Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Brendon and Rachel get pretty hot and heavy in the bedroom…

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2pm Land and Hayden are in the Lounge room talking about who has a life long friend in the house. They throw out the theory that Kathy and Brittney look alike, and that maybe they could be Mother and Daughter. They add that they are both from Arkansas. Then Britney comes in and Hayden confronts Britney about what Annie has been saying. Britney says that she never told Annie that she was possibly being nominated. Britney says that Annie came up with the idea on her own after people were being weird about her. Now that Britney knows Annie is mad at her, she says that she wants Annie gone. Hayden and Lane say that it looks suspicious because Annie knew about the plan to backdoor her after coming down from talking to Annie with Monet. Britney says she was never alone with Annie. Britney tells Hayden why would i want her to know that? The talk switches back to who might have a lifelong friendship in the house.

2:10pm Back in the bedroom where the two flirts are. Rachel finishes up giving Brendon a massage and they continue to flirt and kiss. Rachel says that when she first saw him she thought he was cute. Brendon says I’m just trying to control myself. They kiss more. Rachel says that if you had met me in Vegas we would be cool? Brendon says yeah, we would be more than cool. They laugh and make out some more and telling each other how hot they are… (Its just a matter of time till these to have sex they flirt so much)
Watch what they can’t show you on TV 3 Day FREE Trial

2:25pm Annie, Hayden, Britney and Lane are in the lounge room talking about the saboteur. Hayden doesn’t think Andrew is the saboteur. He says that he’s an idiot for saying that, but he just thinks it would be too obvious. They all agree Big Brother is smarter than making Andrew the saboteur. They then start talking about who was around during the blackouts. Annie asks who Ragan was near and he says Kathy. Annie says yeah I knew you were beside girls.
Outside the HoH room Andrew is by himself near the stairs just sitting on the floor…

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