Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Hayden taps his feet at night.. Lane says that Britney thought it was one of the guys beating off…

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11pm The house guests are on an indoor lock down. Hayden, Lane and Enzo are playing with the jenga blocks. At first they play jenga and then they use the blocks like building blocks to build things and use them like dominos. They are all pretty bored. Lane then heads into the bathroom to take his shower. Hayden and Enzo join Lane in the bathroom and sit on the couch to talk while he takes a shower.

12:15am – 1:35am Big Brother calls an end to the lock down. They all head out into the backyard. Enzo goes over to the hot tub and sits with his feet in it. Lane and Hayden start throwing the football around. After throwing the football around for a while Lane and Hayden decide to play pool. Enzo goes over to the backyard couch and lies down. Then Enzo plays Lane when Hayden and Lane are finished with their game. Enzo goes inside to go to the washroom. Lane and Hayden start talking about Enzo whining about losing and not making it to the final two. They talk about how he had two chances and didn’t pull it out though. Hayden and Lane say that Enzo was always critical of the other house guests who got bummed out when they lost and now he is doing the same thing. Lane says that Enzo is going to win the America’s Choice $25 grand and they talk about how he made the final three.  They hope his day of feeling sorry for himself is over tomorrow.  Enzo returns from the washroom. Hayden and Enzo play a game of pool. Hayden says to Lane and Enzo …best alliance ever… I can’t get it out of my head!!! Enzo then plays Lane at pool and wins. Hayden says there is a new champ. Hayden says that at day 70 Enzo the Meow, Meow wins the billiard bowl! Hayden wonders what they are going to do now? Enzo says that he can’t wait until Wednesday!! Enzo says that he thinks it is brutal that they make all three of them stay in the house this whole week. Lane says that they do the three deal when the season is really good. Lane says that last year was the first time they did it because the season was really good and this season was really good so they did it again. They all head inside to get ready for bed.

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1:40am – 2:15am Enzo, Hayden and Lane are all in the bedroom. Hayden says that the count down begins. Lane says that after tomorrow there is only three more days left!! Lane gets up to go to the washroom. Enzo tells Hayden that there are just a couple more days. Enzo says that he just wants to get out of here!! They both say that they are looking forward to seeing their families. Enzo says that it sucks that he doesn’t even have a shot. Enzo says that he would have liked to have a shot at winning in front of his family. Hayden tells him it isn’t over. Enzo says that if Lane wins he is taking Hayden. Hayden says maybe…. Enzo says that it sucks to be in this position. Enzo says that he should have been faster on the second quiz. Hayden says no matter what happens we are going to be friends for a long time, the three of us. Hayden says just keep your head up, we’ve just got a few days to go! Lane returns from the bathroom and gets into bed. Lane asks Hayden why he sleeps with his knee up? Hayden says that he sleeps that way and that some times he taps his foot while falling asleep. Lane tells Hayden that Britney used to think that noise was one of the guys beating off. They all laugh. Hayden asks they what weird things Lane and Enzo do? Lane and Enzo do say anything. Hayden says that some times at night if he doesn’t have a tissue he will pick his nose and wipe it on the floor. Hayden tells them that he knows its gross. Hayden starts talking about sports and basket ball. Then they talk about football.  After a bit they all roll over and try and go to sleep.  Hayden and Enzo cant fall asleep right away and end up laying in bed awake for awhile….
3:30am All the house guests are asleep…
6:45am Hayden, Enzo and Lane are all still sleeping..


8:56pm Sleeping yo


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106 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Hayden taps his feet at night.. Lane says that Britney thought it was one of the guys beating off…

  1. I can’t handle this. This is too much fun.
    I’m going to punish myself and take a drive down to the MO and Arkansas border and see if I can find me some hillbillies and confirm whether or not they’re Britney’s kinfolks.
    Just joking, actually I’m heading that way in 1 hr to meet a friend for lunch. I will however, keep a look out for Britney’s other eye.

      1. >>>>> GOD bless those who died on 9/11 in the World Trade Center Towers and their families. That’s what’s really important. <<<<<<<<<

        [This season has been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO B-O-R-I-N-G!! Can't wait for it to end.]

