**updated** Big Brother 12 Spoiler – Final HOH Results, Hayden wins 1/3

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9:03pm Feeds are back Enzo is losing some serious hair yo


9:32pm Enzo while Lane cuts his hair “Be confident yo bang that shit out.. be confident”. Sounds like they play for the second HOH comp tomorrow. (From what I am seeing it looks like HAyden won the endurance comp)

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:50pm Lane studying with cards Hayden starts helping him out.. (pretty sure Hayden won endurance)
First Part of the HOH comp Goes to HAYDEN
9:59pm LAne says he hopes the next HOH is tomorrow because it’s all “fresh” in his head.. he tells hayden that he never see’s
We should know the results once the feeds come one bit.

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474 thoughts on “**updated** Big Brother 12 Spoiler – Final HOH Results, Hayden wins 1/3

        1. 100000000% agree Ivette and Maggie sucked, last year was probably second or third worse.. I actually like this final 3 it’s going to be funny tonight with them joking around. In my opinion this is one of my favorite 3, it could of been better given the cast but compared to other seasons I like it. (Flame suit on)

          1. Fact: Neither Ivette, nor Maggie (the winner that season), were included in the All Stars season that came right after it. That’s exactly what I’m talking about when I say that Matt, Britney, and maybe Enzo and Brendon will be in the next All Stars season, which is probably going to be BB14. I think Hayden will win this year, but he probably won’t even be invited for the next All Stars season.

            I’m cool with Hayden winning it out of the 3 that are left, but to those of you disillusioned readers that think Matt and Britney won’t be the first 2 invited to the next All Stars from this season, all you have to do is look at Ivette/Maggie’s season as proof.

          1. aww i liked maggie but i hated that season…hated that most of them were on all stars just after they were on..blah…so happy will and boogie was there to make the allstars great:)


        1. matt shouldnt have back stabbed. but he was smart and looking at the BIG picture to win other votes but forgot about the small picture in keeping his real alliance happy

    2. Yes but Jun’s money went towards her father’s medical bills. Also, she was able help take care of him while he was sick. She took a year off of work.

    3. Allison Grodner eats 1/3 of her weight in between meals as a light snack. She uses a bath tub filled with kitty litter, and has elephant trainers clean up after her.

  1. Oh I love this. Brit is balling on TV. She thought it was so funny voting out Rachel, and Brandon and Kathy. Now she could have used them as allience members and help her but she laughed at them when they are gone.

    Well Karmas a bitch. You played the game personally. Of course you got Played. Oh how I love this. What goes around, comes around. Now only if you allied with Rachel and Brendon and Kathy you could have won the game.

    Oh this is great.

    1. Davor, you forgot that Kristen was trying to warn her about the guys. Some think that was Kristen turning on Hayden but she was pointing out to Britney that the guys were going to team up together. Hayden had told Kristen to compaign to stay which was big of him because he knew he was safe. But, Britney didn’t listen to her either. Still, I am for Balloon Boy to win.

    2. Davor you are 100% right. While Rachel Brendan Matt Regan and brit were all fighting the brigade was just laying low. If they could have squashed there differences they could have made the the best and strongest alliance ever. They could have won everything together and then fought it out at the end. Even though I’m not a fan I have to say the brigade was smart for how they just blended into the background but as smart as they were to play that way the rest were that much more stupid to play the way they did. If the brigade does make it to an allstar season they would have to change there entire game plan and have to win because now that people have seen how they played they would be voted out the first 3 weeks.

      1. ur right they would have to change it all.. but besides the ugly couple. the brigade were always together. it took ragan sooo long ti figure out that they were an alliance and it was sooo obvious. Matt was really the only one that hung out with other people and look where it got him.

      2. brenden tried to work with britney, her and ragan did not like brendan so they would not work with him and now they are both in the jury house

    3. She thought she got it over Enzo. That Enzo was the one who was going home.
      Want to know why Enzo sat there and laughed his ass off when they told her about the Brigade?
      Because it was funny as hell, that’s why.
      Any more questions?
      What a beautiful night Davor. I’m with you on this one. It’s not funny any more when it’s your turn to go out that door, is it Britney, nasty mouth little girl?
      Rachel, Kathy, Matt and Ragan is waiting for you with laughters. And don’t be too surprised if one or more of the jury have hostility in their heart for you.

      1. They can be hostile, but at the end of the day she took a chance she made it farther than any of the others. Not to mention she also made some $ while being there!

        1. she made it farther, but she looks more stupid, because lane totally played her, he says he didn’t he was not taking her to the final 2 until ragan talked to him

        2. Let’s see how much Enzo cries when he leaves next. Hayden and Lane would be stupid to keep him. Meow Meow needs to GO! don’t want to watch the finale if he’s in it.

          1. Couldn’t agree more. When he started complaining while on the swing I wanted to punch my TV.. Yo bro you are in a BB endurance comp, deal with it! That was one of the funniest comps I’ve seen! If Enzo makes it to the final 2 and god forbid wins I will be done with BB. He has got to be the most annoying hg yet! He won’t shut up about the BG, blah blah blah. Seriously dude.. get over yourself! I can’t wait to see his face when he finds out he didn’t win the AF.. sweet!

      2. I thought Brit actually acted very mature in the end. You wouldn’t be upset if you found out you were not in their group? You wouldn’t feel alone and defeated? She played pool with them all the time, and she thought she was their friend. She felt blindsided, and she cried. I would too, and I bet you would if you were her. She didn’t pull an Andrew, she just made the rest of her stay enjoyable FOR EVERYONE there. You can hate her all you want. I thought she played the game well, and I for one enjoyed watching her. It is a game, one big winner in the end. I am personally voting for her as my favorite player. I also thought that Lane’s message to her was sweet.

        1. Brandi you’re being a hypocrite. Do you even read what you write or have you given up proof reading. You probably would have been voted out 1st week with your attitude.

      3. only weak people care what bitter losers think. the people in the house talked trash about her too as well as the other guests…she was just better at it

        1. Yeah, people talked trash about her…including Lane. Wait until she hears the things the BG were saying about her and they were laughing at her, not with her. If she keeps them as life long friends she is dumber than she already appears.

    4. i dont like it put your self in her place how would you feel if they did it to you i bet you would be mad i am a brit fan and so is my husben and you need to grow up and not think of your self all the time you may need her one day and she will not help you and grow up

      1. I am sorry, I am not shure what you mean. Who needs to grow up? I say Brit needed to grow up because of her antics. Just look how she was jumping up and down for joy when she voted out Kathy and Matt was kept in the house.

        She definently could have used her vote or help. I found her very imature, making fun of people behind their backs. So who needed to grow up?

      2. I appreciate that you and your husband are Brit fans, but come on did you not watch this season at all. She has gotten what she deserved. She was a catty little b**** all season. All you she ever had to say was mean and degrading. She was a classless spoiled rich girl who thinks she is better than everyone else. Thes best thing I can say about her is at least the door didn’t hit her in the a”” on the way out.

        1. I totally agree…spoiled rotten…but what about Lane? That guy is WRONG!!…and totally spoiled himself..That’s why the big money should go to Hayden..Enzoid is a worthless piece of CRAP..His entire family HAS to be embarrassed..especially his daughter..at least when she’s old enough to see this..but all in all,this cast has shown what America has turned out to be..either spoiled rotten little talk shit about people bitches,,,,OR Stupid can’t spell dumbasses who think they can FOCE their will upon others…JMHO

          1. im just trying to figure out u guys.. if u guys HATE the brigade and the other final 6ish.. y do u guys still watch the show. is there nothing exciting in ur lifes that u have to whine about ppl. The brigade have gone strong from the start. yea some ppl ride a little but thats wat this games about too. u guys r soooo smart at this game y dont u apply… intoduce ur selfs as the onlinebb spoiler babies.. and lets see how long u last in the house.

      3. Brit laughed at every HG going out the door, then trashed them. How is this any different Except Enzo did it in front of her. I may be the only one, but to me it looked like Enzo was trying to laugh off the weirdness not so much directly at Brit.

      4. I think she got what she deserves, but I did feel bad for her when she was crying, you have to remember she is just a 22 year old kid

        1. Oh please, when I was 22, I didn’t go around talking about people like that.
          I have nieces that are 15 and 16 yrs old and they’re much nicer than Britney.
          Britney’s family and friends should be very embarrassed.

