Big Brother 11 – Jessie gives Ronnie Hope, The producers like you they will do whatever it takes to keep you here.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

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10:10am Recycling Room Ronnie and Jessie. They are going over evicting Lydia. Ronnie goes over his talk with Jordan last night and how he was trying to convince her to vote out Lydia. Ronnie says he promised to put Russell up if he wins HOH and not Jeff or Jordan. Ronnie says he thinks it worked because Jordan mentioned that Ronnie needs a sympathy vote. Ronnie says that he was really faking it with Jordan last night and he’s certain she fell for it. Jessie suggests they start getting the girls against Lydia. Jessie tells Ronnie he has a chance up until the votes are cast. Jessie points out that JEff and Jordan are looking for friends so Ronie has to approach both and drill it into them that he is only going after Russell now. Jessie mentions that when they cast people they always have a couple players like Ronnie because they are so entertaining. Jessie thinks that the producers want him to stay but it’s up to Ronnie to get out there and Campaign. Ronnie says he wants to be remembered for campaigning up until the last minute. He hopes Julie Chen mentions it tomorrow.

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

10:30am Ronnie is gone and Natalie is with Jessie in the green room. Jessie goes over the conversation he had with Ronnie. He says there?s a small chance they can get Ronnie to stay. Natalie doesn’t think so. Jessie mentions Jordan saying that Ronnie should have a sympathy vote. Jessie explains that Ronnie is going to ignore Jessie and Natalie fro now on and he’s going to start working the girls. He’s going to try and get the girls against Lydia and hopefully gain a vote. Natalie is very skeptical she doesn’t see Jeff or Jordan believing anything Ronnie says. Jessie says it’s worth a shot. He counts the votes, Natalie, Jessie and Chima for Ronnie to stay. Michelle is a lost cause that only leaves Jordan. They both back and forth on the possible scenarios to keep Ronnie. They come to conclusion that unless he has the power getting the girls to fight is the best route.

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That’s really insulting. Jessie thinks that their best chance is to get stupid, simple, weak-minded girls to fight? He DOES realize, doesn’t he, that the “girl” he’s telling this to has been doing the MOST bitching about the other girls? Don’t worry, Jordan said she didn’t believe Ronnie, and I don’t think in a million years she’d give Ronnie a vote, no matter how sorry she feels for him. She knows every vote counts.


Such a shame really enjoy Ronnie on the show

Lydia needs to go…..she is one more meltdown away from exploding and that is scary to think about.


You’re an idiot. Ronnie is the most annoying character on any show I’ve ever seen. There’s no reason anybody could like watching that guy. You either know him or are exactly like him. Either way I feel sorry for you. Yeah we wouldn’t want Lydia blowing up right?!? That wouldn’t make for good entertainment at all. Why do you watch this show?

scotty "K"

No one is an idiot.. I’m sure Ronnie has his fans.. Every show needs a bad guy!! Jessie was pretty much it last year… and now he’s back!

loves J&J

Hopefully the Ronnie nerd fans are a very low number, because if he doesn’t go this week. I will never ever watch big brother again. I voted for Jeff 300 times and my votes better have made a difference. If Jeff doesn’t win america’s vote, then I will honestly believe that they chose who they wanted and alot of big brother fans are going to be pissed and be done with big brother for good!!!!!!

G. Lynn

Dumass. You do realize you just told the producers they need to discount 299 votes for jeff.


Um…it doesn’t say on the site you can only vote once….or did I miss something?


how? u can vote unlimited times online for the person u want.


My opinions are fact. You don’t believe what I do, so you are an idiot.

whats next

now there is some humor! thanx:) see thats what i mean


Joey you are the idiot…you also sound like you are two. Ok maybe 14…


Feel sorry for me please.

I actually enjoy someone messing with everyone in the house. Ronnie just knows how to get under everyone’s skin and its them that were foolish to hang on his every word.

Just because I am not rooting for the good guys in the house must make an idiot. Then so I am proud of it.


