** Updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Matt Wins HOH for the 2nd time..


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

6:55pm Brigade wins their 3rd HOH… Everyone is excited beside b/r lots of laughs. Rachel immediately starts striking conversations with Matt. We find out that Kathy is a have not so she must of been the first to drop.



Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:05pm Storage Room Matt, HAyden and Enzo There all congratulating MAtt, Hayden says “those 2 are squirming now” (b/r) Matt: “Good they should be”. Enzo: “We’re putting them up right” Matt: “Of course” Matt explains to them that he didn’t want to win HOH he wanted Ragan to but Ragan wants to compete next week so Matt took it.


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

7:34pm Taj Room Brendon and Rachel, He’s telling her not to worry he’s going to win POV and protect her. Brendon isn’t 100% sure that they will both go up he thinks Matt might put up Kathy. Rachel tells him they are both going up. Brendon tells her not to quit they have to get out into the kitchen and start to fight.
In the kitchen everyone is rehashing the comp and talking about how Brendon is complaining about it being rigged for small people. Matt brings up that the bars to hold on where high so that benefited tall people.
Brit mentions the drop order for the HOH competition

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206 thoughts on “** Updated** Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Matt Wins HOH for the 2nd time..

  1. Shit…………… That lyeing scumbag………….. he should be shamed of himself putting a death wish on his wife……….. beacause that is what he is doing saying she is ill. Little Weasle.

      1. what edge??? no one is giving in to him for it. it was stupid and hopefully he didnt doom his wife’s health.

        1. C’mon moaner, you don’t believe that? That’s how I got herpes. Lieing about someone having them and then sure enough. Bam!

          1. OMGoodness that is so TRUE. That is how i got pregnant…. TWICE. Some lied and said i was pregnant, and the next day i was pregnant and i never even had sex. When I find that liar, Im gonna lie and say that they are a troll…… living homeless under a brigde………. in Alaska, and it will all come true…. (SMH) some people on here are dumber than a box of rocks to believe that telling lies make things come true in reality.

    1. Maybe Ragen will screw things up. He is matt’s closest friend,next to the Brigade and if he accepts,he will be the sabotuer.

  2. Ugh! I hate that Matt won!!!! Maybe time with Stacy will be part of the Pandora’s box situation; so he’ll be sure to open it!!

    1. I hear you on that! AG ain’t done with Matt! First she gives some face-time (ugh) to his pet pirhana (I mean wife) which he doesn’t know, then she leaks to Brenda and hyena that Matt’s lying about wife’s illness, now she gets him HOH (which will guarantee B/R safety), and for next week is going to be humilated by the Broke-gade!!!! I like these guys and all, but their “Q” factor hit Zero tonight! I already know how he puts up!

  3. Sorry Simon…posting this twice since It should actually be under this recap….

    I’m so tired of these floaters not playing in the HOH endurance comps….that was always the best part of BB….I want to see an actual competition…the endurance comp with Dick was the best endurance EVER! Someone who actually pushed their mental and physical abilities to the limit! BB should have made EVERYONE but the final 2 on slop for the week…the first one off ONLY? As Kevin would say….”RIDONKCULOUS!” or something like that! Ugggggh…I get that no one has the balls to put up R/B but please….the Brigade better step up once they make their FINAL 4……I want to see an actual fight for HOH!

  4. I just hope Matt actually does something useful with his HOH…if he doesn’t put up b/r–I hope the house turns against him…even the Brigade…

    1. If it’s anything like the last time Matt was HOH, he won’t make any moves by his own design. He will just sit back and listen while others say what they want happen. That way he thinks he keeps his own hands clean. If there is any blowback, he can pass the blame off. Coward to the core.

  5. UGH! Not Matt, anyone but Matt. He is just as annoying to listen to as Rachel and he is cocky as well. UGH! Ragan would have made for a much more interesting HOH. Well, Brendon and Rachel, it looks like you will both be up for eviction. Why was Rachel telling Brendon he has to win POV when her butt will be on the line too. He’s not going to save her!

