Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Big Brother gave the BRA-GADE back their Pool Tournament Trophy…

10:20am – 10:30am Big Brother production tells Lane to change his batteries for his mic. Lane gets up and heads into the storage room. In the storage room Lane finds that Big Brother has given back their pool tournament trophy. Lane is pretty excited they finally get their trophy back, after spending the entire summer playing pool with the other house guests. Lane admires all the names of the champions on it, Brendon Villegas, Hayden Moss, Enzo Palumbo, Lane Elenburg, Rachel REilly, Britney Haynes, Ragan Fox… Lane looks it over and then takes it to the jumanji room to show Hayden and Enzo. Lane comes in and says look at this. Enzo doesn’t move or say anything. Hayden asks they gave it back to us? Lane says yeah. Hayden looks it over and says that they started the pool tournament on day 38!! Hayden says that they cleaned it for them. Lane gets back into bed and goes back to sleep. Hayden goes back to sleep as well.

10:35am Hayden, Lane and Enzo are back asleep…
11:35am They are still sleeping…
12:40pm Dreaming of dollar signs….

12:45pm – 1:15pm Hayden and Lane get up. Hayden goes into the kitchen to make a protein shake. Lane starts wandering around the house ending up in the backyard to do some laundry. Hayden goes to feed the fish in the cabana room. Not much going on mostly the brigade walking around doing mundane things. Both Hayden and Lane are now the kitchen talking about the morning wake up song. Big Brother tells Lane to exchange his microphone. Enzo is now up and in the kitchen. They are all cleaning up the kitchen. Lane grabs a bowl of cereal and heads out into the backyard. Lane starts talking to the live feeds.. saying MOM are you getting ready to come down here? When are you coming …Monday? Tuesday? How is your business going? Kristy what are you doing …are you coming down or are you too busy? Lane says Mom tell Bruce to start getting things ready…. you should have already been doing it! Lori I want to come to Nashville!

1:20pm – 1:40pm Hayden joins Lane out in the backyard. Hayden wants to pass the football. Lane says that his groin still hurts. Lane asks where Enzo is? Hayden says that he doesn’t know. Hayden says that last night was fun. They talk about how they drank all the alcohol, 6 coronas and Champaign. Hayden says that they had lobster and hot dogs last night. They talk about how last night was the first football tournament. Lane and Hayden both says that they had fun last night. Lane asks when do you think our families come out. Lane says that he wonders if their families get a tour of the lot? Lane asks again where Enzo is? Hayden says that he thinks he went back to bed. Lane asks what is wrong with that guy. Hayden says that he thinks he is depressed and wants to see his family. Lane says that he bets they don’t go to the morning show the next morning because they’ll be having the wrap party the night before. They talk about how they signed a contract till the 24th so they think they will be able to go home then. They talk about how they think they will bring back the bra-gade to host a competition next season. Lane and Hayden toss the football back and forth on the couch. They talk about what family members they think will be at the season 12 finale. Hayden asks Lane if he had won the veto would he have gotten rid of Britney? Lane says that he would have had to. Hayden says that he knows it would have been difficult. They talk about how the finale is 5 days away. Then the conversation changes to talking about 9/11… Where they were at the time and what they remember…

1:40pm – 2:10pm Lane and Hayden are still sitting out on the backyard couch talking about the finale, while Enzo continues to sleep. They talk about getting together after the show is over and Lane flying them to Corpus Christi. Lane says that he wants to work out today. Lane goes inside. Hayden says crazy crazy crazy … his hands are hurting from the competition yesterday. Hayden then gets on the elliptical to work out. Lane comments about how he cannot believe the summer is almost over.

3:40pm Jumanjii yo Enzo by himself shaking his head muttering to himself how he blew it. The other 2 bra-gade members are passing the football around in the backyard. Lane wants to hold a huge party talks to Hayden about how awesome it is going to be to.

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268 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Big Brother gave the BRA-GADE back their Pool Tournament Trophy…

  1. Ahhhh yeah, the infamous pool tourny trophy.
    Simon/Dawg thanks for another great year of Big Brother on the site yo.

  2. BB with another desperate attempt to get Enzo into the Final 2. A pool tournament. It won’t work. Hayden and Lane are not gonna change their plan. It’s over. That’s it.

  3. I’m voting for Brendon just so Brit doesn’t win hahaha – if I voted based on my favorite it would be Enzo because he made it funny. I can’t imagine this season without the BriGAYde. It was already boring. But I did love it when Brit winked at her sock puppet. TOO CUTE

        1. I am voting for Brit but I really would want matt but I don’t think he will win.
          I have a feeling CBS will fudge the numbers and give it to who they want anyway.

        2. In the lead on this website? Cause that doesn’t really mean anything 0.0 theres only like 3000 votes. and many of them are people voting twice.

    1. Did you see the poll on this site? Apparently Brittany and Brendon. But who knows what the millions of people who only watch the live shows are doing. You get an entirely different view of the HGs by following the 24/7 feeds ;p

      1. i only watch the shows, dont have showtime and have never paid for live feeds, i do come online to check out what people r saying, but im voting for brendan! in case u wanted to know what one person who doesnt watch live feeds thinks

        1. Yeah, but the nastyness of the chum was offset by the awesomeness of being handcuffed to the beautiful Britney! He got to sleep with her and everything. Lucky bastard.