Nature, apparently, has a sense of humor. Occasionally, it likes to play practical jokes with the human genetic code; the joke’s punchline ends in a DNA train-wrecked quasi-human, as is the case with Ronnie.

The dislike & revulsion most have for the rat bastard isn’t motivated out of an individual’s unbiased hatred, a lack of intelligence or state of total idiocy, or from disapproval of his actions or morals. It’s simply an innate human intuition on an unconscious level from which our disdain for Ronnie arises.

As mammals, we are driven by instinct. This inherently drives behaviors which ensure species’ longevity. Consequently, any threat to this longevity must be eliminated with extreme prejudice. In Ronnie’s case, everything about him screams to my primal self of his total “wrong-ness”; that on some level the entirety of him as individual is simply “not right”. I knew I vehemently disliked him within a nano-second of 1st seeing him. His visage sickens me to the core of my being. He is a malignant abnormality in need of a mercy killing, to put him out of his misery. It’s “Survival of the Fittest”, nature’s call to arms against Ronnie. It would be irresponsible of us NOT to do as the laws of nature tell us to do.

So don’t hate us for being reviled by these bizarre mutants. Don’t fault us for rejecting those for whom we find to be utterly disturbing on so many levels. For we are only behaving in a quite natural way.

[the world can ony hope that luck & Fate will see to it that Ronnie & his legal mate do not try to procreate]


If you are such a fan of Ronnie’s you can watch his lame videos on youtube of Chad and Zack. Just don’t make the rest of us have to tolerate him anymore.

scotty "K"

The funny thing is, jeff/jordan and russell are alligned and ronnie will continue to hurt himself by saying he only has eyes to take russell out to them!!

scotty "K"

Any clue who won the Wizard Powers??


I believe the votes ended at midnight Eastern, Kevin was called into DR at about 12:30 AM. He was the only one called before 3AM, unless they called someone during commercial.

Not bashing, but he would have a strong gay vote. Plus he is mostly quiet and reserved, unlike anyone else in the house, so he is sympathetic. He is likely the one to get the Wiz Power. (Unless production stacks the votes)


the voting ended at 11:59 PST, not EST. So people on the East coast could have voted up until 2:59 AM today, if they wanted to.

Not saying that Kevin didn’t get it, just saying that when they were called into the DR may not be the determining factor. I actually think they won’t tell the person who got it that they got it until tomorrow.

scotty "K"

The votes ended 11:59PM PST or BBT, so that would be 3am EST… I DOUBT Kevin got it, even with the strong gay vote out there… I’m still banking on Jeff or Jordan, even thought I gave 10% of my votes to Michelle

Lala Land

Actually, even though Kevin is likely to get the vote I still think it is Jeff who got the Wizard Power, because when I looked at the the voting sites not only is the poll all for Jeff but the one where the real vote counts Jeff moved from 2nd to the 10th place… which I think means that he got the power because he was the only one that moved while the others stayed at the same spot….

I’m not sure… I don’t really mind Kevin getting the wizard power, but I would love it if Jeff or Jordan has the wizard power 🙂

scotty "K"

lala.. if you noticed, ALL OF THEM moved around every time you refreshed the screen to vote again.,, Not just Jeff

scotty "K"

I was told that historically, they shoot the winner giving a high-five to America and show that on the feeds when they call them in!! If Kevin did win, it will be really interesting!!!! I hope he doesn’t waste it getting Lydia down this week as she isn’t going home anyways

Evel Russ

Just FYI, The voting ended at 11:59 Pacific Time. I know because I was voting Jeff right until it wouldn’t let me vote any more.


Sorry….but I hear it is Jeff who won the power. Why in the world would Kevin win it?? He doesn’t do anything, but FLOAT around.

The Chosen One

Kevin has played it pretty calm so far cept for last nite when let’s be honest…most of the house exploded. I don’t know about him getting the special power tho…he seems a little flip floppy. I’d rather Michelle gets it but I think most ppl voted for Jeff.


