Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brit is evicted, Brigade BATTLE IT OUT



Surprise of the Season Brit is evicted from the Big BRother house. The brigade are fighting it out in the endurance comp.

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701 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Brit is evicted, Brigade BATTLE IT OUT

  1. Britney got evicted!
    Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia.
    Now go take your verbal beatings from Rachel and Kathy little girl.
    Oh wait, she’s going to two faced her way out of this one too.

    1. All that crying and sweet-talking and “promise-lying” has gotten her far in this game.
      It worked on Rachel, it worked on Brendon, it worked on Lane, it worked on Hayden. But thank god Enzo put a stop to that bullshit. It took Enzo to convince Hayden and Lane to get their asses back into the game, and stay loyal to a Brigade Final 3. Britney almost charmed her way into the Final 3. But see Enzo is a better manipulator than her. No GB’s for the Meow Meow yo.

      1. I’ve said this before, and I’m going to say it again.
        You people listen up, because I’m tired of repeating myself:
        It was Enzo who created the Brigade. Enzo is the Boss. You have to pay the Boss.

          1. GREAT! I wonder how long the endurance comp lasted, and who held on the longest since it was a tarzan type endurance hanging onto a vine swinging into things. i can’t wait to see Enzo and Lane on that comp. They will probably drop in the first few moments, meaning Hayden may win that one

        1. LIKE! not only that…but after its all said and done he’s the one who stayed loyal to the brigade and put the brigade first. even if that meant he goes out next.

          1. yes and apparantly he has done very well. look where he …. then look at where. Matt, Rachel, Brendon … Andrew;;;;kathy etc are…. I reckon that enzo is doing a pretty good job….. no matter what it is he is or isn’t doing! yo!

          2. this has been the FLOATER SEASON,…. they are all floaters. Matt-Rachel-Brendan were the only players in the bunch,… and they rest knew this and got rid of them,….there needs to be an anti-floater rule. I think there should be objectives that the house guest must accomplish in order to even qualify for the final 4 and if they do not accomplish all of them, then they should be traded for someone who did accomplish the objectives,…. BB are you listening,…we are getting bored.

              1. I agree no big power moves, but matt did put up brenden and rachel who were good competitors and brendan did put up matt and I would give the brigade credit for getting matt out but once matt was gone the brigade was done,
                how can you be the best alliance ever if you turn on each other, chilltown never did , the renegades never did, danielle and jason never did

                1. hes always saying “the brigade is the best alliance ever, yo. we made it to the final three.” NO, like you said, matt is gone, so the brigade as it started on day two or whatever, did not make it all the way. “since day two, yo, since day two.” not exactly, enzo.

            1. How can you say they are nothing but floaters then say they got the three “players” in the game out :) Obviously if they did that, they are themselves playing the game!

              1. Actually not at all, Hayden won 3 HOHs and a POV. He played all sides of everyone, didn’t make any enemies, he played the game the best, perhaps it was a boring game but Hayden still is easily the best player this season. He accomplished the objective of getting to the end and did it winning competitions and playing all sides.

          3. What the hell is with this “meow meow” garbage? Enzo has GOT to be mentally challenged. “The Meow Meow”?? Get a life dude.

        2. Enzo created the brigade, but hasn’t done crap to get to the end. No one in their right mind will give Enzo the money.

            1. Yeo Jordan floated her way through and won because no one liked Natalie. Just like Survivor, the jury votes go by emotional influence not who played the game better. The least disliked person wins! Exception: Eval Dick….he was so bad he was good! lol

              1. yup Russel got screwed 2 seasons in a row , he played the best game, but because he was sneaky he lost.. last year i watched 3 seasons of 2 different reality shows where the “floaters” WON Big Brother 11 , Survivor Samoa, and Survivor Heroes Vs Villains…. this seasons of what is OFFICIALLY “Big Brother 12: The Fix” the floaters played an under the radar game and won (surprisingly nobody gave it to them)

            2. Jordan was not a floater she had a strong alliance. And she won competitions at the end when it mattered. She went to the end with someone that backstabbed their way through the game. She won because she deserved to win outta those two.

              1. LMFAO if jordan was not a floater then neither is Enzo, he road the coattails of others until he won something just like jordan did.


          LMAO ON THE ENZO COMMENT…………………




              1. Enzo ran shit, he just could not win shit, so they all felt sorry for him. The guy is a joke, sure he is funny, but if it was not for him man-handling, gaygan, he would have not one a single thing in this game. He just rode everyones tail to get this far, and now I hope he gets eliminated and leaves it up to Lane and Hayden. Hayden deserves it over the other two, because he played the better game of the two. You enzo luv’rs are a joke, even Jersey does not like this guy.

                1. Enzo doesn’t even know how to take a shit.. look what he did in the HOH bathroom.. come on, everyone knows you pull your pants down and sit down, do your business then wipe..

                2. You keep talking like that and I will not give you any of my Snickers, Milky Way and 100 Grand candy bars that I just bought from Target. Now behave.

                    1. I was talking to Wow.
                      Anyways, I’m not to much on conversation about what people do on their commodes.
                      But that doesn’t mean that you couldn’t though. You just go ahead and knock yourself out.

              2. Enzo didn’t run shit. His alliance was a joke. And if they all had their way they wouldn’t be the final 3 together. Lane wanted to be in the end with Britney. Hayden wanted to be in the end with Kristen. Matt wanted to be in the end with Ragan. Enzo hasn’t done anything the whole show. He’s a joke. And annoying to boot. If he wins the game I just may vomit.

                1. i agree 100 % enzo does not deserve to win this game ! he has won nothing to get the brigade where it is therefore should not walk away with the money!!

            1. It’s obvious that your keyboard is having issues…….For as little as $20.00, you can get a new one. It must be aggrivating to sit there and watch the two keys “H”, and “A” going haywire on you.

        4. Amen, Amen, I don’t know people are looking at. Enzo is the man, he might not have won any games. He got the bra-gade to the finial three, so I feel he should win.

              1. matt was out because the brigade was scared of him winning and they knew he would if they didnt get him out. probably a great move for them, but still, matt was by far the best player of all of them.

    2. Just need to say that Hayden has been the best player this season., , not only in events , but also with the non-lying and “playing it straight” with the peops. he has been a stand up guy.. he really deserves to got to the end….Good luck to ya! you deserve it of anyone.

      1. *picking my jaw up off the floor*… did you watch the last few months of this show? Hayden was a low down dirty snake…and continues to be making final two deals with Lane and Enzo.

          1. Anyone but Enzo. The guy’s lost touch with reality. He has delusions of grandeur, thinks he’s got a big future in Hollywood. No talent, no wit, no smarts, just a foul mouthed, gross out.

      2. Is this the same BB show you are watching as we are? You got to be kidding! He has been playing the whole house, even Brendon to get to the top. If not for Enzo, he would have made all the wrong moves. He wants everyone to think he is a straight up guy, but he is most definitely and absolutely not!

        1. buddhistgirl and Dani are right!….not too sure what show Linda has been watching….Hayden is far from a stand up guy….he’s very sneaky and has tried to use every single person in the house…..he turned on Kristen in a heartbeat….tried to use Brenden to get out Matt (a member of his own alliance)…lied to Brenchel early on in the season….and is currently lying to both Enzo and Lane…you can’t take them both to Final 2!

          1. But you know, Hayden is a charmer, and that’s what a charmer does. He charms everyone, tells them what they want to hear, then he’s gone. Hayden knows what he’s doing. Playing both Enzo and Lane. He was trying to click with Britney too, screaming in the Diary Room that he was going to take Britney to the final 2. He was charming Rachel and Brendon.
            I hope Hayden wins enough to buy himself a used car. Well, he did win $5000 and a trip to Hawaii. That should be more than enough for him.

        1. Michelle – I agree with you again!! It’s now Hayden for the win! These people who say Enzo should win – PLEASE! There is no way that Enzo should win and if they want him to win – they can start collecting their coins now for him! He doesn’t deserve it!!! Hopefully – there’s only one thing in Enzo’s future – EVICTION!!!!

      3. He only started winning when all the strong competetors were gone…. And he hasn’t been as saint like as you’ve described. Remember the veto comp when he took all the prizes and blamed it on matt… And if you really look back Enzo has been the one doing the thinking for him. he’s just went along with it. It was enzo’s idea to get rid of Annie. It was Enzo’s idea to turn on matt and tell lane to convince brit to put up matt. It really was always enzo. Though I must say I don’t like him as a person.

      4. What show have you been watching? Hayden has told more lies than anyone. Got to know the real Hayden on live feeds and BBAD. But, if that is what it took to win this game, more power to him.

    3. Why doesn’t everyone realise that this is a GAME. Obviously she is going to be two faced. Like really get over yourself, honesty means nothing in this game. Everyone decided to play personally, especially Rachel, who was winning a lot of competitions, so obviously she is going to kiss her ass.

      1. Yep, and Brit’s game was to suck up to Rachael. All that bathtub crap, all that was all game. That is how she stayed under the radar.

    4. You guys obviously don’t watch Big Brother After Dark! Britney is still in the house!! They haven’t had an eviction yet. She knows she is supposed to be getting evicted, but that is about it. They were making Final 4 t-shirts last night. Next time, get your facts straight BEFORE posting information like that. Just because the feeds were blocked, doesn’t mean they had an eviction or an HOH competition. If you people have watched any of the past seasons you know that they have the eviction on Thursday, they do one of the HOH comps after that, then at least one of the other two will be held on Sunday. The final vote will be on Wednesday (I think).

            1. Kiss my ass! The only thing I am unsure of in my comment is whether or not the finale is on Wednesday or Thursday. Everything else I am completely positive on. Before someone says a person has been evicted, they need to watch all the feeds to be able to back it up. She was on BBAD last night and will still be on the show Thursday when they evict her/Lane. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him go home this week.