      1. Brendans loyalty to Rachel makes me NOT like Brendan for AC. On his own he seems okay but the way he acted while he was in the house is so unattractive! The guy is georgeous BUT he choose skanky, lushy trash to become “soul mates” with. She would get drunk and get drama’ey and be a bitch and then he would appologize to her! When he went to the Malibu house and was looking for Rachel and calling her name it made me see just how pathetic he was.

      1. I’m voting for brendan, yeah he had his bad moments but he made it far considering the fact that everybody and i mean everybody was out to get him. Plus with all the bashing parties that brit/ragan had about brendan/rachel (which i don’t care for rachel) they don’t deserve to have america’s vote, i’m pretty sure when they see themselves they’ll want to crawl up in a hole. but hey that’s just my opinion nobody has to agree with me

        1. I don’t think they will care, they should but I don’t think they will. You know the perfect people never see anything wrong in themselves only in others. I can just see Brittany watching the show and laughing at how funny she thinks she is.

          1. It’s a game!!! It’s not a/b being nice! BB has been on for 12 seasons now when will people understand that nicey nice is not always possible nor should it be. LIfe is not fair nor should it be. But I guess that makes me one of the perfect people b/c I am honest. LMAO!

      1. Not just payback – that’s just one reason! Oh, the look on their faces will be classic! Anyway – Do Vote for Brendon!
        I still wish I understood why so many people are voting for Britney! Please please please – help society out and don’t give Brit anymore attention! This public service announcement is now over…Thank you!!!

          1. if brendon wanted to leave he could have walked out the door, but he did not
            britney does not deserve to win the 25,000 because she did not play hard enough she was stuck up lane’s ass playing his game

      2. Now, how is that going to work? Everyone votes Brenden b/c all of them were lousy HGs, or was Brendan the only good HG or is he lousy also? And, how is that going to get even with anyone, instead of voting for the best player that gets the most votes?

        1. America is sad! HA HA HA I mean seriously lets vote for a lousy player aka Brendon b/c you want to upset people… that makes sense..NOT! This is what is scary a/b America… is this how you all vote when choosing a President. I fear for my life and my childrens’ life! ha ha ha

          1. Oh Shannon – I hate to burst your bubble, but you are so wrong! I vote for the best person, who I believe in and who I think will do the best for the country as President – I don’t vote for someone because I’m afraid of them! However, the only person I’m afraid of right now is you and your limited thinking. To me, Brendon is the very best choice! Don’t knock my choice and I’ll try to get over the fact your vote will not really matter anyway!

            1. all of these people who like the brigade and britney are probably the same ones who were pissed off that jordan won last year, how did they play any harder than jordan, in my opinion they didn’t

    2. I’m voting for Brendon because I’m immature and I think It’ll be fun to see the reaction of the houseguests. I don’t have favorites and don’t care who wins but I think BB owes me a laughter or two and give the 25k to Brendon so I’ll finally get to laugh. They should’ve had “none of the above” as a choice. Is there a write-in?

          1. I would say it is correct to call Brit “two faced” but why would you call her a HO when you did not see, nor was there any indication at all that she did the big dirty with anyone in the house. Now Rachel…… she did the BJ and had sex with Brendon in the house. Add all that trashy behavior to it, her screeching mouth, her stories of waking up with $100 in her hand….. now THAT you can call a Ho.

        1. If you think Brittney was a decent person deserving of the money then you are stupid. The only game she had was to kiss the hoh’s ass each week then back stab them all. I think Brittney should be dipped in the chum bucket and thrown in the ocean full of sharks it would be a fitting end to a piece of shit.

          1. That’s her game play. It is okay not to like her game play but at least she had game play. It’s a social experiment and she played it!! It’s all part of the game at least she was the only player who didn’t take things personally after she left. She understood what happened in the house was GAME PLAY!

            1. Every single of those houseguests lied. In the diary room they admitting lying …to say whatever the others “need to hear”. Brit was no different. She had a mouth that bashed and trashed but the others did too, but with not as much flair and humor to it.

            2. apparently you didn’t see her cry after she was told about the Brigade and whined and cried cause she knew she was out……. of course you are going to take it personal how could you not…….they are not robots…

              All of them got mad cause they were on the block and said when i get off I am going after so and so…

              Everyone talked about everyone else…made fun of each other…but I would say Brit was the worst one of all, then Ragan, Monet if she stayed was a little shit herself, glad they got rid of her. Rachel wasn’t an angel she too made fun of peeps – but not like Brit….

              I don’t think she deserves the money – she got her $10K, Lane if Nick is out –

              1. if britney played her game and not lane’s, I would probably vote for her, but since she didn’t she doesn’t deserve to win

  4. Simon/Dawg, why haven’t you put on Lane’s face that he also has a 1/3 or 2nd out of the 3rd or something to show that Lane has won too? Just curious.

  5. Is some one’s mom in the house? now THAT would be worth screen shot-ing!! What a great final comp. idea …let’s bring in Enzo’s mother since it would be gross with Lane or Hayden’s…

        1. BB really does fill a void in the summer, especially since it’s the off-season for the NBA. But once basketball starts up again in October I am all up on it. woohoo! Lakers!

      1. I don’t think there is a Nick…just a ploy to keep her safe from a ShowMance. Her mom wants her to get together with Lane. I think “Nick” sitting on the sofa in mom’s house was actually her older brother .

          1. It’s not your age that matters as much as your maturity level. I got married one month after my 19th birthday and we just celebrated our 30th anniversary. I don’t think Britneys there yet!

    1. It’s ok tho, because Enzo mentioned Nick, right after Britney’s speech. Enzo said “I’ll give Nick 1 shot at punching me in the face, but that’s it”. lol! aww it was great. Everyone’s speech was great. That was the best POV/eviction ceremony of the season. Maybe of all time. It’s was a beautiful heartfelt moment.