Ronnie is so arrogant that he believes he is mentally superior to everyone. He always playing the production and Julie card as if they will listen to his directing tips. Has Jessie forgotten that he is doing exactly as he did last year-laying around in bed with a girl and wondering why his ass went out the door. It can’t happen soon enough


Amen to that!

big brother fan

why is jesse always wearing russells clothes

Johnny Conservative

To make his arms look bigger.

whats next

funny! ididnt think of that:)


Cause he likes to smell him cause he’s got a secret crush on Russell’s love muscle…LMAO


Because he is stupid. I can’t stand looking at that boy. He is stupid, ugly (I mean real ugly) and he thinks he’s all that when he really isn’t anything at all to look at…ick


His face shape reminds me of a cashew. LOL.

whats next

i have wondering the same thing?? hmmm should that give everyone a clue to loyalty? hmm?
but he has also worn kevins clothes. did he only bring thos cut tshirts and forgot the house was cold (seems like everyone is always wearing jackets in house and its summer in southern california?) and no one has mentioned it at all? why is everyone so afraid of confronting jessie and just does what he says?

Johnny Conservative

I think Ronnie is more entertaining than Lydia. I hope that he stays. The only way I can see him staying is the following scenario: Lets say that neither Ronnie nor Jesse get the wiz powers (I doubt that they would anyway) and that Kevin DOES get it. A previous comment said that he was called to DR shortly after deadline for voting. Kevin takes Lydia off the block and puts up…….Jesse. That would make the rest of the house immediatley re-evaluate their vote. If I were Jeff or Jordan, I would much rather get rid of Jesse than Ronnie. Natalie would lose it, Lydia would get some revenge for his behaviour toward her, Chima would keep an ally. Otherwise, I just dont see Ronnie staying.

whats next

so what you are saying is that ronnie is gone- you had some good arguments going there but bottom line is that even you are convinced ronnie is a goner… thank goodness. thats all i needed to hear so i can sleep tonite. oh whats that you say? you dont know for sure? just speculating? sh*t i need some tylenol pm!

Johnny Conservative

Yes. I am pretty convinced that Ronnie has two chances of staying…..slim and none. I am pretty convinced that if anyone other than Lydia/Ronnie win that wiz power….it will not be used this week. Anyone of the other players would want to save it in case they need to use it next week, even if Kevin does get it…..because like someone already said……Lydia probably wont get voted out anyways.


To big brother fan & Jounny Conservative ur comments are funny! LOL


Big Question . . that sweatshirt Jessie is wearing.. is that his or his lover Russell;’s ???


jeff will have to throw HOH for next week if he is the wizard. Or can you have both- the power and be HOH?

whats next

from what i understand u could have both but what good will it do you.-you wouldnt have to use it (but then again you could overthrow the veto if the person you want out gets veto-no you cant hmmm? ) micheles point about the one with the power should throw (not obviously tho) the HOH comp is a well thought out plan. i didnt think of that myself but then again i am not under the intense pressure of living in that nuthouse! did i make any sense-probably not.:)


the power would be useless if he or Jordan wins HOH especially since they both want Jessie and Natalie up


someone else HAS to win HOH and hopefully it;s not Jessie or Natalie

whats next

but….. i dont think i can take another week of jesse (or nat) up in HOH so i REALLLLY hope kevin or lydia wins HOHso the power will backdoor someone.

The Chosen One

Yes you can have both powers. But it wouldn’t be effective cos it’s essentially ur going to put up the two ppl anyway. Say Jeff’s targets are Jessie and Gnat. He could psych em out and put two pawns up for example Kevin & Lydia. That also drastically reduces the chances of Jessie and Gnat in playing for the POV unless they get picked. Then Jeff can replace both Lydia and Kevin with Jessie and Gnat on eviction day and boot one of them. That would be classic.


