Big Brother 12 Spoilers – CBS blocks the Feeds Today To Increase Wednesday/Thursdays Show Ratings

It’s pretty apparent that CBS is BLANK with the Big Brother game more then ever this year, The sad thing is whatever they are doing is working for them since ratings appear to be the highest ever (10.87million viewers on sept 2).
Real networks the company that provides the internet stream has said this “CBS production is blocking the live feeds today. Subscribers to SuperPass will have access to special programming during that time. The block will occur for an extended period of time starting Tuesday morning BBT.” So this is what i’m thinking CBS doesn’t want us to know Brit is getting evicted and they don’t want us to know who wins the Endurance component in the final HOH competition. They want to maximize the number of people that watch the bile they pump out on the Wednesday and Thursday shows. The feeds will probably come back tomorrow night at which time we’ll know who won the first and second part of the final HOH..

In a lame attempt to make this news not suck Real networks have announced “special” events on the feeds which I guarantee will blow like Rachel after a shot of $30000 Tequila.

If you want to BLANK about this send CBS some feedback I’m sure no one at CBS will care. This news hits OBB hard since feeds sales, traffic from feed updates and Generous donations are what keep this site running., the feed watching community, all the great big brother blogs out there and casual fans of the show are all taking A HUGE HIT with this decision by CBS. I have a feeling this is the tip of the iceberg for what CBS will be doing next year on Big Brother 13.

So with that all said lets see if there’s any fun we can have with no live feed updates.. Dawg and I will still be posting anything cool that has to do with Big Brother, maybe more nudes/police reports whatever we can find.
12:48pm Update Message on the feeds “We’re sorry, but CBS is blocking the live feeds from Tuesday until after the Wednesday show”

1:58pm update Watch the BIG BROTHER: AFTER DARK replay on camera 1 until the feeds come back up

2:39 UPDATE What the feeds will show tonight
Now: BB After Dark on Cam 1 on the Live Feeds page
4pm: Chelsia and Missy will be hosting Happy Hour
6pm: Chelsia and HG Howie for a live video chat as part of the BB SuperPass House Party


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480 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – CBS blocks the Feeds Today To Increase Wednesday/Thursdays Show Ratings

      1. I use to like this site. but now you can’t read any unbiased news without the Author adding his slant for there favorites. We know you don’t like Rachel!!! get over it already geez lol

                  1. I’m a slant? Wow, I have been called a lot of things but never slant. Well, I don’t know if I have ever been called straight up either, tho.

    1. Alison Grodner is so fat when she steps on her weight scale, it says…’to be continued’…

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      Alison Grodner is so fat when she auditioned for a part in Raiders of the Lost Ark she got the part of the big Rolling Ball.

      Alison Grodner is so fat when she opens the Fridge it says, ‘I give up…’

      1. what is yuor problem..why do you have to put people down..i am sure if you took a good long look in the mirror…you would nt like what you see…grow up and get a life…

                  1. @ Carol……i think we are more mature then that…I dont need to shut up..I can say what I want to say when I want to say it…by your hiding behind a computer telling me to shut up….is just laughable…

                    @Michele thanks….

                    1. omg i think your both nuts. i have seen th cl t word ..more fu s then i care to count. people being call scum duches a holes you name it. get the over yourselves it s a blog and SHUT UP is the least of your problems. maybe you just want to banter a bit . ball up and pick on someone who really says nasty shit. or else i ll sic ag on you and she ll probably eat you

                    2. well said Tagnet..your right…but you did tell us both to shut the f k up now that doesn t offend me but i can t speak for michelle. TRUCE

                1. and I just think everyone has a right to EAT(and eat and eat and eat….) what they want without someone telling them to shut up. ;)

      2. OMG…You made fun of a FAT person!!!
        How clever!
        How original!!!
        I’m just laughing so hard, a whole cupcake fell out of my mouth!

        I’m being facetious…grow up…get some real insults…geez, what a cheap shot.

    2. then I think we ought to boycott wednesday evening’s show — not tune in. It all sucks anyway. I’m just glad I didn’t buy those feeds — I’d be furious right about now. wonder what BBAD will do tonight? Will it air? they are having an endurance competition and from the desription elsewhere, Enzo has no chance. the likely winner for HOH is Hayden again. (they let him play this last HOH?)

      Simon can you get a photo of Britney at last thursday’s live show and post it here? that would be so great, if you could.

    3. Personally….when the dumb ass camera man focuses on brits face, lane playing with himself, enzo breathing, hayden’s teeth and small upper lip or flamingos….just to irritate us…I like to imagine what the camera dohdohs are thinking….like: oooo…Lane’s penis is so tiny! OR I can’t figure out which I to focus on…what is she looking at? (Britney) OR yo, yo yo, yo, yo,…15987, yo 15988, yo 15989….(this also works for the F bomb)….THANKS BB FOR RUINING MY FUN! BASTARDS!!

  1. They don’t want America to hear that nasty mouth of hers when she’s evicted. CBS wants to have a chance to edit it, clean it up. You know how she loves saying things about vagina……

    1. If you have been watching BBAD, it doesn’t seem Brit will go out that way. She is resigned to her fate. Unfortunately, I am not. This is the worst BB I have watched.

  2. You think they will stop the live feeds all together next year? I hope not. it’s not like the spoilers get out. When I just watched the episodes it was always a suprise to me what happned…

  3. I thought the whole point of Big Brother was that they were viewed by America 24/7 and WE were the ones who were supposed to choose the winner. I mean, that was the original concept, anyway. They’ve already killed some of the spirit of the game by taking away America’s votes for eviction. Now to take away the live feeds would turn it into a knockoff of The Real World, but for money. It’s stupid.

    1. You are so right. I never thought of it that way. It would be better if America had more of a vote. It’s so frustrating this season. Your Real World comparison is right on. This is becoming so boring that I wonder if it wasn’t worth the tape they were using to watch everyone sleep. Maybe this is their way of recouping expenditures for the show. By the way, I think Britney has actually become a really good sport. I think she should receive the $25,000.

      1. its not that she is being a good sport, no one but brendan rachel and matt wanted to fight to be in this house and even matt gave up

      1. No, it’s because in season 1, Chicken George’s wife got a restaurant to sponsor votes from their location, and because of the volume of calls that came in from all the landlines their location had, Brittany (with the crazy hair colors and crush on Josh) was evicted. They wanted to even things out, so they took away our vote. I still say they should eliminate HOH, America should nominate, and the houseguests should evict based on our nominations.

        1. If George’s wife could do that from her location, other people could too, so I don’t think it’s a question of evening things out. It’s more a question of them not having some control over the outcome. If the power is in America’s hands, they have no way of predicting how 10 million people will vote. But among the HGs you know how many you’re dealing with and what they are like. Plus they have the DRs where judging by the answers they give, they are given leading questions and in round about ways told what they don’t necessarily know. So if CBS wanted one person over another evicted, I think they can plant it in their minds about who they want gone.

      1. That’s why we don’t get to vote anymore except for fringe stuff like the food, some competition stuff and America’s 25K winner.
        I think after the first season the TPTB changed BBUSA to be different than the BBUK – the reason was supposedly America voted out the most interesting players/villians at the beginning (something like that) and they wan’t to keep the more interesting players/HG’s around as long as possible. I think the problem is this – most of the time – what we the public and the producers/CBS/TPTB – find interesting are two completely different things. Example – Enzo – they seem to love him when I think he would have been voted out long ago by us the voters!!

    2. That’s too bad they cut the feeds among other things they’ve done or not done this season. But I’m definitely not for America’s viewers voting for the winner because of they way things can be edited. I will venture to say that most people don’t watch the live feeds or BBAD to get a real sense of who some of these people are minus the editing.

      1. I would like America to have a part in the vote, because that was the point of the show to begin with. Even if we don’t watch live feeds and see the edits, we see things the other houseguests don’t see. This is why I think America voting for nominations would be the best solution. We nominate, they evict. It would make them wonder why America chose those two people.