              1. Amber – Amber-Amber – Britney is evicted tonight – Wednesday – It’s down to final two supposedly on Thursday. No other way to explain it! Britney was evicted Tuesday night in a “taped” episode! NO need for name calling – it’s just been posted several times on here and want to make sure you are aware of the changes!

                1. I’d like to know how she wound up staying in the house until at least last night if she was already evicted? Answer me this, do you any of you guys watch BBAD???? I mean, honestly? If you did, you would see that she is still in the house. Try tuning into it tonight, you might be surprised to know that you’re wrong!

                  1. And one more thing. Don’t you guys find it a little odd that there was an eviction, but no one seemed to mention the veto? HELLO!! The veto comes first until the finale. You guys MUST be BB newbies!

      1. They made the house guest get up early and do BBAD at 9:30 in the morning instead of at night so that we would have something on Showtime. the eviction and comp. were last night and Brit was evicted. someone that was at the tapeing put it on twitter.

      2. And you oviously don’t know how to read, BB has already posted, live feeds are down and they will be showing pretapes footage on showtime, which means showtime was showing what went on BEFORE the ecivction….and if you didn’t notice watching showtime, it was night here and day there…..hense production repeatedly saying ‘the bedroom lites have to stay on in the daytime’

        YOU should get your facts straight

      3. The BBAD that was shown last night was not actually live and being filmed that night. It was shot ahead of time and then shown at night so we wouldn’t know who was evicted or what the first part of the HOH competition was until CBS airs it tonight. Britney is really already gone, despite seeing her on the BBAD

      4. All the replies to your post are putting you in the loop,…. If you had read the comments, last night AD was taped to show because the live feeds were blocked. DUH.

      5. bbad last night was taped at 9 am in the morning. brittney is already evicted and out. lane enzo and hayden are doing the first of the hoh comp.

      6. Girl, you need to get with the program and get your FACTS straight, Britney the dumb bleach blonde has been sent packing. It was live but taped for tonights episode. So glad to see the dumb Britney gone, they ate her up and spit her out. It was so good to see them make her cry. Now hopefully she will go home and her bf will tell her to buzz off too! Glad to see the Bridgade use her like that though. Britney is as dumb as they come, Rachel was so much more of a player and good for BB12 than Britney. I hope Rachel is brought back for BB All Stars. Hope Britney is not as she is the most boring unattractive person ever in BB history. Rachel and Brendon and the Bridgade made BB12 worth watching! Britney was a floater anyway.

          1. brit is dumb because she got played by the guys, if she was smart she would have taken brendan’s offer to form an alliance brit brendan and ragan would have been a good alliance and ragan would have taken her to final 2

        1. Rachel only won 2 hoh and they weren’t even endurance..they were lucky quiz and only what 2 or 3 questions she had to answer if that…she didn’t do that much…She ran her mouth more then anything..just a big talker..she took out weak players…she cried they were comming after her yet she took out monet?? why not the guys??

    5. GREAT! I wonder how long the endurance comp lasted, and who held on the longest since it was a tarzan type endurance hanging onto a vine swinging into things. i can’t wait to see Enzo and Lane on that comp. They will probably drop in the first few moments, meaning Hayden may win that one.

    6. Finally the wicked witch is kicked. The spoiled whiny brat is gone! The Brogade pulled it off. Best alliance ever. They made a run from day one to the final. Meow meow is the master mind that put it together, kept it together and brought them to the finish.

  2. The feeds went out because AG burst through the DR door and ate Britney. BB had to do quick editing with clips of brit from past shows to fill in the rest of the week and fake an eviction.

  3. Endurance competition huh?
    Not that I want Lane to win, but I think he’s the strongest one and probably will win.
    Still, I’m curious to know how bad Enzo wants this one, and will he gives his 110% ?

          1. Meowface lied his way again and certainly will screw Lane. Good. They are all dumb scuz buckets since they hooked up with that scud Meow-face.

    1. I dont know what to think about Enzo.He made the brigade.But he only did it because he knew he couldnt win anything on his own.i dont like him or Hayden though so go Lane!

  4. Hopefully the final 2 is just Hayden and Enzo. Lane is a guaranteed 2nd and there’s nothing really interesting out of these 3. Disappointing conclusion.

    1. Lane has been the ultimate floater. All he did was flirt with Britney the whole season.
      It was pathetic. He wasn’t even a have-not. He never made himself noticed. Always flying under the radar. Even when he won that 1 HOH, his ass was never in danger.
      Enzo, on the other hand was on the verge of being eliminated, but he busted his ass to grab that POV away from Ragan.
      Team Meow Meow yo.

      1. You can say that Enzo REALLY busted “ass” to get the CD from Ragan since we saw him body slam Ragan out of the way. It’s right there on tape for all to see.

      1. LOL. Poor Lame, if he wasn’t a thug, I’d feel sorry that he mistakenly thinks the shower is located in Vegas. What happens in the shower has been broadcast to thousands of live feed homes.

      2. LOL, Chinese Finger Trap! OMG…tell me you haven’t tried it tbone?!?!?! What kind of mind comes up with that thought……say….maybe….an experienced one?!?!?

  5. Guess I know now who my vote for America’s Choice/Player is…..Britney. Actually, as long as Enzo doesn’t win ANYTHING I will be happy.

    1. I want Enzo to go home with nothing. I hope Lane beats Hayden in the end, but will be happy as long as Enzo gets. nothing. He thought up the Brigade before he got to the house. It was probably someone else’s idea. That is his only claim to fame and we have heard him say it for weeks now over and over and over again. Give him the credit for naming the Brigade and send him home.

  6. Pick me up off the floor. Wait….Hayden didn’t use the POV??? I’m shocked and totally surprised that Britney was evicted. You’ve ;) ruined the suspense that had me totally tuning into CBS on Wednesday and Thursday LOL.

  7. Jungle themed endurance. HGs on vines, bang into wall, fly across yard, go under a waterfall & bang into another wall. Back & forth

    1. Oh yeah!
      Yes, yes, yes, yes!
      “It’s a beautiful day in Mr.Roger’s neighborhood.”
      “I love you. You love me. We’re a happy family, with ….blah, blah, blah..”
      “Now it’s time to say goodbye to all our family. B-R-I-T-N-E-Y, N-A-S-T-Y, M-O-U-T-H” (oops, that’s not how Mickey Mouse is spelled. My apology Disney.)

        1. Now that you’ve given me your opinion of my comment.
          I feel shamed. I must go spank myself 10 times.
          You want to join me?

  8. Aw :( I liked Brittany.

    GO LANE!!! :)

    How did you guys figure out about the HOH competition if the feeds are off?

    Thanks for the site Simon and Dawg!

    1. either they let it slip from one of the producers or someone got in a plane flew over the house and saw only the brigade in a comp

    2. Aww i did to:) and all seasons others make fun of others and talk mad chit about them..over and over..maybe not as much as brit did..but they do it year after year..

    1. your right chances are very high that Hayden wins HOH takes Lane to final 2 hayden wins 500k Lane wins 50K and BRendon wins 25K and a bout with the clap

      1. Simon, you are as bad as Brittany and Ragen talking about Rachel like that.
        You have no idea and if I had to put money on who has the clap it would be Lane.

          1. A skank spreading STD’s all over the country is everybody’s business. There’s a reason over 50% of women have STD’s by the age of 25 and little girls are being vaccinated against HPV virus. STD’s are completely out of control because of skanks like Rachel.

            1. are you that stupid, they are all given physicals before going in the house and they would not put someone in the house that has a std. It is also more than obvious that everyone should be responsible when having sex. You make it too personal-you don’t her only what you see on the show and it doesn’t mean anything. She is no different than someone like Lane who thinks it is fine to go and bang chicks. Same rules apply but I don’t hear you calling him a skank. Wise up!

        1. You must be a doctor right? With your diagnosis of the ” bumps in the face ” as STDs.
          You are very ignorant!

        2. RAGAN WAS THE ONLY GUY TO CLEAN AFTER HIMSELF. Gay. at least he has some class. Not dumpy dirty scuzballs like the final 3. Especially Meowasswipe who lays around and tells them how great he is. He stinks and has bugs cause he itches his crotch all the time. He has lied and cheated when he ate real food during have-nots.

        3. You’re hating on Ragan…….hmmm, does that has anything to do with Ragan is a very intelligent guy? What a cruel thing to say about someone.
          Ragan has AIDS, you say? And people think Matt is sick for telling a lie about his wife to further himself in the game. Where are you guys on this one?

          1. I agree with you although I didn’t care for Reagan I would never say something so ugly about anyone,and I hope know one would ever say something like that about me.

        1. The one thing I will will never understand about BB12 is the Rachel fans, I understand the Brendon fans but these Rachel fan… I dunno. Basically theres a lot of B/R fans out there and there Radical, not 80’s skateboarding radical or grade 12 chemistry Radical there religious zealot radical, Because of this theres no doubt in my mind that one of B/R will get the 25K.

          1. i like Rachel because she kept the house from being boring and she truly brought the drama on.. But, Brenden gets my vote for AC

            1. I really like Brendon and he will get my vote for AC after all the vile and hate that was spewed at Rachel and Brendon even after Rachel left by the evil duo (Brit and Ragan) and Brendon still managed to smile and keep going he has really earned my respect and my vote.

              1. But he’s such a giant pussy and their relationship was completely staged. Watch BBAD and the feeds. They did nothing but talk about how “real” their relationship was, how they hoped America could see how “real” their love for eachother was, etc. The only people who would ever say shit like that are people trying to con other people into believing that something completely contrived and fake was actually “real”.

