**update** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Matt’s “brilliant” plan and the Cockaroachel Tripod

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:30pm Taj, Enzo, rachel, Brendon They start talking about past HOH comps and are trying to predict what tomorrow will be. Brendon tells enzo if it’s the one with the cans the trick is to hold the can in the centre. They go over some of the nicknames the houseguests had during a POV Comp
Matt the magnificent
Andrew the great
Rachel the wonderful
Enzo: “what was Kathy’s name..oh ya … Kathy the sabetour”
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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:38pmHOH Hayden and MAtt Going through scenarios trying to figure out what to do If ragan wins HOH and the POV is played. They are using the rubber duckies as models for the houseguests funny enough the demon duck is Brit. Hayden is thinking it may be a good idea to keep Brendon longer because it will occupy brit and ragan. MAtt isn’t sure he thinks it’s too risky.
Hayden: “if Brendon wins HOH puts Matt and ragan up and if POV is played they will put up Bri”
Hayden: “Brit and Ragan will put Brendon up with a pawn but if he wins POV then they’ll need to play Kathy”
Both are thinking it may be tough to convince them or worse it could out the brigade. Hayden doesn’t think so, Matt argues that BRit and Ragan are not dumb players they will figure BLANK out. Matt says that after double eviciton the house will know about the brigade but we’lll control the votes.
Hayden: “if i win HOH it can be Ragan and brit and we’ll back door brendon”. Matt says we can conince them that the only way to get out Brendon is to back door him. Matt think they’ll be pissed Hayden agrees. Matt doesn’t know if screwing around keeping brendon around is a good idea he can win pov’s and that is what the brigade needs.
Matt says they will have no problem putting a pawn up against brendon next week the house knows the pawn is safe i’ll just pick Kathy.
Matt: “If ragan wins HOH I’ll tell him the best way to not make any enemies is to put Brendon up against him” Matt would tell him that he trusts the house that Brendon would go home. Hayden thinks it’s brilliant. Matt adds that they can get Lane to do the same with Brit. Hayden: “the beauty is if Brendon gets POV and gets off the block Ragan won’t want to risk you going home so he’ll put up Kahty.. dude this is brilliant” Hayden brings up that they need to win a HOH during double eviction. Matt says the Brigade needs to win POV’s every week theres no more screwing around they really need to bust this out. Lane, Britney, Kathy and ragan join them


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:15pm Bathroom Enzo and Hayden They are both worried that Brendon will be pissed at them if they vote out Rachel. Enzo doesn’t give a BLANK about Brendon he has nobody in the house after Rachel leaves. Enzo will tell him they were pressured to vote out Rachel by the house. Enzo says that he’s playing it up real nice with B/R right now because he’s not sure what will happen and they need to cover themselves incase the house flips. Enzo says that Brendon thinks they are in an alliance the two of them they should be safe for awhile.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:38pm Just the tip Funny as usually This time around Enzo is the guest being the current pool champion. They also have a live studio audience where they are asked questions. Lane to Ragan: “If you were rachel what would be your mating call and what would be your stance”

Ragan gets down on his back lifts his legs up and does the Cockaroachel Tripod and the MAtting call is “VEGAS”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

12:00am – 12:17 HOH Brit, Enzo, Hayden, Matt, and Ragan Discussing what will happen after they get rachel out tomorrow. Hayden tells them if they get HOH they can try to backdoor Brendon then theirs the chance HE won’t play in the POV. Ragan argues that the problem with that is if BRendon does play the POV and wins it he’ll take the weaker of the 2 pawns down (Kahty) and the HOH will be forced to put up a strong player. Matt agrees thinks it’s best for them to put Brendon straight up. they start studying for HOH tomorrow. Brit summarizes the entire season for them (its freaking insane yo she’s got everything memorized) During the studying Matt asks them what would they rather get a kick in the balls or a flick on the dick. ever one says the flick. Enzo: “I’m not circumcised theres more cushion” matt says he was playing with his water battle and accidentally and it smacked into hi balls and it hurts.

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Allison Grodner’s tripod is her two tree trunk legs and her stomach that sags to the floor in front of her.


LMAO where do you come up with this stuff.


