Big Brother 12 – Getting real in the Big Brother house

5:35pm Pool nothing but pool talk and very little of that

5:40pm Enzo’s been sleeping most of the day. (Getting shunned is taking it’s toll on him)

5:45pm Hayden preparing the pork chops for dinner. Lane joins him outside. Hayden wonders how things would of been different if Brendon was the winner of that one HOH during double elimination. He thinks the Brigade would of been taken out. Lane: ‘So how does this sound.. I would like to welcome Big Brother first and second place winners on the jumbo tron” Hayden “Sounds awesome 75 thousands people…. anything is possible I said it week one” (both these guys have a giant boner over how awesome and famous they will become). Hayden says he use to dream about things like this happening to him when he was in college. Not Big Brother but dreaming about playing in a major league baseball game and having the crowd cheer him on and come down to the field to meet him. Hayden says since he’s been cast on Big Brother he’s started to dream about winning it. Lane says he use to day dream about major league sports to. (Lane is going to try and hook them up so they can be introduced at some sporting event and go down to the field.. Hayden equates this being like a major league baseball player and having fans). They start talking about what is wrong with Enzo, they both think he’s going to be huge success after Big Brother.

8:50pm Kitchen Enzo and Lane Enzo wonders what the jury house is getting right to see yesterday. Lane thinks it was Ragan.. enzo wonders if it was the endurance competition. Enzo wants to see Annie he thinks she was crazy, They both think Kristen is going to go off on Brit and Andrew. Enzo wants to see monet check out what she’s wearing. They go over where everyone will be sitting during the finale. Lane: “rachel sits next to KATHY …. seriously Kathy what were you doing.. cmon WHAT WERE YOU DOING”. Enzo: “I dunno”

10:20pm Kitchen playing cards.. Enzo is cracking jokes again, they all seem to be relaxed having fun.

11:00pm bragade College football talk

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271 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 – Getting real in the Big Brother house

    1. This one is too easy.
      I’m going to throw one out there, and you guys can change the noun.
      “It’s not over until the fat lady sings.”

    2. Enzo, yo, I’m rooting for you! But even if you don’t win, I’m sure
      we’ll see more of you. I’m hoping you and Joelyn will be on
      Amazing Race!!!

      1. To be on Amazing Race one has to be able to move their feet and at the same time think about where they need to go, Enzo doesn’t possess none of these qualities.

    1. Okay, what you do on a Friday night is your business, but why should we have to read about it? I don’t get you David. You’re going to learn that there are things you should keep to yourself.

  1. At least Britney was a big enough person to accept that she was going home, but still hung out with the guys and had fun her last few days. Enzo is being a baby…he is acting just like what he accused Ragan, Britney and everyone else that was voted out of behaving like….he needs to grow….be man and enjoy the last few days he has.

    1. Britney has false pride. I believe she will cry hear heart out when she gets home.
      Remember Britney did cry a river when she found out she was going home.
      And if I remember correctly, her and Monet had a crying party when they were in the have not room.

      1. LOL she didn’t have a crying party. she teared up in the hoh room, and sniffled in her bed until she fell asleep. she cried in the diary room probably because production was making it worse “lane doesnt care about you he only used you blahblahblah”

        next day she went back to normal and just accepted it. no ragan-style sobbing in the cabana room.

        enzo is the one who gave ragan shit for being upset and now he’s all by himself moping

    2. I am not an Enzo fan, but I feel sorry for him. Unlike Britney or Ragan, Enzo has actual family responsibilities. It appears he feels that he has let his family down and that is why he is acting depressed. Britney and Ragan would have won the money for themselves. Enzo was trying to win for himself, his wife, and most of all his daughter’s future. One can certainly argue a “game show” is not the place to go to try to provide for your family’s future. With that I agree.

      1. where have you been … his wife works for a 500 company… if you saw the house they are not hurting for money … give me a break… its his EGO that has been smashed all to heck, and he knows it .. the biggest looser ever on BB .. the only event he won was the POV and he had to knock down a 100 lb wee bit of a man to do it … now if it was Hayden or Lane …even Britney he would of had a big gash on that swelled head of his along with the cut on his knee… Dont be he is feeling bad cause he was doing this all for his family .. he was on a EGO trip the minute he walked through those doors… EGO ENZO shows his true colours now …lol .. I dont think he would win with the jury anyway … but this is just my oppinion .. and that is what we are all entitled to … hope to see you all come next season .. this has been fun… :-)

        1. i think if lane had any intelligence in that brain of his he would take enzo to the final 2 if he wins hoh. Hayden will demolish both enzo and lane in the finale but lane has a better shot at beating enzo then he does hayden seeing as how enzo only won 1 veto. the funny thing is even if lane took enzo on that reasoning im pretty sure enzo would stilll win. But then again we will never now becuase these guys are more concerned with friendship and being famous then they are on forming a strtegy to win the game

        2. Your opinion is the same as mine, Enzo’s ego is huge, so cocky….and worthless. He didn’t do anything the whole BB stint except, as everyone knows, slam bam a puny Ragan out of the way. And then he strutted like he had battled Hercules. He’s all mouth…. He brags Wifey has “her own money”, and she is indeed at a Fortune 500 company so they aren’t hurting. I will give him this…he loves his family. But he was out of his league the second he walked in the BB12 door. He was always gonna win this one, he was gonna knock it out of the park, he was gonna gonna gonna and he did nada nada nada. Poor Enzo. Suck it up, buddy.

        3. I’ve been here all along…why do you ask? LOL I know his wife brings in the bucks (Fortune 500 company) and that proves my point exactly. HE wants to provide for his family. HE wants to provide for his daughter’s future. Some guys don’t like the wife being the breadwinner of the house. You mentioned his ego. I think you are right, but his ego at home is the one being crushed, not his ego in the game itself. I can’t say I know a whole lot about the typical Italian family, but I do know that the Italian man feels it is his place to be the provider.

          1. I can agree to this since I am married to an Italian man and it is a matter of his pride and wanting to provide. Remember, he also made the comment after he lost, apologizing to his wife that she still has to work. I like Enzo! Who is going to win…I have no clue….

