Big Brother 12 Spoilers – 4th Eviction Results and HOH Updates

New HOH will be “tempted by Pandora’s Box” if they open the box it releases Ragan as the Sabetour

It’s Endurance
HOH goes to Matt

6:00pm Feeds on trivia
6:28pm Kahty enzo out

Brendon Out, He starts complaining that all CBS does if give them competitions that are geared for small feet. He keeps going up to Rachel and apologize for slipping.. She tell him he better win POV



6:35pm Lane and HAyden look in rough shape, Brit, Ragan and Matt are laughing making jokes


6:43pm Matt and Ragan last 2 up


6:53pm Matts HOH

Enzo votes to Evict Kristen
Matt Votes to Evict Kristen
Lane Votes to Evict Kristen
Ragan Votes to Evict Kristen
Brendon Votes to Evict Kristen
Britney Votes to Evict Kristen
Kathy Votes to Evict Hayden
Evicted HouseGuest: Kristen


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

3:49pm Pre Live show prep
Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:00pm Hayden and Kristen spending the last hour together
Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:05pm Ragan Getting mentally ready. Kristen telling him he can do it. Ragan asks what should he do after HOH. Kristen tells him Hayden is a solid guy he’s 100% trustworthy. She says he has no one after she leaves and he’ll be open to partnerships. Hayden walks back in.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

4:23pm MAtt and Brit are fuming over Brendon saying that Matt wife’s disease is fake. Brendon was telling everyone that matt made up the story to win jury votes. The entire britgade + Ragan is on edge talking about strategy and hating on Brendon. Brit is really throwing fuel to the fire.

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254 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers – 4th Eviction Results and HOH Updates

  1. sigh…its unfortunate that its actually true about matt’s wife’s disease(being fake)…but yeah keep on bashing brenden

  2. Totally freaked when I saw this post title… thought I had missed the live broadcast. Whew, can grab a beverage and relax now. T-30 and counting!

    1. lol I did the same thing! I’ll grab a beverage too but doubt there will be much relaxing…this is gonna be intense!

  3. I’m on the westcoast, so i’m not gonna check on updates for a a few hours til after tonight’s CBS show. I just hope Brendon doesn’t win. that all i ask for. I would love for Hayden to win it, and avenge Kristen by putting up Brendon and Rachel.
    see you guys.

  4. WHAT? When did Brendon say Matt’s wife’s illness was fake. He is right of course, but how and when did this come up? We have a crazy storm and hope satelitte comes back before 8. Luckily, I have DVR and this site!

    1. It was when Brit and Rachel were in the tub with their chocolate mud masks on. It might have been on After Dark I think, I can’t remember, but it was in the last day or two. He just threw it out there without any prompting, and both girls immediately said no way. Good thing Andrews not still there talking to Brendon b/c they might have figured it out together.

      1. Did Brit tell the Brigade? I don’t have live feeds or watch BBAD. Thanks for filling me in. My satellite is back, YEAH!

    2. Brendon actually first brought up Matt’s wife’s illness being fake last night when he was talking to Bratney and Roachel in the tub… It was on after dark last night; both girls were saying Matt wouldn’t lie about something like that, and Brendon just replied,”he better not be!”

      1. Weird that is seems to come out of the blue. I could see them ?ing after Matt told them. Has he spoken about it much since he was in HOH with Kathy and Ragan. They were saying how low a person had to be to lie about an illness?

  5. I hope Matt’s wife fake illness is discovered soon. I don’t think its right. This has nothing to do with the game of Big Brother and I think its ridiculous that he is lying about it!!!

    1. Me too! One of the top reason I don’t like Matt. Others on the list: he’s cocky, he is a self proclaimed diabolical super genius (gag!) and he can’t take his hand out of his pants.

    2. I didn’t want Brendon to win HOH until he started getting attacked for questioning Matt’s wife’s disorder. House idiots: Brendon is 100% correct!!!

      All these people are total fools to totally trust (without any hesitation) someone they don’t really even know. The only thing they can be sure of is that the other people in the house weren’t convicted of a felony or any other crime involving violence (background checks by CBS)that would put houseguests in danger. Other than that, all bets are off on who they are sharing the house with.