  6. Seems so boring, I wish they would just give us short updates on the competition in the house and focus on all the fighting and lies that were finally revealed in the jury house.

  7. Enzo is acting like a bigger baby than Britney and she is the one they all played.
    This whole pity party woe is me is all for the america’s favourite vote and the $25K.
    He is nothing but a manipulative hedonistic narcissistic blowhard braggart.

    1. Britany “gave up the last three months” (everyone else did, too) and that’s ok with Yo mf, but wifey has to go back to work. Feeling sorry for himself, yo!

      1. boo hoo! britney gave up 3 months of her life to be on the show, who cares, I have bigger problems like trying to pay bills every month, what a whiney little brat

    2. enzo was 2 wins away from 500gs thats why hes mad at himself, he choked and he knows it,its okay though you’ll get to see him on the big screen.

  8. So happy they got back the Trophy! Can’t believe they cleaned it up for them…Thanks BB. I can’t stand the drama in the Jury house…omg, rachel get a life…move on. how dumb is she really! I just loved how Matt, Kathy and even Brendon were quiet when Ragan was totally right about her. omg ratings will go up if she does another scene on the LIVE show.

    1. As usual, Ragan was on up on Rachel who usually is left standing with no come backs to his right on comments. She said she was going to start a fight, she started it and had to stomp off. And I LOVED the look on Brendon’s face that told me he is now aware she IS the center of the conflicts.

      1. I was hoping that Ragan would ask Rachel to name one agrument in the house that DIDN’T involve her. That would include the issues with Brendon when he tried to get himself voted out instead of Rachel. I don’t recall any.

        1. I don’t recall any either. The closest would probably be that Annie was clearly pissed at Britney when she was nominated. Or maybe when Hayden nominated Brendon during double eviction and Brendon said something like ‘How could you do this to me?’ but that was about 3 seconds long. But yeah, Rachel causes everything. I feel bad for Brendon.

        1. She really was hurt by what he said…Ragan is just as bad and talked so much smack…shame on him he should be setting the example…he forgets all he did was cry in the house…

          1. the one difference between them is I think rachel is a really nice person, she just let the game get to her, ragan and britney there is nothing nice about either one of them

      1. I think both Rachel and Ragan are cariactures of the people they think they are. Neither one realizes how they are perceived by others. Each one clearly sees the fakeness in the other but not in his/her self. They will never see the world through the same eyes because each has a toxic reaction to the other. Personally I don’t like either one of them but it is time they realize they are no longer in the game and just move on.

        1. Kathie, agree. Both Rachel and Ragan were looking for a fight. Rachel wanted to win one and Ragan wanted to make sure he would win again. These two were once friends in the house and then they turned on each other. Both are mad at one another. Both think it all revolves around them. Rachel because she likes attention and Ragan because he thinks he knows how to handle people. Between them, there is bound to be a fight because they both get something from it. We get to watch!

          1. Exactly! They are just two lightening rods when they get into the same room. But they just don’t get how they are perceived by others who have to watch the fur fly. And I guess we are sick enough to keep watching. LOL

        1. Hey Ragan does too have balls! They are in his purse! (Mind you a gay male is saying this so please take it as the joke it is meant to be and don’t go all dramarama making me out to be a homophobe! God I hate having to justify humor!)

          1. Tallah- there are just too many homophobes running around here hiding behind their computer screens hating on Ragan for other fact that he is gay.. we get defensive when people call him a fag or something else for no other reason but to say it. There are also a great deal of people pretending to be gay so they feel as if they get a free pass to say what they want..

            1. Gotcha on that Rockstar, I realize there are alot of ‘phobes but as someone partnered for 20 yrs (since 22 y.o.), I figured the joke to not be too outre.

  9. With as boring as it’s gotten with the finals consisting of the three biggest dummies in the cast CBS must have scheduled the Survivor! premier in front of the BB final to try and boost ratings.

  10. I think it is funny. Enzo is feeling how bad it was for Brit. What he put her through with all his boastings. At least Brit played the game the whole time and won comps. Funny……..

    1. enzos feeling bad because he realizes how much he sucks at comps.last night he said i got out dodo by a dodo.he thought he was going to beat lane but lane kicked ass,lane and hayden were college athletes enzo is the meow meow even hes mom said he was a dodo.enzo made it to final 3 without a hoh are being the target now thats perrty good

  11. They can not bring Enzo:

    Hayden vs Enzo

    Brendon=Enzo. Enzo continually complimented the “warrior”. No dirt on his hands for the BR eviction.
    Rachel=Enzo. See above
    Kathy=Hayden. Seemed to like and take him under her wing earlier. Her vote is not a lock.
    Matt =Hayden. Sees Enzo as ring leader
    Ragan=Hayden. Feels Enzo screwed him in fianl competition.
    Britney=Enzo. Was closer to Hayden and feels more betrayed by a friend.
    Lane=Enzo. If Hayden back stabs him this is his chance for revenge.

    Lane vs Enzo
    Brendon=Enzo. Enzo continually complimented the “warrior”. No dirt on his hands for eviction.
    Rachel=Enzo. See above
    Kathy= Enzo. May see Lane as spoiled rich kid and give it to the family man.
    Matt = Lane. Sees Enzo as ring leader
    Ragan=Lane. Feels Enzo screwed him in fianl competition.
    Britney=Lane. Was closer to Hayden and feels more betrayed by him.
    Hayden=Enzo. If Hayden back stabs him this is his chance for revenge.