          1. Today is the anniversary of the murder of nearly 3000 Americans! On this day EVERYWHERE will always be the place to honor those that lost their lives. I see no harm in what PJ said.

            1. Not only Americans died! I heard that there were many many others from other countries who were murdered too! Don’t mean to correct you – I know it did affect the USA the most but wanted to state that the US wasn’t alone in the suffering!

  2. This is so boring. I mean every season gets boring near the end, but this is especially awful.

    Enzo is not a mastermind of the Brigade. He gave it a name and nicknames to the members. That doesn’t mean he controlled them. He just floated along. He was really critical of other people when they knew they lost the game, but now that he is getting a taste of his own medicine, can’t take it. Boo hoo.

    Lane is a funny guy, but I think he is trying to hard to be funny now that he knows that is how he is edited on the show. I wouldn’t neccasarily say he deserves 2nd place out of all the players there were in the house, however considering the three left, he deserves 2nd.

    We all know Hayden is going to win anyway and I think he deserves it. He like the other 2, played a great social game, but also really kicked butt in competions when he had to. He is dominating this game, and managed to do it while being on the most liked houseguests ever. I know everyone ‘LOVES” Dan, but while Dan might have won the game, he was very controversial and pissed alot of players and viewers off. Hayden has stayed classy.

    1. I so agree with you .. Hayden showed so much class throughout this whole season.. even on live feed. He kept his language clean… kept visious attacks on other house guess so low , i truely cant recall any at this moment .. and when something did slip out came the “I am sorry”. As for the laughing EGO ENZO was doing at the expence of others .. ie, telling Brit about the BRA-GADE… lol… and his attitude towards her and his responce .. He is behaving worse then all those that evicted. Looks good on the uesless GOOF.

      1. yes, and the kristin thing

        I mean…hes hooking up with a girl he likes, rachel…we all know what she did, and hayden STILL was able to come off as a FRIEND to R and B…he EARNED this BB win

        I know many say its a terrible F3, and it is…but Hayden is EASILY the most deserving of anyone all season…especially with his recent wins in challenges…he has pov/hoh wins, he has won prizes, AND the guy has the best social game.

        I vote BRENDEN for people’s choice as PAYBACK for the cruel rude things said about him…sorry enzo, karma

        Hayden=Winner of BB(big mistake on lane’s part if he takes hayden tho…)
        Brenden=25k winner

    2. I agree, Hayden’s at least stepped up to win the last few competitions & he’s not used a lot of ‘f’ bombs or other foul language. While I like Lane okay, I’m very, very happy to see Ego Enzo finally in the position he’s in. He’s gotten exactly what he’s earned…nothing!…and I’ll never watch another BB season IF he were to somehow pull off America’s choice. (I’m rooting for Britney!) Anyway, I’ve appreciated keeping up with the daily going-on’s through this website, and realize these 3 dodos are NOT very entertaining. Glad it’s about over with. It WILL be fun to see how Britney faced the jury house….loved her nose wrinkle when Julie mentioned after her eviction!

    3. I agree with you. Besides, Enzo can’t really take what he dishes out.Don’t get me wrong I don’t blame him for feeling bad because I would too. But now he see how the other people felt when they were in his position. He didn’t win the last competition it’s simple as that because Lane is just about equally as useless as Enzo was as far as competitions overall.

  3. Best of the whole season is watching Enzo go into a slump. He has laughed at everyone that has been depressed about going home. Now Enzo, you know how they felt. You are going home and I couldn’t be happier. I hope you go home and read all these blogs about how horrible you acted, and how much people despise you. Maybe now you will think about changing your attitude.

      1. Last night I had to turn the live feed off because of nasty enzo smacking his lips when he was eating pizza. Was he raised in a barn? Someone really needs to tell him that is not only rude, but nasty as hell. What a loser.

  4. there you go again, using the first post as your platform to say something about your girlfriend which has nothing to do with the post! Start your own thread Zaq!

    1. I agree. QAZ the SPAZ has gotten OLD. Maybe as tiring as this BB season. Ban the QAZ comments for at least a day. Give peace a chance.

