Big Brother 11 – Lydia was going to Cut Herself because of Jessie, he tells her he Doesn’t care those are her Demons

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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7:40pm Green Room Jessie and Lydia. Lydia keeps telling him to leave the room but Jessie won’t she says she was here first he doesn’t care this is where he sleeps. Lydia tells him she doesn’t think Jesus is happy with how Jessie is acting. Jessie asks why, She explains what he’s doing isn’t healthy for her, Jessie scoffs and tell her its her own demons and her own fault

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

don’t bring Jesus into this. She says Jesus would want him to be kind not an abusive jerk. Lydia brings up all the bruises that Jessie put on her. Jessie says he got bruised to. She asks him to leave the room.. again says no. She tells him he’s trying to rally votes for Ronnie and its pathetic. She says that you have done things that make me want to cut myself…. Feeds cut… Lydia tells him that the things he says to her really hurt her and she knows he doesn’t care but she’s hurting inside because of him. Jessie says

he’s upset that Lydia called him a douche bag and A fuck right to his face. He says he’s only said mean things to her to get back at her for calling him those things. Jessie tells her he doesn’t care if she cuts herself everyone in the house is dealing with shit and is on edge. Lydia tells Jessie he used her in the beginning, he needed her votes and he used her. Jessie says your depression is not my fault you need to control that. Jessie than adds you needed me or your ass would of been sent home. She asks him if he thinks that he’s the authority on the house because he’s done this before? He doesn’t answer… She getting mad “Why don’t you own up

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

to your shit”. Jessie tells her when she gets evicted and goes home she’ll watch the tapes and realize this is a game not a vacation to hang out with guys. Lydia: “You’re the one that made this personnel you dick bag” Jessie goes off saying she’s done shit in this house… He’s won competitions and all she’s done is get a prize. Lydia says she put too much faith in Jessie… She tells him the nobody reason why he never evicted her was because there was bigger fish to fry like Casey and Laura. Lydia says she pissed that JEssie tried to break her and Kevin up and Jessie says Lydia used to call him her favourite. She replies that Kevin treats her a lot better than Jessie and he’s never been there for here. Jessie says “so what I used you its a game”. Lydia calls him a jerk , “you hurt my feelings and you don’t even care”… You can see Natalie pacing outside like a guard dog…. Jessie tells her if he didn’t care about her he wouldn?t of come in here… he says people are going to be pissed at him for talking to him…. Lydia is pretty upset but for now the arguing has stopped……

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Big Brother 11 Spoilers

7:45pm Jeff, Ronnie the rat and Jordan. Ronnie asks them if they will be happy when he’s gone. Jordan says they’ve been burnt pretty bad by ROnnie. Jeff adds that they got burnt twice. Jordan says Ronnie you might be a nice person on the outside but inside you manipulative and you hurt people, “I’ll never forget that”. Ronnie tries to offer them a deal, he wants them to talk later in private with him chima, Natalie and Jessie. Jeff tells him they know what?s his plan in it’s not going to do him any good. Jeff brings up they had the same conversation twice before and both times ROnnie fucked them, “we lost 3 players on our side because of you” Ronnie tells them if they join his side they will be unstoppable against the other players. Jeff shakes his head “you took out 3 of my friends ROnnie you got to pay the piper”. Jordan says you can say you’re not coming after us, but if you get HOH things might be different. She mentions how Ronnie put her up when he said he wouldn’t. Ronnie keeps trying to tell them the advantage of being on His team. Jeff having enough says “look there absolutely no advantage i would be on the bottom first chance you get I?m out”. Ronnie tells them he wants to backdoor Michelle.. he tells them he can guarantee 3 weeks safety. Ronnie changes tactics and starts bashing Russell. Jordan asks him if he had an alliance with Russell… Ronnie say no never did couldn?t trust him Ronnie now says he really was going to go with Jordan and Jeff?s plan but he found out that Laura was calling him the puppet master. Ronnie keeps trying to convince them to join him. Ronnie eventually leaves…. Jeff tells Jordan Man that guy has burnt me 3 times and he’s still trying… “Excuse me while i got take a piss and puke”

Big Brother 11 Spoilers


8:15pm Kevin finds a light on a pedestal outside he presses it and recorded messages start playing… “If you half as smart as you think than your 2 as smart than you really are”… “People don’t throw rocks in glass houses”…. “look to the person on your left, now look to the person on your right. they’re both liars.?…?the house guests start talking about the recordings… “if you win 500k, you should buy me a car”…. everyone except for Lydia and Jessie give the button a press.