          1. OH PLEASE! this is a tv show. they are not in an everyday situation. If you had to be around some of these people, you would probably talk about them too. As a matter of fact, you are saying “not nice” things about britney and you never even met her.

          2. You’re forgetting on how much production manipulated the weaker minds in the house. Do you think Enzo was capable of formulating any plans by himself? No. He was just susceptible to what they told him in the diary room. Hayden also. Lane is not as week as those two, but he is just a stump with a beard.

          3. Keep in mind, Brit is the one who told the boys that her mom is worse than her, and then she mentioned that her mom even in church will whisper and point out that someone has “ugly” shoes, she’d never wear them…horrible example of a mother if you ask me and prob. not too embarrased at all, sadly. Congrats to having a perfect family, I do too and we’re lucky for it! :)

        1. I think that’s why some people don’t get married. They can’t spell “husband”.
          They just live together and the female calls her male partner her ” Man friend”.

    5. Hey, they ALL cry when they are up for eviction. And all the shoulda, wouldas don’t mean crap.The game constantly changes. Out of all of them , Hayden is the most decent, I think. Just my opinion. And I didn’t mind that Jordan won last season even if people thought her game was weak. There have been SO many mean spirited people win that it was nice to see someone sweet win. That’s my thoughts about it, right or wrong…

    6. Britney made the big mistake of playing the game for everyone else and that’s why she is sitting in the jury house now. She should have aligned herself with Brendon/Rachel because at least they were very sincere about their alliance with her but the first chance she got she stabbed them both in the backs and talked about them like she was god. She got exactly what she deserved and now she’ll be embarrassed to tell every1 that she got played!!!! LMBO

      1. This is destiny for Enzo. To win the $500,000 that is.
        Look at Enzo’s chin. Notice anything? Enzo has a dimple chin.
        People who have a dimple chin are believed to be very lucky when it comes to money.
        In Asia, they’re known to be the money maker. I know Enzo is not Asian, but comes Wed next week, he’s going to be the biggest, baddest Chinese you guys will ever meet.
        Get your fried rice on Enzo.

      2. With these stooges, I bet they blow it on stupid stuff real quick. I also think the words “magic beans” will enter into the list of expenditures. One fact about these three, though. None of their “stardom” will rise above cutting the ribbon at a laundramat opening.
        If Enzo wins the pot, I hope he uses a large portion to rinse the supreme slacker off his lazy ass. With the rest, he might want to take a couple of extension courses on how not to get stuck on stupid.

    1. Lane almost takes pleasure in bragging about how thick he is. Enzo goes out all gungho, but he too lapses into stupidity. Sad.

          1. Why not something manly like a lion’s roar….Enzo you might want to change that because meow meow is pretty soft and girly yo. LOL

    2. well if I had to choose one of the three (omg) I would say Hayden then he can hire a Stylist. oh please to God – have the Stylist cut that mop of hair he has on his head. ugh…..I am begining to sound like my mother…..and she was right….mother;s know best!

      Brendon for America’s Choice……

      1. Ok, BritsAvatar, you got me. I’m sitting down here in dad’s basement scarfin’ Twinkies and drinking Mt Dew. So what? I get to spend all my money on hi tech gear that allowed me to track your ass down. When you hear the knock on your door tomorrow, be sure to check before you open the door. The funny thing is, you live in the same town as me. Now ain’t that a bitch? This is going to be FUN.

        1. You do realize that you just publicly threatened someone? Saying that you tracked her down and are gonna go to her house and knock on the door! Wow! You are one stupid individual and an asshole to boot! Go ahead, track me down and ring my bell too! It sure would be fun!

          1. Do you realize you shook your pickle at me? Wow, talk about stupid. You pass judgment on someone and do the same stupid shit yourself. You’re not even sharp enough to be a tool. Sharp as a pickle though, so the name fits. Hey, post that address and we’ll see how MUCH fun I can have canning your ass. Come on, pickles, come ON, son!

  2. Enzo is an idiot…..how does he sit there and giggle like a lil bitch while someone is hurting….who does that…..flippin TARD! I pray he wins NOTHING! ass hole!


    2. but she was laughing too. It is a game but Brit gave more taunts then almost everyone including Rachel. I loved her smackdown. Seriously, if I was the only girl left with a bunch of guys, I know I was going to lose unless I kicked all their asses in competitions.

  3. This has been a great episode so far. If I didn’t watch the feeds or come here I would be screaming… Enzo and Lane were awesome and so cruel. Britney got what she deserved though. They crushed her.

      1. Yes, BBGrandma, watch. I saw it on the east coast feed and am going to watch it again here in the west.
        Watch Enzo make a fool of himself on the sofa when Lane and Britney say how funny he was. He was pumping his fist in the air and mouthing YES! He really loves himself.

        1. Lennon’s Ghost, I saw Enzo. That is why he thinks he has it won and he will be famous. These guys have pumped his ego up so much that I think he is floating in the air higher than my Balloon Boy.

    1. EGO ENZO…. what a major turd… he was the one that said everything smelt like ass… that would be his own he was smelling … where does he come up with the idea that he is gonna be so famous… has he forgotten the crap things he has said in the DR ….. Lane and Brit said he was funny … only to watch him play the games …look and play like a dumb azzzzzz of a bitch…. looser… but always say WE did it at the end… give me a break… and someone give him a brain…. LOOSER…

        1. It’s this crap that CBS hands us that is killing the game. In the UK, it’s so bad (though the HG and more diverse and interesting than the US version) that this is the last season of BB there.
          Every year BB gets lamer. Two years ago it’s value started to go in the negatives.

    2. I’ve said it before, the nasty mouth little girl is trying to play a man’s game and they will stomp her. Well, here it is!
      Notice how her best friend in the house is Lane, a guy, and she didn’t believe Ragan when he tried to warn her about the boys possibly having formed an alliance, because she thought she was cool with all of the boys, and that would make her part of their alliance.

      1. A “mans game”…You mean this season OR just in general ? I’ve said all along that the women on this show and Survivor should team up together, stop being such petty b*tches and take the men out one at a time, just like Parvati did. Cause you know in the end, the girls have the brains and the boys have the brawn, so out think them before they get the upper physical hand.

        1. Parvati, that’s my girl. Very clever, one gorgeous lady.
          No, I mean, Britney thought she could hang with the boys, the Brigade and play their game, picking everyone off one by one, and then fight among themselves at the end.
          I didn’t mean, men vs women kind of thing.

  4. She should have made them feel really dumb about it and be like “you guys are joking right? EVERYONE knew you had an alliance!!!” and then cry on her own. Would have wanted to see the brigade then….

    1. If you saw Brit on BBAD, she actually held it together a lot longer than I expected. And she did try to play it off as though everyone already knew about the alliance, if not the fact that they called themselves “The Brigade.” She was starting to break when she left the HOH room, where the guys kept taunting her with how clever they are.

      1. On BBAD, you really could see her heart breaking in slow motion. I am no Brittany fan, but that was hard to see her not getting it ( What they were saying) until Hayden said he wasn’t using the POV.

      2. Oh God! Enzo went on and on forever! I was fast forwarding and I would stop and he would still be yammering on! Hayden didn’t do that. I think he felt bad for her. He’s a nice guy. The other two just can’t help themselves being idiots. The way everyone feeds Enzo’s big ass ego is hysterical. He really believes America LOVES him! Too funny. Too sad..

  5. Brittney got what she deserved. Why don’t the women in BB stick together. They always get catty with each other and the men just pick them off.

    1. Because they want the spotlight to themselves!

      The only woman who had the perfect idea about this, was Chima. Chima wanted to take the men out and keep the women together. Guess what? Everyone thought that was a bad idea, and even started liking what Russell was doing more so than Chima. Chima will always be one of my favorites, and I’m so glad she is doing very well for herself.

      1. 99% of women believe that they are special, that when a man says she is the one, the most special girl in the world, she believes it because something in their brains short circuits when a guy pays them attention. that is why a woman will never be president.. not even Palin.. sorry folks.. tehe

    2. I said the same thing…why can’t the girls stick together? Because girls always have to be the center of attention and if one gets a little bit more attention from the guys than the other then there goes your catfight. Ladies when will we learn to just stick together!!!!

