Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Ragan says that he’s not the type to just go have

12am All of the house guests are sitting around the pool. Britney asks Ragan …so how long after when we get out ..say we get out on a Wednesday …what will be the next day you have sex? Ragan says …Ahhh..SEX?!?! Britney says yeah if we leave on a Wednesday how long would you wait before having sex. Ragan says Uhhh…I dunno. Britney says what like 2 days? Ragan says I don’t know.. ..I haven’t had sex since February. Britney says I know and you complain often. Ragan says that he is not the type to just go have sex…. He is not a Rachel… he laughs. Britney says oh you’re not?! Ragan says that he is not a BLANK like Rachel. Britney says so what you would wait like a month. Ragan says I dunno. Britney says that she thinks he will get belligerent and drunk and just let it go …that’s what she thinks. Ragan says that he thinks he will be less likely to do that now….and that one of the things he will take away from this experience is not judging a book by its cover. Ragan says you know like day two or whatever and he was sitting in jumanji saying that he is so superficial… and says that he thinks he needs to give guys that he normally wouldn’t find physically attractive…. Britney says yeah a chance… Ragan says because some times you will find someone very attractive and then get to know them and UGGHHhh… and then some times you get to know someone not very attractive and then you get to know them and you’re like yeah I see that. Britney says yeah. Ragan says its not going to be about sex when I leave maybe …its going to be about me getting ready to… Britney asks get serious?! Ragan says yeah.

Britney over hears Hayden, Enzos and Lanes conversation about being recognized when they get out of the house.and says when you hear a helicopter in the sky when you’re out …you’re going to be like paparazzi get away ….STOP!! I just want to live my life… she laughs… Ragan says that’s like Ashley Simpson at your hotel …No pictures please!! …BITCH I don’t even know who you are! Britney says to Enzo …you’ll see paparazzi are the airport and you’ll be like YO! You’re in my grill …get out of my face… and they run right past you because Lindsey Lohan’s like six steps back. Enzo says its gonna happen. Ezno says that at the finale when they are having their backyard interviews he is going to BLANK up all their interviews … like walk up and be say Evel Dick don’t believe a word she’s saying… I am gonna have so much fun back here. Lane asks we can’t drink back here at the wrap party can we? Enzo says yeah we can I am going to do whatever the BLANK I want ….I will curse… I will do whatever the BLANK I want I don’t care!! What the BLANK do I care. Its over at that point, its done! Ragan gets up and heads inside and says goodnight guys. Enzo says going to sleep eh?! Ragan says yeah I am going to try. Ragan goes inside.

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Enzo says that there will be like 10 reporters …like 10 little people with mics out here. Lane says yeah and our family will be out here too. Enzo asks do we want them out here or should we just tell them to wait at the hotel?! Britney says what are you too famous now!? Lane says that if his brother is here which he thinks he will be ….he will BLANK you up! Enzo says oh he will BLANK me up?!! Lane says like on camera. Enzo says OH alright! Britney says this guy …come on YO! Enzo looks at the backyard and says this is all going to be empty. Britney says empty yeah! Hayden asks …they’re going to set up desks down here or what?! Enzo says no. Britney says no, they had it inside the house. Hayden asks desks were!? Britney says no ….I am talking about the final HOH. They tell Britney that they are talking about the finale at the wrap party. Lane tells Hayden that they are all standing around waiting for interviews. They talk about how Britney, Hayden, Enoz and Lane are the whole house after tomorrow. Enzo says this is it YO! Hayden questions how they made it to the end?! Lane says no one knows.. Britney says I don’t know. Enoz says play with your heart. Hayden says that he didn’t know anything about Big Brother. Lane says me too …I didn’t know BLANK. Britney says that it didn’t benefit you to know anything about Big Brother. Lane says because you thought too much. Britney says look at Matt…. Apparently he was some kind of super freak expert. Enzo says yeah. Hayden says yeah Ragan too. Britney says and Rachel. Lane says Rachel was trying to give people powers and like trying to tell you how to study and what to do. Lane says that he maybe studied three times. …and came in second. Britney says that she is going to go up stairs… then asks him he wants to wrestle first. Lane says yeah yeah when I get up there. Britney heads inside. The guys are playing jenga with the dominos. Enzo asks why would Ragan go to bed when its his last night in here… like just hang out and get trashed! Lane says I think he is already trashed …he’s been getting trashed by himself all day to day. Enzo says now he is going to be in a room all by himself all trashed. Lane says same thing as what he’s been doing. They talk about how three of them from the Brigade are in the final 4. They talk about having someone manage them after the show is over … someone to set up all their appointments and events.