I have no clue what Allison Grodner looks like, nor do I care. Her looks are completely irrelevant and it makes you look silly and middle school to take shots at her like that. She produces a show that is obviously interesting and entertaining enough for you to go to a website dedicated to it. The fact that you are so bitter about her says that her efforts to produce a show that people have strong feelings about have not been in vain.

sickoftheir shit

He obviously has a PERSONAL vendetta against her. I think he applied for BB and was turned down. Year after year after year after year after year and sooooo on. He probably emails her everyday harrassing her for turning him down. I wouldnt be surprised if she has a court order to keep him away. I mean really – he acts like a three year old.


nope actually i saw him explain it in another post it has nothing to do with being bitter, or being rejected for the show. honestly i appreciate it. but whiny ass people will be whiny ass people and they will complain either too much b/r bashing or ag bashing. if its a problem then ignore the posts or make a valid point not one that makes you sound like an elementary school child who “thinks they got it all figured out”


Thanks. It’s funny how I’m definitely guilty . . . of what everyone else in the comments is doing.


Hmm, not up to your usual standards sorry ….. 3/10!

Other K

Dude, seriously don’t listen to them. Keep up the AG jokes. They make me smile.


Thanks! I’ll be gone this weekend, but I will do my best next week 😀


Regan had me in tears tonight. Too funny!!


You enjoy seeing a grown man stick up his ass in the air? Well, whatever floats your boat. I sure don’t.

BAB - formally BB

Yes, it was funny!! Sorry you didn’t think so.


Yeah actually laughing at a moment that was funny to certain people and NOT having some insecurity or personal phobia bias my opinion would be CRAZY!?! Wouldn’t it?

Joliet Jake

someone’s a homophobe




He was hilarious!


Ragan and Enzo keep me laughing non stop. If you watch BBAD You too would be thankful for Ragan, Enzo and Brittany. They are all 3 very entertaining. Without them BBAD is NOT worth even tuning in!!!


Simon, Speaking of fun to watch…..(yes, getting a late start here) ……Im still waiting for pics of Lane naked, or parts and pieces of him….whichever!



Speaking of busy, Thank you for all of your hard work! And as for Lane, if I dont get a pic, I always have my imagination!

What would be the worst thing?

The worst thing to happen would be for Rachel, Brendon, Ragan, and Britney to be eliminated…..super-boring. Enzo and Hayden’s strategy talks show how bad they are at strategizing….what a yawn-fest it would be with the boringade + Kathy in the house.

I’d like Britney to win next HOH (Brendon out) then Kathy to win and then Ragan to win. Ha ha boringade!

sigh 23

yes that would be awesome.Brit would put up brendon and a pawn.Ragan would put up kathy and pawn though.then if brit won again she’d put up enzo and hayden then if the POV was used,she would put up matt.


Matt has doomed himself with the brigade. He wont have jury votes to beat any of them.


I wonder if there will be a double elimination tomorrow

just a thought

Simon/Dawg, I have a ? Why is production on Enzo’s back when they are talking brigade strategy? Why interfere with strategy and game play?


They are not against the players talking strategy, just against them using codes so production and the viewers can’t follow what’s being said 🙂


They don’t like him talking in code. It’s too hard to viewers to follow.


Well, Today is the Day that Brenden will have a complete and total Meltdown!!! He just may Walk out that Door with Rachel. Expect The Unexcpected!!! Cant Wait Unitl Tonight. I Do Feel A Little Sorry for the Brother. Truly Waiting For More Drama In the House.

sickoftheir shit

I dont think Brenda will flip out. I think they have resigned themselves to their fate and that Roach is probably going to leave. Brenda will contain himself because he will have to stay there alone and he cant afford to create any further drama.


I seriously HOPE he isn’t dumb enough to give up a spot on the jury!! Plus, he’d miss out on his time with Rachel in the jury house which I doubt he’d ever do 😛 That boy is head over heels for her whether it makes sense to the rest of us or not lol.




Boringade.. not really funny.


Love the new pics, Simon and Dawg!!!! Should Ragan have a cockroach next to his, or a Zorro pic for being the sab?


Where on earth did Big Brother come up with this season’s cast. I think this is the worst cast of all. After last nights episode I don’t think I’ll be watching anymore. The cast is in lala land. They can’t see what’s right in front of them. Come on Big Brother, look harder next season or you won’t have an audience.

sickoftheir shit

The show has been boring for years. It was great when they casted odd people from various ages and backgrounds. Remember Bunkie, Chicken George, Evil Dick et al.

For the past several years they cast only 20 something year olds. They need to have a good mix of people to make it interesting. I prefer it when they get older people on the show because of their life experience. These 20 somethings are beyond boring.