      1. Thanks!… I guess watching the endurance comp wouldn’t matter anyway; these bozos are going to last 30 min to an hour at most. I hate that!!! Like when Mike Boogie jumped off the volcano in allstars!! Gone are the days of a true endurance: Evel Dick was fighting hard for 8 hours in his f3 !!!!

        1. I wasn’t a fan of evil dick but I gave him so much credit for staying in that comp for so long
          he earned the win with that comp

          1. Zach won that round of the HOH. Daniele convinced Dick that it was okay if he needed to give up on that one. Dick went on to the 2nd round, where he beat Daniele and the 3rd round where he beat Zach.

              1. Oh sorry I misunderstood. I read it as “he deserved to win that comp,” but now I see that you meant he deserved the win (the BB win) with that comp. Haha my bad.

      2. Is this for certain? I wasn’t able to find anything online about this – is it posted somewhere? CBS and Showtime are both part of CBS Corporation, so they could ‘shun’ BBAD without much incident, but they have in the past had the live feeds blocked for a while with BBAD being unaffected, so maybe…? I think there should be a refund though for violation of contract for anyone that wants it if the feeds are fully blocked for multiples days — who’s coming with me???

      3. so what does that mean ??? wont they show the hg like on a monday afternoon on tape delay since their wont be bbad live…or just no big brother at all

      4. And exactly what are they blocking, the viewers listening to the same old conversation or the viewers watching another very dull pool game. This is totally ridiculous. WHAT WILL WE SEE ANYWAY!!!!!

  4. I’ve been watching less and less of BBAD. The hg’s are either sleeping or not doing anything. Last night they were at least talking about different scenarios. Last night, Enzo and Hayden said the DR had been talking to them about keeping Brit for final 3. Or that Hayden might use the POV.

    Maybe you should put up a new poll.

    Lane, Brit and Hayden (pov used and Enzo evicted)

    Hayden, Enzo and Lane (pov not used Brit evicted)

    Hayden, Brit and Enzo (pov not used Lane evicted)

    Possibilities of first HOH. What the comps might be?
    Isn’t endurance usually second competition?

  5. Wednesday is supposed to be a special Live Eviction, from what I thought Julie Chen said last week.
    So, I guess right after Britney’s evicted tomorrow night, the Brigade will compete for the Final HOH on Wednesday and Thursday’s Live show.
    Then I guess, once that’s determined, the 3 of them get the whole week to figure out who the HOH will take with them to the FInal 2.
    Then on Finale night next Wednesday, 1 of them joins the jury, and the other 2 sit there and plead for votes.

    1. I don’t think the next eviction will be live. They started a lockdown like what Monday afternoon. They’d already had a luxury comp. and as of this morning they were still in lockdown. So they must already have the first of the final three HOH comps. set up, b/c I don’t think they would keep them in lockdown for three days. It’s time for all the new seasons to start so BB has got to finish up, so they’re pushing a few things ahead of schedule.

  6. Exactly as I expected. In the early days BB 1 and 2 , I subscribed to live coverage. I was so diappointed with the “black outs”, I forward an email both to CBS and the people that ran the
    live coverage, stateing that cause of the blackouts , I will never subscribe to it again. I stay true to my word. I guarantee it will ahppen at all Big Brothers programs. They’re a bunch of bastards.

  7. It’s not like there are any surprises left for them to do this kind of thing.
    They are building up no suspense whatsoever, all they are succeeding in doing
    is alienating viewers. This action speaks volumes to the fact that they had a
    boring season and screwed it up with their interference in the competitions. This is
    a desperate attempt on their part to try to stir up interest again. Obviously, they have
    been reading the blogs and know people are disappointed and fed up and say
    they have no interest in the outcome. They want to make people think that maybe
    something is up and the outcome won’t be what they suspect. Lame attempt
    production. Congratulations you have thumbed your nose once again at your viewers.

    1. i totally agree regarding the weak attempt by cbs to create some hype to the end of arguably the worst season ever.. anyone who subscribes to the feeds is going to watch the show no matter what – and the casual viewer doesnt care enough to seek out spoilers anyway so who are they protecting.. i cant imagine blocking the feeds will make a single difference in the ratings or anything else so what is the point?

      1. the only hype they will create now is fewer viewers because I have decided I’m not watching Wed, night. This is getting to be too much. We already know who will be evicted as we have known every single week before this one and that didn’t seem to be a problem for CBS. CBS suxs right along with this season of BB.

      2. I guess with that comment, I am no casual watcher. hehe No matter how boring or lame BB is, I will always watch and search out results from here. (I cant get live feeds from here though) I do agree that this is the most boring season by far and I do await to hear some drama comming from either Brit or Enzo. But these yahoos dont want to argue. Let me at em… thats how the south does it. However I like the ones that do tend to be truthful when arguing versus the little/big liars. peace out

      1. BBAD is thee only reason we subscribe to Showtime because they play shitty movies, and this year has been so boring. I would rather just come to this site and get the info instead of wasting my time staying up, or even burning through the Tivo is get anything interesting. I truely do not understand how this year is the highest rated season. These final four SUCK!! I almost hope something happens in production and the season is ended prematurly and nobody wins.

          1. The only reason their ratings are up this season is because there isn’t anything else to watch in the summer except reruns.

            1. yes but the same exact thing can be said for every other summer that bigbrother is on becuase every summers there is nothing on therefore it is equal ground for every season. saying that this season has high ratings just becuase nothing is on is a bad argument becuase last summer suring bb11 nothing was on also and this season still has higher ratings

    1. Harvey, as has been stated earlier, CBS owns Showtime and subsequently BBAD. They can do whatever they like.
      At least we are now aware that BBAD will be blocked tonight so we can watch whatever HBO has on instead. It will definately hurt Showtime’s ratings and boost their arch rival’s over at HBO.
      What Showtime will probably air are some long-form previews of Dexter and Californication and whatever other new shows they have upcoming.

    2. Wondered what contracts they were breaking with showtime as well.
      Same as live feeds though. viewers paid as well as the web sites to view it. And now NadA?
      It’s not right.

  8. This is crazy!!! Oh my gosh, what am I going to do today without the feeds, and running over to my laptop to see what new post is on OBB? Simon, do something. Tell us a story or something!

    1. chances of that are slim to none, if he would be punished so would rachel for her pretzel note, and the obvious rigging of every comp would’ve never happened …. they lose what credibility they had left with this season. they need to come out the closet and admit what we already know that Big Brother is in FACT RIGGED

      1. Enzo couldn’t get a penalty nomination if he was already on the block. He SHOULD have gotten a penalty Vote. Rachel was already evicted but they SHOULD have stripped her of the $5000 prize she won.

  9. Big Brother has changed my life! I no longer admit to living in NJ. We have had our share of embarrassments, but Mr. Palumbo (Enzo) will go down as one of the biggest! I will from now on tell anyone who asks that I live “near Philly” The only good thing is that in less then 2 months people will say Enzo who?

    1. Let’s hope that time frame is more like 2 days. I truly want Enzo’s Ego to fall flat so he understands he is a big joke who did nothing but swear, eat with the worst habits everrrrr and brag. I am so sick of listening to him brag nonstop, and my heart sinks when he picks up food and I wonder if CBS is going to favor us by moving the shot to another HG so we don’t have to watch the open mouth lip smacking jerk eat. We’ve seen Hayden in the shower, and oh boy have we seen Lane in the shower (grin), we’ve seen Brit in the shower, but has anyone seen Enzo shower?….or wash his hands after scratching his junk?

      1. Just once, when they had the dancing punishment. They showed him in the shower and he had to stop and dance. The other HGs were dancing, but I’ll bet it was more out of joy at Enzo practicing good hygene for a change.

        1. That’s the only time I recall him showering. As for washing his hands after he scratches his balls, well, he doesn’t even wash his hands when he gets finished in the bathroom. He’s nasty.

