Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Britneys strategy for winning tonights HOH … Put Visine in Brendons water and pull a Tanya Harding on him…

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12:20pm Britney, Ragan, Hayden and Lane are in the bedroom talking. Rachel and Brendon are taking all their stuff out of the HOH room. Brendon comes into one of the bedroom. Lane asks him if he is moving in the taj-room. Brendon says that he isn’t sure. When Brendon leaves the room Britney says imitates Brendon and says..or I will just leave my stuff at the bottom of the stairs. They all laugh. They make fun of Brendon saying that he’s going to eat more carbs to secure his victory. Britney says that they need to eat something else to secure their HOH victory. Britney says lets put Visine in his water. Hayden asks can we really do that? Ragan says no you can do anything to hurt any one. Britney says lets just pull a Tanya Harding right before the competition.

12:40pm Brendon, Kristen, Ragan, Hayden, Matt, Lane and Britney are all in the bedroom. They’re talking about the car wash competition again. Ragan asks Kristen if she wants to talk in the other bedroom. Kristen asks so no one gave you a definite answer? Ragan says no. Kristen asks is it because Rachel and Brendon are threatening people? Ragan says no …and that he doesn’t think any one cares what they think. The cameras switch back to Britney, Matt and Lane in the other bedroom. Lane asks if Britneys boyfriend would be jealous if he came up to Britney and hugged her real tight with his pecks pressed up against her and then he smells her hair. Britney laughs and says god and rolls over. Britney then says that she needs to go eat some fruit loops to secure her HOH victory.

12:50pm Hayden and Lane are talking in the lounge room. Ezno says that they have to get Brendon out of the house …and says that they’ll be going up if Brendon gets HOH because he (Brendon) likes Britney, Lane and Matty. Enzo says so we are down to 9 people after today. Enzo asks do you think there will be some kind of a twist or something today. Hayden says yeah there’s a good chance there will be something today. Enzo says that Brendon thinks he’s winning. Enzo says that he has had enough, that he wants everyone in the house to be booted. Enzo says that he is sick and tired of Brendon, Kathy, …everyone and that he can’t even listen to their conversations any more.

They complain that Rachel might use up all the water in the downstairs shower when she could have used the one in the HOH. Hayden says that Rachel is doing her hair again in the bathroom. Enzo says why do it today .. why not do it in the HOH bathroom yesterday. Enzo says that Rachel a fucking bitch, get the fuck out already. Enzo says now he can see why people snap in the house. Hayden says its selfish. Enzo says yeah! They start making fun of Brendon and his skin tight jeans. Enzo says that Ragan keeps talking to him saying that he is terrified …Enzo says shut the fuck up …I’ll put you up ..yo!  The feeds cut out for a few minutes.  When they come back Enzo is talking about Kristen saying that she’s going home … and that you just cant go off telling people that you’re coming after them. You just can’t do that, yo!  Enzo says that you have to be fake in the house.  Hayden says yeah, Kristen is hot though.


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1:10pm – 1:20pm Brendon is cleaning up and vacuuming for the live show tonight. Britney, Matt, Ragan and Lane are all taking a nap in the bedroom. Enzo is taking a shower, while Rachel and Kathy get ready in the bathroom. Britney joins Rachel in the bathroom and eats a bowl of fruit loops while Rachel gets ready. They talk about how they think the competition tonight is going to be crazy. Britney says that she doesnt want to do her hair all up because she doesn’t want to go through all the trouble just to have it mess up.


