**Updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Rachel Breaks down over standardized test scores

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:00pm Pool Lane, Matt, brit, Kristen Talking about how big a douche Brendon is. They tease about Brendon making a dvd body by Brendon, and having a section about being a lawyer. Matt asks them what the deal with Rachel earlier. Brit explains that Rachel started crying because she felt that Brendon was saying that her test scores are not important. Matt “you guys aren’t serious are you” Brit “yes she was in hysterics”. Brit: “did you see how mad she was getting when I was saying that there has never been a reality TV showmance that lasted. They mention that the other houseguests are watching the movie right now. Matt says R/B doesn’t deserve to be up there they win everything and work for CBD (he’s joking). They’re glad Hayden gets to watch the movie after being in the cage for so long. Kristen brings up that enzo was lucky during the POV he got the movie and the TV. Kristen whispers to Britney about their conversation last night Brit says she has been thinking about it a lot.

They start trying to predict this weeks HOH competition. they all have a theory what it’ll be like. Brit says “Rachel sat out here and forced Brendon to practice for 7 hours and look at how good he did” Matt: “i actually felt bad for him”.. They start on a Rachel bashing spree. Apparently Rachel was “OVER ACTING” during the POV, Brit impersonates Rachel when she was shooting the cannon in the POV. Matt says they have the 6 people competing against B/R next week they are going to get one of them out next week. Kristen rehashes what happened after the HOH when Rachel screamed “Floaters grab your life vest…KRSITEN” Lane says that Janelle came up with that saying not Rachel. Matt: “oh thats pathetic she didn’t even think of that herself” Brit tells them about the other night when she was in the HOH and wearing Rachel’s hair extension. She was completely making fun of Rachel wasn’t catching on Rachel was laughing the whole time. Lane brings up last night when Matt was running around in the hippietard humping peoples legs. Brit says it was like a jack rabbit, Matt says that is what gremlins do.

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers


Rachel smashing continues.. Lane says he thought Kristen was going to hit rachel in the face. Kristen says she almost did she had her hands clinched. Matt: “I thought people were going to start coming through the walls to break that shit up. Matt adds that it looked like Rachel was pretty scared when Kristen started to defend herself. They start talking about past seasons and the 4 horse men…

They start discussing that theres no way America likes Brendon and Rachel. Matt thought at first America loved them but nows he’s convinced America HATES them. Brit says she can’t stand them ramming their tongues down each others throats and saying I love you all the time. Matt: “I just don’t like the over drama”. They all agree as BB fans they never really like the showmances and they think this is the worse one.

lane keeps bringing up secret alliances asks them “wouldn’t it be better to keep a big alliance known right off the bat” Brit says that there no way they’re could be a secret alliance containing 4 players to stay a secret, “It’s never been done” (brigade 4 deep yo)


Big Brother 12 Spoilers


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:51pm cabana Room Kristen and Brit Brit is saying the only ways she’ll use the POV is if she has a guarantee who the replacement nomination is going to be (wanting Kathy up) Brit instructs her to go to B/R and cut a deal you have no intentions to keep.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:55pm hottub We need all of us playing in the double eviction week 6 so we don’t want to win this week if we don’t have to. Matt instructs that once Brendon is out of the HOH competition they should throw it to Brit, ragan, kathy. Matt thinks it’s critical they all play in the double eviction. Lane is worried about ragan, Matt assures he’s going to get B/R out. Lane says that enzo is freaking out about ragan thinking he’s in with Brendon and rachel. Matt tells him ragan hates brendon and is always ripping on him. Lane tells him that Hayden is going to try and befriend B/R, Matt “Perfect thats keeps a brigade member off the block”

Lane agrees that it’s best to have them not win the HOH this week but he would love to be the guy that takes Brendon out. Lane the day when we get B/R up on the block will be the greatest day. Matt says once Brendon is gone Hayden needs to attach to rachel and use her as a side alliance.

