Big Brother 12 – BB Video game, You could play as Evel Dick use Pots and Pans as weapons… Enzo would use his face and horns and Hayden would use Hair


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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:45pm Backyard Everyone but Lane laying around. Enzo and Hayden have just figured out how to use the BBQ and are cooking their Potatoes. Brit says in 20 minutes she’s going to go cook up some bacon and they can crumple up some cheese and bacon in the potatoes. Everyone gets excited about Brits suggestion. Brit and Hayden on the couch talking about Lane getting them hooked up with some appearances in ft Worth. Hayden really wants to do it but he’ll have to make money first so he can fly in. Brit says Lane’s really close to were she lives she can drive for the weekend. Brit brings up how awesome it is that they are in people magazine, Hayden can’t wait to see it. Enzo joins them, Brit wonders what picture they will use in peoples magazine, theres one by the pool and one by the chairs. She adds that in one of the pictures she’s laying across Brendon and Enzo.
Brit: “What was day 2.. we didn’t even know each other back then”. HAyden “Day 61… almost out of here 2 more weeks”. Enzo starts asking them what the final 3 is like. Brit rattles off everything that happens. Brit tells him there will be a question from each jury member. Enzo: “oohhhhhh Shit 7 questions”. They are all surprised how much goes on the in the finale night. Brit explains that after this week they have a HOH comp on Thursday and the person who wins that plays in the second final HOH and the two that lose play for the second HOH. Enzo complains at the time in the house dragging on he wants it to be over yo.

Ragan and Enzo leave. Hayden asks Brit if he has her vote tomorrow. Brit tells him of course she will. Enzo joins them says he wants a Playstation 3, Brit laughs she wishes there was a video game they could play that they didn’t know about before coming into the house. Enzo thinks they should make a big brother video game, Enzo: “You could play as evil Dick use Pots and Pans as weapons… I would use my face and horns.. hayden would have his hair .. that shit would sell at least 15 million copies yo”. Brit jokes that Hayden would hide cats in his hair and fling them at people… Hayden tells brit that Enzo is messed up.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:05pm Lockdown in 15minutes, Hayden starts jogging, Enzo laying on the couch.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

5:41pm Keeping it real

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:20pm HOH BRit, Enzo and LAne Lane wants to dye his beard.. he’s being hesitate to take the final plunge and do it. Brit gives him a hard time because LAne would only talk getting some just for men and when he finally gets it he doesn’t use it.
Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:40pm Kitchen Hayden and Enzo with Lane up on the HOH balcony. Lane mentions that in his HOH blog he told all the haters to suck it because the brigade made it to final 4.. “The 3 dodos”. Enzo: “Theres 4 people left and 3 of them are dodos and their heading to final 3” Hayden laughs.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:10pm Everyone getting ready to eat
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The last boss is Allison Grodner. Good luck.


TO make matters worse they put a porkchop necklace around your neck and you have to fight her with a drumstick.


britney says shes not used to sliding on kY jelly but i bet ragan is ๐Ÿ™‚


Now THAT is funny. After all the awful molestation, abortion, and aids “jokes” that Ragan has made in the house, finally a great (and actually humorous) one aimed directly at him. Excellent job, Brian!


enzo did not cheat he just got there first to the disc. ragan is a poor loser. go enzo, i have a whole new respect for him. the gorgeous brit and enzo, final 2. ๐Ÿ™‚


to all of you idiots who were complaining that enzo should get penalized for “cheating” in the comp I hop u all just watched the episode. ragan was just a little bitch enzo didnt even touch him he just lunged past ragan for the cd and got to it first. ragan is such a baby


I agree Enzo did not do anything out of the way and deserved to win it hand down. Enzo was quickier that Ragan. It was funny that the CD bounce of the clams head and hit Enzo.


what a genius brit is she knows that if she went up that enzo and hayden would backdoor her. my girl is beautiful and smart. and what a rack she has. whooooaaaaaaaaaa eat like doggy


Ragan is a P.O.S.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


How I wish Rachel could re-enter the house just long enough to help Ragan count his friends in the house. Oh, wait he doesn’t have any and he never did. Even Matt was using him. He’s been fighting all along, he says. Now he knows how Rachel and Brendon felt.


karma bit ragan in his worn out tired ass.