1:30pm – 1:50pm Brendon, Ragan and Hayden are in the kitchen making lunch. Ragan’s making pasta, Brendon and Hayden are making a pizza and slop. Lane and Enzo are in the lounge room talking. They say that they can keep Britney around. Enzo says that Ragan is talking to everyone and that if he gets HOH two weeks from now he will probably put up me (Enzo) and Hayden. Ragan comes in and talks to Enzo and Lane. Ragan leaves and Enzo says he’s always brown noising… just like Annie. Enzo says that Matt is too close to Ragan. Enzo says final four baby. Enzo says that he thinks Kathy will be here for a while. Enzo says that we’re going into war now with all the heavy weights… Kathy will be around till final 5 yo! Lane says it will be a close vote …6-1 …they laugh. Lane says sorry (Kristen) but you’re going up against the Brigade. Ragan and Matt join them in the lounge room. Enzo asks Ragan if Kristen knows that its a wrap. Ragan says that she was crying, but that she is being a good sport. Enzo says that Kristen doesn’t deserve to be booted out 6-1 and especially not before Kathy. Lane says that’s Big Brother for ya. Enzo says that Kristen is a cool girl. Enzo starts talking about how he was going crazy being locked up in the HOH room and having to listen to Rachel and Brendon. Hayden and Ragan leave. Lane talks about how Brendon alienated himself by getting with Rachel and how no one likes him.. Enzo asks why would you align with someone you arent even going to have a relationship with outside of the house. Enzo says that once Brendon is evicted, Rachel will have another showmance with someone else in the house. Enzo says that once they get Brendon out …they should keep Rachel around as a target and go after someone else like Ragan. Enzo says that Ragan and Britney are playing the best game other than the brigade.

1:50pm – 2pm Britney and Brendon come into the lounge room. Brendon says that he made slop because it has carbs and protein. Britney tells him to tell everyone why she will lose tonight because she ate fruit loops. Brendon says because your body will burn through it too quickly. Britney says that she is going to go eat another bowl just to jazz it up ..biam! The camera guys zoom in on Brendons messed up toe. (Last night Britney was making fun of him calling him the saber toe tiger)

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70 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Britneys strategy for winning tonights HOH … Put Visine in Brendons water and pull a Tanya Harding on him…

  1. I think Britney is weird. I definitely don’t like Rachel, and Brendon is okay. However, I think Britney is very, very strange. I would rather pull my toenails off than to be the poor sap that is engaged to her. Kathy’s mascara needs to go. If someone banned her from wearing it for the rest of the show, I would be eternally grateful. Matt needs to keep his hands out of his pants because apparently it’s contagious…now all of the houseguests are doing it… just wait, pretty soon the girls will start to do it. As for Lane and Enzo, they are just annoying. I can’t believe it, but Ragan is about the only one I can tolerate!! And he’s the flaming gay!!! They are typically the most annoying.

    1. All guys touch their junk…its how we know we’re still alive, we take our pulse, heart rate, temp, & text just by laying our hands on our junk but when we start boxing with Goofy it turns into something else and counseling might be necessary. When girls do it thats a sign of a need for soap. Ragan not a flaming gay, just gay-regular, seen flaming and eye makeup and the color lavender is always involved. Agree with the rest of you take.

    2. so you have enough experience with ‘flaming gays’ to know they’re the most annoying? wow.. you’re really worldly.

      1. ragan does not come across as a flaming gay person. if anything he’s rather mousy and low key. I member last season that gay guy that was on (nat’s bud) was much more ah lets just say excited and colorful :) that coment was rude anyhow. if it was a black person would you say he was acting too black?

    3. I think Brittany is entertaining and playing a good game now. I didn’t like her at first, but she’s grown on me. Her sarcastic comments liven things up a bit. Rachel is just plain bad news. Sadly, she thinks she’s hotter than she is, which isn’t good. If she wasn’t such a B-OCH maybe I’d think she is more attractive. She plays a good villian. Brendan is pathetic to break out the I love you so quickly and on reality tv to boot! One day, probably soon, he will regret that. Rachel will go back to Vegas, flirt with guys for free drinks and break his heart. Ragan will have to take a side soon. I think he’s just waiting to see who gets the upper hand. Kathy..poor Kathy. She needs to go home. Casting should have picked an older person (compared to the rest) with a personality or one that is somewhat athletic. Come on…she has no game. Nothing to win with.
      I’m excited to see who wins HOH. Someone from the Brigade or Brittany would be good.

    4. Then stop watching the show if you dont like it…theirs a reason ur still coming on the website and watching the show. so..stop complaining.

  2. THAT was the foot Boy George was rubbing a few nights ago??? That thing is disgusting. If his needledick gets tired, he could try using that big toe on her.

  3. I love how the houseguests get mad when they are called FLOATERS! Ummm hello have you won a HOH or VETO??? Well then in my book you’re a floater! I’m not counting the Have or Have Not comps….that’s a group effort and anyone can bring you down or up. The only ones that should be counted are HOH and VETO.

