Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Enzo says that if Kathy wins HOH tomorrow he will c********* himself.

12:25am Brendon and Rachel are in the bedroom under the covers making out . Rachel says that she is in love with him. Brendon says that he is definitely going to need her after this experience, like for 70 years. Rachel says done. Brendon tells her that she is amazing and that he loves her. They continue to make out all hot and heavy under the covers. Brendon tell Rachel that no matter what happens he is proud of her.  Brendon says that he wants her to be feisty in all the competitions and that he knows she can do it.  Brendon says that there is a reason why they all think she is a strong competitor.  Brendon says that he is lucky to have her as his girlfriend.  Rachel tells him that she is luck to have him as her boyfriend.  (They really believe that she is staying and Brendon is the one going home.)



Up in the HOH room Matt, Lane, Enzo, Britney, Hayden and Ragan in the HOH talking about who they all agree should be voted out this week. They all agree that the plan is still to vote out Rachel. Ragan is runs the Big Brother time line for everyone. Ragan starts with the first HOH competition, listing the order the house guests that made it over on the wiener competition. Ragan goes through and lists every event in chronological order that happened the first week of the game. Britney starts going through what happened week two. Hayden starts going over at week three, he starts with the surfboard HOH competition. Hayden tells them all the order the house guests fell, then they go over the have-nots which were the first four off the boards, the nominations, the POV competition and the vote count for the eviction. Enzo then starts going over for Week four. Enzo says that Rachel wins HOH and recites what Rachel had said …get your life vests floaters! They all laugh. Enzo says that friday night the nominations happened where Kristen and Hayden were put up on the block, saturday the POV happened, the wizards of pinball competitions. Enzo says that Kristen got killed in that competition. Lane starts going over week five leaves out a bunch of important events. Enzo and Matt tell Lane that he has missed a bunch of stuff. Ragan starts going through week five.


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1:30am Ragan says that he wonders who Kathy would put up if she won HOH. Matt says that he has been running all the scenarios but he’s never even entertained the idea that Kathy could win HOH. Each time Matt played out all the scenarios of what could happen he would always say that Kathy won’t win anything, she wasn’t even a consideration. They start making fun of Kathy and how she has played the game. Ragan says that he loves her, and that he is just poking fun at someone he loves. They talk about who they think Kathy might put up on the block if she wins HOH. They says that they could see her putting up Matt, Enzo. Hayden says that it doesn’t really matter; she isn’t going to win anything. Enzo says that if Kathy wins tomorrow he will circumcise himself. Everyone asks Lane why he doesn’t want to be a pawn up against Brendon. Ragan says that they should do something funny with the nominations next week when Brendon is up. Ragan says that they should go off on Matt at nomination ceremony, nominate Matt and Brendon. Ragan says that they should then tell Brendon that he is the pawn and then vote out Brendon. Hayden goes downstairs to get some pizza to eat, when he returns he Enzo and Lane really want some too. Hayden gives Enzo one of his slises. Ragan and the others want some too so Ragan decides to just go down and bring up the box of pizza. Hayden starts talking about back dooring Brendon. They are all worried that if they put Brendon up on the block he will win the POV and take himself off. Hayden and Britney says that they think regardless of him being on the block, Brendon will get picked to play in the POV. Britney says that she thinks Rachel will end up staying tomorrow because of a coup d’etat or some other twist that Big Brother will throw at them. Hayden talks about the first week when he put Brendon and Rachel up on the block. Ragan says looking back now he thinks it would have been better to kept Annie over Rachel even knowing she was the saboteur. Britney says no offense Matt but that his key mistake while he was HOH the first time was him not putting up Brendon and Rachel up on the block. They start making fun of Lane for not remembering the events of week five because they are in week five right now. Hayden tell Ragan about a farting game called doorbell. Britney puts her hairpin in Hayden’s hair and Enzo says yo!! ..take that off bro!