        1. If only EGO ENZO had a brain… oh shit ..that the wizard of oz…. ok… EGO ENZO is in a fantasy world… As for the three stooges.. that they are .. but none of the three stooges were as dumb as EGO ENZO … ;-)

  6. Britney haters are probably disgustingly fat & jealous girls.
    She played a lot better than Lane & especially Enzo.
    I will be so pissed if Enzo wins. Cocky douche bag. Somebody better kick him in the balls the second he leaves the house

    1. I am a physically-fit heterosexual male and other than her hot little body, I couldn’t stand Britney! Body: A. Looks: B. Personality D+. If she played a better game than either Lane or Enzo then she would not be about to meet the other losers in the jury house. Brendon probably played the best game of the losers (having the entire house against him from Day 1 yet survived a relatively long time) but he still lost. Like it or not these three guys somehow made it to the final 3 and deserve credit. Respect? Not so much, but definitely credit.

      1. well i’m just a heterosexual male and agree 100% with what ya say, dude that look on her face when they told her, priceless. Brendon just needed someones help. And the brotherhood made it by sticking together. It’ll prolly be a Lane/Hayden showdown with jury members flippin a coin.

    2. I would say Brittany lovers must be just like her talk about everybody and put them and their families down all the time a pathetic person. The only person that does that have no common since. AND NEED TO GROW UP

    3. @ Jessica,

      Get ready to be pissed, I mean really really pissed because Enzo is going to win it all.
      I guess you weren’t here when I said that it was Enzo who created the Brigade. So that makes Enzo the Boss, and you have to pay the Boss.
      Incidentally, I’m fit and I run 3 miles every other day. How about you Jessica? LOL.
      Britney, oh Britney, go home you nasty mouth little girl.

      1. nope, you must say your love’s name… it is the most important shout out you will ever do.. unless ur tongue is down your throat and you are choking or you can only use sign language, you must at least try and charade it out.. sounds like N..

        1. Poor Nick. He never made it on TV, his future mother-in-law shot him down on national TV, his fiancee spent the whole summer flirting with another guy, and Britney couldn’t even give him a shout out in her good by speech. If he hasn’t broke off the engagement, I would now. But, get the ring back first!

      2. she took the time to tell her mom, brother, father and all my other family “I love you”….she left Nick out – completely dissed him after all her whining about if she’s even engaged anymore…..I laughed my a** off…..

  7. Women who go on survivor know how to stick together!
    I like Brit but she should have stuck with Matty and ragan.
    The 3 boys that are left are worthless. Hayden seems like a nice Guy in real life. Lane could be a nice Guy but with his big ass brother they probably think they are better than they are. Enzo is only good for for a one liner. I feel sorry for his daughter and wifey.
    I have watched bb every year and I can only recall a handful of players. In six months we will be saying enzo who, lane who, Hayden who.
    MATTY FOR AMERICAS CHOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I was the first, I believe,to point out how gross Enzo was and how I was reduced to muting him when he ate. He has been the biggest loser with his cursing, most of which was totally unnecessary and not funny in the least. PLEASE do not vote to give him your America’s player vote. Also, a vote for Brendan is a vote for Rachel. He shouldn’t be rewarded for his attitude in the house. And another thing–when I heard him say, “Oh, my f****** God!” more than once, that ripped it for me. (And I am nobody’s religious freak, but that was just too much!) I am still undecided about which one i will vote to get the $25,000. I am leaning toward Brit. The jury has my sympathy when it comes to voting for the winner of BB12 from these three. I would be holding my nose when I placed my key for either Lane or Hayden. Enzo deserves the stipend and the tv and nothing else!

    1. Enzo is a putz and Lane (who I had really liked) blew it for me when he told the 8 second bull ride story about doing a chick and having his buddies bust in and he has to hang on for 8 seconds while she scrambles to cover up. Sick. Go Hayden! And I thought Hayden was a great host for their “Just The Tip ” segments.

      1. The 8 second ride story was Hayden’s, not Lane’s. They were all out by the hot tub and they were talking about fun games. He was talking about being with his buddies at Steamboat (of course) and that’s one of the games they liked to play – the 8 second game. They would wait outside a guys room until he was in the middle of sex and then bang through the door. The guy inside had to keep “riding” another 8 seconds. If he didn’t he lost the game.

  9. I didn’t like that episode. Poor Brit :((((. Good news is that Big Brother 13 was “greenlit” and there haven’t been any “DO YOU WANT TO BE A BIG BROTHER HOUSEGUEST?” commericals….so maybe we will get to see her back in 9 months for a second allstars? I don’t know. I liked the Brigade alllll the way through but Brit was the best competitor. I am rooting for Lane cause his DR sessions have cracked me up all summer. but brit is DEFINITELY getting 10 votes for me offline and votes online as well!

  10. and please no one start pulling the “THANK GOD BRIT LEFT! SHE WAS AN F****ING BITCH”. Ok there may be some brit haters….but im the opposite.

  11. Is it possible that after a few months she rethought this Nick stuff and now wants to see what happens with Lane. Or did she just forget to say his name in the excitement?

      1. I think that Lane and Brit are the longtime friends (if that is a truth) and they are engaged and there really is no Nick.

    1. Did you see Britney FORGET to mention her boyfriend in her departure discussions when she was saying hello to all her family? She remembered her beloved Hogs before she remembered Nick. lol.

      Wanna bet she and Lane start dating after this? Especially if he wins. I still think she’s superficial. He genuinely cares for her – enough so that he told her and she could relate it to the jury house.

      Oh and I’m still voting for Brendon to get the 25 K.

        1. Isn’t the 10 vote limit just for text votes? I voted about 15 times, and I didn’t see anything that said there was a limit. So, just in case, keep voting!

        2. already voted for Brenden, Basically because he took all the pov punishments and still went home that same week, after all that crap.

  12. Umm I think that lane or hayden should win but I don’t want Enzo wining and I really think briitney desserved it but if she’s gone I want lane to win I will be so mad if Enzo wins but actually I really want ethier Enzo or lane. But Anyway go Enzo and. Lane

  13. OMG!!!Enzo is really stupid. This last competition really showed what a dumb ass he is. He is also disgusting for all of the nasty sex talk-not sex talk-nasty sex talk on National TV. He has no clue or enough sense to know that his Mother could be watching and reading about it -just like us.

    Now that we are left with choosing the worse of the three evils—I guess by the process of elimination I prefer that–I can’t even say it…… H….H……H…Haiden wins and take E…E….E…Enzo with him to final two. Then–I don’t give a shit who wins what. I am done. I will check back when it’s all over!
    Nighty night.

  14. Brit thought Lane had her back the whole game ..that’s why
    she didn’t align herself with other people….
    I’m hoping that Brit or Matt wins the 25G..they played the best..
    Also if a POV or HOH..had fallen a different way she or Matt
    may of made it to the end….
    Does anyone notice how Hayden has never mentioned Kristen
    his showmance babe….after she left…..
    Enzo is such a fake …Cbs is definately setting it up to show him
    in a better light than the real Enzo we see at BBAD…aaarrrggghhhhh……………

  15. Oh yeah – I thought it was absolutely hilarious seeing Britney break down like she did. I hate how everybody comforts her tho..lane is the biggest softy ever. Why couldn’t they just say “your goin home..boo friketty hoo”? She thought if was funny to evict everyone else…rub it in her face!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. So true Rockstar. The POV speeches almost gave me a sugar overdose! Four happy campers who just love each other to death. I get that the goodbye messages were aimed at getting Brit’s jury vote, but the rest was just a sloppy Hallmark greeting card.

        1. Julie would have had to come inside the house and pulled me out. Screw dignity.. I’d have been flipping out.. I hate people who leave and it’s all love.. blah.. kick someone in the scroat for flucks sakes

          1. Rockstar that gave me an idea, you be the Villain I’ll be the overly Nice one and we take everyone out! Final 2 YO! Well 3 with BBGrandma, but she will win if you take her to the end, so…

            1. Sky – I agree. Darn it, we have to get rid of Grandma.. I’ll win the 500k, you the 50 k and Grandma wins for America’s Choice and gets the 25k.. that seems to fair to me.. hahahahaha

              1. LOL Deal! Because if you can make it that far being an crazy b**ch then you should win, loved Evil Dick, but the spitting was gross, yuck.