          2. Coco-WISE THE F__K UP!! This guy is a foul-mouth misogynistic, loser who is all too glad to leech off of “WIFEY!!” He claims to have worked 2 full time jobs–yeah, right-he is an insurance adjuster (ripping us off) and sold houses on the side but once the bubble burst that was the end of that. He only did that to keep up with her so as to not appear to be the total loser that he is and at one time one could make 10K or more per month peddling homes!! The disgusting comments he made about woman and others throughout the game were despicable!! Since you want to stereotype us Italians then let me tell you, no group looks down on and treats woman more like slaves than old school Italians!! And he is old school Italian in every sense of the word down to his thinking and even his accent and mannerisms!! Give him half a million or even 50K or 25K??? You got to be joking, right????This jag-off does not deserve a crust of bread!! His true colors came through on Thursday night!!! It was obvious he sealed his fate right there with Hayden!!

          1. Don’t you talk about Enzo, aka, Da Boss that way.
            I know Jesus, and Jesus loves Enzo.
            You’ve better stop talking bad about Enzo. Jesus doesn’t like bitches.

        4. I agree:) also enzo only talks about how he wants the money so his wife can stop working for a while…i think so they can have another baby…He even said they have money to pay off her school loans in the bank but chose not to…but it really don’t matter who needs the money …its who can get to the final 2..and get the others to vote…idk about enzo losing though..I gone over and over in my head if enzo and lane were in the final 2…I am pretty sure lane would have matts and britneys vote and maybe ragans..but lane would lose haydens because he be taking him out…so…you know brendon already said he vote for enzo..and i think rachel would it be up to kathy and i think she vote depending on the guys answers.. so really i don’t think lane could win either way..its more or less who he wants to have the 500k and he knows him and hayden have big future plans and i think if lane wants to lose to anybody it be hayden :)

        5. You hit the proverbial NAIL on Enzo’s not-so-proverbial HEAD/ENORMOUS, OUT-OF-CONTROL EGO!!! Hopefull “a HARD LESSON learned” for him!? Outside of his “home/family” comfort zone which obviously has fed/grown his TREMENDOUSLY HUGE EGO all of his life he has finally run into the the even LARGER walls of REALITY & TRUTH about WHO & WHAT he truly IS!?! Hopefully he will learn how to redirect all that wasted energy towards a future of positive changes that he obviously needs to make in his life that will THEN benefit and enrich his precious wife & daughter, and that they can ALL then be “honestly” proud of!?!

      2. KEY WORD ACTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is acting like so one of them will take him to the final two or he will get AC for the 25K!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t buy it at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      3. He let his family down LONG before this. There is no reason for any of them to have assumed they would win the 500 Gs. These Enzo supporters are acting like wifey and daughter will be on welfare if Enzo goes home now and doesn’t get $25,000! (Does he get that amount for coming in 3rd?) I can’t wait for him to leave. He should be shunning himself by holing up in jumanji.I have to say I am surprised he is being such a poor sport after ridiculing Brendan, Ragan, Brit and others. They left with their heads held high!

        1. No one said they will live on public assistance if he doesn’t win BB. He is a very proud Italian man that feels HE (not his wife) should be the one providing for his family. They are very lucky she has a nice job that brings in big bucks but that doesn’t soothe his Italian ego. Culturally he feels less than a man by having his wife be the breadwinner. Evidently that’s the Jersey Italian way of thinking.

          1. Has jack squat to do with Italian culture. No real man wants his wife to provide for him. That is completely disgusting on a biological level.

          2. No he wants the money so his wife can take some time offf work to have another baby…he has said that over and over..also in the backyard the other night telling her he was sorry she can’t take time off..It don’t matter what they want the money for …people forgt the jury house is NOT mad at any of the three left:) they really don’t no what went down it was all silenced lol…Its easy for us at home watching to be critical but they all should pat themselves on the back for how far they made it and how they played they did play a good behind the scene game..there was no reason to play hard in the beginning look at what it got matt rachel brendon gets u out the door…they were smart to drop when they did…

          3. He’s lazy and unrealistic. Go get a job. He is not entitled to win BB just because his ego is bruised because “wifey” has to work. Who knows? Maybe she likes to work. I tried staying home and was bored to tears. I loved achieving success at work. By th way, my husband provides nicely for me and I never had to work.

      4. I don’t think that Enzo is more deserving of the money just because he has a wife and child. The fact that he was in a position where he could leave his family, his life, and his job for 3 months on the chance of winning some money tells me he is already in a better position than most people. It was a gamble he could afford to take, so it is a gamble he can afford to lose.

      5. Everyone in that house plays for a reason and that reason usually involves some one else. If Enzo wanted to p[lay to win and make his family proud he should have played the game. He didn’t try to win any comps because he was riding the “Brigade Train”. He is only in the final 3 because Hayden stayed true to the brigade. Otherwise he is a waste of BBhouse space.

    3. Totally agree MEM…..he has bragged all season that his wife makes a lot of money. I don’t believe for one minute that he is upset because he let his family down. His ego is hurt….he won only one comp all season and he didn’t even do that with dignity. Britney and Ragan and anyone else in the house could use the money….not one person should win it over another because of their personal situation. If that was the case then why even play…just give the person with the saddest story the money. Britney is young, she is engaged…I have to believe that one day she will want to have children, so can’t she be playing for their future…or just her own! I also remember that Enzo gave a detailed description of what he was going to do with the money and none of it involved putting it away for his child’s future!
      Enzo needs to get his thumb out of his mouth, grow up, stop laying around, be a man and go out and socialize. I understand that everyone has a right to be upset, and yes Britney did cry, but she GOT OVER IT! She was up the next morning….not hiding from everyone! Enzo’s just a big baby…he was a big talker and now he knows that he is going home without the money….Oh well…Get over it

      1. exactely and i don’t think enzo has been shunned by the guys he done it to himself..throwing a fit cuz he realzied he lost…all he will have now is begging and mind games like he has done all season..but lane and hayden had this planned they were going to take enzo out and keep brit at one time but..they realized they could beat enzo its the only reason why enzo is still in the game…when they made it to the final 3..lane and hayden said now we just gotta make sure dodo don’t win haha…so predictable but..if enzo goes..its worth it for me:) There brigade was final 3! agreement it is what it is enzo…you werent paying attention..haha matt would of tooken you to the final 2 :)…It will make it all worth the season to me if enzo takes 3rd:)

      2. Well now I know you have not payed attention to the game. Enzo said on many occasion that he would like to put money aside for his little girl Gia, and also help his dad that is very sick with leukenia.
        Try Tevo it works wonders when someone say something that they dont know what their are talking about.
        I really dont care who wins. Hayden dont deserved it, and Lane will need it to pay attorney’s for the assault charge.
        The only person I see that would have helped with the money is Brendon ( on research for cancer) and Kathy would have donated to the American cancer society. Since she as been battling cancer for several years.

