Big Brother 11 Spoilers – The House is blowing up again and Jordan offers to teach Natalie how to use a tampon

5:20pm Ronnie and Jeff. Jeff tells him things are getting crazy up in here. Ronnie trying to talk Jeff into keeping him this week and next week he’ll put up Kevin or Russell and if POV is used he’ll get rid of Michelle. Jeff looks at him funny and says he’s not getting into this he’sjust listening. Ronnie understands he now says if Jeff and Jordan let him win HOH next week he’ll promise them he won’t put them up. Jeff says so your offering your allegiance to me first? Ronnie says no to be honest its to Chima and Jessie but your right behind them. Jeff “ummm hmmm” Jeff says Ronnie is probably the fucking wizard anyway. Ronnie assures him he doesn’t have the power and Ronnie doesn’t think the power will be used tomorrow night. Ronnie now gaurentees Jeff 3 weeks of safety if he Votes to save him. Ronnie tells him this is the best thing he could do for him and Jordan. Jeff says he’s listen now he wants to sit back and see how tonight pans out.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers

Big Brother 11 Spoilers
5:25pm Red Room Jessie, Michelle, Kevin, Natalie and Chima. Kevin is telling them he doesn?t like getting tag teamed by Natalie and JEssie. Chima tells him that Lydia is fucking Kevin right now. they go back and forth eventually Kevin admits that the chess analogy was his idea. Jessie tell him he had 2 chances to put Kevin up and didn’t do it because he thought KEvin was his friend and wasn’t going after him. Jeff joins them. Jessie, Chima and Natalie continue to say that Lydia screwed Kevin big time and he just doesn’t see it because he thinks she’s his friend. Jeff asks Michelle if she ever said she was going to vote to keep ROnnie. She say hell no. Natalie says she heard Michelle say that. Michelle tells her she said she had the vote to keep Ronnie but she wasn’t going to use it. Natalie and Michelle go back and forth over who is telling the truth. Jeff calls them out on the “green Room conversation” (which is a lie) Michelle swears its false Natalie swears it’s true. Every chance she gets Chima tries to place the blame on Russell even though she knows that the Green room conversation is a lie. Michelle and Jeff leave… Natalie starts to complain that she doesn?t know who her friends are anymore, she tries to sound like the victim in the house. Chima tells her to shut it off. Chima than calls her out for trying to be the victim…. Moments later Jordan walks by and Natalie says she’s sorry she doesn’t swim with Jordan. Jordan replies that?s ok you can swim with me next time “I’ll teach you how to put a tampon on”


Big Brother 11 Spoilers
5:50pm Backyard Lydia and Kevin. Lydia talking about how much she hates Natalie. Kevin brings up that Jessie and Natalie are sayign that she threw Kevin under the bus. Lydia says that never happened that Jessie came to her asking about the chess analogy. Kevin tells her he believes what?s she’s saying Jessie and the rest are trying to get me to flip my vote…. “those fuckers”, Lydia starts asking about what really was going on in the red room. Jeff joins them. Kevin asks Jeff if he could fill her in. Jeff says there was so much going on. Lydia says she wants everyone to know that she wants Natalie out. Kevin wants to confirm with Jeff that everything is cool between them. Jeff says yes we’re cool. Lydia says she does not like this “group meeting” stuff, if you have a problem why don’t you just talk one on one. Jeff says you don’t talk one on one because all people do is lie in this house. Lydia and Jeff smoking in backyard, Kevin there but not smoking. Lydia jokes that Jeff now has a new smoking partner. Lydia saying she need to put things in perspective and people in the house don’t give a fuck. Kevin is telling her he doesn’t believe Jesse and thinks Jesse’s just trying to get between them and Lydia is agreeing. Kevin said they need to think clearly and think of tomorrow and keeping her here. Saying they have 3 votes to keep Ronnie and Michelle is the swing vote. Lyida thinks they need to bring Chima in and straighten it all out. Kevin thinks that would be a very bad idea right now. Kevin says that Natalie and JEssie have successfully made Michelle and Lydia look like the bad guys and have made ROnnie look like a saint. Kevin says they need to talk to Michelle but first they need to wait until things cool down. They go into the bathroom and Kevin rights PERSPECTIVE on her arm with Lipstick

6:30pm Ktichen Ronine, Natalie, Jessie and Chima. All laughing about how the green room lie is working. Chima tells them that she’s not involved in that so keep her out of it. ROnnie Brings up talking to Jeff, Ronnie isn?t convinced that Jeff will flip… Kevin joins them and they stop talking.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:00pm Lydia starting to pack her stuff… Michelle and Jordan join her in the pool room. Jordan ask her if she’s ok. Lydia is convinced she’s going home. Jordan laughs “whatever gave you that idea, Unless ronnie rat is the wizard he’s going home”. Lydia mentions how upset she was yesterday about Jessie and how she was going to hurt herself but the producers intervened…. feeds cut…. Jordan is gone… Michelle is telling Lydia that she doesn’t trust RUssell anymore. Lydia is calling everything that is happening bullshit. Michelle agrees that Ronnie and Russell are the dynamic duo with all their lying. They bond and give each other a hug. Michelle confirms that she is voting out ROnnie 100% all this bullshit that has been going on the last couple days makes it clear to her that Ronnie has to go. Michelle states that unless Ronnie is the wizard, Lydia is staying.