          1. Nasty doesn’t even begin to describe Enzo. I am amazed at the other HGs tolerating him.
            I can’t understand why he doesn’t get on their nerves. I did see Hayden give him a dirty look that night on AD when Enzo was in the Taj room, leaning over a bowl, sloshing, cracking and spatting out SunFlower Seeds…. Hayden and Lane were trying to sleep and eventually Hayden looked over at Enzo is….I’d have to say in “disgust”. Enzo was totally unaware that his mic was blasting those annoying sounds in anyone’s ears. He’s got the mentality of a log. An egotistical log, I guess I should say. According to him he is the best log in the pond. (ha)

            1. I bet you people give Pig Pen more respect than you Enzo.
              Enzo is not so bad. Everyone of us know of an Enzo.
              Give them a hug today………..from a distance that is.

  10. NO Surprise there Production been rigging Big Brother 12 since the beginning every single competition won was won because they wanted that person to win, sad i know but it’s been proven time after time this season from comps being obviously designed for certain people “matt’s hoh,rachel hohs, and brendon’s hoh, and hayden’s 2nd hoh, to letting the cheating slide enzo’ eating while on slop 3 times and rachel’s pretzel note” , and also it makes a stronger evidence that BB11 was Rigged in part too gnat not holding the key in that last hoh, and her and kevin cheat-sheet ect ect.

      1. Production LIKES Hayden, Lane, and Enzo. DR even has plans to go and hang out with them after the show. They thought that young girls would LOVE the jocky boys and America would love their Jersey Shore wannabe. Notice how Enzo gets a good edit on the show — they don’t show him spewing his hate against Ragan or the female contestants.

    1. Whatever that you’ve suggested that Big Brother lost, I agree as well.
      In my humble opinion, I think they also lost their credibility.

  11. Craziness. You think they are really messing with the houseguests now? Like bribing Hayden to use POV. Bribing Enzo to vote off Lane?

    I need some OBB like Grodner needs cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. How did the ratings jump up so much for one show? I looked at the site Simon posted and there is no way that the ratings went that high for one show. Someone messed up there and posted the wrong number when they were to post the ratings. I mean it was on average a high 7 and then one show does a 10! No way! I mean there is not that much going on to make the show jump that much. CBS is pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes!

    On a side note, I love the site and hope you keep it up for future big brothers. I love reading it! Simon and Dawg, you do a great job! Keep up the good work!

    1. In my humble opinion, I think Simon and Dawg actually help the BB ratings. As a community we have remained interested in the outcome of the season albeit in negative ways. From our varied sources we have exposed much more about the HGs than CBS ever anticipated or intended. Production manipulation of the game is out in the open and discussed in detail. Instead of cutting the feeds to artifically boost ratings, CBS might benefit from going through our posts and work to perfect a game with integrity that the audience actually wants to watch. Finally I thank Simon and Dawg for their dilligent efforts to keep us fully informed and to spark passionate debate. We are all so grateful to both of you.

  13. This is the worst season since I’ve been following BB. The sab was stupid. Aside from the DPOV, the pandoras box was wothless.

    I haven’t cared to watch the Thursday night shows for a few weeks now.

    The next BB really needs to be an all star cast of strong characters and psychos after this weak shit they threw out there this year: Evil Dick, Russel, Rachel, Tweaker Bitch (forget her name), etc.

      1. although if rachel and brendan come back that would make the rest of them mad
        that way I can say I didn’t waste my summer watching this lame season

  14. simon and dawg thank you so much for your site i read it all the time yours is the best site and i will donate to your site because its the best of them all and thanks again for all the great work you and dawg do

  15. Boycot the Wednesday and Thursday show. Undermine their drive for ratings. You can read recaps of the shows a couple of hours after the shows. I’d also be p*ssed if I shelled out $ for Live Feeds and CBS was blocking them — write to AG and CBS and demand they pay you back for the portion of time that Live Feeds are unavailable.

    1. Mimi – blow it out your fatt AG ass. We are going to watch the show, put your head back down in that fat guy’s lap and put your mouth and your hands to better use.

  16. “I guarantee will blow like Rachel after a shot of $30000 Tequila.”

    she would blow everybody in the room including the dude that paid for it.

  17. the amount of people who actually subscribe and view the daily live feeds is MINISCULE compared to the number of people who only watch the televised broadcasts … to the vast majority of BB watchers, they don’t even know (or care) about being blacked out

    1. You’re sadly right — and that’s why they feel they can make this decision with impunity. But the dedicated fans are the ones that watch the BBAD and/or the live feeds and read the BB blogs — You need a dedicated core of fans as your base — and they are in danger of p*ssing that core off and losing it. And next year, when god willing the economy is better, the ratings will return to normal. . . or even lower. It was the economy, stupid AG, that drove ratings this year — not your crappy production.

      1. If you had a life of your own you wouldn’t have time for all of that. Oh and by the way, did you hear what
        Ragan said he was going to spend his 20g’s on, all those school loans??? Not, oh ya he said he was going to buy a new car.

        If there are 10 million folks watching, why could you possible think they care about you?

      2. that sounds EXACTLY like all the smarks who ran wrestling websites 10 years ago who credited themselves with making pro wrestling the “it” thing … alas, poor Scoops, we barely knew ye

  18. NEW THEORY: They are giving Brit/Lane some alone time w/no cameras before she leaves. Of course that would make for exciting footage so they aren’t letting us see in fear of BB12 losing it’s reputation as worst season ever.

      1. More like we don’t have to listen to Enzo talk about how wonderful he/they are, as opposed to all the other players…over and over and over….

        1. you mean like this is the best alliance ever
          this has never been done before
          we are going to famous
          we are bunch of dumbasses oh wait that one came from me, sorry

  19. Wow- went to Google and pulled up a picture of AG- hideous looking thing, not that looks are everything, but she looks more stuffed than what you have for Thanksgiving. Get a little self contol girl.
    I called Comcast and cancelled my premium channel service, now that BB will not be offering what they promised (BB After Dark). How can they do that? They made a solicitation for this on every broadcast- I will write the FCC and complain also- does not sound like they should be able to do this when people paid for a service.
    Lastly, the ratings- well not a lot of competition for sure- I would like to see BB against AGT- expect the ratings would tank.
    A very boring group of people for sure. Who would spend a dime to see or hear any of them? The first time I have ever watched when I really do not care who wins- a bully (Lane), a blow hard (Enzo), a gutter snipe (Brit), and a cretin (Hayden). Good riddance.

    1. Good idea re: FCC. Companies usually take gov’t complaints very seriously (I’m serious). You might also contact Better Business Bureau — an org that lots of companies take pretty seriously.

  20. BBAD tonight, this is what I found in a BB News & Rumors post …..

    “By the way – tonights Big Brother After Dark will also be ‘blocked’ of course – you will get to watch some taped ‘live feeds’ that you haven’t seen before – maybe three hours of Tuesday morning before the feeds are stopped.”

  21. Well I stopped watching the broadcast shows a long time ago. I REFUSE to watch the upcoming show on Wednesday and Thursday. I will wait for the blog. I will not support thier actions by boosting thier ratings. Its kinda like a 3 year who is trying to get thier way by any means necessary, the tatic that works most often is ignoring the bad behavior. So CBS I will “actively ignore” your bad behavior by not watching. Hopefully others will follow and you will learn that is unacceptable behavior. CBS, Do you need a time out? LOL

  22. Man bitchy big brother blog blows. After reading just 2 paragraphs it made me want to pour suger in her car’s gas tank Then come running back to OBB. I’d rather read old OBB posts and comments.

    1. You are disgusting grow up !!! Why don’t you call your parents and tell them about this site and have them read your comments I bet they would really be proud of you.

        1. it.wasnt.a.threat. It amazes me how you can take something exaggerated and blow it COMPLETELY out of proportion. People have abortions, and lose children and bad shit happens to them but you can still joke about it, how else do you get through life? And dont take a joke and make it into a threat just to start throwing numbers around.

        2. The best thing you can do with a person like that is not respond to them. People like that don’t like to talk to themselves. Eventually they just shrivel up into a corner and go away.

    2. Okay…umm…to all the people complaining about this comment…have any of you read bitchy big brother blog? She’s brutal, just like this comment is, so get over it. I personally love reading her blogs, but honestly, any crap she gets, she brings upon herself.

    3. Seriously! I cannot stand that blog…it’s arrogant and snarky and a pathetic attempt at trying to be funny. She tries wayyyyyyy too hard.