Lane starts telling him everything Kristen is saying to brit to get her to use the POV. Matt says of course she’s going to say shit she’s fighting. Matt: “you think kathy would take Rachel’s 5 grand and not put b/r up if for some reason she won HOH. Lane “probably” Matt” Mind you Kathy is so weak minded we could probably talk her into anything as long as they don’t get to her first”..

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:42pm taj Kathy and Brit Feeds are back and Brit is telling her she’s not going to use the veto because she’s not really close to Hayden and Kristen and she’s not going to risk having someone she is close to up on the block. She tells Kathy that it was hard for her when she lost Monet but after a day Kathy will be in the fight. Kathy asks if she’ll have Brit after KRisten goes, Brit says yes of course. rachel walks in “HEEEEEEEEY WUD UP!” Kathy “Brit is giving me a pep talk” Rachel “who why what is wrong”…… barf

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95 thoughts on “**Updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Rachel Breaks down over standardized test scores

  1. I love it! We are sooo close to Rachel falling over the edge! ya know why Brendon and Rachel work so well….she’s a mental case and he needs to be with a mental case to feel worthy of his manhood!

    1. I don’t know. The guys don’t want to win HOH this week. I wouldn’t count on Ragan putting both Rachel and Brendon up. Kathy, probably could be talked into doing it and talked out of doing it. Britney might but she said the other night to Ragan that she wasn’t so sure she wanted to be the one to put both of them up. If these guys want it done, they should have the balls to do it themselves. I don’t know if they do.

    2. You are right about the dumb-duo. Book smarts is all they have. They deserve each other and the train wreck their relationship is heading for.

      The brigade is going to win HOH next week and whoever it is HAS to put up both of them. None of this back door nonsense again. Brendon is the one to oust.

  2. I feel bad for Brit having to listen to Kristens constant whining….she is being very patient tho….when all is said and done she will be ready for Kristen to go home just to not have to listen to her nonsense about how nice and honest she is…..blah blah blah……

    ok…Im out……off to a Scorpions concert….yes…reliving my highschool 80’s era!

    1. seriously? listening to Kristen ‘whine’ is worse than all the crap that comes out of the Rachel creature’s mouth? yeah i know.. Rachel won’t be going home this week no matter what. I just don’t see what the big deal is about Kristen. Her only two outbursts were both provoked (Andrew and the Rachel creature). And she’s getting played by Hayden. I think she’s doing fine and I’d prefer to see her stay.. for now.

  3. The reason the Brigade is not getting caught is because they suck. If they had evicted Rachel in the 1st week,the Brigade won have won 2 more HOH’s and would have had a target on their back for evicting the people,instead of Rachel.

    1. gives new meaning to a circle jerk. the only grenade they’ll be able to throw is at each other and how boring will that be when they have to worry about not pissing the other one off. 4 in an alliance is 2 too many and with these jugheads at the helm, the most they’ll do is trash talk and give Brendon a run for his money as to whom in the brigade is the biggest sissy

      1. Didn’t they agree to get to top 6 at least, then each of them do what they need to do to win?

        I think they are doing very well.

  4. again, the house guest bashing brenchel and talking shit but no action. brendon will win hoh this week and hayden will be gone for sure, yo. brenchel will go all the way and will be bb’s best alliance ever.


  5. The Brigade is whack….they’ll turn on each other soon (money is the root of all evil), none of them has done a damn thing to win, Ragan get’s on my nerves he’s so far up matt’s ass he can’t see straight they better watch him cuz he’ll float all the way to the end, Enzo is a big talker he needs to meow his ass back to jersey, matt is just disgusting & a big liar who does he think he is DOCTOR WILL! They’re just hating on B/R cuz they’ve been winning most of the comps(although they get on my last nerve sucking face every 5 minutes), Lane hasn’t done a damn thing but look lost he needs to catch the first thing smoking back to texas I like Brit even though she talks alot of crap behind people’s backs i think she’s playing smart, KATHY, KRISTEN & HAYDEN ARE JUST A WASTE OF SPACE! DID I MENTION THIS IS THE MOST BORING BB EVER! IT’S TO THE POINT I ONLY WATCH ON NEW HOH NIGHT!!!!