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Teach her how to take a bath too, Jordan. If she got in the pool while I was in there I’d jump right out.

The Chosen One

Ditto. Natalie just looks like a gross little stray dog. Actually I shouldn’t disrespect dogs…they’re actually cute.


i don’t think there’s enough chlorine at the BB house to put in the pool to get gNat clean!!! Oh how nasty or should I say gNatty!!! ick!!

Lala Land

This is umm speechless… when I read the title I was cracking up.
No offense to Natalie, it was actually not a surprise that she doesn’t know how to use a tampon. i feel bad even a 14 year old girl would know how to use a tampon.




People hate on Jesse/Nat/Ronnie so much, but they’ve turned this house upside down. Yesterday I would never think Ronnie would stay, but now I think he has a chance. Though if I were Jes, I would of cut my losses on Ronnie and worked on Lydia. No one likes Ronnie and its hard to play off that, but everyone other than Nat likes Lydia and he could use that to his advantage. Chick wanted on his jock so much she would do anything.

inb4 the hate because of a pro Jess/Nat/Rat statement. Lying is a part of the game and Jessie is playing a hell of game right now.

Mr. E

Jessie/Nat/Ronnie didn’t turn the house upside down. Jessie was handed HoH and a team of FOUR.
Russell/Jeff turned the house upside down. Utter domination turned into absolute chaos, and a team of seven turned into a team of four soon to be three. If Michelle can keep her mouth shut and stick with Jeff and Jordan, she can actually accomplish something useful in this game, and maybe if Jeff can keep Russell from broadcasting everything in stereo….


good to hear that someone else gets it.


Come on Michelle…put his ASS OUT THE DOOR! BYE RAT-RAT…maybe if you woulda played your game and not Jessie or Natalie’s, the door wouldn’t hit ya where the Good Lord slit ya! Peace Dorkapotamus!


OMG Michelle is horrible as well as Lydia. She did throw Kevin under the bus and would again if it gets her ahead. She is leaving Kevin to do all her dirty work. Kevin needs to get rid of her, NOW! Then go after Michelle. I hope this keeps up BBAD was so boring last night.


hell yeah it was i stopped my DVR from taping it i was like GODDAMN where did all the fighting that was goin on last night go it was SO entertaining……….

The Chosen One

What show are YOU watching?!! You need to watch the feeds and stop making up stuff. Just shows you up. Michelle has done nothing but try to keep out of things. Somehow she’s always being dragged in by other ppl’s lies or misconceptions. You should probably pay better attention cos most of your comments just show how uninformed and clueless you are.


NO what you mean is that most of my comments don’t worship Jeff/Jordan/Michelle so therefore I am not watching the show. Whatever, michelle twists words just as much as Ronnie. Do me a favor and watch with an open mind and appreciate everyone’s opinions.


The whole Jesse come back to this show was a set up. Does anyone have any doubts today that the athlets group would have been the one hanging on the longest on that season premiere???

Court Jester

Can someone tell me what the green room lie was?


Natalie has very poor, if any hygiene, as you can see in the feeds she is wearing the same uotfit for 4 days in a row, picks her nose, walks around with cavewoman hair, we never see her changing her socks and she leaves the bathroom and skips the hand washing. Last night she admitted to not been showering for three days and BEING ON HER PERIOD!!!!

lies,sex, games

ronnie should leave. then the drama is going to be very even. jeff/jordan. kevin/lydia, jesse/natalie. michele/russel/chima will have to figure out something for themselves and that will be enough drama for me, but this won’t happen if ronnie is still around. so ronnie should just go and let the couple drama begin!!!


and Natalie don;t know how to use a “tampon” OK is she playing “RETARD” NOW??? just wondering because she did say she was 24 and has a bachelor’s degree( which i think is bs about the bachelor’s degree but i believe she’s 24) and she don;t know how to use a tampon?? if this is true then WOW


Hahahaha that was awesome, hadn’t thought of it that way. Excellent point. That’s the thing though…college degree doesn’t always equal smart. Look at Jordan. Universally accepted as the stupidest person on the show. But look how level-headed she is, how she doesn’t let things get to her. Talking other people down from the ledge. That’s called COMMON SENSE, and I’d rather have that than Nat’s college degree any day.


I hope Lydia goes home. At least Ronnie gives us someone to cheer against. All Lydia does is whine all the time.


Yea i agree…i love drama…i want more fighting and back stabbing..more ..more more…i don’t need to see jordan..grabbing jeff’s flab….and her saying it’s soft..i like it…omg…someone shoot me..


How stupid…Jordan doesn’t know that BB is a house on a lot and thinks it is a real house? CBS doesn’t show how she picked Jeff’s name from the hat twice for slop. Maybe CBS should show the truth so people who don’t read the live feeds have an idea of just how much Jordan and Jeff need to get split up.