              2. Be careful with that “get rid of Grandma”! You two can go for the finally two. $25,000 isn’t anything to sneeze at. Besides, I am sure I will get a talk show of my own when we get out. Oprah will be looking to me to take her place. Do i sound like Enzo? YO

        2. I guess you’re disappointed that she didn’t throw a tantrum. Or sit there all sad and depressed..who cares? She knew it was a game.

      2. what a sorry piece of trash lane his. Just wants to use Brit for his 8 second of fun. Hope both he and his brother goes to jail for beating that guy up. They are both pieces of trash. Hope he wins nothing,and that Hayden parents have a long talk with him.

    1. Carol,
      I’ve been checking the ‘net for a while now and it appears that Maggie and her partner Eric are reported to be MIA.

    2. She was the worst winner, but I actually enjoyed that season, with Cappie and the divide in the house. Season 9, and this season sucked badly.

        1. Brit is a LOSER. She makes fun of others to get self-esteem. She deserves to be booed off the show. Awful human being!!!!

          1. Britney is such a mean hearted person, she’s already won $10,000 which is more than she deserves. My votes goes to Brendon, he so deserves the money!

  16. Has Britney forgotten about Nick because she thinks Lane might win $500K. No shout out to Nick. Brit is a self absorbed princess who should get nothing.

        1. But, will he last the 8 seconds? Not if Nick walks in! I know so many want a romance between Britney and Lane but I don’t see it happening. She was the only girl in the house that gave Lane a lot of attention, so, he gave it back to her. But, I do not see Britney as being a girl that Lane would go for in a long term relationship. I have listen to Lane talk about his girlfriends outside of the house and they are not like Britney. I am not saying Britney wouldn’t go for Lane but I think they would both get tired of each other, Lane would not baby her and she needs that.

  17. it’s funny how enzo made it to the final 3 and none of your favorites did, make excuses for all the dumb asses you wanted to win.where is all your super bb players at.oh in the jury house they sit.enzos the boss.say what you wish,whine like biatches. enzo made it to the final 3. hahahahahahaha

  18. i voted for matt to be americas choice (10 times i was allowed online not on cell as mobile costs, online free)
    simon i absolutely love the new pics. spot on especially the ragain and new rachboy pics :) LMAO
    good job this yr with the BB site. 5 stars.

  19. Just found this on the web——Big Brother 12 needs to start a new tradition!  If you watch Survivor, you know that as the finalist go to the final tribal council they must walk past the torches of those evicted before them.  The Survivor finalists stop and remember their fallen comrades.  This crew could care less about anyone but the ones left so I felt the need to pay tribute (or condemnation) to those who have gone before.  I’ll be nice!
    Annie – We barely knew you!  As a saboteur, you were perfect.  You didn’t hide behind anything and you were out front with your tricks.  If you had only played your cards right in the alliance business you would have remained.
    Monet – Monet, Monet, Monet!  I could have liked you except for one thing – your cattiness.  Don’t complain about others unless you have tried to get to know them.  Keep modeling.  I think you will go far!
    Andrew – I liked you Andrew.  You had such potential to get caught off guard.  I don’t think it was the alliance as much as the fact you were different.  This crew couldn’t think for themselves and they just voted as told.  I liked your exit speech.  In my mind it will be one of the best ever!
    Kristen – Kristen, you got a raw deal.  You honestly made sense but you chose the wrong person to speak for you.  Ragan may have been your friend, but he trashed people right and left so how do you know whether to trust him or not.  To be honest, you, Annie and Andrew deserve a shot at All-Stars over the rest of these jokers!
    Rachel – Rachel, I liked you at the start of the season but you really need to get your drinking under control.  I wish for you the best and hope that you and Brendon have found “true love.”  You are a strong woman just work on the confidence part!
    Kathy – As the mother of the house Kathy, you did wonders but had a target on you from early on due to the guys.  Rule number one if you decide to float is to recognize alliances. While I think you were suspicious, you didn’t act on it when you should have.  I hated that you got blindsided but in this house it was the trend.
    Matt – Matt, I hated your lie.  I hated it during the Jonny Fairplay days of Survivor and I hate that you felt you had to stoop to this level to win a game.  You really need to learn to trust in yourself.  You won so many challenges but you put your trust in the three stooges (or do-dos as they call themselves now).  I hope you wife will forgive you and you can recognize the error of your ways.
    Brendon – Brendon, you look like a smart, nice guy.  Why did you get involved in a showmance during the first weeks of the competition?   I wish you the same as Rachel – “true love”.
    Ragan – Ragan, you annoy me.  I hate catty people who talk about someone behind their back.  You say you experienced it all your life but you didn’t learn from it!  I hope you can mend some fences in the jury house and wasn’t too shocked to learn that Mattie lied about his wife.  You need to look beyond appearances and see what is game and what is true.
    Britney – Britney, I really don’t know what to say for you.  I had high hopes!  You actually showed some sense during some of your talk and then you went right back and went catty on me.  I think I would offer you this advice.  Grow up and learn to accept people.  Look beyond the superficial to the individual.

      1. Awwww Dirk, I was about to reward you with 500 gold stars because at long last you were making comments about the show and not tossing in caustic remarks. Now you’ve gone and ruined everything.


    1. You want $25G’s to go to that catty girl that acts like she is 10 years old and all she has to say about people are nasty and disgusting, She thinks everyone is drit under her perfect feet are you kidding me.

  21. F*ck Britney. Please people, don’t give her any sympathy votes for AC. BB really edited to make her look like a poor little girl against these mean big men. Vote for Brendan just to piss them off.

    1. Agreed…

      Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon……………. amen

      1. YUP!!!
        Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon……………. amen

          1. Yeah!!!!

            Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon, Brendon………..

    2. Screw that. I’m not supporting fake showmances. If you vote for Brendan, you will get more fake crap on future BB seasons. The dude wanted so badly to be the “new Jeff”. Giving him even a penny will only encourage more of the same BS.


      She didn’t insult your intelligence like Brendon and Rachel did with that contrived showmance bullshit.

      1. It has nothing to do with fake showmance and big deal if it was. He played the game the hardest or he would not have made it as far as he did. And if you vote for Britt you will have more of the vile crap that only should have came out of immature teens.

  22. Why do my posts not get posted? Is it because I talked about CBS?
    I’m sure millions of people watching tonight’s show will feel the AP vote should be for Brit.
    She was certainly showcased as very sweet and loving.

    Also, does anyone else feel the contest she lost was right up her alley? Knowing everything about
    how the game played out these many weeks? It’s a real surprise that Hayden won and not Brit.

    1. Brit seems to have choked under the pressure in these last few competitions. Hayden has had a clearer plan of attack and seems much more focused. He must know that BBGrandma is backing him and he didn’t want to disappoint.

    2. I agree…….. If Brit would of won that, everyone would still be talking about how BB is rigged and is all controled by production.

    1. Hayden is the very definition of a big time game player. He’s been KILLING it this year. The more you think about it, the more Enzo seems like the kind of devious super-genius Matt could only dream of being. Enzo’s social game has been the best out of any BB I’ve seen.

  23. Team Balloon Boy… Grandma I have to give it to him. He blew them away in tonights competition.. You will be so proud.. I believed him to be a dumb ass but honestly.. I have to give my respect to the guy.. He flattened them..

      1. Lane did not even have 1, Enzo had three I think and I don’t think Brit had any even put into her board. It was hard to see the tv, people were screaming, jumping.. Even if production told him the answers, he still had to remember it and try and get it together before everyone else.. He won.. I think it was fair and I’m not just saying that because I need you with me next year.. hahaha

        1. Hayden did blow them away, although Brit had hers picture boards layed out on the ground and in order and just needed to slide them in. She would have come in second had it gone on. Even Hayden commented on how close she was on BBAD last Monday night just before they broke the Brigade news to her.
          Some people may have forgotten due to the big deal made of the Brigade reveal.

    1. I believe you mean production flattened the rest of them. Hayden just had to remember the order they told him that morning in the DR.

  24. Haven’t ever been a Brit fan bit the way they outed the brigade to her was cruel. Now the way she cried about all the work she did being for nothing kinda irritated me because all of them were there for 500,000. Several of them knew they were walking out the door while She laughed. So very little sympathy for her but definitely a little sympathy.

  25. Haven’t ever been a Brit fan bit the way they outed the brigade to her was cruel. Now the way she cried about all the work she did being for nothing kinda irritated me because all of them were there for 500,000. Several of them knew they were walking out the door while She laughed. So very little sympathy for her but definitely a little sympathy. Still don’t know who is getting my vote vote for AC.