Guess ENzo is an idiot too cause he told the others when they were all talking about it , that he said he hip checked him out of the way and the others said yes we know we saw it. He
said Ragan was in front of him so he did it to get past him…


Omg Enzo is so fricken annoying. You won one fkin veto shut your fat ugly ass up.


(refering to tonights episode)


Lance, I haven’t seen tonight’s show yet (on west coast) but did you seriously think Enzo would be anything else but tooting his horn about his win? He has finally won one. I mean up till now we have had to listen to him tell us how many times he has come in second.


Brit looked so hot cleaning ,she shoulda worn a sexy french maids uniform (yum) and when she danced I had my dollas out Yummy


Oh dollar bills, thrill!
Britney might like that….a lot!


Did anyone notice that when Enzo said f*ck they blurred the sock puppets mouth. Lol


Very observant McDouche. Did you pick up your mom? And, WHERE THE HELL IS MY SANDWICH?


Hi Mike! Did you enjoy finger painting today? Did you make a nice macaroni cowboy for your mom to hang on the side of your doublewide? Now, for the last time, come pick up this stanky bitch, and BRING ME MY EFFIN SANDWICH.


NOD! That was so freaking funny!


That was the best part of the whole show…that and Britney in the DR telling them they’d better slo-mo the POV comp.


This season blows, so boring.

Joe Mama

Did anyone notice when Enzo, Brit and Lane were talking about golf and Enzo was cussing, they blurred out his and his puppets mouth? ROFL! That was good on CBS’ part.


Wow production is having a hard time filling the show with worthwhile crap. Such great punishments. I don’t think I’ve cared less about a final 4 before. At least Britney is smart enough to know if she went on the block she’d go home. Looks like I’ll be dvr’ing the rest of the season so I can fast forward everything other than the comps. Yawn


she wasnt smart, she was just afraid it might happen, hayden thought the same thing and we all know hayden is not that smart


very true, but I was so desperately hoping one of them had a brain so I’m convincing myself to make it more tolerable.

T that's Me

I don’t know about you all, but the dancing was the funniest crap I have seen this season!!!! I laughed so hard. If they could have just showed a whole episode of that, I would have been happy!!!! LOL


It was funny has heck. Enzo in the DR room, talking about it, and the music came on. He was like: Excuse me, but I got to do my thing now.
Then he was in the shower and the music came on.
The other funny shit was when they were sleeping and the music came on.
I laughed so hard too.
Hayden looked like a fool trying to dance…(you guys thought I was going to say that Hayden was a dancing fool..nope. A fool trying to dance, that was hayden).
Britney looked like a stiff ass cheerleader.


Go team BRANES (Britt and Lane) all the way!!


If Lane wins, then it’s destiny.
The boy was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, so why stop now?
Using the same logic, Hayden was born with less, so why should things be different now?
Oh Shit, that means that I’m going to be middle class all my life.


No. J
Jed Clampett, Granny and Elly May weren’t there.


Oh, thank you for the laugh! Good one!


tonight? no


Notice Enzo didn’ t use his puppet when talking just hung his hand over the chair like a limp noodle.. No punishment again…


britney and ragan both didnt use their sock puppets as well at times and look no punishments for them either stop complaining


See, the Ventriloquist was the sock puppet and the dummies were Enzo, Ragan, Lane, Britney and Hagan. So their mouths would be moving not the sock puppets. The sock puppet was throwing his voice.


Lane: “The Brigade has no clue! I want to go to the final 2 with Britney”
Uuuhhh – I think they know now bud – If I were Hayden or Enzo I think it would be pretty clear who you want to go to final 2 with. Doh!
If I were Ragan I’d be shining the biggest light I could find on their new public alliance!


Lane is such a moron!!!!!!!!


Wait a minute….Did Lane say that in the DR on tonight’s show? I haven’t seen it yet.


Yes he did..


Well, I am sure Britney’s Mommy is glad to hear that. She likes Lane better than Nick, I think.

Worst Season Ever

Why wouldn’t he take Brit…
She can’t win… how many votes does she have in the Jury house? Any? One even? She has ZERO votes right now…. Any of then would want Brit in the chair beside them.