Chosen one, Jeff should do just that! That would be so great! He would really have to keep his mouth shut about the power though and Jordan would be pissed for a week, not understanding his motives. She would be like, “No, Jeffy, we said Jess and Gnat!”


Really awesome plan. No campaigning, maybe no POV….then again, part of the fun of seeing Nat and Jess on the block together would be seeing them turn on each other and throw each other under the bus.


Jessie is by far the dumbest in the house, how the hell knowing how he played last year did he think by bringin that same arrogant cocky asshole attitude in BB11 would help him??? if it wasen’t for the HS Cliques he would’ve been evicted week 2 because then he wouldn’t have a team and everyone would know how he played last year and wouldn’t want to deal with that shit on top of him having BB experience , but since he came in WITH a team he began with an alliance of strong athletic players…… Jessie began the show as a floater with his team protecting him…….

whats next

………hes still a floater-he has got to go!


If Ronnie the fat worm stays I`m terminating my live feed.


I would Rather see Jessie go before Ronnie. Because truely he’s the puppet master.

Mary Ann

Does anyone know if Chima’s fight with Russell was fake. If it was they should get an academy award for it. It seem pretty convincing to me. I think when Jordon said she saw Russell wink at Chima, it wasn’t that kind of a wink. Nervous wink probably, not “I don’t mean what I’m saying” wink.

Jeff&Jordan 2 the end

Jeff would be smart to throw HOH next week. If he has the power, which I would bet money that he does, it would be pointless to waste his HOH and forfeit his chance at winning the week after. Based on online polls, such as the one on CBS, which asked “who did you vote for to win the coup d’etat”, I believe Jeff will get the power. I believe it was up over 80% said they voted for Jeff. Now obviously I know that the poll has no real connection to the actual voting, I still think it is an indicator that Jeff will win.

I enjoy how Jordan is pulling information like Ronnie like crazy, fishing for more and more, and he just keeps giving it to her, as he marches his way right out the door. Also, as pointed out previously, I find it hysterical that he keeps reinforcing that he will go after Russ, when both Jeff and Jordan have an understanding with Russ.

I cant wait for tomorrows HOH! I am keeping my fingers crossed that neither Nat or Jessie wins.


Ronnie goes, natalie and chemma go up and they backdoor Jessie. Can I just say I’m sick of hear Chemma’s laugh and Jordan playing with her hair. STOP ALREADY


i can’t stand that laugh!! it’s a very close second to how much i can’t stand ronnie!!!

so glad Jordan wasn’t buying that b.s. – i like how she mentioned the sympathy vote to give him a little hope….

and i so have a hard time thinking the producers or Julie Chen give a Ronnie’s – oops I mean rat’s ass what he thinks they should do or ask him. i hope when he walks out the door that Julie doesn’t feed his ego anymore than necessary. I’m going to assume if there’s any cheering when he walks out it will be b/c he’s out of the house!!


thank god. I thought it was just me. I copy it now when she laughs. they should do that back to her and watch her flip out! LMAO


OMG…I love it! I have stomach pains from laughing.


did u see my comment.. she hasn’t showred in xx days.. and then tells jesse she’s on her period.. Naassty Natalie!!..

did she shower in ” jesse’s hoh room .. did i miss something?


No you won’t.


I think that Jordan is the dumbest person in the house. And not the team protecting him, he protect the team, because Jessie won 2 from 3 HOHS.


Jesse actually only won 1 HOH. His TEAM won the first competition and he got HOH handed to him on a silver platter, he didn’t do anything


No, Jessie won one HOH, the athletes team won the first one for him.


Lumpy aka Jessie didn’t win shit the first time, the 2nd all he did was toss a F****** ball in a hole come people he’s nobody but a piece of lumpy Shit and so is his Nat Dogg, pick up your feet when you walk you GNAT, and for goodness sakes comb your hair, what a rug Gnat. how could any man or woman do her she is so nasty and then she admitted she hasn’t shower in 3 days yuk!!!!!!! what a pig.