If they show THAT truth, they have to show ALL truths, and that includes Chima calling Russell a terrorist, Natalie not bathing, Jessie accepting a hand-job from Lydia and then telling her he doesn’t care if she cuts herself, etc….I don’t understand how they have the balls to complain about how the have-nots were chosen. It couldn’t have been more fair, and Jordan only got to do it because she chose the right number (which Natalie could have chosen because she FELL OFF BEFORE JORDAN). If you saw the feeds when that actually happened, everyone was saying “Why did you put Jeff’s name in?” and Jordan was TELLING THEM that she wanted to be fair…they all insisted she take it out and draw again. So please don’t act like this is some big unfair conspiracy. Shit happens to everyone sooner or later, Jordan had her turn as a have-not and didn’t bitch nearly as much as Jess and Nat. They’re embarrassing.


ronnie agrees to allow jeff 3 WEEKS of safety, i know jeff ain;t gone fall for that BULLSHIT 1 week would been enough 2 would be pushing it but 3 cmon now gNat and Jess ain’t gone allow that shit now that they did all that work LYING TO EVERYONE and making RUSS paranoid and michelle the lie when she ain’t lied about shit that they said she lied about…good job ronnie you could’ve been saved, if you only laid that lie out nicely FAILED AGAIN


come on Ronnie!…..Tap the heels of those red shoes together and chant with me…there’s no place like home…there’s no place like home 😉

Randy Wolfgang

Wish all you want – Ronnies time is up – he goes home tomorrow.


Does anyone have any info or rumors about the mystery power????


can’t wait for ronnie to go home tomorrow!! then Jeff can get HOH, put up a Jesse & Natalie, let them sweat the week out, if either get POV then replace with pawn & if others piss him off more then he can pull out the wizard powers & change his nominations!!

RONNIE needs to go then Jesse, Natalie & Chima!!!!


No, if he gets the power he should not win HOH because someone can show their cards and then he can save himself and Jordan if he needs to. Then he can win the next HOH and be safe again.


Jess, Gnat and Ronnie all need to leave! I do have to admit though, I couldn’t handle it in there. The lying, back stabbing, yelling and just general atittudes that are going on in there would get to me. Here’s hoping Jeff gets the wizard powers and uses it to put Jess and Gnat up next week.

Dawn D

Please tell me that no one is really falling for this?? I think jeff is smart enuf to see it is BS, but is Russell faking it or has he lost his !@#$ mind??


I haven’t heard any rumors of the powers as of yet tornado…but by from all the forums I’ve been on, I’ve seen that Jeff has gained the majority of votes from polls, and that Jordan and michelle follow behind as far as I’m concerned, and i hope to god..jeff WILL win the coup d’etat, but I wouldn’t put it pass producers at cbs to fabricate the results and give to someone like ronnie or even Jessie just to shake things up a bit..but i think the producers know that the key to keep us watching is keeping the ppl we want in the house in


OMG!!! I’m watching BBAD and Natalie’s getting in the shower!!!

Big D

How is gNat allowed to take a hot shower???


that’s what i was thinking!!!! seems like gnat & jesse have their own rules for sleeping & bathing than others – hope that makes them automatically have nots for next week.

especially after gnat went to all the trouble to report kevin & didn’t he have an extra day added on slop for that??


With any luck Jessi will be right back on slop next week….of course then we have to listen to him whine more. I wonder if he’s realized yet that the amount of b*tching and moaning he’s done –big masculine man that he prides himself on being– is at least double what Kevin, someone he and Russ consider a sissy and a girl, has done… It’s just squash, sheesh.


I thought the “Week” was actually only like 5 days or something?


I think their week must be up, Jessie was also eating (not slop) while Nat was in the shower. Remember when they first got on slop and they immediately started saying they better get off early if Jordan and Laura did? Anyway Nat stayed in the shower for an hour. Her thinking is seriously flawed. It only takes a few minutes to get completely clean and after that you’re just wasting water. She thinks apparently that staying in for an hour all at once makes up for not showering at all every other day of the week. One of the recordings was singing a song about how fun it is to bathe. Hilarious!


I think jessica aka(jesse) is living in the 50`s where the little lady does the house work.he`s suck a a$$.


jeff is shutting jessie’s $hit down. whatever jessie has to say, jeff is throwing right back at him. jessie is the definition of douche.


I think it’s official…Natalie needs 2 clean her ass up and Ronnie needs 2 go home!


I want Michele to win HOH or chima. I like michele, shes getting screwed over. michele wouldnt put jeff and jordan up, and the alliance between them & russell wouldve been gold if it wasnt for his paranoia. but I think M/J/J should stick together. and if chima gets it jeff can just change it.


Ronnie is gay! Come on, what straight man jumps up and down in joy when he sees that he gets to watch Legally Blonde the musical?!?!?!?!??!?!? How does he have a wife?????

Natalie and Jessie need to be the next two gone

Jeff&Jordan 2 the end

I think Jeff is definitely the majority vote getter for the coup d’etat. The question is, will he be smart enough to throw the HOH competition this week. If not, I would be very disappointed. Smartest thing for him to do is throw HOH, that way he can win next week. Jeff and Jordan!!!


I agree…..