    3. I don’t agree with Matt’s idea to fake his wife’s disease, but not because it’s wrong, only because I don’t feel it helps his game play. I do think it is a great type of move to make in a reality show like this, and this is EXACTLY what Big Brother is about! Everyone is out to win the game however they can, it’s not the Mickey Mouse club. And don’t say the house guests are idiots for buying Matt’s story, because imagine how much of an ass you would look like if you came out and said it was fake and it turned out to be real. There is no way for them to know unless he confessed to it.

      1. And I quote: “I do think it is a great type of move to make in a reality show like this, and this is EXACTLY what Big Brother is about!”

        I assume you stand behind your statement so why wouldn’t you think the house guests are idiots to blindly trust ANYTHING someone tells them about their life outside of the house? If they have EVER watched the show the house guests should know most of the crap they are told as fact by others is just a bunch of BS to move them along in the game. I rest my case…these people are idiots!

  6. haha cant wait to see the briGAYde fall flat on their faces again tonight, will make for great tv, all talk and no action, way to go yo!

    1. Woot!!! Let’s see if she tells Julie it was all because she got thrown under the bus. Ha! She absolutely takes no responsibility for it at all … it was all powerful Andrew’s fault. Its funny she was telling him he was digging his own grave, and he told her SHE was .. and she did. I hope she tries that pity party with Julie, just to see Julie call her on it.

  7. It’s funny how people got all uptight about Gnat lying about her age, but there is not much talk about Matt’s lie. Let me see…someone lies about their age is more malicious than lying about your wife having a deadly disease.

    1. I know I’ve mentioned how scummy it is and others. I think because he isn’t bringing it up all the time, it’s getting over looked. It’s not forgiveable and I want him out for that and that alone. The other stuff just adds to it.

    2. Hmmmm, Matt’s wife’s faux disease was pretty well talked out at the beginning on this site and just hasn’t come up for a while because we had “good stuff” like Rachel being a ho and grenades going off, but it will come back around now that it is being discussed among them…..can’t wait.

    3. Although I was completely disgusted when I found out he was lying about the disease, despite the fact she too was not happy about it, the fact his wife STILL helped him with his lie in her HOH letter was pretty impressive. I’m not sure Matt deserves such an intelligent and loyal wife. Maybe the poor girl can get her teeth fixed if he wins some cash on the show.

    4. the gnat creature was not called out just because of the age thing. she was generally an unlikeable person.. at least she came across that way. she never showed an ounce of caring about anyone but herself.

  8. I already posted this on another link, but I thought I’d thow it out here since this seems to be where everyone is at right now. Anyone else thinking Kathy is Brit’s Aunt? They’re both from Arkansas and have the same accent, they both have the same small build with large breasts, they’re blondes. Annie said that 2 people have known each other their whole life, and everyone THOUGHT they heard life long friends. It could be family instead of friends, and those two seem pretty “obvious” like Annie said it would be

    1. If they are, they are playing it off really well since they seem to spend no time with each other at all.

      1. exactly. CBS had to have told them that they can’t interact at all until they reveal it to america, right?

  9. How did B found out about the fake illness? Did he just come out of diary room talking about it or something? I know he was questioning it at one point last night and Brit & Rach said no way would someone lie about that. But what else has been said beyond that?

      1. Yeah … this update says B was telling everyone Matt made up the lie to win jury votes. How did this come up? When did he start talking about it and why? And who is “everyone”? Did he just walk into the room and flat out say it? Info please! Anyone ??

        1. Brendon randomly mentioned it last night when Rachel and Brit were in the tub together. Afterwards, Brit went back and told pretty much everyone but Kathy everything that was said in her conversations with Brit and Bren. The other houseguests are using the fact that Brendon mentioned as ammo against him being a douche and needing to leave.

          1. Thank you! I saw that last night, but I thought he must have said more. Because he didn’t actually say last night that it WAS fake, but just what if it is, right? So Brit is just making stuff up, taking something and twisting it?