    1. because that’s how they got off week 1 when Hayden put them up together. the house ended up turning on Annie after Brendon took himself off which saved Rachel

    1. he started right when he fell saying it’s geared towards people with small feet. then in the storage room (according to jokers) he told Hay that BB rigged for Matt again LOL

      1. Well it actually was. How come the big guys can’t seem to stay on? When I saw the comp, I knew it was gonna be Matt or regan again.

        1. I felt Matt would win at the beginning when I noticed big feet hanging off the board and Matt’s feet fittng perfect. Matt sucks. He will be haunted one day for fibbing about his wife’s “illness.” What goes around, comes around. I leaned a long time ago, not to make up an illnes about anyone and use it as an excuse for your own personal gain, because sooner or later it will come back and bite you in the butt.

    2. well JJ, it technically is meant for short people

      final 2 matt ragen

      final 2on the board matt and ragen


      so brenden is wrong via…proof? no…he has the proof, and the science

    3. WHOA Brendon fans chill out… all I’m saying is he’s a sore loser. Instead of bitchin about how BB is out to ruin his game he needs to be more worried about his next move.

      1. But if we put our personal biased views aside we have to admit that production rigs the comps to make help the member they think will stir things up the most win. They don’t want Brendon to win cuz that would be boring, and they know fans are kinda annoyed with B/R so this is them stirring things up again…

        1. You know, at first I didn’t believe this, that production really interfered that much. Over the last week or so, though, I’ve totally bought into this theory. It’s a shame. I would have loved to see someone different win HOH, like Britney or Enzo.

  6. Yo, Matt wins again he better make a move and get brendan out and leave boy george a few weeks more just so we can watch her go mental with out her man…..lol…

    1. oh so tempting LOL it would be a blast to see her lose her mind!! But I think they better get her first…I’m afraid she’s better at comps than Brendon

  7. Hell yea Matt! What is wrong with you people? Brigade all the way yo…..and stop whining about Matt’s wife. You kids sound like the “Nerd Herd” from S6.

    1. The brigade cant run dog poo- the only thing they have is the fact that their delusional housemates have yet to catch onto their aliegance to one another. Which is probably the best method they have in their bag, now that I mention it. Making absolutely no moves is what has kept them together. But they’re idiots if they think keeping Rachel over Brendon is going to be best for their game- Brendon is @ least flexible when it comes to game play… Once they get rid of Rachel’s man, there is no way in hell she is going to be willing to work w/ any of them- especially when she is a vote in the jury house.

  8. all the brown-nosing in the world gonna keep matty loc from putting up the strongest competitions Brenchel, keep your nose clean of shit this week rachel or you’ll get a new nose job the grenade kind

  9. I am so sick of the same ones winning HOH. What’s up with this? It isn’t logical really. Matt better put B/R up this time!!!!!!

  10. Matt is a asshole he doesnt deserve to be there. What person in their right mind could lie and say that their wife is ill…
    Rachel and Brendon keep fighting..oh yeah you are the only 2 in the house that is playing the game.

    1. how long are y’all gonna talk about that?? it was LIE, HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO this is Big Brother everybody lies and no lie is bad if it helps your game, stop whining that he won

  11. The Good News about matt winning: His wife has GOT to be aware of his hands in the pants negative reaction & will put it in her letter, right? Maybe she won’t feed the feigned rare disease and make it worse than it already is, right?

  12. lol so basically rachel blames brenden,then when he asks whats wrong, she calls him EMO, then when HE leaves the room, she cries for 10 mins…LoL

  13. omg matt what a dik head. You know he’s going to open pandoras box. This season is a mess. Now their bringing jeff and jordan for an episode. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Omg ! I seen enough of them two last season.