      1. Hey! That’s my line!
        QAZ is getting a little stale, but AG loves to eat stale food!
        All Hail QAZ!
        “All we are saying, is…”

  5. I cannot believe the bullshit the DR is feeding these gullible morons!! What’s worse is they believe every word of it too!! Who are Hayden’s “outside sources” on best alliance ever–well the jag-off Grodner- worshiping cult in the DR, of course!!! They will have “opportunities??” Yeah, like the same ones Michelle BB11 has–I saw her on you tube a few times kissing that skank, ho-bag Lydia and then showing off her plastic on some on-line “fantasy football league” for morons advertisement!!! Great career there!!!!! She should go back to being a lab rat–at least it pays well, carries way more respect and allows for intellectualism each day. What a pack of losers from the HG’s all the way through to production!!! Also, I like so many others am thrilled over Enzo’s misery!! Karma’s a BIOTCH!!!!

    1. I was thinking the same thing – trying to understand why BB is fuelling the egos of these guys when they must know that all the fan sites are trashing them. They are clearly not viewed as the hero’s of the show, nor are they seen as the brilliant villains everyone loves to hate. They seem to be almost unanimously viewed as the most annoying alliance in BB history. Yet BB seems to keep reinforcing the message to them that they are loved by all. Why? The only outcome is going to be three completely demoralized guys in need of therapy. That is a mindf**k that seems unnecessarily cruel. I don’t like these three, am annoyed by their arrogance, and their continual rewriting of history to make their “role” in the game WAY bigger than it was, but I also don’t understand why BB appears to be setting them up for a bigger fall than they are already going to have.

      1. Why you ask. The answer is simple…BB fuels the flame so that they can continue to make fools of themselves. Wait until they watch the show and see themselves as we see them. lol

      2. Production is probably feeding their egos so they will continue to make fools of themselves. If they don’t boast they don’t say anything.

  6. I still find it odd about when someone takes a shower and they follow into the bathroom for company. I would be saying get the hell out of here, at least let me have some privacy here! And poor Enzo – NOT!!!! lol!!!!

  7. this is going to be a dumb question but here it goes….At the beginning of the season Annie mentioned as the saboteur that there was a long friendship inside the house. Is this true or something that she said to stir things up?

    1. No it’s not true. It was a sab message to throw people off and make them suspicious. If there really had been, Julie and BB would have been playing that up. Now accoring to the rules for bringing this up: DRINK!

    2. As has been said on this site several hundred times and by Julie Chen on the CBS broadcast since Week 3 of the Season, there are no life-long friends in the house. It was a lie made up by Annie the Saboteur. When Ragan became the Saboteur, he embellished the lie further by saying the life-long friendship was between one of the guys and a girl in the house. It was not clear whether he knew that the original lie was true or not when he made up his new lie.
      Again, there are no life-long friends in the house (other than the fish).

      1. Perfect. Sorry I have not seen every episode, and followed all the blogs and posts on CBS as I do have a life. Sorry that you are spending yours on here.

        1. EZ cs. Nobody was mocking you.
          We were just trying to answer your question.
          Even you suggested that it was a dumb question when you asked it.
          It has been asked so many times before that it became a drinking game.
          You don’t have to apologize for having a life. We all do too.
          Lighten up! It’s the weekend. Have a DRINK!

          1. nice response to cz, appreciate the civility, yes we all do have a life and it’s good to have positive stuff happening on this day in particular. Good on ya!

            1. I HAD a life before I found this site. I have since quit my job, gotten divorced, and cut myself off from friends and family altogether. WHY, SIMON, WHY?

              Seriously though, this site has made a mediocre season bearable. My thanks to Simon, Dawg, and all those that have been regular or part-time posters that have made BB12 more enjoyable.

  8. Enzo is a complete ass. He is totally insensitive to other people’s feelings and he goes around acting like he is the best player ever when all he won was one competition, and it took him nine weeks to do so! I mean, really. If he makes it to the final two, I’m going to be so pissed!

  9. Last night was awful — put me right to sleep. Enzo was gross while eating, as usual. All you could hear was him smacking. I began to think that production was doing it deliberately. 3 more days of this will be agonizing and intolerable. I’m done.