Big Brother 11 Spoilers


8:30pm backyard Jordan and Russell They start talking about who is telling the truth. Russell says he has agreed to keep Jordan and JEff safe he promises he’s not coming after them. Russell says he’s a good guy he thinks Jeff is to and he knows there is a bond of trust between them. HE goes on to explain the “secret” message his dad gave him about Jeff being the one to trust…. Jordan says she’s voting Ronnie out. Russell?s understands, he doesn’t want Michele to come across as playing him or whatever. He warns Jordan about Michele and to watch out for her.

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if Lydia is actually contemplating phyically harming herself..she needs to get out of the house, and seek medical attn..i really can’t fathom how the hell she can even work up tears for someone who once looked like this[url]…I think I feel bad for her….
okay feeling is gone =)

Mr. E

I hope Ronnie watches these tapes and realizes that everyone he has offered to put up in order to save himself was allied with the person he was talking to.
Ronnie to Michelle: “I promise, I’ll put up Kevin and Lydia.”
Ronnie to Russell: “I promise, I’ll put up Jeff and Michelle…or Jordan.”
Ronnie to Jeff: “I promise, I’ll put up Russell or Michelle.”
It’s comical how stupid he actually is.



ronnie shows his true colors of how pathetic he is more and more with the fake crying and the lying he should just stop already and go home to his wife dignity accepting that HE did this to HIMSELF

he played the game like an idiot and it came back to bite him in the ass, try again next year or like his fans claim he gone do try another show


So much for the psychiatry test they have to take before they enter the house…


What’s with these recordings?


Lydia is quite the emo.


It’s like she isn’t there to win the game but instead is trying to find a man. I can’t beleive she said she feels like cutting herself. Where is her self respect??? I mean OMG over Jesse??*##?? How did she pass the psychological tests?? She needs a straight jacket and a padded cell.


would someone please just give Lydiot a knife already


I hope Jordan shoves the tampon in Gnat’s mouth to shut her up


Why can’t Jesse show Nat how to use a tampon. According to Lydia, and his pussyfied behavior, I am pretty sure he uses them

Dawn D

I want Ronnie out this week obviously, but I think Lydia needs to go soon. I don’t particularly like her but that’s not why I say she needs to go. She is losing it mentally and I think it is dangerous for her to stay.I can’t stand Jessie, but if he plays into her emotional breakdowns and pets her I think it could make it worse because she will get the attention she is seeking.


Don’t worry the BB producers will probably make sure (somehow) that Lydia goes tonight. It would be a good time for the BB producers to get rid of her legitamately.


I wish Lydia would go home. She threatens to cut herself, over Jesse??? She is losing her mind. I think that people need to see she is not stable therefore no use to anyone. Vote out Lydia.


I thought people needed to be mentally stable to be on BB. Lydia has proven that she is a threat to herself. Kick her dumb ass out.


Go google cutting and come back with an education!


Natalie’s taking a shower. I can’t believe it. Did anyone hear the one recording about bathing? Something like “Houseguests: Did you know that you lose approximately 9 lbs of dead skin every year? Daily bathing can help…” something I couldn’t hear the rest because I was laughing too hard. That had to be aimed right at Natalie.
Kevin said “They might be editing Natalie as a girl that just doesn’t care”….I don’t think any editing is required. Don’t they know by now, that the CBS edit has very little influence anymore? The only reason for watching the CBS shows is basically to see the comps, and sometimes the subtitles when they’re whispering helps. As far as I know the shows have never mentioned Natalie refusing to bathe.


if lydia never gave jessie any pussy she would be fine, she attached herself to him thinking that if she gave him some and gave him his lil handjobs and blowjobs that he would dump that floater natalie, yes shes a floater she ain’t won shit but a slop pass and all she is to jessie is someone to whine to and be his good little watchdog( im just waiting for him to say “good dog” after she does something for him”


How bout they take out Lydia for her own safety and bring back Braden?


no. Casey!!!


What’s with all the cutters being cast on reality shows these days? Real world has one too. Crazy screwed up cutter chicks!!!


there is no advantage of being on ronnie’s team because HE’s one of the targets for jessie and natalie he just being used as the evil tool for jess and nats bigger evil plot and he don;t even realize it….how peole can call him “smart” is beyond me …and WAIT didn’t ronnie said he watched all of BB did he not see on BB10 that jessie was the main one causing all the problems in the house that continued after he was evicted?? if it wasen’t for the clique thing jesie would have been evicted 2nd week, ronnie should have thought about this and refused to align with jessie and nat, that alone proves he never thought out any decisions he has made in this house, his so called “legion” of fans must be idiots too


When you’re right- you’re right


Apparently Jesse and Ronnie suffer from memorie loss, cuz they are promissing loyalty in exchange for the votes to Jeff and Jordan after all the shit their made them eat.