    1. brit wont vote enzo. she is upset with hayden but she said her talk about enzo’s social game was bs. she wont give it to enzo over hayden because she will look like a douche if she loses to enzo– in her mind.

      lane wont give it to enzo because he wants hayden to “invest” in his family company so he can steal it from him.

      both lane and hayden would beat enzo.

      1. I really think Brit is emotional and pretty pissed at Hayden.
        Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and she may want to go after someone she felt was a friend that stabbed her in the back. I am very sure Lane will say to Hayden- “if you go back on our final 2 deal then you lost my vote”. Hayden cannot risk it given the jury votes will be much tighter against Enzo. and hwill

        1. Britney was totally bullshitting to save her life when she told Hayden that “Even I would vote for Enzo”. She just wanted Hayden to keep her in the Final 3, and ditch Enzo. That’s all that was. The girl tried hard. But it was too late.

      2. Exactly. Britney was trying to put the fear of God in them, by saying Enzo would beat both of them. It was all a plan to get them to drop Enzo and take Britney with them to the Final 3. That’s why she kept saying “I have no Votes in the Jury if I get to the Final 2”. She was really pushing hard. Good manipulation skills. It was definitely working. But you know who put a stop to that was Enzo himself. You can’t out-manipulate the best manipulator. Enzo got the Bra-gade back on the right page, and Britney got the walk of shame. Unfortunately, Enzo couldn’t catch a break in the last HOH comp. He should’ve won that one. I’m still shocked that bonehead Lane was able to pull that victory out. He was just a little faster.

        1. Just a little faster? Like 30 seconds faster. Sounds like not much, but when you consider the challenge had a 2 minute time limit, it wasn’t even close. That said, I think Matt, Brit, Ragan or even Brendon would have finished in under a minute. Once again, the brigade wins only because they are up against each other. Enzo lost because he sucks. Lane won because he sucked less than Enzo. With the seasons and the competitions becoming so predictable, Lane studied the wall, Enzo didn’t. Enzo reminds me of Natalie from last year, with a deluded sense of grandeur but never wins to back it up. Every week we hear how they are gonna win the next one, and by the end of the season they only win one competition, Natalie by luck and Enzo because he was bigger than Ragan. A win is a win, I guess, but you should win competitions to get to the end. Of course Natalie won the first competition, but Russell threw it to her. One of the most real things Nat ever said about her ability to win competitions was that the only thing she was apparently good at was holding on to a toilet seat. The way the game is going since last year, with floaters that never win a thing until the end, I can see people next season not wanting to win at all. HOH will become a competition that everyone tries to throw, and the winner will be the one that didn’t try hard enough to lose.

      3. if lane wins and doesnt take enzo he would be the dumbest player in bb history for sure.hayden can take either and win but it’s crazy how enzo has won 1 pov and both are scared to take him.i love the bra-gade but geeez there dumb.even matt told hayden anybody would be stupid not to take enzo to final 2.

        1. Lane ain’t hungry enough tho. He’s already got his own house, his own gym, comes from a rich family. If he was hungry for money, he would take Enzo to the Final with him, because he can beat him. But since Lane is fine with winning just $50,000, he’ll take his “brother” Hayden.

      4. Yeah Brit said in an exit interview that she thinks Enzo has the worst game and wishes he is the next HG evicted, so I don’t think she will vote for him.

    2. First of all, neither of them is gonna take Enzo anyway because they’re both afraid of him. And Lane’s bond with Hayden is too strong to break.
      But here’s how the votes would go, imo..
      Hayden VS Enzo:
      Kathy = Hayden
      Lane = Hayden
      Matt = Hayden
      Ragan = Hayden
      Brendon = Enzo
      Rachel = Enzo
      HAYDEN WINS 4-2

      Lane VS Enzo:
      Britney = Lane
      Hayden = Lane
      Matt = Lane
      Ragan = Lane
      Kathy = probably Lane, maybe Enzo. it doesn’t matter.
      Brendon = Enzo
      Rachel = Enzo
      LANE WINS 4-3

      1. but if lane wanted to take britney to the final over hayden and enzo to win 500gs,maybe hes just telling hayden what he want to hear and if he wins hes taking enzo.i dont think lanes that stupid not to take enzo.he cant be.

        1. Agreed. Lane’s definitely not the brightest bulb in the tanning bed – no where near it, but I think he’s at least bright enough to take Enzo.

        2. It would be the biggest Power Move by Lane, if he chose Enzo over Hayden.
          but then again, Lane probably won’t win the last HOH competition anyway, so it’s not gonna be his choice to begin with.
          Hayden’s most likely gonna win the Final HOH, and take Lane with him.

          1. Power move? How about an obvious move. Lane will take Enzo; Lane will win. Hayden will take Lane; Hayden will win. I can’t imagine any jury members voting for Enzo. Eventually you have to put up or shut up; Enzo did nada, hence shut up.

      2. It is definetly close. However these HGs have proven that they rarely use their head when it comes to this game. they made decisions based on emotion. I do not expect the jury to be any different. We both have it 4-3. Where we disagree is how Lane, Brit, and Hayden will vote if Ginzo makes the final 2. Brit is a little princess who feels wronged by her 2 boys. The beauty queen thought she was playing the boys and they played her. Probably the first time this little c@#k tease did not manipulate a guy. She is pissed and does not give a damn about game play. She will vote Enzo. As for Lane and Hayden I think that they will make it clear to one another that they keep to their deal or the other will screw them over in the JH.