I dunno, it seemed like an interesting cast on paper. Vegas waitress with a chemistry degree, practicing jewish orthodox doctor, 40 year old female sheriff, good looking guy in a Ph.D physics program, smartass cute young blond who loves to badmouth and backstab, gay guy, mensa member (supposedly?), etc. I guess you can’t really predict how people will end up interacting!

sickoftheir shit

I agree. I thought it was going to be good this year but they all are acting like High School bitches. The problem is their ages – no life experience or maturity.


I just had an image of them recasting the show with Themes like Ex-Prisoners, Ex/Current – Gang Members (hoes and all), Hasidic Jews, Loud Fiery Latins (see Gang Members season for all stars), Lesbian Wars, Over the Rainbow (Gay Men – skinamax to a new level)

Get with the program BB. You have an untapped resource in social groups, why go with the Kathys and Rachels of the world.


I like it!

Uncle Cool

I would like to see more of a mix when it comes to ethnicity and more diversity in job titles.

Bus Driver, Customer Service Rep, Factory Worker, Grocery Store Cashier, Short Order Cook, Bank Teller, Roofer, Receptionist, etc…


I think . . . . Neither Rachel or Brendon will be going home! – somehow Rachel has gotten her hands on the diamond power of veto and is able to use it to save herself after the vote to evict her!


how awesome would that be! i would love it and it sure would stir up crap.. haha if the door was locked or rachel pulled out some mad gimmick and couldn’t leave could you imagine the looks of the other houseguests?? that alone would make it worth while. cept there’s no point getting my hopes up, i’ll be sad when rachel leaves tonight..


DRINK! Am I the only one that remembers rule #3? Come on people, that rule will be retired this evening…new rule TBD


Thanks Simon, I was getting worried that I’m the only one who drinks before noon!


Simon, I’m loving all the pictures of the houseguests. Nicely done!


brendon & rachel – tough season for them from the beginning and i’m a fan that would enjoy if they stayed.. i mean, how much B&R bashing has been going on?? you love it too! what would you talk about without them?? the only good thing is that only 1 of them can go home so this next week should still be a juicy one.. personally i think B&R have been beat up on and bullied and have only responded to the treatment they’ve recieved … i can’t wait till these houseguests realize they’ll actually have to start putting their asses on the line not just always coming to a house decision so we can see them sweat and lose their cool too. and let’s be honest it never mattered who B&R get outta the house, they could win every HOH but the moment they lose their butts were on the block regardless so anyone leaving that’s not them is an accomplishment
hayden – uuugly and uneventful
enzo – got game and wit, just needs to get off that cloud he’s floating on
lane – who?
britney – go play russian rullette with the barrell in your mouth
matt – ew, nuff said
kathy – will soon see how her people have all thrown her under the bus every week
ragan – who cares?

so here’s to hoping and wishing that some sorta fun twist keeps these two in the house or at least rachel cuz she’s def the brains (and drama) of the operation.. come on Big Brother pull one out here make it interesting.. unleashing a sabatour and giving a golden power of veto, bad idea for pandoras box, redeem yourselves.


“B&R have been beat up on and bullied”

WHEN??????? not if you mean after their tyranny then yea, but nobody bullied them or beat on them…. im tired of you brenchel dweebs making up pathetic excuses for them acting the way they acted.


Unless Brendon wins HoH next, he will go to JH unless he wins POV to save himself; then next will be Kathy – the Go-To Evictee. But once Kathy is evicted, things will get lively. She is the safety net they all count on and when the security blanket is gone, insecurity rears its head again. There may be more twists but otherwise – Target may be Brendon but with no Kathy, it should get intense. Think about it (with no Kathy): Brit wins HoH, she won’t put up Lane so at least one Brigade member has to go up which no one wants to do, even as a pawn (Enzo would freak). They will (try to) talk her into putting up Ragan and if she does, bye-bye, Ragan. Same scenario with Ragan being coerced into putting up Brit. Don’t you think?


We shouldn’t have to watch a show for 8 weeks before it gets lively. Just shows you how sorry this season really is.


