Big Brother 11 – Russell Threatens Kevin “I’ll fart all night in the have nots room if you don’t use the POV on me”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

2:45pm HOH Kevin, Lydia and Chima. They are going over how the POV will be used. Kevin says he won’t use the pOV but he needs reassurance from Chima, JEssie and Natalie that Russell is going home.

Lydia says she thought Russell had an alliance with Jeff and Jordan. Chima isn’t sure she says Natalie said Russell asked her to use POV on him. Kevin says Russell never approached him so Russell and Natalie must have something still. Kevin explain that he wants to respect CHima’s nominations but on the same token he needs to protect Lydia. Lydia tells CHima that she is fine with staying up as long as Natalie and Jessie promise to vote Russell out. The wizard power comes up and all three think Jeff has it. Chima tells them Jeff will not use the power unless the POV is used and I put one of them up. Chima adds that she believes that Jeff will put up Jessie and scrappy. Chima explains to Kevin that she understand if he uses the POV he worked hard adn deserves the power. Chima tells them that if the POV is used she will bring Jessie and Natalie in and tell them to decide which one goes up as a pawn, Lydia has no intentions of putting up Michelle. Chima mentions that it’s been a long time since a girl has won Big Brother and this is going to be the year. Chima tells them its time for Russell to go he’s stirred so much shit around the house, he’s already won 10grand and he’s never been on slop before… Lydia leaves.. Kevin starts talking about where the Jessie and Natalie vote sits. Chima thinks they might vote to keep Russell, but she’s confident that they can talk sense into them. They start talking about the power.. Kevin thinks if it is a one person replacement that Jeff would put up Jessie. Chima agrees she thinks Jeff threw the POV. Kevin thinks Jeff is a little suspicious in the comps it?s hard to know if he’s throwing or if he’s struggling.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

3:00pm Storage Room Jessie and Russell. Russell is telling Jesse he needs to push for the other side to go up as a replacement nominee. Jessie tells Russell that he’s screwed he’s in no position to makes any deals because the house is against. Russell tells Jessie that Jeff is coming after him and so are the girls. Russell says this is a good time to take out one of them. He goes in to tell Russell that keeping Russell in the house is the only way Jessie can win. JEssie is not convinced he brings up Russell screwing their alliance last week by putting up Ronnie. Jessie also adds that Russell picked Jeff instead of him to play the POV. Jessie thinks that Russell will choose Jeff over him….


3:20pm Red Room Lydia and Kevin Lydia is mentioning about the talk in HOH and how well it went. Lydia now promises KEvin she will talk to him first regarding game strategy. Kevin nodes. Russell enters and Kevin apologizes for some remark he made during the POV comp. Russell tells him its all good. Russell admits to throwing Kevin under the bus the other day in HOH and Russell apologizes for that. They stat talking about the POV competition. Kevin says he was shaking during it. Russell makes a joke about not apologizing for all the farting at night.. He tells Kevin he will go into the have nots tonight and fart on him if he doesn’t use the POV on him.. They laugh Russell is feeling like he’s going home Kevin tells him to cheer up he’s still coming out of the house with 20grand and he made it to the jury house. Russell tells KEvin that when he dies he wants to be hung upside down that way his enemies can kiss hi butt.. Kevin laughs.. Russell heads back to the Kitchen..


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

4:55pm Everyone sleeping except for Chima who is in the kitchen cooking and cleaning

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83 thoughts on “Big Brother 11 – Russell Threatens Kevin “I’ll fart all night in the have nots room if you don’t use the POV on me”

  1. I got a bad feeling about this, I wanna know how Jesse has all this correct information about the game. It looks like everyone in the house is a absolute idiot. I mean WTF. I think this whole season is fcked. Jesse won, game over, he is getting fed info from somewhere. Idono if a sky writing plane flys over the house and tells him Jesse, whAt’s going on.

  2. This is perfect. I can’t wait to see cocky arrogant egotistical Jessie walk out the door. Jeff seems stressed this week – I am sure he is feeling a lot of pressure having the CDT and not only wanting to make America happy, but also make the best move for himself in the game as well.

    Russell was an idiot to confront Michelle in front of Chima about the “Chima wants to backdoor you” comment. He should have kept his mouth shut and stuck to the super secret alliance of Jeff/Jordan/Michelle/Russell. He still had some of the “other side” on his side but he just couldn’t keep his mouth shut. Dumb move on his part. His mouth will be his demise.