How can you possibly use a sentence full of incorrect information and bad grammar to call someone ELSE dumb?


whenever Gnat talks my blood pressure goes up! Those slippers are ridiculous! Pick up your feet beoch!


omg!!! i had to shut bb after dark off last night because if i heard those slippers drag on the floor one more time I was going to scream! you know what is so funny, is when nat, jesse, chima and ronnie get out and find out they were the most hated players and no one thought they were smart players just annoying players!


or when she crews like a horse. she never closes her mouth. i want to scream!


Ronnie gives me the Drizzling S*&%@s




I really think that Jessie should leave, and leave now!!! Nat’s an Idoit, I want Jeff to have the power, Russell not sure about him… Ronnie well what can i say, he’s just plain old stupid!!!

J,J&M Fan

Jessie did not win the First HOH. HE was not even in the game at that time. The atheletes won him his HOH.


Why does Jesshe keep trying to pump up Ronly-cares-about-himself? He’s constantly throwing him under the bus to everyone else. Can’t Jesshe see it’s a lost cause. Even the rats know when it’s time to get off a sinking ship.

Michelalala is digging her own hole as well. Didn’t she learn by watching Ronly-cares-abaout-himself that playing both sides eventually bites you in the ass.

Kevent and Lie-dia will keep floating until it get’s down a little further and will be booted. I am glad he stood up for himself the other day though. It’s about time.

Natahe really needs a shower. I hope they aren’t letting her in the pool or spa right now. Can you imagine the oil slick, or I don’t even want to think about the other slick, that she would throw off?

Jeff, Jordan and Russ(can you tell who I like) need to keep their alliance under wraps for now and be true to one another. I actually hope Jeff/ Jordan don’t hook up in the house. If they do hook up, I hope they have the sense to do it outside when they can get to know eachother in a normal environment. I really don’t think Jordan will make the final 2. It’ll probably end up Jeff and Russ if Russ can slow down and think things through a little more.

I’m so amazed how much I’ve gotten into this season. After the 1st week I had never had such strong feelings for and against a damn reality show before and it’s characters, and it was week one! We always root for the good guys, and I think we all know who needs to go. Here’s to hoping everything works out for the best. I certainly hope Jeff wins the power and has the sense to pit Natahe and Jesshe against each other!!!


Oil Slick! That was a good one.


O.K. that?s right. He only won 1 HOH. I think the only persons in the house that can win HOH are Jessie, Russell and Jeff.

I think tomorrow Jessie or Jeff will win the HOH.


I’m rooting for Chima to win HOH. That way Jeff and Nat can both be put up (hopefully one of them won’t win POV, which I think, based on previous performance, is a good possibility) when Jeff reveals his wizard power, and they will have the rug completely pulled out from under them. If Jeff wins HOH the power is wasted.


I don’t want CHIMA to win anything she is a bigot and there is no room for bigots in BB, I can’t stand her she is an ass and she thinks she is above everyone, she is not The Queen of anything, she is about as low as you can get. Her laugh is so fake and annoying just like her, good for you Russ that you rejected her ugly ass.


Well this week will be a test to see how smart Jeff is, and hopefully Jordan has not affected his mental state. If he does get the power, and this is if he is smart, he will throw the H.O.H, .


OMG – Please tell me that I am hallucinating – Michelle is not “Shell” – Ronnie’s wife is she? How would that be for a twist – That would make me throw up in my mouth a little bit!!! Talk me down – people! LOL

The Chosen One

No…did u see Ronnie’s wife’s picture in his HOH room? She’s disgusting.


Would be quite a twist, but I think they would have at least let the audience in on it by now.