12:35am Enzo talks about how if he wins …he is going to get his wife to take some time of so that he can come out with him to LA so that he can do his thing… he says we got money now…we can do these sorts of things. Enoz says that he has always wanted to do it but that he just didn’t have the balls… Enzo pauses and says well not that I didn’t have the balls …I just never did it you know what I mean. Lane and Hayden talk about how they can take off after the show and travel or do stuff. Hayden says that he is almost done school so he can go travel like up to Canada! Lane says that he works for his dad so he can too. Enzo says that he wishes he was young like them ..he is hungry for it a 32 … but wishes he was 24 like them ….he would be so hungry for it and not have a care in the world. Lane says that Enzo is going to be with them so it doesn’t matter if he is 24 or 35 …he is going to be with them so it doesn’t matter.

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1:50am Enzo and Hayden are in the bathroom. Lane is in HOH shower. Hayden heads out of the bathroom and takes a look at the memory wall. Hayden and Enzo, get into bed in the jumanji room.  Hayden asks Enzo if he is nervous.  Enzo says that he is excited and nervous about tomorrow. Enzo says that he is excited to win and nervous to lose. Hayden says he is excited too, the stakes are high tomorrow.. Hayden tells Enzo if you win the jobs not done and if you lose you can’t dwell on it because you still have the POV. Enzo says you got to fight.. its gonna be crazy …tomorrow is the day!  Enzo says that tomorrow is the day final three.  Hayden says you, me, and Britney are guaranteed final 3.   Hayden says that he can’t wait to get their brigade t-shirts! Enzo says that he thinks BT (Britney) will run out of there crying. Enzo says that he doesn’t want to make her cry. Hayden says that he thinks Britney is definitely going to cry. Hayden says there goes our trip to Steamboat trip if she wins. (Britney had told them that if she wins Big Brother she would pay for their trip.) They are laying in their bed and then Enzo says that its crazy man. Hayden says its insane! Enzo says that because it is a three person HOH maybe it will be the faces and they’ll do it one at a time, or its going to be a quiz, or a long physical skill like last year’s chocolate milk. Hayden says that he thinks it will probably be matching the faces or a long physical skill competition tomorrow. Enzo says he’s got a lot of respect for people who have won this thing.
2:30am Up in the HOH room Lane is in bed listening to music and watching the spy screen while he picks his nose. Down in the bedroom Enzo and Hayden lay in silence.  Enzo asks Hayden what he’s been thinking about… Enzo says he’s been thinking about if he wins he’s going to go crazy! Enzo says that Britney didn’t even want to talk to us tonight.  Hayden says goodnight bro. Enzo says that if one of us goes home, I’ll see you after this is all over…. They turn over and decide to go to sleep.

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7:30am All the house guests are still asleep..

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147 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Ragan says that he’s not the type to just go have

    1. I agree!! I hope when he gets out that the college he works for fires him on a morals clause. Again I will say he should not be allowed to educate.

      1. I think we all should tell the place he teaches at that he needs to go and why. then he can have something to really cry about.

        1. I suppose you have NEVER said anything in private that SOME people would find offensive???
          Ragan is hardly the problem with education…

          1. I agree ‘get a life’.. the problem with the world is that these people go and try and get someone fired for saying crap in a house on tv after being locked up for 40 days. I hope they never ever say anything bad and get in trouble and then pray to god that freedom of speech will be there to back them up.