I think the problem most people on here are having with this season is that they try and watch it 24/7 via BBAD or the live feed. There is only so much watchable material. This type of show was intended to be only on television for the hour it is on. If it were meant to be on 24/7 then there would be many more comps to keep you voyeur vultures happy. I do not subscribe to the live feeds nor do I have showtime. I haven’t watched many other seasons and I don’t doubt that all the other seasons were better, but I must admit that the episodes I watch are very entertaining. My advice is to step away from your computers and Showtime and live a little. Watch BB on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday and you will appreciate it much more. Too much of anything is a bad thing.


I agree, Simon. I think even if you replaced them with the others in the jury house it still wouldn’t be that entertaining. Rachel and Brendon would be sucking face, Kathy would be, you know, and Matt would be just waiting to win. Maybe there might be a battle between him and Brendon but we are yet to see that between the guys. I mean they are friends but someone isn’t going to win.


I don’t have the live feeds or showtime and the cbs show still sucks, its this cast they suck!!!!


What you say is true to a point. I watched the feeds last season, and they were actually more entertaining than the show. I haven’t watched them this season, so I don’t know if they are better. But last season it gave a perspective to me about how much CBS edits out. Watching some of last seasons fights on the feeds was much more entertaining because they show everything, not just the best two minutes. If you have the feeds, the only reason to watch the shows is for the comps. and the DRs. My biggest complaint about the shows is how CBS edits them. They’re an hour long, but the first 15 minutes of each is a recap of the previous show. I think they should cut the recap down to about 2 minutes and add more footage of the comps. then they would be a little more watchable and entertaining.


I only watch the CBS show to see the Diary Room sessions and the comps. CBS can spin the “characters” any way they want and make the crazy seem sane! I’ll stick with Simon, Dawg and BBAD that I record to skip the boring pool tournaments!


I disagree totally, I have watched BBAD for years and it was always the best part of the show. That is if the cast has balls and are not useless trash laying around on the couch.

This is the worst cast ever. The excitement was not there.

The best competitve players are out and we are left with the thinkwhotheyares.

I honestly for the first time since watching Big Brother, have never picked a person I would like to win, I usually have that by at least the 2nd week the latest.

Now, with most of the people that even deserve to win, out of the house. If I can’t pick the camera man to win, (By the way , I thank him for leaving the boring discussion they were having last night and showing the tied up shark for over 5 minutes, lol think they were saying, this is more exciting!),

I want Hayden and enzo to screw over lane and get britney out. Unfortunately, since Lane stabbed his Brigade brothers in the back looking out for him self next week, They can’t backdoor Britney.

Next week they will have to win both HOH & POV in order to assure their spot in final 3.

Besides Brachel, Hayden and Enzo were the only 2 that really stayed loyal to each other, too bad they are bozo’s lol

Lord, I hope this season doesn’t get BB canceled for next year.

Oh well, may the worst player win lol


Ragan what a drama queen say he’s been fighting since day one he was only nominated in week six from day one everybody was after Rachel/Brendon because they liked each other and B/R didnt trash talk to people unless the got in there face thank you big brother for telling eaze up on B/R they gone and still getting trashed talk so goodbye crybaby to be honest once he’s gone id be happy for who ever wins


Enzo wins for biggest cry baby.


I thought that was Baby Huey??


Cant Stand big mouth Enzo. Get rid of him people. People are saying they dont like Ragan but he has the highest rateing for being liked.


First… the sheer amount of hyperbole regarding Enzo practically body slamming Regan was obviously now…after seeing it…ridiculous. Also , gee, somehow we still do not get any jury house info. hmmmm. They edit it to seem far more interesting than it really is….yawn.


