow the terms. Rachel says that she really wants to make the deal. Rachel asks what if you win POV. Matt says that is where it is tricky …but that he doesn’t even want to win it …he wants to remain neutral. Matt says you have the piece of mind that he won’t tell them to use it. Matt says then you can talk to people, get them to use it … they can even use the HOH room and tell him to leave. Rachel offers what if you nominate me and then at least I would have a chance to play for the POV. Brendon says no I don’t like that. Matt says that would make him look better in the eyes of the house but that he doesn’t think she should do that. Matt says that the days in the big brother house are long and if you start second guessing our deal again then come and talk to me first, don’t turn on me again. Rachel says that its huge that he even came to talk to them and that she appreciates it. Brendon says that it really pisses him off, all the people that dove off that competition. Matt says that the five people that gave him the votes to stay are the five that have been cool with him at his lowest and now at his highest. Brendon says yeah and those are the people that threw the competition. Matt agrees. They talk about how everyone is playing for themselves and that it makes it a dangerous game because everyone can flip. Matt then recaps his deal and Rachel asks if someone wins the POV and they tell him he will use it that she wants Matt to tell Rachel and Brendon before it happens. Brendon says that his targets are now all the people that threw the competition. Brendon asks Matt for him to really try for the POV …and Matt says he may try and throw it but …that his competitive nature will kick in and he doesn’t think he can throw the competition. They thank Matt, Brendon shakes his hand and Rachel hugs him. They leave the HOH.

11:30am Andrew comes up to the HOH to talk to Matt next. Andrew asks whats going on and asks what cry baby (Rachel) had to say. Matt says so here is what is going on this week you are not my target but this is what is going on. Matt says that Kathy was really suspect last week and that she is going up. Matt says that he may have to put Andrew up as the pawn. Matt says that in the beginning everyone wanted Andrew out, now everyone likes him. Kathy is doing the opposite, so he really believes that she will be out. Matt praises Andrew for integrating more into the house. Andrew asks why not put up one of the top two competitors up on the block and that if he won HOH next week he would take out the other top two competitors. Matt says that he can’t put up the POV because it is a huge chance to for them to back door Brendon or Rachel. Matt tells Andrew what he will say in the nomination ceremony speech that he will say that he heard Andrew was targeting him early in the game. Matt says that he thinks at the end of the week, one of the top two will definitely be out this week. Matt says that if Andrew gets worried about any ones vote, to come and talk to him and that he will sway them to keep Andrew. Matt says he likes Andrew and thinks it’s good that he has been getting more involved in chilling out with people. Matt says that Andrew is cool now he is talking about finger banging girls up in an airplane and stuff. Andrew laughs.

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11:40am Britney comes up and says that she has figured out the pair in the house. Britney says that it has to be Hayden and Kristen. Britney explains that their faces are so similar; their eyes are close together … their mouths are the same. Britney says that they both have the same birthmarks. Matt asks well how do you explain them having different accents. Britney says he lives in Tempe, Arizona and she lives in Philadelphia. Matt then gets called to the diary room.
12pm Ragan is talking to Matt in the backyard. Matt says that he has an open door policy …that anyone can talk to him if they want but that he has already talked to everyone he needs too. Matt says that he talked with Brendon, Rachel and Andrew they are the only ones he really need to talk to … is around because of your donations Every year the site costs us to host the images and run the 3 servers needed to handle the traffic. If you like the site then please consider donating to keep the madness going. Thanks!

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85 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Matt offers up another deal to Brendon & Rachel.. Tells them this time they have to stick to it.

  1. Aww brit your going crazy but still love you.

    Havent you heard them doing shit under the covers every night? That would be way disgusting. Kristen’s face is just awkward.

    1. She’s not crazy… Hayden and Kristen DO look an awful lot alike especially the eyes and those weird mouths.
      Nonody has seen them kiss and the birthmark thing clinches it.
      I’ve said since day 2 or 3 that they look alike and over time my feelings on this have only strengthened.

      I do wish Matt didn’t make a deal with Rachel/Brandon and think it just sucks.

        1. did you watch last nights episode

          would you say your sister is so hot you would want to be with her forever
          they were doing something under the covers and andrew heard it

          1. People have done much stranger stuff for a lot less than $500,000 so their acting jobs don’t alter my belief that they’re IN SOME WAY related. Nobody said they had to be brother and sister.