                1. Brendon deserves the 25k not because of his relationship with Racheal. I think he deserves it because he fought hard to win comps and stay in the house I believe he was there to win the game. For someone to make it as far as brendon did when everyone was trying to take him out in week 1 is amazing.

          2. Simon, before I had the live feeds and before I was reading your blog faithfully, I was a fan of Rachel’s and Brendon’s (I remember watching the HOH contest and being happy that Rachel won!) — It all has to do with CBS edits. Production really distorts and manipulates this faux-game. It’s a shame because it could be an interesting game if they played the truth — For example, watching Enzo being exposed as a cheating guy with delusions of hollywood fame would have been good drama! If he was called out and REALLY punished for his cheating, I think he would have totally done a Chima. Showing Brendon make fun of Ragan for crying — and then showing Brendon crying in Have Nots the next week — also good drama! Showing the whole Ragan-Rachel fight (and her planning of the cattiness with Kathy beforehand) would have been the best 12 minutes on tv all summer — but they even editted that into a fake weird shadow that made Ragan look bad instead of Rachel…

            1. Same here! I’d actually love to see Rachel win the 25,000. just to see everyone else’s face. That would be the highlight of this boring season.

          3. Rachel could do no wrong in the eyes of some people.With the B/R fans it’s like they were the victims or someone is jealous of them. The only thing I can guess it that they couldn’t have watched anything other than the CBS edits. Brendon and Rachel both together were a dysfunctional pair.

            I didn’t find anything entertaining about Rachel other than her leaving.The two of them were so very over dramatic. There were a couple of times while watching BBAD I thought Brendon was practicing a soap opera script for a telenova that’s how ridiculous they were. It was unbearable to watch.

            1. they are just as delusional as brendon and rachel, everything BAD they did on the show was instantly defended by their fans. i saw the HGs as they portrayed themselves on TV and im not making excuses for neither.

          4. Rachel actually got me through the season; without rachel and brendon, this season would have been a total dud. Rather you love or hate Rachel, you have to appreciate the drama she brought this season. That said, i vote for brendon to receive the 25k, you have to give him props for lasting as long as he did…whether the BG was pulling the strings or not..

            1. Voting for Brendon will only encourage more fake shomances. They were desperately trying to be Jeff and Jordan V.2.0 in order to get a good edit, have the game manipulated to their benefit, and to have a better chance at winning the $25,000.


      2. He, just like your bud Enzo ;), got a really good edit from BB. Viewers of the tv show only see a handsome, hardworking guy who the rest went after. They didn’t see how toxic and boring he was in the BB house.

        1. Frankly i don’t much care for America giving someone who failed in their game essentially third place. If i had to vote for someone though it would be Brit. She was a fierce competitor, she knew how to play her housemates,though not much of that happened from anyone this season, and she was fun to watch. That being said, not much gaming happened this season. the Brigade,through really no skill of their own(besides matt) dominated the house,they kept the target on B/R (with their help of course) gained a solid pair with another houseguest and worked the whole house to do exactly what they wanted. The Brigade deserves all credit this season, though based on individual gameplay i have to give America’s choice to Brit.


              1. Oh yes she does. How else is Hayden going to hear her with all that hair he got covering his ears? And I’m all the way over here in IL, one side of me is STL, MO- All the screaming from gun shot victims. On the other side is nothing but corn fields. I can hear the wind screaming, so I can’t hear a thing.,

      3. I was wondering the same thing. Everyone else may have been a douche in their own way but not everyone was so outward and in your face with it.That’s a big difference.Even though Brendon was likable after Rachel left the house, I wouldn’t vote for him to win $25,000 for his overall game play. I thought how he played was ridiculous as if he didn’t need or couldn’t use 500,000.To throw out a chance for that kind of money for a woman that you can’t really know until you leave is beyond overemotional. And that HOH competition after Rachel got evicted was built for a man to win so that eliminated the small guys and the women.

          1. Michelle – totally agree! Lane could/should have done just as well as Brendon. Even though he was in second…it didn’t look close. I don’t think he was trying that hard! Really, that was his m/o for most of the season!

          2. Well, Lane and Hayden didn’t win because they probably have too much estrogen in their bodies. Enzo didn’t win because he didn’t have to. He’s the Boss, and the Boss’ job is to manage his boys………… Don’t forget that when it’s all said and done, you have to pay the Boss- $500,000.

              1. LOL….
                The only time bosses get fired is because there are board members. That ‘s when the board members can vote to fire the top boss. In this case, Enzo created the Brigade all by himself. There are no board members, no stockholders, no union memberships.
                Nata! So I will reiterate once again: Enzo is the Boss. You have to pay the Boss!

        1. When we see that Lane’s folks are in “oil” everyone assumes the guy has money. If there is money, it is his parent’s money, not his. Secondly, Lane has said if he wins the $50,000 he will only take about $6,000 and give the rest to his parents. Doesn’t sound like, with the current economy, that there is a lot of money.

          1. lane is a creep anyways. he said if hayden wins he will take it from him by having him invest it in his families oil business.

  9. My weak attempt to make the best of a bad situation; Lane and Hayden final 2 (don’t much care who is 1st or 2nd). America’s vote goes to Matt. Enzo goes home with nothing.

        1. Brendon for AC!!!!! He played really hard after that Rachel left. PLUS the best part would just be to see everyone’s face when he wins the money!! That would make it all worth it and the best part of the entire pathetic season!!!

      1. seeing as b4 he was evicted he was playing the best game “Lies,Backstabbing,Scheming” (thats what Big Brother is all about)… that lie about his wife is not enough to keep him from that 25k and it would be unfair to hold that against him. who else would be better brendon? he played the game on the fuel of his blind love for rachel nothing more, him getting 25k for that would prove how dumb america is. rachel? maybe for the drama she caused but that drama got her evicted so that would be a wasted vote, if she had brains which clearly she don;t she would’ve listened to brendon and kept the drama on hold and she would’ve no doubt lasted longer.

      1. The small audience is more important to CBS than the thousands of people who paid for live feeds or paid to subscribe to BBAD. ;)

  10. :( I got some bad news guys. So In the town I live in, there is this huge baked bean cannery. Makes the town smell so bad but they employ about 50 % of everyone who lives here. Well a few days ago they opened it up for tours so people could come in and check the place out. It’s cool the way they take these beans, mix it with spices and can them. If you are a fan of that show How it’s Made, its like an episode of that in person. Well a few days ago we got a visit from a Hollywood bigwig. With in a few hours, she barricaded herself in the factory. From surveillance footage we gathered that she basically put her mouth under the huge bean funnel, that puts out about 100 gallons of beans a minute. She emptied the silos out in a matter of hours. Obviously it’s physically impossible for her to have ingested everything with out the need to evacuate. She just let it all out right there on the floor. This morning, the noises from the factory were gone. The stench, however was impossibly bad. Outfitted with nuclear reactor cleaning suits, they entered the factory. My god. Sweet jesus. Only one man made it out alive. Half his suit was burned off and his skin was sizzling right before our eyes, but he managed to utter a few last words before he expired…
    Allison Grodner.
    The town was relocated by the US government and the incident was classified top secret. Many families split up because of the stress. Suicides were a common thing because of the awful nightmares. Most of the women are no longer able to conceive a child and many of the people involved in the demolition of the old factory were send to institutions where they spend their days in the fetal position uttering non-sensical madness.

      1. ^ Debbie downer. Also, I’m replying to a dot. A tiny minuscule blip. Not sure it’s even really there. might be a dust speck on my screen.

  11. omg what a surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i wish they had live feeds in the jury house. probably 100x times more interesting than this shit.
    i hope they show brit’s entry in the jury house.

      1. I’m interested in that as well, but I’d also like to see who / how Britney brown-noses in the jury house. She’s said many unpleasant things about Ragan, but I bet she’ll be besties with Ragan in jury house since her jock friends aren’t there. Of course, CBS will edit whatever snippets they show so who will really know what’s the true story?

          1. I think she’s the type that always needs a “friend” and an “enemy” — a friend that she can talk smack about the enemy with. So I don’t think she’ll be able to be friends with them all.

            1. I like how she sad I sadly vote to evict my really good friend ragan, since when do you ignore your really good friend for 3 losers

    1. and how would it be interesting?? they’re sitting on their asses right now talking about bullshit, same as in the BB house. this season and all it’s HGs SUCK and added with BB’s constant riggin of every comp made this season the catalyst for more evidence to the claims the they do rig big brother.

    2. Even that short excerpt from the jury house made me want to drive iron stakes into my ears. Rachel is as annoying as she ever was, and not in the “fun to hate” way. I hope CBS doesn’t use her for guest shots in future Big Brothers, as an All-Star (gag me), or as a contestant on Amazing Race. It’ll kill her to know this, but she and Brendon weren’t the cute couple of the season. Lane and Brit were. By a mile and without the histrionics.

  12. I love Enzo, but I understand where all the hate has come from. Early on he was a huge fan favorite because he started the Bra-gade and he was funny as hell. But as the season progressed, he started losing fans because as the Zingbot 3000 said “he threw grenades but bombed in competitions”. With each loss, Enzo became disappointing. Winning that POV kinda helped him stay somewhat legit, but ultimately it wasn’t enough to keep his fans on board. I personally still love the guy, but it’s clearly evident that Hayden is definitely the favorite to win the money.
    Enzo needs to win this last HOH, to give him a legit chance of beating Hayden and/or Lane in the Final 2 now.
    I’m still Team Meow Meow.

    1. Enzo is my boy. He has entertained America more than all of them combined. For some reasons, if Enzo can’t win, I want them to bring back Matt or Ragan and let them challenge the two knucke heads, Lane and Hayden.