  23. Big Brother production’s phone number 1-818-325-6900 and AG’s ext: 6903 for your complaints! They’ve got a message on it now providing the number for CBS audience services …. someone trying to pass the buck / blame for their terrible production and blocking of live feeds?

    1. I called and a girl named heather picked up AG’s Ext. I told them that I was getting a hold of the FCC about false advertising and paying for something that I am not able to receive.

      1. LOL the moment i found out that they can cut the feeds whenever they want i made my decision never buy the live feeds. but this cutting of the feeds for 24 hours is beyond ridiculous but look at it this way they been rigging BB12 since it started everybody who won was supposed to win.

    2. Simon, can you please remove Apples2Apples inane comment? I thought that the use of that specific slur had been banned on this site.

          1. BBGandma- I told you to slow down on the drinking game… Steamboat!
            Wait there are no feeds yet, Is this buzz left over from last night or did you read Steamboat in the comment sections all day? ha ha


        1. But you have to admit sometimes it’s kinda like a bad Thanksgiving famiky reunion??? Lots of drinking, throw in a few insults, the odd personal rant, and yes even some tattling. That’s why I love it I guess. I’m just the senti,emtal type. (Gently wipes tears from eyes)

          1. Seriously! Mimi gets her feelings hurt and asks Simon to monitor me :) I guess something that I said was true hahahaha! its called freedom of speech tubby mimi

        2. Haha, seriously I’m being blocked from posting because of Mimi’s feelings got hurt? LOL guess I hit home with that last comment – AND i’m not a dude – I just keep it real and think people who cry over the internet deserve every bad name they are called :P

    3. Don’t bother calling her. She eats anything 6 feet from her mouth that makes noise. Like a T-rex, she only reacts to bright lights and loud noises.

  24. i don’t even watch big brother on CBS or bbad. I just come to this website for all the updates. Thanks Simon and Dawg you guys did a good job on keeping me updated. And I still wont be watching CBS or bbad until finale night. This was a boring cast and season.

  25. Just read Bitchy Big Brother Blog’s “Welcome to the club, Enzo!” It is a masterpiece! It is like she channeled my thoughts!

  26. This was my first year subscribing to the live feeds, and I have to say it was a big waste of money. I haven’t even watched for the last 6 weeks. Next season I’m going to donate my $15/mo. to Simon and Dawg since they are far more interesting, and deserving :D

  27. NEXT YEAR – No Live Feeds ?? I predict they’ll eliminate live feeds next year:

    1) AG wants to cheat and manipulate the game with impunity and not have anyone be able to complain about it.

    2) Production wants to be able to create their faux-characters and not have anybody know the real creeps. Look at the different opinion that show watchers have of Brendon and Enzo — compared to those of us who’ve seen the truly toxic personalities of those two via live feeds.

  28. Americas player
    -brandon, He was targeted since week 1 and still made it to the final six. he won almost everytime when it matter most.
    -If u want to be simpathetic then u give it to cathy bc her son needs help with cancer
    -DO NOT give it to-

    1. Huh? Kathy’s son doesn’t have cancer. She specifically stated that the type of chemo used could cause another type of cancer. She’s trying to provide for her family in case something happens to her again.

        1. And I’m sick of reading people’s complaints about it. Smoking isn’t the only thing that causes cancer and from what I’ve heard from cancer survivors, they were told by their doctors that, with all the crap going into them with chemo and radiation, smoking is the least of their worries.

          1. Felony – I agree however, if they choose to smoke and believe me if I had cancer (knocks on wood) I would be puffing away too so that isn’t the issue, my issue and a lot of peoples issues is that she should know better and not be so judgemental… Do whatever gets you through the night however, don’t judge on what someone else does or you will get kicked in the arse and you will lose all sympathy because that is how it goes.

          2. I have to agree with FelonyMelanie. There are people who suffer from heart disease and have open heart surgery who continue to stuff themselves with high fat foods and poison laden diet soda. People who feed their kids McDonald’s happy meals several times a week (nothing like popping a plastic chicken nugget into your child’s mouth) washing it all down with high fructose soda. I won’t even go into genetically altered foods that we ingest. The list goes on and on, not to mention all of the legal drugs people fill themselves with to deal with ADD, ADHD, weight problems, ED problems, and stress. Kathy just happened to be in the public eye. I am guessing that most that are complaining about cancer and smoking on this site have a closet full of bad habits that could cause them illness at any moment. (I actually hate cigarettes). It is Kathy’s life and her choice, just as we all have choices. If something comes of her smoking, then she will have to deal with it.

            1. I have had cancer twice. Never smoked. Tried it once when a pack cost only 25 cents. Like Clinton, I didn’t inhale. Couldn’t get that. Pot was a waste on me too for that reason. If I knew how to avoid cancer, I would be shouting it to all of you. Sometimes, as in me, it comes through our bloodline. My sister died of it at age 65. (she did smoke) My daughter has been diagnosis with two different forms of it. She never smoked. It can be terrible, scary, and deadly. How someone else deals with it, well, that is up to them. Me, I say just keep kicking. And, kick harder on anyone or anything kicking back.

                  1. Anonymous Bill, I would try again with you but you would say, “Don’t be a Bogart, Grandma!” But, I probably would. XXOO

          3. I’m sorry that is not true. Cigarette smoking is not the least of their worries. My brother died in May of lung cancer (he quit smoking too late) and my Mother died in June of COPD (a smoking related lung disease.) Both of them could have still been here if not for cigarettes. So please do not minimize the affects that smoking has on you body.

          4. FM: My late husband died from lung cancer two years ago caused from smoking. End of story! You can get annoyed all you want but smoking does kill!!!

            1. Did I say it doesn’t kill? Did I ever say that? No. I said what I’ve been told that medical professionals have stated. Do not twist my words around. Yes, smoking CAN lead to lung cancer. Being in the sun for too long CAN lead to skin cancer. Heck it’s even been said that oral sex CAN lead to throat cancer due to HPV. But it doesn’t mean it WILL. Some people can smoke for their entire life and die of old age. And then there are those such as my ex’s mother…she didn’t drink or smoke and ended up with lung, liver, and pancreatic cancer and died before the age of 50. But what I’m trying to say is that smoking isn’t the only thing that can lead to cancer. And just because someone chooses to smoke does not mean that they are going to get cancer and die. It’s a hit and miss kind of thing.

  29. I am sure the vast majority of people who look at the spoilers, and BBAD, and the live feeds also watch the broadcast show. We are the fans after all. What a stupid strategy to try and increase the broadcast ratings!
    Increase the ratings with characters we will remember- Evil Dick and his delicious daughter, Jordan (America’s real sweetheart), Boogie, Will, Chicken George- even Jessie (OMG)- the list goes on- these are all real BB players. Who will remember any of these folks?

    1. after this season’s cast , I would be happy to see jessie in the house again, of course I would probably help vote him out for a 3rd time

      1. Jessie! Oh my gosh. He is so replusive, I would definitely not watch if I had to watch him flex his steroid muscles. He is so self-absorbed. He might have large muscles, but his brain is smaller than a bird’s.

        1. MissTiggy, watch out! That is Rockstar’s main man! I have heard that she can bite people that attack her Jesse. (but, she can’t help it. Her other boyfriend is a Moose.) You know I love you RS.

          1. hey, hey, hey, no dissing of the Jessie infront of me.. what is wrong with you?.. have you no shame.. haha thanks Batman, I knew you heard my yabba dabba do-ish bat signal…. haha

    2. I went on CBS website and filed a complaint email essentially recapping your comments and let them know I will not be watching anymore shows this season. I will come to this site to find out what happend. I hope they get inundated with customer service emails.

      1. Sorry it’s not customer service to complain……to to the bottom of front page and option called ” feedback”. Click on that and give them a piece of your mind…..A BIG PIECE!

    3. You gotta be kidding! Enzo is only good at making excuses as to why he loses most competitions. He’s trying too hard to be a Jersey “boy.” He’s watched too many Jersey Shore episodes. He’s a real fake.