        1. ya they did, enzo wanted to cry. a while back they were talking about trading the brains for the blond.enzo liked britney towards the end .they had the funniest conversations.

      1. Hayden felt so bad that when the 3 idiots decided to tell her, his first response was that he wanted to change his clothes (“it will definitely be on TV!”). Enzo wanted a specific reaction from her – one of surprised awe and amazement. When she didn’t provide that reaction, and instead said it wasn’t really much of a secret, he just kept pressing the issue. He went on and on and on and on and on….about how amazing they did, it was historical, they were the best ever. He wouldn’t shut up! Yes, Britany cried. Anyone would have in those circumstances – to realize that you have been manipulated by two of the people you trusted. But I would point out that she didn’t burst into tears and have a tantrum. She cried only after Enzo kept on hammering her with it. Lane said and did nothing. Then Hayden walks in and tells her he isn’t using the POV. I don’t care who you are, or how tough you are, that is a lot to take in. And I’m not even a Britany fan, but I think she handled that better than most people would have.

        1. What did Enzo expect Brit to do when they told her? Should she have told them how brilliant they were, and it was ok that they ambushed her in the HOH room, and boasted over and over again? They should have just told her that she was going home b/c they were a group of friends, and not elaborate one being The Brigade. Oh, they were so smart and she should just agree to their arrangement! Idiots!!!

        2. In the diary room she did. I think they handled it wrong and I think they shouldn’t have told her. But the way she talked was as if she was the only one to be evicted ever and the only one to find out that she had no chance.

    1. The Bra-gade weren’t laughing at Britney. They were laughing just due to the fact that they were so proud and excited to finally reveal themselves. Britney didn’t know what hit her. Britney got got. The problem was that she thought she was “playing” all 3 of the boys, but in actuality they were “playing” her. That’s why she was crying. She thought she was so much smarter than them. But the Bra-gade played the Dodo card perfectly.(sometimes almost too perfectly)
      So, the reality of the situation is what really hit Britney like a ton of bricks. But you got to remember, every single one of the Houseguests that left before her also were very upset. They all cried: Rachel cried, Ragan cried, Brendon cried. There’s no difference in Britney crying too. shit, even Monet cried. and Captain Kosher even cried!
      But the thing is, all 3 of those Bra-gade members love Britney. And she loves them. And they all know it. I love all 4 of them too. Britney’s a great girl. I hope she’ll make it big somewhere on tv after this is over. NFL sideline reporter would be perfect for her.
      I’ll be honest… I don’t think her and Nick are gonna last.
      Anyway, the final POV eviction ceremony was great. All 4 of them gave great speeches.
      Britney is amazing with hers when she said something like “Unfortunately I wasn’t an original member of the Bra-gade, but happy to be a casuality of the Bra-gade, and an alternate member for a short time”. That was awesome.
      She was so cute. I love Britney. And I was real proud of Lane for being honest with Britney about wanting a Final 2 with her. And it was evident in his GB to her. Lane & Britney do make a nice couple.
      But enough of that. I want the Meow Meow to finish some unfinished business. It’s your time to be legit!

  26. Hate the 3 but they are sitting in final 3. And please brit was funny but very rude and nasty towards the others. I do not feel bad for her. She got played. Had matty stayed the course he been in final 4. He over played it.

        1. LOL at voting for Brit. She has no chance. You don’t think america can see her talking shit about everone 24/7. Get a clue and stop wasting your time. Brit has no shot

    1. WTF?? don’t make a mockery of this America’s Vote! Brendon is one of the worst players ever! He was a dipshit who thought he was on The Bachelorette. The guy is brainless. He was manipulated by Rachel, by Andrew, by Britney!, and by Enzo and Hayden! The guy was a tool. Ya Big Dummy!

      1. Oh,that is SO f-n true..To get played by Enzo has got to be humiliating..Why would anyone think that Brenchel deserves the 25k? Because he FINALLY tried after Rachel was gone? He STILL played FOR her!! He is not all there…But maybe you all think he deserves it BECAUSE he’s so dumb,I don’t know…THE most annoying person this year,by far,was Brenchel…NOT deserving of anything except Rachel….Good Luck…Dumby

  27. I like hayden @ this stage to win it all, Lane has a Gym, Land, and it seems plenty of money. Hayden has played a much better social game and he is always studying. Props to Enzo for being smart enough to form the brigade, and attach himself to 3 other players who could compensate for his lack in gameplay. Enzo should get America’s choice because in such a weak cast, he was the comic relief.

    1. Enzo deserves atleast America’s Choice because without him this whole season would’ve been extruciatingly boring! Infact all the Houseguests loved having him in the house because he was so entertaining. They all enjoyed his company. Without him, the house would go crazy. He’s very valuable like that. He was the “glue” of this whole season. I strongly believe he was a huge part of why the ratings were so high this year. He deserves that money.

      1. Enzo deserves nothing. He did nothing all season except get a good edit by production.
        It would be an insult to the fans if he were to win AC.
        Sorry. Just my opinion.

  28. Yes Enzo was a dispicable – he should have waited till Hayden was there. and Hayden’s comment well at least you won the $10,000…..I say throw the meow meow out the house……

    1. hayden was there stressing out and walked out,so enzo thought hayden didnt want to be there.so he told here .enzo wasnt laughing at britney,they just edit it that way.

      1. No, not really. Hayden was called to the DR. They told Britney while he was in there. When he came back, they had already told her. He asked why they didn’t wait for him and Enzo said that it just worked into the conversation they were having and they told her.

        1. i think hayden went to dr on his own to request something, he was stressing bad like he always does.he even changed to tell her , he was all nervous, these dudes have no chance against hayden,he is an animal. haydens a mastermind sneaky genius.i do hope he wins, he out played all of them.he almost played the perfect game.he knew when to win.he could of won the surf board comp but choose not to.i think he might be 500gs richer.

          1. Okay, it’s not important but I did watch it twice and he was called. However, he was stressed about telling her and I do think he wished they had waited on him to tell her. Anyway, the outcome was the same.

            1. Hayden threw the final punch and said, I’m not using the power of veto.. it was brilliant. If I was Britney, I would have had to clap because it was the first smart thing the three of them did since they became the Brigade

            2. you could be right,you know i think im really addicted to bb this year, geeez i need help. im over here arguing for the brigade and enzo. why do i even give a shiit, whatever i gotta go bb is on right now,haha

              1. dont hate, I just watched CBS and I know now why you thought Hayden was avoiding telling Britney. That is how they cut it for the show. But, I watched it on BBAD as it was really happening and that is not how it went down. He was not down in the kitchen pacing. Hayden had been called to the DR. They didn’t show that on CBS. I apologize for over commenting on this but I just wanted you to know that is why I did that little argument with you on that. Sorry.

                1. not a problem, i saw it on the live feed, i just couldnt remeber ,but they sure change alot of things from live feed to the show on cbs.it’s crazy some of the dr sessions these people talk about on live feed dont even make it on tv and they sound really funny.i guess they turn you into what they want you to be.

  29. Put all your petty reasons aside, and VOTE MATT! He played the game the best out of all the evicted house guests…..be honest, its the reason everyone wanted him out, its the reason nobody else discovered the brigade. VOTE MATT!

    1. Can you say that? What are you tallking about? If Matt was REALLY ABOUT THE BRIGADE then Brit would be out when Matt used his DPOV. Think about it…..he was just playing both sides of the house. Kathy was so useless!!!!

    2. Reasons why I think Matt played a bad game….

      1. The wife lie (and not why u think, it backfired no one wants to go to final 2 with him)
      2. The Bro-gade ( his gut didn’t want to commit at first, should have listen to it)
      3. The DPOV on KATHY????
      4. Throwing Regan under the bus (allot)
      5. Throwing the HOH Brit won
      6. The self described Diabolical Super Genius title ( with a title like that he let me down)

      I just can’t vote for Matt for AC, sorry

      1. Those are all very good points. I think reason #1(wife’s fake terminal illness) is enough reason to not vote for him.

        1. I wish people would just get over that. So what, he lied. Big deal. It doesn’t mean that’s who he is. He was just playing the Johnny Fairplay card. Everyone lies in this game.