            1. i think it’s kind of a “telephone game” thing. It’s been passed through several people and it gets worse every time. It only takes a spark to start a fire in the bb house

  10. I think it’s funny that none of last seasons cast caught on to nat’s lie about being 18 .. They all filled out the same application which said must be 21 or older to apply .. No wonder jordan won last year that cast was so dumb .. But this cast might just top them.. Love how they all hate brendon and Rachel yet no one can get them out or beat hopefully they make it to the final two .. Yea they may be annoying but atleast they are fighting and succeeding to stay .. It’ll be pretty sad if those douche bags(brigade) actually make it .. Ugh this season is pretty disappointing

    1. Shannon, I mentioned this earlier, but also — what about Kathy’s being a sheriff??? She says she IS a deputy sheriff — not that she WAS a deputy sheriff! If she IS, then why did she want to make it to jury house just for the stipend? We still have more to find out about these playas.

    1. We’ll only find out who the new Sabeteour is if the new HoH opens Pandora’s Box. Either way we won’t find out tonight… :( I hope it’s Enzo. :)

      1. I’m sure he could get something for pain and suffering, but not much, only a few months in. It’s shitty to cheat period, 100% worse on national television. Who does that? And someone said Hayden had a girlfirend, but it doesn’t seem that way, wouldn’t his mom have said something?!

    1. I thought it was interesting when Julie asked Kristen if she would choose her boyfriend or Hayden. Apparently she needs time alne to figure out what is best for her. I think her boyfriend made that a whole lot easier for her. I don,t think she has options!!!

    2. Kristen boyfriend didn’t have to be filmed. If that happened to me on national tv I would not left them film me he had a choice!

  11. Nice eye roll Rachel when you said “it’s true love”, yeah sure, even you know it’s not! She is so annoying to listen to.

    1. you caught that too, she just using him for her game it;s been obvious she a vegas ho she lives the fast and rich life, brendon couldn’t keep up with her, and handle her getting constant “financial favors” from rich men

      1. Watching clips of how she treats him and reading this site makes it clear she can’t love anyone else. She doesn’t even love or respect herself.

    1. True, but it’s still a shitty thing to do. You also don’t know what their history was prior to this. Was he after her for a while, were they friends, etc.

      1. She was in my casting group and they asked her if she was single and she said yes and that was in march so they probably weren’t dating long .. He is 31 she is 24 she probably met him after .. I highly doubt they were friends prior he is like 7 years older than her

        1. Julie Chen is on crack. How can you say Kristen had diginity? What? Who, What? Julie, Julie, Julie, breastfeeding has gone to your over glittered head.

          1. Um, no … what I meant was Kristen needs to pay especially since she (Kristen) tried to convince everyone she had integrity. For that, she needs doubly pay.

  12. Can someone explain how they showed us Rachel dying her hair last night – and yet tonight, for the live eviction, her hair is dull and her roots are showing… this doesn’t add up to me…

    1. If I remember correctly she was bleaching it the following day because it was “too dark” … but I didn’t notice it looking much lighter this morning!

  13. It would be funny if Kristen walks out and they walk her right back in. <—– In my mind! : )
    BTW – Brendons name is on there twice.

  14. Lol Rachel is CRAAAZY annoying – but I’m Team Brenden for the win, so I suppose drive that car til the wheels fall off…? She’s proved to be a strong competitor…? I hope Kathy goes home next week, she’s stupid.

  15. I love that Regan strives to be sweet about his evictions. Subtracting Andrew whom he said he voted to evict and institutionalize lolololololol!!

  16. Rachel needs to get Kathy on her side. Kathy needs to know that Kristen used her and was throwing her under the bus.

      1. I knew someone would say that crap. Kathy offered to make her feel better, she never ever dreamed Kristen was already throwing her under the bus

    1. She needs to quit being so dismissive about this 3 guy alliance thing, too. She’s smart, so I’m surprised she’s not looking at the possibility there could be more involved. I know Brit can’t stand her, but Brit is most afraid of having no one in the house. Also hoping that Brit looks at her chances with the guys and realizes her best shot is moving over to R’s side.

    1. I KNOW!!! She needs to let that one go!! And people say we need to come up with a better name for her…..NOT!!!

    1. Um because everyone who has left has tried to get her or brendon out hence getting in between her and her man but they are all too stupid to get them out

  17. kristen says she was gonna be the same in the house as she is outside. does she cheat on her bf’s outside then? also, brendon to say he did not believe there was an alliance when it’s ovious is proof of how dumb he is

  18. I want Brendon to win because I think he deserves to be there. Although Rachel does to because she keeps winning she’s annoying and she makes Brendon look like a total whimp! I don’t want the brigade to win because they do NOTHING. It’s boring. Besides the 1st week the brigade is blah.