    3. I agree with Bone to a point. Anyone takes Enzo to final 2 they will lose the big money! Hayden and Lane must go to final 2 together and Hayden will win the big money!

  12. Lane vs Hayden
    Brendon=Hayden. Tougher competitor.
    Rachel=Hayden. See above
    Kathy= Hayden. May see Lane as spoiled rich kid. Wanted to bone hayden.
    Matt = Hayden. Had several dreams/fantasys about Hayden.Weird.
    Ragan=Lane. Reminds him of a beefy gay porn star.
    Enzo= Hayden. These 2 were straight up with each other.
    Although Lane would seem to have a better shot against Enzo, I think the votes above are more fluid. For example, BR’s votes are really a tossup and could depend on the last comp and their plea to the jury. This could swing it back to Lane. Same with Ragan. I think the enzo votes are more etched in stone and would guarantee a loss. Hayden vs Lane is a tossup

    1. I think taking Enzo to the final is a guarantee win for Lane or Hayden. There is no way the jury will give votes to someone who NEVER won HOH and won his 1 and only competition( after all the hardcore competitors were evicted. Hayden has proven is worth, Lane also stepped up his game and won POV and HOH, allbeit later in the game. Jury is not looking for who played the best social game, they will fall back on who competively played better.Lane vs Hayden is uncertain, but against Enzo is a definate win for both.

  13. Rachel was asking for that response from Ragan. Once again, she has to drag every discussion back to herself at the center. The most self-centered,narcicisstic female ever in the BB House– Enzo may be the most naricisstic male / along with Jessie. Ugh — the Jury House might be hard to take — more interesting than the BB House though. Enzo moping about trying to gain sympathy so that Hayden takes him to the F2. that is going to get old quickly — let him out BB — send him home. Hayden, who really is a darling guy, and behaves himself pretty much most of the time, deserves the win. Lane will spend all of his time in the shower — hope he drowns! His former girlfriends should be so proud of this overgrown adolescent who, since he can’t put his hands on the woman of his choice (Britney), puts them on himself — constantly. He will be so shocked when he realizes that he is all over the internet doing so. I just hope he has the good sense to be moritified about it.

    1. Ragan was upset at Matt and just unleashed his anger on anyone he could find. That person happened to be Rach, since she stupidly opened her mouth and started a conversation with him. There was no need for Ragan to insult her in front of the JHGs and bring back old miseries and reopen old wounds. The game is over, all that was done was within the walls of the BB house, so just leave it there. But Ragan can’t seem to dispel his demons and past events seem to haunt him. He even said he wanted to last in the endurance comps to show all of his high school bullies. Man! Just move on with your life, he is seriously ill, like an obsessive compulsive.

      1. Rachel went out there to start with Ragan.. She figured she had him at his weakest and
        could pay him back for the tongue lashing he gave her in the BB house. She knew he
        was dealing with what Matt had just told him and she thought she would take advantage
        of it , but it backfired on her. She thought if she got in trouble Brendon would come to
        her rescue again. But , he saw her for what she is the instigator. FINALLY !!!!!

        1. I agree. Rachel asked for Ragan to attack her. But once again she lost because Ragan’s tongue is a lot more fine tuned for vivious attacks that Rachel. I did love the fact that Brendon stayed out of it.

      1. He is disgusting. He follows her around like a little puppy dog. My gosh, he must really be desperate. She looks greasy all the time.

      1. I like the idea of throwing around ideas for all stars 2 but i think it’ll probably stick with house guests season 8-12. That being said–No Jessie! he has had his shot.nobody cares. lol

    1. if jessie is there, renny needs to be there
      take rachel off the list and put in keesha
      danielle,it depends which one, dick and danielle-no way season 3 danielle yes
      get rid of enzo
      no one from this season

      1. but it would be funny to watch her and Janelle go all diva on each other. I think Janelle would teach her a thing or too….and I think maybe putting Rach in without HER MAN would be funny since she would only have her own legs to stand on.

    2. I would like to see Eric from season 8 in there so that he could actually play for himself. He seemed like he would be a very good player and I would like to see him make his own decisions.

    3. Hopefully NO Jessie! He is just plain replusive. He is so self-absorbed it’s sickening.
      I don’t care how much muscle you have, if you’re stupid, it makes no difference. I think some of the steroids went to his little brain and did more damage.

      1. You hit the nail on the head….. Jesse’s head, of course. All muscle no brain… He actually looks repulsive to me with all those enormous bulges. I could not stand him on the other BB shows and he lived up to his own hype when Brit got him on the Pandora’s Box giftie.

      2. ALLSTARS: NOOOOO Jessie. It was bad enough they brought him back so many times. He was hard to stomach just once. Britney’s reaction to him was PERFECT.

        Bring back the final two folks from several seasons and add in the person they were romantically attached to.

      3. Just for shits and giggles start a list of all-stars with annoying habits.

        1. Brittney – finger biting
        2. Matt – hands in pants

        1. Matt, hands in your pants, hands in your pants, you look like a fool with your hands in your pants. Hands in your pants, hands in your pants, you look like a perv with your hands in your pants.

          1. At least Matt’s hands were just tucked under the waist band. Unlike Enzo who went all the way down and scratched his stuff….. and then ate with that hand. Ugh.

            1. 3. Enzo – Hands in his pants.
              4. All the guys picking their nose.
              5. Britney playing with her hair.
              6. Hayden and Rachel yelling in the DR.
              7. Ragan and Britney crying – all the time.