I miss Laura. She could’ve gone far into the game. She broke the stigma of beautiful women being stupid.


omg Natalie TOLD people she was on the rag?? There was a poster earlier that posted this was trailer trash BB…I have to agree


OMG!!! The RAT, Jess, GNAT, and Chimes-n-alot, make me want to vomit. I have been a fan of BB for yrs, never have I hated anyone as much as do those 4. Ronnie has his nose farther up Jess’ @ss, than GNAT OR LYS-alot. What is with Jess that all these ppl want to flock to him, fix him food, fitch his slippers, etc, ohhh makes me sick. Lydia–aka LYS-alot, needs mental help, I mean my God, she that stupid that she can’t figure out only thing jessie wants from is a bj, she gives women a bad name. Chimes-n-alot is only mad because Russ want give her any. I don’t blame him for that, I wouldn’t want Amercia to know I was that hard up. GNAT needs to frigin, shave her crotch and take a long hot bath and get some stank off of herself.

I was so proud of Kevin standing up to The Rat, I was actually clapping at that one. I have alot of gay friends, even have a bestie that is a transexual, not one of my gay friends act as gay as The Rat does. I about spit my soda out when he started crying because Kevin chest bumped him and saying Kevin will owe him an apology, I don’t think so, Kevin doesn’t owe him a dang thing. He thinks he is the KING of the house with his nose up Jess’ butt, when he’s evicted Thursday nite, Jess will have to walk out with him, so BB can pry his nose off jess…Ronnie says he’s a nice guy he’s just playing the game, well that b true, wonder what happened in highschool that made him loose all his friends, makes me think he’s the same outside as he is inside the house. He lost his friends because he screwed them over, if he ever had any friends to begin with.


Ronnie needs to come out of the closet, but he’s too big a woos to do that.


Can anyone truly think Ronnie or Nat are very nice people? All anyone has to do is watch the exit messages. The only people that have said mean, nasty things to anyone leaving the house have been the two of them. Everyone else at least says good-bye nicely (even Russell the mussel). That is the true sign of character, no one hears you in the diary Room. So, game play is not an issue, it?s just you.


I think it takes him so long to eat because he’s concentrating so hard. What’s going on in Jessie’s mind while he’s eating? “Chew, chew, chew………..wait, where was I……….oh yeah………chew, chew, choo-choo…man I like trains….hey, what’s this stuff in my mouth?”


Now that’s funny, I don’t care who you are!!! Thank you for the laugh…


yuck.. Natalie is so gross.. she said” i haven’t taken a shower in like xx many days.. then she say’s she’s on her period.. Triple Gross.. She is pure NASTY..Naassty Natalie.. oh my goodness !! i would be so ashamed…


Nat is gross. She is Jesse’s lap dog. She says she has a good job but she is a manager at Blockbuster Video. This company will be out of business within 3 years. They had to file bankruptcy recently. I worked for them years ago and they sucked then. She is a disgusting skank.


wow i cant believe you are so far off !! and yes we all know they all lie-hey its BB

Nice guys finish last as always :(

And you’ll ‘come out’ right behind him on your knees. Lol!

Big D

Jesse and gNat started that michelle lie about the Convo in the green room, never happened. They start all the shit , that started the huge Russell china michelle fight. Them two really nice down to earth people. Your a idiot, get your facts stright Jesse and gNat are douches.


I can’t fault Jesse. He is playing the game beautifully. Sure I hate him, but he has zero blood on his hands. Additionally, he has not said nasty hurtful things about people. All of the things he has said has been related to the game. Please don’t shoot me, I truly hate Jesse.


i hate jesse too but he does not have any blood on his hands yet is correct…….


I really love this site. I come here every year! It needs a java chat feature…Simon could you do that for your devoted fan base?


I understand the time constraints, believe me, but if you’re wondering how many people agree, I for one would love a chat feature here. For some reason I like this bunch of people much more than I’ve seen on other sites. It’s mostly intelligent mature convo here.


I hated Jesse last season but he is growing on me.. He is a good guy. He does charity work in his real life. I don’t want him to leave but I think if Ronnie does not get the wizard power then Jesse and Nat and even Russell will be gone before the rest of the boring ones.