  19. julie said it right .. Kristen was/is a hell of a lot classier that that hooker Rachel or the the 2-face spy Brittney

    1. Are you f’n serious? She has a boyfriend outside of the house. Why is everyone calling her the perfect angel,when that is a thing that is one of the worst things you can do to someone(tied with lying that your wife has a disease)

  20. WOW, Kristen is true to herself, but she cheated on her boyfriend, so does that mean she does that outside the house too. Does she really think she has a say any more with that relationship?

  21. Rachel Is CRAZY Dont Know Body want your T.v Boyfriend so shutup I love Britt she is so funny I hope she wins and dang next they better put some different races in the house or im goin on strike

  22. Rachel – throwin’ fireballs at Kristen. I think it’s a bi–h move to say all that to a camera the person may or may not even see. I bet she wouldn’t say that to Kristen’s face. I hope Brenden gets in on this Brigade business so that we can do away with Rachel.
    LOVEE that Regan is the new Sabetour – what if he wins HoH? Then will it be Enzo? Sad that first person is gonna be a have not. :(

    1. WOW, people out already! Granted I’d be out quickly due to motion sickness. Was Kathy the first one out? You know she is a fighter and was going to win, HA!

  23. splashing them with apint was hysterical. bet that big brush gets em too. can’t wait to see who hoh will be. I will be up all night or til it’s posted here. ( i don’t have BBAD or live feeds) so counting on here to post.

  24. I don’t know who I want to win this.

    As long as it isn’t Brendon.

    But it has to be someone who will put both of B/R up.

  25. Brendon and Kristen are so two faced. Talking smack about B&R when they knowing admitted to wanting to backstab them if they win.

    Can’t stand people talking out their ass.

  26. After hearing Rachel’s good bye to Kristen, she is a vindictive, jealous, disgusting thing who needs to be off of BB next week. She had the nerve to call Kristen something that I will not repeat but she is actually that. Please let her be voted off the show next week. I can’t stand to see, hear or anything with her that is how gross she is and let her go back to her vegas and be exactly what she is which is absolutely nothing! The only person I don’t want to get HOH is Brendon.

    1. I am really surprised at Big Brother’s choice of characters by allowing such a insecure, psychotic and jealous houseguest into the Big Brother House. Rachel needs to be medicated or at least kept in a cage. Playing the game is one thing, but does she realy think EVERYONE is after her man?!?!?!?! She even accused Andrew of trying to break them up. It makes me question Brendon’s character because he is already “in love” with her. Double EWWWWWWW!!!!!

    1. Yes, if the HOH is still going when BBAD goes live, you’ll see what’s going on. This one makes me want to subscribe to live feed though :) Anyone but Brenden….PLEASE.

    2. Nope. They only show them before and after. They show them cleaning up and sometimes you hear them talking about goop or paint etc that they have to clean off themselves. They are not supposed to be talking about production, but once in a while you hear something. J

  27. “The highest form of flattery is totally making fun of someone” Actually “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. If that tequila swilling train wreck had any brain cells left she would be familiar with another adage: “Sometimes it is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid, than to open it and remove all doubts”. Go Brit!

  28. The brownnose brigayed is soooo lame, At least Brenden and Racheal make big moves everyone else is laying low and waiting.

    1. No S*** theyve made the big moves… Rachels been HOH twice and brendons won POV twice… The brigade has won nothing except for Matt’s HOH, which he played the odds to backdoor brendon… didnt work but good calculated move..

      I can’t wait to see rachel’s face when Matt wins this won again.

      1. Me too! Let us all see vegas sweat it. what a big fat liar! Ugly inside and out. her out going goodbye messages are so mean-faker

  29. What is with Rachel making the same goodbye speach over and over again “you will not be coming between me and my man”…..someone needs to take that stupid bitch out!!!!

      1. Will we be able to see this weeks HOH endurance on the feeds, or are they keeping the feeds down until the comp is over?

  30. Okay all of you that get the feed- we need you to help Simon and Dawg keep us “posted” on the HOH comp! So whats up y’all?????