2:10am Up in the HOH Matt, Ragan, Lane, Hayden, Enzo and Britney all start making fun of Kathy again. Ragan says that Kathy trying in competition is like watching the Saturday Night Live – Jeopardy parody. They start talking about other TV show like Man vs. Wild and SurvivorMan. Lane starts talking about the guy Bear Grylls on Man vs. Wild and goes into detail about an episode that involved wild Mustangs (horses). Lane says that he is a buffoon. Britney says that Man vs. Wild is fake and SurvivorMan is legit. Most everyone gets up and leave the HOH room for bed. Ragan stays in bed with Matt and they start talking game. Enzo, Britney and Lane are in the bathroom getting ready for bed. Lane asks Britney if she smashed the other day, because it smelled like shit. Britney tells Lane not to do that when there are people around. Enzo says having people around when he shits screws him up too, it gives him hemroids. Enzo says that he is always worried he is going to be interrupted. Lane says that’s why he talks to people when he shits, so he won’t be interrupted. Hayden comes out from going to the bathroom and Enzo asks him if he smashed? Hayden says yeah, ..just a little one. Britney says she has to pee but is worried about the smell in the bathroom. Britney decides to just go in and then she comes out really quickly after and the guys are amazed at how fast she peed. Hayden, Enzo, Lane and Britney all agree that the best speech so far this season was Matts. They start wondering and quizzing each other on what they think will happen in the next couple weeks.
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2:30am Matt and Ragan come downstairs and talk with Hayden, Enzo, and Lane in the bathroom. They talk about what would happen if Brendon wins HOH this week. They say that they aren’t going to worry because they’ll just send Ragan or Britney home. They say that then the next week Brendon won’t be able to play for the HOH and then they can send him home. They talk again about whether or not to put Brendon up on the block or if its better to back door him. Britney comes back into the bathroom and the guys change the subject. Matt is tells them that Big Brother told him he couldn’t write on the dishes… and the feeds cut out. When they come back Matt leaves the bathroom and heads up to the HOH room. Hayden says that he hopes tomorrow isn’t a double eviction. Britney says goodnight. Enzo, Hayden and Lane continue to talk in bathroom. Enzo thinks that this HOH is going to be physical one and not a quiz. Lane asks Enzo if he would put up Kathy. Enzo says yeah he would. Hayden is worried that after they get rid of Brendon and Kathy, then Ragan or Britney could get HOH and the only people left to nominate would be the Brigade. They talk about how they are worried about getting caught with two Brigade members against each other. Hayden says that they have to put up Brendon and Matt and if Brendon wins POV then they’ll replace him with Kathy. Hayden says that they will be cutting all their ties with Brendon then. Enzo says they could also put up Ragan and Kathy and back door Brendon. Hayden says that the worst case scenario is that Matt is up against Kathy or Brendon and then they still have the votes to keep them. Enzo says the only people you can trust is the Brigade. Lane tells them that Britney would put up Matt before she would ever put up Hayden or Enzo. Lane says that Britney really doesn’t want him (Lane) to go home so she runs everything past him.


2:50am Lane says that if he leaves the house then he wants the Brigade to be known. Enzo says they can reveal the Brigade after next week. Hayden says that after Rachel and Brendon are gone and they will vote out one more person, then they can come out wearing the Brigade t-shirts. Hayden says that he wants Big Brother to make them T-shirts to wear. Enzo says that when they make it to the final six they can expose the Brigade. Lane and Hayden say final seven we can let it be known. They talk about what the sickest way to expose the Brigade would be in the next couple of weeks, if one of them is the HOH winner, they want Big Brother to supply them with four Brigade t-shirts in their HOH basket. Then they want their nicknames printed on the back of the t-shirts …Beast …Meow-Meow …Animal … Brains. They talk about how they have played a great game getting to this point and no one knows about the brigade. Hayden says that the best case scenario is that Brendon would win HOH tomorrow. They think they can get rid of Ragan or Britney this week and get Brendon out the next week. Hayden asks Enzo what he thinks would happen if you or I put up Ragan vs. Britney. Lane says that he would have to give his vote to Britney. Hayden says that Ragan would go home. Hayden says that Britney could win HOH the next week and he thinks he would be a target but he would probably be up against Brendon. They wonder if the POV was used, who would Britney put in place of Hayden? They are a worried that she could put up Matt and not Kathy. Lane says that he can control Britney better than Matt can control Ragan. Enzo says from here on out they need to get out the strongest players and save Kathy for the end. Hayden brings up how big of a threat Britney is and says that she knows everything. They laugh about the four of the Brigade members being the dumbest people in this house and that Britney is the brains in the house. Enzo says that Brendon thinks that Lane is in an alliance with Britney, Matt and Ragan. Enzo says that he thinks they should tell Brendon tomorrow that he is staying before it all goes down. Enzo says that Brendon thinks Lane is the saboteur. Enzo and Hayden say that they don’t want to go into the Taj room. Enzo says that they (Rachel and Brendon) probably have some voodoo trap in there. Hayden says that Rachel is a crazy ass chick!. Enzo and Lane say that she is creepy. Enzo says that he thinks a war could start tomorrow after Brendon realizes what has happened and Rachel leaves instead of him.
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3:05am All the house guests are asleep.