              Anyone else – I now know I watched this show way too much this summer…….

    4. I agree with everyone that they will probably stick with seasons 8-12, but, can Jeff be in it? Isn’t he employed by CBS now? That would be a conflict of interest. I personally LOVE him and Jordan, but I doubt it would be allowed.

          1. i was about to say i saw BB did something to the front of their shirt Bra-Gade( because it don;t look like they did it) if they got rings too thats a bit too much

    1. Actually if they were really smart they would’ve evicted Hayden when they had the chance.
      But they were too loyal to the Bra-gade. I don’t know if we’ll see this type of loyalty in future seasons.

      1. Actually the dumbest move in BB 12 history is Matt wasting the DPOV on a non-threat and useless player like Kathy. He could have made a power move and take out Hayden who told him that he wasn’t going to keep him.

        1. Totally agree. Matt should have put Hayden up as a replacement nominee with the DPOV instead of Kathy.
          But Matt wanted so badly to be one of the cool jocks in the Brigade that it blinded him to the reality that they had just been using him and had already turned on him.
          Brit was blinded by the same thing.

  14. Hey AG —- wake them up already! What is this Lazy Brother! Or as the AG haters would say – is it the longer they sleep – the more able you are to go take a bite???

  15. All stars should be the winners of each BB and if there is a duplicate because of an All Stars BB then the second place winner should step in to that spot. Jessie would be a waste of space on another BB.

  16. I thought that Brittney handled herself quite well when she realized that the Brigade was all along and she was getting evicted…yes she was upset but she slept on it and injoyed the rest of her time with the guys instead of acting all depressed..and hating them…..IMO

  17. i was one of enzos biggest fans,but right now hes acting like reagan ,hes being a little biatch,he aint g ,hes a big ass pussy.shunning himself like britney, fukin enzo i thought u were the boss but it turns out your just like the rest big as baby. he aint hard and thats dead the fuk up.

    1. Yeah but the difference is that Enzo actually had a legit chance of making it to the Finish line. He had higher expectations than anyone. Ragan was just a bitch. He really had no expectations and was just going with the flow. All he was consumed with was being at war with Rachel and Brendon. Britney was just lucky to have made it as far as she did. She owes the Bra-gade(particularly Lane) a lot of credit for taking her that far. But she never had legit expectations of winning this game.
      Enzo on the other hand had the best chance of winning this game. He got very far thanks to his great social game and manipulation tactics. Enzo has the right to feel like shit right now. Whereas Ragan and Britney didn’t even play the game smart, and they seriously had no expectations of winning it.

      1. “Excitement: you can talk up Enzo all you want – but if it hadn’t been for Hayden and Lane dragging the poor boy along – he wouldn’t be in the final three! Think about it! If your thinking the mastermind as a right to feel down – He doesn’t! Looking back on it…His game was weak and his social game probably is not going to win him any $$$$!

      2. How did Enzo have a good chance of winning the game? Look at his stats: 1 POV. Enzo’s just mad because he was so sure that he would beat Lane… Even if he had, he would still have to go toe-to-toe with Hayden and Hayden would beat Enzo. I thought Hayden was pretty dense but after watching him in the last few competitions, I no longer think this. When he was doing the cards w/faces, his critical thinking came to play. Hayden will beat Lane unless it’s weightlifting.

  18. I think it’s great to see how boring the STEAMBOAT Alliance(Hayden & Lane) are without Enzo and Britney around.
    A huge dose of reality hitting these 2 boys like a ton of bricks. They’re not interesting.

    1. there’s no more suspense anymore. we already know who’s going to the Final 2.(Hayden and Lane) and we know who’s gonna win: Hayden. That’s it.

  19. Dick BB8
    Danielle BB8
    Eric BB 8
    Ryan BB 9
    James BB 9
    Natalie BB 9
    Sheila BB 9
    Chelsia BB 9
    Dan BB 10
    Memphis BB 10
    Keesha BB 10
    Renny BB 10
    Casey BB 11
    Jeff BB 11
    Jordan BB 11
    Michelle BB 11
    Russell BB 11
    Lane BB 12
    Brittany BB 12
    Hayden BB 12
    Ragan BB 12

    Feel free to comment and edit as you wish. lets get a good list going. I think that the first all stars brought 20 poeple to the house and only let 14 in. IMO they should let more in and do a couple double evictions, change it up.

    1. take out lane hayden ragan britney no one from this season
      also take out danielle season 8
      and ryan and natalie season 9
      the rest I’m ok with

    2. Slim pickings from seasons 8 -12. My picks would be:
      Dick 8
      Eric 8
      Sharon 9
      James 9
      Dan 10
      Keesha 10
      Russell 11
      Michelle 11
      Kevin 11
      Matt 12
      Brit 12
      Brendon 12

  20. Hey…I’m proud of them H & L. The fact that they mentioned 9/11 and what they remembered! It’s pretty amazing since they both were teens at the time! Maybe there is hope for those two yet! Maybe at the end here they’re going to redeem themselves!!

  21. Short memories? Britney is nothing more than a bitch. If you remember her game was to lie and promise anything and everything then go back on her word. She even swore on Nick’s life to Brendan. This nice crap people are saying is driving me wild, she’s nothing more than Raygan’s twin. I’m voting for Brendan.

    1. Lane will take Enzo. There’s a big difference between 50,000 and 500,000. Lane won’t win against Hayden and Hayden will take Lane. Enzo knows this; hence, his present state of mind.