    1. Enzo sucks. And I don’t like your hater comments on Britney and Ragan and the others. They cried so much because there’s so much stress in the house, especially when you’re on the block and you don’t have anyone there to help you. Britney was so shocked and she was so upset because she knew there was NO hope of her staying. You would cry too, ho. Ragan was upset so much because he also had no one during the week he was on the block. Matt was pretty much his only “ally” in the house, until he backstabbed him. Unlike Enzo, Britney and Ragan have actually done things in the game that should have brought them farther. Lane, Hayden, and Enzo all SUCK. You shouldn’t cheer for Enzo because he has done NOTHING and he has NO strategy. He doesn’t need ANY money. His wife works for a 500 Company and he is an insurance adjuster. He gets the dough. Though the students (Britney, Hayden, Brendon, Rachel, and Ragan – the one who has to pay doctorate debts of 300k) need the money.

      You’re just a sad person aren’t you? You’re bashing on everyone in the house because they’ve done things that you find “pathetic.” You go in the house and we’ll see how you do!

  2. Stay strong, Meow Meow. You tried hard yo.
    Lane on the other hand laid on an air mattress and let Britney and the Bra-gade carry him all the way to the Final 3. and Hayden’s giving Lane a piggy-back all the way to the Final 2.

    1. If Hayden takes Enzo to the final 2.
      Enzo wins and Hayden smiles and says: ” Man, I knew you would win. Me and my hair are in college, and we’re smart like that. “

      1. agreed:) they helped each other to get where they were..they brag enough about they all couldn’t of gotten that far if they didn’t control the votes,the mind tricks and games..I really like what his wife said about how he (enzo) can put things in there mind and make them believe the idea was there own ..I believe that also….I think they all 3 made the right moves when needed and NO-one in the house new what hit them till after they were out the door..or still in the jury house they don’t no..That is why there wasn’t to much fighting cuz they still don’t no what hit them…(PriceLess:) if matt found out he was being backdoor that would of turned the game around and a big fight would of emerged…if britney new they were playing her same thing…they didn’t no..they still won’t till they watch the shows..also hayden&enzo is the one that started the house against brendon &rachel & once they got everyone against them..they befriended them…they are playing hte game..thats why there still there…

        1. Yeah, just like he put in Wifey’s mind what a great, intelligent, sexy, great lover, great father, great provider he would be so she should marry him!!! That is called “manipulation” and wifey fell for it too!!! LOL!!!

  3. He must be really tired from those 2 hoh comps. I mean, staying on that swinging rope for 19 minutes can really tire a person out. xD

    1. hes just realizing how much he sucked balls on tv.but he has to realize how good of a social game he played.nobody wants to take him to final 2 and hes won 1 pov,thats just insain

  4. Why does Enzo think he is out of the game? Either Hayden or Lane can take him to the final two. (Not that he deserves to win anything.) Did I miss something? Why is he so depressed?

    1. Idk i think its a feeling he has..when he was in the back yard last night..he was saying that those two had a final 2 deal meaning lane and hayden..he just put it together..probably cuz they aren’t directly saying yes or no..of who they are taking..mainly they don’t no if they have to decide its to soon to be defeated…he is just being a baby

  5. Why does everyone think Enzo will win if he’s in the Final two? AND. why would they think Enzo would be really famous after this? …

    1. Rachel and Brendon love Enzo.. two votes there… Hayden will vote for Enzo over Lane and Matt will too. Lane will get Brit’s vote which leaves Kathy and Ragan up in the air and wasted votes because Enzo has it in the bag.

    2. enzo can be in a gangsta movie he gots the look, but after today he needs to be in boys dont cry the sequel.u wouldnt see the dudes on jersey shore acting like this, geeez

  6. Do you think the next step is the then to start preparing for the coin toss at the Super Bowl? Are they scheduled to ring the opening bell at the NY Stock Exchange yet? Wait. wait. I got it. Lighting the torch at the next Olympics. They are a lock for that. Yeha, they are going to be THAT popular.

        1. guys where bra’s too.. I know I once saw a man in the womens dressing room when I worked at a retail store in the mall… he looked lovely.. I just had to measure him and fit him for this animal print set.. it was one of my most favorite moments ever…

          I dub you golfcar a member of the BRAgade

  7. OMG, I about pissed my pants when I read this one. Like they are going to be announced at a ballgame and get put on the jumbo tron. First of all, there isn’t a stadium in the Major Leagues that holds 70,000 people you idiots. Second of all, they don’t even announce when Tiger Woods, or Jack Nicholson is in the house. They may put the camera on them once in a while but that’s it. My god, these two are so dilusional they are going to need to be treated for PTSD when they get out and find out the world really doesn’t care about two guys from Big Brother. This is getting to damn funny now. I’m loving it. And I’m glad Enzo is sleeping the week away. I’ve had enough of him. Meow meow was a knickname in grade schoool so the kids didn’t get in trouble for calling him pussy boy pussy boy. They just shortened it to meow meow.

      1. Nope….just a fan who thought this season absolutely sucked until just recently. Watching these three make fools of themselves has actually somewhat salvaged this season for me. Thanks for asking.