  30. I can’t believe Brit’s best friend, Summer Conquest (yes, that is supposedly her real name), gave Brit permission to tell all those outrageous stories about her. Summer seems to be Brit’s go-to person for tales of the embarrassing, sleezy, and humiliating. If half of what Brit describes as their “adventures” are true, she has no room to criticize Rachel’s lifestyle.

  31. I would never vote for Brendon, he screwed his game up when he hooked up with Rachael and made his self look stupid the whole game. I would vote for Britney I don’t think she is as bad as everyone acts. She might be catty but so was every other girl in the house. Most of the stuff she said was true anyway. You have to give her credit she did win some competitions and stuck around till the final four. I wouldn’t consider her a floater or carried through the game, because if she didnt win the competitions she would have probably went home. I would like to see Hayden and Lane in the final 2, and Hayden probably should win, he has played harder than Lane physically, but I also thank Lane did make some smart moves with keeping Britney and laying Low and not making a lot of chaos for himself. I think Enzo if funny and seems to be a nice guy beneath it all, but I just don’t want him to win for some reason. I kinda felt sorry for Britney they way they told her, but sometimes guys can be insensitive, lol. I think she actually took it pretty good and forgave them easily. In the end it is a game and they played it.

    1. I think alligning himself with Rachel was not as terrible as everyone thinks. The second hayden won HOH and when the brigade was formed he had a target on his back. But Rachel not only won HOH twice but she took the target off his back at put it right on hers.

    1. I have a PC auto voting for britney all night. It does it 10 times, then changes it’s IP, clears it’s cookies and votes 10 more times. i’ll shut it off in the morning… by then it should have well over 25,000 votes.

  32. I agree i would love to see brendon win the 25,000.00 just to see the look on all three of there faces.What would be really funny to is if brendon or even rachel were to make a commercial since enzo thinks he is going to be someone famous. Come on everyone vote for BRENDON………………………………………….

  33. I would never vote Britt she was not just catty like the others she said alot of things about a lot of people without even knowing anything she is a vile girl you would only expect the things that came out of her mouth from a very young immature teen there is no excuse for her type of comments no matter what anyone may have acted like.

    1. I totally agree with you. People keep saying she’s immature. I’m sure when she’s 50 years old, she will be the same self-centered, egotistical, nasty person she is today. If any of you were in the room with her, she’d be calling you nasty names and making fun of your clothes or something. She won $10,000 plus about the same in pay when she leaves. She did fine. Regan won $20,000 for being the lamest of sabs. Even Rachel won $5,000, Hayden won $5,000 and a trip. Enzo won a TV and probably a role in the next Sopranos type show/movie. I’m voting for Brendon, he had to fight from week one (on block, won POV) till he was finally voted out. He passed over money and prizes to stay and play the game. He left with nothing not even his hair.

      1. Brendan was playing only for Rachael. What kind of player is that? Will Rachael care about him in a week? He is a loser who only whined that she was evicted. He was not playing for himself, but a realtionship.

  34. the Brigade win is bittersweet.. I’m happy they are there but not without having to eliminate Matt to get there… I want to throw a grenade but it won’t be with a happy heart.. I’ll just toss one and say yeah, I won’t dance and scream and play my theme song because it isn’t a clean win.. Matt deserved it more…

    1. Rockstar… what is your theme song? Just wondering…and couldn’t you put together a small celebratory dance number for next Wednesday and post it on YouTube for your fans here?

  35. brit should of stayed with ragan and matt now she looks and feels the fool now these three idiots are left what a shitty season actually my last

    1. If you call busting your whole game wide open on Day #2 a good player… well, go for it! * shaking head in disbelief*…she is the poster girl for how not to play this game, with Rotten Ronnie a close second and third.

  36. So I haven’t watched the live feeds, but I read on another site that Britney and Ragan said if Rachel were pregnant, they would want to personally abort the baby. Can anyone vouch for that? If so, I can’t give either of them my vote. Not that I am pro-life or pro-choice or want to even start that debate, but I just think that is going a little too far. They have said some funny things, but that is just wrong.

  37. Britney’s fake teeth? She did look pretty tonight. Was she wearing flippers? Her teeth looked huge, white and were really big in her mouth.. Pagent contestants wear them for a big smile.. does Brit have them.. take a look and see if it’s true..

  38. All these women want to vote for Brendon because they think he’s a hot piece of ass. And he has a big penis, according to Rachel.

    1. NFHG – Not all of us…We are in the “NO FAV. HG CLUB” so in order to pay back the HG’s for a not so good season we picked Brendon because Rachel has noooo shot. So we have something to look forward too at the finale.

    2. I think Brendan deserves the cash for “playing hard”, and his student loans must be “astronomical”. And what does size have to do with any of this… it’s not the size of the rocket, it’s the trajectory!

  39. I guess for me it will all come down to what questions the jury asks and how the final 2 respond. If it comes down to gameplay, it’s a tough call b/c I don’t think any of them have really played as far as making power moves or anything. If it’s about winning comps., then Hayden gets it hands down. If it’s about social play, maybe Enzo. I’ve only watched BB since season 9, and while I might not necessarily like the final two, I can usually find a reason to root for one of them. This time, I’m just not able to find anything to like about these three or a good game reason to hope for them.

  40. i am watching ultimate big brother uk and it blows americas BB away. it is the last BB show UK will air but has the best of sorta from all the BB seasons together for 18 days.
    america should take an example from BB UK and their show wouldnt be so boring


      1. You’re right, did you see how bad Lame played in the POV. He blamed it on his brain, his brain was attacking him. Enzo just moved up one on the food chain.

        1. Did Lane even take the pictures out of their holder? He didn’t even know the answer to the first pair. That was the saddest PoV comp for a contestant ever! Hayden just needs to win one of the HoH sections. He should have no problem making the finale going against either of those hapless brains in a deciding quiz.

          1. Lane didn’t want to win the POV because then he either uses it, then Enzo and Britney are up and he is exposed…just not in the shower this time! Lane would have taken out Enzo and there goes the Brigade.

            1. your are delusional if you think lane threw the pov, he is clueless, and enzo wasn’t much better, almost all of his answers were wrong

  42. Kind of off topic, but what the heck, I really missed House Calls this season. I’d loved to have seen Evel Dick’s take and impressions of this year’s cast. Could you imagine Dick and Rachel in an All-Stars house?!

    1. In the next All Stars, from BB12, they’d need to take Enzo and Rachel for sure. And then possibly Britney. maybe Ragan. and maybe Matt. Hayden and Lane should NOT be in All Stars. they’re too boring.

  43. Can someone explain how the 3 part HOH process works? What does it mean for the person who wins the part of the HOH comp we saw the beginning of tonight? Thanks in advance…

    1. The person who wins the endurance HOH get to compete in the final HOH comp. The 2 people that lose the endurance comp get to compete in a skills based comp for which the winner of that competes with the winner of the endurance comp in a quiz on wednesday. The winner of the final HOH gets to pick who they want to take to final 2.

      1. Awesome, thanks for the breakdown & for keeping us up to date and entertained all season long…this blog was a huge part of my summer!

  44. Okay so here is the deal.. I have read most of your comments and I have to say obviously Hayden, Lane and Enzo can’t be too dumb cause one of them is fixing to win 500k and well you aren’t. Plus Hayden has played an amazing social game. He is still there he has won 3 hoh’s and the pov when he needed to. So stop being jealous. Brittney made fun of people and laughed but she had every right to. Did you see the people she was making fun of. Also how many times did you think it was funny when she was making fun of them. I thought she was hilarious. Enzo and Lane were also. Hayden should win. I loved Britney. It should be her in the final 3 and not Enzo. And for those who believe Enzo was the boss and he should win because he formed the brigade. Im pretty sure his payoff was making it to the final three. He has only won one pov and thats it. Im just saying….

    1. Yeah, but let’s be honest here. Lane is the worst player out of all 4 of them.
      He was the ultimate floater in the house. On one side he’s got the Bra-gade doing the dirty work for him, and on the other side he’s got Britney doing the dirty work for him too.
      He just coasted right thru. He wasn’t even a have-not.
      And he didn’t even want to win that HOH competition.

      1. I think your post just proved you wrong. He did play both sides of the house. Wouldnt that make him a good player? I am not a Lane fan at all, and I dont think he needs the money, but he has played a good game. I have to say, I’m undecided who should win it all, all three have pros and cons.