          2. Oh it was in PRIVATE?? He did it in front of the nation. I bet If I went on BB and said thing like that You would be the first one to get me Fired!!! by the way I work In the Heath care field Where we know what not to say If we want to keep our Jobs. but hey he get a free pass cause hes a small gay man right , I don’t think so!! it time to hold people account for what they say and do.

            1. Did you see my other post?
              Ragan is not going any where.
              Ragan is an assistant Professor, an accomplished poet, and a radio talk show host.
              LOL..You might go some where, but I don’t think Ragan will. Ragan has already established a fan base.
              He made some mistakes but I don’t think the majority of his fans will hold it against him.
              Rational people understand that the environment such as Big Brother’s house can produce a lot of stress.

          3. I am sure I have said things in private that might be offensive but the difference here is that I didn’t say it on national television. Also I am in education and I find it very offensive that he is in higher education. If he was one of the kids professors I would want them to withdraw from his class after seeing what kind of person he is.

        2. LOL.
          FYI- Besides being an Assistant Professor, Ragan is an accomplished poet who also has a radio show.
          Good luck trying to get rid of him.

    2. not sure if there is ever going to be enough of beating her down .. She is a fake bitch who got verbally beat like the b-atch she is. Her voice makes paint curl

    3. Man they all must really like Rachel and miss her cause that is all they seem to talk about is her!!! She made the house really interesting and now that her, Brendon and even Matt are gone the house is so boring. Brittney just needs to shut up and I hope she don’t when. I was a Rachel and Brendon Fan but since there gone I figured I would go with Ragen now he is leaving so I guess it would have to be Lane or Enzo. I wish that they would just vote out the pretty boy and leave Ragen in at least he has fought to stay in. But they are all stupid this year and it has been the most boring year ever, next year BIG BROTHER spice it up more and make it more intresting (like have Pandoras box from the begining).

    4. I totally agree, for a house full of ppl who don’t like her, they sure talk about her enough, over and over and over the same old stuff….and I also bet if she offers them a trip to Vegas they will not turn it down….

      1. she pretends to be the “unofficial ambassador for Vegas” , when in fact people who live there would be embarrassed… and im sure she will pay for them coming with some of the monet gotten from her rich friends aka “clients”

  1. UGGGHHH Ragan, PLEASE! Do you seriously have nothing better to do than bash on Rachel and use her as an example of what you’re not? Get a life. I find it amazing that weeks after Rachel has left her name is still heading the live feeds. That’s presence. No one will give a s**t when Ragan leaves because he is a pathetic weasel.

    1. Seems to me Ragan is the kind of person, if he’s with you, there is nothing in the world he won’t do for you. He’ll be in your corner 110%.
      But if you cross him, then all hell will break loose.
      Ragan is not a bad guy. He’s unique in his own way. He’s probably all screwed up in the head right now from all the stress. Enzo is a cool dude for trying to stay friendly with Ragan. I want to see these two go to the final.

      1. BB is like an experiment with rats. Left alone long enough with no hope of escape and they will tear each other apart. lol

      2. Come on. Tell me you are not that naive. Enzo is being friendly to Ragan because he knows that Ragan is going to the jury house and want things to be on the best terms possible between them before Ragan leaves. Remember when he thought Matt was going to leave when he used Diamond veto?

        1. Enzo wears his heart on his sleeve. He wants to play the game, but doesn’t want to hurt people’s feelings in the process. I see why his rich wife felt in love with him, and it wasn’t for his money or his hair piece. There is nothing evil or sneaky about Enzo. Sure he has a stragedy but he’s not sneaky like Hayden or Britney, back stabbing all day long. And no way on earth is Enzo is close to being as smart as Ragan.
          I think Enzo gets a bad rap from you guys, and he doesn’t deserve it.
          If they give Enzo a comedy sketch on Saturday Night Live, I would definitely watch him.

          1. I think Enzo is a lazy assed idiot that’s all talk and NO action. He floated through this whole game and now wants to win it? Is he for real???