    1. i agree with you. they r all jealous but they throw comps. the girls r jealous of rachel (esp kristen) b/c she snagged brendon first (super man with phd). and the guys r jealous of brendon b/c he wins the povs and also betther looking than shaggy, meow-moew, meat head lame, self proclaimed genius and ragan.

    2. I only watch on hoh nights too and bbad. I fall asleep on bbad anyway. Wow , I hope some one else comes into the house

  6. does anyone know if they are allowed to give their winnings to other houseguests in exchange for being kept safe? i thought that it was not allowed. not really sure and clear on this.

  7. Here we go again…the brigade talking about throwing the next HOH competition…so when Brendan wins…all the whining begins…you want to see FLOATERS…look to the BRIGADE

    1. Mouse i totally agree, I wish someone would figure their dumb asses out already! They’re talking about numbers in the jury house, they forget their house mates will see the tapes b4 the winner is picked, THE BRIGADE DOESN’T DESERVE TO WIN A DAMN THING! They’re so busy trying to protect each other, I bet either Ragan or Brit will end up winning the whole thing!

    2. Yeah, there starting to be all lame. Their gonna throw the hoh and one of them will be going home. They want everyone else to do there dirty work. They might try to back door someone. The scariest dumbest cast I ever seen.

  8. This season is on life support. The only HG that would accept being the saboteur is probably Kathy, but she wouldn’t be Americas choice, at least I doubt it. What is BB going to do? Ask them all in order of preference until someone accepts? Then its pretty easy to figure out who it is. Lame lame lame. Didn’t they have a back up plan for the season twist? Apparently not. And for heavens sake! Pandora’s freakin box? That was a major flop last year. Unless they did some research and learned that good things don’t come out of Pandoras box, it is doomed to be another lame lame attempt to revive this season. I can’t even watch the feeds. I am going to give it another week, and if something good doesn’t happen, I will cancel the feeds and just come here for the updates. I feel sorry for Simon and Dawg having to watch all the time, but I appreciate that they do.

    1. I bet any of them would accept it. I bet matt would accept it first. Bottom line they all want money. The only one who is to scared to take it might be ragan.

      1. I voted for Kathy to be the sab so she would get some $$$ for her med bills. I don’t think Matt would take it- he’s so arrogant he’s convinced he could win it all.

      2. I don’t think they get to be saboteur and win the grand prize. Matt especially would not throw away the big prize to win 50K.

  9. I hope brit isn’t stupid enough to use the pov… It will make her have a huge target… if the brigade were to get hoh and then brendon or rachel win pov, she would be the one put on the block.. not a good move for her.. her best move is to align with B/R and Kathy secretly and keep working lane, that way no matter who wins HOH she has a great shot of being safe.. I am a B/R fan, but unless they or brit keep winning hoh and pov every week, they won’t be in the house much longer.

  10. GIVEN: Brit WILL NOT use POV.

    One thing left. Brigade wins HOH Thursday. Kristen is gone, get over it.

    Screw Matt and his, “Don’t win HOH this week. Let’s wait for double-eviction.” You win it this week and TAKE CONTROL. Let it be known you’re in control AFTER, AFTER, AFTER Rachel OR Brendan go away . . . . . as they WILL next week. Mark it down. Bet on it. It’s DONE. B/R ENDS the following week.

    The odds are toooooooo much in their (Brigade’s) favor now. Even if they (Brigade) don’t win HOH next Thursday (Kristen is gone, so get OVA it), AND Brendon doesn’t win it(HIGHLY UNLIKELY) Brenchel is ON THE BLOCK. The WHOLE HOUSE want it.