    1. OMG those comments are so true . .thanks for the extra laugh … but i think EGO ENZO has rubbed off onto the simpletons…lmao… from day one EGO ENZO kept telling them how famous they will all be… only in his mind…. ( to dang funny).. every sales man I ever knew alway walked with the beat of their own drum… the reality check was too much for him… gonna have to sell that TV of his to get some medical help when this is over with … oh well .. again thanks for the laugh… :-)

  8. Enzo tried hard? He won 2 vetos the whole game and that was only when it was down to a few people. He about killed Ragan who is not a fighter to win the one veto, which I have to say was funny. I guess he really worked for the last competition staying a grueling 19 minutes on the rope knowing this was his chance to win alot of money. Enzo hasnt done crap but run his mouth the whole show, he can be amusing but he doesnt deserve to win. Lane might not have done a whole lot during the show but at least he tried the last competitions.

    1. he only won one POV… and he had to knock down a 100 wee bit of a man to do it .. then had the nerve to call himself a tiger… what a joke… it is funny to see those who give it out cant take getting it … no heart blead for that guy at this end… must say he was good for a few laughs… but like a said a FEW. this was fun ..hope to see everyone next summer… Just maybe we will get to see a more interesting cast … stay safe all :-)

  9. all Enzo ever did is talk, talk, talk. He didn’t win jack. And he sat there enjoying and laughing when they told Brit about the brigade. He also just complain about never doing anything in this years show. I for one, do not believe he earned $500,000.

    1. Enzo has entertained America more than all of them jokers combined.
      Enzo might be in bed, but he’s still the Boss.
      The Boss is in bed sleeping. Hang a sign on the door: “Do not disturb the Boss.”
      When the Boss is ready, he will wake up to get his check for $500,000.

  10. Poor enzo he can’t figure out that the game isny over he can really pull a fast one on these guys but is he clever enuff???,

  11. Sharon, who finished 3rd or 4th on Big Brother 9, is a hostess at a restaurant I frequent in KC. I guess her Jumbotron days are behind her…

          1. Yes, Grandma.. she has her own website for nice and naughty Natty fans.. Nice fans get to see pics and some art.. naughty fans get to see everything else.. she still looks crazy to me

  12. Like I have previously stated at other times, they are going to have to widen the doorways in order for these guys heads to fit through them to leave. LOL!!!! They have a major disappointment coming after they leave the house and after the first few days when there is nothing.

  13. I’m only reading this site and not watching the feeds, so I guess I have to ask simon, Dawg, and any other watchers about the tone they are using. Do they sound really serious about their impending fame, or is it more of a latent sarcasm and just amusing themselves with all these hyped up possibilities? If they are serious, then they are in for a big shock when they come out of the house in a few days. Not too many BB players or even winners have enjoyed much beyond their 15 minutes of fame. We’re only still talking about Jeff and Jordan b/c watching their showmance to romance progress is like seeing a favorite couple on the soaps, one way or another, we have to know what happens. The memorable ones are really only kept alive in BB fandom, but I never hear much about them beyond that. So let these guys have their delusion if it makes them happy, reality will come crashing down on them soon enough.

    1. I think enzo was joking about the music fame. Hayden and Lane are serious about going to bars, partying at steamboat and going to a couple sport events and “throwing the first pitch”. Deep down all 3 were hoping to get on amazing race or some other reality show. Lane and Hayden want to start their own show were the camera follows them around partying.

      1. see….love or hate jersey shore…they are entertaining in terms of a camera following around a group of party freaks…watching hayden/lane take steamboat would be the lamest show on tv

        1. I think enzo sucks some of the fun out of the house…he is so paranoid inbetween..I would love to see hayden and lane on there..they be funny matt and ragan oh my gosh that be so cool if amazing race did a bb segemant on alliances:) they could even use like bb and survivor all time alliance season :)


        1. From the comments I see that make it on here, yours must have been really something if Simon blocked it. But, Simon is the Boss. Just like Bruce Springsteen and Enzo.

        2. well, feel free to stop donating your money and your opinions. The rest of us are happy with the site just the way it is. As a matter of fact, from what I can tell YOU suck. I have seen some pretty wild comments and some pretty boring ones, so i doubt the censorship goes all that far. Maybe you just have a filthy mouth and Simon is saving the rest of us from you because he’s nice like that.

        3. I censor very little everyone knows that.. I have to keep some comments off the site because there either filthy and stupid or personal attacks against me, Dawg, the blog or other readers on this blog.

          I really don’t remember censoring you BBisprejudiced. sometimes comments do get censored by the automated spam filter. I use to have a friend help with he comments but they haven’t been around since the 2nd week of August (they quit said it was to frustrating)

          Trust me if I left the comments open without even minimal moderation NOBODY would go to this site anymore. It’s pretty shocking the shit i have to cut out.

  14. I am not an Enzo’s fan but a couple of things about Enzo I think worth mentioning again: The first one-definitely a smart move. The second one, not so smart yo!!!
    It’s pretty obvious to every fan, and even Julie made very clear that this season was totally controlled by the Brigade.

    Not only Enzo started the Brigade, chose the three other people he wanted as members, decided every single week who was going on the block , who was the pawn, who got back doored and who got evicted.

    It appears that whatever the Brigade wanted, the Brigade got, right????

    More accurately, however, I think is to say that Whatever ENZO wanted ENZO GOT IT!!!! Not only that but he took every step to make sure it went down his way.

    The only time that the plan didn’t work was when Matt saved himself from sure eviction by using the DPOV But, by that time Matt’s fate had already been sealed by Enzo.

    The HOH’s just thought they made the choice of who to nominate.
    Because the Brigade was going back and forth socializing and infiltrating every one’s mind and game play they were able to pass info back and forth, spy on everyone’s thoughts, vulnerabilities, strengths and weaknesses-but it was Enzo who picked the victims-one by one.

    He would start targeting people right and left once he deemed them a threat to the Brigade’s survival-especially anyone in an alliance. The only alliance allowed was the Brigade. Kristen/Hayden-dismantled, Rachel and Brendan-dismantled, Matt and Regan-dismantled, Brit and Lane-dismantled.

    All he had to do was say in a boisterous, and determined voice-as if it was fait a compli.
    “that’s it, yo ! So and so is going home-that’s the way it is yo-It is what it is, yo.