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sickoftheir shit

Allison Groger rocks.


LOL! If Kathy wins HOH tomorrow, Allison Grodner will finally go on a diet. NOT gonna happen.


I’d like to see anyone try to control Brit… Also did anyone else catch the BBAD comment of Lane telling Brit in a whisper that her fiance Nick probably has someone on the side and Brit said I know, her name is Nicole??????

Hot & Humble Librarian

No! I missed that in BBAD. Haven’t watched fully last nights – but yesterday’s was AWEsome! IT still confuses me a bit the BB RL Timeline. Like what happens on what day. It seemed like they were talking about Jeff & Jordons visit for like forever before we got to see it.

I also hope they blindside Rachel and I SO want to see Brendon’s face. Brendon doesn’t seem to perform well under pressure (ahem) in the competitions – and I REALLY hope BB does not throw in some kind of twist to keep Rachel in the house that would make me very vexed.


POV is played saturday so we knew the results saturday afternoon. I would be shocked if production did something to keep Rachel.


That was a joke that Brit started regarding some imaginary skank named Nicole who was hooking up with Nick. It was hysterical to listen to her go on and on describing Nicole.


the brigade may over think there positions

sickoftheir shit

oops…Allison Grodner rocks. I bet she has a great life. She looks so alive and happy in her pictures. She must make a ton of money and lives it up in a fun job while others sit bitterly on their cheap computer drinking rot gut Morgans and Gatorade. hahahhaha. Soooo funny!

You go Allison…


a little bitterness toward qaz? he s way cooler and witty then you. allison never had so much attention


Some of QAZ’s comments about AG are hilarious, yes there silly but so is this blog. I also encourage PRO AG comments they are funny as well. Maybe we should change the sites name to ONLINEALLISONGRODNER.COM

Ali from SC

Ooohhhh I can’t WAIT for the live eviction tonight! I hope nobody tips off Brendon. The look on Rachel’s face will be classic. Who care if it puts Brendan in a tailspin and he starts a “war”. Who the hell will he have fighting on his side?

Allison :)

Thank you so much, and you can tell my brother Qadeem I’m going to tell Mom if he doesn’t
posting ugly things about me.

Allison :)

oops, I must have eaten the word quit from above….burp

sickoftheir shit

You go girl…I wiki’d you and saw that you are quite an accomplished writer and producer. Very impressive I must say. You keep enjoying your money, life and living it up because you can afford to get lipo anytime you want girl.


Looks like we have 2 camps here the PRO AG and the ANTI AG

sickoftheir shit


Allison :)

Some people don’t have a clue in their head.

sickoftheir shit

Hey Allison I hope you have a wonderful breakfast with Champagne this morning. Off to a fun day at work today. Must be nice……

Allison :)

actually, I was thinking of that menu you mentioned below.

sickoftheir shit

I bet lunch will be fabulous too. Probably a lobster roll with …..more Champagne!


Nice job Dawg! That was a LOT to summarize. I enjoyed the break from non-stop B/R bashing to be honest. If I have to hear about Rachel’s female parts one more time I might lose it 😛 Its seriously some of the most vicious behavior I’ve seen on the show over the years, and I don’t really enjoy listening to it. Im not a B/R fan, but most of the nasty comments made are as far from reality as Rachel’s belief she hasn’t done anything wrong in the game.


