Big Brother 11 – Veto players picked, Lydia thinks Michelle is crazier than her

10:00pm HOH Room Chima and Natalie They are talking about Russell picking Jeff to play and not Jessie.. They are pretty sure Jeff is going to throw the competition. Chima says that if its a physical comp she’ll know this game is rigged and she’s going to call production out on live television.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Veto Players are

10:00pm Green Room Kevin and Lydia.
Lydia is worried about the POV she is certain that no one will save her. They both agree that JEff is the one with the wizard power. Lydia brings up how CHima is marching around the house saying that Jeff better not use the wizard power or she’s going to be pissed. Kevin says that its obvious that America gave the wizard power to Jeff he’s handsome, popular and is involved in fairy tale romance with Jordon. They start wondering what they need to eat to be ready for the POV. Lydia points out she’s on slop. Kevin tells her they need to load up on Protein and Coffee.

Lydia talking about playing pool with Jessie last night and Jessie said something about Natalie and Michelle playing Chess and how Michelle told Natalie that Lydia said she wants to put Jeff on the block. She goes into a complete rehash of last nights Drama. ..Kevin says if the veto is used, Chima will probably put Michele up, because if she puts Jordan up, Jeff will probably use the power to save Jordan. Lydia thinks that Jeff will use the power regardless. Conversation moves to Michelle.. Lydia thnks Michelle is a crazy bitch, they both thinks it’s funny how Michelle swears she heard Lydia say something but she never said it.
Lydia thinks Michelle did that because she wanted to see how far she could trust Natalie. Kevin asks her about Natalie freaking out on Jessie last night about the whole Jeff thing.

Lydia says her target is Chima and Natalie with the hopes of getting Chima out. Kevin and Lydia both agree they need to continue blowing smoke up chima’s butt until after the POV. Kevin explains how Chima should of put Jessie and Russell up. Lydia says they need to get rid of Natalie first so Jessie is all by himself.

10:25pm Russell on all the feeds in the kitchen pacing around.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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wow does chima think a lot of herself and the control she has over BB. she is all mouth-kick her out. shes for hating anything that doesnt go her way! AAAAAAAHH!!!!




cant wait to see jessies reaction! lol is he crying yet because he doesnt get to play


Let’s hope Russ wins so Jeff won’t have to show his power!


Jeff wants to make a power move to get Jessie out so he will use it the only prob. Is if nat wins pov
Jessie needs to be up against her.


He still has to show his power…Chi-man isn’t going to put up Nat or Jessie.

Randy Wolfgang

This means Jesse goes home on Thursday

I am Jordan

Jess is going to chit his panties.


i want jeff to win the pov and use it to take russell off. platypus lips will replace him with whoever and then come eviction night i hope jeff stands up to use his c’de power and put jessie and natalie up. yahooweee, wouldn’t that just rock the house????? LMAO :-) i just keep hoping and praying that he will do all this and shake it up. hee hee


Best way this can go is:
1) Jeff wins POV and saves Russell. Russell and Jeff bond over the next week and Jeff talks Russell down from any shenanigans. They talk about how they both put their necks on the line for each other and now they’re in it together.
2) Chima puts up Michelle against Lydia. Jeff swoops in and says, “Okay, this nonsense has gone on long enough. Michelle, Lydia…I’m sure Jesse and Natalie appreciate you keeping their seats warm. I’ve been watching you people run around the house with your teeth at each others’ throats when it’s these two that have been starting all of this crap. You got played.”


EXACTLY what i want to happen!


ditto!!!! and it will happen as long as nat doesnt win pov….lets go jeff!!!!


i think jeff should lose the pov and wait to make his move on thursday.

i would like natilie to win because she wont use it which will prove to russell she is not on his side. this will strengthen jeff and russells alliance.

or if kevin wins and takes off lydia; chima will put up michelle. if jeff saves her and russell on thursday maybe that will strenghen her alliance to jeff–she is too easily filp floppy right now which was proven in her jeff bashing last night.


I don’t think Jeff trusts Michelle anymore. I think the trust for Michelle comes from Jordan and if it came down that Michelle ends up on the block and he uses it on her, she won’t have loyalty and turn on him. That would be his downfall.