    -Hayden and Lane never had a thought of their own-never disagreed.
    They just followed Enzo and voila!–the target got evicted by the whole house–even when that was not in the HOH or POV holder’s best interest-like Britney, Brendan, and Lane, making the wrong choices about whom to nominate or using the POV or not using it in order to send Enzo’s target home.
    . Enzo, not the Brigade was behind every move this year.

    Enzo really was the matermind behind every move the Brigade made.
    He was the creator, the Producer, the Director and the Executor of the Brigade’s moves.
    For that alone, the bozo needs to win the 500 mil. And, I think BB knowsit, and wants that to happen. That’s good business for them.

    Another thing:

    I think Enzo made his first and last mistake-a deadly mistake.

    After they revealed “the secret’ to Brit, he began to brag too much about being the “best social player” (not a smart thing to do when you want one of the guys to take you to final 2 ).

    To make things worse, he told Hayden and Lane that whoever did not win the last power of veto should not complain about going home.

    He gave Hayden and Lane permission to kick the looser(in this case the Bozo himself) out. He also said he would not hold it against them if they didn’t take him to final two. That was fair and he would continue to be friends with them.
    Big mistake, Enfool!!!! Not so smart, yo!!!!

    Now, he is down in the dumps. He is trapped!!!He played a cat and mouse game and the mice are about to bite him in the ass.

    He is getting a taste of his own medicine. He sent everyone home and now it’s his turn.

    You live by the sword yo, and you die by the sword. It is what it is, yo!
    See ya Enfool!!!!!

    1. You’ve really been drinking too much during this season! Excitement – you’re support and adoration for Enzo is amazing! I hope he knows that you care so much! If you remember correctly – 4 members started out in the Brigade and even though only 3 made it to the final – besides the alliance being his idea – Enzo did nothing thru out the season to advance his game except ride along with Matt, Hayden and Lane. So, Enzo – be thankful you had such an avid friend in the “The Excitement.”

    2. I agree with a lot of what you said on enzo..but there is the fact with out lane or hayden or even matt enzo could not of had any of his thoughts played out…it was lane and hayden who convinced brit not enzo…It was hayden who beat brendon in that last hoh that took brendon was lane winning the next hoh to take out ragan…it was matt who took out rachel..which gave him and hayden the oppurtunity to get him(brendon) on his if u look at it hayden side alliance has been enzo:) sense he made final 2 agreement with lane day 2..enzo just didn’t see it.. It was all three of them together the team work and trust within each other to pull it off..and enzo wanted brit out final 4..that didn’t work:) lane stopped it:)also hayden is the one who convinced rachel to put monet and rachel up instead of lane and enzo that one really was a team effort..

    3. That’s right. Enzo, aka, Da Boss, deserves the $500,000.
      Without him, Hair and Lane might not have gotten this far.
      Without him, I would’nt watch Big Brother this season after the first few weeks.
      Enzo is the creator of the Brigade, the Master Mind, Da Boss.
      CBS, you should reward Enzo for a successful season, because without him, it would’ve been VERY boring. Reward Enzo by giving him a permanent on one of your prime time show. It could be a comedy or a cop show. Either way, he’ll bring you viewers.
      Come to think of it, Barbara Walter should drop Elizabeth Hasselbeck, and bring on Enzo.
      That alone would save America from having to listen to a lot of stupid comments. And you know that you’re in for a treat when Enzo is in the house.
      Except right now, he’s sleeping. Still, it’s more entertaining watching him sleep than listening to Hayden and Lane’s conversation. You just never know when Enzo jumps out of bed and say something hilarious.

      1. You girls must be young and hot in the panties, because I can’t imagine anyone would dream of Hayden that way, not even Ragan. Hayden got a huge head that’s covered by a boot leg wig. That’s not sexy, that’s scary.

        1. hot in the panties? hahahahahaha hahahahahaha pisses myself… hahahahahaha oh gawd, that’s funny… and maybe.. but not for Hayden.. I like a guy who at least pretends to be smart

              1. HelloThere – You might want to join my BRAgade because we’ve been sniffing out imposters for months…. it’s unreal. We have 1 person here who is a regular poster under at least 6 different people..

    1. LOL, I like cheese. My 10 yo randomly says this. I think it’s from a cartoon network show. This comment made the whole update for me :)

  15. Big Brother seems to favor Enzo. Not punishing him for breaking rules. (Stuff like that.) I think that BB still has something up their sleeves to help Bozo. He should got give up. He still has a shot. I could care less who wins the BB. I have never been in that situation before on BB. Go team Simon-Dawg all the way!

    1. yeah i have the same feeling on enzo and bb…Like they want him there at the final 2..but they did that with all houseguest…they tried to get them to take out lane over brit…and hayden over ragan…they (BB) just don’t like it when its going all one way…predictable..or them telling one person etc…cuz then we have a season like this…were we no a week ahead who is leaving..


    Vote Brendon to win the $25,000 America’s Choice

    At least he will use it to help him get through school for Cancer Research and this season of Big Brother will have done something good with their prize money

      1. Or more alcohol for her. Remember, he had a tendency not to really help her when she was angry and to instead just grab bottles of wine every time she was upset.

    1. I am watching the card game with the 3. Enzo thankfully put away the M&Ms but not soon enough. We got to hear a few smack smack smacks while he chewed on them. He is sitting in the house wearing his usual sunglasses. Whattaguy!

  17. I think Enzo is just waitng for whoever wins pt 3 and then the Amazin’ Enzo will go to work. That when he’ll talk game.
    We all know he likes the sound of his own voice. The Meow Meow ain’t dead yet.
    Those two small town boys and their big city dreams make laugh. If they think Jeff/Jordan are sofamous,great and awesome and didn’t get all those perks they like to talk about, what on gods green earth makes them think they will?
    I bet next years cast will talk about stupid Hayden/ Lane are for thinking they were going to be famous……they future punchlines in the BB house. They need a reality check something BAAAAAD!!!

    1. I think next year’s cast will definitely make fun of Hayden and Lane and their big ridiculous dreams. And they’ll make fun of “STEAMBOAT!”.