        1. I’m sure attempted to insult me by correcting me, but while your doing that you failed to notice I already corrected myself..READ BEFORE YOU POST

  2. Enzo needs to vote Hayden out tonight. All that brotherhood and bonding is temporary. Enzo can re-bond with Hayden later. Get him out and go to the final 2 with Ragan. I don’t want to see Britney in 2nd place. Not one dime.

    1. Enzo will have a better chance at hoh with Ragan gone. Hayden n Enzo vs Brit, or Enzo vs Brit n Ragan. Easy choice. yo. I’m assuming Lane doesn’t get to play for this hoh….

      1. why they were eliminated…that is sort of the number one thing to suggest one shouldn’t win…
        getting evicted i mean. NOBODY who gets evicted should win they got evicted…
        Silly fans

    1. Is there anything at all that Rachel has that people could legitimately be jealous over? Maybe if you want to bang Brendan but once the guy talks I assume any woman with a half a brain is turned off big time.

  3. These three are really delusional lol When they leave no one will care unless they are one of these BB superfans and even thats a small percentage.

    1. I hope they all read the comments here and on the other sites. They will find out how they were perceived. Lane, loved the pix of you picking your nose…. Don’t you know they have night cameras?

      1. I heard something said on BBAD last night that shocked me a little and I wondered if I just heard it wrong. When Hayden and Britney were playing pool and they were saying that there was so much drama in the house all season and naming a few things, I heard Hayden say that Lane looked like a heterosexual and turned out to be homosexual..Britney started talking over him so there was no comment about it beyond that. Did I hear correctly??? Anyone??

    2. there will be no superfans for these idiots, they will have no paparazzi following them, they will not need a manager after the show, they won’t even be asked to do the amazing race, and enzo will not be starring in a movie with jennifer anniston(jennifer would runaway from him) these idiots are becoming even more delusional

  4. Did I hear Britney right last night when she came out of the DR and said that production had told her this season has the highest ratings ever? I’m shocked if that’s true.

    1. this season has very high ratings which means CBS will try to duplicate everything that happened this year for next year. Check out Wikipedia it has every episode ratings.

      1. Well, maybe everyone this season is watching because they love to hate this season’s cast;) I can’t believe the ratings beat last season’s! Wow!

      2. This season’s rating is high because of the economy. Folks don’t have extra money to run to the movies every night, or go out that much. More and more people are either stay at home instead of going on vacation and trips. Consider this season a lucky one for Big Brother. I don’t believe the cast had anything to do with the rating.

        1. the show has high ratings because we love the show even when the cast sucks we still watch, this cast just makes it really hard to watch, plus its on in the summer when nothing else is on

            1. I think you’re right. I refuse to believe that the majority of viewers are going that much against what I’ve been reading here day after day. Hell, every morning on my local news channel, I hear about heavy traffic in areas because there’s been a wreck and the passersby are slowing down to get a good look. Congratulations, me, you, and every other viewer this season… we’re now guaranteed future seasons of passive/aggressive douchebags and shit talkers who don’t start winning challenges until the majority of the house is evicted, and drama kings/queens we neither want to root for or particularly care about if they’re evicted. Seriously… this is real? This season really has the highest ratings? I’m straight up messed up at this fact!

              1. I do not believe the ratings are high. I DVR showtime BB and fast forward thru most of it. I was a big fan of BB, but will only check out the first two days next season to sii if I will continue. They are mostly all spoiled, ignorant, and unethical idiots. What was CBS thinking?
                By the way, Meow Meow originated when Enzo referred ro Monique and Britney as meow meows. Then enzo adopted the title.

    2. I think DR just tells them want they want to hear so they are easier to manipulate. I want Ragan gone and then Enzo only because they annoy me and don’t derserve the money. Actually the only one who should get the money in this group is Britney (GAG). She played and won HOH and POV’s. Or BB could declare this a gong show and give no one the money! lol

      1. If the game was only about who won the competitions then they would just give the prize to the person who won the the most competitions. They’re a small part of a game that’s going on 24/7.

