**Updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brits not using th POV And No There told bu production No MORE NEEDLEDICK

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:48pm Backyard Their talking about how Kristen is fighting to stay and basically giving brit everything under the sun. Lane “rachel doesn’t even want her to use it” Matt is worried that brit might fall victim to rachels 5grand if brit won HOH. Lane tells him not to worry he’s going to talk to brit, he reassures him that if Brit wins HOH he’s going to be up there with her working her. Lane says that Kristen is being fake when she goes to talk to B/R and they know it she should just give up the act. Lane: “at least when I go up to talk to needledick i’m normal” MAtt tells him about him last DR session when production told him to stop calling brendon needle dick becuase they can’t use any of those conversations in the show. feeds cut ..

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:00pm HOH room B/R They are convinced that Brit is scared to make a commitment with them. Brendon wonders if maybe they could get Enzo and Brit in a 4 way alliance. Rachel thinks maybe MAtt instead of enzo. They think if they get a 4 way alliance going then they can distribute the heat onto Brit and Enzo/Matt. Brendon says if he wins HOH this week he’s bringing enzo up here and offering him an alliance to the end. rachel says Matt is playing both sides he won’t stop so a deal with him is worthless. Brendon asks rachel who she thinks won’t put them up. rachel is sure Hayden, Kathy and Matt won’t. They’re targets stay the same, Hayden, Matt and Kathy but there also worried about ragan he seems to be very close to Matt. Brendon says they should take Matt out first cause he’s the most dangerous…

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:22pm cabana Room Lane and Hayden Lane tells him to go talk to brit asap cause KRsiten is offering mad shit to her. Brit had come up to Lane and said that she wasn’t going to use POV but she was tempted but what Kristen offered her. Lane tells him all of kristen’s deals she’s trying to make and how stupid it is to even consider them useful this early in the game. Hayden agrees he’s going to talk to Brit tonight. HE tells Lane the plan for the brigade if there is two in the final 2, the other two in the jury will split up the vote to make it fair. He thinks that they should trick the other jury member to vote for one brigade member and tell them you’ll vote for the other but really you’ll vote for the same one giving me or you 2 votes. Lane is keen on the idea.. he says he’ll do it. Ragan walks in and starts lecturering them about how to play big brother.
Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:47pm Matt and Brit Brit is telling Matt that she told Kahty that she’s not going to use the POV it’s just not a good idea for her game. Matt is glad, they start talkign about how much pain it is to be in the house with rachel and Brendon they can’t wait to put them up on the block next week. Matt says it’s going to be Hell but it’ll be funny. Brit thinks even ragan will put B/R up. Matt agrees he knows for a fact Ragan will, more so to get out Brendon then Rachel.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:25pm Most the houseguests eating dinner, talk about the movie this afternoon dominates the conversation.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:09pm Enzo and NeedleD playing pool chit chatting

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102 thoughts on “**Updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brits not using th POV And No There told bu production No MORE NEEDLEDICK

  1. Final 6, Matt, Enzo, Lane, Hayden, Britney, Ragan.

    You heard it hear first.

    Anyway, all signs point to Brenchel going out next week, then they week after provided brendan doesn’t do ess-aitch-eye-tee.

      1. GOd I hope Brit makes it to the end. The only thing making this season bearable for me is Britney being a bitch.

  2. i don’t believe anybody will throw HOH it’s too crucial, but like they said long as they can knock brendon out whoever win is putting up the so-called “power couple” even regan is sick of them

  3. I’ll be glad when the season finale get’s here, they need to play for themselves, alliances never last, how does the brigades know any of these 4 assholes will make it to the final 2 or 4 they’re so busy worrying about B/R they’re going to let Brit or Ragan win it all! BB bring on a twist that will work, pandora’s box didn’t work last yr & the saboteur was a bust!! lol

  4. hmm. sadly; kristen’s gone, im gonna miss her. LOOL.
    i just really wanted her to win, so she could stay for HOH.and win, and make rachel so angry & frustrated. *tears*, LOOL.
    well, unless there’s some kind of twist. she’s gone.
    *Team Brigade Yo*

  5. yeah kristen is gone, no reason for brit to disrupt that and have a friend replacement

    so basically


    is the eviction order with rachel possibly quitting….

    personally I think its just childish to call someone “needle dick” and to wish pain upon rachel/brenden…but…that is this BB group…they all think they can be russ from survivor by bashing people…but russ spent 99 percent of his time scheming…these idiots couldnt get rid of the cocktail waitress and brenden? cmon….

    and call it like it is, and respect the fact they beat you 4 times…

    if I was in that house, I would be securing their vote…evidently these people believe the game ends when B and R leave

    1. Who’s calling who childish? LOL. You call Hayden a baby and then call those who don’t like your boy childish. What’s up yours?