Dawn D

Even if Russell wins, I still think that Jeff should put up Jessie and Gnat (if she doesn’t win POV). The best thing Jeff can do is break up that alliance and Jess and Gnat are the power players in that alliance. With one of them gone, it will cripple the other so bad that I think we could see the demise of that whole team. Best case scenario is if Jess or Gnat goes and Jeff or Jordan with HOH next week. Gosh, then the other could win it the week after! Okay… I know I’m dreaming, but I’m allowed LOL! Go team Jeff/Jordan!


the problem once jessie is gone is that the women, and kevin, will have a strong alliance against jeff, jordan, and russell. michelle will play both sides then for sure.

Jeffdalf the Gray

Lydia already told Kevin she’s going after Natalie and Chima and maybe even Jessie. So much for an all-girl alliance.


Lets Hope Nasty Nat does not win it – want to see her face when Jeffy Potter puts her and Jess up.


Eh no, I want the nominations to stay the same so Jeff will use them to put Jess and Nat up. He needs to split them up now and then Russ will owe him for taking him off the block.

I am Ronnie

Chima is the Ghetto Queen! mark this typed words that the day Chima is evicted she will be yeling racist remarks about how the racist pigs voted her out! it’s in her blood and soul to be this way! send her back to the ghetto streets after evicting Jessie!


i just heard you in your interview say you LOVED chima and wanted her to win the whole thing. get your story straight.


Please stop that racist ghetto stuff. Chima’s probably a trust-fund baby from everything I’ve heard about her.


hope you guys know that’s not the real ronnie.


get a life


Done: your right Racist remarks gone unless she does same. Sorry everybody
but not sorry to Kathleen


it’s katherine, sweetie. grow up a little.

Mary Ann

Hey, is this the dork, Ronnie from BB11. If it is go F–K yourself.


The best of all worlds would be for Chi to win POV and have both HOH and POV rugs pulled out from under her lol


I’d rather see russ or lydia win and take themselves off…that way chima has to put someone else up and make another enemy.


I think I have a way that the HG could have figured out for sure who has the power.
I would call all the players together and inform each one that I was going to ask them if they’re the wizard, and for each of them to respond that “yes I am.”
If the real wiz says “yes”, he will automatically lose his power, thus only one player would say “no”, and he would be the wizard. Would this expose the holder of the coup d’etat?

j/j all the way

Excuse me – since when do these players tell the truth!


I don’t think it works that way. For instance, Jeff promised everybody he wouldn’t use the wizard power on them if they didn’t use it on him, but that’s an agreement in such poor confidence he can’t expect to keep it…although Natalie’s clueless enough to think he has to.


Assuming the HGs are smart enough to figure this out – how would it change the game play for Jeff -??
(also assuming that Jeff does say no or nothing at all to the question and keeps the CDT powers)


J/J all the way is right
If more than 1 person says no, the tactic will not totally work, but will boil it down to the ones saying no.
I would hope Jordan, Russ, Lyd and Keven would have the saavy to know this and any or all of them say no to the question.
But it is all a moot point if no one figures it out to ask (and that is highly possible) none of them are the sharpest knives in the drawer.
Still not sure how it would change Jeff’s strategy even if he was exposed – I believe he is committed to putting up Jess and Gnat.


I don’t know how BB got so many bi-polar people to play this game. I can;t wait to see the back end of Jesse, with the pointy face walk out the door…………Go team Jordon and Jeff

Randy Wolfgang

Jesse really is one of the dullest houseguests I have ever seen on BB.


I hope that when Jessie goes home (fingers crossed) on Thursday the audience won’t clap, haha. That would make my LIFE :)

Jeffdalf the Gray

They’re paid to clap.


I think Jeff is boring and a moron.

Without the Coup D` Etat , Jessie will be still in the game. That?s Big Broher?s game.

Not fair to Jessie.


boo hoo for jesse. he knew america would at some point have a vote but he still chose to be the same as last year and he knew america didnt like him then.

if he or ronnie were smart they would have known they needed to be on americas good side for their vote.


wouldnt it be HYSTERICAL if BB gave america the vote for the winner and there is no jury house?


I wonder why they stopped doing that. Didn’t america decide who went home and the winner on season one? I may be mistaken though.




