**Updated** Big Brother 12 Updates- THE ANIMAL IS OUT

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

1:25pm Backyard everyone outside having a picnic, for some reason Hayden is out not sure why it hasn’t been 24hours. Just random conversations.. they’re ripping on Pig Pen from last season how she was trying to get CBS to do a Big Brother wedding with her and her man. Brit explains to them that CBS told her no because she was so unpopular on the show…feeds cut.

We come back to a sat conversation, how there was 2 sections etc etc, Brendon chimes in that there was this girl in his class that did ridiculously good but no one believed her… feeds cut. We come back with Brendon talking about when he was in high school he had taken 3 university courses. He says he’s totally anti testing to get into schools, “theres a lot of people that are good at testing but not good at the job”. He starts arguing with Ragan, Brit and Rachel about having to take the Lstat and Mstat to get into a professional school. He thinks they’re should be different criteria not only tests, “The Whole system needs a shake up”. ragan says there is, explains to them all about the interview processes to get into medical school. Brendon brings up that there is alot of people out there that cannot afford the prep material and Prep Classes for the tests so it’s very hard for them to pass. Brit mentions that you can just go to barns and nobles and get a book that should be good enough. Brendon says no it isn’t he tried using the books for the LSTAT and didn’t make it. (ahh now we know why he’s so against testing in the LSTAT) Lane and Enzo avoided the conversation and are sunning them-selfs on the lawn chairs.

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers



1:56pm Backyard Feeds come back everyone gone from the couch except for Brendon and Rachel. She just told them that she has a kind of dyslexia and she’s had to fight all her life to complete school. She needed special testing. Now brendon starts sharing a sob story about how he had to spend 2 extra years in the master program to make up for his deficiencies as a undergraduate. Eventually they start arguing again specialized testing and LSTAT testing etc etc.
Big Brother 12 Spoilers

2:00pm cabana Hayden and Kristen Kristen goes over the conversation she had with brit last night. Kristen tells him Brit is scared to use the POV because she thinks Enzo or Lane will go up. She thinks the only way for her to survive this week is for her to get off the block. Hayden thinks theres a better chance to get him off and then they can get Kathy up against Kristen. Kristen doesn’t think they’ll do it they really want one of us to go home. Hayden: “If she’s more likely to pull me off then we should go with that” He tells her he really wants her to stay in the house but he doubts she’ll do it. kathy walks in and they start ti filter their conversation.

2:13pm Feeds Cut

2:38pm No Feeds

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The animal really and i think i dislike Brendon more than Rachel.


Why is he out before the 24 hour period?


I thought he had to stay in until 5:00PM. Was it before that?

BAB - formally BB

I was thinking the same thing. Maybe they are getting them ready for the movie (which Hayden gets to see) and/or the POV ceremony?


do you think they are watching the movie now? if so, would the, we’ll be right back, be on the whole time?


I hate Rachel more. She has to go,the both of them have to go.


No way…The Cackler needs to stay, she got the drama party started, keep The Cackler and dump the dude…then again she needs ‘her man’ so theres someone there that no one can get in between of and her (?) That right? You get my drift.


Do you think the POV ceremony is going on right now? That just bites because I don’t think Brit is going to change the nominees.


Not sure, but I don’t think Brit is going to use the POV because she is so scared Lane will get put up, and not Kathy. I think the noms are going to stay the same. Vary rarely i have seen the POV used to take someone off unless their alliances were exposed, and they knew they would safe the next week. No one in this house feels safe.


maybe setting up for the movie? I think POV ceremony is tomorrow

wsu mom

simon playing catch up had to have neck fused glad i found your page really enjoyed last year keep up good work


Brit is too smart to use the veto. Bye Bye Kristen!


Britney would be smart to team with Brenden and Rachel but do it as a secret alliance. until the numbers are their favor. with the brigade she is only going to make it to final 5 but with B and R she could make it to final 3 and she would most likely win the game if it was her brenden or her and rachel because the houseguests are spiteful and hate brenden and rachel and they would never vote for them even if they played a better game.


I would love to see B/R make it all the way, but unless it’s a first showmances never do. I think, Brit, Rachel, or Ragan will win.


I guess there has to be a first in everything.


If this game were to end right now…Rachel ‘The Cackler’ wins and the 1st thing she should buy is a new coffin…
Seriously, Rachel is playing the best game and I think she’d be in the same spot without her man around.

The Excitement

I disagree. Rachel and Brendon have a huge target on their back. Britney needs to try to be in an alliance with the Brigade. The Brigade will last longer. Rachel and Brendon are practically dead. They are getting lucky by winning HOH and POV. It’s pure luck. They won’t be able to win every single contest. And if they don’t win, they’re gone.
Brit would be stupid for form an alliance with that. What she’s doing right now is very smart. She’s trying to be friendly towards Brenchel, to save her ass from being put on the block. But as soon as she gets the opportunity(wins HOH) she will put both of them on the block, just like everyone else in the house would. It’s all a matter of time now. Rachel and Brendon are not gonna make it. They dug their own graves.


when their luck ends it’s over for them, at least one of the will be gone b4 this season ends.


either rachell, regan, or brittney is gonna win, i hope brittney


Brendover was all up in Racho’s face about playing a social game but doesn’t get what a turn off he is when he gets all know it all and arrogant. I’m with Lane on how sick he is of hearing the prick go on and on about how smart and educated he is. He has no idea what a total turn off he is and his social skills are non-existent.

The Excitement

thank you. that’s exactly what i’ve been saying for weeks now.


brendon has never displayed a sense of humor that I’ve ever seen. Can’t see anything fun about either of them!


I think the next HOH will be geared toward Regan and he will win and bring some real Shemale Drama to the house! At least that is what I am hoping for!


If it is about past BB’s, it is was set up for Ragan. He is the book on that.

Ms Kewl

Brit seems to know a lot about past bb seasons, too.


Don’t forget about the Wee-wee Gremlin!!!


Yeah, Im kool with Brit winning too!


I am going to crack up if Brendon win’s hoh this week. Honostly everyone in that house is jealous of rachel and brendon. Those two and britney are playing the best game this year. They are the one’s to beat.


I hope so too jane. It would be awesome.


LOL, Brendon really is an idiot then.
Hey Buddy, maybe you aren’t cut out for advanced degrees. Did you ever think of that? 2 extra years to complete a masters degree is pretty ridiculous. Most masters programs are completed in 2 years so it took him twice as long. The average masters student may need one or two remedial courses to plug holes in their undergrad work but that is it. What a freaking idiot. And to blame it on the admissions test is a cop out. Loser! No wonder he struck on the insecure, not so brilliant girl. He needs a dense one who won’t be able to see through his Bull Sh!t. Another idiot man talking down to others, just what the world needs!

The Excitement

what the hell does Rachel see in this ass-clown(Brendon)?


Oh…com on now?!?!?! Im pretty sure she has had worse!


she see what we all see her seeing in him someone to control and help her through the game, which he is doing very well.. he didn’t have a chance the She-Devil is always enticing before she strikes LOL

BigBrothers Big Brother

Brit will not use the POV. She is going to play it safe by letting noms stay. I would too. That way next week they can get Kathy. Slowly they will whittle down to a group of people who have to do something other than sit on their butts. I’m no fan of B/R but they play the game! Enzo just talks about playing and the rest of them can barely muster enough energy to even pretend to be competitive. Kristen’s going buh bye and Kathy’s next!


enzo rules


I hope Enzo get HOH and the next sabatour…he is funny and clever…Jersey could really upset the house


Jersey Shore you mean. All we need is Snooki in there.