    1. THANK YOU! Finally someone on this blog points out Russell’s fatal error. Russell totally betrayed Michelle by telling Chima that Mich told him she was in on the BD. Didn’t he understand that was ruining Michelle’s chance at fooling/getting info from Chima? Then, right after Michelle talks with him privately and says I’m sorry, I had to lie when you called me out in front of Chima, he goes a SECOND time and does the same thing, this time in front of the whole house under some stupid “ED joke was proof Michelle is a liar” premise. All he did was prove to Michelle that he can’t keep his mouth shut and he will betray her as soon as she tells him something. So of course Michelle hates him and isn’t going to tell him shit now. Plus, she has to suck up to Chima (and Nat by default co-HOH) just to get through this week. IMO, her alliance with Jordan & Jeff is still true. Now it’s just a question of whether Russ will see the light and pick Jeff over Jessie. Dount it. Russ is way too emotional. Read his HOH blog – he was practically drooling over Jess/Gnat.

      1. Yep, HUGE mistake on Russell’s part. He was sitting pretty when he made good with Jeff/Jordan with the promise after the HOH competition. Then they got Michelle in and since Michelle was friends with Chima, he could get info from “that side” from Michelle and they could have kept it top secret amongst the 4 of them. All they would have had to do is put Lydia up as a pawn for the next week or two because Kevin would have never voted her out so that would have secured all the votes they needed. It would have been perfect but Russell screwed it all up. ::shaking head::

  3. best move for jeff to make in the game is to use cdt if he don;t he should pack his shit cuz he goin home next week

  4. Jessie needs to stay. Lydia will not vote out Jessie and neither will Kevin because they can then join Chima and Michelle which means Natalie will be going home and Jessie has another chance at HOH.

    Jessie isn’t as dumb as people think he is. Just because you watch the show does not make you a good player. Most of them there were fans and knew how to play but once they got in there they lost their senses and their brain and it became chaos. The game makes them dumb. None of them have made many great moves

    1. Yep not really any good moves – just a lot of stupid moves and too much talk that have come back to bite them. I had a lot of hope for Ronnie the first day or two. I thought, this is going to be the smart cookie that makes great moves and flies under the radar regardless. Boy was I wrong – he turned out to be one of the dumbest players in BB history (and most hated!)

      Jessie is smarter this season than he was last season. He’s just such a meat head and Natalie is a little dirty rat.

      I would love for Jeff (or Jordan for that matter) to win, because they could show that you don’t have to be a big lier, back stabber and master manipulator to win the game. You can actually be a “good guy”. (and hot too which is a bonus! lol)

  5. I think Michelle lost it last night. Throwing Jeff under the bus when he didn’t even do anything was stupid. I am so anxious to see how Jeff handles himself on Thursday. This will be the first major game move he’s had the opportunity to make. Jessie disgusts me and Natalie is a pig with no class.

  6. i don’t think Jessie is going home either…i think natalie is going home…jeff is probably gonna take off russell and lydia (if kevin doesn’t do so)…and put in jessie and natalie…then lydia,kevin and russell will vote against natalie, and jordan,jeff and michele will vote out jessie…which chima has to break the tie…which will probably mean Chima will pick Natalie to go because Jessie is stronger

    1. As long as one of the two go home it is a step in the right direction! But I hope you are right about how it goes down, cuz either way…Chima having to make the final decision about which one is evicted is an AWESOME thought!

    2. If it were a tie between Natalie and Jessie, I think Chima would choose Jessie to go. She’s pretty set on this “girls in the end” thing so I’m thinking she’d want to pick off a guy.

    3. I don’t think Jeff will have any trouble with Kevin,Lydia or Russell if he just saved their ass from going home.Put up Jess ant Nat and let the cards fall where they may

    4. The person with the Coup breaks the tie not the current HoH so Jeff would choose the evicted houseguest and he probably would pick Jessie who would be the first member of the jury.

      1. there can’t be a tie it would only be five people voting… Jeff and Chima would not be able to vote it would be Russell, Jordan, Kevin, Nastalie and Michelle…

    5. Jeff’s the tiebreaker, not Chima. Chima can’t vote. And Kevin already hinted that he wants Jessie out of the house before he wants Russell out of the house and is willing to go all the way with Natalie. If it’s Jess and Nat it’ll be…
      Jess out: Jordan, Kevin, Michelle.
      Nataile out: Lydia, Russell(?)
      Jess is gone. If Russell votes Natalie out, Jeff votes and Jess is gone.
      Russell’s the swing vote because he trusts Natalie more and he clearly doesn’t trust Jessie because he let Jeff play for POV instead of him. But even

  7. Hopefully Jesse will go home this week, which I’m still pretty optimistic about happening. I think Jeff will make a move to use the CDT, he’s just trying to make sure all of his bases are covered.