  18. how can ppl feel sorry for enzo (unless all you watch if the overly edited cbs shows and not bbad or the live feeds)

    he is a completely useless piece of crap and now that he is acting like the little baby he accused others of being, good – let him suffer – and if either lane or hayden select him for the final two… will just further demonstrate that the show should be called Big Loser

  19. I think Enzo is getting too much credit for the Brigade, I didn’t see him make that many moves and I didn’t see him tell everyone what to do. I guess everyone sees the game with different eyes. I believe Matt had Ragan doing what he wanted, Lane had Britney doing what he wanted, Hayden had everyone thinking he is the sweetest guy ever so they trusted him, I didn’t see Enzo with a side alliance, of course he would target people to take the focus off of the brigade and the brigade stuck together but I didn’t see Enzo making the choice and then everyone following him I think a lot of it was a combined thoughts with the brigade of who they wanted out. I think Enzo was carried through this game and he just talked a lot. I’m not saying Enzo didn’t have any say in the votes I just think they all discussed it I don’t think Enzo was the mastermind of all the votes. He might have started the Idea of the alliance but they all talked about it and really how hard was those names to come up with. I really don’t think he did much to deserve 500 thousand dollars. But like I said we all have different opinions and see the game in different ways. Just cant wait for next season I am too addicted lol

    1. Enzo had a big hand in the decision-making process. He was the one that initiated the ideas, and saw what the members thought. But it was his idea to evict Annie out. And it was his idea to evict Rachel out, and then keep Brendon around and form a side alliance with him. And it was Enzo’s idea of evicting Matt out because he was getting in too deep with Ragan. And ofcourse ultimately it was Enzo’s idea to evict Britney out. That was a huge power move by Enzo, imo. Hayden and Lane were so set in taking Britney to the Final 3. It was Enzo who put a stop to that and manipulated his boys into feeling quilty by turning their back on the Bra-gade. And as a result, the Bra-gade made history by making it all the way to the Final 3. Solidifiied their status as the greatest alliance in BB history. BB never had an alliance this big make it all the way to the end, since Day 2.

      1. His idea??? Enzo hasn’t had and original idea in his LIFE!!Yeah right,the “brA gade”…only goes to show you how much of an “idea”he had…He couldn’t SPELL idea

        1. Hush you mouth. How dare you talk about Da Boss that way?
          Keep it up and don’t be surprised if one of his fans send you a virtual bitch slap.

          1. I’m just kidding. We ran out of virtual bitch slap a month ago.
            And I don’t condone violence of any type.
            Go in peace,

      2. Endenz may appear to have done all that but in reality all he did was make the most noise and you all know that the one who screams the loudest is the one people listen too, right or wrong.

    2. I’m with you on that one. Enzo contribution was his vote. Lane’s contribution was Britany’s vote (already Lane did more, since he at least brought 2 votes to the table). Enzo talked alot, but none of it was strategy. When he did try to talk game he would change his position as soon as one of the other guys had a different opinion. He was a follower in that group, but he I think he honestly believes he was the leader. It was funny to watch in the beginning, then it got annoying, and then it just got sad.

    3. Enzo can barely stand upright, much less mastermind anything. He was a follower throughout. All he did was repeat whatever the popular sentiment was, and then claim it as his own. He didn’t dare openly oppose anyone within, or outside of the Brigade. (I even wonder if he’s going to be surprised when he sees the word, “brigade,” spelled correctly.)

  20. E/H/L so dumb, they spelled their own groups name wrong. BRAgade.. if they were trying to say ‘hey bra’, it would be -hey brah-, instead it’s BRAgade… I just tooted from laughing.. rolls on the floor with my ripped Jessie t- shirt.. oh dear.. these guys are so stunned. .. alright I’m composed again. BRAgade

    1. You forgot something. It’s their slang, therefore, it’s up to them to spell in the way they want to spell it. Just like if you write a poem, no one can dictate how you should use your words to express your thoughts.
      As much as I don’t like graffiti, I must admit that it’s a form of art. Just like tatoos, which I have none, and never will.

      1. HelloThere – while I would agree with you most times, in this instance, you are 100% incorrect. They had no clue how to spell it. They thought it was finale night when Britney told them it was a week away they still couldn’t put two and two together with three brains working together.

        1. You might be right Rockstar, but I’m just trying to make the boys look a little creative, and in the process, if that makes them look a little more intelligent, so be it.
          One thing I must add, contrary to what you guys may think Hayden is not dumb. The boy is young, and inexperienced, not dumb. Dumb and inexperience are too different thing.
          I still want to see Enzo, aka Da Boss with $500,000 when it’s over with, but if Hayden wins, hey, you’ve better believe that he earned it.

          1. Right that is why the muppet has been in college for 6 years and still has no degree–just inexperienced?? Well he is but he is just as dumb too!!

        2. Mornin’ Rockstar. I don’t get the live feeds so maybe you or BBG can help me here. How do the three dumbos actually pronounce Brigade?? Usually if you don’t know how to spell a word you sound it out. just curious.

          1. Hello There – You have more faith in the guys then I do…

            Kathie – they pronounce it like they spell it. BRAgade.. earlier in the season though, it was brigade.. now, it’s BRAgade and I honestly believe they they think the word is bragade

            1. it’s like rap dog,slang, like Da bears, bra-gade, get it bra-gade bra-gade all your favorite players ate grenades now you hate cause bra-gade getting paid,all day ,,every day say bra-gade!!, hahaha i’m a rapper like enzo yo,

    2. there is no correct spelling for slang…it is their alliance they can spell it however they want…
      You are reaching in order to make fun of people…nice

    1. ……….And this is funny because Enzo is losing his hair? Nice attempt of being funny, but I must say, Enzo is funnier than you.

  21. Don’t Stand up to Cancer – what? giving Brendon money is not going to help cancer out one bit. If we want to stand up to cancer then we all should do a big donation from us all.. giving some douche bag money because you are just as delusional as he is, is not going to help something as serious as cancer. he is going to spend his money on Rachel. this give to charity business is nothing but bullshit.. Adam spent all his money on drugs. Brendon will not donate a cent and why would he?

    1. After the jury house, he will wake up to reality. Of all those baboons, I would rather hedge my bet on Brendon’s future in science.