Me too. It started out really lame. I thought it was stupid to get out people like Annie, Monet and Kristen instead of the big guys, but you have to give the brigade credit. Matt has won HOH twice (I don’t really count Hayden’s HOH because it was a group thing) and they have not only kept their day one alliance secret, they have all cultivated a side alliance to throw others off the scent of the alliance of four. Everyone sees Britt and Lane, Ragan and Matt, Enzo and Brendan and Hayden had Kristen. These side alliances keep them safe. If anyone not in the know wanted to put any of them up, they would also put up the side alliance, and the brigade has the votes to keep their guy. Brilliant. As annoying as Rachel is, BB really hit it out of the park choosing her. She is skankier than Natalie bb9, more deluded than Nasty Nat BB11, as unlikeable as April BB10 and as arrogant as Chima, all rolled into one disgusting package. They probably cast Brendon as the smart version of Jeff, but unfortunately he turned out to be a needy needledick that threw away any game he might have had to pursue gummy bears. Brit, Hayden and Ragan are hilarious on their Just the Tip show, and Enzo, well I don’t think there has ever been anyone quite like him before. Overall, this season is better than last year and kicks seasons 9 and 10 to pieces.


Hi Chloe, are we watching the same BB 12 show. This season is one of the worst seasons ever. No game plan, so far, whatsoever
Eventually the Brigade will fall apart and then and only than will their be some real game drama.


100% agree. That was the last truly good season, even though it ended up being ruined late in the game by Allison Grodner. That’s I started to despise her, but it was still mostly a good season.


Apparently not. You probably like seasons like last year with some sappy Jeff and Jordan thing going on. The drama last year got tiresome, and there wasn’t much intelligent strategy going on. Drama is fun, but when it takes over and makes game play secondary, I don’t see the point. I agree that this is the best season since season 8, which for me was and still is the best. So far, this season ranks number 3 or 4 for me.


That is the one thing I do love about this year….that the Brigade has gone undetected for all this time! They are making history and I am happy to be watching it! The best part has been watching Rachel and Brendon keep telling them individually which other Brigade members are coming after them! HAH! If they do get down to the final 4, we will be seeing future seasons try to get away with it too, but at that point everyone will be looking for it so it will never be duplicated!


Any way I look at it, the days are numbered for my girl Brittany. Whoever wins HOH tonight, Brendan is going home, unless he manages to win. If he does win, he will probably put up Matt and Brittany. Matt plays the diamond POV and puts Kathy up in his place, Brit goes home. Any other scenario, Brendan is gone. My best scenario would be Brendan gone next week, and then Britt or Kathy wins HOH (I know, long shot). If Britt doesn’t win that HOH, she is done. I will really feel bad for her spending a whole week alone in the jury house with Brendan and Rachel. But Ragan would join her the following week, so she would at least have a bit of company. Unfortunately, the Brigade is golden at this point. It will take a serious shift now to prevent them from going final 4. The only way Brit can survive is if she wins the HOH two weeks from now, puts up Matt and Hayden and neither wins the POV. I think Matt would get Ragan’s vote, and Hayden would get Lane, Enzo and Kathy’s vote. I would like to see Brit win, but I don’t think she can. If it’s down to the brigade, as long as Matt doesn’t win, I don’t care which one. I just can’t like Matt.


and she has won 2 POV’s and has wicked aim. Don’t give up on Brit yet.


Actually Brit is even better than that, she has won 3 vetos (the stockades w/ a suitcase for an hour, pinball wizard, and bowling) :v)

sickoftheir shit

I think it would be pretty funny if they kept Brendon for the sole purpose of torturing the Roach. Every week she waits at the door for HER MAN and bam he aint there. hahhaahh. Another one of her enemies walks in. Soo hilarous. I think that they should all ignore her in the Jury House and make her lose her mind so she leaves the Jury House and breaks her contract.


I like the way SOTS thinks and I would love to see Rachel learn a bitter lesson — that life is not all about Rachel and that Brendon won’t be running into her arms in the Jury House. Someone on another thread hypothesized that CBS hired two actors (Rachel and Brendon) who are playing their roles to the hilt. It IS difficult to imagine that Rachel really doesn’t see how hypocrital she is — Kathy ‘s cheering for having won something versus Rachel’s jumping in the air and cheering when she wins something and then challenging all the houseguests to bring it on overshadows anything Kathy did the other evening. How can Rachel not see that??? Because she’s an actress hired to play her role. Makes a lot of sense. Maybe she and Brendon have been friends in an acting class for a long time. If so keep them in the house. If not, I cannot WAIT to see R. go home tonight. If she doesn’t, CBS will lose this fan permanently.


You want drama? What if Brit and Ragan were the final two and Ragan won? And then Chenbot informed them that Ragan was the saboteur. Talk about the big money winner. They would ALL feel like fools!

Uncle Cool

I think more drama would be them finding out Matt’s lie after voting him to win BB12 based on his wife’s medical bills.