      1. Hayden and Kristen have kissed, every night for the last week at least, but that’s as far as it is going, because they want to be respectful and not do anything on camera that they will regret later. very late at night, mostly after everyone goes to sleep, Kristen and Hayden have cuddled and talked (whispered) for a couple of hour until falling asleep and then very early kristen gets up and moves to her bed. Andrew has heard them kissing, so he know. Well, last night the sleeping situations changed so, it’s harder now for them to get together, so last night they slept in the twin beds next to each other and talked, but hayden did manage to get in a few kisses. They say, they are very attracted to each other and that is hard to keep away from each other, but they are both determined to keep their relationship secret, becuase they don’t want to become a target for eviction. they are 2 exceptional young people that are falling in love and have the sense and discipline to control their behavior in the unusual situation they find themselves in. I have a ton of respect for them and I hope they can make it to the end.

      2. There’s lots of look-a-like couples out there that could pass for siblings and end up together. However, committing incestuous acts to win Big Brother shows real heart and determination.

      3. I think Lane and Hayden might be the pair…….Not sure why tho…..I became suspect of Lane last night when he started talking about Ports, he had in the beginning been a self proclaimed not so smart country boy. What dumb country boy knows anything about Ports…….especially good Ports…….and with Hayden going after Kristen (with a boyfriend) and Lane after Brit (with a boyfriend) makes you think just a little! No one said the pair had to be blood related….or did I miss that?

        1. Did Annie say that was a lie, there really wasn’t a life long friendship in the house. maybe it’s just another expect the unexpected twist. something’s gotta twist….

            1. Meg, I think most of us have got that but some just love to keep it going. Let them. You can’t stop some even if you put it in black and white. It makes fun topic for them.

  2. I hate Matt for pretending his wife is sick.
    I hope they house finds out and he is gone after his run
    in the HOH.
    That is low.

    1. The charity for the disease he used is very angry with him and have contacted CBS, like they can do anything.

      1. oh yeah I am for the brigade as long as they bring Kristen and Brit with them, and then everyone is on their own…

    1. The Brigade has every chance of making it to the end, however, if I had to choose one person right now it would be Ragan. His enemies are few, if any, and he is under the radar enough but tries at challenges.

  3. “Matt says that Andrew is cool now he is talking about finger banging girls up in an airplane and stuff. Andrew laughs.” <~ That statement right there is everything to me! I cannot stop laughing! How does it make u cool to talk about fing…. Nevermind. LoL

    1. The reason he found a new respect for Andrew wasn’t the simple fact he fing a chick on the plane, it was more the fact he just met the chick before boarding.

  4. I still do not see where people think that Hayden and Kristen are twins.. they look NOTHING a like. Sam, you’re right – I don’t think “twins” would be in bed making out!

    Again, as far as Andrew goes, I am starting to like him more. Good to see him interact with the other house guests!

    1. Who said they were twins?
      I believe they’re related IN SOME MANNER but don’t think they’re twins or even brother and sister.
      As for it being weird that relatives would act this way – far stranger things have been done for far less than $500k.
      Any 3rd rate actor could pull off the job and these two are acting for sure.

      1. Um, read the comments above! There is a lot of people that think they are twins. I DO NOT SEE IT. I personally do not know of people that make out with relatives and I am from the South! :)
        (I am being sarcastic here, I love the South)

  5. It’s Official: ChenBot is preggers again! I didn’t notice it until she was interviewing the Hyena. It was during the last agonizing minute of the interview, that I noticed Julie’s baby bump move. I thought at any moment, poor Julie would start to re-enact the dinner scene from the movie “Alien”.

        1. LOL no im serious what type of HDTV you got? i been wanting to get one and im looking for the best and if you can see a baby move on yours i want that one

          1. Maybe you should get a new keyboard first. Either that or stop using a voice recognition device to send messages.

  6. It’s not smart to make deals with people nobody wants in the house.

    Put up Rachel and Brendon, Matt. Stop acting silly.

    If both are put up, one of them will for sure be gone.

    Then next week, we can work on breaking up Hayden and Kristen.

    No showmances are acceptable.

    1. uhhhhh…cathy is on their side, that would be 3 votes, andrew loves brenden, thats 4 they can control, its in matt’s best interest to get rid of cathy then andrew or cathy then brit…they can EASILY take out brenden and rachel at ANY time…they are the easiest to take down

      get over your showmance junk, no one cares, I blame BBAD for showing so much of it…they are actually good people, its sad that means nothing to anyone…still root for BAD people….

      matt is a bad person

      1. People who want to watch romance can watch the bachelor or some other crap.

        This is Big Brother. Lies, scheming, betrayal, deception, confrontation, etc…

        If Matt puts up Rachel and Brendon, one of them will go home. That is his goal. POV or not, one of them will go home and millions of viewers will be happy.

        Put up one of them, then next week we can get rid of Hayden or Kristen. Preferably Hayden.

        Go Matt Go!!!