  30. That wednesday will be a doozy –
    1. Finale of BB
    2. Survivor premiere
    3. Free UFC card on Spike
    4. Premiere of the Ultimate Fighter with GSP and Koschek coaching

    What ??!! Get the PVR humming…

    1. Holy crap! That’s all at the same night? I didn’t notice! I have to move around my Ghost Hunters recording to accomodate… LOL

  31. ANDREW!!!!! I miss you and love you :-D even thought I am not kosher for you :-(

    I wish you could win the favorite, but you were executed to soon for anyone to remember

    Baruch HaShem Shalom

    1. I like Andrew too. I bet if Andrew stayed a few more weeks, nobody can stop him. He’ll give Matt and Ragan a run for their money. The other jokers and the nasty mouth little girl don’t count, as they are not real players. I consider Enzo, one of my favorite, a true entertainer, nothing more. But Andrew, he’s up there with Matt and Ragan for me.

  32. I will never subscribe to the live feeds because of situations such as this where they are blocked — what a stupid waste of money. this season was the worst to date — they ought to let America choose the cast.

  33. BB should learn the lessons from its greatest season ever – Season 2. Cast across a broader spectrum of age and ethnicity and you get a killer show. The structure of the game is still amazing – just need more interesting people playing it. Its too white and too young and too bland. What I would give to see Monica in there ripping everyone a new one !!

  34. They could at least let us watch the jury house and this is crazy to block the house like this, is this not why they call it Big Brother because WE watch????

  35. So, is this the first year that BB cut the feeds for this “live” eviction? If it was not done previously, that would mean that the eviction was on the spoilers before the show.

    1. you are not understanding what CBS is doing……. they are actually taping the POV ceremony and eviction plus the HOH endurance today, for tomorrow night’s show……..cutting live feeds til after that show, like Simon said, to probably boost ratings

    2. I remember near the end of last season, that BBAD was not on because they blocked it for an airing on CBS. I think I remember that but I was in the hospital at the time and I may have been high on stuff they were pumping into my veins.

      1. I remember the end of last season … there were THOUSANDS of people on this site asking ‘where is BBGrandma!’ Did you ever go back to see the love?

        1. Really? No, I have never gone back. But, someone asked where I was? Gee, I never knew that. But, thank you! I know some get tired of me getting too personal but I got some really good friends on here!

          1. yes, really, ask rockstar, she’ll tell you too — lots of people asked, even after the season ended and as this season was gearing up your name came up! You are becoming a legend!

            1. Wow, Simon, I’m a legend! Get out of my way, Enzo! I am getting on that damn show next year! And, I am shouting out this site! I will probably be voted out first but I will shout out OnlineBigBrother as the door hits my ass! Thank you everybody!

                    1. Okay, but you ain’t going to like it………….I use to have a good rack but now it looks more like “off the rack” discount.

  36. The way I see it, it is all that nasty julie chen’s fault. she needs to lay off the botox and whatever else she is injecting into that nasty cat-looking face of hers. she is a joke, they need to get rid of her and ratings will go up……………………………………………………………….

    1. Gordie, You sound like a very angry person. Why on earth would you let someone on TV send you into such a rage.
      I think Julie Chen is a very pretty person. Maybe you just don’t like females.

    2. LOL…so you wanted to say something, wanted to add something to this thread, but the mind is a terrible thing to waste as it came up empty. So you tried, and tried, and this is all you came up with……..attacking Julie?
      I order you to spank yourself 10 times.

      1. Rockstar and I have been spanking ourselves for years, we never seem to learn anything accept that we like it…. tickle tickle got ya RS :)

        1. haha@Sky… you like it kinky too huh.. no vanilla for me.. I like my ice cream tri colored with multi colored candy.. haha

    3. Hey Gordie!
      It is unlikely that they would fire the lovely Julie Chen from the show for several reasons:
      1. She is beautuful.
      2. This is the highest rated season ever (as hard as that is to believe).
      3. It is not her fault this cast was/is so lame (go after Allison Grodner for that).
      4. Julie’s husband is Les Moonvies who is the President of CBS.

  37. This year’s Big Brother seems very “Southern” dominant. you got Lane, Britney, Hayden… all 3 are like big time hicks. and ofcourse Kathy was thrown in there as well. Ragan actually has Texas roots, and Rachel has North Carolina roots.
    But ofcourse Enzo really is the unique one still in the game.
    Without Enzo or Britney still left in the game at this point, it would be so boring with Lane and Hayden. omg those 2 guys have nothing to say. and when they do talk, all they talk about is skiing at Steamboat or farm animals.

    1. Hayden is NOT a hick. Arizona isn’t what most people would refer to as “Southern.” It may be “south” on a map, but it’s not a southern state. Plus he sounds more like a Cali surfer dude than a hick. Ever heard of the Mason-Dixon line? The Mason-Dixon Line extends to Texas, which is often considered the most western of the southern states.

      1. Yes, and you don’t have to be from Calif to be a surfer dude. Hayden is a snowboard dude. Long hair just like the guy who won the gold medals in the Olympics. IN CANADA!

        1. I want to know who the hell authorized Hayden to appear on Big Brother?
          It must be a woman. She probably thought that he’s cute blah, blah, blah.
          The boy is boring as heck. As least Lane comes around with a joke now and then.
          And Enzo, he’s out there bad. I see that most of you can’t hang when it comes to Enzo.
          His comedy is too much for your virgin ears.

            1. I was jjust kidding. Somebody slammed me yesterday after I left a comment and told me to go back to Canada – duh – I LIVE in Canada. And I agree we have a lot of cool Canadians!!

            2. when you said Canada was good for a lot of things – you forgot my name.. geez HelloThere, how could you forget me? I’m wounded, hurt and feeling unloved. Even my hater includes me in his rants..

    2. I think it was more so the people they picked from those places just in general. Hayden isn’t Southern but could be considered one of the most boring people in there. Enzo may not be a hick as you call it, but is the most ignorant sounding person in that house. Not to say that he isn funny sometimes. But I wouldn’t judge New Jersey by one person sounding like they never completed high school. So really it’s all in who the producers choose to put in there. But they chose not to be as diversified as they could have been overall even with age. In that house Kathy was considered old, like she was in her 60s or 70s or something. If 40 is old than we are all in trouble but to some of them in their 20s it seemed like she was ancient.

  38. This is absolutely ridiculous. This season has sucked all around. From the lame Saboteur Twist to the cast. This is without a doubt the worst season in BB history and I have no idea as to why the ratings are so high. I stopped watching after Rachel was voted out. I really hope something is done because BB has gotten worse and worse as the years have gone by.

    1. I don’t think this is the worst. It’s actually one of the most intriguing, imo. The Brigade is really what makes this season special. The undercover covert operation of the Brigade made it very interesting and fun to watch. Plus Enzo has been a very entertaining character. Love him or hate him.
      Anyway, there’s definitely been worse BB seasons. I couldn’t even remember who was in Seasons 9 thru 10. Infact, I must’ve totally not watched Season 10. I looked online to see who was in it, and I didn’t even remember that season at all. Nor from the looks of it, did I care. That to me, is by far a more boring season.
      I think one of the other reasons why BB12 has high ratings might be due to the endorsements of the colleges that the houseguests have been talking about and wearing clothes of. Arkansas Razorbacks, Arizona State Sun Devils, Texas Tech. On top of that, Lane, Hayden, and Britney are all in that young demographic of viewers(20-25 year olds).

      1. Excitement, you made some good points. I still like the show. Can’t get a homerun everytime. But, you did point out somethings that I hadn’t thought. Thanks.

      2. YES! Finally someone other than me recognizes the younger generation of BB fans. This season’s success is due in part to the next generation of BB fans. And this whole time I was thinking that all the posters were either too old or too out of touch with today’s youth to realize this.

        Thank you The Excitement.

        BRIGADE owns….

  39. go enzo!! its funny how you guys say enzo will never be famous but hes all you talk about.people got whole pages making fun of him.the more you hate and talk about him the more he becomes me he will be in movies,and you’ll go watch dumb asses.