    2. I don’t see Rachel quiting. She would fight even if Brendon was gone. She would be saying, “I’m fighting for me and my man!” And, over and over again, so, poor Simon would have to suffer listening to her. I don’t wish that on Simon.

      1. I feel sorry for Simon having to listen Rachel after watching tonight. I had to mute it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope Brendan parents don’t try to come between Rachel and her man!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. I’m pretty sure if they’re restricted from referring to Brendon as “needledick” there will be some on-screen violence. I’m not the one trapped in the house with those two 24/7 and -I- wouldn’t mind smacking them with a bag of pennies. So I think calling them names behind their backs may be a good compromise. I do admit that I keep hoping the twist – and for that matter – the explanation as to why Kathy is there is that she’s had her TASER packed in her bag and just as Rachel starts to say “Floaters grab your life vests,” for the 6 millionth time, she lays some voltage into her, throws the TASER to the ground then proudly shouts, “Saboteur! Bitch.” But that’s just me. Rachel and Brendon have been conjuring some unresolved anger management issues here.

  6. and further, why evict 2 HG’s that you can use for votes and who will NEVERRRRRRRRR win the final vote…

  7. Sucks kristen is going home, but seeing b/r leave next week willmore than well make up for it!
    Rachel’s voice makes me want to stick my head in a blender…

  8. The numbers don’t look good for B/R but they have survived so far. If Brendon wins HOH this week then the Brigade will become the most ineffective alliance in BB history. At least B/R are working their butts off to play this game and stay in the house. I’d like to see how Lane/Enzo would handle the pressure of HOH and making bold moves, he talks a good game but I wonder if he could handle that kind of pressure. It’s easier to talk tough than to take tough action and be the one everyone is focusing on every hour of every day.

    1. i know the brigade only talk but can win shit. even if they do, they r too scared to be bold (matt). rachel was very bold when she put those who wanted to go home and not rely on backdoooring. brenchel forever.

    2. they been living off Pure Luck but it won’t last brendon knows this and tried to explain to the she-devil but she too caught up in her “temporary” power to listen to reason…. brendon has about a 10% chance of winning HOH this week, unless everybody throw the comp which is doubtful after the fire called rachel lit under their asses they don;t want another week of being “threatened”

    3. disaster next week if matt the spineless butterhead wins again…….big freakin’ talker today about putting out B/R but when he had the power totally WUSSED! erg!

  9. I think I’d like it if Brendon won HOH this next week. Let him get Kathy out, and THEN let the fun begin with one of the others winning HOH.

  10. i was laughing so hard at the luxury comp. lol at kristen’s face when she wanted to rub the victory on rachels face but like ragan said, with kathy on your team, u cant win shit. but i would have loved kristen to refuse to see the movie b/c rachel was seeing it with her. and i thought shaggy, meow-moew, and hottie brendon were funny esp when shaggy was basically crying for help when meow-meow was on top of him

    1. Woohoo!! Don’t have to listen to her whine that it is all Andrew’s fault she’s going. Maybe after she’s gone she’ll take some responsibility for her own lack of game play. But I really doubt it. She thinks her sh*t don’t stink and no one will ever convince her otherwise.

  11. Question?? If someone not on the block wins the POV then uses it on someone on the block…Can they go up instead since they gave up the POV necklace?

  12. rachel rocks!!!!!Bye bye to the homeless welfare chick named Kristen, I guess kathy should go next to get her poor ass outta there. Where do they find some of the houseguests, at the welfare office I guess. As long as b/r continue to rule the house then thats fine with me

  13. I really cannot stand this Rachel. I just cannot wait until she goes home. She cries all the time and she is so attached to this Brenden guy. I just hate when she says “no one is going to separate me from my men” Oh, what a loser.

  14. I dont know if u guys know this already, but
    yesterday really wasnt Midget Matt’s B’Day.
    Thar dude cant stop telling lies. I read that online
    I might be wrong

  15. omg! Roachel is so annoying and in love with herself!! Did anyone catch the smirk on her face when Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg were addressing the hg’s? She thought they were probably checking her out! Whatever! They were probably retching behind the walls! She is jealous of the other women and wants to be the only center of attention. Her game play is all about that.

    1. wow, never heard of a loser who keeps winning hoh comp and might possibly win the game, just stop with the hating already :P

  16. These housegustes are whack! They’re so busy worrying about B/R they’re all afraid of putting them on the block, I bet they’ll leave Brit or Ragan to do the dirty work next week…to keep their hands clean…!