  46. So this means the live feeds come back the same time as BBAD?
    Hmmm. Does anyone else find it interesting that they played Lane up contemplating betraying the brigade tonight…by loooking like he would keep Brit it make Enzo and hayden look like the loyal two….me thinks it might be a set up for Enzo and Hayden for final two. I only say this because it seems they have manipulated the show to have the Brigade take center stage. They want it to be the “best” alliance in history…they want the hate and the drama…and by they I mean CBS…..just a thought.

  47. OK, this is for Rockstar, Award Night On Online Big Brother,
    Most Respected commenter (even though Mimi disagrees),- BBGrandma. (the rest of us are 100 percent in favor of)
    Most Amusing commenter, – Rockstar
    Most Unstable commenter,- Jimik60
    Most crazy As A Bag Of Hammers commenter,- Sickoftheirshit, with mention again to Jimik60
    Most Misunderstood commenter, (Tie), Ratney and Uradick (I get your shit)
    Most Annoying commenter,- Mimi ( With honorable mention to Mike)
    Most In Love with a HG’s,- The Excitement, (For your love of Britney, or Britney nude at least)
    Most Unconfortational,-(Truely Canadian) Kathy from Canada (no offense K, thats just us as Canadian, well not me, but its still a good thing)
    Most Attacked For No Reason,- LJ
    Best AG Eating commenter,- QAZ
    My Fav Cause She Always says Drink,- Moaner, ( Oh Baby, you keep my faith in the good ol U.S. of A )
    Best BB Online Site, ( OnlineBigBrother )
    Best Dudes Who Run A Site,- Simon and Dawg
    Simon and Dawg, I don’t have a credit card or pay pal but would really like to donate to the site, could you send me an address and I will send a money order. Believe me, you don’t want one of my checks, lol.

      1. Canadian Fan, thank you for letting me make your list. You know where you stand with me. At the TOP! You have the others right on, too. You missed one because you haven’t been on as much this year as past so I will add to your list:

        1. OK, Grandma, your right, I haven’t been on here as much as I was last season, so if you sky is due of an award, then sky you have one, BBGrandma has the power of veto on this site and I will fight anyone who says otherwise.

            1. Isn’t that awful, Im a guy and I know I don’t think enough, but I wouldn’t forget my momma, or my wife/ girlfriend in a speech like that. I would expect to be killed in my sleep at the very least after that.

    1. I’d like to thank all the piss ants who don’t get me. I strive to be misunderestimated, it’s what I live for. Tune in later, when I’ll give you Just the TIP. Why? Cause that’s all you virgins can handle! ;-) Yeah, I said it, and hopefully Simon won’t block me. Censorship is like karma, they are biatches!

    2. You got me – I really don’t go for confrontation – sure it creates drama, but personal slams aren’t necessary. I’d rather read a new, unique theory that can make you rethink a position and PLEASE KEEP IT SHORT! But best of all, I am all about the quick hilarious one liners! BBGRandma and Rockstar both take that award for me.

    3. yeah, I win… I feel so happy.. -doin’ my little chicken dance
      sad that my arch nemesissy is on the list a bunch of times but none the less, I’d like to thank the Canadian governement for funding my existance, my family, my 1 friend and my dogs and cat.

  48. Look, on the surface it’s sad that Britney got hit with a grenade when the Bra-gade revealed themselves to her that one night. It’s sad and heart-breaking to see the little girl cry. But if you really listened to her reasons of why she was crying you’d realize she really is a spoiled little brat. Look at this: “I spent 3 months wasting my time for money I wouldn’t be able to get”. “I left my fiance for this”.
    Come on man. Everybody spent months in that house trying to win money they couldn’t win! Everybody had to leave their families for this!
    Britney is just a poor sport.

  49. I hope Britney can look back on this season and think “Wow, why didn’t I keep Brendon in my pocket when I had him”. Yup, if she would have honored her word with Brendon, there would have been no stopping a team made up of Ragan, Britney and Brendon!

  50. Did anybody else have a Wizard of Oz moment as Britney was leaving? I anticipating her saying she’d miss Lane, the hayseed with no brain the most. Of course you got Enzo the cowardly & pathetic meow, meow. While Lane resembles the Tin Man, & Hayden the Scarecrow, you get the idea….

        1. Your going to get a spanking young man… now put down the key board, say ” I sowee” to Raygan and stop being mean.

      1. so if you don’t like gays your homophobic? well I’m not afraid of gays I just don’t like this one, I liked Andrew does that mean I Like all Jews or I hate Bitchney does that mean I hate all blondes, no you STFU its a comment board I can say what I want. Just like the Fag said what he wanted in the house. this is a game and they want you to like and not like people. that’s whats its about. so here’s a new game -play hide and go F@#K yourself

  51. “A f***ing tv show doesn’t have a f***ing haircutter.” – Enzo

    No…they don’t. Because you are not a celebrity and therefore do not deserve to be treated like one. Oh and don’t blame Lane for your hair, or lack thereof.

  52. My guess right now is that Enzo won…he seems pretty relaxed getting his shit shaved…..wishful thinking?… we’ll know soon enough I guess. Hayden seems bummed…so it’s gotta be Lame or Enzo!

  53. As much as I dislike Enzo, I have to admit that the guys giving him a haircut is pretty hysterical. I am giggling and can’t stop. The poor guy should just give it up and shave that thinning mess off!!

  54. I’m voting Rachel to win the money. She was a strong player and the only entertinaing thing about an otherwise dull season.

  55. Lane obviously wasn’t that bad of a player if like you said he had both sides of the house voting for him and he laid low and didn’t start any crap with people. He played a good social game as well and he didn’t have to do any of the dirty work, which makes him really the smartest of them all because no one will think he was a dirty player and like you said he didn’t even have to win any competitions to be where he is, I don’t call that dumb. And people please don’t vote for Brendon he did nothing but whine and complain the whole game and everything he did was for Rachel. If he would have played for himself I would have considered voting for him, Everyone talks about Britney being mean and rude, Did you guys not hear how Rachel and Brendon treated people and talked about them when things wasn’t going their way. I understand Britney talking about Rachel and how gross she was she hardly wore clothes and had her boobs and but hanging out constantly. She had no class on the show it was ridiculous, her and Brendon were sleeping together week 2 both of them were disgusting.

  56. It’s funny you won’t post that shit since I was able to post it and it’s stil up on the CBS forums. just saying….





  58. I won’t vote for Brendon to win the America’s choice, and it’s not because I don’t want Brendon to have it. If You vote for Brendon to get it, you will actually be giving it to Ratchel. He will give it to HER! I don’t want her to have a dime. Sorry Brendon, but this girl screwed you out of everything. You could have won the whole thing if not for her. I would give him my vote, but don’t want to give it to ratchel. Sorry Brendon fans, its all sad but true. VOTE FOR RAGEN OR BRIT!

    1. No one thinks they will stay together after the show, If they do then good for them.
      Brendon played the game after Rachel left, which was not what I expected him to do. So for me based on that and Regan getting 20k for nothing. I will vote for Brendon and let him do whatever he wants with it. I don’t care if he spends it on Rachel.

  59. The way these tapered turds are fawning over my boy and shaving him….it makes me think Enzo won…otherwise would they be that interested???

    1. really surprised that the results haven’t leaked out and the guys in the house are being very tight-lipped………maybe they were instructed to keep their yaps shut?

  60. I think it might be Enzo who won part 1 of the HoH competition. Hayden seems a bit down. Lane looks like he’s trying to study the HoH/who the nominations were with the playing cards.

    1. BBAD is live right now. Boys are going to bed. Hayden won the first HOH comp. He just told Lane to win the next part tomorrow. Both have been encouraged by production to take Enzo to the finale.

  61. Shit yo I gotta get my mind around the fact that all that crap we saw on TV was Tuesday…these guys have had some down time since then… we wll need to pay attention to see who won…. I hope it was Enzo.

  62. My guess is that Hayden won. Lane is studying and he just said something about how he doesn’t see Enzo studying. From the look on his face, he thought that was strange, as if Enzo needed to be studying.

    1. If it’s a memory game, Lane is sunk. He sure performed poorly on the competition tonight, but then he didn’t want to win.

  63. I’m thinking Hayden won part 1. Since Lane is doing so much studying and made the comment ” you don’t see him studying at all” to Hayden, it seems that it will be Him and Enzo going head to head tomorrow night.