Take it with a grain of salt what Michelle says, but take it with a poud of shit what Jesse says.


i really think that producers choose people who are a little on edge in some area with the pysch exams. if you think about it, if it was all “normal” people would it be half as entertaining to watch? I don’t think so


Watching BBAD and I can’t stand Jordan. She has done NOTHING yet she thinks she controls the game. OMG when Kevin realizes that Lydia has played him, he is going to be so sorry he didn’t get rid of her.


OMG are you kidding me! She’s the only one who doesn’t think she runs that house! What BB are you watching?


OMG Jordan is the only one who doesn’t think she controls everything! Granted she hasn’t done much 2 win the game, but there are a few who hasn’t really done anything! And what is the obsession w Jesse??


I agree with you…….Jordan sucks


Oh and Natalie makes me want to take a long hot soapy shower every time I see her, she is so gross I don’t even understand how all the HGs stay around her. They need to go in there with HazMat suits and shower her to prevent diseases


I agree she makes my skin crawl, that hair and those house shoes that she scuffs around in and the same yello w sweat shirt and pants for a week


my nephew said he thinks he saw her odor eaters in her shoes crawling up her legs.


I’m so sick of ronnie! And Jesse is such a big baby! He needs someone 2 put him n his place and make him appologize 2 Lydia! Ronnie, Jesse, Natalie, and Chema need 2 get kicked out!

I am Ronnie

STOP picking on my Group! Your mean I tell you MEAN! we are the best group ever because I “the RONNIE” is the best player ever!

Mary Ann

Not only is he a liar, but he is fat, ugly, and has the personality of a frog. So there…….

Mary Ann

Oh, and he has no class…..

The Original Jim

Jesse and Natalie need to be penalized with another week of being have nots (this week with Natalie being on slop) for sleeping in the green room all day, then spending like 2 hours in the doom room at night. It’s bullshit that they are allowed to get away with that and Kevin gets an extra day of slop for eating a couple grapes.



Mary Ann



Jeff and Jordan are the only 2 playing with class. They deserve 1st and 2nd place.

BigBrother11addict..’s a fing game and they haven’t done hell no .they don’t deserve…anything


so your saying ppl can’t play with class? u must be lacking of it to beleive so.


they have played with class and they did do something week 1 but bc of Ronnie it didnt work out. Jeff would probably be out but he won a veto and hes a good competitior. Im sorry they arent douches like the Ronnie, Jess, & Nat. Nat thinks she control shit bc shes up Jessie’s ass. what did jessie do, he won 1 competition that wasnt even hard and bitches all the damn time when he doesnt fair and square and when he is on slop. guess what Jeff is going to win the power [[if BB is going to go by votes and not by wanting Ronnie in the house]] and if they dont ratings will go down. you might not like it but they are the majority of america favorites =) Go Jeff and Jordan!


I agree with you. Jordan and Jeff need to go they suck and they are very boring.


Please is anyone as disgusted as I am, Natalie is nasty …no shower how can Jessie sleep in the same bed. And to think she was the one complaining about having to sleep on someone else’s pillows when she had have not. Jessie is an idiot anyway.

Henry W. Longfellow

Natalie is far and away the most disgusting person ever to live in the BB house. Wait until she finds out Jesse did Lydia. Chima is the biggest racist to ever live in the BB house. I can’t imagine anybody hiring her after seeing her true personality. Jesse is already starting to act like he did last year when his sorry ass was on the line. He’ll spend the next week begging to save himself. You would think he would have learned a thing or two last year but he is making the exact same mistakes. What a loser!

ipod repair

Lydia is a total headcase.


well I guess you’re saying that Jessie has done a lot. That’s funny…HOH was GIVEN to him week 1 and bouncing a ball off of a ramp isn’t exactly hard work, it’s more luck than anything. The only time he has done something “physical” and actually whined about hurting his neck was when he was WATCHING the HOH endurance competition which, by the way, “Jeff did do shit” to be up there for 3 hours!


I hope the Producers and staff are watching Lydia, no one says they want to cut themself because of the pain,,, she needs to have a Psychiatrist talk with her in the Diary Room…. saddddd…. Jessie of course is only into himself and could care less how he treats women… will be glad when the jerk is voted off…. DONT BRING HIM BACK AGAIN…Horrible to women


unfortunately they probably can’t win that way. If they are not seeing that russell is not with them and Kevin is what the heck. damn I hope they open their eyes. I can’t watch anymore ronnie jessie or nat.