At some point BB was going to give voters a chance to affect the game. This probably won’t be the only one. Of all houseguests there, Jessie should have realized this. The inability to learn from his mistakes is unbelievable. How ironic is it that Jessie is going to be outed by America’s vote 2 years in a row?


Darling, Jesse was a contestant on Last year`s BB, he was already RIGGED in this game by going to the athlets team on that season premire, who had any doubts about the clique that would be hanging on the longest?
He won the first HOH with no MERIT at all. He should`t even be around this season, but CBS needed a clown to get in easy and get booted out in a humilliating and pathetic way, just like he deserves. Jesse is a coward, wasn`t there for Chima on the fight with Russell and run off to not to be confronted about the Michele lie. He is like a little high schooler, only talking trash from behind. Jesse is weak, would not surprise me if he needs to wear diapers from shitting himself so much. Oh! And he sucks good cock.


So you like cry babies


Jessie shouldnt be in the game to begin with HE ALREADY HAD HIS CHANCE THIS IS BB 10 NO MORE!!!!!


Jessie should have never been back in the house to begin with NOBODY LIKES HIM


I agree that this years BB guests are a bunch of bores. Jess is the biggest tool in reality TV history and I hope he doesn’t sink BB’s TV ratings. The producers must be sick that they gave him a chance to come back. He’s a ratings killer. That being said, I’m hoping that Thursday will be the end of his pussy ass. Maybe he will come out without a shirt on national television for his interview with I Julie. I can’t wait to see the look on the Gnat’s face if he gets the boot. She looks retarded at times when she stares off into the cameras. Her Girlfriend back home must be embarresed by her actions, but proud that she puts up a good act about not being gay. She’s Jess’s beard and he’s her muscle. They are the perfect couple. Of gays.
The one spoiler to all of this could be Jeff. Will he have the balls to put Jess up and take Russ down? I bet he’s worried about the big target he’ll be putting on his back.
I have faith in him though. He’s mentioned before that someone has to take Jeff out or he’ll cruise to final 2.
Go get them Jeff. We have given you the power. Use it wisely Luke.

I am Jordan

nice pic Nat……lets hand that up in the kitchen.

I am Jordan

hang….hang…hang….siomn, you could at least spell check me, you know they are going to hound dog me about this? Love you.


who wants to vote ‘i am ronnie ‘ off of here? lol


I do! But at least he agreed to back off of the racist comments. Also I would like to vote off any moron who states that they didn’t read this blog and then asks a lame question like “What’s the Wizard power?” or “Can the Wizard only put up one person?”


You know I am all about appreciating everyone’s opinions but OMG this guy is so over the top. He is not contributing to the conversation. Ronnie is gone. He needs to move on, we are discussing the current week. He is just trying to be jerk on the boards and not contribute anything worthwhile to the conversation.


maybe BB fans have changed and we like cute bores. oh well


I’ll take cute over ruthless, evil people any day. I hate to see nasty, cut-throat people win.


I don’t know, I loved Evel Dick and he was neither nice nor cute. He was just funny. I hope that the next group is an all star edition and if they bring back Jeff (still not a fan) but without Jordan and see what he does when he doesnt have to do the thinking for two people.


Evil Dick was the worst. I really liked Will and Boogie. Will was ruthless without being mean. Mike Boogie said he actually won the second time because of Will. Those two were devious and hilarious at the same time.

The game can be played without all the malicious intimidation of the E. Dick and Jessie types.


LOL Mike Boogie and Dr. Will’s joint DR sessions were the best! They always made me laugh.


ITA. I wish BB would replay the DR sessions with those two.


Natalie and Jessie honestly believe that this game is all about the two of them. They are both so paranoid. Natalie is like a ferocious squirrel that assumes everyone is out to get her and Jessie is her little tag along . This is a game , if things don’t go their way they want to terrorize everyone that is against them. The two of them are the biggest idiots and make everyone else in the house look pretty intelligent. These two have to be seperated so that the game can begin.


So Rocky and Bullwinkle?




doesn’t it seem strange that IF Natalie was/is a bronze medalist tae kwon do artist she would be working out….and isn’t??


It does seem weird. Another poster on another website found evidence that Nat did indeed win a bronze. It is on page 7 of a document from the US Taekwondo Union to Congressman Waxman at

2003 USA Team Junior World Championship Results
October 1 ? 6, 2002
Heraklion, Greece
Results: Women?s Team: 1 Silver, 1 Bronze
Feather Natalie Martinez (Bronze)


wow…aren’t you people getting a little head of yourselfs…from what am watching on the live feeds…jeff ain’t going to use the power ..