        1. Alright, tell me, what was it that Enzo said that offended your virgin ears?
          Enzo is nothing but an entertainer. He sat in the Diary Room, looked straight into the camera and told America that what they see in him right now is an act.
          If you’re offended by Enzo’s BS, then you’re taking this whole thing way too serious.
          Enzo is playful, funny, and a clown at heart. You have to get over that part first.
          Now little nasty mouth Britney, where is the “lady” in her?
          I must not have my glasses on since the show started, because I’ve never seen Britney acting like she has some class about herself.

    2. That’s not why I dislike him. I had the live feeds and watched his rants against every single houseguest (except Lane and Hayden) when he wasn’t around them — sometimes just seconds after he brown-nosed them. (He and Britney win awards for two-faced brown-nosing — gross.) His rants were often sexist and sometimes homophobia. He chews like a pig and makes messes like one too. He’s lazy and he’s stupid. He cheated repeatedly and BB hid his sins and flaws from the tv show audience. He thinks he’s funny, he thinks he’s everyone’s favorite in America, and he thinks he’s going to be a big star. There is nothing I like about him.

      1. Ditto. Enzo is a real pig. If he had any airs at all, we would have seen them but we are seeing the real life Enzo. He’s lazy, has dirty habits (make that filthy) and a dirty (make that filthy) mouth, he brags and struts without anything to backup it up, I want him to lose big so some of that big ego deflates in on him. I can’t imagine how his wife would be able to hold her head up after his stint on BB. They all know now she is married to a foul mouthed crude man.

          1. And please don’t forget Enzo saying,”it is what it is yo.” Which for him was exactly what because he was absolutely USELESS!!!

      1. I really liked Enzo at first then once Rachel left he started to annoy me but these past 2 weeks I have found him funny again. I do understand why people don’t like him. I come from a Italian family which is nothing like enzo but there are subtle similarities which are hilarious.

        1. He must have improved his act a lot after I quit the feeds. I imagine, since he felt safe, he was no longer attacking people. I found the attacks and the brown-nosing really really repulsive and don’t think even if I continued to watch afterwards I would have changed my opinion . . . he would need to do some massive penance before I could change my opinion. Oh, and I come from a New York family so I have cousins who talk and have some of the same views (even the grandeous, absurd ones of fame) but whereas I may love my a-hole cousins, I don’t need to like an a-hole stranger ;).

        2. i liked ezo at first, but as time went on, he began to drive me insane, especially with his eating habits, calling women the ‘C’ word, constant bragging about the brigade, not even trying to win comps. he was hilarious yesterday when lane was trying to teach him the fundamental of flying and landing a plane.

          1. Just like I rooted for Rachel once upon a time :(, I also liked Enzo when I only watched the tv show. The clips on the tv show with Britney talking to him about his accent were funny — especially since Britney was so clueless about her own accent.

          2. I don’t think I ever liked Enzo. I would try to like him. One or two things he said were funny but then he undid the humor by repeating it two times. He is like a little kid who craves attention…. And then his mouth smacking, his constant stream of F bombs, his bragging just overshadowed everything and from that point on nothing he could do would save him from the pit. Without Showtime2, I would see the EE (Edited Enzo) and that is a totally different story. If everyone could spend one night on Showtime After Dark and see what I have seen, Enzo would not be in such favor.

          3. But yeah,that’s where he lost me too. And I’m a woman who can handle brash humor and rarely get offended. But the c*nt name calling and that was him acting out like a brat because he thought Britney was gaining on him. It just wasn’t a good look for a grown ass man. If she would have won HOH I think we would have heard more of that and other chauvinistic things.If things didn’t go his way in the last few weeks I think we would have seen more of his bad side and him flipping out some.

      2. Yeah, I’ve had the Live Feeds for the past month and a half. First time i’ve ever gotten hooked on a season to the point where I bought the Live Feeds. I totally see why people started to dislike Enzo. he’s cocky, and smacks when he eats, and talks shit behind people’s backs. but that’s what makes him so funny to me. he has all these big dreams, and it’s funny because they’re so out of reach.
        but then again, Lane and Hayden are thinking big dreams also. they’re always talking about going on bar tours and making money for appearances, and all that bullshit.
        No one wants to see Hayden and Lane. they want to see the Meow Meow!

    3. ya but if you think about it enzo was 14 seconds off in the stocks,2nd place in the hoh britney won,he knocked down 8 pins,he just was up against great players.oh ya he could of won the veto how bad you want it if the fix wasnt in.but it is what it is. he made me laugh alot this season so i’m team meow meow to, but i do feel hayden should win it all because he is the mastermind behind the bra-gade even more than matt.

    4. People dislike Enzo because of his mouth, his delusions, and his fakeness. Dr. Will didn’t win anything in two season and people like him.

    1. He does it when he’s in the shower and no one else is in the room. The other houseguests don’t know that he does it. He must think that the cameras can’t see him. Little does he know that it’s all over the net now. He probably thinks it’s better than in the room with the other guests but doesn’t realize that at least under-the-covers, the cameras wouldn’t see him.

      1. After Dark watchers sure know what Lane is doing … It’s really comical. He has that one hand cleaning his ears over but we all know where the other hand is, and there are those jerky movements of his head and shoulder and then that “look” on his face. Poor thing…Brit had him all worked up.

      1. I’ve often wondered if they test the guests for communicable diseases like hepatitis and STDs before they entered the house. There have been a lot of unsanitary happenings in the house this year.

    2. I don’t think he broadcasts to his housemates that he pulls on his wiener in the shower. That’s a secret between him and thousands and thousands of live feeders.

    1. And I bet you think Hayden is cute and all perfect, don’t you?
      The boy is a charmer. He said it himself. Think of someone you know who is a charmer.
      They tell you what you want to hear to get what they want….and once they get what they want, they’re gone.

      1. Yeah, if you look at how he treated Kristen … and talked bad about her after she was out … it does make you question how “charming” he really is. I still think he’s the best of the very bad bunch that were the final four.

        1. kristen is not his GF. his mom hates her too. she threw him under the bus…he does not have to be LOYAL to her in any way-thank god,

          guarenteed though, if he wins the 500k she will be all over him. watch out hayden!!!

          hayden better also watch out for lane who said hes going to take haydens winnings by having him invest in their company.

          lane is sketchy

          1. yup and rachel would’ve been all over brendon had he won, the money, but she will drop him since he is completely useless to her, he can’t afford her

      2. no one thinks hayden is perfect, he is an ass just like the rest of them, but out of the three he’s the one you can tolerate

  13. Enzo has now won anything, so I’m sure he will win $50k now. Hayden now has the chance to win it all, and I’m sure that is what he is thinking while playing for HOH. I never really liked Hayden, but congratulations is in order, good job dude!

      1. I’ve said many times, that his POV win to get Ragan out of the house is priceless! With that said, I’m sure he wouldn’t win over any of the others left in the house. I would love for him to win, but I doubt it seriously.

    1. Congrats, Hayden. You save all of your wins for when you’re competing against a small girl, a small gay, and two bumbling idiots.

    1. i am watching the live feeds now and brit is still in the house..they are decorating t-shirts…(brittany, Haydeb & Enzo)… They have not shiwn Lane yet…i can’t wait to see his

        1. What you saw on BBAD last night was pretaped for viewing because the real feeds were blocked. they were told to get up earlier to tape it….. didn’t you hear them talking about it???????…..

    1. I voted for Matt. Why is Brendon leading this poll?
      Brendon didn’t wake up until AFTER Rachel was evicted. And when he did wake up, he got played by everyone, from nasty mouth little girl to the Brigade.
      Seriously, this should not be votes for sympathy.

      1. EXACTLY thats why brendon does not deserve america’s choice he never once played for himself and once rachel was gone he STILL played for her and thats mainly the reason he got evicted neither rachel or him had any “brains” when it came to big brother only good they did in in COMPS they played shitty in the house and THEY turned the house against them.

        1. I would rather see Brendon win the $25k. I know he has his issues with most everyone, but would still rather him win then anyone else!
          To me, it’s surprising that Brit is doing so well in the poll. What’s that all about? Most of the HG’s have won something including Brit – so I don’t think she needs anymore! Plus, I wouldn’t mind if Enzo and Matt go home empty handed! That would put a smile on my face!

        2. I think that look on Rachel’s face when Brendon entered the Jury House was the look of disappointment because “her man” did not win the bucks for her. I will be so surprised if that relatiionship lasts beyond the Jury House.

          1. I totally agree – the look on her face was not good! Hopefully Brendon gets the clue – they had their fun and he can move on! And Rach can go back to Vegas…because what happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas!!!!

      1. Not only was Ragan a little late – but he was not the first one to figure it out !
        Kristen was the first one to mention there was a “brigade” – she did so in her exit interview with Julie. Plus, she tried to tell a few in the house, but they were already voting her out!

  14. i voted for matt as he was one of the 4 brigades to win the 25 k brendon has rachel so thats hs prize and britney got 10 k, ragan got 20k for being a sab, and i can’t see anyone else coming close to the viewers voting for 25k. and lets admit it matt did pull most of the weight for the brigade for them to have gotten to the top 3.
    i dont favour any of the 3 just glad they all made it.
    I think though that Lane will get the votes and the 250,000.00 (or is it half million they get) :)

    1. the show ends next wed the 15th but i dont think tomorrow will be any eviction, they still have to show the pov that hayden wins then thurs they show a live show ( i thought then brit or whoever would go then) but simon says she was evicted right? i don’t have the live feeds so i am taking simons word for it.

    2. Who knows what is really going on, the producers have totally screwed up this year with the HGs and fixing the show that is evident. BOO to the producers, each year they are ruining BB more and more. I wish it would go back to what it was in the first few seasons, at least the fixing evidence was so much and so evident. This is JMO!