  14. at this point brenden served his purpose and hes a HUGE swing jury vote…

    rachel may float in the game a bit longer imo.

  15. Well this show officailly sucks..Brendan is going home.Lol..Kathy should be going though.Oh well.Haha..I hope no upper lip goes home soon though.

  16. BB is such a sham. Production and DR need to stop interfering so much as they always do picking their favorites they think will make good tv. They like matt because there’s controversy with america hating him because of making up his wife’s illness. They love brenchel’s showmance so they always get HOH or POV. Guaranteed brenchel wins POV this week. They might as well just script the whole thing, AG stop trying to be vince mcmahon i want to watch big brother not wwf.

  17. wasnt good that matt told the brigade he took the win because reagan wants to compete next week. that will raise red flags and they already want to get rid of him.

    getting rid of rachel is the smartest thing for the brigade because shes smarter and vengeful compared to brenden… but he is stronger than him.

    one of them are leaving this week…too bad.

  18. I’m soo sad I wanted Brendon to win. If they hand one of those endurence where you had to sit on a platform that spins then he may have won like the one that russel won. After rachel and brendon leave the game will be soo boring. Brigade will just walk to the final 4 and one of those undeserving guys (except for Lane) will win….

    1. wait how is anyone in this game DESERVING?? and rachel literally made me punch myself with that “me and my man” shit. the faster that the vacuum leaves he better. god damn how is she entertaining?? i tend to turn off the tv when she’s on and just browse these here pages

      1. Well in my opinon rachel and brendon are really fighting to stay here cause they have a a huge target on their backs. But really the brigade don’t have any traget and the only person winning is Matt so… I don’t really think they deserve it.

  19. Of all people to win – Matt! I wonder what deal Ragan made with him… I think Matt likes to stir things up so let’s say he puts up Lane and Enzo…LOL let the games begin!

  20. I can’t believe I am saying this, but Rachel is the stronger player in thier alliance. Brendon did win 2 POVs but Rachel won HOH when they needed to win and stay safe. I can’t wait to see one of them go home this week. I can’t wait to watch BBAD this week.

  21. The brigade is the dumbest alliance in BB history. Can’t believe anyone likes those losers. BB has been my favorite summer show for years but this season I can’t even stand to watch. So I don’t. I just log on here and read about it.

    1. And Matt’s definitely one of the “Lollipop Kids”. I knew he he reminded of something – especially that hair of his! That look went out with “Friends”.

  22. 4 DEEP YO – Go Brigade!
    CBS broadcast was a mixed bag.
    First they threw Kristen and Hayden under the bus again. Unnecessary and meanspirited.
    Poor editing to make it look like B/R really considered forming a Final 4 alliance with H/K.
    On the bright side, they finally began to let the broadcast viewers see how the HG’s really feel about B/R. Big Red got her digs in at Kristen for trying to get between herself and her man. Fortunately it came across very badly and she proved herself to be an idiot on live broadcast TV. Production couldn’t save Big Red from herself this time.
    Matt had better put B/R up on the block or it may be 3DEEP+Brittany.
    4DEEP YO – Go Brigade!

    1. She says everyone tries to get between her and her man in all her good bye speeches. Its old, stupid, and shows how much of an idiot she is. She even aqused Monet.

      1. Agreed. I cannot stand Rachel. Get that caniving bitch out of the house. But first, send Brendon home. He’s more of a threat, imo. Rachel will just crumble if she’s alone in the house without Brendon.

    2. I felt really bad for Kristen the way CBS edited the show and then showing hayden’s mom and Kristen’s boyfriend, she didn’t deserve it. Thank goodness Ragan stood up for Kristen in his DR messages. Kristen’s speech was really good and her interview with Julie was excellent. She came across with poise, confidence and a clear head.

        1. That was the saving grace of the broadcast BBGrandma.
          Big Red exposed herself to the live audience as being a shallow twit.