        That said, I think Brit would be a good choice for winner as well.

    3. Here’s an article from yesterday’s EW which explains the high rating:
      “Interest in CBS’ Big Brother couldn’t be bigger: The reality competition series is averaging 7.6 million viewers for the three episodes it airs weekly — an increase of six percent from last summer’s 7.2 million average. And the younger folks (a rare find in network TV audiences these days!) are into it, too: Viewership is up 10 percent among kiddos 18 to 34.

      So, what gives? What’s behind Big Brother‘s sudden surge? Executive producer Allison Grodner told the Canadian Press that the higher ratings can be attributed to this season’s crop of characters. “You can have a rootable villain or a fun villain,” she said. “You don’t necessarily want to have someone who is completely hateable.” This year’s cast featured villains in the screechy Rachel and her “boyfriend” Brendon, as well as a network-planted saboteur Annie, who was hilariously booted during the first eviction ceremony of the season. And while this season has been great, its cast hasn’t quite stacked up to last year’s characters, especially when you consider the polarizing Chima mess and the fan-favorite Jeff-Jordan showmance. (The pair did return this season, briefly, too, so maybe that helped with a little boost?) The sudden surge in Big Brother is somewhat baffling.

      Which is why we here at EW are wondering: Why are you tuning into Big Brother this summer? Is it to see if Rachel makes any more 24-hour comebacks? Are you living for the continued reappearance of Pandora’s Box? Or, are you just tuning in hoping for the return of the Zingbot 3000?”

      1. Honestly I’m that 18- 34 group. Ive never watched Big Brother EVER! up until 2 weeks ago. The reason for me was………..THERE IS NOTHING ELSE TO WATCH ON TV RIGHT NOW!

  5. “They talk about having someone manage them after the show is over … someone to set up all their appointments and events.”

    SERIOUSLY?! They’re that delusional?

    1. Im sure their just messing around. Everything Enzo says is exagerated, why wouldnt this be too? he’s just a giant ham. I mean, he had a shun memorial for the penguin suit. how could you take him seriousy?

    2. they also think they will win a reality show award, they are not jeff and jordan, will and mike or even evil dick, there will not be any awards on their mantle

  6. Also, did anyone catch Lane saying last night that he once threw a bag of kittens into a rock-crushing machine? I knew that guy was a doucebag.

    1. Animal cruelty is a profile triat of serial killers and pedophilias when one was a minor.
      So the percentage is high that Lane will have one or even has both traits in his future behavior.

      1. Lane says stupid things he feels are banter, jokes, teasing. I think he was egging Brit on. Of course he should realize those words went out to thousands. DUH…

    1. Ragan’s a real jerk. He has nothing to say unless he is putting down, Rachel, Brendan, or Kathy also sometimes Andrew. I hope he is embarrassed when he watches the season and knows how hated he really is.

    2. Enzo was never a scumbag. He’s like one of those wild dude that everyone knows from work. Funny and cool. He talks a lot of shit but that’s all that is, BS. He has no ill will toward anyone. Not a hateful person. The guy has a big heart for children. Said he loves children.

      1. Who doesn’t love children, they’re delicious…

        As much as I hate to say it, I think Britney is the only one left that deserves to win. Of course, the show isn’t over yet….

      1. Agreed…these people amaze me how dumb they can be. Is this the way they are in real life or does that house make you that stupid?

  7. Ragan needs to go home simply bc he talks about rachel too much, he needs to be reunited with her tonight and i bet u they show his entrance to the jury house on sunday.
    In fact i want brenchel to have sex on ragans bed when he gets there tonight. Ragan really gets on my nerves, in fact the next pandora’s box should be the person u talked about the most should get to take the HOH’s place in the house this week.

  8. I want enzo gone. Sure he had some good one liners but the longer he is there the more his true personality comes out. He is not funny anymore and he has not done anything.