We saw the edited version on TV.. Of course they couldn’t let Enzo get away with
hip checking Ragan and actually show it on tv. They left alot out …Like the things
he called Enzo afterwards and the things he said to produciton when he asked
then if they saw what happened. They were all talking about how long it took
for production to declare a winner.. Guess they had to decide which way they
wanted the POV to go.


are u insane how could they edit out a hip check when the camera followed them the whole way to the cd its not like they showed ragan and enzo and then panned a shot to lane to edit out a hit and then go back to them ur crazy dude


I hate Enzo but I have to agree with TY. Enzo didn’t do anything wrong. Regan was saying he would do anything to win but he let Enzo out dive him and out reach him for the CD. Regan got beat and that’s that.


well said


Yes, Ragan has been crying too much, but 500k is a lot to loose when you have 300k in student debt to pay off. BB only showed him crying, not the fact that he has not been hiding but he’s been pretty normal with everyone. Saturday to Thursday is a long time to wait when you know you’re going home.


there was nothing entertaining about tonights show, the cast sucks, the punishments suck, did I mention the cast sucks!!!!!!!!!!!


this season is so boring–I forgot it was on tonight


Todays show suck….Regan needs to man up ,but after enzo trying to kill him for a veto was crazy. Enzo is really half man half cat, because he grew balls tonight. Lane is full of hot air. Brittany is a leech and Hayden has know clue that he is on earth. Give the money to charity.


Wouldn’t that be a funny twist. We asked America if they wanted to 500k to go to the winner or charity and they voted charity. Expect the unexpected. As long as Enzo goes no where near that money I’ll survive I guess. Lane is at least likeable.


Maybe they should allow the live feed viewers see the jury house as well. Make the end more interesting. I was wondering why we haven’t see anything from the jury house.

Anyone but Enzo for the win!

enzo hater

I concur…ANYONE,except mew mew…P.O.S


edited out the POV speech by Regan. Must have been a load of crap


Did you see enzo talking about how regan is a sore looser Well if regan would of won enzo would of been worse especially when lane would of put.up haden and not brit then there would of been 2 brig on the block.I guess cbs isn’t standing by thier word with the punishment cause enzo wasn’t using his puppet to talk all the time looks like cbs wants enzo to win


Ithe only reason they gave them a punishment is
because BB would have nothing to show for Wednesday night


You might be right!


they start showing the jury house week before the finale. also, they should be doing a clothes comp once they are final four.


I have to admit that I was LMAO with the puppets and dancing punishments…The editting by CBS is great…better than the live feeds and BBAD…all you see on the live feeds and BBAD is talk about Rachel and Brendon bashing…Ragan crying…yo..we need to win the next HOH…POV…Britney out next…oh wait…I forgot to nominate her…I agree that the live feeds and BBAD is boring…


One thing I’m suprised about this year is there has not been any controversy over their editing. From Braden using racial and derogatory terms to them letting Libra say f*** on national tv. Ragan making off hand comments seems like a controversy in the making…as I do not support his comments, he probably does not mean them, usually people say things in the house they would never dare say in the real world.


Or when Ollie called Dan a faggot or was it Memphis?

enzo hater

That’s funny, “I forgot to nominate her”. This has got to be THE dumbest group of five people I’ve ever seen. Exrtemely hard to watch..I can only hope these clueless hairball airbag blowhard HG’s get to read all this stuff that Simon and Dawg have put up.Then and only then will they realize how bad they’ve all SUCKED!! What a waste of a summer for them,and more so for the people who watched and endured this lackluster cast..

enzo hater

p.s and they TRUELY think they’re “All That”……. wow


The way Ragan was complaining I thought Enzo had body checked him, correct me if I’m wrong but from what I saw Enzo just wanted it more and slamed his hand on the disc first, I didn;t see anything that bad.

BB King

Right, it was Ragan that actually got physical and hit Enzo with the edge of a CD, those things hurt. I am telling you Ragan is on a rampage and if he is not checked in to an asylum or bound to a straight-jacket real soon, he is going to do sadistic things to children. Most likely to children from Africa.


Correct! Ragan is just a little girl. My apologies to little girls everywhere for that last comment.


According to some, CBS edited out the hip slam so it didn’t look so bad for Enzo. I did get annoyed Enzo’s bragging that he wasn’t going to lose anymore. If he had lost and Ragan won, Enzo would be in the room with his yapping jaw down on his over-handled balls.