  15. I don’t think we ever collected enough data to know whether the remaining three HGs are/ are not good at endurance,skill, or knowledge competitions. They only started trying after Matt left. They keep trying to tally their individual victories in preparation for defending themselves to the Jury House. What they forget is that most of their “triumphs” happened after all but Britney had been evicted. The jury members only know them as lazy, unambitious floaters who feared their own shadows and left all of the decision-making to others. It is a wonder Enzo doesn’t choke on his words whenever he brags about his one POV. All it proves is that each of them is only willing to hustle when his own survival is on the line.
    I can’t bring myself to believe that offers will be rolling in after this for three guys who are too dumb to stand upright. They’re not even bright enough to understand that acting (the kind for which people are willing to pay good money) requires a certain amount of intellect; the kind they lack.
    I just hope Brendon doesn’t ruin the good will he has engendered since Rachel was evicted by being an ass at the finale. I think he has a shot at the $25,000 and I would hate to see him going on and on about Rachel and how she was treated, etc. Win or lose, I hope he keeps his comments to the Brigade on point and doesn’t unwittingly embarrass himself.
    As for Rachel, I fully expect her to make a fool of herself, but it doesn’t matter as much. She would be hard pressed at this late date to rehabilitate her image.
    I’m very interested in seeing how Ragan feels now that he knows about Matt’s “sick wife” scam. The Brigade members think they were the holders of the last secret of the house. Wait until they find out that Ragan won $20,000 as the saboteur and that Matt’s wife is the picture of health.
    And finally, am I the only one who thought it was inappropriate for Brit, an engaged woman, to solicit a $1,000 gift from Lane. If you’re Nick, how would you feel about your bride-to-be receiving a piece of jewelry worth $1,000 from a man she flirted with for three months on a TV show? She seemed to think (on BBAD) that Lane ought to make up for not telling her about the Brigade. At first she asked for cash in that amount. Then she realized how that sounded and asked him to spend that amount on a gift and send it to her in the mail. Lane doesn’t owe her a present. That sounds more like something she would be ragging on Rachel for doing.

    1. OMG write a book why don’t you….I never read any of these posts if they exceed a few lines. yap yap yap yap yap yap (unless, of course, Simon or Dawg authors – u 2 rock)

      1. To Hellos, despite the rude post of realitybuff, I liked your post. You made a lot of good points. Some people just have to be nasty.

    2. Yeah, I think her solicitation of the gift is crass. I don’t see her relationship with Nick actually leading to a marriage. It doesn’t appear that absence has made her heart grow fonder.

  16. Who are these people who think Brendon should win AC? Twilight loving tweens or DESPERATE women who don’t realize how emotionally immature he is because they are desperate. He is very good looking but bris personality is lacking!

    1. Let me guess you think Britney is a better person NOT !!!!! I want Brendon to win just to show these people that they are not all they think they are.

    The POV comp was with the HouseGuest’s pictures but not a morph. They had huge cards with at least one of the houseguests picture on each side of card. There were 2 questions for each card. They had to find the card that matched the questions and line them beside each other in the corrct order. Hayden was so fast. Lane didn’t get any. Enzo answered all the questions but missed more than 4 of them. Brittany didn’t do well either.

    The goodbye messages to Brittany were very good. Brittany started crying a little. The interview with Brittany and Julie was good. Julie asked her about her relationship with Lane, Brittany told her he was like a big brother to her, the audience didn’t believe her. Julie brought it up several times and Brittany just kept saying no.

    It was a good show. Very funny. The HOH comp is really good. To bad we can’t watch it.

    Oh, and BBAD will also be a taped show tonight. They taped the houseguests for 3 hours today to show tonight on BBAD..

      1. what I don’t get is why Britney was competing in the POV tonight also??
        was she given special treatment by Big Brother Production to allow her to get another chance at a POV? lame, if true.

  18. BBAD – They taped the houseguests for 3 hours today to show tonight.
    Info from someone at the show, only new info I could find.
    Other than Julie kept bringing up Lane at the exit interview and Brit said he is like a brother and the Audience wasn’t buying it.

  19. Thanks, Simon. It goes to show that even though they tried to keep the eviction quiet, all it takes is at least one audience member. Why couldn’t they have had the eviction live on tv instead of taping it, having another special edition of BB……wouldn’t that have raised the ratings even further? We now know who was evicted (Brit–really too bad about that, hoped she would go further). So, why should someone kill themselves to watch now? CBS–can you realize what you are doing?

    If Yo wins hoh, I really don’t know how I can watch anymore, he is revolting.

  20. Not that I want to watch him jerk off but seriously does he do that with camera’s watching? I doubt he cares! Also did enzo cheat in the house or was he talking about it?

  21. In general I think BB has royally screwed themselves this year because the “fixing” of it has been so evident and now with the feeds being down, etc. it is only worse. I’ll record it Sunday night because I’ll be too busy watching my Washington Redskins scalp the Dallas cowgirls and football season is more important to me anyway. Like I’ve always said, BB is a summer filler, something new to watch but hopefully it will be back on next year with much better HGs. HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!!!!

    1. the BB12 DVD should be official called “Big Brother 12 : The FIX Is In”
      they fixed the entire season big brother producers lost all credibility.

  22. Go team dawg!!

    Hated to see Britt leave but hey it is just a game. I would hate for Bozo to win because I cannot stand how he always talks smack about women. Go Lame or hair all the way.

  23. I was almost punked! On bbad I saw the brigade making shirts so I thought it might actually be live but no luck Brit is still there – at least it still might be mildly entertaining (like watching paint dry instead of just a painted wall)

  24. Ok so I flipped BBAD on and obviously it is prerecorded ….even though it still says “live” Can someone tell me, that has seen this, when it is from…is it from yesterday…or like a few days ago?? Anyone???

  25. You can tell BBAD isn’t live. The sound is bad quality as well. Even though in the bottom right corner they have sho2 live. Isn’t that fraud? : )
    Gonna go find a DVD.
    Love you Simon and Dawg! Thank You!

  26. So if all this is true how come Britney is still in the house on BBAD??? and they are talking about the live show being tomorrow (Wed)

  27. So if this is all true, then how come all four of them are still in the house on After Dark? and are discussing the live show that is going to be on Wed???

  28. Enzo is is like no one I have ever known or have seen, but I like him, hes funny & seems like a nice guy & at least hes entertaining.. They are all better then evil dick H. he was soooo aweful to woman.. If he had been in the house with Brit, she would be crying ALL the time.. Go Enzo

  29. *RUMOR* Some people are reporting that police have been called to the jury house. Some say it’s because of Rachel and Ragan fighting

      1. Brendon can do with his money what he pleases, he earned it. If Rachel is his girl, then I hope he does spend some on her if she makes him happy, you’re a tool for thinking otherwise!

  30. What do you look like simon? Can we know some more things about you?
    Do you have myspace or facebook? I’ve been dying to know what you look like

        1. I’m a Canadian girl… born in Vancouver, B.C, immigrated to the U.S when I was 2 years old. I returned to Canada to visit relatives and met my husband, a Canadian, and we were married for 432 days when he was killed in our horrendous car accident in 2008.
          Now I picture you as blond… all Simon’s are blond! Simon, who is going to win this season of BB and who do you think should have won! I think Hayden is going to win and that Brendon should have won without the distraction of Rachel and her kitty cat.

            1. You should visit Canada. Different Provinces offer you different things but it is all Gorgeous! I live in the Vancouver area of British Columbia and I love it! : )

              1. I lived in the West End at Nicola and Beach ave. with a view overlooking the ocean… never thought I would move but met my husband and moved to the Rocky Mtns. to a town of 900! Talk about a culture shock. I grew up in West Hollywood so my life was a learning experience for the 4 1/2 years I was in the mtns. Vancouver is beautiful, with issues and Montreal is off the hook fun. Toronto is like a big American city… with RCMP. Visit Canada!

          1. Love Trailer Park Boys and YES! lots of people who live in trailer parks were like that in our town of 900… lots of bonfires by the lake or river at night, too much drinking and guns, a simpler life. I miss it but I am happy to be back at the ocean.

              1. Simon, did you ever get into “Kids in the Hall” ????? That is another very funny, off the wall Canadian show. I love Canadian comedians…

  31. lmao! Rachel and Ragan are life long friends.. JK It’s the fishies!
    Drink now! : ) Ohhh I get it! This would be much more believable
    if “WE” were drinking! *rolls eyes*
    I am disgusted by how cbs thinks we are stupid! pass the bottle!

  32. My 2 cents I don’t understand the heat Matt gets over his “sick” lie. Pun intended. I never cared for Matt even if he is from my hometown, Elgin, Illinois. Hayden will probably win it all; however, as much as I like Enzo, I think Lane and Hayden should take Enzo because both of them can beat him.

    1. Yeah, don’t worry… they are taking the penguin skiing at Steamboat and they know they can beat him at snowboarding…no problem, and good idea!

    2. If Enzo ends up in the final 2, Enzo will win the jackpot.
      That’s right. I have that much faith in Enzo. Regardless of some of the BS that comes out of his mouth, he’s a genuine guy. Nothing fake about him. Either you like him, or you don’t. What you see is what you get. That’s what it’s like with most of the Italian people that I know. I grew up around them. No, I’m not Italian, but I’ve never met an Italian I didn’t like.
      Really good people. Generous, funny, down to earth, and boy, Italian sandwiches are the best.