  31. thats why i can’t buy the feeds, they can choose what they will show…all the money people pay you should be able to see EVERYTHING short of someone going nuts a killing the other HGs


      Well, looks like the chances of one of the Brencels are going to the jury house next Thursday just approached 1 in 1.

    2. Hope Brit wins and Brenden lost, because the paint didn’t match his shirt or the comp was build for a real man.Everyone of Brenden excuses makes no sense at all.

  32. if Brendon wins…Ragan and Matt will be nominated with Matt as the target, but Ragan will go home…so our saboteur will be out in a week again…

  33. Who dropped first, Kathy or Enzo? Brendon is so lame… I loved how CBS layered the goodbye messages. Brendon: you are so dumb to think there is an alliance. Hayden: Hear it from me first… idiot!

  34. Only Ragan and Matt still up. If Matt wins and doesn’t put Rachel and Brenden on the block-I’ll have to poke my eyes with a red hot sword!!!!

    Not sure what Ragan will do…..

  35. On a complete side note from the comp….why does Rachel find it necessary to YELL whenever she is in the DR. Honestly, it makes me want to scream every time!

  36. With Matt winning it will start to be the end of the Brigade alliance because he is bound to overplay his hand and the other members of the alliance will be pissed at him

  37. Well, well, well Matt… don’t mess it up this time… Put B/R on the block… and also, please open the damn Pandora’s box… This might make this season less boring (though I doubt it)….

    1. Sure hope he does the right thing an puts them both up so that only one will stay if they are lucky enough to get the pov. Last time he chickened out hopfuly not this time. If hes really with the brigade then he will….time will tell…. Hope he puts them up and they dont win pov and who ever does doesnt use it…that would be great!!!!! Send Brandon out then Rachel will fall apart…she is awful. Brandon is a sissy whipped by her and she is wanna be man that is soooooo grossssss

  38. Oh well B or R you’re gone It looks like Matt/Ragan will be the new HOH, I guess the Brigade got yall asses this time, Brendan stop whining you can’t win every damn thing! Matt will probably let Ragan take it to get his hands dirty, It looks like 1 of the Briagades will take it all…all though they don’t deserve it they are some weak asses!!! I guess Brenchal will be pouting all week!

  39. OH Crap, not Matt. Anyone but Matt, UGH! He’s as annoying to listen to as B/R, not too mention an ass for lying about an illness his wife doesn’t have and playing too many sides. Bummer. It would have been more fun to have Ragan as HOH. Well Brendon and Rachel you should be going up. What was with Rachel telling Brendon he better win POV? Like she’s not going up as well?

  40. Matt, please don’t screw it up this time!!! The nominations should be obvious…save Kathy the Floater for another eviction…No more Brenchel after this week!

  41. I’m so tired of these floaters not playing in the HOH endurance comps….that was always the best part of BB….I want to see an actual competition…the endurance comp with Dick was the best endurance EVER! Someone who actually pushed their mental and physical abilities to the limit! BB should have made EVERYONE but the final 2 on slop for the week…the first one off ONLY? As Kevin would say….”RIDONKCULOUS!” or something like that! Ugggggh…I get that no one has the balls to put up R/B but please….the Brigade better step up once they make their FINAL 4……I want to see an actual fight for HOH!

  42. Wooohoooo! I don’t want Matt to win the game, but this is great, unless he wimps out again and wastes his HOH by putting up Kathy and Brit. Could if finally be the week that Branchel is destroyed? Please Matt, do what you should have done 2 weeks ago!

  43. Obviously they have to put up B/R. They are better off getting rid of Rachel, she’s won 2 HOH’s, Brendon’s only won 2 POV’s which has less competitors. Although it would be fun to get rid of Brendon first just to see Rachel’s reaction and have to see her go crazy the following week.

    1. This is what I hope, I don’t mind having Rachel around another week if she will be melting down, missing her man and coming to the realization that nobody likes her. For fun, someone could mention to her that there are cute maids servicing the jury house. That will drive her insane.

      1. OMG would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear them torment Rachel saying there are cute maids in the jury house!! But do you really think she has feelings for him? It makes me wonder because he is ALWAYS saying I love you to her and backing down when she goes off… maybe she has feelings for him but she obviously has no respect for him!