      2. Prolem is…CBS is gearing this season toward B/R and when they win HOH – goodbye Matt or one of the Brigrade. I can’t believe Brendon and Rachel are both playing in the Veto competition. Yep..this season is all about B/R

    2. no…they need to be kept if u want to win b/c if he and those 2 make it to the top 3 and he wins ….he will be gaurnted the money that is how u play a reality tv show…duh everyone nos that

  7. matt will do one of two things

    backdoor brendon while claiming he wont
    if it backfires, he will stick with cathy as the one to go.

    just my opinion, but its cathy or brenden this week

  8. While I don’t agree with what Matt is doing, I do believe he has one target in mind and it’s Brendan. Let’s see if he gets his wish. If so, the Brigade has one more week and then if all goes according to plan, they are money ’til there are five or six folks left in the house. The numbers will be to massive and Brit, Rachel, Kathy, and Andrew are ALL just sitting ducks.

    1. by vote would be for Brendon to leave…. BRENDON… BRENDON… BRENDON… hope bb12 houseguest can hear me. cause that’s what they need to go with Backdooring him.. 100%

  9. Alex~

    The Brencehl thing has got to go. The only thing I don’t like Matt has done is give his wife a fake disease, other thaqn that he’s done everything really well.

    He knoew last week didn’t matter. The Brigade is so strong it woulda took a miracle to get Matt out.

    REMEMBER (and this is important) Regan and Kristen are extensions of the Brigade. So instead of having 4-Deep, it’s ALMOST like having 6-Deep. That’s CRAZY numbers in the game this early on.

  10. Ten to one that if Brenden were to be voted out of the house before Rachel, she would definitely do a Tammy Wynot, and walk out of the house with him. The only think is while she is singing “Stand By Your Man”, he be singing “D-I-V-O-R-C-E”. She stated on live tv that she would rather have Brenden than 500k. OK honey, your future looks real promising. If you won the 500K, of course he would marry you – anyone would. But for only as long as it is required by law in to order to get half of everything you own – including either Manny or Moe, those two things you call breasts.

  11. why does everyone keep saying nobody has seen them kissing…yea nobody in the house (besides andrew when he shared a room with them) we have though and so has the rest of america! theyre no related.
    and i think its funny how britney still thinks that 2 people in the house know each other…that was clearly a lie annie made up to get people to be more suspicious.

      1. Thank you Amy! I agree with you 100%. Seriously doubt CBS would show Incest/relationship on tv. They took off a show called Swingtown because religious groups didn’t deem it appropriate. Personally, that was an awesome show – miss that one.

  12. I feel like Matt is just toying with them no intentions of keep a deal….he is having too much fun…….andrew is a dark horse…I am waiting on pins and needles for him to make a move, i think he is a threat to the Brigade if anyone.

  13. If Rachel was (hopefully) voted out before him he’d be the first to one off the couch, and won’t just hold the door for her but make sure it closed nice and tight once your gone. i pity poor Julie and that exit interview. I can just see Brendon’s goodbye message, “Well bitch (suddenly Andrew’s head pops into frame) you’ve been PUNKED!!!” Bendon & Andrew then engage in the longest gay french kiss in tv history. Back to Rachel – her head his spinnig uncontrollably on what was once her neck while steam pours out her ears and flames out her mouth. Camera turns to ChenBot, now dressed from in to toe in a flame-retardant toxic waste jumpsuit, just shrugs and says “we’ll be right back with this week’s HOH competition.”

  14. Matt i am starting to see your style of game play a little bit… Personally I wasn’t a fan of his during his season but I see a little of Dan in Matt’s game. Didn’t root for Dan during his season but i am rolling with Matt, Hayden, Lane, and Enzo (I like Britney too) this season. Also i remember when Enzo said that Monet wasn’t made for this game that she wasn’t playing the game right. Well, same can be said about Rachel:
    Get into a HUGE annoying showmance, within moments after walking through the door, for the whole house to be disgusted by.
    After being put up on the block the previous week, assuming that everybody in the house was now on her side for the rest of the game doing her one week HoH reign (as if people don’t kiss the HoH ass so he/she doesn’t get put up.
    Putting people up for eviction or targeting certain people based on emotional/personal reasons and not strategic.
    And now that her HoH reign is over, she’s shocked to hear that almost the whole house wants her and brendon gone.
    Has she never seen BB? She is playing a game filled with critical mistakes but then again i’m not rooting for Rachel or Brendon.
    So GOOD JOB Rachel! keep up the good work!

  15. Does anyone else think Kathy and Britney look related? Mom and daughter? Did you see Kathy put her hand on Brit’s face after Monet was voted out?

    1. That was very mommish – I noticed that too. But in their private conversations there has been no signs they’re related.