  40. Pretty sure Britney is evicted TODAY and its shown tommorrow. I was told this by someone who had tickets to upcoming eviction that it was going to be held on Tuesday.This is why they have feeds blocked

    1. Hmm. Well, the good thing is, if that is true and Brit was evicted today, then tomorrow they have time to show her entry in the Jury House and their reactions, including what story she gives them about the BG – and Matt’s reaction, since (at least per last week’s show) he wasn’t spilling that part yet. Plus we have to see Ragan’s entrance, as well, and his reaction to Matt when HE learns about the official BG.

    2. that could be true because last night on the live feeds britney gave a toast and said something like to my last night in the house.she knew what was going on but couldnt say anything.

    3. why would they evict her if we won’t even be able to see her get interviewed by Julie Chen?
      that doesn’t make sense. The eviction is always Live.
      I’m pretty sure the eviction will take place tomorrow, Live. And maybe they’ll have 1 HOH competition right after she’s evicted. And then Thursday will be Live again, wherein which we’ll see the 2nd HOH competition.
      That’s my best guess.

      1. But I think in the television industry there is ‘live’ and ‘live on tape’ which is how they resolve the time issues.

  41. So much for “live” and “uncensored”….just another reason for me to NOT buy the live feeds. If I was a subscriber I might request a partial refund.

  42. Did anyone watch BBAD last night and catch what Lane spelled out for Brit? Brit had asked him if his family would like her. He mentioned someone named Georgia. He walked over to where she was sitting and said, “Now don’t say this out loud, but she’s…” and mimed writing something on the table. Brit apparently understood what he wrote and said, “Still?”

    Second question, does anybody remember how the jury found out that Natalie lied about her age prior to the finale? Did she tell Jesse in the House and then he told the jury? That lie ended up costing her the win and it seems so minor now compared to Matt’s.

    Regarding Enzo’s movie career, he would be perfect in any of Janet Evanovich’s books made into a movie. All her books feature crazy and colorful New Jerseyites (Jerseyians?) “One for the Money” is currently filming with K. Hiegl in the lead.

    1. Good Question. I saw Lane write something out on the table, and I tried to figure it out. The scenario went like this: Britney asked Lane if he thinks Georgia will like Britney when they meet. Lane then walks up to the table and says something like “Well… remember I told you … she’s” and then writes something on the table. At first I thought he wrote “Black”. But then I thought, that doesn’t make sense… why wouldn’t he just say that out loud. Plus after he wrote it, Britney said “Still?”. So then, I think the best guess I could come up with is “pregnant” or “Jail”. So, maybe Georgia is either “pregnant” or “still” in “jail”. I don’t know. It’s just my best guesses.

      1. I thought he was spelling “Strip”, as in Stripper? Britany has been calling Rachel a stripper all season, so maybe Lane was warning her there might be friction when Britany met Georgia (??) because of that. I have no idea if that is what he was spelling, but that is what it looked like to me.

          1. YES, I think you’re right! It looked like he wrote an “S” first. That makes perfect sense. THANKS!

            Wish they’d have the cameras rolling when the HGs meet the friends and family of the other HGs. OR just when they go back into the real world – like Regan going back to teach (if he indeed still has a job teaching).

          2. Aw that makes perfect sense! Thank You. Yes, Jorga will definitely not like Britney because of all the remarks about strippers that Britney has mentioned. Britney better watch out, she might get punched in the face. lol.

          3. Really? Why would a person with the Elenburg family money be working as a stripper? And why would Lane have to spell it if it was as innocent as that? I’m not saying you’re wrong but it seems weird.

            1. Maybe because the girl didn’t sign a release. Or, he doesn’t want his mother to know. Or, he just wanted to show he could spell stripper.

              1. I’m completely bored so I googled after posting my comment. It appears she’s now running a baby accessories company (buy a dew rag for your baby). Maybe a stripper before she was pregnant and married? Now maybe using the Elenburg $ to start a business? How boring — it would have been much more interesting if she was a casting director!!

    2. I did see what you were talking about. In his blog he talks about Jorja. Maybe that is one of his sisters.
      I would be curious to find out.

    3. I thought the lead in those books was a ginger? LOL And I thought she told one of the first two to enter the jury house and they outed her. Or maybe it was Lydia? I dunno, I gotta google it.

      1. Stephanie Plum, the lead, is a brunette. Heigl’s dyed her hair. Just don’t see her in the role, but I guess she could surprise us. And they’ve cast Debbie Reynolds as Grandma Mazur!

    4. You are so right about Enzo in an adaptation of a Janet Evanovich’s. I think he should play Stephanie’s cousin (I think his name is Vinnie) – the bail-bondsman guy. Enzo’s just creepy enough to pull it off!

      1. Exactly! You read my mind! Enzo as Vinnie. Didn’t Vinnie supposedly do it with a duck?? Enzo seemed really attached to those rubber duckies yo!

  43. I bet I know why the feeds are cut. On the Big Brother After Dark episode last night, Brit said she is going to wear her sexy black outfit…TOMORROW!…which means, today (9/7)…which means that they are probably TAPING the eviction episode today! So what we will see from now on may be taped, not live as advertised. I think when they say “Live”, they mean there was a live audience when it was taped, not that we are viewing it live, in real time. I wouldn’t pay a dime to get the live feeds ever again.

  44. Yo, I am America’s Choice because I am great. Yo. I mean I played the best social game. Yo. I mean I am social, right? Yo Everybody in the Jury House will remember that. Yo. I am famous now. Yo. Yah, famous, right? Yo I mean there will be movie contracts waiting on the other side of that door. Yo Right, on the other side of that door. Everyone is going to stand up and give me an ovation when I leave. Yo, they will be on their feet! Those helicopters flying overhead are talent scouts waiting to sign me, Yo. Talent scouts wanting me. YO! I am giving all this money I am winning to my wifey. Yo, she is smarter than me and she will spend it on me anyway. Yo! We are the best alliance ever. EVER! YO! Best ever because I named us and I made us the best. YO! Me, that is who. ME! YO! The best ever, YO! (Okay, that was just for all you that are missing the feeds. I just wanted to remind you of what you are really missing. So, you missing it, YO? I mean really missing it, YO?)

    1. why you guys always just call out enzo yo, lane is going from bar to bar to make 3000 a night.britneys going to be a sports reporter,haydens going to work for ufc.brendons going work for nasa ragans going to be the next oprah,rachels going to be a super model,and be the next super alliance with matt in all star season,i’m telling you enzo is going to be in movies,he’s just trying to entertain america yo.

      1. dont hate, I wasn’t picking on Enzo. I was just having fun on some of the things he says. I forgot his meow, meow, tho. Oh, I have made shots at Lane and his flashlight!

        1. your comment was really funny though, it’s true that enzo doesnt shut up about himself.he can always throw himself in any conversation no matter what.

        2. Someone on here posted earlier that some of the bloggers are either old or out of touch. I think you just blew that theory out of the water, BBGrandma. Kudos!

      2. Enzo will be on tv again you betcha.. Cops TMZ… those kind of shows after he does something stupid and realizes he isn’t Paris Hilton and his ass will go to jail.. I hope he likes to be on bottom because Adam is a big dude and he isn’t anyones bitch

    2. lol, Also to reply to your other post, I think It would be funny if we all went to Vegas one year and wore name tags with our screen names. To me this is like an invisible social game of BB, we like/hate each other, but when we go to Vegas (aka Jury House) we all become BFF’s because we have at least one thing in common, we are all BB addicts. BTW glad the drinking game is not every time Enzo says “YO”….. Steamboat!

      1. Sky – I’d be seriously afraid. There is one dude here who pretends to be multiple people… I wouldn’t trust him with my granny to help her across the street.. We’d probably need police protection but if the coppers were there, I’d be there. I’d probably have to be medicated though because I’m a little loud and excitable.. haha

      1. we had homemade pizza last evening…. it was even better then I thought it would be.. first time ever we made the dough ourselves.. hope you get your pizza.

        1. OMG…I so want to jump in here and talk about the pizza I had the other night, but for some reason everytime I…me…..says anything about my personal life I get belittled and have to go cry in the corner because Im extremely sensitive right now due to all the personal grief I happen to be going thru right now… I guess I will…….sniff,sniff………….say it funkin anyways bitches! HAH!