      1. I hope Enzo wins 1 Lane has money and doesnt need it 2 Hayden is a lazy mommas boy and doesnt need it 3 Enzo is a man with a family that does need it so regarless of how he acts or speaks he played a great social game noone ever spoke bad about him in the house and he did start the bragade that saved the others from being evicted early on even if he didnt win important comps he won the pov when he needed it and gave us all a great laugh doing it…pushing ragen down was hilarious… so I hope he wins but like someone else said every year I pick and it doesnt come to be… so it will be moneybags lane or apronstrings hayden that gets it

        1. If you see After Dark, you will have heard Lane say whatever money he wins, he will take about $5,000 and give the rest to his parents. Yes, they are in oil, but it sounds like all that proposed money isn’t there. Maybe the investors are dwindling down. Hayden is a student, and he said he will give a lot of the money to his parents who need it. I don’t know why you think he is a “momma’s boy”, however. They all are lazy…they’ve all layed around, especially lazy ass Enzo who only runs his mouth for exercise.

          1. I remember Lane saying he would give the money to his parents to invest in the business. I think he knows that will be coming to him someday.

            1. I would give the money to my parents too. It doesn’t matter how much they have/had, I still would have handed it over prior to any present relationship.

              1. That is nice and I am not surprised. But, I wouldn’t expect my daughter to give me the money. Of course, she is older and has her own family. I would expect her to use it to make their life better. However, if she offered, I would take a trip to Italy…………………………..

    1. Bull!

      Matt’s actions alone caused him defeat. He had the brigade in the palm of his hands, til he started his bromance among other things. Matt would have been out the house along time ago if not for the diamond POV, so he had no game.

  33. The MVP of the Brigade is none other than Brendan & Rachel. They completely galvanized the rest of the HG’s into hating them and it took all the attention away from the Brigade.

    This allowed the Brigade to form side alliances with the common goal of evicting the gruesome twosome. Since, everyone thought they were all friends, the Brigade was able to sneak under the radar and pick off each HG with ease. If Brendan & Rachel played with an ounce of guile of subtlety, the result would have been completely different.

    1. Thanks! I looked it up and saw that Drew did have 3 HOH’s on season 5. Janelle only had 2 on season 6. So, if Hayden wins this HOH, he will have set the record for the season!? Never would have seen that one coming. If he does, I think he deserves to win.

      1. Oops.. I forgot that Janelle had 3 on season 7. So .. if he wins this one, he will have broken the record. (Sorry for the confusion)

          1. No wonder Enzo didn’t win anything… he had no hair impairment. But I do count his brain as being a disability… so forget it… he was impaired.

          2. I like Hayden (to a point) but with that record, you have to look at when & who he won againist.
            There again was he holding back as a plan??

  34. And come on Lane. Have you ever heard of using a sock? Go under the covers at night and use a sock….no cleanup needed, just wash the sock. The cameras would never pick up on it. I’m sure being locked up for 3 months would suck and everyone would feel the need to masturbate, but have some common sense about it at least. He’s going to shit when he finds out it’s all over the internet. That would be big time embarrassing.

  35. Glad to see the mega-bitch is gone. Now I want the rapist and the walking lobotomy to go and leave Hayden with the $500,000. I was for the rapist to win $50,000, but now I think I’ll prefer the lobotomy to get that.

      1. However – I agree with the Britney comments you stated in another post! Why do people want Britney to win the 25K – NO!! NO!! NO!!! I don’t understand that one at all! Just because she was the last girl standing does not mean she should get more $$!

  36. CBS has control issues and they leave nothing to chance. I think the last HOH competition was perfect for Britney and her small hands, but she had no dexterity and so she lost. They were again trying to control the outcome of this game. They treat their audience like we are a bunch of idiots… and so we are, coming back year after year.

  37. In my state people are voting for Brendan as America’s choice. Brit is a distant second. Dawg, your lagging way behind…. you better pull off a great last minute maneuver… how about streaking past the live show?

    1. Why would you vote for Brendon as America’s Player? Besides the obvious – don’t you remember what a cheater he was? On the puzzle comp he tried to cheat off of Regan. At least Brittany didn’t cheat. I think Brit deserves America’s Player hands down.

      1. None of these people played a good game, even the ones left so in reality no one deserves the end prize or the AC. But Brendon deserves the AC more than anyone. He came back from behind and did a good job and tried really hard. He just should not have gotten together with Rachel. If he hadn’t done that he would still be in the house. But he deserves AC just so we all can see the reaction of all the others HG faces when he wins!! That will be the only thing to make this season worth watching!!!!!!!!!!

        1. If Brendon wins it would make the season. Can you just imagine the faces & the after talk would make a new show for CBS. I really want to see those faces.

          1. I still think Matt deserves it…and that could have a similar reaction. The guy you turned on won it. Good going, Brigade.

            1. Yes! The look on their faces is a major reason I want him to win! Plus, to me – he’s less disgusting than many of the others – even though he got together with Rach! Maybe he can buy his respect back! :-) Anyway – I’m not a tween girl (like a previous poster said we had to be to vote for Brendon) and I want him to win! I truly think he deserves it more than many others! Matt, Brit, Ragan, Lane and especially Enzo don’t deserve my vote for anything!

              1. you will change your mind when enzo and lane are huge stars
                starring in the remake of dumb and dumber, oh wait thats not a movie thats their real lives

          1. Because of Brendon’s academic credentials I think he is stunted regarding social skills, like most PHD’s, and he is just naive. Why did he trust the Brigade so willingly? Naivete… I think he deserves the 25K because he walked around with the biggest target on his back from day 1 and fought to stay in.

            1. brendan never really trusted them, he was working with them only because they were all he had, he knew if he didn’t win he was going home

      2. Because there is no one left that anyone wants to win and Britney and Reagan were disgusting human beings, I want to see there faces when Brendon wins they are so full of them selfs it makes me sick !!!

      3. thats what you are focused on, did brendan win that challenge, NO he didn’t
        why don’t you worry about all the times enzo has cheated

          1. They all complained about the trashed house and just stepped over and worked around the piles of stuff….but last night on the pretaped show, Brit heard 2 female voices at the front door. She ran to the others, said something was going to happen. That spurred them into cleaning the house.
            Lane, Enzo, Hayden did the massive amount of dishes all over the counters, Brit “sort” of straightened up things but mostly spent time filing and painting her nails with an occassion finger trip to her lips to pick. They joked that they went to all that trouble and nothing was going to happen. Still, Brit kept a watchful eye on the front door.

            1. I don’t understand lazy people who take it to the point that they are living in filth… that is the one thing in the BB house that would drive me batty… I would never stop cleaning. Yes, I have issues, but that house would be clean.

  38. Disliked, people—not hated.
    Hate is a very strong, emotionally charged word. It usually says a lot more about the person using the word hate than the person the hatred is directed to.

    So, think about that!!!!!

    1. Where is all this drama coming from? Are you going to make me reread all of the days musings? I hate that… no, I dislike that!

  39. Ahhh….so Brittany’s gone! I’m going to miss her on BBAD because she’s just so classic. Like all the guys are cleaning and she’s just chilling, painting and filing her fingernails with no attitude at all. She’s like, “I just got to get this done and right now, that’s what’s important.” I was laughing the entire time watching it! LOL…She just doesn’t care but she does care. Like her standing in the mirror brushing all that makeup on her face and I’m at home saying, “stop, look, enough!” LOL… I don’t know–she’s just funny to me. I guess because I’m a writer and she shows us herself pure in the flesh–no put ons. And writers like to be voyeurs and she’s like the perfect subject! And though Enzo and Hayden LIED to her the entire season, she still has love for them. But Lane actually may have ruined any chance with her–sans the tears–because Virgos don’t forget that kind of betrayal. Even if they love you. But she definitely gets my vote for fan favorite. And I hear Enzo hate, but he makes me laugh too, when he’s not feeling threatened he’s funny. And his lack of shame for stardom is funny to me. I like Hayden a little too because he’s the kind of guy for the most part that if he doesn’t have anything nice to say, then he doesn’t say nothing at all. He must be a Leo! But to me, he’s not cute. He has no lips. A good kiss demands lips. And Lane, he’s right–he is sexy. And he did make a power move by convincing Brittany to put up Matt. She REALLY trusted him. AND, finally, the people here who are claiming Brittany used “wiles” on Lane and Hayden–I didn’t see that. I think she genuinely liked Lane BUT is loyal to her boyfriend. It was strange one day to hear her tell Lane that, Nick would never break up with her because he’s too nice. Hmm….Wonder if they’ll make it to the altar. BUT SHE’S YOUNG! Too young to go to the altar in the first place! But who knows…Sighhhh…bottom line–I’m going to miss Brit :-) She was a good human study for a writer and so was Ragan…and Brenden too because he used to start these crazy conversations that got everyone revealing their innermost thoughts…but …

    1. I hope we see Brit on tv sometime.She is a real person. I also think she is too young for marriage, but I heard that in ten south they marry young.

  40. So recording them for BBAD is how they got around the complaints of the coverage being cut off. They must have been flooded with complaints and threats of never buying their
    supposed live feeds again. The legal department must have been consulted and worked
    out that scam .

  41. omg so happy that Britney left woot woot she deserved that now anybody can win , Brenchel ennemies are out i am glad and i wil be vey happy if Brendon wins AC

        1. you want a person who gave up his chance of winning form day one to be with a skank who was using him the entire time, and was planning on giving the winnings to her?? thats who you want to win 25k?? REALLY? then just vote for rachel to win it because thats who gonna get the 25k anyways.

      1. Brendon for the AC win!!! I’m not a desperate woman, I’m not a tween and I’m not a relative! So, I’ll pick my own category! Liked Brendon – he deserves it – can’t wait to see the faces of the other haters! Hopefully if he does win – it will knock Enzo, Ragan and Brit down a few thousand pegs!

        1. I’m not desperate, a tween or a relative either, I’m part of the I dislike the houseguests so much I’m voting for brendan club

  42. I am soooooooo happy to see the two face hoe leave the house. I cant standdddddddddd her. I hope Hayden wins. Enzoo needs to wash his hands.

