Big Brother 11 – Russell and Michelle fight night, Russell still mad about the ED comment “no female wants that, no man would want that!!”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:10pm Pool table Lydia and Jessie, tells Jessie that Production told her to start talking to other
players again. They start playing pool.

Lydia: “did you have a lot of friends while growing up”
Jessie: “negative”
Jessie: “does it seem like I did”
Lydia: “no”
Lydia: “did yo notice they played 2 beetle songs”
Jessie: “ya ya….”
They continue to play pool, Lydia gives jessie shit for shaking the table… she says it throughs her
off mentally… JEssie laughs. Lydia giving Jessie a hard time for voting her out last week, Jessie
says your still here so why are you mad at me Jess tells Lydia that Gnat said Lydia wants Jeff out. Lydia assures him that’s a bunch of crap. Jess tells her that he knows Gnat was lying, because she got so defensive when he told her he was going to
confront Lydia about it. Lydia asks how does it feel to not be nominated this year….. Jessie says the
wizard power is going to be used I?m going up against you. Lydia say no way your leaving instead of me.
Jessie says the same way Russell is leaving if he’s up against you.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers
10:21pm Russel on backyard couch by himself deep in thought. Jeff is asleep on the hammock.
Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:35pm Hammock Harry Potter and Lydia.. Lydia is explaining to Jeff that that Michelle is going around telling people that she wants to put Jeff and Jordan up. Lydia tosses Michelle under the bus, Jeff doesn’t care for what she has to say so he changes the subject to liver. Jordan joins them and Lydia goes over what Michelle said. Jordan tells her she should go talk to Michelle about it right away. Jordan suggests she isn’t conformational and doesn’t make a big scene about it, Jordan thinks its
a good idea if Lydia does it in private with Michelle. Lydia gets up to talk to Mciehlle…
Jeff: “you smell like awesome.. you smell good. ”
Jordan: “Russell has gone psycho paranoia ”
jeff: “ya i know”
Jordan: “you totally smell like a guy i know in 6th grade” feeds cut.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers
10:46pm washing machine.. Lydia comforts Michelle about her telling people she’s going after Jeff and Jordan. Michelle doesn’t deny saying anything about lydia putting Jeff and Jordan up. She says she heard Lydia saying that to Jessie on the couch. Lydia shakes her head and say she never said that. Michelle agrees and said I must of heard something else They hug and say everything is fine. They start talking about the recent competition. Lydia thinks it they got another tiki or a surf board we would
have won.


10:50pm Hammock Michelle and Jordan. Michelle tells her that she’s gone and talk to Lydia and everything is ok. she explains that she really thought she heard Lydia say that to Jessie. She really didn’t want to start any trouble she went and asked Natalie and KEvin if they heard it to and both of them said no.

Jordan: “will you ever put me or Jeff up”
Michelle: “Never you hear anyone say that come to me right away!”

Michelle asks if Jeff was mad about what he’s been hearing. Jordan says no he’s not he knows whats
going on with Lydia.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

11:00pm Kitchen Chima and Natalie. Natalie is telling Chima about Michelle told her when they were playing chess that Lydia is going after Jeff and Jordan. Michelle told her that she overheard Lydia saying this to JEssie. Natalie is pissed that as soon as Jessie found this out he ran to Lydia and told her. Natalie thinks it was stupid of Jessie to get involved in Lydia and Micehlle matter because it drags her and the alliance into it. Natalie: “fucking great now Im gonna get wizzed out of here cuz of Jessie starting drama” CHima cracks a joke saying they should just keep Jessie out of the communication loop. Natalie is pretty pissed at Jessie she thinks she’s been fucked in this game by him. Natalie feels like Jessie threw her under the bus and now Micehlle wont’ trust her anymore. Jessie is getting mad he throws his protein powder jug into the living room and the cap comes off and it spills everywhere. Jessie is freaking out.. Jeff walks in and Natalie comforts him saying that Michelle heard Lydia say she wanted Jeff up. Michelle told Natalie this and Natalie told Jessie than Jessie went to Lydia. Jeff says thanks for telling me everything I?ll talk to Michelle.