    1. Enzo is one of the more entertaining HGs. Love him or hate him this is true. From forming the Brigade to making small talk. THe Penguin shun was hilarious.

  9. Poor Ragen doesn’t get any,so he rags on Rachel for getting what he wants..He is the only one that doesn’t realize he is envious to death of her! Brendon was the Best! Brittany is a suck up liar, Enzo get his meow ,meow out, Lane did he really say that about crushing kittens? Hayden just lays back wanting the money for being there……

  10. First off, Enzo is an idiot. His communication skills are atrocious. He will be one of the things that I will not miss when the season is over.

    They keep talking about the “half a million dollars” that the could win. Do they not realize that nearly half of that will be taken away in taxes?

    Yes, Lane and Brit should whack Hayden this week. Lane said something interesting in his diary room session that aired last night… He said he was here to win the money and he was going with Brit to the final two. Interesting. Now that would be a move!

    1. Lane didn’t even talk about being here to win the money until Ragan planned in his head.
      Ragan asked Lane: “Are you here to win $500,000 or to give away $500,000?”
      Prior to that, I believe Lane signed up for Big Brother, so that he gets on TV, and hopefully make some new friends.

      1. I hope you are not implying that I am jealous of them because of the opportunity to win the money. I am secure financially and have no desire to compete for the money.

        I am jealous of Nick and Lane.

  11. As much as we bash Enzo the dude does have heart. He said a bunch times he felt bad for Brendon. But a lot of times he says some real off the wall shit too! It’s funny how the other house guest are starting to sound like him with the YO’s ,BRO’s
    and everyonce in awhile a YOUZ GUYS gets thrown in there. I’m waiting for a FA’ GET ABOUT!
    A lil’ bit of a New Jerz rubbing off on them lol

  12. I want something entertaining to happen! Didn’t bother to watch last night…I want the trio to be broken up tonight, that would be unexpected!
    I don’t have a favorite, I just don’t want the remainders of the brigade to be final 3…FRIGGIN BORING!

  13. Who would want to be Rachel? That skank showing her coochie every chance she got. I would be afraid to be around her for fear of catching something. Good riddance to her. Ragan put her in her place and rightly so.

      1. very true rachel. Jordon was showing herself on cam all the time. Rachel had slips and even though she wore a thong most of the time she was still covered. She comes across as skanky because she is bold and brash but if you want real life skank look no further then Jordon who showed off not only her fake boobs but her vagina on purpose. Rachel was proud of her boobs and made no excuses. Jordon had a sad sob story about how poor she was, how she had to sleep with her mom, but yet could afford boobs and had them done right before BB aired. That is skank

    1. You have a lot of nerve calling people names do you know her personally do you live in a house where there are cameras everywhere, We saw Kristen’s, Monet’s and Britney’s but i do not here anyone bashy them, you people need to get over it, you are as bad as the people in the house not playing a game but acting like 10 year old talking trash about people. Grow up !!!!

      1. seeing as nobody saw their bodies as much as they saw the skanks’ which we know thats what she INTENDED she could’ve covered up..stop defending her she get off the “we’ll defend brenchel no matter what they do” bandwagon

  14. Something for you to laugh at. ——–Patio:  Britney says she is going upstairs and asks Lane if he wants to wrestle first.  Brit goes upstairs to listen to music.  Enzo says why would Ragan go to bed on his last night here.  He says we should go to the DR tonight while she is upstairs.  Yo!  Three people in the brigade are in final four.  Hayden says crazy we are final four.  Talk about touring and going to bars as a group…  Lane talks about his mom’s gay friend that works at Neimans and thinks he will get him some modeling jobs.  Enzo thinks they were be marketable as a group.  Hayden is convinced he will win the comp whether it is a quiz or physical.  Enzo and Hayden pat themselves on the back for getting rid of Matt…