    1. Everyone needs to vote for Brendon….I just want to see everyone’s face when they call out his name!! That will be the best part of this entire lame season!!!! And so worth wasting my time watching!

    2. I don’t know if Brendon is the best, but if the poll on this site is any indication of how America will vote, I might have to switch from Matt to Brendon because that’s how much I don’t want Britney to win.

      1. go ahead a switch to brendan, because matt will not win
        too many people can’t get past the lie, and he did cross a line when he did that

      2. I think your right, It’s going to come down to Brit or Brendon. So Im joining the Brendon club that makes Brits face do all those funny movements ( like at the DPOV).

  43. I have a feeling BB told Brit what was going to happen.. if you listened to her the last day or two, she kept saying.. “trust me, I know for a fact what is going to happen”. She even said on last nights BBAD that she knew for a fact that there was going to be a live audience waiting for her outside.. This is the first year they have done it this way isn’t it? Any idea why it is being done like this? with cutting the feeds, and evicting early and all.

    1. From what I remember from other seasons, they have always taped in front of alive audience then showed it the next day. I don’t know about the live feeds being cut off in previous years.

      To the person(s) who write(s) about Brit’s dirty mouth, I don’t think Brit, Lane and Hayden have done one-one hundredth of the language that Yo! E has come out with. The big-ass E needs a good bar of soap in his mouth. He isbrevolting, needs to get some manners, and I hope he cleans up his act for his little girl. Right now, he is REVOLTING!!!

      1. I believe they were talking about Brit’s vicious mouth, not dirty mouth because she was constantly bashing Rachel and Brendon. Enzo has a filthy mouth that can’t say two words without the F bomb. He truly is a walking labotomy.

  44. Little sad for Britney!….ok got over it!….Hoping for Hayden and Lane in the final two!!! Kick the leader of the pack Enzo to the curb, so sorry for creating the most powerful, lame alliance but you have been evitcted

  45. The Brigade did it. Thanks mostly to Bren/Rachel for being so annoying that everyone wanted them out of the house from day 1 which remained everyone’s focus until they were gone. Matt didn’t play a good game, DPOV was a manufactured way of keeping him in the house cuz BB knew he was going on block after his HOH week was up. It was drama created by BB to keep people interested. I for one could have cared less about Matt, the lie didn’t bother me, I actually thought it was smart for game play and it actually helped. Matt wasn’t the brigade, Enzo is the one that came up with the idea. Everyone thinks that Matt saved the BG by winning comps, the reality is the othere BG members knew they were safe no matter who was HOH so Matt winning them was actually irrelevant to the survival of the BG. They controlled that house from day 1 , deflected the targets off their back and onto others by playing a great social game. Is it a coincidence that they won at the end when they had to, I hardly think so. I could see not thinking they played a strong game if winning BB was entirely about winning competitions but it isn’t. This game is more of a social experiment, like them or not, the BG reigned supreme.

    1. 3 out of 4 made it, not the entire alliance. Big whoop. Let’s stop using “brigade” and just call it a 3-way.
      None of the HGs this year were impressive in any way.

        1. But, once they dropped Ratt, the brigade no longer existed. The brigade was 4 guys, not 3. Look, I don’t have time to hold your hand on this one. You’ll just have to trust me when I say it’s not the a great alliance, and it doesn’t rank up there with the best.

    2. I agree with some of your analysis but when it comes to the Brigade strategy – not so much. They are winning comps now because fewer people are in the house so the odds are with them to win. They sat back and let Matt and others do the work while they had pool tournaments every night. Now that they see they made it to the end they have to develop a story as to how that happened that makes them look strategic. The only one who was thinking ahead was Hayden, IMO. Enzo can barely think in the present. I grant you that they all played a good social game but that’s about it – as usual it’s a lot about luck.

      1. You may think Enzo can only think in the present, but he’s the one that came up with the alliance which was very forward thinking. I liked this idea from day 1 and the fact that 3 of 4 made it or whatever, a BG member is going to win, and that’s what it is all about, with nearly 1/3 of the house on your side from the beginning and getting side alliances for each member with 1 other HG they controlled 2/3 of the house and the other 1/3 they didn’t control liked them and didn’t consider them a target. Ok so u say that when it came to the end the people they had to beat weren’t good competition? Hello, the weakest competitors were taken out first! U actually think that Annie, Monet, Andrew, Kathy, Rachel were strong competitors? Minus the BG all the competitors were Brendon – Hayden beat him for HOH sent him packing. Ragan – Lane and Enzo sent hIm packing. Britney – Hayden took her out in both HOH and POV. And of course Matt, who only won weak endurance comps that were geared toward smaller people. So your logic that they couldn’t beat the strong competition is totally not true. They beat the strongest people out of the game,

        1. LOL – calm down brigade soldier…

          Enzo came up with the NAME not the idea which I think was Matt’s. Matt Enzo and Hayden discussed it in HOH and agreed to bring in Lane because they were all sure none of them were the Sabatour.

          As to my comment about winning competitions in the end – it didn’t have to do with lack of competitors in the house – it had to do simply with the numbers. Yes, you named a few of the non-competitors Annie, Andrew, Monet but Rachael was a fiierce competitor. I also think Ragan and Britney were good and they went out toward the end. All I am saying is that the ‘Brigade’ would have to be winning these comps now because they are the majority left in the house.

          I would agree with your theory about the Brigade being a great strategy if Matt had stayed with them because he was the ONLY one being strategic. The others, for the most part, were riding a wave and trying to stay under the radar.

          1. Not really a brigade soldier, I am one of the few people on here that gives everyone credit for their attempt at playing this game. Everyone is constantly dogging the BG and I still call it the BG, I will put it to you like this, I am a Nascar fan, let’s say for instance I’m a Richard Hendrick fan. He has 4 cars in the race, 1 car crashes and goes behind the wall while running in 1st place, the other 3 cars are driving in the back of the pack the entire race until the final 10 laps, miraculously their cars jump to life and they manage to finish 1-2-3. Is that not success for Team Hendrick? Yes the BG is the only alliance standing, is it the greatest alliance in BB history? I very seriously doubt it. Ijust like last year with Jeff and Jordan, their alliance is what propelled her to even be able to make it to final 2. Was that a successful alliance? In my eyes, yes because 1 of them won the game. Same as this year, it is nearly impossible for all 4 of them to make it to final 4, but getting 3 out of 4 to final 3 with only a 8% chance that any one of them would win now that percentage is %100? Not the greatest alliance in history, but yet a very successful one!

  46. Boycott CBS! What they have done is nothing less than a breach of terms and they have proven that they couldn’t care less about the most avid fans – the ones that pay money to watch the feeds. They are only interested in the episode audience because they can manipulate them. They care more about advertisers and ratings than about providing what people have paid for. This is another example of how out of touch network TV is with reality. TV is losing ground to internet entertainment. This is an arrogant move and I hope other feed watchers are as pissed off as I am.

    This has ended up being the worst season ever. It had moments of promise, but every time it looked like something was going to happen, the cast wimped out or CBS pulled some lame stunt. I don’t think there has ever been a season before this where everyone voted as a block. All votes have been unanimous except when Kathy voted against the house and Britt voted to keep Monet. Pretty pathetic when the riskiest vote was by a person that most would agree is one of the most useless floaters ever!

    The saboteur twist blew up in week 1, not because the cast was smart enough to figure it out, it was a complete accident. It was a lame twist anyways, like a new version of America’s player, which was lame in the first place. Pandora’s box has been so obviously rigged. Enzo was not punished for sneaking food while he was a have not. What good is the have nots if one guy can cheat without consequences? Why should anyone else have to eat only slop if there are no consequences? Enzo chose to wear the penguin constume as a show of how bad he wanted to be there, but he rarely wore the whole thing. I almost never saw him wearing the feet and head. But Kristen wore the hippietard and wig all week. Remember Casey in the banana suit? Well now it turns out that they didn’t have to wear it. They were good sports and took their punishment, even though they were going home, but Enzo opts to wear the suit and then doesn’t but he still makes it to the final 3?

    I wonder what they think they will accomplish by ripping off the most faithful viewers by cutting the feeds that we have paid for? I have written a very harsh letter to CBS and Global TV and demanded my money back and have vowed to boycott anything CBS in the future. I doubt I will even hear back but it felt good to rip them a new one.

    1. The blog server is running out of space. We will have to ask that you boycott any further commentary. Thank you for your cooperation.

      1. Sorry, I didn’t know you had the power to decide who should or shouldn’t post. I have the right to post whatever I like until Simon or Dawg decide otherwise. I paid for a service. I wanted to cancel and was talked into keeping the portion I already paid for instead of being cut off immediately and reimbursed. Now the feeds are cut off. I feel conned and ripped off. If I took someones money and didn’t deliver what I promised I could be sued, and rightfully so. I don’t think it’s over the top to state this. I guess some people think it’s ok to be ripped off and that we should just take it and keep silent.

    2. they can’t deny that the show isn’t “RIGGED” anymore. this entire season was rigged, and it was blatantly obvious everybody who won a comp was meant to because it was designed for them… last year just “part” of the season was rigged. ill continue watching BB because im a fan, but i won’t take it seriously anymore. Producers have turned Big Brother into a joke of a scripted reality series.

  47. To say the least, if Yo had been evicted earlier, it would have been a more boring show even though it was disgusting. BB found a gem in him, although I don’t know why they would promote such vile language. Does he have a dictionary? Does he talk like that around his wife like that also? He should know that America is watching.

    About cleaning up the house– Brit did the last clean-up, and if she is leaving, why should she play cleaning lady to a group of slobs?

  48. Even though I believe MATTY deserves AC I do not want Brendan to get it so I think I should vote for Brittney?
    FYI. CBS I will still not watch the show tonight but I will come to this site to see what’s going on.