    It’s the next week that concerns me. Originally, I was thinking Nat has to go, but now I’m thinking maybe it should be Chima. She is the ringleader of this man-hating club getting the other ladies and Kevin riled up. If you take her out, maybe the others will get off that bandwagon. Or maybe they’re just agreeing with her cause she’s HOH and will abandon it next week. Either way, I do not want to watch and listen a bunch of anti-men remarks for the rest of the season. It has nothing to do with the fact that I’m a man, it has everything to do with the message of hate that it sends.

    And what is up with Chima saying Kevin isn’t really a man because he’s gay? That’s really degrading in my opinion. I don’t know what Kevin was thinking, but I hope the only reason he didn’t say anything was because he didn’t want to make himself a target.

    Anyways, enough BB talk for me today.

  8. Jeff needs to break up jessie and natalie.. pretty easy to see that from the house… than he can pick off the rest of them and start winning the competitions…

    1. Jeff and Russ won the first HoH. Russell won the first POV. Ronnie won the second HoH and Michelle came in second (but…it was elimination). Jeff won the second POV and Russell came in second. Jessie won the third HoH and Jeff came in second. Michelle won the third POV. Russell and Jeff won the fourth HoH. Ronnie left the game. Jeff won the Coup d’Etat. Michelle won the fourth POV and Russell came in second. Chima won the fifth HoH. Kevin won the fifth POV. Jessie’s leaving this week.

      So the only people left in the game who have won anything are Jeff, Russ, Michelle, Chima, and Kevin. The people who have never won anything are Natalie, Jordan, and Lydia. Jeff and Russ combined have won four contests. Michelle, Chima, Lydia, Kevin, Jordan, and Natalie combined have won four contests but of the HGs who can compete they have won three. Of the HGs who can compete they have only won 1 HoH while Jeff and Russ have won two between them.

      1. Nice summary but to quote Jesshe, “It’s OBSOLETE!” Sure some of the competitions are physical, but for the most part, it’s luck. Who thought Kein could win POV???

        1. Actually the first HOH was won by Russell and Nastalie not Jeff… I am a Jeff fan and i think he is just laying low and not really winning anything other than the POV the one week to get himself off the block I think he will win when he needs to…

  9. If the houseguests are smart and think the Coup D’Etat will be used, they should split the vote and since Jeff would have the ultimate power to evict, the blood would be on his hands if he made it to the F2 and would lose that person’s vote unless he were to take an extremely unpopular houseguest.

    1. Not conform. Not kiss ass. Not play both sides. Keep out of the big fights and let people dig their own holes. Jeff now has a chance to make a big move, which he will do in the tune of getting rid of Jessie. Go Jeff!

    2. Chima did more than call him a terrorist. She said America hates Middle Easterners, and Russel is Lebonese. But I do agree with you about all the gay bashing. That’s not right either. Still, Ronnie was a FAT ass! And unlike race or sexual orientation, that is something that can be changed!

      I think it’s more that Jeff is funny, generally positive and nicer compared to the others.

    3. As a black guy, I can pretty much tell you that calling a Middle Easterner a terrorist is the same as using the N-word. Want proof? Chima asked Russell is he would be offended if someone used a derogatory racial slur against him. He said no. So she said, “Even if I called you a terrorist?” Surprise, a few days later and she screams it at him about FIVE TIMES. Did he call her a derogatory term? No. But she called him a terrorist FIVE TIMES in the argument just because he said she was old and tired.

  10. kenneth if Chima has to break the tie she will choose to have jesse go home because she really wants a girl to win. She keeps saying GIRL POWER!!

  11. I have to defend Natalie, I’m not a fan of hers but I have to defend her. Can you imagine being on your period and not being able to have a hot shower or able to eat what you are craving? The cramps, the mood swings, the back pain, the craziness etc. Give the girl a little slack. I’d have cut off someones head by now if I could not have had a hot shower. Plus stand in front of me when I need Dorito chips and chocolate sprinkle candy. You have been warned.

      1. Not only that, but as far as I am concerned, a shower of ANY kind is even MORE necessary when you are on your period!! P-U!!!

        1. um…absolutely! A shower, on or not on your period, is NECESSARY! Your living in a house with strange people, playing competitions, and sharing EVERYTHING….WTF? Is taking a shower even in question here…that bitch is gross, and on her period…omg..completely disgusting…I hope she does have Boys as children…imo

    1. LOL! I am right with ya. Didn’t think of that but without some plain Lays chips and whoppers after my hot shower, I might have killed someone too! LOL! Still don’t like her though.

  12. i just don’t know if jeff will use the coup e’etat; he doesn’t seem to have the balls to do so.
    if he does use the power, he really needs to take both russell and lydia off the block and replace them with jessie and natalie to ensure that one of them will go home. if his plan is to make it to the end, he will be certain not to have the votes of jessie, natalie and chima. chima, being relentless, will never forgive jeff by seizing her power. three negative jury votes out of seven … and that’s just counting this eviction. it’s a gamble for sure.
    do YOU think jeff will use the power of the coup d’etat?