    Hayden says they told Britney in the DR that this was the biggest season of Big Brother every.  Enzo gets all excited.  Hayden says EVER, bigger than Jeff and Jordan.  (funny… no bubbles…)  Enzo says now I know I gotta stay in LA.  They talk about riding in Limos, making movies, modeling and forming a band…. oh, don’t forget the t-shirts.  Enzo says we’ll be in the studio for three days then it will go viral… thats it yo!  They talk about as soon as they get out of here they have to start showing their faces everywhere.  Enzo says we need like a schedule… especially if we win an award (lmao… do they give awards for the most ill-mannered)  Hayden says it is a clean sweep for the brigade… that is a power alliance.  Hayden says final 3 we have to do it and it starts tomorrow.  Enzo says they haven’t taken stuff from the house this whole season.  Hayden says they could take it tomorrow while we are upstairs.  Enzo says I know people loved the POV – it solidified out final four.  They will be like these MF’s are going crazy…  

    Enzo tells Hayden he can share the HOH room if he wins.  Hayden says Enzo can sleep upstairs with him if he wins.  Enzo says he has to sleep on the side with the CD…   (hmmm, no one invited Lane?)  Enzo is raving about how wonderful the season was, how the Brigade made it to the end (umm no, that would be all four…)  how they figured out Matt was the sabo and how off the hook their DR were.  (yawn).  Hayden says this season was way better than last season.  They only had Jeff and Jordan… then maybe Russell..  

    1. Matt was shunned from the Brigade for playing both sides and it looks like now Lane is approaching shun status. The better half of Brigade made it to final four so plan achieved. Give the guys some friggin credit.

      1. No, he was shunned because they all knew they would never win competitions against him and wouldn’t be able to get him out themselves if they waited til final 4. So they looked for ways to get him out before they had to go head to head with him. All of them have had side alliances, it’s just that Lanes has lasted the longest, and that wasn’t his doing, she is still there because she has managed to win when she needed to. That’s more than any of the imaginary trigade has done. They have never been challenged, they haven’t had to try to win until this week, and they only won because the main competition is gone. Yeah, those dudes are so macho. They couldn’t beat Brendon, Rachel, Matt, Andrew, but now that they are gone, they can beat a tiny girl and a gay guy. What a joke!

    2. last season had jeff jordan russell michelle kevin casey braden laura, and I would rather watch jessie ronnie lydia and even natalie and chima more than these idiots, morons douchebags

      1. HAHA i so agree Michelle. Last season was far more exciting than these idiots. Enzo finally wins a POV? Whoopy-do, Matt had the blood on his hands for the brigaide doing their dirty work as they back stabbed him to Brenden and Rachel. WTH is that? Enzo is the true rat of the game, i wouldn’t give 2 cents for anything made in his honor, the meow meow is truly a rat!

    3. It is so funny how they think they are movie starst…wait till they get out and see what America thinks of them…lo.l…where would they be touring on Big Brothers Are Us….lol..they should all get a life including Shitney and Lame….

      1. LMFAO @ them thinking their gonna be movie stars.
        well maybe rachel but that will be a leaked sex tape of her a one of her “financial benefactors” she claimed she has buying her expensive things all the time. Nothing in this world comes FREE.

    1. I believe Ragan teaches in Long Beach, Ca…not sure of the college. I would love to see Hayden go tonite…he is so boring and not very nice to look at! I call him Hatem…hate-em! Although Ragan was a sore loser on last nite’s episode…..I would love for him to stay and beat the pants off the rest of the so called brigade….but If I had to wager on who the winner will be…I’d go with Enzo!

  15. This season is so bad there were more idiots with no brains then players. My two fav seasons was 8 and 11. Enzo thinks this season is better then last season NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. See I said they are idiots. Last night in the POV comp Lane says Monet and Racheal OMG dumbass. I laughed so hard I almost fell off my chair. Everyone knew that Matt had the DPOV. DUH

    1. He seemed to have worked really long on it, too. They even commented on how they would probably cut it down some for time. :-/ I’d like to hear it.

  16. The more I watch this the more I’m convinced Enzo is a closet homosexual. His ‘bros b4 ho’s’ is funny if you’re a 19 year old frat boy.. jealousy (yes, it’s jealousy) of Brit. His bashing of Ragan..thou does protest too much..he’s gay.