  23. Brandon is totally useless. Rachel, like her or not, is a player. Brandon is what will bring both of the down. She picked the wrong guy for her “showmance”.

  24. :(( :(( :(( :(( :(( :(( :(( :((

    No more Rachel….:(( :(( :((

    They will keep Brendon because he is a wuss! :(( :(( :((

  25. Enzo fell after Kathy???? Enzo, you might be in trouble. I mean, can you do anything to help your team? Okay, maybe I am being hard on him but after all his talk last night I had to comment.

    1. Well in his defense, he did say he couldn’t spin. I know, not much of an excuse. But I can ride roler coasters all day long but put me on a ferris wheel and I am toast!

    2. I think Enzo is all smoke and no fire…It’s shameful and he should never say another bad word about how sorry Kathy is. What is his problem!!!!

      1. ha na if you think about it enzo stayed pretty long in the surfboard challenge and in pov he was what? .15 seconds too slow, lane hasnt won a thing mind you

      1. no tears from me, if Brendon and Rachel get nominated and one of them wins POV, someone else has to go up and whomever does, I betcha will go home. They’ll make it another week, no questions asked

        1. I will miss Brendon. He is a nice guy, just with the wrong person. It is OK if Rachel goes to the jury house, but lets keep B in the house longer. BB has fixed the competitions in the past and I think they are doing it again. B has big feet. Matt and Ragan have very small feet.
          The comp had a small ledge again. Allison wants Matt to win. The lady loves tats.

          1. you could say they rigged it in favour of brendon because think about it. 3/5 endurences in the first 5 weeks? When has that ever happened before?

  26. I was really hoping that Hayden would win the HOH. I wanted to see the look on B/R faces when he put them up as revenge for Kristen.

  27. The Brigade will break up soon Alliances never last. I can see Ragan & Matt being in the final 2, Lane & Hayden are muscle bound idiots that can’t win anything, Kathy is a waste of space, B or R will be gone next week, Brit is so dumb she keeps taking info back & forth which will be used against her later on in the game! Overall this is the most busted season ever!! COME ON BB BRING ON THE TWISTS SCREW PANDORA’S BOX!!!

  28. Hopefully Ragans deal was that Matt cant put up Rachel or back door her. Like the last deal they made…and then when Brendon gets put up he wins POV..the best..

    1. god no. are you serious?? you wanna see that horrible breast job and her feminine boyfriend stay?? and hear that GODFORSAKEN LAUGH AND GOODBYE SPEECH!!! AHHH NOOO GOD LET THE BITCH BE GONE

  29. i wouldn’t be surprised if matt DID NOT put up brenden and rachel. he knows that two potential jury votes are at stake and he also know that the other brigade members are throwing the comps so that they don’t get blood on their hands. if he were smart, which he thinks that he is, he will do what’s best for him in the long run

  30. after brendon’s performance in hoh i’ve lost all respect for him. im only rooting for ragan. i would like enzo if he ditched the brigade. brigade is going down matt was already trying to be cute last week saying brigade every other word and they weren’t happy about it. matt is going to get hammered and say too much

    1. haha god brendon fell and started whining. typical. remember the surf board challenge when he did that dramatic fall ?? EPIC hahahaha


  32. Kathy? It’s a good thing you didn’t pack away your “Rose Kennedy” regalia! Your gonna need it! Use the wheelchair this week and have the HGs feed you with a garden hose – that oughta get you some votes!!!!!!

  33. did you guys ever think about what Regan as the Saboteur is going to made to do by CBS. They could have him tell Matt all kinds of lies so he doesn’t put up B/R

  34. I think Matt should make a deal with Brendan and Rachel, they are the only ones who can win anything, so it should be no problem getting to the final three, then let the chips fall where they may. You can’t be HOH every week so it would be in his best interest to have winners on his side. Nobody has the balls this season to do anything that turns the game upside down, thats been my biggest dissapointment so far this season, and now J and J coming for a visit, what a goddam thrill that will be, baaarrfffff.