        1. Whoever goes home this week is the first juror. My favorite scenario would have been Brendon going out last week before jury, and Rachel out this week, stuck in sequester until September. Those two bring out my mean streak. I hope Matt doesn’t pussy out, though I also think that if he does, the brigade would turn on him and recruit Brit, which I would like. My ideal final 4 would be Lane, Enzo, Brit and Ragan. If it came down to that, everyone for themselves and I would be ok with any of them winning. As long as Matt, Hayden and especially Brendon or Rachel don’t win. Kathy isn’t even worth mentioning, because she couldn’t win a prize in a box of breakfast cereal.

  44. I’m glad anyone won except Brendon. I think he is probably a nice guy, but Vegas has brought out the worst in him. He’s arrogant and thought he and Rachel could alternate HOH weeks. and dominate the house all summer. Either of them going this next week is fine with me!

  45. BBGrandma this is an awesome post! I can’t stand Rachel and Brenden and part of the reason is because they are kissing all of the time and I would rather watch game play….and I do think that there is a line where you should still respect yourself and your family, but to each his/her own.

    RIght on the money with Kristin, I really didn’t understand why everyone hated her.

    Again-great post and you may have found a friend here.

  46. did anybody else notice how rachel told monet week two that she doesn’t call girls bitches but told kristen she defines the word bitch in her goodbye message?

  47. I can’t stand how “humble” Rachel is now that she isn’t HOH. Does she not know that everyone sees her for what she is????

  48. BBGrandma, you know full well that friends come and go and so do lovers. But true love, rattlesnake love, is what life’s all about. I got my own rattlesnake, and I had to shake off a few garden snakes on the way to finding my happiness. So rock on, and know that more than this one love your philosophy in life and love of loving life, warts and all. Now I’m going to go make a drink in your honor.

  49. Matt better put R & B up. None of this backdoor masterplan bull shit. If they want one of them to go home, they both gotta go up.

  50. Hey just thought of something…how come if you are not on the block and win POV they can’t put you on the block even if you use it, but if you are on the block and use the POV on the other person; you can still get voted out?

  51. how come only 2 people keep winning HOH (matt and rachel) it’s ridiculous. ( and hayden winning does’t count cause that was a deal he had made) don’t the other HG’s even try? this season has got to be a joke.

  52. Now last night Brendon said that if he won POV he would take Rachel off. Do you think she would do the same for him? Probably not, so, she has two playing for her.

  53. OMG!! The comments on this site are the BEST!!! LMAO reading them. I have to agree….I could have cared less who won HOH this week, but Matt again???? WOW! Wonder what he’ll do? I think to begin with he will put up B/R, but he could make a deal after POV to keep both of them if one B or R wins it. You never know with a Gremlin.

  54. i read she said that too.(you better win the POV) honestly if they both went up on the block and brendon did win the POV do you think he’d be stupid enough to use it on her? probably. he’s so strung out on her. (probably cause of that class A BJ she gave him, i mean if you suck enough cocks you probably get good at it) LOL hopefully one of em goes home so that the game can go back to focusing on the “game” and not the shomances !

    1. When this show started, I was all for that bitch, but once she said she would rather have, “tee hee” Brendon than 500K I lost all respect. And she hasn’t let me down since. She becomes more and more repulsive each week! She got game – I will give her that – but the way she weilds her “imaginery” power – its repugnant!

  55. Wow so brendon and rachel can be in a relashionship and rachel gets all mad because people are coming after them but when she finds out that kristin and hayden have a showmance she targets them…
    every goodbye message she says to people are that she cant believe that they tried to steel brendon away from her and btw nobody likes him…
    she is just so immature and needs to know that she doesnt own bredon:)
    it sucks for brendon because if he was not with her he would be getting a lot further in this game…

  56. Half of you on here are just as vindictive and rude and ignorant as you claim Rachel to be.. If u were in that house and people were gunning for you since day 1 I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t have nice goodbyes to say either .. Brendon and Rachel are the only people in that house who deserve to be there .. It’s because of people like u (ignorant,trash talking, etc.) that floaters win .. You obviously don’t know how to play big brother ..FYI Kristen lied about her and Hayden ti the houseguests and then feeds right into Rachel but yet all anyone had to say is shit about Rachel.. It’s unbelievable

    1. Agree with you 100%

      Everyone who talks so bad about them on here are hipocrites.

      Brenden and Rachel are the underdogs and deserve to be there more than any of the others.

