Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brit’s mom will be pissed if she doesn’t win, Lane’s mom was Proud he made it to open casting my himself


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:25 Lane, Hayden and Enzo. Lane is telling them how stupid brit is being with her plans for the money.. she wants to invest in a bank and in 40 years she’ll see a return. All three explain what they are going to do with their winnings. Pretty much they are “saying” they will give all their money to their family’s and they all share a sob sad story why they need the money more than brit. They bring up that Brit has traveled all over the world already she’s experienced a lot already. Hayden says she’ll use the money to go travelling.

Enzo mentions that Jeff Schroeder is doing pretty good he’s doing that little job he must be getting paid for it. Feeds cut.. When we’re back lane is talking about Brit saying that her mother will be mad at her if she doesn’t win. LAne: “I was like holy shit your mom will bitch slap your around for not winning this game your mom’s hardcore.. my mom was just proud of me to go to the open casting call by myself.. enzo says he parents were pissed that he was doing this, Enzo: “They said I made you I know your not going”


Enzo saying that Ragan was telling him that Brit, Hayden and Lane were together. Enzo says it comes down to Ragan is going home Thursday and they are the brigade and they are against Brit”
Lane: “I think she’s mentally checked out.. she’s gone”
They guys all agree they are at the point were they need to win competitions to advance and if they don’t win at least they had a good time. Enzo says if he doesn’t win the HOH or the POV next week he might go home but then he’ll see his family after and its all good. Lane mentions all the exposure they are getting, he rattles off the number of hours on showtime and prime time. Hayden says the only reason why Brit is so down is becuase she’s not getting her way and she’s a spoiled Brat. Enzo adds: “She’s a spoiled brat with 2 fathers one buys her presents then the other buys her presents” (Actually these three guys have a pretty good outlook on the rest of the game… ITS BORING THOUGH)

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:45pm the guys are working out

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:00pm Taking Lane’s advice Brit does something with her life and starts to work out.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:20pm Ragan: “you realize with those three your last rung on the ladder”. Brit knows. Ragan adds that Enzo is the third rung. She’s very surprised she didn’t go up today. Ragan says theres no way we can convince Lane.. Ragan says out of this house of boys Brit is the only one we has a chance to beat in final 2. He tells her she’s in a tough spot because she will not beat any of the boys. Ragan thinks Brit played a much better game then the boys but he thinks in final 2 a girl can do exactly the same as a guy but will be judged differently. Brit brings up that MAtt was saying Ragan was targeting Hayden and Enzo. Ragan says he was his first priority was to get rid of one of those boys but he never won HOH. Brit: “I feel like it’s 3 vs 1 and I feel defeated I really do”. Ragan says they need to explain to Lane that he will not beat Hayden or Enzo in the final 2. Ragan: “The first thing the Jury is going to ask him what did you do”. Brit: “Were both really lucky I didn’t go up on the block.. Thats why I think theres a chance”. Ragan: “I can’t do anything right now..” Brit: “Go talk to Lane tell him 500K or a friendship that might be there or not”. ragan really doesn’t know how to talk to Lane. Brit thinks he should just go up there talk to Lane he doesn’t like to talk game with anybody. Brit says she told Lane that she’s pissed that he’s with the boys and not her. Ragan says they have to tell him he goes to the final 3 with us he can win 500k if he goes with enzo and hayden he will get 50K.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Ragan as a friend if you were on the outside looking in do you think I should try and convince Lane. Brit says yes of course but I really don’t think we can crack that group of boys. Ragan thinks it might be a futile effort t talk to Lane. Brit thinks he should but don’t expect much back. Brit says she’s accomplished so much more than Lane and he’s her only chance out of the boys to win. Brit says that she really is feeling singled out in the house because she the only girl. She points out a time when she cracked a joke and Lane told her she was being dumb but later Enzo cracked a similar joke and LAne and AHyden were all laughing. She wants Ragan to know she’s not a dummy she knows whats going on in the house with the boys.

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51 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brit’s mom will be pissed if she doesn’t win, Lane’s mom was Proud he made it to open casting my himself

  1. I just hope Enzo gets wise and starts fighting for it man, go talk to Brit get MAD… do something yo. Don’t let these chumps play you for third place yo.

      1. you’ve just won the unwashed penguin suit.. congrats, pick up your prize finale night.. it should be nice and rancid by then..