    1. I agree 100%. If any of these other bozos want to win, they are going to have to start taking some risks and stop playing it so safe. Get those hands dirty and earn some respect!!

      1. I bet those Ass Wipes also known as the Brigrades will throw the HOH comp on thurs. to either Brit/Kathy or Ragan to keep their hands clean they’re such big talkers but yet they’re afraid to take risks!

      1. I agree with Rockstar. Those two have had their time in the sun. Really Big Brother needs to come up with some new stuff. Each season it is more of the same and the Houseguest keep playing the same way as they have seen it played in seasons past. But, I have to add that it is amazing that some don’t catch on. However, they are probably the ones that aren’t as familar with past shows. We don’t need past contestants, too.

        1. There should be penalties if they talk about previous years and if they talk about how they are going to make it big after the show. So sick of all that talk from a bunch of losers.
          Rachel, penalty for thinking you compare to Janelle. Drop and give me 20, NOW! No cheating, t!ts touching the ground every rep.
          Enzo, penalty for thinking you can sell your autograph on ebay. Drop your pants and run around the yard twice!
          BG/B, America does NOT love you. BG scrub all toilets with a toothbrush since you know you blew up in the HOG bathroom. B sunbathe nude so that we can see for ourselves that you do/do not have a penis.
          Yo, Enzo, brigade t-shirts are not going to sell. Place clothes pins on your nipples and do 30 push ups!

            1. A man’s ass would be intact with the toilet preventing blow back on the lid. Only a person in a squatting position, presumably a woman, would blow up all over the place.

  17. This season is so dull and to much bs, the fab 4 is lame they will lose to Brit or Ragen. Can you ever been with a chick so loud a rach, she is bi polor. Would lose to see Brendon win but it does`t look good at this point.

    1. go to the bb12 nudes. Brenda is clearly not a needle dick. Plus Rach outed his size one night while drunk.

    2. You would think Matt’s nick name would be needle dick since he always has his hands down his pants searching for it. LOL

  18. Brenden will win next week because the producers are doing everything in their power to make this game as easy as possible for them.

  19. These housguest’s are so ridiciously jealous of rachel and brendon and “BBGrenades…Yo” you need to stop with Rachel and Brendon are purely lucky. I think everyone know’s even if they dont want to admit it that they ARE the best competitor’s in that house. They’re good at the game NOT lucky so try swallowing your pride and admit that there better players then the brigayde will ever be.Sorry! ;)

        1. The last HOH she won wasn’t a guessing game. It was based on who could reply with the greatest number of factual answers. A guessing game was the POV that Brendon won, where you randomly had to guess the correct (or closest to it) number of objects. Rachel won because she answered the most fact-based questions correctly.

          1. Her 1st hoh win was a 3 way w/ Brit and Monet on chalkboard ad to guess #gal of caramel in have/ havenot. Her last hoh win was whoever was quickest to the buzzer. Guessing and luck of the draw. Just saying

            1. I still don’t see how you can define that as a guessing game. You had to have a correct knowledge-based answer (because it was facts, not random) and be the first to buzz in. Many who were quickest to the buzzer had the wrong answer and therefore did not win. I’m not a R fan, but I do think chalking it up to guessing is really stretching it.

    1. I am not jealous of them. I don’t care for them but don’t hate them. They have won a lot and they should be given that credit. But, good game? I don’t know. See, I would take out the powerful people and I don’t see them doing that. Rachel says it isn’t personal but I see it that way on her part.

    2. There would be (sadly) nothing to watch w/o them. They win competitions and Rach is pure drama. What I wanna know is what is up with brenda always grabbing her face & kissing her in mid conversation. I find it creepy. It saddens me that Brenda is playing the game w/ this bimbo. I gave him some credit early on in the game but rach clearly grabbed onto his nuts & the poor guy cant think straight now.

  20. if you have sumpin sumpin between your legs you are safe ….boy george wants all the boys to be hot for her so she is 100% zooming in on the girls of the house…..

  21. I think Kristen is going home this week. Pretty obvious. The Brigade has the numbers. I think if Brendon wins next week, he’ll put up two from the brigade. Even if one of them wins the POV, Brendon would put up another member of the brigade. Time to make power moves. I’m thinking Enzo and Lane, possibly Matt as a replacement.

    I’m team Britney ALL THE WAY. I think she may actually be the smartest player in the game. A lot of people call her a floater but if she keeps winning the POV’s she’ll float all the way to the end. Whoever wins next week she’s safe, at least for another two weeks. Think about it, if Brendon wins, she won’t get put up, the Brigade will. If anyone else wins Brendon and Rachel will be put up. Truthfully, it will be in Britney’s best interest to throw the HOH. She wouldn’t anger anyone and then she wouldn’t be a target. She needs to make power moves once the power players are out. Once Brendon and Rachel are gone, or once Brendon or Rachel take out the brigade.