      1. I don’t know Grandma, I just think once Rachel and Bredan are gone,(hate them or really, really hate them) the game is going to be pretty boring and real predictable. It doesn’t have much going for it now, lol, and Jeff and Jordan visit the house, come on CBS thats pretty effed up, nobody wants to see them again. The thought of hearing Jordan say Jaaffff, makes me gag.

    1. i feel the same way. matt, rachel, and brenden besides hayden ‘s first hoh seem to be the only ones winning. i would make at least a one week deal with them, and if the brigades gets mad, tell them to win the comps and get blood on their hands and put them up. can’t wait until tomorrow to see who he puts up.

  35. Oh Shit! Pandora’s Box! Matt will open it (cue theme from Jaws) and in it will be his wife Patty Pirhana! And boy is she goin’ be chompin’ at the bit!!!!!

  36. I love how Rachel tells them to bring it one moment, but went anyone tries to she starts crying and making weird faces.

    1. ha then the small talk begins. god if i could just get on that show that’d be some shit to watch. i swear dude they’d have to kick me out i’d be worse then dick. i hardly sleep so my ass would be all around the house pissing folks off hahaha

  37. I want Brendon to go, just to see what Racheal will do…..she will have to gravitate to a guy, that is what girls like her do… Then she goes to the Jury house knowing that everyone thinks Brendon is a pus….She will self implode…Yo go brigade……

  38. Someone better call the President, the Coastguard, the Marines, the Calvary, the Avengers, Batman and Robin cuz the B/R machine is in deep kaka yo.

    1. no they didn’t. they kept i annoying and unbearable to watch.
      Enzo and Britney are the most entertaining to watch. Brendon’s a bore, and Rachel is just a nasty bitch.

    2. uhm.. how so?? they were as plain and boring as kathy. you can tell what she’ll say, and what he’ll whine about. same old same old

  39. cbs will do whatever they can to ensure brenchel stays. AG is in love with rachel. kristen was so fake, the only thing bigger than her ego was her huge flipper feet

  40. I have to say I hate The Brigade just as much as Brendon & Rachel. Besides Rachel is there anyone more annoying than Matt in the house? Brit is a total floater but she now is the only one I can really stand. What a dreck season!

  41. The competition was geared for Britney tonight not Matt or Ragan. Producers do not like Matt. I think they wanted good TV and with Britney HOH she said she would put up Rachel and Brendon. Now that would have been a real cat fight. Also, an observation…Enzo is not acting himself these last two days (I wonder what is up with him) I was really disappointed that he dropped so soon leaving the job for Matt, Lane, or Hayden.

    1. Not sure that Brit would have put up B/R. Jury votes are important now, and R would say that Brit tried to come between “her and her man” (ICK) if Brit put them up. Now, Brit is not a threat to B/R. Ditto on what’s up with Enzo, though. He’s not performing AT ALL, and he bailed!! Maybe he’ll take his TV and go home, yo. Matt has to keep the illness story alive or lose all jury votes, so he needs to commit again to the Brigade (remember “put me up as a pawn”?) and follow thru with putting up B/R, or at the least one of them with Kathy, and play up a back door plan. Simon, great job and many thanks. Love your site!!

  42. haha yeah she was all tough and shit last week with that life vest shit.. damn the bitch forgot to release the anchor from her ankle cause she has no chance of floating haha

  43. This season sucks, I dont like anybody especially Matt and Big Brother plays they game just as hard ad the houseguests. If Rachael laughs one more time im gonna tear my hair out. The brigade SUCKS!!!! Everyone does for that matter. Bring Annie back!

  44. no this week will be awesome =] Matty’s gonna fix the problem yo and the brigade’s gonna roll 4 deep to the final four

    1. Do you really find it entertaining to watch the worst alliance walk to the final 4 without any competition? Britney, ragan and kathy suck and none of them can win except for maybe britney….