I concur with most that this season blows but i cant stand Ragan hes playing the game for the cameras he has won 20,000 and america loves him so much already he knows he has to play out im a victim shit and he will get 25,000 more and it will be like he was in the final 2. Its all bull shit he doesnt deserve shit


i know right, those comments were so uncalled for i couldnt believe he said some of those things


Wow, some of you people are acting like he actually stuck an aids needle into a baby. Are the comments tasteless, sure, but the amount of outrage is ridiculous. Howard Stern gets paid sooo much money to say disgusting things. It’s called inappropriate humor, and its not for everyone. I don’t like it that much either, but lets keep it in perspective.


screw all of you enzo haters. GO MEOW MEOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks Ty… you’ve done nothing but support Enzo and trash anyone who dislikes him. Really…Are you related to Enzo or applying to be his fan club president????

I can’t believe that the producers showed Enzo talking without using the puppet as much as they did. And by the way, whether they all did it or not…Enzo clearly talked without using the puppet – almost all the time! It’s probably because he can’t talk and move his hand at the same time! Just like he doesn’t get golf. Maybe if some hit him with all of the clubs like he deserves – then he would finally understand the game!

Enzo and you might think Enzo is great, funny, the “meow-meow” (ridiculous name)…but most of the time — watching and listening to him and the other houseguests (but especially Enzo) is worse than reading your words of support for him!


hahahahahaha even when you try and bash me you still fail, while it is blatently obvious that i am a huge enzo fan and now that you mention it yes I have filed a petition at my college to start the meow meow fan club (im awaiting approval from the board, cross your fingers for me) you have still completely missed the point. the reason I “bash” people on this site is because they constantly complain about enzo breaking rules or enzo “hip checking” ragan in the pov and at the same time close their eyes to the faults of the other houseguests. The fact that your “logical” argument to me was that and I quote “enzo talked without the puppet more” just shows how simple minded you are. I mean common guy, my 1 year old cousin could come up with a better argument than that. and finally i end my rant with this little tidbit, you caught me i am enzo’s eldest son Meoe Meow Jr and I am the hopeful president of the meow meow fan club! Go ENZO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Not trying to bash you. Not at all! But I guess you can’t read either. I don’t like any of the remaining houseguests very well. Ragan and Enzo are two of the very worst. I’m just writing about Enzo right now because your coming on this site and calling out others because they don’t like Enzo – that’s wrong! If you think it’s just over a stupid sock puppet or a pov comp, your mistaken. I (and I think many others) haven’t liked Enzo from day one. I just hope that one way or the other – he’s voted out soon or at least does not win the half million.


I laughed the hardest when Enzo’s like, “Oh, there’s one for each of us?” No Enzo, you each have to share one sox puppet when you want to say something. Wait, that actually would have been much more interesting to watch and a real punishment.


well since vmc had called me out on bashing people who hate enzo im gonna continue the trend with you, when enzo said that he was referring to the fact that there was one sock puppet made to look like each of them not the fact that each of them had a sock puppet


I thought tonights episode was the best all season. Laughed during the entire show! All of it was funny…..Starting with the shunning of the suit, then the hand puppets were hilarious, the dancing was too funny, the fight for the Veto, Enzo’s much needed POV Win, Ragan throwing the cd and it hitting the clam and Enzo priceless….lol…..Was just an all around funny night on BB12…..Much needed change of pace don’t you all think?


I loved it JediJani. It was funny and I don’t even care how edited it is. The diary room cracked me up..


ur right jedijani it was hillarious especially hayden dancing like an idiot haha so funny


Just watched tonights episode and I actually like Lane now. Hayden and Enzo don’t deserve to be there and Brit or Ragan should win the game. Lane is just helping at this point to ensure the most deserving player left in this house still has a chance . Go Brit! My biggest hope is that Ragan can swing a deal with Lane for final three, him, lane and brit. Lane could then break a tie and Hayden would be going home. There hasnt been enough backstabbing this year, this is Lane’s chance to put excitement back in the BB house.


I like him now too. I like him a lot better than nasty ENZO!


It would be a great move, but honestly Lane doesn’t need the money enough to risk his friendship with Hayden. He can see the point Ragan and Brit are making, but I think he’ll just stick with the plan to get out Ragan?


If Lane was smart(lol) he would have Brittany vote to evict Hayden and he(lane) would have the deciding vote to evict Hayden. Get hayden out and then gang up on Enzo, get him out, then the final 3 would be Brit, Lane, and Ragen…it’s a win win situation. This may be the only chance he has to get Hayden out.