The Chosen One

Erm…no he doesn’t. Quit lying about the charity work. Unless you’re talking abt the BB involved charity where CBS contractually ensures that former HGs are binded too. Yeah I’d do a ton of charity work too if I had to! Get off it. The year’s HGs as a whole bore me…bring back Dr.Will and Evel pls.

No more sleep

Jessie is a good guy? What are you an idiot?
Look back at last year’s videos. This guy made anti-gay and anti-jew comments that were truly hateful and ignorant.


If Ronnie wins the power who knows my a**. Haven’t you been watching…he will put up whoever JESSIE tells him to. Ronnie is pathetic. He is not playing the game. He is trying to win friends.


Am I reading support for Jessie on here? Seriously? BB will totally win me over if I find out at the end… Jordan is faking her accent and is really a doctor OR Chima is faking her nasty disposition (if so, who’s guiding her?) and is really a sweetheart — but I think NOT! These people aren’t acting at all. This is who they are and that’s disturbing. Any charitable act Jessie may be involved in is just for image — he prays before each meal…really?! What part of egomaniacal eliticism goes with charity and prayer? Casey was exactly right in his portrayal of that jackass. He’s a joke, a fraud, a scumbag.




You don’t know what Ronnie would do? Are you a fool?? There is a lot of game left to play. Do the girls go after all the guys? Will Jeff or Jordan ever put the other one up for $500,000. Can Michele survive? A lot of Game to play. Ronnie is a dork and MUST go. Then Jessie then Natalie. Let the fun begin. A LOT OF GAME STILL TO GO!!!


Nat with a ‘g’ describes you best. Under that admittedly cute exterior is probably one of the most delusional interiors I have ever seen. How you haven’t had your ass kicked your whole life is mind-boggling. You are a supreme bitch, you can’t shut your diarrhea mouth, you contribute nothing except tension. You whining sack of shit with your hideous partner – jerkoff jessie. Watching you and these other jackasses (Rat Ronnie, Jerkoff Jessie) really makes me feel less patriotic. It pains me that our armed forces are risking their lives for YOUR FREEDOM??!! You think you can bully your way through this game? I hope a bully-eraser shows up. (Jordan, Jeff, Michele, Casey – classy human beings)


She is also a college graduate who doesn’t know what an analogy is. I would be embarassed, if I were her, to admit that I was actually 24.


Well said. On all of it.


lets all get real nat is only 24 what do you all really expect shes a kid who needs to be slapped


Am I the only one that thinks that the producers should not be able to influence the show. That fact that he even mentions the possibility of the producers altering the show for Ronnie the Rat to stay removes the whole reality factor of Big Brother. Lately it seems that these Reality shows are more controlled than scripted shows.
If Ronnie wins the Cu’ de ta power than perhaps we should think of the possibility that the producers simply gave the power to Ronnie for ratings. If so than what is the point of America voting? Do we really decide what the have nots are eating or has big brother already bought the food by the time the poll comes out?
With any luck or justice Jeff or Jordan will get the power and will finally be safe. Jordan has really gotten the short end of the stick in this game, loosing he whole click before they were even dissolved. Hopefully America will finally vote to give the power to someone that is actually sweet and kind and not an ass hole (Jessie), a skank (gNat), a rat (Ronnie), or a bitch (Chima)


Doctor, you are so right about everything. If Ronnie wins the powers, I will not watch the rest of the season or next year. I am sick of Jessie, gNat, Ronnie and Chima lying and running the whole house. Jessie is a self-absorbed butt, gNat is immature, shrill bug, Ronnie is a delusional, smug, condescending ass and Chima is a diva. I AM SICK OF THEM!


If Ronnie wins TheCu D T its fixed and I will never watch this show again, one thing I have always liked about BB is the fact it wasn’t fixed even if it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to, but I know for a fact Ronnie got little votes, well really, I guess it doesn’t matter if I don’t watch but I bet I won’t be the only one to drop this show.


> Kevin is a flip flopper and a complete POS. you think hes better than Ronnie in big brother?

Yes. He isn’t getting evicted the 4th week.