    Hayden: HOH (which was basically given to him, but since he won I’ll put him in this category)
    Rachel: 2 HOHs
    Matt: HOH
    Brenden: 2 POVs
    Britany: 2 POVs


    Until the floaters start winning and playing this game then they need to keep their mouth shut and stop bitching that they are being called floaters. Kathy you may save lives in the real world, but this isn’t the real world honey, this is Big Brother and in that house you are the ultimate floater! Kristen well there really isn’t anything to say about you, you’re leaving tonight so take your unitard and walk your floater ass out! Ragan stop throwing the comps! You have thrown two comps that I am aware of. You could easily be taken off the floater list. Enzo and Lane stop saying that you’re going to win and just do it!!!
    There now that I have gotten that off my chest I feel much better. :)

    1. Theres only a limited amount of competition that essnetially everyone gets to compete in, the Veto is limited to six people, only one person can win, in like 3 more weeks than you can start callin out floaters. And by then hopefully Rachels ass is out of the house.

    2. the only true floater in the house is Kathy. she has no alliance, and no sense of gameplan.
      there are people who are misconceived as being floaters but the difference is that they choose not to win HOH or POV. it’s all part of their strategy. and also gameplan of their secret alliance… Brigade yo!

  4. Apparently the eye make up isn’t even hers…Britney was complaining the other day about Kathy using her eye makeup before asking her..and telling her after the fact..Kathy is just a waste of space. Everybody is annoying this season..why does everyone hate on rachel and brendon so much..from day one. They play a straight forward game but everyone else is a straight up liar..Can’t wait for Brendon to win the HOH is to mess with them idiots with the big talk..Brigade..more like bozos..

    1. You want to know why everyone hates Rachole….click the link on the right that says “Bitchy Big Brother Blog” and read todays blog………And if after that you dont get it or at least die laughing Im at a loss for you! ;O)

      1. Yes, she is annoying..but she really hasn’t lied to anyone’s face…..anything she says gets misunderstood b/c she’s so annoying…she may be playing it up for the cameras but everyone else is equally annoying..if they get rid of b/r..they will have absolutely nothing to talk about except for how much of matt’s d**k can fit into regan’s mouth..who will be the one to shave haayden’s mop..or when kathy will ever walk again, cuz all she does is just lie there…at least b/r makes it interesting b/c all they do is plot and make fun of b/r right now…

        1. OMG! Too funny …dick in mouth part! Well, they all annoy somewhat and I change how feel daily……but B and R top my annoying list……but they got game, you do have to give them that much, the numbers dont lie!

      2. OMFG! THAT was freaking hilarious! I hope she gets biotch-slapped tonight by Kristin on her way out… What’s there to lose?

  5. Brit the clit is hilarous and I enjoy watching her in BB….but no way I would want to be with a very very serious high maintenance beauty pageant girl.

  6. Britney is alright, out of all the girls she is the hottest one at least. Lane and Enzo are good for entertainment. Ragan is smart but also very gullible. Matt is overconfident. Kathy is okay just kind of the ultimate floater in this game, reminds me of Sheila from BB 9, just kind of there, not particularly annoying or confrontational but also not likely to win anything. Hayden’s alright, not as funny as Lane and Enzo but he’s probably a little smarter than them. Kristen seems alright, liked her attitude in the last HOH game just flat out going after Rachel head on, too bad she lost that one. Andrew seemed like a train wreck, felt bad for the guy, but not too bad I’m sure he makes a good living and probably has a good family to go back to. Annie was a bad choice for the sabateur, nothing against her, thought she was an okay player. Brendon is delusional, just obsessed with Rachel to the point that it’s kind of creepy. He seems like an okay guy, but he makes really dumb choices.

    Rachel/Boy George is the worst, she needs to go, the live shows are going to get boring because nobody wants to talk around her, and it’s getting tiresome watching every single houseguest pander to her, plus she’s basically a bully, give her an advantage over anyone and she will show her true colors.

  7. I am sure tonight’s HOH comp is a physical endurance challenge. To even the playing field, the houseguests were allowed to eat real food all week. it is going be be an all-nighter – hopefully done to Britney, Lane & Brendon – ending in a deal with Britney getting HOH. Wishful thinking? Yeah probably, but it’s time for some “new blood” to start running the show!