    Hayden is one of the most likable BB players ever, next to Kaysar who has been my absolute favorite all along. Hayden is sweet, polite, well-mannered most of the time and just a genuinely nice young man. He’s also adorable.
    I’d like to see him win it all.

  10. just a thought……if the police can’t touch Lame because of daddy’s money, I wish PETA would go after him for the kittens in a bag with rocks thing. The only thing he deserves is life on a chain gang. He is a real piece of shit, and should have never even been on the show

    1. Hmmm….someone has issues. And, it’s not Lane. You should direct this hatred towards Ragan. He wants to stab babies with aids infected needles. There ya go, someone to really sink your teeth into. ;-)

  11. I enjoyed Enzo and thought he was very funny at times. He didn’t talk about other people like Brit did. She was the worse one, she back stabbed like nobody I’ve ever seen! I am voting for Brendon for Americas player, he battle through the worst odds. Just being hand cuffed to Brit for that long was a big accomplishment. Also being dunked in that green stuff, just to stay in the game. He seems to be going to use the money to help with his education and to help with cancer research so that is a good thing.

    1. Really? You don’t have a problem with Enzo using the “c-word” when describing most of the women in the house offensive? Wow!
      You didn’t find Brenden to be a bully when he and Rachel threatened the other HG’s that if they didn’t vote with them, then they were against them (B/R) thus threatening to put the HG on the block if they didn’t do what he said?

  12. What Lane is saying about this season being so good, wait till he leaves the house and finds out that this has been the worst season. He is in for a total shock!!! lol

    1. In that respect – I hope CBS or their families step in and let these HG’s know that life will not be as they expect, want or think it is! Some of the comments have been harsh – and I truly think some have been deserved, but it’s going to be like re-entering society and not knowing how to handle it. Some of it is their fault – some because of the pressures of going thru a situation like this!

  13. Remember earlier in the season when Hayden was afraid that America might view him as a bit of a doucher? Well, his nightmare has become a reality lately with all the talk of his Hollywood dreams and relentless “STEAMBOAT!” shoutouts he’s looking like the biggest doucher.
    Him and Lane are douching it up right now.

  14. What will these three guys do when they read the posts from all the fans who have been underimpressed with this season and with them? They think this was the best season ever??? Oh man…

  15. Assuming Hayden wins HOH, he will win no matter who he takes to final 2. Who does he want to win the $50,000?? If by some miracle Lane wins, why would he bring Hayden to final 2? If he brings Enzo, Lane has a chance of winning.

    1. Because Lane already comes from a very rich family, and he has a brotherhood-type bond with Hayden moreso than Enzo. Lane definitely could beat Enzo in the Final. But Lane also knows that Hayden’s family doesn’t have much money so Lane would actually prefer Hayden win the $500,000 than himself. It’s very messed up, imo. But that’s the way Lane’s mentality is. It’s stupid.

  16. Lane said “f*ggot” last night at the table. Enzo immediately said “I think you just lost a lot of fans after that.”
    I don’t know what the hell Britney saw in this guy.

      1. Ratney it IS another N word to some of us … just like all the ethnic slurs are despised by many, but if it’s not YOUR ethnic slur it’s not so bad. To me it’s not offensive, but it is simply bad taste to knowingly use any of those derogatory labels unless you intend to cause offense with your words.

        1. Sticks and stones, baby, sticks and stones. Call me what you will, it doesn’t harm me or change who I am. Funny how people can call women “bitch” all over this page, but call a gay man a “phag” and the mob wants to lynch you. LMAO Hypocrites, all of you. So, go ahead, be selective. Censor what people say/write. You’re wasting time, when you could be watching BB12! ;-)
          I love you all. No matter what you think about me.
          * I’m here, and I’m not queer. * I’m proud to say it.

      2. The word “gay” has changed many times in my lifetime–from meaning “happy” when I was young, to referencing homosexuals in my middle years, to now apparently just meaning “ridiculous”. To the best of my knowledge the word fa**ot has either only meant a bundle of sticks or a derogatory slur for homosexuals. The former is benign, while the latter is extremely offensive.

    1. Well Brit and Regan were talking about If Rachel was prego
      with Brendons baby and what they would do to it, so she’s not
      above Lane in the moral departmen. IMO

      1. Yeah, that’s a good point. Britney definitely is no angel. But she was just so darn cute that it’s hard to not adore her.