11:10pm Pool table Russell and Micehlle. They are trying to clear up last week?s blow up. Russell starts by complementing her on being strong during Ronnie’s nasty speech, Russell thought Ronnie’s speech was unnecessary. They talk about the dispute over Michelle lying to Chima about talking about sexual dysfunction, and his leaking her PhD. They are agreeing that it would of been better handled if the three of them sat down and talk about it in private. Russel is pissed about the sexual

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

dysfunction comment and all he wants is an apology. Michelle apologies to him, she explains what she said and how it was just a joke. Russel gets pretty mad about her calling it a joke “I cannot get my dick up to have sex!! that’s an attack on a males pride”…”no female wants that, no man would want that!!” Michelle again apologizes says she doesn’t have the greatest social skills, “I’m sorry Russell. You know i’m not the best speaker nor do i have the best communication skills i make bad jokes i’m retarded” Michele goes on the offensive saying russell made an ass of her in front of everyone. Russell tells her he doesn’t want to hear it he’s the one on the block and most likely going home. She tell him Russell should of asked her privately to clarify to Chima. Michelle explai by doing what he did in front of a large group was horrible everyone in the house ambushed her. They start accusing each other of playing semantics, both are getting pissed at each other. They start yelling at each other over everything.. Michelle tells him everything would of been cool and he wouldn?t of been on the block if he would of just calmed down and talked to her and Chima. Mciehlle blames Russell outbursts on why he’s on the block. Russell bring sup Michelle telling him that Chima is going to back door him. Michele also claims that she never said Chima was planning to backdoor Russell, it was just speculation about a group of people. The erectile dysfunction joke come up again Russell getting mad… Michelle tells him to go fuck himself and storms up to HOH to be with CHima and Scrappy… (obviously to start an all girl alliance)

Big Brother 11 Spoilers


11:18pm Green Room Jessie and Lydia Jessie tells her he’s in trouble because he told her what Michelle was saying. He start bashing Michelle saying she back to her own tricks again making stuff up and trying to find out who she can trust. Lydia points out that Michelle is cuddling up with Jordan now after she stat this storm in the house. Jessie says that micelle tells one person something than she sees where it goes from there, this way she learns who talks to who. Lydia tells Jessie that she caught Michelle in a lie and making up stuff. Lydia brings up the conversation she had with Michelle near the washing machine. Lydia her not to stop lying. Jessie says it always either Michelle or Russell that is lying. Jessie is now mad that Lydia told Jeff.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Lydia is surprised why shouldn?t she tell Jeff it her ass on the block right now. Lydia says Jessie voted to evict her last week she doesn’t trust his group anymore. Lydia: “I don’t expect to count on you or Natalie for anything. I don?t expect you to keep me here.” Jessie tells her whatever he doesn’t want to hear this right now.

11:20pm HOH Scrappy, Chima. Chima is wondering why Jessie was going off like that. She doesn’t understand why they all think Michelle is a liar she was just telling another girl some information about something she heard. Chima wants Jessie to shut the fuck up and leave Michelle alone, Chima has had enough of this bullshit. Chima thinks Jessie really screwed this up tonight, it was a total non issue and now it?s a big deal. Michelle walk into HOH says Russell is being a total ass to me… She starts rehashing the argument with the Russell

11:30pm Wizard patrols the house before going to bed

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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it’s official. Michelle is a moron. the SECOND someone shows her some love (Chima and Nastily – and Russell before that), she dumps everything she knows. Idiot. Too bad, I had high hopes for her. Looking forward to the look on Jessie and Gnat’s faces when they get put up by Jeff. Hope Jeff can trust Weasel not to switch sides yet again.


no effense but when ypu make pics to show us whats going on it cuts off soome of the reading…


i dont see anything missing, its formatted right


well it does for my compueter…like at the top of the computer where it shows pictures off jessie and lyida playing pool its cut of and says to other players again…


I miss a lot of the written description as well because the pictures are in the way. Maybe it is the way our computors displaying the text and pictures.


It might be your computer. The pictures do not cut off the writing on my computer.


Try I different web browser


bump about the pictures removed the words. great reading, notwithstanding.


The wizard needs magical power animations. And an owl. And what is with the growing sense of entitlement the women in this game have? They are each others’ worst enemies and backstab and call each other horrible names but through some amazing logical acrobatics they willingly rewrite history to blame all of their problems on men.


women are like that in real life….


it’s true. I’m a woman and we do that. it’s fun

Jordan # 1 Big Brother Fan

This game has become hella dumb.. people are doing the stupidest shit and it backfires at them.


was my eyes deceiving me? or did i see the “pitbull” Natalie fighting with her “master” Jessie? the game has just got GOOD , will make more entertainment when their on the block thursday….PLEASE USE YOUR WIZARD POWERS JEFF LOL


I think Jeff should save the powers until next week. He and Jordan are safe this week, if they vote with the house (Chima) to get Russell out, they don’t make them mad. They will have powers next week to save themselves.


Jeff only has this week left to use the power, after that it is gone.


I’m dying over here with the live feeds ! Russell harassing Michelle about her mental stability … just cruel … yet hysterical. And while I never thought I would be saying this, Chima really is a smart, level-headed player … very perceptive … and so comical with her delivery.


i have to add … thank goodness that michelle has the good sense to discuss the harassment from russell with chima.