      1. he might but I doubt it.. 25 grand isn’t much money if u are trying to extend your 12 minutes of fame… sure it should be 15, but it’s Rachel tagging along and with him you get her, especially if he wins the big money

  22. When Enzo won & beat Ragan did he not keep saying, ” That’s just the way it is, over & over & over until it made you want to puke ! Enzo even was cocky about it too. Although he still has a good chance to win, but he’ll be shocked I think because he’s not going to be number 1. I think Haydan & Lane both can beat him when it come’s to jury vote’s Enzo well only take second if he get’s that far & God I hope not. I did not care for all three that’s left, but having to vote, Hayden should get it. He never put a ” knife ” in anyone’s back & he played fair & was a gentelmen all threw the game. Yes he & Kristen had a little something-something going, but they both acted with respect & if Kristen disrepected her boy friend, that was her right to change her mind over loving him, it happen’s eveyday in this world. ” No I would have not took that road, but she was not married yet & it was wrong to do it on TV, but ya know there is not a perfect person in this world we live in, & her love could not have been that strong in the first place. So she dose not have to answer to anyone, unlike Rachel. Ya I know she’s not married either, but there’s a big difference. Rachel was ” Not a Lady ” from day one. She let it be known she was a call girl. Ther’snothing more to say about her, & I do think ol’ Brandan has got her figured out by the look on his face last night ! the jury house. He know’s she spell’s ” TROUBLE ” & I’ll bet ya he back’s off in just a few week’s & tell’s her ” Good Bye “. !!@@@@ Eriene,,,,,outstanding write up. You sure said the right thing’s & everything you said was so true. I give you an A or a 10. Good job. I enjoyed everything you wrote. I don’t like Enzo & every year the one I dislike win’s . I hated Natlie last year & she came in second , They alway’s seem to make the bottom two. Dang it anyway.

  23. If Enzo wanted so badly to win for the sake of his family, you surely wouldn’t know it by the way he gave up so easily on all but the one POV. He never played as though he was doing anything but vacationing on Big Brother’s dime. He spent the summer eating, sleeping, complaining, trash talking, and dreaming about being famous. Dreams can’t come true unless you’re willing to wake up. He put zero effort into making any of his dreams come true. His overly inflated ego is telling him that his personality makes him irresistable. What a schmuck…

  24. For Julie to say that the Brigade controlled every eviction was just WRONG – they had a lot of help – early evictions occurred because of personal animosities that had NOTHING to do with the Brigade. Enzo thought it up – big deal. He had nothing to do particularly with the brigade staying together – that happened because the rest wanted it to be that way. He was worthless in competitons and has been shooting hmself in the foot the past few days with his big trap.
    I also don’t agree that he automatically gets ANY votes in the JH. Sure some of the jurors like him but they don’t hate Hayden and Hayden can reel off all the HOHs and POV he won and ask them who they really think deserves to win. He could also say that Enzo will probabaly get Americas vote – not true but they will believe him. I didn’t like Hayden at first but he deserves to win – he played hard – was loyal and didn’t offend other Hgs too badly. And that will end thisboring season.

    1. Is this the same Hayden that wanted to knock out Andrew for telling the TRUTH about him and Kristen. The same dude that kissed Rachel’s ass later that night so he wouldn’t go on the block. Hayden did play dirty a little bit. There isn’t a halo over his head.

      1. If you had a halo, I don’t think you would be as far as Hayden is now. Besides it might mess his hair and Balloon Boy can’t have that. Team Balloon Boy!

  25. Be nice now Rockstar – they had to put seven letters together to make a word. And there were only three guys to help. In their world, that was a power move in the game.

  26. Enzo win’s he’ll have to pay tax’s ^ he well not have a boat load of money left. My dad won 1-millon in michigan on Sept. 9th, 1976. He got a 50.000 check every year on Sept. 9th for 20 years & tax came out of each one. And Enzo say’s he want’s his wife to quite her job, & he want’s to help all his family. He’s crazy. That money well fly like it has wing’s . After he buy’s a new home, car, pay all his bill’s & pass it out to family member’s. & if they both stop working, he’ll have to buy life insurance, health insurance, & get perscripion insurane, dential, car insurance, I could go on & on, but you get the picture i,m sure. My dad did very well, because he did not pass or give money away to keep a friend or a family member & beleave me people came out of the wood work. Familt member’s got upset, because they said he had enough that he could help them. But that money took good care of both he &Mom when they had to be put in a care home. So ol’ Enzo’s in for a shock. People make more then 50,000 a year working 12 month’s a year. So if he win’s he’ll still have to work, because he’s to young for them to retire like he said he wanted to. It’s goon be ” Breaking New’s Enzo “. Your going to still have to work & your not going to ” Hollywood ” Wake-Up “

    1. They g et $375,000 after taxes. Not a whole lot after the expenses you stated above. That is only 50K for 7 years. he is an idiot pussy cat dreamer!

    1. Carol dear, if you go through life nick picking every little thing a man does, you’ll end up being old and lonely.
      So relax, let your hair down, learn to accept a few “F(s)” here and there, and in the process, enjoy some dicks.

  27. Poor Enzo, he can’t even win at Blackjack with these guys. Guess he is lucky in love and unlucky in cards. Me, I love credit cards!

    1. LOL…me too. But poor meow meow…purrrrrrrr purrrr I hope he gets a chance… these two other douchers are hangers on… without Enzo there never would have been a Brigade.

  28. Lane and Hayden are the two most boring people to ever make the final three. Final two soon, sadly.
    Hayden is a walking wig with no lips…. he has such a dull personality.
    Lane is the same… except Lane masturbates every damn day.
    Blah blah blah, this season is so predictable.
    Hayden will win.

    1. Yeah, it seems that way right now. That Hayden will win.
      But if life has taught me anything, it taught me sometimes you have to expect the unexpected. Enzo is not done. He’s not done because the game is not over.
      And it looks like Enzo is sleeping to you guys, but in reality, he’s meditating. He’s pulling a stronger force to help him. It’ll be a matter of days and Enzo will make you guys a believer.
      That’s when you all will be on your knees, praising Enzo, asking him to give you a few samples of his farts.