    1. i see that , but it;s pretty much the SAME THING either way .. he don;t use the power he’s not gonna win he don;t use the power he’s not gonna win, i don;t give a shit anymore as long as the d-bag don;t win

    2. i agree with lisa…he will 100% use it to take off Russell and Lydia, and put in Natalie and Jessie…he told the whole audience and viewers at home he is gonna shake things up…he evne told Jordan if he had the power….he would put up Natalie and Jessie…(if Jeff tells Jordan that…then u pretty much knoe he is gonna do it)

    3. Let me think. Jeff can be a pussy and let Jessie and Natalie win everything. Or Jeff can be a man and lose 3 of the 9 jury votes, still having a shot at the last six, and possibly winding up with Russell at the end thus guaranteeing that he wins it all.

  13. if she is so set on the “i want a girl to win campaign…it is safe to say Lydia will not be going home this week

  14. What if Michele is crazy like a fox and has deliberately done these crazy things thinking 5 steps ahead? Go JEFF!!!

  15. dont u mean thats why jeff is going to use the power? To put jessie’s ass along with nasty up. I cant wait to see thier faces when Jeff turns everything upside down. It’s going to be priceless!!!

  16. I don’t think it fair that Chima will losses her HOH power, to Coup D?Etat Jeff. Isn?t that what HOH is all about. But you know the saying ?expect the unexpected?. Chima Fan!

    1. It also wasn’t fair when Russell won week one and they let Jesse come in the house then gave him HOH without compensation. I’m not too much of a Chima fan, but if she had the wizard power and it was Natalie and Jesse up there on block….she would use it to put Jordan and Jeff up. Fair play. Let’s hope she realizes that after she cools down. LOL! You know she made alot promises to be a misfit if Jeff messes with her nominations! LOL!

      1. It also wasn’t fair when BB wouldn’t let Gnat wear trash bags during the merry-go-round. Remember, we had to hear her whining about it for days. Get over it. Life isn’t fair either!

    2. i, too, am a chima fan … however, coup d’etat (an excellent term) is fair game in war. chima just happened to win HOH (possibly) during the “wrong” week. is it fair? absolutely. the coup d’etat was announced prior to the HOH contest … so the winner (chima) was aware. regardless, chima will indeed blow up (which i just love). i have had a new-found respect for chima since the blow-up with russell. and even more during her “reign” as HOH. she, very intuitive … yet a diva to the nth degree. i love it!

        1. if Jeff uses the CDE he certainly can play for HOH the next week. America gave him the CDE, it has happened before on Big Brother that America can affect play, and if you think its not fair, thats too bad.

  17. Rockstar: Natalie could have eaten any thing she wanted, and did.(slop pass) And as far as being able to take a shower she didnt take a shower the previous weeks. maybe once every 7 to 10 days. She’s just plain NASTY. Go to picture parodys on cbs and check out all the pics….

  18. Jordan is boring, stupid and never will win anything.

    And Jeff isn?t a good guy. He uses Jordan for his game, that?s all. He is a fine actor.

    1. Are you mentally ill sweeetie? Your comments sound like you are mentally challenged or in need of attention, so people will reply to you. Here, I replied , happy now???

    2. I totally agree. Jeff wants to keep Russell around to help him because Jordan is an air head. I think that she has forgotten that she is playing a game.

  19. Once again, women don’t feel good for a few days before and even a few days after and who knows how much her system has been out of wack since she’s been in the house. Give her a little slack.. When I’m stressed out I can be sick for weeks …

  20. I think Jeff should Take Russel off & Put Jessie up & keep Lydia on the block because then he has a vote to evict Jessie from:

    Kevin cause he won’t vote to evict Lydia
    Jordan cause she can’t stand Jessie & she knows he needs to go
    Russel (atleast i think) he told jeff he wanted him out earlier this week, but you never know with him. I think he & lydia are getting close though so hopefully he wold want to keep her
    & Jessie would be walking out the door.

  21. put jesse & nat that way nat could not vote for jesse to stay micheal will vote jesse gone and kevin and lidia jesse gone jeff jordon jesse gone who cares what rus votes

  22. You are so funny. I have to change the channel when BB shows him eating….it seems like they always zoom in on his disgusting mouth just chomping away. He is such a MEAT HEAD and a BOZO. BYE-BYE

  23. I love watching the mental and phsical midget Jessie squirm like the worm he is. Thanks for the mystery power big bro. They knew Jess the chump was killing their ratings and figured the odds were good he would go to the end if a twist wasn’t added.
    One other good thing about him sweating it out is he no longer says “no worries” like a little girl.

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