    4-Deep Yo. Brigade Power.

    “Ya Mutha.”

  11. Britney should use the POV to save Kristian, if only to get Kathy evicted and sent to the Jury House. Kathy just doesn’t have it in her to win it. I am not saying she isn’t a fighter, but the treatments she’s been getting have taken their toll on her, not to mention the tension in that house. Do her a favor and let her spend the rest of the season and what could be (God forbid) her last real vacation being pampered, eating and relaxing by the pool. Plus she still getting paid. The Jury House is pretty nice. Besides, she has a good shot at winning the Viewer’s Choice prize at the finale. Besides, she enjoys playing the role of “surrogate mother”.

  12. at this point the only interesting thing would be if brenden won hoh and drove them nuts…..I really miss the hate for him…I understand thinking hes sensitive…but geez, they are MEAAAAN

    1. I would love that Hayden would be licking his ass to stay on the show. I hate Hayden and think he needs to go he should of made power moves his first week but no lets do the easy thing and get rid of Annie because he was afraid of Brenden. He sucks he had his chance and blew it. I would rather of had Annie there pissing them off and spreading lies but like you said Hayden is a baby who cant make a decision

  13. its true the only reason the brigade has gone unnoticed is that they suck, they never win, and when they do they flub it then claim brilliance…

    they seem to overlook that if one makes final 2 they wont have the votes…and the other 3 who were sold up the river, will be on the jury for blood…

    Why does no one want to get B and R’s jury votes?

    Why is everyone so incredibly cruel! I dont like rachel, but Im not sure Ive ever been this mean to someone in my life…behind their back, or to their face

    1. I agree with you, someone in the brigade will get sold up the river 4 in alliance is too many, I believe Enzo will take Lane to the final 2, Matt will take Ragan, sorry Hayden you’re the odd man out, do these ppl even have a brain. BB needs to come up with a twist so that america has a say so in who wins it all since th brigade think they will have the numbers in the jury house.

  14. 1) Thank you for all the hot sexy Brikini(Britney + Bikini) pics! :)
    2) I love how the Brigade is so stealthy.(4 Deep yo! Legit!)
    3) God I wish they would all realize they can gang up and convince Rachel to put Kathy on the block.

    1. I mean, they could all come up with a plan to tell Rachel that there’s a rumor that they would all vote to keep Kristen because she’s less of a threat than Hayden. (infact, maybe Hayden needs to pretend to act crazy like Andrew and threaten B/R and even the Brigade that he’s coming after all of them) And at the same time, have Kristen act all nice to B/R. Then Rachel will agree that Britney should use the POV on Kristen, then Rachel will put Kathy up, just so they will all vote Hayden out. But then ofcourse, they will all screw Rachel over by voting to keep Hayden and evict Kathy! Then everyone will be gunning to evict Brendon and Rachel!

      1. that would be pretty freaking AMAZING! now, if only they can think like that, hmm, im hopinq this idea will come to hayden/kristen. if it was anyone’s idea, it would probably come from kristen. hayden’s kinnda slow.

      2. Love your idea and hope you can send that to them telepathically! CANNOT STAND B/R – they’re the worst couple ever! Sick of her cackle and the sound of her disgusting voice. Brenda and hyena face have got to go!

  15. BB just announced that if the chosen houseguest to be sabateur does not choose to use the power, it is over and no one else will be offered the position.

  16. it’s sad how everyone bashes them..and never does anything. im getting annoyed now. B/R HAVE TO GO. honestly. the brigade will be total dumb asses if they kept them in the game.
    i wish kristen didn’t have to go, it would have being nice for her to win HOH; just to watch Rachael kiss ass. SMH.i would love, love to see that! >a twist should come up, i dont want kristen to go; at least not yet, it will be annoying to have rachel think shes the shit; cause she got her out. i mean, she already annoying enough. KMT. hmm, to bad she’s probably leaving. unless a mircale happens with brit. doubt it though, but i believe in impossiblities. ;)

  17. hahahahahaha!


    oh man, that was good.