    1. GO LANE! I want him in the final even though unfortunately I think Hayden will win it all no matter who he’s sitting next to.

    2. Is Lane helping Hayden study, or vice versa? Maybe Lane won, and he’s helping Hayden. Someone posted that the buzz is that Lane won.

  64. I doubt if that useless piece of shit enzo won!!
    Hayden is showing his talents and winning everything.
    Lane seems to be dim-witted – prob only capable of beating on someone with his brother’s help!

  65. found this on cbs forum but can’t really verify if true……..9/09/2010 01:01:23 Subject: ////////// PART ONE HOH WINNER SPOILER //////////////

    CBS Community Member

    Joined: 07/13/2008 17:09:31
    Messages: 2242

    Hayden won the part one HOH comp..
    tomorrow Lane and Enzo will compete in part 2.

  66. but hmmmmmmm, thought part 2, which is skill was already played and taped today……..think what Lane was studying was for part 3, the quiz…..well guess we will know by the end of tomorrow night’s show

    1. Hayden knows that Lane is as stupid as a rock and doesn’t stand a chance of winning,
      Oh that’s right he goes against Enzo, Lane has a great chance of winning competition 2.
      Good bye Enzo. Enjoy your tv.

    1. Looks like it…he keeps glancing at the camera, and I have never seen someone stay in the shower so long. Something is keeping him, busy. Yep.

  67. Just saw Lane in the shower again doing his usual “thang”(if you know what I mean). This is the first time that I have seen a shower curtain in the shower . Has it always been there?

  68. I don’t think that’s what Hayden meant but if he did, he’s absolutely right. He did do most of the work. They know it and that is why they keep saying they can’t beat him.

  69. I don’t know why any of us care at this point….. it will sway on what production wants…they will gear the next comp towards who they think knows the most about whichever topic… at this point it’s Allison’s game….enjoy the ride …SUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. I feel bad for Hayden, Lane would totally take Enzo. Yet Hayden thinks Lane can “help” him invest his money in the oil industry.

  71. In this world you have bullets and slugs, Lane is a slug 100%.
    Lane can not think and walk at the same time, he gets confused.
    Then there is Enzo, who couldn’t win even if he was up against himself, he’d still lose.
    Enzo is all talk with no walk. Loser 100%.
    Hayden has a cake walk to the final two.

  72. How exactly do the parts 1-3 work? I mean, whoever wins 1 goes against WHO in part 2 ? Just the person who came in second and not the third? I can’t remember from last year. To me, Hayden seems pretty down. Or does part 2 only between the #2 and 3 people? This is driving me nuts…..I’m watching the After Dark right now and can’t really understand it from what they’ve said so far. ARRGH….

    ps) I thought Lane was going to jack off again in the shower even WITH Hayden in the bathroom….he had the look on his face and Hayden asked him a question…..LOL…what a dope! At least do it under the covers at night in bed. LOL….

    1. hayden won first round, tomorrow lane vs enzo for round two probably skill, then winner plays hayden in round 3 wensday night, winner of that choose who to take to final. enzo has to win next 2 challenges to go to final,if not hayden wins 500 gs

      1. The way it sounds to me is that Lane won round 1. Thent they will play 2 (Enzo and Hayden), then winner will play Lane. Winner of that picks F2 and they are in house for week till finale next week.
        That is what the other sites are saying.

  73. Hayden will win and it’s back to shit as usual yo!….the only drama left is what I am looking forward to..and that is… Regan hearing about Matt’s lie and going ape shit! I hope he goes ape shit…if he rolls over and says that Matty is good person I might be done with the human race. yo

  74. Lane is a pure idiot in every letter the word. First watching him playing for the Veto was straight disgraceful. The only thing was Rachel winning the DPOV or whoever he had. It was so OBV matt had the DPOV my 7 year old daughter knew that. Not only that but it was only a few weeks ago when Matt used it.

    1. OMG Brenden does not deserve the money! He did hardly nothing while Rachel was in the house except chase her around and agree with any decision she wanted. Then when he could have started playing the game he trusted ENZO! So his decision making both game play and decision making, (trust issues) sucked. I liked him, I wish that he would have played this game by himself. I think that he would have needed help in the game of course but I think it would have been a totally different game. I think he would have hung with the guys but, they still would have played him too, like Matt to Ragan! Sorry I just don’t agree with Brenden winning the money, it’s just my opinion of course.

    2. Brendon deserves our vote..remember Brit got $10,000…He played fairly, & was willing to help everyone. GO BRENDON GO !!!

  75. I knew Lane was stupid but tonight’s episode really let you see how dumb this guy is… I’m not a Hayden fan at all – but now i believe he deserves to win watching him with the POV contest. Enzo and Lane are dumb and dumber. Vote for Brittany for America’s Player!

    1. Lane threw the pov competition. He and Hayden were laughing about it in the bathroom earlier.
      I think everyone should stop acting like they know all about Lane’s family. Even if Lanes family has money (which that has not been proven as fact) that doesn’t mean that he does. Plus he keeps saying that he is giving the money to his mom. Just saying…..

    2. I agree! If they would have let Brittney play that damn game fairly she would have probably at least been in the final 2 against Hayden. Those 2 boys, dare I say men, don’t deserve even second place! What a travesty of justice! They are dumb & dumber for sure! If I hear YO, one more time I swear It’s going to get crazy here! That’s why I feel even though she did win $10,000 she still deserves the America’s Choice because all 4 of them had a fair chance to find those pennies and win the money. Enzo didn’t even look very hard, as usual he just gave up! That money should have no impact on the vote. Making this worse is the fact that Enzo said earlier this week that they have 1st, 2nd & 3rd place in the bag!!!! 3rd place being America’s Choice!!!

      1. Maybe if she had played the game she might have gotten to the final 2. She was way to busy making fun of players(even long after they where gone) and trying to flirt with Lane. She really seems like the kind of girl that just goes with the money.

  76. Not that I care a bit (besides enzo) who wins this now… But all you Lane haters thinking he’s really dumb as a rock. I know how the editing can go. We’ve heard all the Hg’s talk about how the DR will keep calling them in there until they get what they want.. the edit they want. I really don’t think he’s as dumb as they want us to think. I can remember thinking that Hayden was pretty dumb. But apparently from what we’ve been seeing in the comp’s he’s been doing really well and has had his thinking cap on. The editing of Lane’s DR’s could very well be laying on the floor in some room. okay, that’s my spin on this.. and NO! I don’t work for CBS! Just a fan~ : )

  77. Enzo is the biggest idot TV has ever seen! He represents the NJ area as a dummy! He should go home broke like the asshole he is!

  78. I agree that Hayden deserves to win. Go Haden! But as far as Enzo being the star of the season, I don’t think so. I am so sick of hearing YO! Meow, Meow! , etc. He’s probably a really nice guy, but I don’t see how his family and friends can listen to him for ten minutes. He needs to learn to shut up unless he has something intelligent to say. It’s like he has diarrhea of the mouth.

  79. OMG people this is a game! These 3 can’t be that stupid if they made it this far. It appears to me that obviously they played the game right to make it to the final 3. There is not one person in that house or the jury house that hasn’t lied, poked fun or backstabbed or cried. This is a game and may the best PLAYER, remember that, Win!

  80. Did anyone else notice that when Britney was giving her eviction speech, she gave shoutouts to all her family and friends….but did not once mention Nick?????

    Also, can anyone tell me how the “sock monkey” made it back into the house? Hayden gave it to Kathy and on several occasions said he was sorry that he did that. Kathy also specifically said that she packed it the morning before eviction, because she had a premonition that something wasn’t right. Did Hayden get another sock monkey in his next HOH basket?

  81. The best player, or rather the ONLY player still in the game appears to be Hayden. How bad would it be if Lane or Enzo win it? The Brigade’s only members that weren’t completely worthless were Hayden and Matt.

  82. Lane actually sucks! At least Enzo started the brigade and took them all to the finals, but Lane did nothing but fool around with Britt and does not deserve to be where he is.

  83. Just a got chance to watch bb from last nite. Brit’s face. Priceless!!!!! What goes around comes around. To bad she can’t take her own advice when she said it’s only a game. It is a game so she needs to grow up and STOP talking down about the other players. I hope her family is shamed of the way she acted, and maybe she can use the money she won and get some help for her jealousness over Brenden and Rachael.

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