Saboteur Spoilers – 2 Players are lifelong friends or have a past Big Brother Alliance

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

1:35pm Feeds are back.. 2 Players are lifelong friends or have a past Big Brother alliance. This causes the house to go into over drive everyone is crawling around trying to figure it out. Allegations are running amoke. Ragan believes that the 2 players from Arkansas are the life long friends. he’s very adamant about his point. Brendon Suggests that there’s probably no life ling friends, the twist is that they were told a lie from production. (LOL)

Big Brother 12 Spoilers


Big Brother 12 Spoilers
1:50pm Rachel and Brendon oiling up

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That’s a funny development, because since the first episode I got the impression that something was up with Brit and Kathy, like they almost seemed to know each other already. Maybe it’s just that they kind of look alike. Maybe production is just stirring the pot. I guess it doesn’t matter, because the paranoia index has just doubled. Love it!


Yeah, I checked the profiles and they are both from Arkansas. Maybe they are aunt and niece. They sure do look like they could be family.


Holy cow? I don’t know, did both the girls admit to being from arizona at the beginning? That would be a little too obvious if the other players already knew that. I think it has to be someone else


Oh, no some profiles say Arkansas, others say Arizona. Now I am really confused!!!


Yeah, I think Arizona is a mistake, it looks like they are both from Arkansas. But funny thing Matt and Monet are both from Illinois. Haha.


Didn’t Kathy say that she has a 22 year old “Son?” – Isn’t Britney 22? That would be a crazy twist. 🙂


I think they could be mother and daughter. That would be neat


I was thinking the same thing! Maybe it’s just me.. but they are starting to look a like!


Sorry, I meant arkansas. @ chloe andrew and annie are both from florida, lol


Annie and andrew – florida ragan and brendon- california Really confused now, lol


Maybe all of them have a friend or family member in the house. That would make everyone paranoid with the latest sab message. Haha


They are both from Arkansas. I live in arkansas and all of the radio stations are talking about them. Wouldn’t surprise me if they were related in some way. Arkansas is a small state ya know lol


I don’t know, but I would love to hear that Matt was involved in one of these. ( either the sab or the lifelong friend) I’m starting to think he could really get away with something like this without being suspected. Isn’t he like a genious? I’m starting to like Matt more and more.

Jake K.

whoaaa. simon and dawg…is this like legit? or is this one of those things the houseguests come up with by themselves out of paranoia?


I am having trouble with the sound, it’s turned all the way up and I still have to pay attention. Maybe once I recognize their voices…. I missed that part, but honest those two women do look like family.


Matt and skanky Annie ate both from the Chicago area and are likely the longtime friends.

T that's Me

If they aren’t the lifelong friends thing, they may have a big brother alliance in that maybe they are the child of a past house guest. Just kinda thinking outside the box here.

It's Kathy people lol

hmmmmm…..but if that means Kathy and Britney are related that means one of them is the saboteur. I think Kathy is the saboteur… I mean why would they put a woman that works as a Deputy Sheriff , with this kind of twist in the big brother game. obliviously she will figure out who the saboteur is. so it’s probably Kathy…and if you look close at the saboteur person, “shes” blanked out in blue. you can tell the persons hair is pulled back if you look close. Just the shape of her face…they prob told her, which I think is Kathy to pull her hair back to make it look like a guy. I mean come on…you cant give it away that easy, big brother tried to make it look like a guy, but its actually a girl………. named kathy. lol


I think Kathy’s the investigater, not the purpotrater. She would be the perfect person to figure this out. I still gotta say Matt ( the genious) or Monet ( the quiet one)


Well, I google mapped it. Kathy and Brit live about a hundred and fifty miles apart (two Hours), Monet and Matt live about four hour drive apart, Annie and andrew live six hours apart, and Regan and brandon live about an hour or two apart,


does anyone know any links to free live feeed? thanks


Ragen and Hayden went to the same college at the same time and in the beggining hayden said he would flirt with a gay guy just to win.