    Sorry for the long winded comment…just a few of my thoughts. TEAM BRITNEY!

    1. I agree. Britney needs to just keep talking to everyone. Once she needs to start winning, she will.
      GO BRITNEY! Oh and Ragan!

  22. Yeah she’s one of those girls that you can’t decide… Are they so ugly they’re cute? Or so cute they’re ugly? The cross eyes sure don’t help. Kristen won’t be missed by me, she is a waste of space & a non-factor in this game.

  23. I wouldnt like rachel either, but brenden is nice…if rachel somehow goes first….I would be making a deal with brenden to F2…no doubt about it…why? because hes the ONLY person in that house that wont backstab you

  24. Brit just had a conversation with Hayden. She may use the veto on him. And Kristen and Hayden will make a “deal” with Brendon and Rachel. But not really. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  25. break down of houseguests.
    rachel and brendon scientists? dah, last I checked it took brains to get a degree in science. matt cool? so he hehas tattoos dah. he’s still the biggest dork ever. britney, cute and funny ? true.. lane still trying to figure him out. kathy a sherrif? thats like having paris hilton as a sherrif.or pam anderson. kristen, a mouse that hides until it gets dark? yep. hayden, wouldnt know a pretty woman if 1 hit him in the face, true. enzo, an italian jersey shore stereotype? true.regan, a flippant, feminine, bitchy lisp talking backstabbing homosexual? true (every season BB has a stereotypical gay man, probably cause aliison grodner who produces this show is a butch lesbian)
    . anyone see these people differenty? I’d love to hear your versions of em :)

  26. Actually BBGrenades..I dont buy what’s coming out of your mouth. Your saying they are LUCKY not by what brendon said if he even said that but your opinion.Try to cover up your tracks but its not working. Stop bashing Rachel and Brendon and except the fact that they are the best competitors in the house even if they go soon because they have defied the odd’s for FOUR weeks now. They will be the only ones even considered for an allstar season simply because they are great players along with Britney.End of story.

    1. Brendon considered for allstars? Lol, god shoot me now. Rachel okay, if she can bring the drama I’m all for it. Id like to see her an lydia in an argument, lydia would chew the bitch up and spit her out…. anyways, its only week 4. Still a lot of time to go and I wouldn’t rule out anyways as a competitor yet. Rachel has been pulling most of the strings so far, but she’s nothing compared to what will happen in coming weeks.

  27. I wonder why everyone is hating on everyone. Bashing everyone is so childish and that is all I am seeing. The BB game is part luck and part skill. Things chang is this game hourly. Even though Rachel’s voice is annoying I still think she is playing the game. It is very disappointing the names you people call them. They have been pu t in one of the most stressful places and no one is going to be completely themselves anf Brendan and Rachel have been fighting for there lives from the very beginning. PROPS to them for handling it as well as they have. They need to keep them around for the drama for us out here.

  28. As long as B&R and H & K are focused on trying to get each other out of the house, their not focusing on Britney, Lane, Ragan, Enzo and Matt, therefore they could use this too their advantage and gain some ground in moving forward in the game.

  29. Kristen needs to go, and Brendon needs to win HOH, hopefully then the brigade is outed and they can be put on the block and the real drama of this game will begin… These people really are dull, but they are also stupid, why can’t they figure out that the brigade exists… I hope final four is Brit, ragan, B/R or one of them and Lane

  30. All you Rachel fans trip me out. It’s like you are as blind as she is. You cannot overcome the numbers of 4-Deep and Countin’. How do you just ignore that?? It’s like you’re on some train tracks, you’re hearing the whistle, hearing the engine, feeling the vibration under your feet, and seeing the train just yards away from you the train, yet you think to yourself, “I am fine, no need to move!!”

    I just can’t get behind that kinda logic.

    Brigade Power. Allllll Aboard!!

  31. All I know is this….whoever takes Rachel to the end will win the 500k hands down. Everyone hates her so much at this point, the person sitting beside her would be the golden one!!!

  32. simon…what r hayden & lane thinking???

    lane and hayden in the cabanna room….
    They made a deal to trick the other jury member to vote for either one of them and then they will vote for that person if its one of them 2

    I like the brigade idea, but its seems stuipid to give each other a reason to evict one another.
    If I’m lane or hayden, I evict hayden or lane respectively at final four or three because they should be able to get you two votes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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