Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Rachel’s Drunken Rampage Part 5-8

Rachel’s Drunken Rampage started at 9:30pm with this Post
It continued onto this post
and these 2 posts Rachel’s Drunken Rampage Part 5-8 Read More  Rachel’s Drunken Rampage Part 1-4

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Part 5 Rachel Starts giggling here gummy bears for the boys while acting drunk and way over the top.


Part 6 She keeps giggling them because enzo never saw.. He approves.

part 7 Rachel is flirty with enzo until the poor guy can escape with the other houseguests inside. In the Kitchen they are all grossed out Matt wants to know what it’s like, Lane: “outside is not a place you want to be right now”. Everyone wondering why is she acting so drunk she didn’t have that much to drink.


Part 8 She comes back in and jokes around to everyone that she took some pills and that’s why you acted crazy.

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I think Im going to puke!


“It was the pills I took that made me act crazy.” I have used that excuse, too. It was my pills that made me act like an ass. It had nothing to do with the half bottle of Amaretto I drank.


Last nite my hubby and I went to the Scorpions concert and I got really drunk and when we got home I mounted him before putting him to bed, then I ran up and down the street flashing the neighbors and asking who wants some?!?!? OH, no, wait…..that second part wasn’t me, it was Roachel…… Wups!


HMmmm, what kinda pills did she take?? Viagra, Horny Goat Weed??

team brigade yo!

Brendan seems like he’s a pretty decent guy outside the house. How is he just watchin all this and not putting an end to it?


Pills? What pills. Can big brother give them pills that would make her act like that?


OMG, Rachel was so embarrassing!!! I actually felt bad for Brendon having to watch her display. Could she be using him to get to the finals. Why else would she humiliate him by her behavior. She was well aware of what she was doing too. This wasn’t purely the alcohol!!!!!!! She surely loved being the only girl with all the guys doing her little act. The guys were looking at her like she was crazy. And the topper, Brendon fights with her but of course winds up apologizing and begging forgiveness. FOR WHAT??? He needs help. He has turned into her little chef, waiter, servant, spokesperson and slave. It’s hard to WATCH!!!!!!!!


Ohhh poor Brendon!!
Please leave Rachel for your own good and dignity!!


i want either brandon or rachel to go


can someone tell me if all of the dancing and stuff Rachel did (which is in parts 5-8 of the drunken rampage post) happened after BBAD ended??? I don’t remember seeing any of it, the show ended and B/R were still in the HOH “fighting and making up”


ok folks, I have a theory…..all this “drunken behavior” is a big act and piss-poor acting at that…..think it’s very obvious that she’s been pimped out to promote Vegas and also promoting herself……if you look at some of those clips when she was flipping up her dress and all the other skanky things she did, she looked at the cameras quite often……even Brendon told her all the crap about Vegas was like infomercials, think Lane said something like that……..can’t believe production is letting her get in all these free plugs for the places she promoted


Don’t be a square. Go Rachel, Go Brendon. Give us some entertainment. Never mind the prudes crying out – go for it, enjoy your time together and entertain us. No one says you have to get married. I betcha any money half the people here gave it up on the first or second date and if they didn’t they are probably virgins and jealous. Glass houses people, glass houses


rockstar, I can only imagine what excitement they would all bring if you were annointed “puppetmaster!” Then we would never be able to stop watching for even bathroom breaks! You’re right, that was fun!

The rachel/brendon conversation was pretty circular and repetitive though: “I AM vegas, that’s who I am” … “you’ve said the same thing for 3 hours and you know it bothers me.” With all her talk of getting her customers to spend money and buy girls drinks, it is sounding like call girl, but I know not vegas — is that a normal cocktail waitress job there — getting the guy to take you places?


electra- I don’t understand why they are not made do more in the house anyways. I’d have wake up calls at 2 am, extra prizes to win during the nights and many more competitions and things for them to do. I have so many ideas to make the show the hit it once was. Of course BB still wins in the ratings but viewership has gone down by 3 million viewers plus over the years. It needs to more of a competition with more social experiments done and then let chaos resume. This integrity talk and bullshit has to go.


soon as onlinebigbrother gets put on the map by CBS you will be part of the show just wait


boom – it will never happen. They will never take Canadians. I have applied, I have begged. I have pleaded. I have all these dreams about it. The only thing that would bother me is if simon wasn’t on my team. hahaha I would so be made fun of and everyone would hate me because I will take things personal and I will not leave with intregrity if I ended up getting backdoored.

Huey Bear

Rachel seems unable to control her drinking. This has caused her problems in the house, and will probably create more grief once BB is finished. I feel sad that Brendon doesn’t realize what he’s getting into: a threeway with himself, Rachael and the bottle. I also wonder how Rachael’s job shilling over-priced champange sits with Brendon’s values.


You would think by now you would have figured out BRENDON DOESN’T HAVE ANY VALUES. He spotted this prize cow on the first day of the auction.


Just think what happens to her outside the BB house went she gets drunk, guys must take advantage of her all the time. Also why did Rachel tell everyone when she works guys buy her 1,000 bottles of tequlia, hope it wasn’t to impress anyone.


i now understand rachel, she lives the wild life and now america and poor brendon knows it…


If I were a houseguest. I would just grab some popcorn and sit back and watch the Rachel show and laugh. I still don’t understand why Brendon wants to be with her. Trashy! But funny to watch. I actually hope Brendon wins HOH just to see everyone pissed off and drama another week. I don’t have a favorite this seaons and could care less who I’d want to win. Maybe Ragan, he’s been the most calm out of the group. Matt can be entertaining to watch at time (is his hand still down his pants?). Enzo comes out with some good one-liners sometimes, but it’s only funny because of his accent and attitude. Hayden, Lane and Kristen are boring. I love hear Britney complain and talk about others (especially Rachel) with her southern voice. .

Yae Dum Dum