  2. So Brit needs the money to travel the world, eh? Well, me too!!
    Her idea of broke must be completely different than the average American’s

  3. all of a sudden, they all got into exercise mode. Even brit got on elliptical . Does it mean a change in bb dynamics, they all gonna wrestle each other now …?? Are they training for NY marathon ? i hope something good is coming :)

  4. Of the 4 left (assuming Ragen actually goes home – would love to see a blind-side eviciton of Hayden just to add some DRAMA), I guess I have to pull for Enzo (even though he hasn’t done anything in the game) or Brit (just becuase she has won so many comps). I dont care who has the most $$ or needs it the most, its about a game and the people that watch being entertained. And right now, it’s not very entertaining…..things need to be shook up a little in the house.

  5. Regan has only himself to blame for going home. Maybe if he would have tried to make an alliance with someone other then Matt he wouldn’t be in this situation.

    1. Mike, he tried to make alliances but no one approached him — he complained early on that no one would talk alliances with him. And then he THOUGHT he had an alliance with Matt … and had hopes of a semi-alliance with Britney. The smart thing for Ragan would have been NOT to go on BB …. it’s been an emotional mind-freak for him. . . although I guess the stipend and 20K aren’t too bad for a professor’s summer vacation.

  6. “Lane’s mom was proud he made it to open casting my himself.” Looks like Mama Texas doesn’t have high expectations for her son. Bet that Gunther is the favorite son.

    1. If your favorite son is the one who cost you 100K in bail, what’s that say about your family? plus lawyer costs . . . LOL.

      1. Lane’s mom probably had to bring him to middle school because the kids made fun of him.. he overcompensates for his small penis and small brain..

  7. This final 4 should be on VH1’s “You’re Cut Off” instead of BB. It would be great seeing this spoiled four actually have to clean, work in menial jobs, and learn the value of a dollar. And You’re Cut Off is also one of Allison Grodner’s productions. Now I understand why BB is so cheesy, manipulated, fake, and cast mostly with fame-ho, trust-fund spoiled kids.

    1. I was just thinking the exact same thing. All of them have enough money. Its sad cause these idiots who already can provide for themselves and bickering with each other while I can barely pay my tuition. The rich get richer and the poor get screwed. WELCOME TO AMERICA!!!

  8. Enzo is the most un-athletic male I think I’ve ever seen in the house. I’m watching him run and he can’t even run like an athlete. He’s on the balls on his feet and I keep looking for the fairy dust to start flying out of his ass. No wonder he hasn’t won anything all year. My god, this is boring. At least my DVR won’t be used up by this BBAD. I’m going to quit recording it. I feel like I’m punishing myself every time I watch it.

  9. It seems Regan is finally fighting…but alas… his brain is addled from too much bullshit big brother. Thinking that Hayden and Enzo are a pair is his biggest mistake. Brittany thinking Lane would take her is her mistake. Wise up fooltards….choose life…choose Enzo!

  10. If ( IF) Brittany does not run and tell Lane and Hayden everything Regan has said…what she should do is NOT tell Lane because then…Hayden knows.

  11. as a gay male im glad ragan is going home im so sick of looking at hem crying all the time.not all of us gay males cry as much as he knows how brendan fills when everybody in the house wants you gone.what gos around comes around lol

  12. I think Regan and Brit make a HUGE stratigical error in thinking Enzo would not turn… he wants to win just as much as the rest of them… but he might not see an option with Regan and Brit. He may think Brit is loyal to Lane and Hayden too. Who knows. if I was Regan I would talk to him (Enzo) over Lane.. Lane will run and tell Hayden..then they are screwed.

  13. Ragan campaigning like mad. Too little too late? Brit has to vote to evict Hayden. Or else she will “deserve” eviction next week.

  14. Brit is not stupid.. she is really smart. Nobody could crack the sarcastic jokes she does and not have half a brain. She is cute, got a rockin bod and smart…there must be a problem. Her gash probably looks like roast beef and smells like week old haddock. There is no perfect chick yo.

  15. yes. the only gay guys that i liked that was on bigbrother years ago was will,seven daigle and crazy james because james hung

  16. Soooooooooooo the Spanish wax lady found something in Brit’s ass… my guess it was the Diamond Power of Dildo. yo…………..

  17. Brit wakes up — only when she’s jealous that Lane is laughing at the boys’ jokes and not her own! And she’ll only be awake until she talks to Lane and he fills her head with stars and moonbeams by saying, “trust me, I’m Lane.”

  18. yeah, BITCHney, brag about getting sloppy, off your ass DRUNK. And, she wants to talk about Rachel? And, apparently Ragan loves to have blackouts from drinking. America can be so proud of these idiots.

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