This is probably the weirdest season I personally have seen. On the one hand, I want to rip my hair out at so much… how every guest says they want to just have a drama-free season (then how in hell did you get cast??????), the lack of diversity, the term ‘libations’, the new ‘talk show’, Just the tip, the complete lack of anyone willing to really stir things up, the list goes on and on.

Still, everyone annoys me just enough to keep me interested, because this season I’m really just going to enjoy seeing any of them go home. I don’t even care who wins.


I agree..these people are boring (except for Enzo)..he does say some funny stuff. I don’t care who wins either. I keep hoping for drama, something exciting. All they do is bash Brendon and’s getting really old.


This is aggravating me so much, why are all them together going over all the things that have happened during comps and counting things around the house. As soon as they get rid of B/R, they have to compete AGAINST one another. These people will be their competition when b/r leave. I cant wait to see what happens after B/R leave just to see who backstabs who. (of course britney will backstab everyone cause thats all she does now anyway) They wont have B/R to make fun of and talk about…then what. I cant stand these HG they all suck…If I am counting right only 5 of the 13 HG have ever won anything. (pov or hoh only)


I’ll bet they STILL talk about B/R nonstop after they are gone. Brit will only have Kathy left in the house to bad mouth. We’ve seen from day 1 that Brit needs a target. Unfortunately, I just don’t see Brit letting go of the B/R thing, it is her #1 favorite subject.


i completely agree. why are you giving everybody in the house your knowledge about the bb game when you have to compete against them when b and r are gone. dumb asses. There is really no one in the house that i like this season and they have the nerve to say that they are going to be considered as one of the best seasons. NOT!


So if Rachel leaves tonight, who are we all going to turn our nasty comments onto? Can it please be the two-faced, mean girl, bratty little twit Britney? I really don’t like people who present themselves as sweet little innocent victims and turn around and trash talk everyone just for the fun of it. And what about Kathy? Wasn’t there some story about her having cancer and her saying it was a wake-up call to her? Me personally, I wouldn’t temp cancer fate again by smoking. Guess she hit the snooze button on the wake-up call. As for the men, Ragan’s voice, especially in the DR’s talking to America ranks right up there with fingernails on chalkboards on the annoyance meter. I don’t have anything against gay people, but I don’t like it when they overhype themselves like he seems to. And Lane, he could be a flying ace the way he manages to stay under the radar. To be fair he hasn’t been picked for too many comps, but I think it’s interesting no one seems to be targeting him at all. What if he and Brendon are the final two? In a way it’s a frightening thought, but this is BB and stranger things have happened.


I really hope they turn on Brittney. I am just reminded of her crying like a baby when it was coming close to her coming home and saying how she doesn’t talk bad about ppl behind their backs, how she will say it to their face >then images of her and Monet saying that Rachel looks like she can spread STDs in the air…wow are you 12? As far as your hyperbole comment on gay people ‘over hyping’ themselves I question your level of education and/or intelligence. That is a really dumb comment all around. I could go on and on about how reading comments like that is like raking your nails on a chalkboard but it would fall on deaf ears because to make such a comment you’d have to have a solid foundation of blind ignorance.


Lol. There was a clip of her saying something similar on the BB show last night. It was during the POV ceremony and she called out Brendon telling him to quit talking about people behind their back and say it to their face. She is the worst of the bunch, but there she is telling someone else not to do it. Hate that.


I haven’t kept up with the posts…I’ve just been soooo busy at work…Who’s going home tonight?


Rachel is going home


Gosh I hope so…But what I have had the opportunity to read…it looks like they were leaning more toward Brendan.


OH my gosh! Brendon has to be completely stupid, or he has absolutely no idea about the opposite sex. He’s being played big time by Rachel. Any idiot could see how they are being manipulated by that phony, pouting, whoe is me look. If I have to watch her with her “baby doll” pouty face” with those big crocodile tears, while lambasting everyone else for doing the exact same things she has done to them the entire season, I’ll throw up.
As soon as Brendon gets home, he needs to get his mommy to explain to him how he was used.
To all men out there with whom Rachel may come in contact with, she may be good in bed, but SHE AIN’T WORTH IT! She the type of female that will do anything to get what she wants. Hasn’t she proven that.
She has to be totally callous in order to dupe Brendon that way.