    2. Lane and Hayden have made a pact since early in the game. They never wanted to take Enzo to the Final 3 even.
      It’s over. That’s it. Neither of thems is taking Enzo.

      1. If Hayden didn’t want Enzo in the final 3 he would have used the POV and removed Brit from the block and had her vote Enzo out. But he didn’t so that means he wanted Enzo in the final 3.

  22. If you actually read the posts you would know there are some very good reasons why we’re voting for Brendon! Plus if you think Matt or Britney deserves the money more – than let’s just vote for Annie, Monet, Kristen or Andrew!! I would rather those 4 get the money over Matt or Brit. If you would like me to buy you a one way ticket to crazy land since you think Brendon Voters are delusional – than you’ll have to borrow the money from Brit or Matt – maybe they can help you out with that one!

    1. LMFAO winning comps is why you guys are voting for brendon and if that logic goes then brttney and matt deserves it more because UNLIKE brendon they were playing for 500k

      1. no, im voting for brendon cause he played a good game he was honest with people and showed alot of character also because he fought to stay in the game when he was a target since week 1. Britney doesnt deserve because she is a talk behind your back kind of person she was boring and did nothing but talk about B/R all day long to make herself feel better. Matt did nothing he won 2 HOH and lied and lied some more. Iieing about something pesonal that was wrong.

  23. Once upon a time, Matt characterized Enzo as, “possibly one of the most selfish people I’ve ever known…” I know we must consider the source, but on a daily basis Enzo has shown himself to be long on talk and short on action. He is upset because he thinks he blew his opportunity to win the game. I don’t think he would be in this position if, at ANY time since the season started, he had been the least bit willing to inconvenience himself and win a competition. He was spoiled and lazy. I am not a Matt fan, but Enzo didn’t deserve to have three otther guys covering his back. It made him even lazier.

    1. I agree with you. Enzo lazied his way thru the game following behind the others.
      He’s really ill prepared to be in this game. I can’t even understand why he thinks he blew his chances at the 500Gs. How in the world could he have thought he would have won things.
      But just look…here is is…one of the final 3. go figure.. He can be thanksful he was in that alliance which brought him here to the near end. I can’t remember if he said he and Wifey were going to make another baby BEFORE he realized he wasn’t going to win and poor Wifey will have to go back to work.

  24. Nasty showmance aside, Brendan played the best game of the season… far. He had a target on his back from day one and he made it as far as he did. He even kept Rachel in the house a lot longer than I could believe. He won when he had too, and was real close to winning the week he ended up getting evicted. So yeah, love him or hate him, he played harder and better than anyone else in that house….by far.

    1. hayden played harder and smarter than everybody.the only reason brendon won the rope and how bad you want it is because bb rigged it.plain and simple brendon sucked.hayden is a freakin athlete and smart as shit.hes also a snake but thats good in this game.if hayden had to win he could of won almost every comp.he needs to go on survivor.this dudes an animal.i hope they bring him back for all-stars to see him against the best.

      1. You couldn’t be more wrong. This was a very non athletic house except for Brendon, Lane and Hayden. Hayden didn’t do shit when Brendon was in the house fighting for his life week in and week out. I would take Brendon over Hayden any day in any athletic event. Swimmers cross train more than any other athlete. And how in the hell did they rig the rope for Brendon? It was rigged for Brendon, Lane and Hayden and Brendon took them both to school on it….now didn’t he? Hayden…….5 at bats at the college level……0 for 5 with 3 strikeouts. Yep, that’s quite a phenom there.

        1. brendon sucks dude, hayden didnt have to win at first, in the ropes the gave him less knots and made them less tight.brendon cant even walk right let alone compete with hayden.hayden made brendon look stupid, nd nd right, ya dumb ass nd is leaving.reagan made brendon look stupid too.face it brendons just a dumb ass.

          1. U picked your own spots in the rope comp. he started to win the night of the double evition.
            Everyone thinks he’s such an angel, but he wanted to Andy for telling the truth during his eviction speech.
            Don’t make Hayden out to be the brains of the 3 man charade, Enzo put in just as much work as Hayden.
            Enzo wasthe worst at comps but he had the gift of gabb with the hg.

        2. You have no business comparing Brendon to Hayden. Hayden still has his baby fat.
          Look at that big fat face. Brendon is the real athelete. Hayden is more of a High School type.

            1. If that’s what Brendon wants, cuddling with Rachel, then it’s his business. They love one another……(although I doubt Rachel knows what unconditional love is),. still, in between fights they make out and have sex, and if that’s what makes them happy, more power to them.

            2. dont hate, Brendon may have thought that a win once. But, after seeing him last night, he appears to be maybe a little tired of Rachel. I think he may be totally done when he sees her in Vegas. Now, this is just my opinion but I think she will not have anytime for him when she gets back to “her Vegas”. And, I think he won’t care much.

        3. If you are the same Anonymous who is making no sense – you’ve done it once again! I do think some comps were designed more for some HG’s than others. But to say that Brendon’s ropes were not as tight as the others — you are truly demented. Does your head hurt when you try to think?

        4. you are wrong there cause everyone in the house said that wanted brendon out but then desided to take rachel out because of her drama

      2. Okay, whatever you say. So what? If BB rigged it for Brendon on the rope comp, then BB rigged it for Hayden on the face card, ornaments, jungle rope. Brendon made a power move: he put Lane and Matt for evict. It just happened to be a crap shoot since the DPOV that Matt had. Brendon got himself far in the game for someone who was the target since week 1.