  8. I am willing to bet $10, to be donate to Simon/Dawg site, that Britney wins!!!! If Brendon wins, then I will not post or comment for ton this site for the next week!!! Anyone else willing to “put up or shut up”!

      1. That’s okay BBGrandma, your exempt. You’ve heard the saying, “Money talks, bullshit walks!’ Just my way of calling out some people. Not you, of course. “Walk the Talk”. Anything to shut these whiny bitches up long enough to find something new to say!”‘ It get’s so tiring!!!! So BBgrandma are you goin take book – keep track of any action? I trust you!! Hope you doin okay!

      1. At this point I really don’t care! All I know is that I won a bet with my friends and will be spending a week in Palm Springs (Thank You Richie)!!! Thanks for proving my point that “Money talks” and bullshit, is still bullshit!!!! See Ya!!!!!

    1. I love a good bet, but I want Brit to win too!!!! And Im with you, if Big ugly foot wins Im not gonna wanna post either because it will be a repeat of this week….all the same whining and crying …and I hate repitition!

  9. If Brittany puts visine in his water she will get in trouble. And it would end up backfiring on her. She would be stupid to do that with cameras everywhere.

    1. Britney was just joking, and followed up w/the Tonya Harding remark. She’s very witty. I still would like to see her & Lane get together. She seems to be getting under Enzo’s skin – he comments about how much she talks. She’s at least entertaining & bubbly, unlike Bozo-I mean, Enzo.

  10. she would be stupid to do it with cameras everywhere? how about AT ALL…that would be a CRIME…seriously…

    The Brigade=A Floating Grenade

      1. Coming to get ya! Oh man if these guys don’t pull this one off we are going to be eating crow. I would like mine with a side dish of those dead puppies and baby seals.

  11. personally … I like Rachel… and I’m hoping that Brendon wins HOH… but Brendons gotta give up the I love yous… give Rachel some space…

    1. I agree, he is bothering me too, she loves herself too much and her Vegas lifestyle, which very shortly she will be on the downslide there as well, she is an alchy and getting older. Vegas flips women her age out quickly, some 21 yo will be taking her VIP job real soon.

      1. too funny LMAO. brendon is a puppy that thinks he found a loving owner to care for him but lil does he know that owner is fickle and will probably let him stray as soon as she gets tired of it (him)

  12. The brigade keeps talking about throwing grenades… Maybe production needs to inform them that you need to pull the pins first

    1. They have done nothing but whisper about everyone to each other like little girls and they have won nothing yet. I wish they have a double eviction and throw of the pitbull mouth(Hayden) and the muscle head(Lane) but that would require good players in the house, they are all so bad this year. How is it possible these 3 to 4 guys are constanly together inside and the yard and NO ONE even considers that maybe there could be an alliance!?!?!? Then when they are told, NO ONE really believes it!

      Again worst season I’ve seen. I think that after all of the players last year on some types of pyche meds they really went vanilla this year, they made an exception for the alchohlic.

  13. i forget what season but on 1 of the seasons 1 of the BB HG’s took anothers toothbrush and cleaned a toilet with it then put it back. they did not get in trouble and production did not step in and tell that member what happened to the toothbrush. not only did that HG use the toilet stained tooth brush but all of it was aired on CBS. i think it was season 1. correct me if I am wrong.

    1. The only time I remember seeing that happen, was in Season 2, when Shannon took Hardy’s toothbrush and cleaned the toilet because Hardy put up her and Dr. Will. She DID get in trouble, and had to replace Hardy’s toothbrush. She was trying to figure out a way to replace it without getting caught.

  14. the bitchy big brother blog is funny but too much to read. it’d take all day. one of the things I like about this blog is it’s to the point and not tooo much information only the important information.


  16. Ragan is pissing me off now. He stays up matts ass. He is always b1tch’n. I’m starting to think he is the new mom of the house. It sad because i like brit and ragan. But he caters to matt too much and is going to be his down fall. He’s gonna look so stupid when he see’s he’s being played. The brigade suck , rachel and brendon double suck. A waste of a season

  17. Have you noticed that everytime b/r lose they want to cook for the whole house and feed them,lmao. Bye Bye Brenchel!

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