    1. I agree that Matt deserves it. He was overconfident simply because he trusted in his alliance who stabbed him in the back. He never would have tried to get Brit to put up Regan if it wasn’t the only way to not have Brigade vs Brigade. Poor guy left the house thinking the Brigade had his back and it was completely Brit’s fault he was evicted.

      I sincerely hope when Brit gets to the jury house that she tells him whose idea it was to put him up as the replacement nominee. I think finding out about the Brigade and Matt’s motivation for “turning on Regan” will also help mend his friendships with Regan and Brit.

      Enzo was one of my favorites early in the season, but when he turned on Matt I turned on him. That was low, yo!

      I’d much rather see Brit get the money than Brendon, but I’ll probably still vote for Matt. I’m hoping the vote here isn’t quite a true reflection of how the CBS official vote will go. I’d like to think America was as upset with the Brigade turning on their own as I was/am.

      Sure, Matt’s lie about his wife’s “illness” was deplorable, but at least he was playing the game – from the start. He is the sole reason some of the Brigade members are still in the house.

  49. BBAD WAS on last night — the HGs (including Britney) were making t shirts — don’t know if that aired before but it was on last night. then Britney thought she overheard “Production” discussing sending someone into the house — and she told the others about what she heard, got the obligatory warning, with which she argued, and kept on talking about it. the HGs did a hurried clean up of the house public rooms and the kitchen and then settled down to wait — I fell asleep and don’t know if anyone entered the house. Does anyone else know?

    I think this season demonstrated that the rules are to be broken and Enzo broke them with impunity — it was as if he knew he would not suffer any penalties — the cutting of the feeds and the whole season and the way CBS handled things and the offensiveness of Enzo and the blandness of the others — I am not likely to EVER purchase the live feeds for any season unless BB improves. And I’d be spitting flames right now if I had purchased them for this season. Shame on you CBS and BB — you'[ve completely discounted your audience and the fans — BB is a BIG disappointment.

    1. I purchased the live feeds this year and I will never do that again. It is such a rip off to block these days out for people that paid for them. Never again.

    2. this entire thread discusses what happened last night….

      I find it interesting that everyone complains because this season is so predictable and boring – CBS tries to change it up – still not enough. If I recall, BB always gets boring down to the last few people and everyone complains. Obviously we are BB fans or we wouldn’t read the blogs and watch the live feeds. Constructive feedback is one thing but the constant complaining about the same stuff gets so annoying.

    3. I watched bbad and seen where she heard the production talking and they got hyden up in the hoh room told everyone to stay up till midnight but bbad ended before anyone came in to the house

    4. if you noticed when brit was talking to the guys on bbad she said something about lunch… She also said that bb wanted them to stay up till noon not midnight… If that is a true statement then last nights bbad was prerecorded and not live as stated.

      1. As it has been stated – BBAD was taped yesterday. They taped it and cut out all live feeds for over 24hrs so they could try to keep a lid on what was going down! Britney was evicted – said not only on this website but many others and during the last 12 hours or so – they’ve been conducting the HOH competitions! We are supposed to be surprised tonight when we see what happens. Plus, after the show – the live feeds will be back up and Simon and Dawg can get back to what they do best. Yes, CBS was shady to do this – but they think they have the upper hand because people will still watch!

  50. Simon: with all the “free’ hours how about a really interesting poll: Which houseguest, after being on the show awhile with time for their personality to be revealedt , exhibited the most offensive, ugly personality traits?. My noms to start with: Rachel, Enzo, Ragan, Brit.

    1. Lane needs to be added – encouraging, supporting and laughing at rape (8 sec game), his “job” golfing courtesy of Daddy’s money, his illegal spotlighting of animals to hunt and kill them, the kittens he’s talked about crushing in his rock crusher (so funny – NOT), his laughing about his parents paying to get his brother out of jail and his alleged involvement with his brother in the battery of another college student.

          1. Simon, I’ve only ever responded to Apples2Apples when he was responding to one of my posts. He seems to have a thing for me. I must have refused to go out with him in high school or something.

              1. Sorry, I’m not a lesbian so I’m prettty sure we’ve never dated…maybe you can ask out AG…or Lydia? Good luck!! Actually I just hate complainers so you got roasted :) I donate to this site so that I can read interesting stuff not AG-wannabes complain about how life and CBS isn’t fair. Of course its rigged!!! Duh!! I’ve watched every season and every season some psycho fan swears off BB because their fav didn’t make it. Can’t stand those peeps (and mimi – LOL)

  51. I know everyone says this is the worst season ever and complains about the HG’s, etc., but the fact is this has been the highest season for ratings. They have averaged 6.7 million viewers with last weeks show on Thursday bringing in a whopping 10 million viewers! Highly unlikely the beloved Allison Grodner will leave or that there will be a “smarter” cast next year. Everyone seems to get a little disappointed the last few weeks of the game. I know I have every year. But I plunk down my money for the Live Feeds every July and I am sure I will do the same next year again. Yeah, they sleep way too much during the day but I am on the east coast so my bad. Yeah, the person I want to win NEVER wins and if I had to choose between Enzo and Hayden…..well, I wouldn’t. But I’ll be back next year and Simon and Dawg, hope you are back too.

  52. I am not a bb. Diehard fan. I have watched almost ever season. Bbad Eleanor come on until midnight so I don’t watch it and I have a busy life so I don’t do the live feeds.
    I did discover onlinebigbrother this season and as soon as my favorite player left I really only go to this site for my bb info. I will not watch tonight. I am patient and will come to this site. CBS will not trick me into watching.

    1. Maybe CBS is trying to see what their REAL numbers are for the show but cutting off the live feeds and making us watch the show for an update… I miss alot of shows because I come on here and feel like I’ve seen it all already. Just a thought.

      1. I don’t care how brendan played the game, I just want to piss of the houseguests
        that way the whole season isn’t a waste

  53. BB watch the first 7 BB’s and go back to those basics. They were way better. The last few seasons you keep repeating the games. No surprises and the houseguests know it so they study. Pandora’s box is just a waste of time for everyone. Sock puppets, dancing and no cups and utensils….OMG!!! HAVE NOTS is a useless part of the game now unless BB enforces the rules. Otherwise it becomes a big waste of time and the integrity of the game is lost!

  54. I think CBS is pissed this year because they can’t control this cast (aside from Matt) with their jedi mind tricks in the DR.

    1. I agree! and no Britany actually shouldn’t win the 25k though deserves it mroe than Branden and particularly Enzo. Man! Lane should get it as he just sat back and let everyone else do the work, though he COULD have, but he just sat back and took it all in, awaiting the moment to come out!

    1. Britney didn’t see the full scope of Enzo.Like how he was ass kissing Brendon and calling Britney derogatory names . And why would two guys in his alliance hate him unless he did something personally to them? I personally, don’t hate Enzo. He can me damn funny sometimes in conversations. But I definitely don’t love the guy. I think he was able to get this far because look at the people in the house and less of the Brigade genius. Matt could have broke up the Brigade.But look how he went out.

    2. And that’s why they’re going to pay the Boss. I’ve been saying that all along. Big Brother will validate that at the finale.

  55. OMG people, read the other 300+ comments before asking for the millionth time why Brit is on BBAD when they are saying she is evicted….

  56. NO ONE VOTE FOR GAYGAN FOR AC, he did nothing vote for anyone but him, he give gays a bad name. hes the kind kind of gay that gays pick on.

    1. Well that doesn’t say much for gay people. I’m meaning gays picking on gay people like Ragan. What the hell? Why did you even post that?

  57. Has anyone seen the video on YouTube called… “The Formation of the Brigade”? If not you should watch it… it’s friggen hilarious.

  58. Naw, I don’t like those ideas. You’ll just take all the fun out of it.
    The problem with this year is that 2 out of 4 boring people have made it to the Final 4.
    I’m talking about Lane and Hayden. These 2 boys have the dullest personalities ever.
    The only reason they made it this far is because Enzo pretty much guaranteed their safety all the way through, as part of the Brigade. Enzo is entertaining, and Britney is entertaining. Matt was entertaining too. If it wasn’t for the Brigade, Hayden and Lane would not have made it this far. If would’ve been a lot more entertaining if the Brigade consisted of all 4 people with personalities. for example: Enzo, Britney, Matt, Ragan would’ve been a far more entertaining Brigade to watch make it to the Final 4.
    Lane and Hayden are so BORING! What are you doing?!

  59. For those who don’t think Enzo should win because of his mouth, let me remind you that
    he might SAY the words but Lane tells you how he did the action. I think that’s worse.
    Seven second game, or whatever it was called, rapeing a boy….talk about a loser.

  60. This season was fun because of all the lingo the house used. (A lot of it is credited to Enzo. with some Rachel and some Britney) For example:
    The Bra-gade(The Beast, The Animal, The Brains/The Gremlin, The Meow Meow)
    no GBs for the BGs
    What are you doing??
    That’s it.
    That’s kaka.
    That’s legit.
    Oh, ok.

    1. who came up with “It is what it is.” ? was that Ragan?
      Ragan also used the word “logical” a lot. and him and Britney came up with all kinds of nasty shit towards Brendan and Rachel. such as: ooey gooey yummy cookies, red-headed parrot from hell, sabre-toe tiger, Neandertral.
      But Brendan came up with “3-Foot Nothing”. (“Take Nick’s balls out of your purse!” LOL!)
      Lane came up with Needledick aka ND.

    2. Enzo also named the rooms in the house: the Taj, Jumanji, Cabana room.
      Did he also name Johnny 5?
      Ragan, Britney, and Hayden came up with Just the Tip.
      BB came up with the term “libations”.

  61. Why would anyone vote for Branden??? He did nothing but fall for that looser manipulating tramp, he did nothing on his own. At leas give it to Britany! For pete’s sake people!