          There is this place here in Northern california called BJ’s…….no…it is not Rachels restaurant…….it is called
          BJ’s brewery and it is freekin AWESOME! They have these deep dish yummy azz pizza’s that when paired up with one of their home brewed Porters or Stouts are the bestest!! So on sunday we went wine tasting in Lodi and hit up BJ’s on the way home and I just ate my leftover pieces right now before jumpin on here to find out we are on lock down!

          Peace out!

          1. Yeah it’s LJ… I’m glad you liked your pizza.. Pizza is a major thing in my house, one person eats it every single day, sometimes twice… jump in, Grandma and I will come to your rescue.. She’s Batman, I’m Fred Flinstone.. You can be Super Girl..

  45. On the Live Feeds, Camera 1, they’re showing an airing of BBAD from the first week.
    it’s interesting how they look all the same and act all the same, even way back then. lol.

  46. simon now you know what it feels like to be blocked (from feeds) you block some of the peoples comments on here all the time!!! diek diggler, eye of the tiger etc.. this is my last comment to your site as i am done with your site. I have found other BB site that lets freedom of sppech be exactly that.

      1. Thanks to you, Simon. No one posting here should have to plod thru some idiot posting that does nothing but attack the opinions of others. They aren’t here to discuss, they are bored people who have nothing better to do that come on the site and sling crap at others.
        So thanks, Simon. Blocking these jerks is a good thing.

  47. (for anyone missing Britney on the live feeds) Rachel was so dirty. I took a bath with her and I could feel the STD’s swimming around me and trying to attach themselves to me! Rachel’s vagina is like a snapping turtle. When it gets ahold of you it will take a thunderstorm for it to let go of your penis. Kristen, oh, I can draw you her vagina from memory because she had her pants pulled up so far. I could use a camel’s toe for a model. Kathy was so two faced. I mean I had to keep turning both of my heads just to follow her in a conversation. Do you think I am still engaged? Ragan just didn’t know when to stop with his jokes. I mean, “what’s up” was always followed with “my dick” from him. He better not let his dick get close to Rachel’s snapping turtle. Brendon was wearing Rachel’s panties. Lane, can I pick your face? Mine is picked out. (this is meant as a joke. So, if I have lost respect again from someone out there, sorry.)

    1. who cares Grandma.. say what you want to say.. don’t worry if people dislike something.. if someone is that fickle to dislike you after 1 post you made, then too bad, they were not your friend in the first place and you are wasting precious breath worrying over it.. so there.. that is my final answer haha

    2. your to funny grandma, how bout regans thats what she said, this season was perrty funny,i enjoyed it,hope next season the cast a little person and a prison black guy,and a kardashian,and maybe spencer.

      1. I made up the snapping turtle, she didn’t say that or admit that she was two faced as well as Kathy. Or Brendon and Rachel panties. In fact, the Ragan statement was the only thing she really said. I was, what do they call it, “paraphasing” the other stuff. That is why I said it was a joke. I was just trying to get some laughs while there is no feeds. DRINK

  48. Everybody threatens that they’re going to stop watching. How this is the worst season. Then, when the feeds are cut, the same people want to bitch and moan. Some people just aren’t happy unless they’re complaining.
    Grow up, put on your big girl panties, and let’s try to guess all of the words/phrases that aren’t allowed to be used in this forum.

  49. Just when you think ya got shit figured Worst season EVA and the highest ratings.
    I should get my $60 camera, film me and my buds watching sports, talking trash and acting like pigs and present it to CBS…i’ll have FU money in no time!!!!

    1. You two timing hussie! Poor Matt will be devasted if he ever reads this Rockstar. He thought you guys were tight!! LOL

      1. Kathie, Rockstar owes me for sticking it out with her to the end with Natalie last year. She is now on my team Balloon Boy with me. But her heart belongs to Jesse.

      2. Kathie – no, Matt knows I’m his girl.. I got all screamy last week when he went to jury. His jean, black shirt, and his Converse, we could be twins, but that would be gross Lane if I liked my brother… He has my heart but I owe Grandma so Hayden needs to win.. Matt will win America’s Choice… (in my mind anyways…) I actually think Brendon will win that..

  50. I think it was Thomas Jefferson that said (paraphraing): ” A little revolution now and then is a good thing..”…If people didn’t watch, if they revolted against BB so to speak, .CBS would be forced to either shelve BB or change it. People keep like another wise person once said..”If it aint broke..don’t fix it..”

  51. I will say i think this is the lames cast ever!!!! Enzo needs to watchthe reruns when he gets out .. they have put me to sleep many night and other night .i just didnt give a rates ass what was going on cuz they r BORING !!!

    Thanks CBS !!! Better luck next time

  52. I’m watching Chelsia’s show on the LIve Feed Superpass thingy, and she’s interviewing Jordan right now. Jordan was talking about how she likes all 4 of the Final 4 of this season. She wants Hayden, Britney, Lane, then Enzo to win, in that order.

    1. Oh, Jordon is for Balloon Boy? And, I thought I didn’t like her that much. Changed my mind. Jordon is the sweetest, prettiest, American Sweetheart, and best player ever! Jeff is a lucky guy. (have you threw up or farted yet, Rockstar?)

            1. alight Lennon, we can have side alliances.. haha but I get rid of Jessie and you get rid of Jordon when we need to band together. haha

  53. The only thing that would be worth the live feed betrayl : we turn on tmrw’s episode, and Brit is still there! Lane booted b/c Hayden grew a pair…

    1. I really hope that’s going to happen! Hopefully, Brit can do some major convincing to Enzo, promising him Final 2 or something. Brit has little chance of beating Hayden now that he’s won just as many competitions AND has the friends in the jury. So Brit needs to get Enzo to boot Lane out, and then guarantee each other Final 2.

    2. that is aDUMB DUMB move…

      you can convince people you did better than lane or enzo

      you cant with brit and her 6 competition wins

        1. I think what is happening is posters are using a screen name and someone else comes along and uses that same screen name as well….. I’ve had it happen twice. One new poster used my screen name (not Believe it) and they had a stream of profanilty in their post which I was not doing. So I changed names. Along came a spider with the same name and it was not something I agreed with.

          1. I know, I had the same thing happen with my name. Lots of profanity and I like to use that as myself. I get into enough trouble on here by myself, I don’t need anyone else doing it for me.

          2. I notified Simon when the same thing happened to me and he was able to rectify things for me. He said that if you are having a problem with someone using your identity, send him a post, but start it Attention Simon and he works his magic. But I agree it is an awful feeling when you read a comment under your name that you would never send.

  54. Rockstar, I liked Season 9! It was a fun season and never lacked for something going on somewhere in the house, be it beer pong or topless chicken fights in the pool.
    They were a cast of free spirits who had a lot of fun, albeit somewhat raunchy.
    Adam & Matt screwed up after the season was over. The same goes for Richard Hatch the winner of Season 1 of Survivor. He screwed up after the show.

    1. Lennon- I loves BB9.. big time. I love it when they go crazy. I want to see nudity, sex, fighting, bitching, guy fights, chick fights.. I want them to play the game.. it was worth it. This year I had high hopes for the brigade to dominate in competitions but there was nothing…

  55. Hayden is going to backdoor Enzo that is the big power move, if you haven’t noticed Britney has not said a thing to Hayden about the POV and using it on her. Enzo doesn’t know what is about to go down. Burst his bubble, he may have to be the first HG escorted out by force.

  56. Wipeout is on… I’ll just pretend it’s the HOH comp. and see if the person I choose to be Hayden wins. Or not, dang weather warning…I can’t win.

      1. Exactly! It’s that kind of day… I’m BOARD! ( Visualize I got a hammer and nailing a board to my head.) It’s a play on words joke, a shirt I got with Patrick the starfish from ? that underwater kid cartoon. I can’t think of the name.

        1. You nailed a board to your head? Okay, you are a tornado in the Sky that just hit the barn. Now spit your drink and you are rain. Gee, I am having fun!