    Rachel….. smart…. can’t….. believe….. you said ….. that..

    Brandan hot. HAHAHAHAHA

    1. Rachael smart???? she can’t even make her own decisions..they are all Brendan’s…how do you figure?..that is a laugh ..

  18. rachel oves to call kathy a floater? what bout regan? he talks to both sides all the time and has not come close to winning anything. oh and shes got 2 floaters strapped to her chest. she will never sink to the bottom with those inflatable floaters. :)

    1. i saw them, i wasn’t a fan of theirs on BB11, but i was rooting for them on Amazing Race. you need to make sure you catch jeff on the early show on CBS,. he goes around the world with no money or something like that.

  19. it’s amazing how we all watched the same show/feeds/spoilers yet everybody has a different take on the houseguests.
    you can always tell who the intelligent, intuitive people are.
    i love and try to understand every single one of the houseguests. why would i waste my life hating on some strangers on tv when i can study them and learn things about myself from their behaviour.

  20. You people are hilarious! I can’t stand the whole showmance thing, but you have to give credit where credit is due. B/R should win this thing! They have been targeted since day 1 and nobody can do anything about it. Everyone in the house are f-ing idiots. And everything you read or watch about this season is everyone completely obsessed with trying to get B/R out. Non-stop bantering all the time about them 2. If they both weren’t there these people would have nothing to talk about.

      1. Rockstar, I know you love being a hater. Every season you side with the most hated person in the house! Last year I had alot of fun argueing with you about gnat’l’lie but to be honest with you this year not one of these houseguests evoke an ounce of feeling out of me. Maybe it’s cause I’m off prescription pain meds, I don’t know. Help please! I want to hate again! I so want to hate again but picking lint out of my navel is more interesting than these people!!

        1. Mr. Pickles – I thought I would be on the good side this year though. I figured that everyone here would be riding high on the Jeff and Jordon bandwagon and go for Rachel and brendon. Rachel has fake boobs, same as Jordon. Jeff and Brendon look a lot alike and both have the same qualities although I don’t find Brendon half as douchey as Jeff. I thought for sure I would make a friend this year but alas it was not meant to be. I do like Brit, Matt and Enzo as well but I hope Rachel makes it a little further just because. I need a hug. haha

          1. ps/ if it makes you feel any better you can call me names and I can call you a jack off and kick you in the balls. I’m just sayin’. I am there for you. haha

          2. sorry….. but you don’t find b half as douchy as jeff from last season?? r u serious? b has the personality of a lead pencil ….and the diff between jordyn and rachel…..i mean r u serious or just trying to get a rise?

            1. I say how I feel, what I think and I don’t do anything to spark a ‘rise’. I’m just me being me, good or bad but I think Brendon is much better then Jeff and Brendon was chosen to play Jeff’s role this year, I think BB made a wise choice.

            2. Biggest difference between Jordon and Rachel: Jordan had a filthy mouth. And I’m not talking about cussing … Jordan spent hours talking about every bodily function there is. She couldn’t go half a day without talking about vaginas, pee, poop, boobs, every type of sex (given head and taking it up the a**). Wow .. that girl was trash.

  21. Hayden just needs to stop. Kristen dug her own hole, and no one wants to keep her. If a brigade member gets put up he’s going to look like a dumbass. If someone else is gonna go up, it better be Matt because he missed the train with evicting B/R last week. I swear everyone in this house is ignorant, and they’re all morons.

  22. It would be so cool if the pandora’s box
    had them reaching in and guranteed them 50,000
    dollars or immediate eviction from the house?

  23. I so agree about the showmances …ENOUGH ALREADY ..I want to see more of the game and of other people …this is getting more sickening every season ….every time I tune in ,I’m seeing Rachael and Brendan and I can’t stand either one of them .PLEASE BB get on with the game …

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