    1. probably should have waited for the end of the episode to post. lol they should do more stuff like this all the time. it forces the house guests to actually DO SOMETHING!

  17. Why is everyone complaining about Regan bashing rach, WHAT about BITCHNEY! If she’s not shit talking right along with him, then she’s indulging him…who do u think he’s talking to? She encourages him to do it more…BITCHNEY IS SOoooo annoying, can’t wait to see her face if brendon gets the AC ($25)

    1. Hell, it’s all of them!

      Worst group of personalities ever! They talk about others like a dog because of their insecurities. Ragan is just as bad as Britney, which is saying a lot! Enzo, he likes to take shots at any and everybody when given a chance. From all of them, Lane might be the one that doesn’t have a whole lot to say about anyone. In fact, I bet he would love if they not talk about anyone.

      I hate to hate on someone, but I just don’t hope good things for Ragan. It’s horrible he will get $20,000, but I hope he some how losses it.

    2. brookie – Ragan speaks maybe 30 minutes of the day. There are 24 hours in the day. There is actually not much to report other then that. Enzo is bragging, Lane is wanking it for Brit, Brit is bitching and lieing to everyone, Hayden is just there with his hair in his eyes with that dumb look on his face. If it wasn’t for Ragan’s comments while he’s gone stir crazy there would be nothing to report. Ragan has no one in the house. He’s educated, he’s gay and has nothing in common with these doughballs. He knows he is getting kicked out. He knows he has to go face Rachel. I think we should give him some slack.

      1. Did I hear right? Did Bitchney just ask Hayden if he got “trapped” with Regan???..that’s what she use to say about Brendon…so will she start bashing Regan as soon as he’s out of the house as well??? That would be a Bitchney move for sure

  18. these people are so boring . And why is ragan still bashing on rachel ? I so agree with Sabby get a life ragan .I think people are still watching BB to see all the people in the jury house I would love to see what is going on with those guys ..BB could also bring some one back as a twist (Brendon )

  19. The Three Stooges need to stop fantasizing about the winner’s circle and start playing to get there. The Brigade has got to cannibalize – time to clean the Brigade house. But, they will probably keep holding each other’s dicks and skip along swinging that basket of unhatched chicks. This is a prime opportunity to remove Hayden and thin the ranks. Hello?

  20. Yea, so many of you are bang on with Ragan’s over-commentary about Rachel. Is he that threatened by her? Good job Rachel. He’s an idiot. Gays don’t have to lisp. It’s a chosen dialect. I’m gay and don’t lisp like that queen. So gross. But Ragan over-commentating on Rachel gives her a lot of power. She was fun to dislike though, kept the house interesting.

    1. when the producers personally call you to tell you when…LOL i think the final week of the show or whenever you see “America’s Choice” poll and link on the official site

  21. Are you all Tards? This is a reality show, with scripts, prompts, handlers and producers.
    nothing gets on tv or BBAD or the live feeds without the producers having their hand in it. Making any kind of comment on how anyone “is” in the house is ludicrous because it’s all manufactured. It is NOT REAL. Wake up.

  22. I think the ratings are high cuz they did switch the days..Also lots that watch just see the edited verisions not the afterdark or live feeds if your just watching the actual show its really good..and you don’t no the spoilers ahead so its not wrecked in there minds…Also for what i read on all kinds of sites…seems like all are watching not to see there favorite win lol..but to see who in the brigade will go and who will be the first to backstab who:) thats what i am watching for…also I am a very big bb fan….I don’t think there all that bad…I think brit is hilarious just tooken wrong..enzo is coming accross wrong all though i do not like um much..ragan lost it..lane is hard to get to know cuz he is just blah I try really hard to like lane lol…hayden oh gosh idk the best thing about him is…britney calling him hollywood hayden:) I think he is the worst hope he gets out this week..don’t see it happening but can hope lol

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