        1. Not trying to say she’s ugly by any means – but Britney is cute in she’s the last girl in the house kind of way! Now cute or pretty – Kristen or Monet where much better looking!

          1. I’ve said it many times: Britney started looking a little haggard towards the end with her roots starting to show, the one eye seeming to get a bit lazier, and developing really oily skin. She clearly didn’t bring enough beauty products to last the whole season so she could keep transforming herself into the beautiful young woman we saw early on. Her body looked good throughout, but don’t get me started on that nasty personality of hers.

  17. Simon – Love the pics!
    0/3 = Enzo
    1/3 = Hayden
    2/3 = Lane
    Now watch one of these dodo’s take Enzo to the Final 2 and Enzo wins.

  18. If he gets taken to the final too all his bragging to Britney could backfire on him. She’ll tell
    them how he was laughing how he was the mastermind and controlled them all and
    got them all evicted. Ragan will back up what she says . They should all feel humilated
    that a hairbrain like him is bragging at putting one over on them

  19. That would be good for Enzo,
    I hope that he going to the finale 2, he at the least had to wear the penguin suit , also gave up all his clothes for donation, he might not be good at comps but hey he is trying his best.

    1. your kidding right .. tried his best at the competitions… he lasted 19 minutes on the last HOH competiton and went inside and made some food and came out and ate it in
      front of the guys still trying to win. He’ll get his clothes back at the end , who the hell
      would want them.

      1. Enzo was one of the biggest floaters in the game. He needed the brigade, thats why he came up with th idea, He clung to the brigades shirt tails

  20. The bears are hibernating…… thing you know they’ll be growling at each other.

    Who are the ” long lasted friendship” that was revealed early in BB12.

    Is it Lane and Hayden? I think it may just be them….. then we know who will be in
    for the money$$$$$$$$$$$$$….

  21. do people who say they like enzo and britney not watch bbad? seriously, how many times have those 2 trashed other people? its great to see enzo suffer now and play the pity queen like all those he has previously made fun of

  22. I agree with you sh8. Lane is a douchbag also. It’s funny how everyone calls Brendon the neanderthal when it’s Lane who has a completely neanderthal mentality. He disqusts me because all he talks about is shooting things and beating people up. He’s a loser. I have a suspicion that anyone who acts and talks like that must have an extremely small dick!!!! I think these guys share a brain, but I think they also need to share a dick just so they can have one big enough to function properly. So, with Enzo the Asswipe and Lane the Loser in the final 3, I’d also have to pick Hayden to win also. He may be a spoiled kid who only cares about his hair. But, at least he has respect for living things and he’s not a vulgar douchbag.

    1. exactly
      i didn’t like brendon either, he was super pussy whipped. but like ragan said, he had literally been targeted from week one and make it pretty far

  23. I really love how much Enzo has been complaining and whinning like a little baby, didn’t he give other players crap about it?? It’s amazing how he acts when the shoe is on the other foot. I was pulling for Lane but over the last couple of days that’s changed to Hayden!!! I just hope who ever wins #3 is smart enough to NOT pick Enzo to go against in the final 2. They do that Enzo wins and god help all of us if he wins! I’m just so ready for this season to finally end! Most boring season ever!

    1. enzooos back, i think dr told him to man up, he came out the dr back to being the meow meow,so its back to hatin for all enzo haters,

  24. I mentioned in an earlier post that nothing seems to happen to LAME because of daddy and his money, but I do wish PETA would go after his ass for the kittens and shooting anything with eyes. He surely is a sick troubled person. Enzo is just a harmless legend in his own mind, poor baby. Hayden is just a dumb kid with a lot of growing up to do.

    1. Um, last time I checked, hunting is completely legal. As long as he has a hunting license, it’s the correct season, and he’s not shooting anything endangered, he is free to shoot whatever he wants. PETA can’t do anything but whine some more. Get you head out of your ass. He’s from the south. Down here, it’s what the boys like to do.

  25. Am I the only one that noticed that Enzo has had on at least 4 different outfits on since he supposedly gave up his clothes…he was wearing jeans the other day as well!

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