You crack me up!


Yuk…is that like the new “sickoftheirshit” diet regime or something?????


I tried watching BBAD last night and as soon as the camera went to Britney SURPRISE she was talking the same crap about B/R. I stopped, it deleted it, and went to bed. I was disgusted with her. She is the worst one on the show, IMO. I am a fan of B/R however Rachel has done some questionable things, and once she leaves (tonight) my only hope would be that Matt, Ragan or Britney dont win.


I totally agree with you! Britney is the worst! I am a B/R fan, too, and although, yes, Rachel has done things that she should not have, but Britney…she is really bad! She says the most disgusting things about B/R and things that you have never heard Rachel say about anyone in the house. Britney is always bashing! She is disgusting, in my opinion!!


what exactly has she done that’s so bad?


everything she says is nasty you don’t even have to go back and listen just listen now b/c I’m sure she is saying the same things over and over. And if I hear her say they can suck my balls one more time I think I’ll get sick. She is suppose to be a lady, a beauty pageant winner please she is just disgusting.


couldnt agree more she gives every women a bad name….she is acts like what you call a little girl….the only difference is when you see a little girl you say ahhh how cute…with her you say…I want to puke….

just a thought

There is nothing cute about a big or little girl behaving that way!


I truly dislike Britney, it is not funny to bash others in such spiteful ways. As if she is almighty and programmed to judge and ridicule others. I guess she must have forgotten only a couple weeks ago she was crying and sobbing around.
I feel bad for her and for me to have to watch and listen to all her idiosyncrasies.


I want something exciting to happen on BB tonight.
We all know Rachel is leaving so who cares about that
maybe a new sabatour atleast. Regan sucks!


He failed his assignment to cause a division between B/R didn’t he? His feeble attempt didn’t accomplish anything at all. In order to win the $20k does he need to succeed in his missions, or just go undetected? He really does suck as a sab so far, I thought he’d do better.

just a thought

In a way, I hope that Kathy wins HOH just to shocks the whole house, LOL! I’d like to see her actually fight for something. I know she keeps saying being the loser/weakest is her strategy, but watch out when she does start playing. Well, I am waiting, LOL! I still have yet to become a fan of any one particular players in the house. I agree with the statement above by eripaul, it’s the weirdest seasons, yet I can’t look away, LOL! I am also glad this update wasn’t all about making from of B/R or B/R bashing the rest of the house, granted, I could do less with B/R declarations of “love”. They give Love a bad name!


Is it just me, or does the picture of Brendon at the top right of this page (the one where his arms are up) look like someone took an action figure, pulled off its head, and replaced it with a ridiculously smaller head from another doll?

Brigade hater

What is up with the people in this house!!! The “Brigade” members are bragging about how good a game they’ve played so far when the only one that’s won anything is Matt!! They drive me absolutely crazy!! The only reason they’ve made it this far is because the other houseguests are too stupid to see what’s right in front of their faces!! Brendan and Rachel drive me nuts with their constant touchy feeliness and Rachel’s laugh is annoying as hell, but at least they keep the competitions interesting! And Brittney…for god sakes, could she be more of a child!!??


That’s their whole point. They don’t have to win anything to stay in the game (by the way Hayden won HOH week one, so it’s not just matt). There has been more attention focused on other players, and with their sub-alliances and staying low they’ve managed to fool everyone. The other players aren’t stupid (with the exception of Brendon) They’re just caught up in their own game. Kiristen and Ragan cught on to it, but no one really believed then which made them second-guess themselves. This si what makes the Brigade awesome. You don’t need to win competitions to be good at this game. It’s all mental. 4 Deep.


Dawg, I just noticed the pics on the right of screen, love them, my favorite is of Kathy and Hayden. Thanks for all that you and Simon do.

Come on people, pony up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hit that donate button !!!!!!!!!!!
Where else can you get these updates, plus the entertainment.