  29. dont hate, can you believe that in 1939 they weren’t going to allow Clark Gable to say “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.” to Scarlet in Gone With The Wind? It was rumored that the studio agreed to pay a fine of $5000 to put it in the film. Truth was that the Hayes Office finally agreed that hell and damn could be used in a film when their use “shall be essential and required for portrayal, in proper historical context, of any scene or dialogue based upon historical fact or folklore … or a quotation from a literary work, provided that no such use shall be permitted which is intrinsically objectionable or offends good taste.” We have come a long way from that! The “F” word is so commonly used now it is a waste of breath to condemn it use. It is not a word that I use often but I’ll be damn to hell if I haven’t.

    1. i cant wait intil this season is over.5 more days to go.i’ve been way to hooked on this was the first time a got live feed.i feel like i know all these people.ill probably be the only one following them on me there famous i hope the show up at my bar.are get on the amazing race.i hope enzo stars in a movie with robert dinero.i hope britney is on espn,i hope brendon lands on the moon,i hope rachel has her own peep show,i hope reagan gets a talk show,i hope matts band goes plainum,i hope hayden gets on survivor,i hope kathy catches americas most wanted.

  30. Without Enzo these other two mental midgets would not be in the situation they are in. The Brigade gave safe passage for these two. I only hope one of these morons takes Enzo so he at least has a shot. Hayden would have been out after Kristen and Lane would have been played by Brit….

      1. Making personal attacks on me seems weak…yo! I am just a fan like anybody else.. and I have my fav just like you. To each his own. meow

      1. You’re a hard head, you know that Ali?
        I’ve told you: Enzo is Da Boss.
        Da Boss’ job is to manage his people.
        Da Boss doesn’t have to do shit, but what I just said.

    1. Did you think of that all by yourself?
      Didn’t take long, did it?
      A mind is a terrible thing to waste, kind of thing….is happening right here folks!
      Read for yourself.

  31. ( ok ) Like I said befor………………….
    I’ts just a damn game of lying floating and back stabbing, What the hell is wrong with you all?. Are upset your not on BB12..
    Grow up and stop all the swearing and name calling, ‘
    Get a life .

  32. Enzo is cooked, Hayden and Lane are the life long buddies, protecting each others back was the name of the game for them. Enzo got to come along for the ride. Time to get off Enzo your # 3.

  33. So what has Enzo done…people ask… gee let’s see
    1. Brigade
    2. All the sayings that even now you probbaly use… shun, meow meow, the face, Oh Shit Yo, No GB’s for the BG’s, etc, etc.
    3. He named each idiot in the Brigade!
    4. Stealth tin foil fighters
    5. Hayden and Lane are always asking where he is… they like him and want to laugh.
    6. Wifey
    … and there is more but I can’t think of them all now since its late and I am drunk and I am still pathetically watching BBAD…. purrrrrrr… I predict if Hayden wins he takes Enzo.

  34. Miami vs Ohio State yo!

    Oklahoma vs Florida State yo!

    Michigan vs Notre Dame yo!

    Penn State vs Alabama yo!

    What enzo would pay to see those games today. :|

    I’m so pumped up for this to get started, laterz!

  35. After the show ends next week………………….I’ll go into BB depression ! LOL
    I really love this show……………..even when it gets dull ! ! ! Oh well…………..there’s no
    other one really like this one ! It’s my fav…………………………..

  36. Hayden and Enzo think they are going to be “”stars” after big brother is over. They will be for about a month while on the publicity tour. But neither has the personality to be able to make something come out of the winning. They are short on personality. If you have ever known anyone from Jersey, well Enzo is just like the people in Jersey. My husband commented that people from Jersey have a cockiness that is not found in the South. True…but I like Enzo. He is the entertaining one from this season. None of them were very entertaining.
    I cannot figure out why Hayden, who is sure he is going to be uber famous and $500,000 richer would take “8 seconds” Lane to the final instead of Enzo. Rachel did come back in the house and tell everyone how extremely popular Enzo was on the outside. How did Rachel know that, she was in the sequester house with no TV, newspapers, radio connection with the outside world. It had to be the DR stirring up stuff. Plus Ragan sid Enzo would win America’s player, so the brains that they are, Lane and Hayden think Enzo is going to be America’s player. I think it will be Britt or Brendon. But from this website Enzo is not popular with America, but he played a much better game than Lane. Lane just sat back and went along for the ride.
    In the future we will see a lot more floaters because of Jordan last year and Lane from this year. When a floater can win lots of money, it is a reason to float.
    BTW, if I knew I was not going to get $500,000 because the other two players have a deal, I would be depressed too. Pretty sure everyone here would be sad if they just realized that they were out of the money. Give Enzo a break.
    And I am not from, nor have I ever been to Jersey. Florida girl.

  37. I would like to see brendon get the 25k cause I think he could use it and I would like to see Hayden win big brother cause I think he could really use the money. I dont think Lane or Brit deserves the money because I think they have money. Dont know about Enzo he works two jobs and his wife works maybe he do need the money I dont know.

    1. Seriously….is this the first year that some of you have watched BB. The game is NOT about giving the money to the person who is the poorest. The money should go to the person who played the best game! Are you all forget DR. Will…he was a DOCTOR! He had plenty of money and everyone loved him and wanted him to win!
      You need to forget who they are on the outside of the house…which is why so many of them lie about what they do. How much money they make or already have should have NOTHING to do with whether or not they win the game!

      1. I know that I think brendon played an awesome game and fought everyday but with the others that are there it has to be poorest because they did shit in that house it was only when the others left that Hayden started to win and thats just because the others are idiots.

  38. Matt deserves to win the 25k. He is the only one this year that tried to make moves. The only other person that tried to make moves is rachael. But I hate her.

  39. just a thought,…… if the police can’t touch Lame because of daddy’s money, I wish PETA would go after him for the kittens in the bag with rocks thing. He sure is a piece of shit.

  40. thats what makes it different from reagan.britney,rachel,they were voted out.enzo had the chose who to vote out knowing if britney stayed he makes final 2.thats why hes being more of a bitch than them its a harder pill to swallow.a 50 thousand dollar mistake.but he shouldnt be so hard on himself ,we all out here already knew he was a dumb ass, haha BRA-GADE!!! YO

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