    1. Matt better not puss out again this time. Please get Brendon and Rachel out of the house. They don’t deserve the money. And i will be pissed off if one of them wins it.

      1. How do they not deserve it? I’m not necessarily a fan of Brendon and Rachel…but they have won just about everything there is to win. They deserve it more than everyone else right now except for Matt who is also busting his ass to win.

        1. I agree. Most are just floating and hoping to win. The ones who use “oh pity me” factor should get voted out, Matt and Kathy. Matt will be gone if they find out he lied about his wife, but I doubt that will happen.

  45. ok HOW THE HELL are all the fans on this page all of a sudden cbs production specialist. you bunch know good and damn well you don’t know as much as you think. and half of you are just as boring as these guys im sure. otherwise you wouldnt want to watch other pp; live

    1. Maybe you should read posts from since this show started! And then the next time you want to make a comment do it somewhere else! Quantify your facts first and then we can argue! But if you just want to come on here and piss on everybody’s parade – you best be armed!!!!! There are some real asassins on here!!1

  46. I just want him to open pandoras box. I dont think Brendon would of done that. Plus Rachel needs some time away from her man. Shes acting like hes her property. I think for brendons picture it should be a man in some S&M gear and have rachel pic be a woman in dominatrix gear.

  47. We still don’t know who the two long time friends are. I think there is some reason that Matt isn’t physically gunning for R and B. Matt is talking the talk for the brigade but he isn’t walking the walk. I am suspicious that Matt is a long time friend with R. What about Britt and Lane? I think Britt and Lane are the new showmance. Kathy is sneaky. I hate her, Britt is cheap and catty. At least R and B are out in front. How about Kristen saying she played the game honest all the while sneaking around with Hay and then when busted lying. Oh, she is really honest. Glad she is gone. Hay is a momma’s boy.

  48. Groddner, I want to kick you in the groin! Cannot believe you keep shoving B/R and that OOMPA LOOMPA Matt down our throats! Don’t get too excited about him putting up B/R as he is still the same gutless, coward he was 2 weeks ago!! The Bro-Gade sucks and couldn’t form a logical scheme or a plan if their lives depended on it! And MEOW MEOW–all he does is talk, talk, talk! Nothing but a big-mouth loser!! He is so stupid and useless and can’t even come close to winning anything! Hayden is not much brighter or physically strong at comps. He took week one HOH by default. Won’t happen again! I cannot even remember once this season where those 4 have sat down and actually formed a logical, coherent plan!! How lame is that?? Brendon will never stop crying about how the HOH comp was made for those with small feet. Raquel will be bashing Brendon and treating him even more like the piece of crap she already treats him as. Ragan if only you could take your own advice and out the Bro-Gade but you are also a weak loser! He should have stayed on that can at all cost and no way should have conceded that HOH to the constant ball scratcher!! Disgusting especially since he eats after scratching and NEVER washs his filthy hands!!! Ragan is madly in love with Matt–so obvious and disgusting!!!!!! When he talks with that terrible lisp I just want to stick a fork in my eye!! Cannot believe he has a radio show with that little girly voice. Dude, grow a pair, OK?? Why is Kathy still there or better yet how is she still there?? Grodner, what happened to Steven Daigle (Lane’s cousin) coming into the house to host a comp? Their was even a plan for Janelle to come and host but now all of a sudden it is Jordeff coming! Crock of shit! Nothing— not even beloved Jordeff can save this crappy season!! Screw those 2 idiots, Jordeff!! Take that CAT LADIES!!!

    1. Ragan does not want to get the Blood on his hands, but makes a deal to stay safe. Remember naked James….tats…Allison Grodner loves a tatted man. She fixes the comps so he can stay.