Jesse is such a little bitch

put him up Jefe

The Original Jim

I don’t get why Russell is so worked up about the erectile dysfunction joke. A person doesn’t get that worked up if they don’t have a problem themselves. If your dick works you would say that’s low and laugh it off. Was it a bad joke? Maybe. But it was a joke.


okay…first of all…simson do you do ..american this one….cause i wanna talk about talent for once….second…how come you don’t make russ..and lydia…the nom’s ..third…the jeff…pics..are looking really really really gay….(i am gay) lol…and then…i was out all night (am in seattle wa) i come back…and some people on here need to get a life…REALLY…REALLY….really…see SnL…OH ..ALSO ..please..stop.stOP..SIMON…OH i see i called you simson…oh well..stop letting your bias..get in your blog…i got the live feeds cuase of you …so please…just let me know …without the side commentarys..(yea i misspelledthat)…also no no no n oHATE ON HERE…PLEASE…DO YOUR BEST ..or people…lets not resort to hate ..that goes for everyone…lets talk game…you can swear..not no hate…cAN’T WAIT FOR AMERICAN IDOL….OH IT’S IT’S 3AM NOW…HOUSE GUEST MUST BE UP…SEE YOU THERE..


Don’t be attacking our simon…he does a great job….with very little thanks. You want to monitor all that stuff ( I refrained from saying crap…cause I don’t watch crap 😉 )….and then write it up for us impatient …ummm…people. That takes a big chunk out of his time and life……so give him a break. He’s allowed 😉


That would be awesome if Jeff puts up Nat and Jessie against each other on the block….
But I highly doubt that he is against Nat. If you read the earlier posts, it looks like it he wants Jessie versus Lydia on the block. The reason for this is beacsue he asked Russel and Jordon about their views on this matter and not once he mentioned Nat, and was only gunning against Jessie


photos DO cover the words, cannot read them


Try using a different internet browser ..some will load the website a bit differently.


Jeff,… come Thursday, please let us find that you “Is-A-Wiz-Of-A-Wiz,-If-Ever-A-Wiz-There-Was!”


What The Hell Is That Shit around Chimas head, How old is this women, why doesn’t she put it around her neck and be done with it or better yet stuff it in her mouth and then we don’t have to lisen to her anymore, she says she is gonna raise hell if the Wizard takes her NOM’s off, well guess what Bitch its happening, jokes on her. She is an IDIOT along with the rest of her IDIOT friends. Can’t wait till Thursday. GO JEFF!!!!!!!




Text formats funny on both my puter and PS3. Pics cover up the text.


Gnat will turn on Jesse. But please Jeff, put up Jesse and Natalie. He can put two people up, right?

richard winters



funny how jessies intuition is right on-if jeff was smart he would…..yes jeff is going to use it to put him up and he is out! and eeryone else is talking him out of his thoughts. …just like last year he says—yup


jeff says you need to listen to me this week……. later jordan says you need to listen to ME too funny i wonder how she will react thurs night and i really hope jeff isnt playing her. i think he is going to miss her comradery once he leaves the house. they are SO comfortable with each other and under THESE cricumstances! thats hard to find anywhere-forget in the BB nuthouse!


I’m seeing the same as Mike. Pictures cutting off some of the text.


the same thing happens on my screen . when there’s pictures i don’t get any of the words and miss half the conversation. i have tried to move them but no luck. its a little frustrating, but am appreciative of the info here so i didn’t want to complain. just want to let you know its just not your computer.

just call me the man

u guys are crazy, i like how jeff has a wizard hat and a cane, now you call him harry potter, that’s awesome, hahahahaha


Nat and Jess need to be up!! and nothing is wrong with the format on my computer. and if it is a double eviction please let Jeff or Jordan win HOH after…or Russ if hes gonna be with them if Jeff saves them…or Michele if she thinks straight and sticks with them lol


I have the same problem with the pictures being on top of a good portion of the text. 🙁

Anyway, love this site. And, I really really hope Jeff has psychic abilities and can feel our pleas to put up Rat Jesse and Rat Nat.


” thumbs up ” yep….thank you simon 😉


thank you, simon.
p.s. the wizard hat on jeff’s pic cracks me up! best laugh i’ve had all week.


The wizard hat is great. I love the one where his sweatshirt covers it up somehwhat..FUNNY


some of you fans need to get a life, what happens when BB is off the air and it will happen one day


Hey youcantelljesusHTEbitchisback. You need spell check cuz I’m pretty sure what you really wanted your name to be was youcantelljesusTHEbitchisback.