Ragan should have put the cheese under a house guest bed.
Him saying B is throwing comps that the easy way out.
He needs to something with some kind of risk at getting caught
not just making stuff up. Make him earn the ca$h


I too turned off bbad last two nite. I cannot stand Brit, Matt, and Ragan. I dont even understand how a proffessor got on a show like that. Wait until they find out that Andrew is a DR,And that Brendan is working to try to cure cancer, and Ragan a Proff. Now who is Smart,(lmao) The only one that I think is half way decent is Lane, Enzo is funny but he rides on Matt and Hayden. (by the way I personaly think Hayden is very ugly) I cannot believe that Katie is a cop.My husband is in lawenforcement for 33yrs and said he dont believe it , unless she has a desk job and never on the street, now that is possible. B/R are doing what they are suppose to and that is to get the house jack up. So for that i give them credit, But b/r has done some wicked things also, I hope they find the diamond veto and hide it so Matt cannot use it,


I thought Hayden was ugly too … until I saw him with his hair wet and slicked back. He looks like a totally different guy. In fact, he looks like a MAN instead of a wanna be 18 year old beach bum.


Hilarious observation. Wanna be 18 year old beach bum is right! I have the urge to yell “Get a real job you bum” when I see his mop top.


They already know that Brendon says he is working to cure cancer because he told them. He brags about everything. He acts like he knows it all, even when he doesn’t know shit. I don’t think he’s as smart as he thinks he is. He admitted that it took him twice as long as usual to complete his masters, and of course, it wasn’t his fault, he blamed that on the education system. Brendon thinks he is the most educated person on the show, but Andrew is a doctor, Ragan has a PHD and Matt is supposedly Mensa. All three of them are smarter than Brendon. He just thinks he is the smartest. If a cure for cancer rests on his shoulders I wouldn’t get my hopes up. Not only is he not as smart as he thinks, he is a social moron, he obviously has bad taste in women and serious self esteem problems.

I love watching Hayden, Ragan and Brit. They have chemistry together. I could see them doing something together after this is all over. I wish Lane would do something. I have been thinking about what will happen once the brigade make final 4. It will all depend on who wins that HOH. If Matt is forced to use the diamond POV, it will work against him in the end. I think the other 3 know that if they are up against Matt in final 2, they will lose, so he will be the one to eliminate. I don’t think anyone will beat Enzo. Lane vs Hayden would be a tossup.


you may not like matt but he is smart also as far as outside the house. he is a member of mensa. The only kind of cancer brendan will be trying to cure is whatever he catches from rachel.


member of mensa my ass! He probably took one of those online IQ test that wins you an ipod! if he is, he should have his membership revoked!


Nope, Matt really is a member, I checked it out. Hard to believe, huh? But he did lie about being in the top 2%.


i think matt is getting NAMBLA and MENSA mixed up.


Is anyone else annoyed by the constant speculation about who America loves or hates? They are obsessed with being remembered and for coining new phrases. Don’t they realize that BB is no Survivor and really is most people’s guilty pleasure to pass the time until the Fall line-up starts?


agreed. i love BB but i’m hard pressed to remember most of the previous cast members. they are just props in the house. and as far as coining new phrases, sorry enzo. my niece coined the phrase meow meow when she was 2. and kaka. and dodo. and most all of the other infantile bullshit that he so cleverly comes up with.


I think anybody but racheal and bradon or nuts!


and you’d be WRONG


FYI folks…being a member of MENSA really doesn’t mean being “smart”…Kirstie Alley is a member…..LOL!


lol, yes, and she has her own show.


ragen is one of the worst players ever. Can big brother make him sabatoge himself. And what is with matt and ragen sleeping together all of the time.


I am with Chloe. The brigade is boring, and not very bright, not really playing the game. I would like to see them go. Potty mouth Enzo is just gross, a leach, and Lane and Hayden do NOTHING. Matt has really been playing his own game, and may not be loyal to the “brigade”, who have done nothing for him. So the last weeks we just get to watch Enzo fart and talk about shit, literally, and it will be an endless feed of them playing pool. I hope Kathy, Ragen, Britt and maybe Matt stay together- even with Brendon- and get out the brigade. it would be a far more interesting game. I am SOOO sick of watching pool.
I am going to LOVE seeing Rachel go home.
If Matt does use the DPOV, he will be the immediate target, unless the result is Brendan going out.
Matt is really strange. I so not get the onesie thing, but at least it keeps his hand out of his pants.