    2. Daigle’s salary demands where too “divalicious” for Alison. Besides, though I am sure Lane cares about his cousin, Lane said no thanks

  49. This is the weakest cast ever……..they could not stand on a paint can for 40 minutes….give me a break!!!!!!!!!!! I could stand longer than that with one leg and one arm!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For such strong guys they are all wimps!!!!!!!!!!Matt is the only one in the Brigade that ever wins anything and he’s the smallest of the four…….that just shows you that muscles don’t mean a thing!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Why America, would you vote for Ragan! he’s sucha weak player and a floater and he would be too scared to excpet the offer.

    1. As far as I know, AG doesn’tcare what we think – hence B/R – so why should she start now. It isn’t just coincidence that the one person closest to Matt (this week’s HOH), Ragan, is also the Saboteur. I am sure if Brendon won, it would have been Rachel, ad naseum. I am glad that this is AG’s last year as EP of this show. If hse thinks she taking this show with her – she best rethink that silly notion.

  51. Ugh!! Matt….Really???? I wanted Enzo to gett it! and i can’t stand Rachel…every girl in the house apparently is trying to get between her and her man! Whatev! and WTF is Brendan seriously telling her he loves her??? How many days has it been again?? 30 or something! The only good thing Brendan has done for BB is given me something nice to look at….but i think Enzo is hotter than all the guys in the house! And in my opinion Kathy and Lane have not done a damn thing to still be on the show! This season has been BORING!!! i hate rachel’s laugh….i cant stand how matt is HOH again…Brittany is so being controlled by everyone in the house….Kathy so needs to go home already…and Brendan is ridiculous if he thinks he’s n love wit such a bimbo like Rachel! I honestly dont think she is all that pretty…am i the only one that doesnt find her attractive????
    I hope Enzo wins!!!

  52. This season is ok so far. I can honestly say all of the houseguest are sneaks so you really never know what they are going to do to each other. At least it’s not predictable.

  53. For some reason the other day when I read that the producers mentioned to Ragan about all guy alliance, I told everyone he would end up being the sabotuer, and what I think is weird is I didn’t think he was even all that popular I thought Enzo would have won that hands down

    1. Actually, EVERYTHING about her is fake.

      She thinks she is an actress and is probably going to try and get into it after this show.

  54. From an entertainment standpoint, I’d like to see Matt take Ragan and set up a final 4 with Brendon and Rachel. Tell everyone about the Brigade and put up Hayden and Lane, with Enzo being the alternate.

    And actually, it would probably not be such a bad move for Matt. They would be the strongest alliance in the house. They are the only people aside from Britt who actually win anything, the 4 of them could dominate the competitions, then when it gets to final 4 or 3, he stands a really good chance because he’s so strong in the endurance competitions the are so common at that point in the game.
    I don’t give him credit for having the ability to think strategically like that though.

      1. I think if he stays with the Brigade, he’ll be the first one they turn on and I don’t expect he’ll make it to the final 4 with them to be honest. Either the rest of them are really that lame, or they are setting him up to have all of the blood for the Brigade is on his hands. Plus, they will recognize that he’s too big of a threat at the end and he’s too tight with Ragan, they’ll turn on him before final 4.

  55. i agree with Roof…its funny how they are always together but not together…..and for all the time they spend it would seem natural to start up something but they dont…..and she never talks about her boyfriend….something is up

  56. Aww poor Brenden. I would’ve liked to see him play without Rachel. He screwed himself. Going with her put a huge target on his back. He should’ve been a Brigade member! I hate Rachel I hope she leaves this week I can’t stand a single more goodbye speech, “and you tried to come after me and my man.” Oh shoot me. She makes me want to shoot myself. How people live with her, I have no clue.

  57. Plus as soon as Rachel mentioned she might put Lane up…that was it for Brittany. She seemed pissed and didn’t use her power of veto. Yet they haven’t really shown us that they are in an alliance. Was hoping one of them would win the HOH just so I could see their room and what pictures there would be.

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