        1. hayden made a power move to he masterminded getting rid of matt.and you cant rig jungle rope are ornaments duh.and brendon put the target on his back himself by falling in love with rachel in 48 hours.once again hes a dumb ass.

          1. How do you know BB didn’t rig the ornaments and jungle ropey thingy? Maybe Hayden’s ornaments were harder to break. Maybe, like Hayden said himself, is used to handling fragile things. Maybe Hayden has a jungle rope in his backyard that he swings on on his free time. Dumb ass? Did Hayden graduate from college yet? Is he on a six-year plan? Your argument is lame. Just say the rope comp was rigged for Brendon with no proof. My argument makes as much sense as yours. Everyone wanted Matt out, especially Enzo. Enzo knew Matt wanted him out. BTW, I like Hayden. I think he did play the game well, albeit boring as hell.

          2. if the brigade were really smart they would have left the couple alone, and let them lay in a bed together all summer and then when they needed to get them out brendon and rachel would not have expected it, but going after them the way they did it made brendon and rachel fight

  25. I like Brendon…he really played the game…also I thought Rachel made the game interesting…remember people this is a game…things might not be what they seem…remember Russell from last season…he was playing the game…nothing like that in real life! Hope he is on all stars! Brendon was the only good looking guy on this season..

  26. Lane was the biggest floater in the game. All he did was hide behind Britney on one side and the Bra-gade on the other. He had it SOO easy. Britney was Lane’s bitch. A loyal dog that did everything he told her to do. And in the Bra-gade, he didn’t do nothing.
    The hardest work came from Enzo and Hayden. Those 2 boys had to make a side alliance just to save the whole Bra-gade’s ass. Even when Brendon put Lane up on the block, Hayden, Enzo, and Britney saved his ass. He just sat there and did nothing. He didn’t even have a good social game.
    Enzo had to save his own ass by winning that POV against Ragan.
    And even when Lane won that 1st HOH of his, he didn’t even want to because he knew he didn’t need to. He knew that if Ragan won it, Ragan would put Hayden and Enzo on the block.
    So, Lane floated his ass into the Final 3. And honestly he did get lucky by beating Enzo in the Frankenstein mashup. Enzo should’ve got that one. But I commend Lane for winning it. It was the most legit comp he’s won.

    1. Lane played a perfect competition for the faces. It would have been hard for anyone to have beaten him at that. 1 min 13 sec was fabulous!

  27. Go ahead and vote your heart out but it doesn’t matter. According to the CBS poll Britney is ahead of Boy George’s knight by 30%. Good luck!

    1. I am not surprise that Britney is ahead. On CBS, she came across as funny. You didn’t see as much of the mean trash talk. More funny trash talk. Most votes will come from the CBS watchers. Brendon is handicapped by Rachel. Personally, I don’t care between the two of them.

      1. I agree that Brendon is handicapped by Rachel. I said it before on Finale night if Brendon won the am. choice I could hear Rachel say “WE WON AM. LIKES US”

      2. STAND UP 2 CANCER

        Vote Brendon to win the $25,000 America’s Choice

        At least he will use it to help him get through school for Cancer Research and this season of Big Brother will have done something good with their prize money

        1. Are you kidding. He would use it to take Rachel to Vegas (a place she loves, but he’s not keen on) , because what Rachel wants, Rachel gets with Brendon. Poor fellar, as soon as they get rid of the 25 g’s, she’ll toss him aside and look for some sugar daddy. The only reason I feel sorry for Brendon, because as soon as she dumps him, he’s going to realize what a fool he’s been. What on earth does he see in her anyway?

  28. production needs to give enzo some bra-gade panties.he’s curled up like a little biatch,damn enzo i was on your side now you just look like a punk ass loser.

  29. Even though Lane floated the whole game it is pretty amazing that he was only on the block once, never a have not, and basically never won anything and will be most likely be in the final 2. If you also think about the sheer information he had throughout the game it is insane. Everyone talked to him and out of everyone in that house he knew what every person was thinking. While he defiantly didn’t play the most competitive game he certainly had a good game play in his own right just by keeping his mouth shut and being nice to people. Out of those 3 I hope he wins!!!

  30. so why doesnt enzo just “hit the red button” like he told so many others to do????????? I’m getting tired of his pouting. time for him to go………..

  31. Whether or not Brendon is in love or in lust with Rachel, I was glad to see that after the Rachel/Ragan blow-up in the jury house, he not only didn’t go running after her, but he actually sat there for a moment and then walked in the opposite direction. If that had been the old days in the BB house, he would have either gotten into it with Ragan, or gone chasing after his “beloved.” Hopefully, he has had some time to gain perspective on how challenging it will be ( in the real world) to slay all the dragons Rachel will likely attract.

    Dragon= anyone who is not telling her how great she is, or who disagrees with her, no matter the topic.

    1. Great post, Hellos. You are totally correct on all counts. I was delighted that Brendon didnt dash after Miss Stomp Off Queen after Ragan shot her down (again).

      1. BOTH Rachel and Ragan are bitchy babies. They were while in the BB house and continue to be now that they are in the jury house. Sometimes certain individuals just clash. That is definitely the case with these two drama queens. It gives me a headache just to listen to either of them speak.

  32. Even Enzo’s mother said he didn’t get the best grades. Enzo probably developed that humorous personality to get him through it all. Now if someone would just work on his manners. Especially the eating habits.

  33. Wow. Enzo’s so depressed. Mind you I cant thinkof anything more dull than playing 3 hand 21 with Lane and Hayden. Especially with Lane compulsively barking about “steamboat”

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