I agree ali


Jury house updates only happen on eviction nights right? Thats the only thing thats worth watching this season.


Sorry Enzo, your forever known as the BB Penguin!! I can live with that.


If Hayden and Enzo were in the BB video game, their only specialties would be trash talk and losing. I can’t believe they actually think they’re good players. .-.

I would however enjoy a good brawler with Hurricane Howie, Janelle, Evel Dick, Dan, Jeff and Jordan, and Chicken George. Among others. ๐Ÿ˜€


The episode was lame. I was hoping for some real punishment, something to shake these spoiled brats into action, something that would really mess with their heads and bring them all down a notch. But no. The punishments were more like fun for them. No silverware and utensils? So what. They eat like pigs at the trough anyways. Sock puppets? Too bad BB has no teeth to back up the punishment for not using them to talk. And the dancing? I threw up in my mouth. Not funny, not entertaining and another example of CBS dumbing down a great game to attract preteen girls and bored housewives, and driving away the die hard fans of the game.

Whatever happened to scheming, backstabbing and playing hard? Nobody played hard this year. I know some will say Rachel and Brendon played hard, but not really. They were too busy sucking face and trying to be the next Jeff and Jordan for the cameras that they didn’t play hard. Rachel and Brendon won lots not just because they played hard, but also because most of the other HG didn’t try to win. Enzo, Lane, Hayden, Kristen, Kathy, Monet, didn’t even try to play. Some even threw competitions. And what did they do when they had the power? They evict Monet and Kristen based on Rachel’s insecurity and jealousy instead of people that were real threats. Brendon did play better once she was gone, but he already had a huge target on his back which is his own fault.

Andrew and Annie tried, but they didn’t play smart and outed themselves as competitors too early in a crowd of floaters and that’s why they got sent home so soon. Kathy was surprisingly the only person that ever dared to vote against the house. How sad is that? The season is almost ever and we have yet to see a close vote, controversy because everyone votes with the herd. Rachel and Brendon had a hard road, but it’s their own fault. Let’s say for the sake of argument that they really do “love” each other. They should have resisted their carnal urges for a few months and tried to win the game instead of rubbing their showmance in everyone’s faces. They put the target on their own backs, and that’s just stupid game play.And what can you say about Matt. He was one of the people I had high hopes for, but he wasted all the power he ever had and wasn’t smart enough to figure out that the BG was using him and started planning to backdoor him before the DPOV was used. Instead of seeing this and making the first move, he threw his only true friend and ally under the bus, He deserved to go home. I also had high hopes for Brittany, but this week she really has disappointed me. Going against Ragan? WTF??? He is the only person she could probably beat in final 2, and instead she trusts Lane and Hayden after they threw the POV to Brendon when she was HOH to get Matt backdoored. Her Rachel and Brendon bashing was fun at first, but now it’s just boring. Ragan has never been my favorite, but the way things are shaking down, he is the only one that deserves to win, and he is the least likely to do it. I don’t even think he would get Matt’s vote if he was against Lane or Hayden because Matt still believes in the tooth fairy and the brigade.Say what you want about Ragan, but he is the only one that has had the balls to tell Rachel to her face what everyone else said behind her back. Yet the fans say he is a whiny pussy. Yeah, he cries and that isn’t something I want to watch, but he does stand up for himself. He stayed true to Matt, even though Matt didn’t deserve it and he could have won those 2 HOH that Matt won. He has won 2 POVs and he pulled off the sab without anyone suspecting it was him. Of course, no surprise this season that the people that actually play the game get voted out. The only reason why Enzo, Hayden and Lane have won a competition each is because anyone that could have beaten them is gone. How embarrassing to lose everything until the only competition is a girl and a gay guy. This season could have been good, but it’s turning out to be worse than last year. I hate how its ending, but you know me. I will be back next year.




None of this cast wouldnt even make the cut in this video game,lol


What does Ragan’s tat say that is going down his forearm?


Lane or Enzo has to win this ๐Ÿ˜›
They have let everybody else do their dirty work ๐Ÿ˜›