  57. All I really want to see is the jury house. Can we just watch them from now on? I also believe if there was a poll on the most boring BB house guest ever, Hayden would win. This is the biggest snooze fest ever!!

    1. Ya know that would have been a great idea for todays feed or tonights AD……..JHAD……ohhh….that doesn’t look good now does it……OK, lets just call it……Jury House After Dark………..

      1. LJ, have you been reading on here what others have been saying and seeing Lane doing in the shower? I don’t have the live feed and I have never caught him on BBAD but some others sure have……..

        1. I’ve seen Lane’s shower scene several times. Unmistakeable actions. Wouldn’t we love the after hours tour in the dark room of Rachel and Brendon. But then again, that is assuming he is still “her man”. I think Rachel was just using Brendon and now that he’s blown it and lost the 500g’s, is Rachel girl still his girl?

          1. it was obvious in her DR after the Bowling comp that she was indeed just using him for a 2nd person playing for the 500k, Rachel – “even a Monkey can hit more than 3 pins” poor brendon really thinks she loves him and they are gonna live happily ever after in vagas with her getting financial favors from rich men, and getting drunk passing out waking up with money she earned in her hand and vomit all over her.. Yea the man is in LaLa Land, and will be woken up soon as the show is over. he was a huge douche bag when they had power, but he’s a nice guy that skank gonna destroy him just like many women in his life has t make him such a pushover to women.

        2. HAH! Yes! Someone attached a link to it a bit ago and I saw it once. It was funny…..he spent far too long pretending he was cleaning his ear. I hear he is not so sneeky these days and just goes to it! Not so camera shy anymores I guess! Im pretty sure that was saving him from seducing Brit!

      1. Simon, I bet you got excited when you first thought someone was flashing you. Okay, maybe we need to know who it is first.

          1. You know, if you play this gang thing right, you could make a killing as biker tattoo artists. Traveling from bar to bar hitting up people after a good BB drinking game, with your mobile tattoo set up. You won’t need CBS and their stinky live feeds anymore!!! (I would sign up for one or three tats!!)

              1. We need Online Big Brother T-Shirts with carcatures of Simon & Dawg!
                I’d buy a few of those! Size 3XL/XT. Sign me up!

                    1. you guys better come back for BB13.. if not, Vegas it out, BC here we come.. I have a cattle prod, Grandma brings her sexy drawers, Lennon’s Ghost is The Muscle. LJ is Super Girl. Who else wants to be in my brigade? hahaha

  58. just royally pisses me off that a privileged few, who have tickets to tonight’s taping get to know what happens way before us, who have paid for a service not rendered and we are literally “left in the dark”

  59. Since BB is being taped before a live audience, I am positive that someone is going to spill the beans about what happened at the taping!! I just hope someone from this site goes and come back and tell all.

  60. so , i checked wikipedia a little while ago and they had who was evicted up . I went back to show someone else and it was deleted. i wonder if it was true .

      1. I know. When the feeds come back, it’ll be Matt, Kathy, Brendan and Rachel in the house. They’ll be acting like it’s been that way all along.

        In the Jury house, the 3 stooges and britney all have cartoon bird orbiting their heads mumbling, “whaaaaa happin’d?????”

      2. So two sites that I trust said this…..”Eviction Britney has been evicted. Jungle themed endurance. . The HGs are all on vines, and Big Brother has them banging into a wall, flying across the yard, going under a waterfall, and banging into another wall.. Back and forth”

        1. yes, I’m pretty sure brit is evicted. Haven’t seen anything on the feeds since there showing BBAD reruns but I got a tweet from a very reliable source.

  61. This is what is up on Joker site EvictionBritney has been evicted. Jungle themed endurance. . The HGs are all on vines, and Big Brother has them banging into a wall, flying across the yard, going under a waterfall, and banging into another wall.. Back and forth.

  62. I just read on another site that Renny BB10 doesn’t like Britney and she posted this on her Facebook page ,”Brittney, BB12, Your mouth is pure venom. You have spewed more off that tongue than garbage. Buy a box of Clairol for your private,so it will match your dyed hair on top of that piss ass brain you have. You are UNFORGETTABLE DAWLIN!!”

  63. Britney has been evicted from the Big Brother 12 House.

    Jungle themed endurance. HGs on vines, bang into wall, fly across yard, go under a waterfall & bang into another wall. Back & forth.

  64. For those of you who don’t like Enzo … he’s as north Jersey as a person can get. I grew up not too far from him (didn’t know him), but I could guess where he’s from without ever having been told. Yes, he’s a slob with no manners, a potty mouth and some other disgusting habits, but he’s a product of north Jersey, plain and simple. Been there … done that … mercifully, got over it. But his mannerisms and the way he talks – those are as honest as the day is long.

    He’s a north Jersey street kid, and knowing where he’s from, it’s a VERY BIG DEAL for him to have made it to BB’s top 3. Hayden is from Tempe, AZ, a product of pretty nice suburbia, and Lane is from a Texas oil dynasty. For a guy like Enzo, being in the final 3 with guys like Hayden and Lane – that’s pretty heady company for him. I’m not saying I like him or that I want him to win … I’m just saying I understand how he feels.

  65. i hope all you people that talk major shit on enzo and the brigade, lose your jobs and end up homeless,i hope none of your dreams come true,i hope nothing ever good happens to you, because you disgust me and if you disgust me i wish bad things upon you. now dont that sound stupid, its a game yo, why do all you guys take it so personal. go enzo lane and hayden, bra-gade final 3 , 4 deep yo

    1. Wow, as I started reading this, dont hate, I was thinking, “how am I going to talk this guy down”? But, at the end I saw you were just using a shock reverse. Yes, it is just a show and those that have favorites that didn’t make it are mad but no one needs to hate over it. Next year may be the year they pick the winner. I still haven’t had the one I was pulling for win. But I watch every year. Maybe, just maybe, Balloon Boy will be my first. Oh, it has been 41 years since I said that to anyone. Time flies when you are having fun!

      1. it just amazes me how much crap people are talking about these bb players, i enjoyed watching all of them this season.all of them made me laugh for different reasons.but all in all the season was awsome for me.i wish them all the in the bb house wouldnt be easy.i do hope hayden wins it all though he deserves it the most.but i do hope all there dreams comes true.cant wait for next year to do this all again.

  66. Oh when I am not able to watch my live feeds I tune in here to catch up on what has happened for the day…this shit is really pissing me off!!! CBS you charge me to get the live feeds then block them whenever the hell you want?!? Where the hell is my money?!? I paid for 24/7 live feeds and this season I have seen more bubles and blocked feeds then ever before!!! This SUCKS BIG DONKEY DICKS!!!

  67. This is the final insult. I have been paying to watch the feeds since season 4. I used to love the game. The last 3 seasons are a pale shadow of what was once a great game, and it keeps getting worse, I cancelled my feeds last week, but they convinced me to keep them running until the 10th which is what was already paid up instead of them refunding my money and cutting them immediately. I feel conned, ripped off and deprived of something I have paid for and was talked into keeping. If I had known this I would have insisted they refund me the last 2 weeks and stop the service. I am furious!! I have written a scathing letter to CBS and as of now I am boycotting everything CBS. I was looking forward to Survivor, the only other show I like but now I won’t be watching. And I won’t be paying for live feeds anymore either. I got rid of the TV some time ago and watched the BB episodes and Survivor on the net the day after broadcast. Now I won’t be doing that either. I have also written to the station in Canada that broadcasts BB. I am done! We paid for a service and we are not getting what we paid for! If I want to watch good BB, there is the UK version. BB USA can bite me and CBS will never get another cent from me. This is the ultimate insult.

    To Simon and Dawg, I have enjoyed your site since I discovered it a few years ago. Thanks for everything you do for us fans. This latest bullcrap from AG and company is a slap in your face. How many people signed up for the feeds because of this site and others like it. AG and CBS just don’t care. I guess there are lots of people that only watch the show and have no idea what really goes on, so they don’t care if they piss off the feed watchers. It’s their show and I guess they can do as they please, but they have been paid to provide a service and they have breached the terms by cutting the feeds.

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