    2. Joan, no one in the house is related. Annie just made that up. Speaking of which, I know CBS is desperate for ratings, but do people seriously think that they would play up an “incestuous brother and sister” relationship? Smarten up! I don’t know about some of you on here, but hereon earth, incest and pedophilia are two taboo subject that ought never be broken. If anything, Kristen and Hayden are not related by blood, but in REALITY are a real couple.

        1. You maybe right Grandma, but “incest is best” is not a slogan. Its a crime. Haven’t you see “Wrong Turn”? Great horror movie!!!

          1. No, I missed that one. Being from Missouri originally, I can make a joke about the Ozark. I did see Deliverance. Don’t put a hit man on me just yet. Nothing funny about incest or r**** of any kind.

  16. Did I miss something or is Matt NOT going to put up either Brenden OR Rachel? Yet he’s saying (or he has said) that they need to go? Matt seems to be taking an awfully long path around getting one or both of them out of the house if that IS his plan. I can’t even tell what the hell his plan is or what in the world he is promising those two morons.

    And did anyone notice last night Brenden subtly trying to yank down Rachel’s shirt so her boobs WEREN’T hanging out? It was the sweatshirt she wore for the POV ceremony. I think when BB is over and Brenden and Rachel (I refuse….REFUSE… refer to them using their ‘couple name’) are in the real world and actually interacting with friends, family, careers (stripper poles) that he is going to take a good long look at her and head for the hills. Not that he’s any great prize either but she ain’t exactly the kind of girl you take home to mom. Sure it’s easy NOW…they have to be together 24/7. NO outside influences, NO responsibilities, NO day-to-day life decisions to make……how can they each be so dim as to not know that?

    Ugh! Anyway…..great comments and thank all of you who watch the feeds on behalf of the few of us (er……me…..) who don’t.

    1. Do you not get the idea of backdoor? Matt’s got the best odds of getting them out by backdooring them. If he noms them directly, they have 100% chance of playing for POV. Otherwise, he’ll take his chances with rest of the HGs getting to play for POV. This way he also avoids blood on his hands if for some reason one of them wins POV, he just sticks to his original deal with them, and waits to get them next time.

      1. Matt should indeed put up Brendon and Rachel.

        It doesn’t matter if they play POV.

        If both of them are up, one of them is going home.

        That’s the goal.

    2. Well, I was in agreement with you until he (Brendon) talked about his last girlfriend going for a Playboy shoot. He really didn’t “want ” her to but he didn’t want her to miss out on the “experience” either. He told his girlfriend to not wait for him while he was on BB. Rachel said, “I’m glad.” I think he might like the flashy ladies.

      1. BB Grandma, there’s a LOT of internet porn addiction according to my cousin the shrink, and guys who like big boobs in a fantasy. You’re probably right. Maybe Brendon likes the flashy ladies and has one put right in his face in the BB house … what’s a guy to do?

  17. It would be great to get rid of Rachel – then the game would really get more interesting and have some potential depth. Right now it’s just playing out like seasons past to a large degree. i was/am still hoping for a “new strategy season”.

  18. correction …they would keep him safe like they did hayden b/c they would be thankful 4 being saved since they no they r hated……..pluse they would save andrew, brit, kristien,hayden,matt, and possibly kathy and regan….which means enzo and lane srry if u rthe new nom if they both stay and one wins the next hoh ( which is very slim) and one of u will be gone or regaN OR KATHY


      1. I agree Uncle Cool. I think it was just a lie to get the HG a little nervous. But, as Rachel would say, “Expect the Unexpected” – there has to be another twist somewhere.

  20. Apparently our genius has never heard the phrase “Missed Opportunity”. Ugh!! Get One of them (B/R) out now please, not later. They don’t deserve the jury house.

  21. I would rather see Kathy go before Brendan or Rachel, just because Kathy is so useless and boring!! Sorry. I think Rachel is a genuinely nice person, but she is just really annoying :// especially when she’s talking about BRENDON! (which yeah, is basically all the time, lol!)

  22. Matt’s trying too hard to be deceptive and play people. It’s week 3 chief, just knock out the big targets that the whole house can agree on. Between the stupid lies and double dealing, Matt’s letting his ego get in the way of his play. You can tell his plan is to be one of the greatest players ever.

    Matt = punk rock Ronnie.

  23. I think I mentioned yesterday that a HG is related to a previous season’s houseguest. This past season houseguest is going to make an appearance on the show, within the next week or so. Lane is, supposedly, related to Steven Daigel from BB10. I am pretty sure they are – if Steven was as buff as Lane, they could be brothers. They need to get Lane’s approval before doing this because of Steven’s (SHORT – lived) career as an actor in 2 (lousy) gay porn films.

  24. The secret BB past alliance is this—BB10 HG Steven Daigle (gay cowboy/gay porn star) is Lane’s cousin and Steven is returning to host a comp. True fact.

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