    2. Thank You!!! Finally someone gets this game. They have been targets the whole time and they definately have earned the right to be there. What has Enzo, Lane, & Regan done. This so called Brigade wasn’t even smart enough to know that Hayden and Kristen were together. And lets not forget that Matt’s a disgusting lier even his wife had a problem with his lie. This is the worst season (boring).

  57. Can I remind everyone that this is just a game!! When you get yourself so emotionally vested in it you take the wind out of your own sails and sink your own ship……or something like that! Some people on here seem like they are on the verge of tears over the comments and that is making me very sad and ruining my tequila buzz………please lighten up and keep the faith and just root for your favs! We are all different people with all sorts of different opinions and some of us are just a little crazier than others in how we express ourselves but that doesn’t mean we are all bad people!! Peace Out Bitches!

    1. You are right. Last week it was R/B fans time to rub it into the Brigade Fans. Everyone was after me and the other 7 people that liked Kristen. So, this week it is the other sides turn to howler. It is a changling. I did my rant tonight and then tried to laugh as much as I can at everyone having fun. Sometimes things may hit close to home and people need to let it out. But, be prepared that others may feel different. It is just a show. Thank heaven it is not our lives!

      1. You go girl (BBGrandma!!) 100 % agreed!! It’s ok for Ho bag-Rachael and her Ho-bag boyfriend to “Bully” everyone in the house when they win….but now the shoe’s on the other foot!! I’m sure Matt won’t bully them! She’s a Janelle wantabe!!Plain and simple! I for one hope she does read everything we say about her and realize how much of a skank she made herself look like on T.V!!

  58. You say it’s just a show but try reading the harse things you people are saying about this poor girl .. We obviously know she’s emotional just imagine how she will feel after reading the stuff you guys write on here.. And for all you brigade fans matt couldn’t close the deal two weeks ago I highly doubt he’ll do it this time

    1. Did you read the things said about Kristen? Kathy? Britney? There is plenty said about everyone of them. Heck, I get my feelings hurt, too, on here. However, there is always someone out there to come to my defense or make me feel good. There are lots of nice things said about Rachel, too. She has lots of fans.

      1. The fact that you just said that shows your ignorance.. 80% of the posts on here are some unnecessary comment about Rachel and brendon .. Neither one of them has done nothing but prove they deserve to stay .. Yea Rachel has an annoying laugh and so what she drinks but the fact that she gets cocky when she wins is expected EVERYONE is gunning for them two so when she wins she has every right to be rude and cocky to those people in that house and a majority of you guys on here don’t see it .. You just say things about her that are irrelevant to the game

        1. Shannon are you a friend of Rachels? I was just wondering because you sound so sincere in your defense of her. She will appreciate fans like you when she gets out! Please dont let other people post hurt your feelings tho…….we are all different people with different views….its just life…..

        2. I beg your pardon! Exactly what did I say that deserved you to show me so much disrespect? You are reacting like those you are complaining about. I didn’t say anything against Rachel. i just said others are talked about also. I haven’t said anything that is irrelevant to the game. I have my opinions which are much more open minded than yours appear to be.

      2. So, but I haven’t heard anyone refer to them as hoe bag and skank, those are some pretty cruel comments for someone you don’t even know. She was way to friendly with Brendon for having just met him & it was kinda of sickening but she has been very good at comps and I think the weak guys like Enzo & Lane are just jealous. If B/R would of spent less time together they might if had a clue of how much everyone was gunning for them. I can’t wait to see the Brigade turn on eachother/ or when Matt turns on Regan.

  59. Oh btw let’s all root for matt who made up some dumb lie for no reason .. He wasn’t in danger nothing just being ignorant .. Go matt 2012!!

  60. I dont like Matt, he’s douche’……I like Lane and Brit….but a few weeks ago I didn’t like Brit cause I didn’t like the Brit/Monet combo……there was something about Monet that bugged me! But I think Brit going solo has made her play a different yet still catty game and it is quite entertaining! In a week or so I may decide that I like Enzo and Regan best……..that is how this season is going for me due to the fact that I disliked all these people in the beginning (a first for me) And Yes, Rachel has a rude awakening when she finds out how people really feel, but Im pretty sure she already has just as many haters as lovers in her real life! She’ll be ok!

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