Randy Wolfgang

Yes and I have some land in Florida I’ld like to sell you


were you not watching when he told jorden to listen to him this week? what else would he be talking about if he wasen’t referring to him using the power this week


Jeff has every intention of using the power. Jesse is out of here.


And u obviously didn’t see jeffs “hypothetical” question to Jordan when he said if it was russ & Jesse who would she vote out (she said Jesse). So he’s at least going to change 1 nom unless Jesse ends up being lydias replacement. I think he should change both noms to gnat & Jesse

Jake K.



If Jeff uses the coup d etat, is he still able to vote for Jessie to leave, or does he hold the HOH power and Chima has to vote.

Randy Wolfgang

If Jeff uses the CDE neither nor Chima can vote – that still won’t save Jesse.


why wouldn’t Jeff b able to vote? I never heard that in the rules of the CDE

Princess Chima

Do not touch my nom’s


Thanks princess chime-in


WOW….that is going to infuriate Cackling Chima!!!!

Jeffdalf the Gray

Why should I use my wizard powers? It’s not like I actually want to take out the people I “despise” and Russ is the only one who has never lied to me and Jordan’s being manipulated and I said before I even had the power that I was going to take out Jessie and Natalie. That would just be madness. No, I’ll just sit here and wait for it to disappear and watch Jessie and Natalie run away with the game.


I was hoping Jeff would use the CDT for both Natalie and Jesse, but we can conjecture more after the POV. I’d like to see the vote to oust Jesse which will crush Natalie. She is so full of herself.

Randy Wolfgang

Judging from the way Natalie is acting she did not win POV.


like i said b4 if jeff doesn’t use the power , he should just tell BB to send him home because you just handed the game to jessie and natalie…. it;s the simple, use the power now take out jessie, or don’t use it and forfeit the game


for someone so cute natalie has a lot of male characteristics diggin up her nose in front of the camera , not even enough self respect to do it in the shower where the cameras can’t see


What’s the bet !!!! Jessie is going to bruise up Lydia again now that she has won the POV.

Randy Wolfgang

I think Lydia may have won the POV – the way they are acting Russell, Jeff and Natalie did not win and I don’t think Chima won either.


Who won the Veto Kevin????

whats next

kevin won the POV and is excited


…if lydia saves herself (and she will) then chima will put someone else up. Then Jeff can take them BOTH off? Then does Jeff put up the new ppl or does Chima?


from my understanding Jeff will pick the new nominees

The Chosen One

Chima has no more power. Jeff can take both her noms off and put whoever he wants. And he breaks the tie too if there is one. Jeff has all the power in the house this wk. And I think the following will happen:

1. Kevin uses POV on Lydia.
2. Chima will put Jordan up. She might be convinced to put Michelle up. But i’ll go with Jordan to be a pawn.
3. Jeff switches the noms on Thu to Jessie and Gnat.
4. Jessie should go home.

Nat is a Dike

if jeff puts jesse and nat up together than nat is going home not jesse he needs to put someone up there that will beat jesse so he can go home like lydia… I just have a feeling that nat will leave instead of jesse and that would really suck… I want jesse gone…. GO JEFF


oooh.. I thought Lydia won the POV. Hahaha that’s so funny Chima’s power is non-existent. She’s running around that house like she’s in charge of something. So …can Jess put Chima up if he wants to? That would be great if he can. I cringe the sound of her voice.


Oops can Jeff put up Chima, not Jess.


Can Jeff put up one or two with the wizard power?


Im pretty sure jeff can put up two. But I dont know if one of them can be the HOH


I know the person with the HOH cannot be put up, and I don’t think the person who won the POV can either.

Lala Land

Jeff can change both the nominations… but he can only pick the people who aren’t the HOH or POV

Lala Land

it’s nice to see umm natalie picking her nose… in front of the live audience.
and jeff better use the power to kick jessie out of the freaking house or else jeff you better just go back home.


Lyida is cute anyone agree?


chima has to goooo


chima is a bossy bbitach

Technology Slice

Aren’t people sick of the whole big brother scene?